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Patriot District Championships

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T C Williams , Alexandria

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cortez Taylor11.05aT C Williams
2.12Rushane Wilson11.07aT C Williams
3.11David Jordan11.51aSouth County
4.12Justin Jefferson11.54aHayfield
5.12Anton Bowman11.59aRobert E Lee (Spring...
6.12Yu Lin11.75aAnnandale
7.12Nathan Joyce11.77aHayfield
8.11Anton McCallum11.78aHayfield
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Rushane Wilson10.91aT C Williams
2.11Cortez Taylor10.94aT C Williams
3.12Justin Jefferson11.24aHayfield
4.12Anton Bowman11.33aRobert E Lee (Spring...
5.11Anton McCallum11.39aHayfield
6.11David Jordan11.45aSouth County
7.12Nathan Joyce11.47aHayfield
9.10Mike Hayes11.50aSouth County
10.12Alusine Kargbo11.58aAnnandale
8.12Yu Lin11.59aAnnandale
11.9Joseph Baah11.59aSouth County
12.12Julian Holden11.60aWest Potomac
13.12Mohamed Elghoul11.66aHayfield
14.12Amber Sarmiento11.67aRobert E Lee (Spring...
15.11Wesley Scales11.82aAnnandale
16.12Dijon Griffin12.00aWest Potomac
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Cortez Taylor10.95aT C Williams
2.12Rushane Wilson10.99aT C Williams
3.12Justin Jefferson11.22aHayfield
4.11David Jordan11.27aSouth County
5.12Anton Bowman11.31aRobert E Lee (Spring...
6.11Anton McCallum11.38aHayfield
7.10Mike Hayes11.45aSouth County
9.12Yu Lin11.51aAnnandale
10.12Nathan Joyce11.52aHayfield
11.12Alusine Kargbo11.52aAnnandale
12.12Amber Sarmiento11.54aRobert E Lee (Spring...
13.12Mohamed Elghoul11.59aHayfield
8.11Wesley Scales11.62aAnnandale
14.9Joseph Baah11.78aSouth County
15.12Julian Holden11.79aWest Potomac
16.12Dijon Griffin11.82aWest Potomac
17.12Nathaniel Saint-Preux11.84aWest Springfield
18.11John Clinton11.89aWest Potomac
19.11Kenny Brown11.92aHayfield
20.10Cody Whitlow12.07aHayfield
21.9Connor McClellan12.10aWest Springfield
22.12Zhargham Ghani12.10aRobert E Lee (Spring...
23.10Michael Cook12.54aLake Braddock Second...
24.10David Harris12.62aLake Braddock Second...
25.9Adonis Fosu12.65aLake Braddock Second...
--11Ayodesi CokerFST C Williams
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon McCants21.86aWest Potomac
2.12Rushane Wilson22.33aT C Williams
3.11Cortez Taylor22.39aT C Williams
4.12Ronald Johnson22.52aSouth County
5.11Ayodesi Coker22.73aT C Williams
6.12Kristian Rodriquez23.31aWest Potomac
7.12Brandon Comfort23.39aWest Potomac
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Jon McCants21.65aWest Potomac
3.12Rushane Wilson22.10aT C Williams
2.12Ronald Johnson22.31aSouth County
5.11Ayodesi Coker22.79aT C Williams
4.11Cortez Taylor22.86aT C Williams
6.12Brandon Comfort23.01aWest Potomac
7.12Kristian Rodriquez23.15aWest Potomac
8.12Christopher Montgomery23.22aWest Potomac
9.12Anton Bowman23.23aRobert E Lee (Spring...
10.11Anton McCallum23.23aHayfield
11.11Cory Gonzalez23.38aWest Springfield
12.12Christopher Bishop23.51aHayfield
13.12Justin Jefferson23.59aHayfield
14.10Elbert Maxwell23.82aHayfield
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Rushane Wilson22.16aT C Williams
2.12Ronald Johnson22.30aSouth County
3.11Cortez Taylor22.37aT C Williams
5.12Kristian Rodriquez22.73aWest Potomac
9.11Ayodesi Coker22.95aT C Williams
4.12Jon McCants22.98aWest Potomac
6.12Christopher Montgomery23.05aWest Potomac
7.12Justin Jefferson23.08aHayfield
10.12Brandon Comfort23.11aWest Potomac
11.12Christopher Bishop23.12aHayfield
8.11Anton McCallum23.15aHayfield
12.12Anton Bowman23.19aRobert E Lee (Spring...
13.11Cory Gonzalez23.25aWest Springfield
14.10Elbert Maxwell23.39aHayfield
15.11Michael Kendall23.72aSouth County
16.12Luis Figaro23.77aHayfield
17.9Tyrek Worrell24.01aAnnandale
18.11Wesley Scales24.19aAnnandale
19.9Joseph Baah24.30aSouth County
20.10Sean Townsend24.32aHayfield
21.11Jameel Pitt24.39aRobert E Lee (Spring...
