USATF Georgia Association Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships

Sunday, June 21, 2009
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Kearis Jackson13.41aPeach Valley Track
2.-Montrail Washington13.58aFirst Light Track
3.-Otis Odom13.62aTitans Track
4.-Jaylen Askew13.67aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.-Amir Ali13.98aPanther Pride
6.-Julian Cameron14.03aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Garrison Ramey14.15aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.-Derrik Allen14.21aThe Heat Track
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.-Trinton Terrell12.42aCarroll County Recre...
2.Taj Griffin12.47aThe Heat Track
3.-Malik Chevry12.69aFirst Light Track
4.-Jordan Madison12.71aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Jordan Howard13.01aCheetahs Track
6.-Jayson Stanley13.23aRunning Panthers Track
7.-Marcarius Brannon13.29aBaldwin County Jets
8.-Curtis Stone13.41aDynamic Speed Elite ...
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Evan Berry11.31aTitans Track
2.-Darius Dean11.31aWorldwide Track
3.Tarean Hassell11.52aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.Deangelo Ivey11.70aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.-Gary Waller11.83aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Jayquan Johnson12.01aLight Speed Track
7.-Chase Nelson12.18aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.-Montrez Johnson12.34aJaguar Track
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Broderick Snoddy10.89aCarrollton Track
2.-Brandon Collins10.94aSouth Side Pioneers
3.-Marcelus Pope10.97aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Jadarius West11.10aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Devin Henry11.20aCarroll County Recre...
6.-Eric Brown11.21aTitans Track
7.Gregory Terrell11.24aMark Trail Flying Ea...
8.-John Teah11.31aRunning Panthers Track
X 100 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Justin Sims10.75aMark Trail Flying Ea...
2.-Dominique Hubert10.79aWorldwide Track
3.-Brent Phillips11.01aTitans Track
4.-Tyler Askew11.07aDynamic Speed Elite ...
5.-Dezmen Cage11.11aNew Birth Track & Fi...
6.-Reginald Juin11.16aWorldwide Track
7.-Maurice Graham11.34aSprint Athletics Track
8.-Chazwyn Price11.35aSouth Side Pioneers
X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Dushaunte Holloway14.62aCarrollton Track
2.-Gary Moore14.65aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Matthew Harris14.66aLight Speed Track
4.-Jaquavis Ellington15.15aWhite Lightning Track
5.-Isiah Clark15.18aSapphire Track
6.-Thomas Davis15.26aMark Trail Flying Ea...
7.-Jalen Howard15.27aLight Speed Track
8.-Austin Stanford15.40aBremen City Track
X 100 Meters - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Frederick Polite11.91Ruff Riders Track
6.-Jordan Thomas12.24aSprint Athletics Track
2.-Andre Robinson12.03SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.-Jordan Jackson12.14The Heat Track
5.-Justin Taylor12.17Ruff Riders Track
7.9Devon Williams12.33The Heat Track
8.-Walter Brown12.43Kennworth Track
9.-Deion Paige12.79Ruff Riders Track
X 100 Meters - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Sir'Paul Jones11.20Ruff Riders Track
2.-Curtis Lemieux11.51aPT Elite Track
3.-Samuel Johnson11.53Worldwide Track
4.-Andrew Rohskopf11.59PT Elite Track
5.-Kyle Speed11.85PT Elite Track
7.-Benjamin Dunnaway11.99Ruff Riders Track
8.15-16Larry Bellamy12.20Ruff Riders Track
9.-Brandon Lamb12.27Ruff Riders Track
10.-Shane Gilmore12.33Northside Red Runners
13.-Michael Firsowicz12.77South Side Pioneers
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.-Kearis Jackson13.42aPeach Valley Track
2.-Montrail Washington13.71aFirst Light Track
3.-Otis Odom13.76aTitans Track
5.-Jaylen Askew13.78aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.-Amir Ali13.98aPanther Pride
6.-Julian Cameron14.00aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Derrik Allen14.02aThe Heat Track
8.-Garrison Ramey14.12aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
9.-DeQuon Pope14.23aThe Heat Track
10.-Daylon Williamson14.28aMark Trail Flying Ea...
11.-Breylan Waters14.32aCarrollton Track
12.-Isaiah Isaac14.36aImpact Athletics Track
13.-Paul Abrams14.37aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
14.-Curtis Harris14.38aBaldwin County Jets
15.-Nolan Edmonds14.42aThe Heat Track
16.-Jatavious Harris14.45aBaldwin County Jets
17.-Avery Reese14.51aThe Heat Track
18.-Malik Webb14.53aTitans Track
19.-Garrett Montague14.61aThe Heat Track
20.-Marcus Hill14.74aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
21.-Cameron Murray14.75aQuicksilver Track, I...
22.-Antuane Dennard14.88aXing Xing Internatio...
23.-Evan Anderson14.92aLightning Spikes Track
24.-Jaquavius Lane14.98aNew Birth Track & Fi...
25.-Canaan Lee15.02aTitans Track
26.-Scott Sanford15.08aSequoyah Youth Track
27.-Jaylen Lowe15.11aNew Birth Track & Fi...
28.-Dwight Albright15.16aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
29.-Isaiah Casey15.85aVilla Rica Track & F...
X 100 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.-Trinton Terrell12.62aCarroll County Recre...
2.-Jordan Madison12.66aRunning Panthers Track
3.Taj Griffin12.69aThe Heat Track
4.-Malik Chevry12.74aFirst Light Track
5.-Jayson Stanley12.93aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Jordan Howard13.14aCheetahs Track
7.-Marcarius Brannon13.26aBaldwin County Jets
8.-Curtis Stone13.34aDynamic Speed Elite ...
9.-Tyson Spears13.38aPT Elite Track
10.-Rustin Suter13.43aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
11.-Dean Brown13.44aPeach Valley Track
12.-Eric Ussery13.46aMacon-Mid
13.-Dalton Strother13.49aBaldwin County Jets
14.-Bryan Long13.56aTitans Track
15.-Daniel Hinton13.59aLight Speed Track
16.11-12Saije Sharkey13.70aTitans Track
17.-Aaron Smith13.72aMark Trail Flying Ea...
18.Antonio Robinson13.75aMark Trail Flying Ea...
19.-Johnathan Singleton13.78aNew Birth Track & Fi...
20.-Lawrence Nelson13.79aTitans Track
21.-Dorian Walker13.82aKennworth Track
22.-Jerin Means13.84aWhite Lightning Track
23.-Christi Roberts-Wallace13.92aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
24.-Malik Jones13.97aSequoyah Youth Track
25.-Deion Crooks14.05aFlight400 Track, Inc.
26.-Elijah Miller14.09aLightning Spikes Track
27.-Trevious Frazier14.14aNew Birth Track & Fi...
28.-Jordan Eastling14.19aLight Speed Track
29.-Marquez Louder14.33aTitans Track
30.-Matthew Moore14.37aSprint Athletics Track
X 100 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.-Darius Dean11.13aWorldwide Track
2.Tarean Hassell11.58aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.-Evan Berry11.62aTitans Track
5.-Gary Waller11.66aBaldwin County Jets
4.Deangelo Ivey11.69aMark Trail Flying Ea...
6.-Jayquan Johnson11.77aLight Speed Track
7.-Chase Nelson11.82aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.-Montrez Johnson11.91aJaguar Track
9.-Daquan Joy12.10aTitans Track
10.-Aswad Henderson12.14aWhite Lightning Track
11.-Theo Teah12.20aRunning Panthers Track
12.-Fredderick Langston12.21aTrack Phi Track Elit...
13.-Pierre Lubin12.33aEtowah Youth Track
14.-Kameron Mayweather12.37aBaldwin County Jets
15.-Joshua Thomas12.46aFlight400 Track, Inc.
16.-Charles Washington12.48aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
17.-Keith Hall12.52aRuff Riders Track
18.-Malcolm Miller12.53aSoutheast Striders T...
19.-Justin Hill12.57aTitans Track
21.-Brian Miller12.64aTitans Track
22.-Brandon Dorsey12.69aCheetahs Track
23.-Daniel Warren12.69aLight Speed Track
24.-Dakavion Washington12.87aPeach Valley Track
25.-Christian Coleman12.88aRunning Panthers Track
26.-Avery Ward12.90aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
27.-Keymon Cobb12.96aBaldwin County Jets
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.-Brandon Collins10.89aSouth Side Pioneers
2.-Jadarius West10.99aRunning Panthers Track
3.-Broderick Snoddy11.00aCarrollton Track
5.-Marcelus Pope11.06aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Eric Brown11.15aTitans Track
6.-John Teah11.17aRunning Panthers Track
7.-Devin Henry11.19aCarroll County Recre...
8.Gregory Terrell11.24aMark Trail Flying Ea...
9.-Rashan Hassell11.25aMark Trail Flying Ea...
10.-Oral Walker11.30aMark Trail Flying Ea...
