WIAA Waukesha North Regional

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
  Waukesha North HS, Waukesha - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Barret Wiencek11.50aKettle Moraine
2.10Alex Howland11.51aBrookfield East
3.12Karch Schwake11.53aWaukesha North
4.11Ian Mckechnie11.61aNew Berlin Eisenhower
5.11Andy Laurin11.67aWaukesha West
6.11Justin Boller11.71aWaukesha West
7.9Cory Broussard11.72aWaukesha South
8.10Mike Kelty11.88aHamilton
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Barret Wiencek11.56aKettle Moraine
3.10Alex Howland11.56aBrookfield East
4.12Karch Schwake11.56aWaukesha North
2.11Justin Boller11.61aWaukesha West
5.11Andy Laurin11.62aWaukesha West
6.9Cory Broussard11.62aWaukesha South
7.11Ian Mckechnie11.72aNew Berlin Eisenhower
8.10Mike Kelty11.87aHamilton
9.10Ron Langdon11.89aBrookfield East
10.11Tyler Faber11.90aNew Berlin Eisenhower
11.10Kyler Tolefree11.97aWaukesha South
12.11Sam Szpek12.02aWaukesha South
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chris Harrell22.83aHamilton
2.12Justin Rupnow23.29aHamilton
3.11Ian Mckechnie23.41aNew Berlin Eisenhower
4.12Joe Arevalo23.59aBrookfield Central
5.11Steve Radcliffe23.76aHamilton
6.10Connor McCullough23.86aBrookfield Central
7.12Tyler Blankenheim24.28aWaukesha North
8.9Nick Wall24.52aWaukesha West
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ian Mckechnie23.20aNew Berlin Eisenhower
3.10Chris Harrell23.24aHamilton
4.10Connor McCullough23.43aBrookfield Central
2.12Justin Rupnow23.54aHamilton
5.11Steve Radcliffe23.60aHamilton
6.12Joe Arevalo23.76aBrookfield Central
7.9Nick Wall23.83aWaukesha West
8.12Tyler Blankenheim24.03aWaukesha North
9.12Patt Levenhagen24.14aKettle Moraine
10.11Garrett Wescott24.27aKettle Moraine
11.11Justin Weiland25.17aNew Berlin Eisenhower
12.11Cory McGilligan25.35aWaukesha South
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Heil51.77aBrookfield East
2.12Jim Doyle51.83aWaukesha North
3.12Conner Verhoeven52.00aWaukesha South
4.9Nick Wall53.18aWaukesha West
5.11Andy Utic53.56aBrookfield East
6.12Mark Spratte54.66aWaukesha West
7.12Aric Runzhiemer54.99aKettle Moraine
8.11Josh Brandau55.32aBrookfield Central
9.11Brandon Keto56.30aNew Berlin Eisenhower
10.11Mike Fischer56.84aHamilton
11.9Kermit Hernandez56.88aWaukesha North
12.11Josh Walter57.31aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Winter2:01.81aKettle Moraine
2.12Ryan Roberts2:02.45aWaukesha West
3.11Joe Martschinke2:03.02aWaukesha West
4.11Zach Burger2:05.09aBrookfield Central
5.11Alex Kent2:05.14aWaukesha North
6.11Mitch Swirth2:05.67aHamilton
7.12Sean Drout2:07.53aKettle Moraine
8.12Sean Heyrman2:07.57aNew Berlin Eisenhower
9.9James Blackburn2:08.83aWaukesha North
10.12Max Palzewicz2:09.08aBrookfield Central
11.12Richard Keaton2:10.03aBrookfield East
12.10Logan Zweifel2:13.24aWaukesha South
13.11Bobby Weidenfeld2:17.89aHamilton
14.9CJ Blackburn2:18.16aWaukesha North
15.12Arin Ohlendorf2:20.50aKettle Moraine
16.11Peter Bakke2:20.56aWaukesha South
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Warras4:34.48aWaukesha West
2.11Marcus Paulson4:35.19aHamilton
3.12Andrew Amato4:37.02aBrookfield East
4.12Nick Curtis4:38.23aWaukesha North
5.12Ron Goerke4:41.28aWaukesha South
6.11Karthik Ashokan4:42.61aBrookfield Central
7.11Eric Knutson4:45.79aBrookfield Central