22.9Dylan Van Balen24.41aAnnandale
23.9Connor McClellan24.69aWest Springfield
24.11Jazmier Williams24.70aRobert E Lee (Spring...
25.12Austin Hall24.71aWest Springfield
26.11Thom Nguyen25.57aLake Braddock Second...
27.9Justin Um26.39aLake Braddock Second...
--10Anthony WilliamsFSHayfield
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon McCants48.56aWest Potomac
2.12Ronald Johnson49.09aSouth County
3.11Cory Gonzalez50.46aWest Springfield
4.12Brandon Comfort50.78aWest Potomac
5.12Christopher Montgomery50.84aWest Potomac
6.12Nathan Joyce51.65aHayfield
7.12Reward Asonye53.13aT C Williams
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jon McCants49.83aWest Potomac
2.12Ronald Johnson50.76aSouth County
3.12Brandon Comfort50.80aWest Potomac
4.12Christopher Montgomery51.09aWest Potomac
5.11Cory Gonzalez51.18aWest Springfield
6.12Reward Asonye51.68aT C Williams
7.12Nathan Joyce52.02aHayfield
8.11Rashed Conteh52.43aT C Williams
9.12Alex Triplett52.72aWest Potomac
10.11William Murphy52.97aT C Williams
11.10Mike Ritchhart53.25aSouth County
12.11Michael Kendall53.33aSouth County
13.10Jonathan Figaro53.44aHayfield
14.12Max Kreis53.62aWest Potomac
15.12Austin Hall54.33aWest Springfield
16.12Anthony Clark54.39aLake Braddock Second...
17.11Nick Choung54.89aAnnandale
18.11Jacky Tan54.99aAnnandale
19.11James Paramore55.20aRobert E Lee (Spring...
20.10Joey Mudd55.61aLake Braddock Second...
21.11Daniel McCartin55.69aWest Springfield
22.10Nathan Seeto56.06aAnnandale
23.11Daniel Martin57.14aLake Braddock Second...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Bradley1:56.05aWest Potomac
2.12Brian Allen1:56.19aSouth County
3.11Daniel Blasser1:58.18aAnnandale
4.11Peter Stebbins1:58.83aWest Potomac
5.12Ki Lee1:59.19aAnnandale
6.12Alex Appiah-Knudsen1:59.79aWest Springfield
7.10Anthony Swindell2:04.85aHayfield
8.11Marcus Jones2:04.87aSouth County
9.11Thomas Keefe2:04.98aSouth County
10.12Daniel Scolese2:06.08aWest Springfield
11.12Daniel Tobin2:06.21aWest Springfield
12.10John Bozek2:06.61aHayfield
13.11Chelo Abbey2:06.81aT C Williams
14.11Daniel Sands2:09.65aLake Braddock Second...
15.10Patrick Goodman2:10.13aAnnandale
16.10Cory Fish2:11.53aHayfield
17.10Bao Phan2:13.56aLake Braddock Second...
18.11Damtew Adnaw2:14.19aRobert E Lee (Spring...
19.12Andrew Rooney2:14.98aRobert E Lee (Spring...
--12Evan KuesterDNST C Williams
--11Matt HooglandSCRLake Braddock Second...
--12Thom HammondSCRWest Potomac
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Scott Plunkett4:23.66aAnnandale
2.12Daniel Tobin4:24.09aWest Springfield
3.11Alex Clark4:24.89aLake Braddock Second...
4.11Thomas Keefe4:27.92aSouth County
5.12Ben Hammond4:28.70aWest Potomac
6.11Michael Ejigu4:32.52aAnnandale
7.9Dylan Morgan4:36.75aSouth County
8.11Abraham Yacob4:39.19aRobert E Lee (Spring...
9.9Patrick Murphy4:40.42aT C Williams
10.12Joe Dolan4:42.20aWest Springfield
11.10Ben Bilodeau4:42.79aT C Williams
12.10Graham Kolle4:46.07aWest Potomac
13.9Max Muir4:48.51aWest Potomac
14.12Sean Berberich4:49.04aHayfield
15.12Mark Schissler4:49.07aWest Springfield
16.11David Schmidt4:49.75aSouth County
17.11Derek Lindsey4:53.76aHayfield
18.12Dakota Brown4:54.31aAnnandale
19.9Gabriel Larios4:57.90aHayfield
20.9William Greenwood4:57.93aLake Braddock Second...
21.9Jacob Whiteacre5:00.09aT C Williams
22.11Adil Kadir5:03.27aRobert E Lee (Spring...
23.10Ryan Mattimoe5:03.27aLake Braddock Second...
24.11John Christenson5:10.79aRobert E Lee (Spring...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Thomas Schafer9:42.02aSouth County
2.12Scott Plunkett9:46.67aAnnandale
3.10Luke Sohl9:47.15aLake Braddock Second...