11.-Shannon Smith11.33aWhite Lightning Track
12.-Will Brown11.33aMacon-Mid
13.-Elijah Dean11.34aMark Trail Flying Ea...
14.Devon Miller11.44aRunning Panthers Track
15.-Tyler Davidson11.45aRunning Panthers Track
16.FrMichael Newton11.47aThe Heat Track
17.-Jordan Moore11.66aSprint Athletics Track
18.-Darion Howard11.70aPeach Valley Track
19.-Lavondre Nelson11.75aTitans Track
20.-Raji Christian11.81aThe Heat Track
21.Jamar Sims11.91aMark Trail Flying Ea...
22.-Lamb Andrews11.94aPeach Valley Track
23.-Frederick Polite11.95aRuff Riders Track
24.-Cory Rogers12.12aLightning Spikes Track
25.-Immanuel Henderson12.59aWhite Lightning Track
26.-Thurston West12.63aSoutheast Striders T...
27.-Barrett Burns12.68aEtowah Youth Track
28.-Kyle Boyer12.76aKennworth Track
X 100 Meters - Young - Prelims
1.-Justin Sims10.82aMark Trail Flying Ea...
2.-Brent Phillips10.90aTitans Track
6.-Reginald Juin11.02aWorldwide Track
3.-Dominique Hubert11.05aWorldwide Track
7.-Tyler Askew11.05aDynamic Speed Elite ...
8.-Dezmen Cage11.12aNew Birth Track & Fi...
4.-Maurice Graham11.13aSprint Athletics Track
5.-Chazwyn Price11.22aSouth Side Pioneers
10.-Ralph Abernathy11.29aTitans Track
11.-Nigel Talton11.30aRuff Riders Track
12.-Rory Patterson11.36aMacon-Mid
13.-Dimitrius McGruder11.36aRunning Panthers Track
14.-Kevin Gary11.37aRate of Motion ELITE
15.-LaMarcus Brown11.39aBaldwin County Jets
16.-Jamal Chambers11.44aNew Birth Track & Fi...
17.-Isaiah Carson11.46aMark Trail Flying Ea...
18.-Wilmot Stubblefield11.48aMark Trail Flying Ea...
19.-Jerome Lezama11.49aVoices of Faith (Tea...
21.Kiwuan Thomas11.61aMark Trail Flying Ea...
22.-Courtney Henry11.62aComets Track
23.-Terrance Griffith11.68aWorldwide Track
24.-Dorian Powell-Harris11.70aSprint Athletics Track
25.-James Lenoir11.80aNorthside Red Runners
26.-Brandon Turner11.83aVoices of Faith (Tea...
27.-Andrew Rohskopf11.84aPT Elite Track
28.-Willis Holloway11.84aQuicksilver Track, I...
29.-Antonio Dunn11.94aCheetahs Track
30.-William Parks12.08aQuicksilver Track, I...
31.-Travis Collie12.22aRate of Motion ELITE
X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Prelims
1.-Matthew Harris14.66aLight Speed Track
2.-Isiah Clark15.02aSapphire Track
3.-Gary Moore15.03aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Austin Stanford15.09aBremen City Track
7.-Jalen Howard15.37aLight Speed Track
4.-Jaquavis Ellington15.38aWhite Lightning Track
5.-Dushaunte Holloway15.39aCarrollton Track
8.-Thomas Davis15.44aMark Trail Flying Ea...
9.-Jordan Barrow15.52aNew Birth Track & Fi...
10.-Gavin Green15.63aLight Speed Track
11.-Vondarius Boynton15.72aFlight400 Track, Inc.
12.-David Petty15.85aRunning Panthers Track
13.-III, Deljuane Mitchell15.99aVoices of Faith (Tea...
14.-Katai James15.99aNew Birth Track & Fi...
15.-Kimani Vidal16.18aTitans Track
16.-Kashif Talyor16.23aCarroll County Recre...
17.-Alija Orozco16.38aCarroll County Recre...
19.-Maleik Harrison16.51aCarrollton Track
20.-Luis Huley16.63aBaldwin County Jets
21.-Hunter Stumpf16.81aWoodstock Track
22.-Tyrese Cordy16.82aPeach Valley Track
23.-Tony Spears17.00aVoices of Faith (Tea...
24.-Andre Dennard17.04aXing Xing Internatio...
25.-Dylan Belisle17.18aMark Trail Flying Ea...
26.-Armhani Stewart17.40aMacon-Mid
27.-Jahmad Davis-Wiley17.44aRuff Riders Track
28.-Mitchell Marcuz17.68aBremen City Track
29.-Daymon Polite21.50aRuff Riders Track
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Kearis Jackson27.51aPeach Valley Track
2.-Montrail Washington27.72aFirst Light Track
3.-Javon Douglas27.76aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.-Jaylen Askew27.85aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.-Drew Tejchman28.42aAthletes in Training...
6.-Isaiah Isaac28.45aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Derrik Allen28.52aThe Heat Track
8.9-10Dylan Parham29.14aCarrollton Track
X 200 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.-Malik Chevry25.47aFirst Light Track
2.-Marcus Bowens25.84aGazelle Track
3.-Jordan Madison25.94aRunning Panthers Track
4.Micah Abernathy26.10aTitans Track
5.-Itabari Mason26.33aThe Heat Track
6.6Christopher McBride26.63aTrack Phi Track Elit...
7.-Devin Granville26.65aThe Heat Track
8.-Jaylen Muhammad27.08aNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Elliott Berry22.86aTitans Track
2.Tarean Hassell23.24aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.-Darius Dean23.42aWorldwide Track
4.-Evan Berry23.72aTitans Track
5.Deangelo Ivey24.22aMark Trail Flying Ea...
6.-Gary Waller24.25aBaldwin County Jets
7.-Christopher Morris24.33aCheetahs Track
8.-Jayquan Johnson24.96aLight Speed Track
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Broderick Snoddy21.96aCarrollton Track
2.-Brandon Collins22.21aSouth Side Pioneers
3.-Jadarius West22.33aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Marcelus Pope22.49aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Eric Brown22.82aTitans Track
6.FrMichael Newton22.83aThe Heat Track
7.-Oral Walker22.93aMark Trail Flying Ea...
X 200 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Damion Jonhson21.94aBaldwin County Jets
2.-Justin Chambers21.94aTitans Track
3.-Justin Sims22.26aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.-Dezmen Cage22.47aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Darius Baker22.72aWorldwide Track
6.-Steven Palmer22.75aD.C. Express Track
7.-Kevin Gary22.81aRate of Motion ELITE
8.-Brent Phillips23.27aTitans Track
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Matthew Harris30.05aLight Speed Track
2.-Gary Moore30.33aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Amir Waller31.52aTitans Track
4.-Jaquavis Ellington31.65aWhite Lightning Track
5.-Freddie Allen31.90aTitans Track
6.-Dushaunte Holloway32.03aCarrollton Track
7.-Isiah Clark32.73aSapphire Track
8.-Katai James32.96aNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.-Kearis Jackson27.68aPeach Valley Track
2.-Javon Douglas28.21aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.-Jaylen Askew28.27aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.-Montrail Washington28.36aFirst Light Track
5.9-10Dylan Parham28.70aCarrollton Track
6.-Derrik Allen28.76aThe Heat Track
7.-Drew Tejchman28.77aAthletes in Training...
8.-Isaiah Isaac28.84aImpact Athletics Track
9.-Landris Tobias28.89aTitans Track
10.-Julian Cameron29.14aImpact Athletics Track
11.-Allan Samuel Providence29.35aSapphire Track
12.-Curtis Harris29.64aBaldwin County Jets
13.-Nolan Edmonds29.86aThe Heat Track
14.-Nasir Muhammad29.87aNew Birth Track & Fi...
15.-Garrett Montague29.98aThe Heat Track
16.-DeQuon Pope30.17aThe Heat Track
17.-Cameron Murray30.19aQuicksilver Track, I...
18.-Marvin Hubbard30.56aPanther Pride
19.-Devon Higgs30.77aLightning Spikes Track
20.-Donovan Chambers30.78aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
21.-Marcus Hill30.92aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
22.-Noah Ware31.02aFirst Light Track
24.-Malik Webb31.53aTitans Track
25.-Dan Land31.59aRuff Riders Track
26.-KeAndre Bolston31.72aBaldwin County Jets
27.-Joshua McClendon31.95aCarroll County Recre...
28.-Nolan Wallace32.46aRunning Panthers Track
29.-Jarius Starks35.18aSoutheast Striders T...
X 200 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.-Marcus Bowens25.55aGazelle Track
2.-Itabari Mason25.93aThe Heat Track
5.Micah Abernathy26.02aTitans Track
3.-Malik Chevry26.09aFirst Light Track
4.-Jordan Madison26.22aRunning Panthers Track
6.6Christopher McBride26.52aTrack Phi Track Elit...
7.-Jaylen Muhammad26.70aNew Birth Track & Fi...