8.11Matt Champan4:48.31aWaukesha West
9.11Tim Neis4:51.08aBrookfield Central
10.10Tim Antoniewicz4:52.33aNew Berlin Eisenhower
11.9Dan McKee4:53.24aHamilton
12.11Luke Zeka4:53.34aKettle Moraine
13.10Seth Leinbach4:55.69aHamilton
14.12Chris Doyle4:58.28aWaukesha South
15.10Dalton Fohey4:58.94aKettle Moraine
16.11Mike Hunzinger5:03.06aKettle Moraine
17.11Tyler McMiller5:04.13aWaukesha North
18.12Kyle Rogahn5:08.72aWaukesha West
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marcus Paulson9:50.93aHamilton
2.11Mike Clark9:55.15aWaukesha South
3.11Tim Peterson9:59.31aBrookfield Central
4.11Jordan Lindstrom10:06.65aBrookfield Central
5.11Mark Lindquist10:10.76aBrookfield East
6.12Evan Cooper10:25.80aKettle Moraine
7.9Mike Dugan10:26.16aWaukesha West
8.11Robbie McGonagil10:27.27aWaukesha West
9.11Sam Poser10:34.33aBrookfield Central
10.10Tim Antoniewicz10:45.53aNew Berlin Eisenhower
11.10Andrew Gilhart10:46.93aWaukesha South
12.9Zach Kasun10:51.74aHamilton
13.10Jack Clayton10:55.82aWaukesha South
14.12Dan Eimer10:58.02aKettle Moraine
15.10Brian Long11:00.07aWaukesha North
16.11Jake Jablonski11:12.87aHamilton
--9Ryan WordenDQWaukesha West
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Detione White14.35aWaukesha South
2.12Justin Hodges14.83aBrookfield East
3.11Corey Wilch14.98aWaukesha North
4.10Cameron Clinton-Earl15.09aHamilton
5.11Dan Osgood15.13aBrookfield East
6.12Alex Ouellette15.81aWaukesha West
7.11Kyle Bares16.16aKettle Moraine
--12Alex BuckleyDQHamilton
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Detione White14.76aWaukesha South
2.11Corey Wilch14.98aWaukesha North
3.11Dan Osgood15.05aBrookfield East
4.10Cameron Clinton-Earl15.19aHamilton
5.12Justin Hodges15.20aBrookfield East
6.12Alex Ouellette15.88aWaukesha West
7.11Kyle Bares16.54aKettle Moraine
8.12Alex Buckley16.80aHamilton
9.12Eric Johansson16.86aBrookfield Central
10.11Greg Wroblewski17.45aWaukesha West
11.9Carter Casidy18.00aNew Berlin Eisenhower
12.9Clay Hersh21.60aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12D.J. Tate38.74aWaukesha North
2.11Corey Wilch39.34aWaukesha North
3.10Aaron Thompson39.78aBrookfield East
4.12Alex Ouellette39.83aWaukesha West
5.12Luke Quadracci42.05aWaukesha South
6.9Tyler Smith42.44aKettle Moraine
7.10John Brooks42.61aWaukesha North
8.12Tony Anderson43.09aHamilton
9.9Carter Casidy43.10aNew Berlin Eisenhower
10.11Kyle Bares43.47aKettle Moraine
11.10Jose Aguirre44.03aHamilton
12.11Kyle Van Daalwyk44.24aBrookfield Central
13.12Justin Hodges45.57aBrookfield East
14.12Kevin Keadle45.99aWaukesha South
15.9Clay Hersh50.42aNew Berlin Eisenhower
16.10Kyle Kornacki51.05aNew Berlin Eisenhower
--11Dan OsgoodDQBrookfield East
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Boller
Bryant Megna
Andy Sowinski
Andy Laurin
43.12aWaukesha West
2.-Kerwin McKay
Matt Mikesell
Tom Wenzler
Vince Tumbleson
43.73aKettle Moraine
3.-Relay Team 44.33aHamilton
4.-Relay Team 44.98aWaukesha South
5.-Relay Team 45.86aBrookfield East
6.-Tyler Faber
Jasiu Raczynski
Justin Weiland
John Crowley
47.19aNew Berlin Eisenhower
7.-Jake Hansen
Joe Webb
Dan Krueger
Karch Schwake
54.28aWaukesha North
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kerwin McKay
Matt Mikesell
Vince Tumbleson
Tom Wenzler
1:30.49aKettle Moraine
2.-Aaron Thompson
Ron Langdon
Kevin Reitz
Alex Howland
1:31.83aBrookfield East