4.10Colin Taylor9:47.48aWest Springfield
5.12Brett Mandeville9:47.58aSouth County
6.10Sam Rubenking9:47.95aLake Braddock Second...
7.10Khoki Bernier9:49.38aWest Potomac
8.11Peter Coffey9:58.81aWest Potomac
9.11Alex Clark10:10.41aLake Braddock Second...
10.12Brendan Murphy10:13.03aWest Potomac
11.11Yohan Calcuttawalla10:13.55aAnnandale
12.11Abraham Yacob10:18.36aRobert E Lee (Spring...
13.11John Locke10:33.47aWest Springfield
14.11Alex Sciacca10:33.48aSouth County
15.10Sahnun Mohamud10:37.75aAnnandale
16.12Ryan Erbe10:45.72aWest Springfield
17.9Patrick Murphy10:58.45aT C Williams
18.9Ammanuel Mekennon11:10.02aHayfield
19.10Ryan Laychak11:11.73aT C Williams
20.11David Trimarchi11:18.22aHayfield
21.9John Hoyt11:23.31aHayfield
--10Ben BilodeauDNST C Williams
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Williams15.00aHayfield
2.10John Jenkins15.37aAnnandale
3.12Christopher Bishop15.76aHayfield
4.11Jack Griffin15.98aAnnandale
5.11Alihaji Bah16.06aAnnandale
6.11Malcom Cameron16.64aT C Williams
7.10Andrew Ma17.11aWest Springfield
8.11Erik Ferri18.37aWest Potomac
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Anthony Williams14.79aHayfield
2.12Christopher Bishop15.48aHayfield
3.10John Jenkins15.70aAnnandale
5.11Alihaji Bah16.08aAnnandale
4.11Jack Griffin16.10aAnnandale
6.11Malcom Cameron16.86aT C Williams
7.10Andrew Ma17.15aWest Springfield
8.11Erik Ferri17.54aWest Potomac
9.10Sean Townsend18.01aHayfield
10.9Sean Daugherty18.35aLake Braddock Second...
11.11Robert Owusu19.03aWest Potomac
12.9Tyler Cousin20.71aLake Braddock Second...
13.10Chris Dynes21.34aWest Potomac
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Santano39.51aLake Braddock Second...
2.11Alihaji Bah39.54aAnnandale
3.12Robert Allen40.28aSouth County
4.12Mohamed Elghoul41.28aHayfield
5.12Luis Figaro41.31aHayfield
6.10Anthony Williams41.44aHayfield
7.10John Jenkins42.07aAnnandale
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Michael Santano39.91aLake Braddock Second...
3.12Robert Allen40.16aSouth County
2.11Alihaji Bah40.76aAnnandale
4.12Luis Figaro40.93aHayfield
5.10John Jenkins41.69aAnnandale
6.12Mohamed Elghoul42.23aHayfield
7.10Anthony Williams42.51aHayfield
8.12Christopher Bishop42.52aHayfield
9.11Erik Ferri42.74aWest Potomac
10.11Robert Owusu44.03aWest Potomac
11.10Andrew Ma44.41aWest Springfield
12.11Jack Griffin45.69aAnnandale
13.11Troy Parrish46.45aSouth County
--11Malcom CameronDQT C Williams
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rushane Wilson
Ayodesi Coker
Cortez Taylor
Reward Asonye
42.44aT C Williams
2.-Mike Hayes
David Jordan
Joseph Baah
Charles Meyers
44.41aSouth County
3.-Yu Lin
Alusine Kargbo
Josh Jean-Jacques
Wesley Scales
4.-Julian Holden
Dijon Griffin
Robert Owusu
Kristian Rodriquez
44.69aWest Potomac
5.-Mohamed Elghoul
Anton McCallum
Jonathan Figaro
Justin Jefferson
6.-Jameel Pitt
Anton Bowman
Zhargham Ghani
Amber Sarmiento
45.58aRobert E Lee (Spring...
7.-Anthony Clark
Adonis Fosu
Michael Cook
Justin Um
48.45aLake Braddock Second...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Montgomery
Jon McCants
Alex Triplett
Joseph Bradley
3:22.50aWest Potomac
2.-Luis Figaro
Jonathan Figaro
Nathan Joyce
Anthony Swindell
3.-William Murphy
Marc Grosser
Rashed Conteh
Malcom Cameron
3:26.30aT C Williams
4.-Alihaji Bah
Nick Choung
Daniel Blasser
Ki Lee
5.-Brian Allen
Robert Allen
Michael Kendall
Ronald Johnson
3:29.54aSouth County
6.-Alex Appiah-Knudsen
Cory Gonzalez
Austin Hall
Daniel McCartin
3:30.62aWest Springfield
7.-Anthony Clark
Matt Hoogland
John Tubesing
Daniel Martin
3:38.41aLake Braddock Second...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Julian Holden
Peter Stebbins
Khoki Bernier
Joseph Bradley
8:02.00aWest Potomac
2.-Michael Ejigu
Ki Lee
Scott Plunkett
Daniel Blasser
3.-Thomas Keefe
Robert Allen
Dylan Morgan
Brian Allen
8:04.85aSouth County
4.-Alex Clark
John Tubesing
Matt Hoogland
Sam Rubenking
8:12.41aLake Braddock Second...