8.-Devin Granville26.86aThe Heat Track
9.-Jayson Stanley26.92aRunning Panthers Track
10.Nygel Edmonds26.97aThe Heat Track
11.-Tyler Terry27.00aCarroll County Recre...
12.-Curtis Stone27.30aDynamic Speed Elite ...
13.-Daniel Hinton27.49aLight Speed Track
14.-Jeremy Lawson27.53aNew Birth Track & Fi...
15.-Rustin Suter27.81aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
16.-Jordan Howard27.86aCheetahs Track
17.-Quincey Wilson27.88aTrack Phi Track Elit...
18.9-10Cedric Lynch28.07aCheetahs Track
19.-Bryan Long28.07aTitans Track
20.Georgio Russell28.12aTitans Track
21.-Aaron Smith28.48aMark Trail Flying Ea...
22.-Jordan Eastling28.55aLight Speed Track
23.11-12Saije Sharkey28.56aTitans Track
24.-Trevious Frazier28.98aNew Birth Track & Fi...
25.-Dean Brown29.32aPeach Valley Track
26.-Shaun Jolly30.38aQuicksilver Track, I...
27.-Kasey Sanders34.40aPeach Valley Track
X 200 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.Tarean Hassell23.18aMark Trail Flying Ea...
2.-Evan Berry23.22aTitans Track
5.-Elliott Berry23.22aTitans Track
3.-Gary Waller23.76aBaldwin County Jets
4.-Darius Dean23.96aWorldwide Track
6.-Jayquan Johnson23.97aLight Speed Track
7.-Christopher Morris23.99aCheetahs Track
8.Deangelo Ivey24.33aMark Trail Flying Ea...
9.-Fredderick Langston24.41aTrack Phi Track Elit...
10.-Darrius McMullen24.46aBaldwin County Jets
11.-Daquan Joy24.66aTitans Track
12.-Montrez Johnson24.82aJaguar Track
13.-Aswad Henderson24.87aWhite Lightning Track
14.-Chase Nelson25.04aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
15.-Pierre Lubin25.33aEtowah Youth Track
16.-Brandon Dorsey25.42aCheetahs Track
17.-Joshua Thomas25.63aFlight400 Track, Inc.
18.-Kameron Mayweather25.67aBaldwin County Jets
19.-Elijah Staley25.68aThe Heat Track
20.-DeAndre Watkins25.73aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
21.-Karon White25.81aD.C. Express Track
22.-Kimari Neal25.94aSoutheast Striders T...
23.-Charles Washington25.94aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
24.-Theo Teah25.99aRunning Panthers Track
25.-Thomas Stewart26.13aBaldwin County Jets
26.-Derek Witherspoon27.72aRate of Motion ELITE
27.-Justin Hill28.15aTitans Track
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.-Brandon Collins22.34aSouth Side Pioneers
2.-Broderick Snoddy22.46aCarrollton Track
5.-Marcelus Pope22.46aRunning Panthers Track
6.FrMichael Newton22.50aThe Heat Track
3.-Jadarius West22.53aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Eric Brown22.66aTitans Track
7.-Shannon Smith22.74aWhite Lightning Track
8.-Oral Walker22.75aMark Trail Flying Ea...
9.-Rashan Hassell22.77aMark Trail Flying Ea...
10.-John Teah22.82aRunning Panthers Track
11.-Kane White22.89aTrack Phi Track Elit...
12.-Shaquille Winn-King22.96aTitans Track
13.Gregory Terrell23.07aMark Trail Flying Ea...
14.-Elijah Dean23.08aMark Trail Flying Ea...
15.-Will Brown23.18aMacon-Mid
16.-Carnell Boyd23.22aBaldwin County Jets
17.-Darion Howard23.36aPeach Valley Track
18.-Nicholas Parks23.57aTitans Track
19.Adolphus Gray23.69aTrack Phi Track Elit...
20.Jamar Sims23.77aMark Trail Flying Ea...
21.-Charles Carr23.83aNorthside Red Runners
22.-Richard Wright23.85aThe Heat Track
23.-Alexander Reese23.95aThe Heat Track
24.-Frederick Polite23.96aRuff Riders Track
25.-Kedemah Howard23.97aNew Horizon Track
X 200 Meters - Young - Prelims
1.-Damion Jonhson21.87aBaldwin County Jets
1.-Justin Chambers21.87aTitans Track
3.-Justin Sims21.95aMark Trail Flying Ea...
6.-Darius Baker22.31aWorldwide Track
7.-Steven Palmer22.34aD.C. Express Track
4.-Dezmen Cage22.36aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Kevin Gary22.44aRate of Motion ELITE
8.-Brent Phillips22.52aTitans Track
9.-O'Neal Wanliss22.75aNew Horizon Track
10.-Corrie Roach22.90aImpact Athletics Track
11.-Charles Robinson22.94aQuicksilver Track, I...
12.-Mark Glenn22.99aBaldwin County Jets
13.-Nigel Talton23.01aRuff Riders Track
14.-Tyler Askew23.03aDynamic Speed Elite ...
15.-Maurice Graham23.11aSprint Athletics Track
16.-Dimitrius McGruder23.15aRunning Panthers Track
17.-Christopher Johnson23.18aThe Heat Track
18.-Isaiah Carson23.24aMark Trail Flying Ea...
19.-Christopher Broadus23.25aRuff Riders Track
20.-Jamal Chambers23.40aNew Birth Track & Fi...
21.-Dorian Powell-Harris23.48aSprint Athletics Track
22.-Edward Parks23.67aQuicksilver Track, I...
23.-Wilmot Stubblefield23.68aMark Trail Flying Ea...
24.-LaMarcus Brown23.76aBaldwin County Jets
25.-Andrew Rohskopf23.87aPT Elite Track
26.-William Smith23.97aNorthside Red Runners
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Prelims
1.-Matthew Harris30.55aLight Speed Track
2.-Gary Moore30.98aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Freddie Allen31.72aTitans Track
5.-Jaquavis Ellington31.88aWhite Lightning Track
6.-Amir Waller31.95aTitans Track
7.-Isiah Clark31.97aSapphire Track
4.-Dushaunte Holloway32.06aCarrollton Track
8.-Katai James32.60aNew Birth Track & Fi...
9.-Jordan Barrow32.94aNew Birth Track & Fi...
9.-Gavin Green32.94aLight Speed Track
11.-Vondarius Boynton32.99aFlight400 Track, Inc.
12.-Cameron Collier33.32aWhite Lightning Track
13.-David Petty33.76aRunning Panthers Track
14.-Kashif Talyor33.84aCarroll County Recre...
15.-Jalen Howard34.07aLight Speed Track
16.-Demetrius Taylor34.17aSapphire Track
17.-III, Deljuane Mitchell34.19aVoices of Faith (Tea...
18.-Kimani Vidal34.21aTitans Track
19.-Langston Mitchell34.97aRunning Panthers Track
20.-Alija Orozco35.15aCarroll County Recre...
22.-Dylan Belisle36.30aMark Trail Flying Ea...
23.-Andre Dennard36.79aXing Xing Internatio...
24.-Brandon Boston37.04aLightning Spikes Track
25.-Tony Spears37.43aVoices of Faith (Tea...
26.-Armhani Stewart40.66aMacon-Mid
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Kearis Jackson1:01.70aPeach Valley Track
2.-Julian Cameron1:01.75aImpact Athletics Track
3.-Drew Tejchman1:01.85aAthletes in Training...
4.-Javon Douglas1:02.60aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.-Allan Samuel Providence1:04.52aSapphire Track
6.-Landris Tobias1:06.17aTitans Track
7.-Otis Odom1:06.39aTitans Track
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.-Marcus Bowens55.80aGazelle Track
2.Micah Abernathy56.47aTitans Track
3.-Malik Chevry56.57aFirst Light Track
4.-Itabari Mason58.25aThe Heat Track
5.Cornelius Scott1:00.37aThe Heat Track
6.-Jeremy Lawson1:00.79aNew Birth Track & Fi...
7.6Christopher McBride1:00.82aTrack Phi Track Elit...
8.-Jaylen Muhammad1:02.92aNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.Dante' Johnson51.36aTitans Track
2.-Elliott Berry52.23aTitans Track
3.-Christopher Morris53.74aCheetahs Track
4.-Fredderick Langston54.03aTrack Phi Track Elit...
5.-Darrius McMullen54.56aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Karon White55.89aD.C. Express Track
7.11-12Jedrek Higgins57.85aNew Horizon Track
8.-DeAndre Watkins58.13aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.FrMichael Newton49.15aThe Heat Track
2.-Kane White49.73aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.-Michael Smith49.81aTrack Phi Track Elit...
4.-Corey Ashbourne50.43aTitans Track
5.-Shaquille Winn-King50.86aTitans Track
6.-Nicholas Parks50.92aTitans Track
7.Adolphus Gray51.02aTrack Phi Track Elit...