3.-Relay Team 1:33.15aHamilton
4.-Connor McCullough
Ben Luther
Joe Arevalo
Luke Merten
1:34.41aBrookfield Central
5.-Nate Angles
Ryan Young
Clark Riedel
Mike Vavrek
1:39.21aWaukesha West
6.-Darren Lehsten
Bennett Hasseldeck
John Crowley
Mark Rowe
1:44.03aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Corey Wilch
D.J. Tate
Jim Doyle
Luke Viall
3:25.38aWaukesha North
2.-Steve Perinovic
Matt Mikesell
Tom Wenzler
Vince Tumbleson
3:26.32aKettle Moraine
3.-Nick Tehan
Bryant Megna
Ryan Roberts
Kyle Maasz
3:28.96aWaukesha West
4.-Dan Osgood
Justin Hodges
Andrew Amato
Travis Heil
3:29.36aBrookfield East
5.-Luke Quadracci
Eric Udovich
Brian Washington
Conner Verhoeven
3:38.19aWaukesha South
6.-Max Palzewicz
Dan Ledebuhr
Karthik Ashokan
Max Reshel
3:44.17aBrookfield Central
7.-Ian Mckechnie
Carter Casidy
Justin Weiland
Brandon Keto
3:49.98aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Winter
Steve Perinovic
Aric Runzhiemer
Brian Drout
8:06.07aKettle Moraine
2.-Caleb Laufer
Nick Tehan
Ryan Roberts
Joe Martschinke
8:07.39aWaukesha West
3.-Brandyn Banazynski
Alex Kent
Chris Cisneros
Nate Wood
8:09.10aWaukesha North
4.-Josh Brandau
Skyler Burns
Tim Peterson
Jordan Lindstrom
8:09.81aBrookfield Central
5.-Andrew Amato
Travis Heil
Kris Swinarski
Zac Hodgson
8:09.93aBrookfield East
6.-Relay Team 9:16.01aHamilton
7.-Brandon Wing
Kevin Plazak
Jake Antoniewicz
Andrew Swiecichowski
9:35.50aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitch Aprahaniam56-01.75Brookfield Central
2.12Ben Watson54-04.00Waukesha North
3.11Alex Urban53-06.75Brookfield Central
4.12Joe Donner52-11.25Kettle Moraine
5.12Tom Dubois50-06.00Brookfield Central
6.11Kevin Kuhtz49-11.75Waukesha North
7.12Jon Cramer49-02.50Waukesha South
8.12Spencer Heil47-07.25Brookfield East
9.12Nick Schulz45-09.00Hamilton
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mitch Aprahaniam56-01.75Brookfield Central
2.12Ben Watson54-04.00Waukesha North
3.12Joe Donner52-06.25Kettle Moraine
4.11Alex Urban52-01.25Brookfield Central
5.12Tom Dubois50-06.00Brookfield Central
6.12Jon Cramer49-02.50Waukesha South
7.12Spencer Heil47-07.25Brookfield East
8.11Kevin Kuhtz46-09.25Waukesha North
9.12Nick Schulz45-09.00Hamilton
10.10Cameron Clinton-Earl44-00.75Hamilton
11.12Chase Wandel43-03.50Hamilton
12.11Matt Meindel43-02.25Kettle Moraine
13.9Brian Biwer43-01.25Kettle Moraine
14.12Jon Gill42-04.50Brookfield East
15.11Bobby Salb41-06.75Waukesha South
16.10Nick Tongas39-01.75Brookfield East
17.10Luke Iverson38-02.25New Berlin Eisenhower
18.11Andrew Kuehnaman33-09.00New Berlin Eisenhower
19.10Steve Utz32-01.00New Berlin Eisenhower
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Matt Losiniecki149-03Waukesha West
2.11Ken Oxendorf145-00Kettle Moraine
3.12Mitch Aprahaniam138-00Brookfield Central
4.12Tom Dubois135-08Brookfield Central
5.11Nico Hodgkinson131-11Waukesha North
6.11Matt Blackwell131-04Hamilton
7.11Bobby Salb130-10Waukesha South
8.10Kevin Sylla130-04Brookfield East
9.12Grant Poenitsch130-01Hamilton
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Matt Losiniecki149-03Waukesha West
2.11Ken Oxendorf145-00Kettle Moraine
3.12Mitch Aprahaniam138-00Brookfield Central
4.12Tom Dubois135-08Brookfield Central
5.11Nico Hodgkinson131-06Waukesha North
6.11Matt Blackwell131-04Hamilton
7.11Bobby Salb130-10Waukesha South