5.-Alex Appiah-Knudsen
Mark Schissler
Daniel Tobin
Scooter Faulkner
8:20.05aWest Springfield
6.-Kwabena Bempong
Sean Berberich
John Bozek
Anthony Swindell
7.-Chelo Abbey
Patrick Murphy
Ben Bilodeau
Rashed Conteh
8:53.36aT C Williams
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pierre Espinoza50-07.75T C Williams
2.12Tyler Sturgill50-00.00Hayfield
3.12Safwaan Islam49-01.75Annandale
4.11Garrett Knudson42-10.75Hayfield
5.12Shane Doty42-08.75Annandale
6.12Oscar Michel42-02.25Annandale
7.11Luke Dorris40-01.50T C Williams
8.12Todd Yurkovic39-11.25South County
9.10Javier Brionez39-05.00Lake Braddock Second...
10.9Jose Urratia38-06.00T C Williams
11.12Eric Dahl38-01.50West Springfield
12.11Wesley Halleck32-08.75South County
13.9Johnny Muckerman31-04.25West Potomac
14.10Patrick Martin31-02.75Hayfield
15.10Cody Carmichael30-05.75West Potomac
16.12Trevor Normyle30-01.75West Potomac
--11Mohit TrehanDNSRobert E Lee (Spring...
--12Kukinder SinghDNSRobert E Lee (Spring...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Sturgill161-09Hayfield
2.12Zachary Goehler145-03T C Williams
3.11Evan Griffin140-11Annandale
4.12Todd Yurkovic136-06South County
5.11Maurice Henry117-02Annandale
6.12Pierre Espinoza117-01T C Williams
7.12James Worfolk117-00Lake Braddock Second...
8.11Justin Adams112-10Robert E Lee (Spring...
9.10Nick Doumbia112-06Annandale
10.11Wesley Halleck109-01South County
11.9Jose Urratia105-09T C Williams
12.11Wesley Stephens103-10West Potomac
13.12Eric Dahl101-00West Springfield
14.10Terrence Bridgett100-02Robert E Lee (Spring...
15.11Garrett Knudson95-03Hayfield
16.10Patrick Martin79-10Hayfield
17.12Trevor Normyle72-07West Potomac
18.9Johnny Muckerman71-10West Potomac
19.11Haytham Hassan59-06Robert E Lee (Spring...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elbert Maxwell6-05.00Hayfield
2.12Michael Santano6-02.00Lake Braddock Second...
3.12Kristian Rodriquez6-00.00West Potomac
4.12Malcolm Stephens6-00.00West Potomac
5.12Marc Grosser6-00.00T C Williams
6.10Anthony Williams5-08.00Hayfield
7.10Josh Jean-Jacques5-08.00Annandale
8.10Justin Marshall5-08.00Hayfield
9.10Rico Boone5-04.00West Potomac
10.10Jake Hrovat5-04.00Annandale
11.12Yu Lin5-04.00Annandale
--11Kentdrick BarnesNHT C Williams
--9Percy HaskinsNHT C Williams
--12Nathan BarthNHWest Springfield
--9Cameron LewisNHRobert E Lee (Spring...
--11Ayodesi CokerDNST C Williams
--11Cory GonzalezDNSWest Springfield
--10Kobi TurksonDNSWest Springfield
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Hoogland13-06.00Lake Braddock Second...
2.12David Fishman13-00.00Lake Braddock Second...
3.11Matt McVicker11-06.00Lake Braddock Second...
4.11Kevin McAllister11-00.00Hayfield
4.9Haydon Knudson11-00.00Hayfield
6.11Sean Zatt10-06.00Hayfield
7.11Thomas Caine10-00.00T C Williams
8.9Nicholas Ahuda10-00.00T C Williams
9.10Andrew Seskey9-06.00T C Williams
--10Jake DangNHAnnandale
--11Daniel McCartinSCRWest Springfield
--10John DezortNHAnnandale
--12Austin HallSCRWest Springfield
--9Charles StaleyNHAnnandale
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristian Rodriquez22-01.00West Potomac
2.12Marc Grosser21-08.00T C Williams
3.11David Jordan21-03.00South County
4.12Anton Bowman20-11.00Robert E Lee (Spring...