8.-Charles Carr51.89aNorthside Red Runners
X 400 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Justin Chambers48.04aTitans Track
2.-O'Neal Wanliss48.63aNew Horizon Track
3.-Steven Palmer49.09aD.C. Express Track
4.-Corrie Roach49.13aImpact Athletics Track
5.-Alexander Allen49.81aQuicksilver Track, I...
6.-Kevin Gary49.88aRate of Motion ELITE
7.-Bruce Truitt50.29aQuicksilver Track, I...
8.-Justin Watkins50.95aNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Jevon Leonard1:09.60aNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Gary Moore1:10.81aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Amir Waller1:13.25aTitans Track
4.-Gavin Green1:15.04aLight Speed Track
5.-Isiah Clark1:18.73aSapphire Track
6.-Mitchell Marcuz1:21.81aBremen City Track
X 400 Meters - Bantam Triathlon - Finals
1.-Derrik Allen1:05.33The Heat Track
2.-Garrison Ramey1:06.47SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.-Evan Simmons1:07.91Baldwin County Jets
4.-Skyler Lester1:07.95First Light Track
5.9-10Dylan Parham1:07.99Carrollton Track
6.-Garrett Montague1:09.72The Heat Track
7.-Cameo Wilkerson1:11.81Boys & Girls Clubs o...
8.-Myles Marshall1:11.98The Heat Track
9.9-10Reid Schulz1:13.76SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
10.9-10Soloman Vanhorse1:14.42SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
11.-Myles Boyd1:15.73Track Monkeys - Trai...
12.-Ceaunte Zachery1:16.71Panther Pride
13.-Mason Wood1:16.77Panther Pride
14.-Breylan Waters1:16.79Carrollton Track
15.-Dan Land1:16.83Ruff Riders Track
16.-Cameron Lockett1:17.99Ruff Riders Track
17.-Scott Sanford1:19.93Sequoyah Youth Track
18.-Tyre Shelton1:20.70Panther Pride
19.-Dakota Warfield1:21.05SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
20.-Jacob Dillard1:22.26Track Monkeys - Trai...
21.-Langston Arnold1:34.68The Heat Track
X 400 Meters - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Jordan Jackson54.81The Heat Track
2.9Devon Williams54.99The Heat Track
4.-Justin Taylor55.68Ruff Riders Track
5.-Frederick Polite55.80Ruff Riders Track
6.-Walter Brown56.48Kennworth Track
7.-Jordan Thomas56.94aSprint Athletics Track
8.-Andre Robinson57.17SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
9.-Deion Paige57.98Ruff Riders Track
X 400 Meters - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Sir'Paul Jones49.69Ruff Riders Track
2.-Samuel Johnson53.23Worldwide Track
3.-Curtis Lemieux53.56aPT Elite Track
4.-Andrew Rohskopf53.71PT Elite Track
5.15-16Larry Bellamy54.18Ruff Riders Track
6.-Kyle Speed54.21PT Elite Track
8.-Benjamin Dunnaway55.42Ruff Riders Track
11.-Shane Gilmore58.47Northside Red Runners
12.-Brandon Lamb59.31Ruff Riders Track
13.-Michael Firsowicz1:00.07South Side Pioneers
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.-Drew Tejchman1:04.33aAthletes in Training...
2.-Javon Douglas1:04.65aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.-Julian Cameron1:04.72aImpact Athletics Track
4.-Kearis Jackson1:05.39aPeach Valley Track
5.-Garrison Ramey1:05.85aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
6.-Landris Tobias1:05.89aTitans Track
7.-Otis Odom1:06.01aTitans Track
8.-Allan Samuel Providence1:06.33aSapphire Track
9.9-10Dylan Parham1:06.43aCarrollton Track
10.-Grant Showell1:06.69aTitans Track
11.-Garrett Montague1:07.73aThe Heat Track
12.-Isaiah Isaac1:08.87aImpact Athletics Track
13.-Joshua Bell1:09.51aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
14.-Noah Ware1:09.52aFirst Light Track
15.-Donovan Chambers1:09.79aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
16.-Antuane Dennard1:09.81aXing Xing Internatio...
17.-Joshua McClendon1:10.10aCarroll County Recre...
18.-Skyler Lester1:10.19aFirst Light Track
19.-Nasir Muhammad1:11.15aNew Birth Track & Fi...
20.9-10Reid Schulz1:13.45aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
21.-Andre Felder1:14.12aPanther Pride
22.-Devon Higgs1:16.68aLightning Spikes Track
23.-Avery Reese1:16.82aThe Heat Track
24.-Jaquavius Lane1:17.70aNew Birth Track & Fi...
25.-Justyn Seivright1:19.87aComets Track
26.-Miles Mitchell1:23.40aRunning Panthers Track
27.-Caileb Ussery1:29.31aMacon-Mid
28.-Kendall Green1:36.15aMacon-Mid
X 400 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.Micah Abernathy57.75aTitans Track
5.-Itabari Mason58.65aThe Heat Track
2.-Marcus Bowens1:00.02aGazelle Track
6.6Christopher McBride1:00.84aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.-Malik Chevry1:01.25aFirst Light Track
4.-Jeremy Lawson1:01.85aNew Birth Track & Fi...
7.-Jaylen Muhammad1:01.90aNew Birth Track & Fi...
8.Cornelius Scott1:02.19aThe Heat Track
9.Jordan Howell1:02.31aTitans Track
10.-Quincey Wilson1:03.04aTrack Phi Track Elit...
11.11-12Sierra Hendrix-Williams1:03.20aThe Heat Track
12.Georgio Russell1:03.69aTitans Track
13.9-10Cedric Lynch1:03.70aCheetahs Track
14.-Hassan Jordan1:04.10aLight Speed Track
15.-Payton Vernon1:05.31aThe Heat Track
16.-Davis Wilson1:05.33aThe Heat Track
17.9-10Denzel Harper1:06.33aQuicksilver Track, I...
18.-Remy Lazarus-Chipp1:07.17aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
19.-Aaron Smith1:07.46aMark Trail Flying Ea...
20.-Jamin Poole1:08.74aWhite Lightning Track
21.11-12Tyler Green1:08.79aTitans Track
22.-Kameron Pena1:09.50aThe Heat Track
23.-Tristan Bond1:09.58aSprint Athletics Track
24.-Trevious Frazier1:10.71aNew Birth Track & Fi...
25.-Eric Ussery1:12.48aMacon-Mid
26.-Javar Ellington1:13.80aWhite Lightning Track
27.-Dylan Hall1:15.09aVoices of Faith (Tea...
28.-Matthew Moore1:16.70aSprint Athletics Track
29.-Shareez Hamm1:17.25aBaldwin County Jets
30.-Brandon Gray1:21.82aMacon-Mid
31.-James McKennie1:21.95aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 400 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.Dante' Johnson52.51aTitans Track
2.-Christopher Morris53.46aCheetahs Track
3.-Elliott Berry54.68aTitans Track
5.-Fredderick Langston55.61aTrack Phi Track Elit...
6.-Karon White56.06aD.C. Express Track
4.11-12Jedrek Higgins56.18aNew Horizon Track
7.-DeAndre Watkins56.40aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.-Darrius McMullen57.04aBaldwin County Jets
9.-Montrez Johnson57.88aJaguar Track
10.-Derek Witherspoon58.27aRate of Motion ELITE
11.-James Barnes59.12aSoutheast Striders T...
12.-Daron Mitchell59.54aSapphire Track
13.-Charles Washington59.79aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
14.-Clifford Kleckley1:01.21aWhite Lightning Track
15.-Andrew Starnes1:01.47aKennworth Track
16.Khari Lain1:01.60aRunning Panthers Track
17.-Nicholas Miller1:01.74aJaguar Track
18.-Carl Hopkins1:01.89aLightning Spikes Track
19.-Olin Pippins1:03.24aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
20.-DeVon Jones1:03.31aLightning Spikes Track
21.-Khiry Darby1:03.40aGazelle Track
22.-Thomas Stewart1:03.66aBaldwin County Jets
23.-Joshua Rusher1:03.73aEtowah Youth Track
24.-Benjamin Kennedy1:03.98aSoutheast Striders T...
25.-Jamal Russell1:06.99aSouth Side Pioneers
26.-Joshua Middlebrooks1:08.66aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.FrMichael Newton50.04aThe Heat Track
2.-Michael Smith50.15aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.-Kane White50.57aTrack Phi Track Elit...
4.-Shaquille Winn-King50.57aTitans Track
5.-Corey Ashbourne51.05aTitans Track
6.-Nicholas Parks51.41aTitans Track
7.Adolphus Gray51.67aTrack Phi Track Elit...
8.-Charles Carr51.86aNorthside Red Runners
9.-Jonathan Young52.05aCheetahs Track
10.-Kibwe Steed52.07aWhite Lightning Track
11.-Mark Watts52.28aRate of Motion ELITE
12.-Carnell Boyd52.75aBaldwin County Jets
13.-Darius Jones-Craven52.95aXing Xing Internatio...