8.10Kevin Sylla130-04Brookfield East
9.12Grant Poenitsch130-01Hamilton
10.11Talon Zarling125-00Hamilton
11.9Jake Radenmacher122-11Kettle Moraine
12.12Matt Upson121-07Brookfield Central
13.11Greg Dahms119-11Kettle Moraine
14.12Andrew Glaudell116-08Brookfield East
15.12Evan Schwarzhuber110-03Waukesha West
16.12Jon Cramer110-00Waukesha South
17.10Steve Utz103-06New Berlin Eisenhower
18.11Chris Running101-10Waukesha South
19.10Luke Iverson95-06New Berlin Eisenhower
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Becker6-00.00Waukesha North
1.12Collin Taylor6-00.00Brookfield East
1.12Brian Washington6-00.00Waukesha South
4.12Matt Piefer5-10.00Kettle Moraine
5.9Joe Schobert5-10.00Waukesha West
6.10Aaron Dillon5-10.00Brookfield East
7.9Jake Ricciardi5-08.00Waukesha North
8.9Tyler Naumowitz5-06.00Waukesha South
9.10Tedrick Boone5-06.00Brookfield East
10.10Blake Layber5-04.00Waukesha West
--12Nate PodneyNHKettle Moraine
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Kasun14-00.00Hamilton
2.11Matt Krogman13-09.00Brookfield Central
3.12Nick Garcia13-06.00Waukesha North
4.11Kyle Fons13-06.00Waukesha North
5.11Tony Chretien13-03.00Brookfield East
6.11Derek Haag13-00.00Waukesha West
7.11Dylan Rutta12-06.00Hamilton
7.11Dan Yansak12-06.00Brookfield Central
7.10Andy Wanta12-06.00Brookfield East
10.10Jake Hansen12-06.00Waukesha North
11.11Tyler Veling11-06.00Brookfield Central
11.10Seth Gantz11-06.00Waukesha West
11.11Ryan Kiser11-06.00Waukesha West
--12Zach EmbertsNHHamilton
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Becker20-04.75Waukesha North
2.10Joe Webb20-01.50Waukesha North
3.12Karch Schwake19-08.00Waukesha North
4.12Justin Hodges19-05.00Brookfield East
5.11Justin Weiland19-03.75New Berlin Eisenhower
6.12Kevin Keadle19-01.25Waukesha South
7.11Derek Haag19-01.00Waukesha West
8.12Patt Levenhagen18-11.00Kettle Moraine
9.11Sam Szpek18-10.00Waukesha South
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Matt Becker20-04.75Waukesha North
2.10Joe Webb20-01.50Waukesha North
3.12Karch Schwake19-08.00Waukesha North
4.11Justin Weiland19-00.00New Berlin Eisenhower
5.12Justin Hodges18-11.00Brookfield East
6.11Sam Szpek18-10.00Waukesha South
7.12Kevin Keadle18-09.00Waukesha South
8.12Patt Levenhagen18-07.50Kettle Moraine
9.11Derek Haag18-07.00Waukesha West
10.10Connor McCullough18-05.75Brookfield Central
11.10Ron Langdon18-04.75Brookfield East
12.12Justin Rupnow18-00.50Hamilton
13.9Joe Schobert17-09.75Waukesha West
14.12Tyler Janus17-09.25Hamilton
15.11Nate Angles17-06.50Waukesha West
16.11Cory McGilligan17-01.25Waukesha South
17.11Tyler Faber17-00.75New Berlin Eisenhower
18.12Joe Arevalo17-00.50Brookfield Central
19.9John Crowley15-06.00New Berlin Eisenhower
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Collin Taylor44-04.50Brookfield East
2.12Matt Becker41-10.00Waukesha North
3.10Aaron Dillon41-01.50Brookfield East
4.9Kyle Rohde41-01.00Brookfield East
5.12Nate Podney41-00.25Kettle Moraine
6.12Dan Ledebuhr41-00.25Brookfield Central
7.12Keith Kacanek40-09.25Waukesha South
8.10Brock Brilowski40-02.50Waukesha North
9.10Clark Riedel36-06.00Waukesha West
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Collin Taylor42-08.50Brookfield East
2.12Matt Becker41-10.00Waukesha North
3.10Aaron Dillon41-01.50Brookfield East
4.12Nate Podney40-11.50Kettle Moraine
5.12Keith Kacanek40-09.25Waukesha South