5.11Anton McCallum20-09.00Hayfield
6.10Jonathan Figaro20-05.00Hayfield
7.12Christopher Bishop19-06.00Hayfield
8.12Alusine Kargbo19-05.00Annandale
9.12Nathaniel Saint-Preux19-02.00West Springfield
10.11Desmond Lee19-01.00Annandale
11.12Abu Yillah18-10.00West Potomac
12.10Philip Mariotti18-02.00Robert E Lee (Spring...
13.12Yu Lin18-00.00Annandale
14.12David Fishman17-11.00Lake Braddock Second...
15.12Yasir Hussein17-09.00T C Williams
15.10Rico Boone17-09.00West Potomac
17.12Zhargham Ghani16-05.00Robert E Lee (Spring...
18.10Mike Ritchhart16-04.00South County
--11Cory GonzalezDNSWest Springfield
--12Andrew ClarkeSCRSouth County
--11Kentdrick BarnesDNST C Williams
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon McCants44-04.00West Potomac
2.12Marc Grosser43-06.50T C Williams
3.12Kristian Rodriquez42-10.00West Potomac
4.10Jonathan Figaro42-04.25Hayfield
5.11David Jordan42-04.00South County
6.12Nathaniel Saint-Preux42-03.00West Springfield
7.12Alusine Kargbo41-00.75Annandale
8.12Christopher Bishop40-08.50Hayfield
9.10Justin Marshall40-08.00Hayfield
10.12Anton Bowman40-02.00Robert E Lee (Spring...
11.11Nicholas Dinh39-08.75Annandale
12.11Desmond Lee39-08.00Annandale
13.12Abu Yillah39-06.00West Potomac
14.11Chelo Abbey38-07.50T C Williams
15.11Kentdrick Barnes37-02.00T C Williams
16.10Mike Ritchhart36-07.00South County
--12Andrew ClarkeSCRSouth County
--11Matt HooglandDNSLake Braddock Second...
--12Zhargham GhaniFOULRobert E Lee (Spring...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ericka Roberts12.81aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Denika Williams13.02aSouth County
3.11Kiara Artis13.14aWest Potomac
4.10Lola Ojabowale13.24aHayfield
5.9Imani Hudson13.47aLake Braddock Second...
6.10Kelly Ross13.52aSouth County
7.9Marquela Brown13.59aHayfield
8.9Kathryn Hendley13.68aT C Williams
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Denika Williams12.98aSouth County
2.11Ericka Roberts13.04aLake Braddock Second...
3.11Kiara Artis13.19aWest Potomac
4.9Imani Hudson13.31aLake Braddock Second...
5.9Marquela Brown13.33aHayfield
6.10Lola Ojabowale13.42aHayfield
7.10Kelly Ross13.46aSouth County
8.9Kathryn Hendley13.52aT C Williams
9.10Ashleigh Hicks13.73aLake Braddock Second...
10.10Margot Henric13.74aAnnandale
11.10Lisa Kinston13.91aWest Potomac
12.11Karina Bethea13.96aRobert E Lee (Spring...
13.10Kait Phelan14.02aWest Springfield
14.12Katherine Wrona14.07aSouth County
15.11Kristen Turner14.08aWest Springfield
16.9Shanice Jones14.37aAnnandale
17.11Celine Hausmann14.84aAnnandale
18.9Arlene Alvarenga15.25aRobert E Lee (Spring...
--11Celeste WinstonDNSRobert E Lee (Spring...
--11Ashleigh WhiteDNSWest Potomac
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Becca Sinichko25.74aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Loren Dyer25.84aSouth County
3.11Ericka Roberts26.37aLake Braddock Second...
4.11Jasmine Williams26.38aRobert E Lee (Spring...
5.10Denika Williams26.87aSouth County
6.12Melanie Fish28.55aWest Springfield
--11Kiara ArtisDNSWest Potomac
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Becca Sinichko25.56aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Loren Dyer26.00aSouth County
3.11Jasmine Williams26.29aRobert E Lee (Spring...
4.11Ericka Roberts26.76aLake Braddock Second...
5.10Denika Williams27.03aSouth County
6.12Melanie Fish27.30aWest Springfield
7.11Kiara Artis27.57aWest Potomac
8.9Kathryn Hendley27.78aT C Williams
9.10Kelly Ross27.87aSouth County
10.9Natalie Comfort27.95aWest Potomac
11.10Margot Henric28.44aAnnandale
12.9Briana Richardson28.74aHayfield
13.9Mawusi Bridges28.87aRobert E Lee (Spring...
14.10Kait Phelan29.15aWest Springfield
15.12Audrey Cate29.40aWest Potomac
16.11Kristen Turner29.44aWest Springfield
17.9Monique Diggs29.71aAnnandale
18.10Lynn Wu30.19aAnnandale
--9Felicia TanDNSRobert E Lee (Spring...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Becca Sinichko57.22aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Loren Dyer57.34aSouth County
3.11Jasmine Williams59.20aRobert E Lee (Spring...