14.Cameron Gamble53.43aTitans Track
15.-Vaughn Williams53.45aThe Heat Track
16.-Antwuan Poole53.72aWhite Lightning Track
17.-Devin Melton53.92aFirst Light Track
18.-Alexander Reese53.99aThe Heat Track
19.-Darion Howard54.12aPeach Valley Track
20.-Kemoi Thomas54.44aImpact Athletics Track
21.-Kedemah Howard55.18aNew Horizon Track
22.-Sloane Mattadeen55.26aRate of Motion ELITE
23.-Cory Rogers55.37aLightning Spikes Track
24.-Brandon Goodman55.54aEtowah Youth Track
25.-Jamel Christian57.59aFlight400 Track, Inc.
26.-Ryan Moore57.90aMacon-Mid
27.Derwyn Tate1:01.11aTitans Track
X 400 Meters - Young - Prelims
1.-Alexander Allen48.69aQuicksilver Track, I...
2.-Justin Chambers48.87aTitans Track
6.-Steven Palmer49.17aD.C. Express Track
3.-O'Neal Wanliss49.51aNew Horizon Track
4.-Corrie Roach49.60aImpact Athletics Track
5.-Justin Watkins49.64aNew Birth Track & Fi...
7.-Kevin Gary49.77aRate of Motion ELITE
8.-Bruce Truitt49.87aQuicksilver Track, I...
9.-Dominique Wooten49.95aQuicksilver Track, I...
10.-Eric Dean49.97aRuff Riders Track
11.-Ishmel Zamor50.13aImpact Athletics Track
12.-Kuaniyal Chol50.28aImpact Athletics Track
13.-Jordan Thompson50.79aGazelle Track
14.-Eric Meredith50.97aRuff Riders Track
15.-Charles Robinson51.06aQuicksilver Track, I...
16.-Christopher Broadus51.09aRuff Riders Track
17.-Ralph Abernathy51.15aTitans Track
18.-Lil' Diamond Jones51.24aRuff Riders Track
19.-Matthew Lewis52.18aGazelle Track
20.-Kendrick Parker52.28aJaguar Track
21.-Nigel Talton52.31aRuff Riders Track
22.-Zarkeed Reeves52.33aRunning Panthers Track
23.-Curtis Lemieux52.53aPT Elite Track
25.-Edward Parks53.04aQuicksilver Track, I...
26.-Mark Glenn53.92aBaldwin County Jets
27.-Malachi Lavergne54.06aFlight400 Track, Inc.
28.-Rory Patterson54.32aMacon-Mid
29.-Benjamin Dunnaway56.39aRuff Riders Track
30.-Christopher Johnson56.76aThe Heat Track
31.-Justyn Sidifall57.03aDynamic Speed Elite ...
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Prelims
1.-Gary Moore1:10.56aBaldwin County Jets
2.-Gavin Green1:13.23aLight Speed Track
3.-Jevon Leonard1:13.98aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Jaquavis Ellington1:15.65aWhite Lightning Track
4.-Amir Waller1:16.81aTitans Track
6.-Langston Mitchell1:19.05aRunning Panthers Track
7.-Mitchell Marcuz1:19.41aBremen City Track
8.-Isiah Clark1:20.63aSapphire Track
9.-Brandon Edwards1:23.16aTrack Phi Track Elit...
10.-Justin Battie1:24.26aD.C. Express Track
11.-Tony Spears1:24.58aVoices of Faith (Tea...
12.-III, Deljuane Mitchell1:25.71aVoices of Faith (Tea...
13.8UKyree Rice1:25.74aMark Trail Flying Ea...
14.-Alex Poma1:26.65aWalton Youth Track
15.-Matthew Lempner1:27.48aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
16.-Evan Marcuz1:28.41aBremen City Track
17.-Demetrius Taylor1:28.45aSapphire Track
18.-Mekhi Brewton1:28.68aSapphire Track
19.-Maleik Harrison1:28.95aCarrollton Track
20.-Davis Hoksyn1:29.19aWalton Youth Track
21.-Joshua Goin1:33.36aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
22.-Isaac Riley1:33.93aWalton Youth Track
23.-Ahmed Samuels1:40.81aVoices of Faith (Tea...
24.-Michael Acoff1:40.93aAthletes in Training...
25.-Amir Roundtree1:42.58aWalton Youth Track
26.-Elliot Kwilinski1:44.78aKennworth Track
27.-Kaz Bray-Gates2:24.71aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jallah Galimah2:26.04aNewroc Rockets
2.-Jonathan Jenkins2:26.66aNewroc Rockets
3.-Grant Showell2:36.17aTitans Track
4.-Evan Simmons2:38.07aBaldwin County Jets
5.-Skyler Lester2:40.44aFirst Light Track
6.-Zachary Cantrell2:43.07aSequoyah Youth Track
7.-Justyn Seivright2:45.69aComets Track
8.-Timothy Berry2:46.63aXing Xing Internatio...
9.-Nasir Muhammad2:47.24aNew Birth Track & Fi...
10.-Noah Ware2:48.41aFirst Light Track
11.-Eric Turner2:51.95aPanther Pride
12.-Noah Liles2:53.64aBremen City Track
13.-Devin Lohman2:54.75aPeachtree City Flash
14.-Chase Loveless2:55.04aPeachtree City Flash
15.-Myles Boyd2:58.09aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
16.-Jacob Starnes2:58.35aKennworth Track
17.-Terrence Harvey2:58.55aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
18.-Trent Trammell2:58.67aSapphire Track
19.-Joshua Jenkins2:58.69aNew Birth Track & Fi...
20.-Hayden Fravel2:58.79aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
21.-William McGonigle2:58.84aEtowah Youth Track
22.-Tyler Walton2:59.29aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
23.-Jakob Johnson3:02.45aEtowah Youth Track
24.-Miles Mitchell3:05.35aRunning Panthers Track
25.-Thomas Taylor3:06.38aEtowah Youth Track
26.-Caleb Rollins3:18.84aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 800 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.Micah Abernathy2:23.85aTitans Track
2.Jordan Howell2:24.60aTitans Track
3.-Samuel Donley2:27.95aEtowah Youth Track
4.11-12Sierra Hendrix-Williams2:30.59aThe Heat Track
6.12Cedric Roberts2:33.19aTrack Phi Track Elit...
7.-Hassan Jordan2:36.54aLight Speed Track
8.-Damarcus Mitchell2:36.69aCarroll County Recre...
9.-Jorgio Lewis2:39.14aCarroll County Recre...
10.Cornelius Scott2:39.80aThe Heat Track
11.-Nakai James2:45.11aNew Birth Track & Fi...
12.-Tariq Jordan2:46.37aLight Speed Track
13.RSJeremy Joyner2:47.32aRunning Panthers Track
14.-Kalif Jones2:48.52aVoices of Faith (Tea...
15.-D'Mani Rosser2:48.67aQuicksilver Track, I...
16.-Zion Clemons2:48.73aVoices of Faith (Tea...
17.-Alex Speas2:51.30aGazelle Track
18.-Jhamir Samuels2:51.38aVoices of Faith (Tea...
19.-Shareez Hamm2:54.66aBaldwin County Jets
20.-Dakota Jackson2:55.32aEtowah Youth Track
21.-James McKennie2:55.45aQuicksilver Track, I...
22.-Max Warner2:56.11aForsyth County Track
23.-Jarel Bynum2:57.28aPanther Pride
24.-Dylan Hall3:01.72aVoices of Faith (Tea...
25.-Drew Paschal3:07.50aImpact Athletics Track
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Ray Williams2:08.41aD.C. Express Track
2.John Willingham2:10.15aTitans Track
3.-Jacques Williams2:12.27aCheetahs Track
4.11-12Jedrek Higgins2:12.30aNew Horizon Track
5.-Rahiim Aponte2:13.27aImpact Athletics Track
6.-Kenneth Selmon2:16.62aGazelle Track
7.Brandon Hightower2:16.73aTitans Track
8.Thaddeus Mitchell2:17.18aRunning Panthers Track
9.-Daron Mitchell2:17.19aSapphire Track
10.-Nicholas Miller2:18.10aJaguar Track
11.-Carl Acoff2:18.99aAthletes in Training...
12.-Andrew Starnes2:21.84aKennworth Track
13.-Cullan Sherlock2:22.39aWalton Youth Track
15.-Khiry Darby2:25.86aGazelle Track
16.-James Barnes2:26.90aSoutheast Striders T...
17.Khari Lain2:28.53aRunning Panthers Track
18.-Alterik Sexton2:29.54aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
19.Michael Hall2:31.86aRunning Panthers Track
20.Kaylon McComb2:36.38aRunning Panthers Track
21.-Kor'Darius Rushing2:36.82aLightning Spikes Track
22.-Darius Brown2:38.20aCheetahs Track
23.-Timothy Molden2:39.71aVoices of Faith (Tea...