6.12Dan Ledebuhr40-06.75Brookfield Central
7.9Kyle Rohde40-05.00Brookfield East
8.10Brock Brilowski40-02.50Waukesha North
9.10Clark Riedel36-06.00Waukesha West
10.9Mark Rowe34-00.00New Berlin Eisenhower
11.9Ross Riopell29-11.50New Berlin Eisenhower

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chidera Obasih12.09aBrookfield Central
2.10Danielle Barbian12.66aHamilton
3.9Jordan Ludwig13.23aWaukesha North
4.9Heather Stark13.47aWaukesha South
5.11Lydia Schaser13.52aWaukesha South
6.10Shanteria Martin13.62aBrookfield East
7.12Katie Wollak13.67aBrookfield East
8.9Ellen Buckley13.71aHamilton
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chidera Obasih11.84aBrookfield Central
2.10Danielle Barbian12.73aHamilton
3.9Jordan Ludwig13.21aWaukesha North
4.11Lydia Schaser13.27aWaukesha South
5.9Heather Stark13.48aWaukesha South
6.10Shanteria Martin13.60aBrookfield East
7.9Ellen Buckley13.62aHamilton
8.12Katie Wollak13.67aBrookfield East
9.9Meghann Ameen13.71aWaukesha West
10.11Lauren Braun13.75aKettle Moraine
11.9Caiti McCormick14.01aWaukesha West
12.12Gina Kralik14.81aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chidera Obasih24.12aBrookfield Central
2.9Jordan Ludwig27.11aWaukesha North
3.10Katie Corrao27.13aWaukesha West
4.9Ashley Holicek27.32aHamilton
5.9Alyssa Marks28.21aWaukesha West
6.9Ellen Buckley28.42aHamilton
7.10Emily Schauz28.68aBrookfield East
8.12Rachel Martinez29.25aKettle Moraine
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chidera Obasih26.33aBrookfield Central
2.9Jordan Ludwig26.42aWaukesha North
3.9Ashley Holicek26.97aHamilton
4.10Katie Corrao27.53aWaukesha West
5.9Ellen Buckley28.01aHamilton
6.9Alyssa Marks28.14aWaukesha West
7.12Rachel Martinez28.77aKettle Moraine
8.10Emily Schauz28.83aBrookfield East
9.11Katie Sokolowski29.62aWaukesha South
10.9Jenna Quadarachi29.85aWaukesha South
11.12Emily Bauman30.20aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jessica Rupnow59.21aHamilton
2.11Lauren Grant59.49aWaukesha West
3.12Ellen Wegner1:02.38aWaukesha West
4.10Emily Martinez1:03.29aWaukesha North
5.11Kristy Roberts1:04.16aWaukesha West
6.10Elizabeth Stief1:04.46aBrookfield Central
7.11Maria Bucci1:05.23aWaukesha North
8.10Caroline Kreul1:05.57aBrookfield East
9.12Bethany Milnes1:05.89aBrookfield Central
10.9Shannon Burke1:06.48aHamilton
11.9Danielle Latt1:07.34aHamilton
12.10Kelly Strong1:07.65aKettle Moraine
13.10Sarah Draper1:07.81aWaukesha North
14.11Maddie Schroeder1:10.22aKettle Moraine
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Conway2:23.08aBrookfield East
2.10Hannah Trasser2:23.59aBrookfield Central
3.12Allie Joost2:24.10aWaukesha West
4.12Melissa Clark2:24.34aKettle Moraine
5.10Felicia Gesior2:25.54aWaukesha West
6.12Katie Renteria2:28.54aNew Berlin Eisenhower
7.11Krista White2:28.65aWaukesha West
8.12Jackie Ladwig2:31.30aWaukesha North
9.9Rachel Crites2:31.76aKettle Moraine
10.12Chloe Munch2:31.99aBrookfield Central
11.12Megan Fris2:34.79aKettle Moraine
12.12Kaitlyn Schmidt2:36.45aWaukesha North
13.11Rebecca Fernandez2:41.13aWaukesha South
14.12Nicole Lomeli2:46.12aWaukesha North
15.9Melissa Braunreiter2:50.49aHamilton
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Trasser5:18.95aBrookfield Central
2.11Mallory Schmidt5:20.71aWaukesha West
3.11Sammy Woller5:21.77aNew Berlin Eisenhower