4.9Dale Lescher1:01.00aWest Potomac
5.12Melanie Fish1:01.05aWest Springfield
6.9Sheyda Khodaei1:01.59aSouth County
7.10Lola Ojabowale1:06.51aHayfield
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Loren Dyer58.55aSouth County
2.10Becca Sinichko58.91aLake Braddock Second...
3.11Jasmine Williams59.04aRobert E Lee (Spring...
4.10Lola Ojabowale1:00.70aHayfield
5.12Melanie Fish1:01.43aWest Springfield
6.9Dale Lescher1:01.81aWest Potomac
7.9Sheyda Khodaei1:02.32aSouth County
8.9Natalie Comfort1:02.36aWest Potomac
9.12Allison Batoy1:02.38aRobert E Lee (Spring...
10.11Shenandoah Raycroft1:03.30aT C Williams
11.10Nicole Lipka1:03.31aWest Springfield
12.12Kara Lewis1:03.52aWest Springfield
13.12Jenna Tryon1:03.69aSouth County
14.9Kathryn Hendley1:03.93aT C Williams
15.9Mawusi Bridges1:05.18aRobert E Lee (Spring...
16.11Nishma Brown1:05.52aWest Potomac
17.12Hannah Sager1:06.16aLake Braddock Second...
18.10Sairina Sandara1:08.98aLake Braddock Second...
19.11Gwendolyn Kennedy1:11.54aAnnandale
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Rosenberg2:16.78aWest Potomac
2.11Liana Epstein2:18.93aLake Braddock Second...
3.12Erika Weidman2:19.58aT C Williams
4.10Casey Lardner2:22.77aLake Braddock Second...
5.11Ari Hires2:23.16aSouth County
6.12Taylor Moore2:23.43aLake Braddock Second...
7.10Lauren Blackburn2:24.18aWest Springfield
8.9Sarah J Underwood2:24.19aWest Potomac
9.10Marlena Allen2:26.59aWest Springfield
10.12Kelsey Fish2:27.26aHayfield
11.10Katherine Snow2:28.34aT C Williams
12.9Sami Miller2:32.18aWest Potomac
13.10Victoria Ko2:33.10aAnnandale
14.10Lisa Williams2:33.61aWest Springfield
15.10Katherine Schafer2:38.17aSouth County
16.10Nicole Lewis2:39.91aSouth County
17.10Georiga Garney2:43.16aAnnandale
18.12Carrie Vergel de Dios2:45.57aAnnandale
19.9Caitlin Goldie2:54.33aHayfield
20.9Audrey Debuler2:57.98aHayfield
--10Ari Meltzer-BruhnDNST C Williams
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Liana Epstein5:04.76aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Casey Lardner5:09.45aLake Braddock Second...
3.11Paige Kvartunas5:09.72aWest Springfield
4.9Sarah J Underwood5:10.66aWest Potomac
5.11Julianne Bigler5:13.46aWest Potomac
6.9Sarah Lepley5:15.26aWest Springfield
7.12Sarah Bryan5:15.65aT C Williams
8.11Kelly Hagan5:21.83aLake Braddock Second...
9.11Jackie Dunbar5:30.24aSouth County
10.10Olivia Ko5:31.36aAnnandale
11.11Caitlin Corcoran5:39.47aWest Potomac
12.10Lisa Toledo5:42.41aT C Williams
13.9Shelby Locke5:45.68aWest Springfield
14.10Emma York5:49.78aSouth County
15.11Nattasha Srikongyos5:55.41aRobert E Lee (Spring...
16.9Grace Garrand5:57.80aT C Williams
17.12Tania Zeisler6:07.58aHayfield
--12Carrie Vergel de DiosSCRAnnandale
--9Julia FoggSCRSouth County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julianne Bigler11:34.69aWest Potomac
2.11Paige Kvartunas11:50.06aWest Springfield
3.11Anna Barber11:51.81aWest Springfield
4.11Alex Watt11:51.93aWest Springfield
5.12Nadeen Khoury11:53.33aLake Braddock Second...
6.10Tara Landy11:54.79aLake Braddock Second...
7.12Sarah Bryan11:55.77aT C Williams
8.11Kelly Hagan12:05.08aLake Braddock Second...
9.9Mackenzie Cate12:16.84aWest Potomac
10.10Nina Srikongyos12:19.86aRobert E Lee (Spring...
11.10Alyssa Campbell12:40.69aSouth County
12.12Amelia Cooksey12:43.79aWest Potomac
13.10Lisa Toledo12:58.39aT C Williams
14.9Brianna Mumford13:28.81aSouth County
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Bumgarner15.98aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Becca Sinichko16.63aLake Braddock Second...