24.-Marcus Edwards2:39.89aTrack Phi Track Elit...
25.-Glenn Johnson2:43.67aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
26.-Joseph Amoroso2:44.57aNorthside Red Runners
27.-Robert Johnson2:45.69aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
28.-Alijah Edwards3:10.82aRunning Panthers Track
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Antonio Carter1:56.27aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-De'Marea Hawkins1:59.56aTitans Track
3.-Corey Ashbourne1:59.83aTitans Track
4.-Austin Erickson2:02.85aNorthside Red Runners
5.Cameron Thornton2:03.35aTitans Track
6.-Mark Watts2:04.43aRate of Motion ELITE
7.-Austin Carpenter2:05.09aTitans Track
8.Cameron Washington2:05.43aTitans Track
9.-Jonathan Young2:08.74aCheetahs Track
10.-Emmanuel Ibarra2:08.86aLanier Running
11.-Devin Melton2:09.27aFirst Light Track
12.-Anthony Harris2:09.30aTitans Track
13.-Gunnar Stormark2:09.64aPT Elite Track
14.-Matthew Hall2:12.90aRunning Panthers Track
15.-Roderick Byars2:14.75aD.C. Express Track
16.-Stephon Shelton2:15.55aImpact Athletics Track
17.-Ryan Artman2:16.26aThe Heat Track
18.-Vaughn Williams2:16.64aThe Heat Track
19.-Derrick Bell2:21.93aLightning Spikes Track
20.-Kyle Banks2:22.85aPanther Pride
21.-Torrez Mabry2:22.85aCarrollton Track
22.Taurean Ferguson2:23.42aRunning Panthers Track
23.-Deion Paige2:23.68aRuff Riders Track
24.-Teareance Thomas2:25.14aXing Xing Internatio...
25.-Justin Taylor2:25.27aRuff Riders Track
26.-James Blackburn2:28.00aQuicksilver Track, I...
27.-Lance Arnold2:34.34aThe Heat Track
X 800 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Kuaniyal Chol1:58.32aImpact Athletics Track
2.-Aaron Worthy1:58.33aWorldwide Track
3.-Ishmel Zamor1:58.59aImpact Athletics Track
4.-Lil' Diamond Jones1:58.95aRuff Riders Track
5.-Eric Dean1:59.36aRuff Riders Track
6.-Donovan Miller2:00.54aGazelle Track
8.-Ishmael Salaam2:00.91aVoices of Faith (Tea...
9.-Bobby Onyeukwu2:00.94aQuicksilver Track, I...
10.-Charles Jones2:01.67aWorldwide Track
11.-Brandon Black2:03.01aNorthside Red Runners
12.-Kristopher Ballou2:03.42aVoices of Faith (Tea...
13.-Akinbola Richardson2:03.93aTitans Track
14.-Julian Black2:05.12aNorthside Red Runners
15.-DeMarlos Adams2:09.30aImpact Athletics Track
16.-Joshua Williams2:10.73aSprint Athletics Track
17.-Benjamin Dunnaway2:12.63aRuff Riders Track
18.-Brandon Lamb2:14.22aRuff Riders Track
19.-Matthew Williams2:14.69aVoices of Faith (Tea...
21.Stephen Payne2:15.28aTitans Track
22.-David Mathis2:16.61aSouth Side Pioneers
23.-Ferris Barber2:20.37aImpact Athletics Track
24.-Bryson Rajendren2:21.80aGazelle Track
25.-Lee Johnson2:23.86aPT Elite Track
26.-Teleshore Harold2:37.85aPT Elite Track
27.15-16Larry Bellamy2:40.08aRuff Riders Track
28.-Jamari Woods2:55.64aJaguar Track
X 800 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Jevon Leonard2:49.35aNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Elijah Gray2:49.41aNewroc Rockets
3.-Alex Poma2:59.34aWalton Youth Track
4.-Jaden Woods2:59.43aCheetahs Track
5.-Langston Mitchell2:59.55aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Kahlil Cambrice3:03.71aTitans Track
7.-Noah Shoates3:04.99aTitans Track
8.-Davis Hoksyn3:06.02aWalton Youth Track
9.-Shatorius Scott3:06.42aBaldwin County Jets
10.-Matthew Lempner3:12.07aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
11.-Demetrius Taylor3:12.53aSapphire Track
12.-Brandon Edwards3:12.63aTrack Phi Track Elit...
13.-William Brown3:27.05aWalton Youth Track
14.-Ahmed Samuels3:31.38aVoices of Faith (Tea...
15.-Adam Rose3:44.72aBaldwin County Jets
16.-Jack Stembridge3:56.28aBremen City Track
17.-Joshua Olson4:05.17aPeachtree City Flash
18.-Eric Lamendola4:07.13aCarrollton Track
19.-Benjamin Ortega4:11.32aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
20.-Bret Jones4:11.83aKennworth Track
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jallah Galimah4:54.51aNewroc Rockets
2.-Jonathan Jenkins4:54.79aNewroc Rockets
3.-Evan Simmons5:23.08aBaldwin County Jets
4.-Zachary Cantrell5:25.80aSequoyah Youth Track
5.-Noah Liles5:28.89aBremen City Track
6.-Cameo Wilkerson5:29.41aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
7.-Harrison Holden5:33.63aWalton Youth Track
8.-Andrew Greckel5:34.70aKennworth Track
9.-Jakob Johnson5:49.99aEtowah Youth Track
10.-Chase Loveless5:54.01aPeachtree City Flash
11.-Hayden Fravel5:57.72aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
12.-Devin Lohman6:01.68aPeachtree City Flash
13.-William McGonigle6:02.31aEtowah Youth Track
14.-Thomas Taylor6:13.90aEtowah Youth Track
15.-Jacob Dillard6:16.67aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
16.-Nichol Tumulak-Townsend6:20.72aWalton Youth Track
17.-Kevin Lamendola6:49.46aCarrollton Track
18.-Nicholas Klein6:51.54aKennworth Track
19.-Aidan Sherlock7:01.38aWalton Youth Track
20.-Caleb Rollins7:11.14aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.Austin Gray4:54.28aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.RSJoseph Jenkins4:58.01aNewroc Rockets
3.Jordan Howell5:10.87aTitans Track
5.-Earenst McNesse5:16.21aTrack Phi Track Elit...
6.-Alec Nathan5:17.72aNorthside Red Runners
7.12Cedric Roberts5:18.43aTrack Phi Track Elit...
8.-Blake Beavers5:23.14aEtowah Youth Track
9.-Alex Speas5:27.27aGazelle Track
10.-Miles Greer5:28.96aPT Elite Track
11.-Nakai James5:30.64aNew Birth Track & Fi...
12.-Marcus Spears5:33.37aSequoyah Youth Track
13.-Corey Champion5:38.66aSequoyah Youth Track
14.-Douglas Whiten5:43.66aKennworth Track
15.-Brian Matthews5:44.80aEtowah Youth Track
16.-D'Mani Rosser5:47.28aQuicksilver Track, I...
17.-John Fravel5:50.17aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
18.-Parker Nail5:54.67aPeachtree City Flash
19.-Dakota Jackson5:56.93aEtowah Youth Track
20.9-10James Skinner5:57.88aWalton Youth Track
21.-Jhamir Samuels6:04.67aVoices of Faith (Tea...
22.-Kalif Jones6:06.96aVoices of Faith (Tea...
23.-Bryce Meyer6:19.32aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
24.-Eric Matthews6:28.36aEtowah Youth Track
25.-Dawson Spain6:51.40aLanier Running
X 1500 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Josiah Jenkins4:25.80aNewroc Rockets
2.-Ray Williams4:38.05aD.C. Express Track
3.-Steven Spears4:40.65aSequoyah Youth Track
4.-Rahiim Aponte4:43.69aImpact Athletics Track
5.-Bailey Roth4:44.22aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
6.Thaddeus Mitchell4:51.20aRunning Panthers Track
7.-Cullan Sherlock4:54.63aWalton Youth Track
8.-Jacques Williams4:57.89aCheetahs Track
9.John Willingham5:00.04aTitans Track
10.Brandon Hightower5:01.68aTitans Track
11.-Nicholas Miller5:01.79aJaguar Track
12.-Gregory Phillips5:03.31aCheetahs Track
13.-Khiry Darby5:03.85aGazelle Track
14.Michael Hall5:04.65aRunning Panthers Track
15.-Carl Acoff5:07.92aAthletes in Training...
17.-Alterik Sexton5:15.10aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
18.-Kor'Darius Rushing5:18.67aLightning Spikes Track
19.-Kenan Farmer5:24.54aWalton Youth Track
20.-Brendan Kemple5:25.27aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
21.-Glenn Johnson5:25.30aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
22.-Ryan Peck5:28.43aWalton Youth Track
23.-Marcus Edwards5:29.33aTrack Phi Track Elit...