4.11Malayna Beste5:21.85aWaukesha West
5.11Caitlin Wolters5:23.47aBrookfield Central
6.12Katie Switalski5:26.79aWaukesha West
7.11Olivia Jaeger5:33.81aBrookfield East
8.11Alyson Ambrookian5:47.62aBrookfield Central
9.9Gayana Wannarachhi5:47.94aWaukesha South
10.9Traci Brunner5:50.59aWaukesha North
11.11Ali Oliver5:55.13aWaukesha North
12.10Kellie Rich5:58.14aBrookfield East
13.11Erin Stone6:04.96aHamilton
14.11Keeley Susineka6:10.55aKettle Moraine
15.12Andrea Salus6:24.27aHamilton
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jenna McMiller11:29.13aWaukesha North
2.10Natalie Dillon11:37.61aBrookfield East
3.9Sammi Donovan11:40.20aWaukesha North
4.9Jocelyn Perry11:40.54aWaukesha West
5.12Katie Peterson11:45.14aBrookfield Central
6.9Therese Thompson12:08.57aNew Berlin Eisenhower
7.10Kelsey Jaeger12:12.24aWaukesha West
8.11Sammy Woller12:22.86aNew Berlin Eisenhower
9.10Taylor Stewart12:22.90aBrookfield East
10.11Rachel Schroeder12:23.28aKettle Moraine
11.9Lauren Sigfred12:23.46aWaukesha West
12.9shannon Downs12:45.80aHamilton
13.11Stephanie Beckwith13:10.58aKettle Moraine
14.11Tracy Young13:47.42aHamilton
15.9Meghan Owens14:12.49aWaukesha South
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Malcore15.05aBrookfield Central
2.12Samantha Berg15.88aKettle Moraine
3.9Rubie Nordling17.28aBrookfield Central
4.10Kristin Heckel17.48aWaukesha West
5.10Erika Guerra17.71aHamilton
6.11Melissa Feltz17.72aKettle Moraine
7.11Sarah Bruk17.75aBrookfield Central
8.11Chelsea Hansen20.80aBrookfield East
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Katelyn Malcore15.69aBrookfield Central
2.12Samantha Berg16.17aKettle Moraine
3.9Rubie Nordling17.46aBrookfield Central
4.11Melissa Feltz17.59aKettle Moraine
5.10Erika Guerra17.62aHamilton
6.10Kristin Heckel17.72aWaukesha West
7.11Sarah Bruk17.93aBrookfield Central
8.11Chelsea Hansen17.96aBrookfield East
9.10Megan Bell18.00aWaukesha West
10.12Chrissy Miresse18.02aKettle Moraine
11.11Corrie Spankowski18.36aHamilton
12.11Kasey Gusho25.61aBrookfield East
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Malcore46.65aBrookfield Central
2.12Samantha Berg47.34aKettle Moraine
3.10Kristin Heckel48.42aWaukesha West
4.9Rubie Nordling50.38aBrookfield Central
5.9Jenna Hatab52.20aBrookfield East
6.11Katie Culhane52.30aKettle Moraine
7.10Erika Guerra53.75aHamilton
8.12Cathylynn Alhgren54.45aKettle Moraine
9.11Abby Augustine54.89aWaukesha North
10.12Krissy Hashek56.24aNew Berlin Eisenhower
11.10Paige Lindow57.46aNew Berlin Eisenhower
12.10Caitlyn Hallada58.36aNew Berlin Eisenhower
--9Angela LiesenDQWaukesha West
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Molly Storm
Brooke Patterson
Ashley Holicek
Danielle Barbian
2.-Emily Duffy
Katie Corrao
Halley Ahler
Emily Sowinski
50.50aWaukesha West
3.-Niki Seaberg
Kinza Hagerup
Emma Cerwin
Lauren Braun
51.44aKettle Moraine
4.-Kara Krugel
Erin Lueder
Sam Ott
Yelena Latinovich
51.72aBrookfield Central
5.-Relay Team 52.16aBrookfield East
6.-Lydia Schaser
Heather Stark
Amanda Bregger
Katie Sokolowski
52.63aWaukesha South
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kara Krugel
Erin Lueder
Yelena Latinovich
Sam Ott
1:43.96aBrookfield Central
2.-Kerry Sullivan
Jamie Destache
Brooke Patterson
Danielle Barbian
3.-Emily Duffy
Katie Corrao
Emily Sowinski
Halley Ahler
1:45.94aWaukesha West
4.-Relay Team 1:49.41aWaukesha North