3.10Toni O'Boyle17.40aWest Potomac
4.12Heba Sikander17.50aWest Potomac
5.12Lily Noguchi18.09aT C Williams
6.10Jessica Colbourn19.14aSouth County
--12Caroline PetersonDNFWest Springfield
--12Shallu DarheleDNFSouth County
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Shallu Darhele16.13aSouth County
3.11Megan Bumgarner16.29aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Jessica Colbourn16.67aSouth County
5.10Becca Sinichko17.21aLake Braddock Second...
6.10Toni O'Boyle17.39aWest Potomac
4.12Heba Sikander17.52aWest Potomac
7.12Caroline Peterson17.73aWest Springfield
8.12Lily Noguchi18.11aT C Williams
9.10Lauren Scolese18.23aWest Springfield
10.12Jamie Swogger18.62aSouth County
11.11Chyna Johnson-Owens18.97aWest Potomac
12.12Rachel Gumkowski19.12aWest Springfield
13.10Kristina Roller19.82aLake Braddock Second...
14.11Kari Berg20.04aAnnandale
15.9Brianna Hudson20.37aAnnandale
16.12Claire Garney20.85aAnnandale
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Bumgarner47.64aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Toni O'Boyle48.63aWest Potomac
3.10Colleen Roche48.82aLake Braddock Second...
4.10Kim Boeckmann50.45aWest Springfield
5.10Lauren Scolese51.39aWest Springfield
6.12Shallu Darhele51.68aSouth County
7.12Jamie Swogger51.70aSouth County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Megan Bumgarner47.85aLake Braddock Second...
2.10Toni O'Boyle49.18aWest Potomac
3.10Lauren Scolese50.38aWest Springfield
4.10Colleen Roche50.69aLake Braddock Second...
5.10Kim Boeckmann51.18aWest Springfield
6.12Shallu Darhele51.89aSouth County
7.12Jamie Swogger52.00aSouth County
8.12Rachel Gumkowski52.76aWest Springfield
9.12Lily Noguchi52.92aT C Williams
10.9Megan Clark52.93aHayfield
11.9Jennifer Zhu53.42aT C Williams
12.10Emily Smith53.65aWest Potomac
13.12Claire Garney53.81aAnnandale
14.9Brianna Hudson55.00aAnnandale
15.11Kari Berg55.91aAnnandale
16.10Jennifer Long56.40aWest Potomac
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Briana Richardson
Lola Ojabowale
Megan Clark
Marquela Brown
2.-Ericka Roberts
Ashleigh Hicks
Imani Hudson
Colleen Roche
51.45aLake Braddock Second...
3.-Kelly Ross
Jenna Tryon
Denika Williams
Jessica Colbourn
51.50aSouth County
4.-Amalya Clayton
Lauren Scolese
Kara Lewis
Kait Phelan
51.98aWest Springfield
5.-Tiffany Kingston
Kiara Artis
Nishma Brown
Jennifer Long
52.29aWest Potomac
6.-Shanice Jones
Monique Diggs
Lynn Wu
Margot Henric
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ari Hires
Jenna Tryon
Sheyda Khodaei
Loren Dyer
4:02.89aSouth County
2.-Dale Lescher
Sarah J Underwood
Kelsey Rosenberg
Toni O'Boyle
4:05.40aWest Potomac
3.-Allison Batoy
Karina Bethea
Christina Chao
Jasmine Williams
4:06.02aRobert E Lee (Spring...
4.-Liana Epstein
Casey Lardner
Ashleigh Hicks
Megan Bumgarner
4:06.12aLake Braddock Second...
5.-Relay Team 4:07.61aWest Springfield
6.-Kathryn Hendley
Katherine Snow
Shenandoah Raycroft
Erika Weidman
4:18.07aT C Williams
7.-Olivia Ko
Caroline Kane
Carri Vegrel Dios
Gwendolyn Kennedy
---Relay Team DNSHayfield
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Blackburn
Alex Watt
Anna Barber
Sarah Lepley
9:40.40aWest Springfield
2.-Erika Weidman
Sarah Bryan
Katherine Snow
Shenandoah Raycroft
9:52.74aT C Williams
3.-Madeline Becker
Kelly Hagan
Gloria Williams
Taylor Moore
9:54.99aLake Braddock Second...
4.-Jackie Dunbar
Ari Hires
Alyssa Campbell
Katherine Schafer
9:56.23aSouth County
5.-Kelsey Rosenberg
Sami Miller
Amanda Gunderson
Dale Lescher
9:59.39aWest Potomac
6.-Olivia Ko
Victoria Ko
Carri Vegrel Dios
Caroline Kane
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Koppleman37-05.00Annandale
2.12Latona Jackson34-03.50T C Williams
3.12Kendra Baity33-01.75Lake Braddock Second...
4.10Renee Reives32-02.75Hayfield
5.10Madeline Menye32-00.75Lake Braddock Second...
6.10Lisa Kinston31-05.50West Potomac
7.10Dominique Stance30-04.00Hayfield
8.10Tara Fialkow28-09.50Lake Braddock Second...