24.Kaylon McComb5:31.90aRunning Panthers Track
25.-Joseph Amoroso5:33.34aNorthside Red Runners
26.-Jason Lezama5:33.40aVoices of Faith (Tea...
27.-Adam Watt5:39.05aKennworth Track
28.-Terren Moore5:42.11aTitans Track
29.-Timothy Molden5:47.49aVoices of Faith (Tea...
30.-Robert Johnson5:52.97aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
31.-Will Hopkins6:02.96aLightning Spikes Track
X 1500 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Antonio Carter4:13.76aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.Joshua Jenkins4:20.06aNewroc Rockets
4.Cameron Thornton4:28.76aTitans Track
5.-Austin Erickson4:30.18aNorthside Red Runners
6.Cameron Turner4:33.18aNew Birth Track & Fi...
8.15-16Kenneth Slavik4:34.52aLanier Running
9.-Gunnar Stormark4:35.52aPT Elite Track
10.-Matthew Hall4:38.37aRunning Panthers Track
11.Cameron Washington4:39.21aTitans Track
12.-Devin Melton4:40.59aFirst Light Track
13.-Cristian Colin4:42.65aImpact Athletics Track
14.-Roderick Byars4:43.85aD.C. Express Track
15.-Alexander Thomas4:44.62aNorthside Red Runners
16.-Forrest Burks4:50.46aEtowah Youth Track
17.-Deion Paige4:54.45aRuff Riders Track
18.-Gabriel Alvarez4:55.57aImpact Athletics Track
19.-Derrick Bell4:55.66aLightning Spikes Track
20.-Justin Taylor5:03.92aRuff Riders Track
21.-Kyle Banks5:05.10aPanther Pride
22.-James Blackburn5:05.68aQuicksilver Track, I...
23.-Stephon Shelton5:10.38aImpact Athletics Track
24.-Anthony Kelly-Taylor5:11.71aVoices of Faith (Tea...
25.-Andrew Modjeski5:34.66aEtowah Youth Track
X 1500 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Donovan Miller4:16.40aGazelle Track
2.-Roland Assinzo4:17.71aNorthside Red Runners
3.15-16Raymond McCormack4:18.24aLanier Running
4.-Brandon Black4:18.66aNorthside Red Runners
5.-Ishmael Salaam4:19.92aVoices of Faith (Tea...
6.-Julian Black4:22.47aNorthside Red Runners
7.-Alexander Merrall4:25.65aEtowah Youth Track
8.-Josh Boudreau4:30.31aEtowah Youth Track
9.Stephen Payne4:32.98aTitans Track
11.-Rashaun Tanner4:34.60aBaldwin County Jets
12.-Akinbola Richardson4:40.41aTitans Track
13.-Kristopher Ballou4:40.75aVoices of Faith (Tea...
14.-Ryan Cross4:42.98aEtowah Youth Track
15.-Brandon Lamb4:43.40aRuff Riders Track
16.-Matthew Williams4:52.23aVoices of Faith (Tea...
17.-Brett Mullins4:57.73aLanier Running
18.-Marquise Lawrence5:30.46aVoices of Faith (Tea...
X 1500 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Jevon Leonard5:48.30aNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Elijah Gray5:56.43aNewroc Rockets
3.-Jaden Woods5:56.82aCheetahs Track
4.-Noah Shoates6:32.21aTitans Track
5.-Kahlil Cambrice6:32.28aTitans Track
6.-Matthew Lempner6:40.04aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
7.-William Brown7:00.64aWalton Youth Track
8.-Adam Rose7:08.43aBaldwin County Jets
X 1500 Meters - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Jeremy Lawson5:30.00aNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.RSJeremy Joyner5:36.90Running Panthers Track
3.-Robert Dunning5:46.94First Light Track
4.-Pierce Livesay5:56.92Sequoyah Youth Track
5.-Daniel Roth6:03.52Track Monkeys - Trai...
6.-Felix Jones6:09.14Baldwin County Jets
X 1500 Meters - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Bailey Roth4:48.84Track Monkeys - Trai...
2.-Daron Mitchell5:13.24aSapphire Track
3.Solomon Bolds5:26.14Running Panthers Track
4.-Blace Brown5:29.36Sequoyah Youth Track
5.-Rodney Hill5:46.40Carrollton Track
6.-Angelo Holmes6:17.00aNew Birth Track & Fi...
7.-Daylan Rollins6:43.19Quicksilver Track, I...
X 1500 Meters - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Justin Taylor4:55.22Ruff Riders Track
2.-Deion Paige4:56.84Ruff Riders Track
3.9Devon Williams4:59.69The Heat Track
4.-Walter Brown5:04.96Kennworth Track
5.-Jordan Jackson5:15.88The Heat Track
6.-Jordan Thomas5:16.37aSprint Athletics Track
7.-Frederick Polite5:18.91Ruff Riders Track
8.-Andre Robinson5:19.64SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 1500 Meters - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Brandon Lamb4:38.70Ruff Riders Track
2.-Sir'Paul Jones4:46.12Ruff Riders Track
3.-Samuel Johnson4:47.02Worldwide Track
4.15-16Larry Bellamy4:58.67Ruff Riders Track
6.-Andrew Rohskopf4:59.86PT Elite Track
7.-Curtis Lemieux5:10.22aPT Elite Track
8.-Kyle Speed5:16.89PT Elite Track
10.-Shane Gilmore5:47.64Northside Red Runners
11.-Michael Firsowicz5:51.42South Side Pioneers
X 3000 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.Austin Gray10:35.25aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.RSJoseph Jenkins10:49.59aNewroc Rockets
3.-Earenst McNesse11:20.16aTrack Phi Track Elit...
4.-Alec Nathan11:33.64aNorthside Red Runners
5.-Brian Matthews11:38.26aEtowah Youth Track
6.-Marcus Spears11:38.28aSequoyah Youth Track
7.-Corey Champion11:38.33aSequoyah Youth Track
8.-Miles Greer12:00.70aPT Elite Track
9.-Samuel Donley12:04.66aEtowah Youth Track
10.-John Fravel12:07.37aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
11.9-10James Skinner12:28.84aWalton Youth Track
12.-Bryce Meyer13:10.61aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
13.-Dakota Jackson13:11.09aEtowah Youth Track
14.-Joshua Ortega13:18.84aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
15.-Parker Nail13:29.95aPeachtree City Flash
16.-Eric Matthews13:43.98aEtowah Youth Track
17.-Andrew White13:57.11aCreekview Youth Track
X 3000 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Josiah Jenkins9:32.26aNewroc Rockets
2.-Steven Spears10:14.31aSequoyah Youth Track
3.-Bailey Roth10:20.88aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
4.-Alterik Sexton10:34.55aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
5.-Gregory Phillips10:38.09aCheetahs Track
6.-Cullan Sherlock10:56.12aWalton Youth Track
8.-Carl Acoff11:14.33aAthletes in Training...
9.-Ryan Peck11:53.03aWalton Youth Track
10.-Brendan Kemple11:56.20aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
11.-Joshua Whitener12:01.92aHeart and Sole Running
12.-Marcus Edwards12:04.52aTrack Phi Track Elit...
13.-Glenn Johnson12:08.33aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
14.-Adam Watt12:14.71aKennworth Track
15.-William Garmon12:23.59aCarrollton Track
16.-Joseph Amoroso12:36.92aNorthside Red Runners
17.-Ross Gudger12:39.94aEtowah Youth Track
18.-Ryan McNeal12:44.25aSequoyah Youth Track
19.-Robert Johnson12:55.60aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
X 3000 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.Joshua Jenkins9:24.53aNewroc Rockets
2.-Austin Erickson10:10.10aNorthside Red Runners
4.15-16Kenneth Slavik10:16.50aLanier Running
5.-Cristian Colin10:17.95aImpact Athletics Track
6.-Roderick Byars10:26.94aD.C. Express Track
7.-Gabriel Alvarez10:28.55aImpact Athletics Track
8.-Avery Pitts10:34.60aEtowah Youth Track
9.-Forrest Burks10:48.82aEtowah Youth Track
10.-Diego Sanchez10:53.88aLanier Running
11.-Martin Sanchez11:07.13aLanier Running
12.-Colin Huber11:43.96aWalton Youth Track
13.-James Blackburn11:44.97aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 5000 Meters - Young - Finals
1.15-16Raymond McCormack16:18.33aLanier Running
2.-Alexander Merrall16:19.40aEtowah Youth Track
3.-Nolan Clark16:38.12aLanier Running
4.-Rashaun Tanner17:02.53aBaldwin County Jets
5.-Ryan Cross17:54.06aEtowah Youth Track
6.-Brett Mullins18:16.85aLanier Running
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Finals
1.-Robert Dunning12.72aFirst Light Track
2.-Jeremy Lawson12.92aNew Birth Track & Fi...