5.-Relay Team 1:50.27aBrookfield East
---Relay Team DQKettle Moraine
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kristin Heckel
Allie Joost
Ellen Wegner
Lauren Grant
4:04.21aWaukesha West
2.-Yelena Latinovich
Erin Lueder
Katelyn Malcore
Hannah Trasser
4:05.38aBrookfield Central
3.-Relay Team 4:09.38aBrookfield East
4.-Relay Team 4:12.25aWaukesha North
5.-Kinza Hagerup
Lauren Braun
Ally Senezcko
Andrea Russell
4:12.41aKettle Moraine
6.-Kelsey Dittrich
Jamie Destache
Jessica Rupnow
Kerry Sullivan
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kathleen Browne
Taylor Conway
Natalie Dillon
Olivia Jaeger
9:43.60aBrookfield East
2.-Felicia Gesior
Krista White
Nicole Martens
Allie Joost
9:58.30aWaukesha West
3.-Ally Senezcko
Taylor Vinhal
Melissa Clark
Rachel Schroeder
10:01.95aKettle Moraine
4.-Alyson Ambrookian
Lauren Hemani
Shelia Kilb
Chloe Munch
10:12.07aBrookfield Central
5.-Relay Team 10:34.65aWaukesha North
6.-Relay Team 10:50.63aHamilton
7.-Anna Conroy
Megan Tkachuck
Amber Woller
Alison Armstrong
11:01.33aNew Berlin Eisenhower
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Melanie Pilon34-02.50Waukesha South
2.12Brittany Zillmer33-06.50Waukesha South
3.11Andrea Kassees33-03.75Waukesha North
4.12Jazmyne Queen33-03.00Kettle Moraine
5.10Alanna Queen32-09.25Kettle Moraine
6.12Rachael Thiede32-02.75Waukesha West
7.12Danielle Riveria31-08.25Waukesha South
8.10Claire Stamborski31-07.25Brookfield Central
9.11Sammi Plonski31-03.25Brookfield Central
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Melanie Pilon34-02.50Waukesha South
2.11Andrea Kassees33-03.75Waukesha North
3.12Jazmyne Queen33-03.00Kettle Moraine
4.10Alanna Queen32-09.25Kettle Moraine
5.12Rachael Thiede32-02.75Waukesha West
6.10Claire Stamborski31-07.25Brookfield Central
7.12Danielle Riveria31-05.00Waukesha South
8.12Brittany Zillmer31-01.25Waukesha South
9.11Sammi Plonski30-04.25Brookfield Central
10.12Kristin Zutavern30-03.00Waukesha West
11.9Sophie Carr29-07.50Brookfield East
12.10Becki Martin29-06.50Kettle Moraine
13.11Amy Nelson29-05.50Brookfield East
14.11Connie Dunlap29-03.25Hamilton
15.9Jennifer Janusz27-07.00Hamilton
16.11Nikki Jinkins26-10.00Waukesha North
17.12Maggie Ray26-03.25Hamilton
18.10Chris Jock25-04.25New Berlin Eisenhower
19.11Erin Holahan23-11.75Waukesha North
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sammi Plonski112-06Brookfield Central
2.11Andrea Kassees109-11Waukesha North
3.12Jill Hernke106-01Kettle Moraine
4.12Danielle Riveria104-09Waukesha South
5.10Alanna Queen101-09Kettle Moraine
6.11Libby Woodford100-03Waukesha South
7.10Anna Stamborski98-02Brookfield Central
8.9Sophie Carr95-11Brookfield East
9.10Amanda Bartholf92-08Waukesha West
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sammi Plonski112-06Brookfield Central
2.11Andrea Kassees109-11Waukesha North
3.12Jill Hernke106-01Kettle Moraine
4.12Danielle Riveria104-09Waukesha South
5.10Alanna Queen101-09Kettle Moraine
6.10Anna Stamborski98-02Brookfield Central
7.9Sophie Carr95-11Brookfield East
8.10Amanda Bartholf92-08Waukesha West
9.11Libby Woodford92-06Waukesha South
10.9Jennifer Janusz86-10Hamilton
11.10Chris Jock86-01New Berlin Eisenhower
12.10Jamie Helwig84-08Kettle Moraine
13.11Erin Holahan79-01Waukesha North
14.12Rachael Thiede77-09Waukesha West
15.11Hannah Wiesneski77-06Hamilton