9.9Sarah Miron25-10.25West Springfield
10.12Priscilla Villalta25-08.25South County
11.10Jasmine Vasquez23-00.00Hayfield
12.12Alejandra Valle20-08.50South County
--11Hilla HaidariSCRAnnandale
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Koppleman126-09Annandale
2.12Latona Jackson100-08T C Williams
3.12Kendra Baity94-06.50Lake Braddock Second...
4.10Lisa Kinston93-05West Potomac
5.10Renee Reives82-10Hayfield
6.10Tara Fialkow77-03Lake Braddock Second...
7.9Sarah Miron69-04West Springfield
8.10Madeline Menye67-00Lake Braddock Second...
9.12Priscilla Villalta66-01South County
10.12Meghan Connor62-08West Potomac
11.12Alejandra Valle61-09South County
12.10Angela Sanchez51-04Hayfield
13.10Jasmine Vasquez49-06.50Hayfield
--11Hilla HaidariSCRAnnandale
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tynita Butts5-06.00T C Williams
2.12Shallu Darhele5-01.00South County
3.11Megan Bumgarner4-11.00Lake Braddock Second...
4.12Caroline Peterson4-09.00West Springfield
4.12Whigham Covington4-09.00Lake Braddock Second...
6.11Ashley Brigham4-07.00West Springfield
7.10Jessica Colbourn4-07.00South County
--12Jamie SwoggerNHSouth County
--10Kim BoeckmannDNSWest Springfield
--12Tiffany KingstonNHWest Potomac
--12Reinertson AnnnaNHAnnandale
--9Haley AdducciNHHayfield
--10Toni O'BoyleDNSWest Potomac
--12Heba SikanderDNSWest Potomac
--9Alex DavisNHHayfield
--9Sara KinseyNHLake Braddock Second...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rebecca Shoemaker10-00.00Lake Braddock Second...
2.12Meghan Connor9-09.00West Potomac
3.9Megan Clark9-03.00Hayfield
3.12Kaitlyn Anderson9-03.00West Potomac
5.10Maddie Christy8-03.00T C Williams
6.12Lily Noguchi8-03.00T C Williams
7.11Ashley Brigham7-09.00West Springfield
7.9Haley Adducci7-09.00Hayfield
7.10Hannah Wuerker7-09.00T C Williams
7.10Nicole Lipka7-09.00West Springfield
10.11Erin Martin7-09.00Lake Braddock Second...
10.12Sam Iliff7-09.00West Springfield
--9Isabelle CookseyNHWest Potomac
--11Kari BergNHAnnandale
--10Eleanor KenimerSCRT C Williams
--11Megan SupkoNHLake Braddock Second...
--12Claire GarneyDNSAnnandale
--11Samantha HassNHHayfield
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Becca Sinichko17-01.25Lake Braddock Second...
2.12Heba Sikander15-07.75West Potomac
3.9Megan Clark15-04.75Hayfield
4.9Haley Adducci15-04.50Hayfield
5.12Rebecca Shoemaker15-03.75Lake Braddock Second...
6.12Kara Lewis15-00.00West Springfield
7.9Kathryn Hendley14-11.75T C Williams
8.12Katherine Wrona14-09.50South County
9.9Marquela Brown14-03.75Hayfield
10.12Kaitlyn Anderson14-00.25West Potomac
11.10Kelly Ross14-00.00South County
12.10Jessica Bourneuf13-10.25Lake Braddock Second...
13.12Claire Garney12-06.25Annandale
14.11Kathy Fajardo12-00.00Annandale
--9Sheyda KhodaeiFOULSouth County
--12Amalya ClaytonDNSWest Springfield
--11Ashleigh WhiteDNSWest Potomac
--11MC LarmeFOULAnnandale
--12Tynita ButtsDNST C Williams
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amalya Clayton33-06.50West Springfield
2.12Jamie Swogger32-08.75South County
3.12Rebecca Shoemaker32-05.50Lake Braddock Second...
4.11Karina Bethea32-05.50Robert E Lee (Spring...
5.12Katherine Wrona32-04.50South County
6.12Shallu Darhele32-01.00South County
7.12Heba Sikander31-09.25West Potomac
8.9Megan Clark31-03.25Hayfield
9.9Haley Adducci31-00.25Hayfield
10.12Audrey Cate30-11.50West Potomac
11.11Megan Supko30-04.75Lake Braddock Second...
12.9Briana Richardson29-11.00Hayfield
13.10Lauren Scolese29-10.25West Springfield
14.10Jessica Bourneuf28-11.50Lake Braddock Second...
15.11Kathy Fajardo26-03.00Annandale
16.12Claire Garney26-02.50Annandale
17.11MC Larme24-09.25Annandale
--11Ashleigh WhiteDNSWest Potomac
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