16.11Nikki Jinkins76-00Waukesha North
17.12Maggie Ray71-01Hamilton
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rebekah Winiarski5-03.00Brookfield Central
2.9Kerry Johnson4-11.00Brookfield East
3.12Rachael Thiede4-10.00Waukesha West
4.10Paige Lindow4-10.00New Berlin Eisenhower
5.10Katy Allen4-10.00Waukesha South
6.12Carly Sass4-08.00Brookfield East
7.10Elizabeth Stief4-08.00Brookfield Central
8.11Erin Lueder4-08.00Brookfield Central
9.12Amber Woller4-06.00New Berlin Eisenhower
10.11Libby Woodford4-06.00Waukesha South
--12Emily BaumanNHNew Berlin Eisenhower
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Becki Bagley10-00.00Brookfield Central
2.11Melanie Pilon9-09.00Waukesha South
3.9Kara Metzger9-03.00Waukesha South
4.10Jessica Landergott9-00.00Hamilton
5.11Halley Ahler9-00.00Waukesha West
6.12Kate Finman8-06.00Waukesha North
7.10Brittni Schiewer8-00.00Waukesha North
7.10Amanda Bregger8-00.00Waukesha South
7.10Dana Gau8-00.00Waukesha West
10.12Amy Barwick8-00.00Brookfield Central
11.11Jasmine Williams7-06.00Waukesha North
--9Mary KuschNHBrookfield East
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marissa Watkins16-02.25Waukesha South
2.10Chidera Obasih16-00.25Brookfield Central
3.12Alex Byrd15-08.50Brookfield East
4.12Elizabeth Carnahan15-08.00New Berlin Eisenhower
5.12Emma Cerwin15-08.00Kettle Moraine
6.10Kara Krugel15-03.75Brookfield Central
7.11Lydia Schaser15-02.00Waukesha South
8.10Kinza Hagerup15-00.50Kettle Moraine
9.12Gina Kralik14-08.00New Berlin Eisenhower
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Marissa Watkins16-02.25Waukesha South
2.10Chidera Obasih16-00.25Brookfield Central
3.12Elizabeth Carnahan15-08.00New Berlin Eisenhower
4.10Kara Krugel15-03.75Brookfield Central
5.11Lydia Schaser15-02.00Waukesha South
6.12Alex Byrd15-01.50Brookfield East
7.12Emma Cerwin14-10.00Kettle Moraine
8.10Kinza Hagerup14-09.75Kettle Moraine
9.12Gina Kralik14-08.00New Berlin Eisenhower
10.11Melissa Argenzio14-05.25Brookfield East
11.11Amanda Wagner14-04.00Hamilton
12.10Amanda Bregger14-01.00Waukesha South
13.9Meghann Ameen14-00.25Waukesha West
14.12Holly Rindfleisch13-03.25Hamilton
15.9Lauren Englehart13-01.50Brookfield East
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Malcore35-10.00Brookfield Central
2.10Andrea Russell35-03.25Kettle Moraine
3.10Katy Allen35-01.50Waukesha South
4.12Samantha Seaberg34-09.00Kettle Moraine
5.12Alex Byrd34-01.00Brookfield East
6.10Niki Seaberg33-07.00Kettle Moraine
7.10Kara Krugel33-02.50Brookfield Central
8.12Elizabeth Carnahan32-05.75New Berlin Eisenhower
9.11Chelsea Hansen32-00.50Brookfield East
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Katelyn Malcore35-10.00Brookfield Central
2.10Andrea Russell35-03.25Kettle Moraine
3.10Katy Allen35-01.50Waukesha South
4.12Samantha Seaberg34-09.00Kettle Moraine
5.12Alex Byrd33-07.00Brookfield East
6.10Kara Krugel33-02.50Brookfield Central
7.10Niki Seaberg32-11.25Kettle Moraine
8.12Elizabeth Carnahan32-05.75New Berlin Eisenhower
9.11Chelsea Hansen32-00.50Brookfield East
10.12Ally Felker31-10.75Brookfield East
11.9Kara Metzger31-04.00Waukesha South
12.11Corrie Spankowski31-01.00Hamilton
13.9Christy Pate30-03.75Waukesha North
14.12Gina Kralik28-07.00New Berlin Eisenhower
15.11Amanda Wagner26-05.50Hamilton
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