3.RSJeremy Joyner14.14aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Devon Jenkins14.43aGazelle Track
5.-Tyson Spears15.07aPT Elite Track
6.-Torenzo Bolston15.84aBaldwin County Jets
7.-Dean Brown16.19aPeach Valley Track
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Jeremy Lawson13.29aNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Robert Dunning13.47First Light Track
3.RSJeremy Joyner14.81Running Panthers Track
4.-Felix Jones16.82Baldwin County Jets
5.-Daniel Roth16.91Track Monkeys - Trai...
6.-Pierce Livesay18.59Sequoyah Youth Track
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Prelims
1.-Robert Dunning13.07aFirst Light Track
2.-Jeremy Lawson13.41aNew Birth Track & Fi...
3.RSJeremy Joyner14.97aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Devon Jenkins14.99aGazelle Track
5.-Tyson Spears15.51aPT Elite Track
6.-Torenzo Bolston15.92aBaldwin County Jets
7.-Dean Brown16.31aPeach Valley Track
8.-Tiberius Hill17.23aCarrollton Track
9.-Daniel Roth18.07aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Youth - Finals
1.-Cameron Seward14.79aCobb Youth Track Lea...
2.-DeAndre Watkins15.09aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.Solomon Bolds16.05aRunning Panthers Track
4.11-12Marquis Barnes16.31aCarrollton Track
6.-Orlando McKinley17.40aPanther Pride
7.-Rodney Hill17.59aCarrollton Track
8.-Angelo Holmes18.19aNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.Solomon Bolds15.67Running Panthers Track
2.-Daron Mitchell16.18aSapphire Track
3.-Bailey Roth18.25Track Monkeys - Trai...
4.-Angelo Holmes18.86aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Rodney Hill19.29Carrollton Track
6.-Daylan Rollins19.39Quicksilver Track, I...
7.-Blace Brown19.70Sequoyah Youth Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Youth - Prelims
1.-Cameron Seward15.39aCobb Youth Track Lea...
3.Solomon Bolds15.73aRunning Panthers Track
2.-DeAndre Watkins15.94aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
4.11-12Marquis Barnes16.08aCarrollton Track
5.-Orlando McKinley17.54aPanther Pride
6.-Rodney Hill17.86aCarrollton Track
8.-Angelo Holmes18.63aNew Birth Track & Fi...
9.-Olin Pippins19.06aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
10.-Jamel Foster19.73aCarrollton Track
11.Naim Fareed20.29aMark Trail Flying Ea...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Jonathan Jones14.31aCarrollton Track
2.15-16Cornelius Savage14.52aTitans Track
3.-Jordan Moore14.93aSprint Athletics Track
4.9Devon Williams15.47aThe Heat Track
5.-Nathan Dobbs15.51aTitans Track
6.-Jordan Jackson15.88aThe Heat Track
7.Taurean Ferguson15.89aRunning Panthers Track
8.-Andre Robinson17.15aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Young - Finals
1.-Aleec Harris13.77aNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Steve Emere13.97aWorldwide Track
3.-Justin Sims14.21aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.-Sylvester Baisden14.30aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Sir'Paul Jones14.31aRuff Riders Track
6.9Kasey Rollins14.62aThe Heat Track
7.-Jared Dunn14.92aNorthside Red Runners
8.-Dorian Powell-Harris15.42aSprint Athletics Track
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.9Devon Williams15.85The Heat Track
3.-Jordan Thomas16.29aSprint Athletics Track
2.-Andre Robinson16.09SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
5.-Jordan Jackson16.56The Heat Track
6.-Justin Taylor21.47Ruff Riders Track
7.-Frederick Polite21.57Ruff Riders Track
8.-Walter Brown21.78Kennworth Track
9.-Deion Paige21.80Ruff Riders Track
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Sir'Paul Jones15.15Ruff Riders Track
2.-Samuel Johnson16.84Worldwide Track
4.-Kyle Speed17.51PT Elite Track
6.-Curtis Lemieux18.83aPT Elite Track
7.15-16Larry Bellamy18.98Ruff Riders Track
9.-Andrew Rohskopf20.09PT Elite Track
10.-Benjamin Dunnaway20.38Ruff Riders Track
11.-Michael Firsowicz21.23South Side Pioneers
12.-Brandon Lamb21.27Ruff Riders Track
13.-Shane Gilmore21.29Northside Red Runners
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Intermediate - Prelims
1.15-16Jonathan Jones14.83aCarrollton Track
2.-Jordan Moore15.03aSprint Athletics Track
3.15-16Cornelius Savage15.10aTitans Track
4.9Devon Williams15.69aThe Heat Track
5.-Nathan Dobbs15.73aTitans Track
6.-Jordan Jackson15.95aThe Heat Track
7.-Andre Robinson16.00aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.Taurean Ferguson16.05aRunning Panthers Track
9.-Derek Harper16.07aQuicksilver Track, I...
10.-Jordan Thomas16.10aSprint Athletics Track
11.-Ian Walton16.78aEtowah Youth Track
12.-Jordan Scales18.64aSouth Side Pioneers
14.-Teareance Thomas20.32aXing Xing Internatio...
15.-Tyler Gibson20.46aPeach Valley Track
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Young - Prelims
1.-Aleec Harris13.96aNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Steve Emere14.19aWorldwide Track
4.-Justin Sims14.20aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.-Sylvester Baisden14.46aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Sir'Paul Jones14.54aRuff Riders Track
6.9Kasey Rollins14.71aThe Heat Track
7.-Jared Dunn14.99aNorthside Red Runners
8.-Dorian Powell-Harris15.24aSprint Athletics Track
9.-Shannon Jolly15.45aQuicksilver Track, I...
10.-Yann Bibanga15.82aTitans Track
11.-Matthew Lewis15.88aGazelle Track
12.-Anthony Dunning15.94aFirst Light Track
13.-Ronnin Oquin16.33aTriple Action
14.-Rommie Brown17.87aPT Elite Track
15.-Jeremy Johnson18.45aTriple Action
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
1.Dante' Johnson26.06aTitans Track
2.Solomon Bolds28.15aRunning Panthers Track
3.-Bailey Vitatoe28.19aTitans Track
4.-Kenneth Selmon28.77aGazelle Track
5.-Olin Pippins28.86aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
6.-Daron Mitchell29.48aSapphire Track
7.11-12Marquis Barnes29.69aCarrollton Track
8.-Orlando McKinley30.56aPanther Pride
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Prelims
1.Dante' Johnson26.16aTitans Track
3.Solomon Bolds27.86aRunning Panthers Track
2.-Bailey Vitatoe28.11aTitans Track
4.-Kenneth Selmon28.79aGazelle Track
5.11-12Marquis Barnes29.52aCarrollton Track
6.-Daron Mitchell30.00aSapphire Track
7.-Olin Pippins30.69aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
8.-Orlando McKinley30.81aPanther Pride
9.-Rodney Hill31.25aCarrollton Track
10.-Cameron Seward31.33aCobb Youth Track Lea...
11.-Angelo Holmes31.55aNew Birth Track & Fi...
12.-De'Antoine Cammons31.84aCarrollton Track
13.Naim Fareed34.03aMark Trail Flying Ea...
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Cornelius Savage55.97aTitans Track
2.-Michael Smith56.72aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.15-16Jonathan Jones57.74aCarrollton Track
4.-Darius Jones-Craven59.13aXing Xing Internatio...
5.9Devon Williams59.35aThe Heat Track
6.Taurean Ferguson1:00.11aRunning Panthers Track
7.-Sloane Mattadeen1:00.30aRate of Motion ELITE
8.-Nathan Dobbs1:01.92aTitans Track
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Young - Finals
1.-Sir'Paul Jones53.11aRuff Riders Track
2.-Jordan Thompson55.83aGazelle Track
3.-Matthew Lewis56.21aGazelle Track
4.-Alexander Allen57.47aQuicksilver Track, I...
5.-Malachi Lavergne57.66aFlight400 Track, Inc.
6.-Shannon Jolly58.15aQuicksilver Track, I...
7.-Justyn Sidifall1:02.02aDynamic Speed Elite ...
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Intermediate - Prelims
1.-Michael Smith58.20aTrack Phi Track Elit...
4.15-16Cornelius Savage58.29aTitans Track
2.-Darius Jones-Craven59.59aXing Xing Internatio...
5.9Devon Williams1:00.42aThe Heat Track
6.-Nathan Dobbs1:00.52aTitans Track
3.15-16Jonathan Jones1:00.60aCarrollton Track
7.Taurean Ferguson1:02.41aRunning Panthers Track
8.-Sloane Mattadeen1:03.18aRate of Motion ELITE
9.-Derek Harper1:03.39aQuicksilver Track, I...
10.-Andre Robinson1:05.02aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
11.-Anthony Harris1:05.71aTitans Track
12.-Alexander Reese1:08.03aThe Heat Track
13.-Teareance Thomas1:08.08aXing Xing Internatio...
14.-Ryan Moore1:08.64aMacon-Mid
16.-Antwuan Poole1:09.57aWhite Lightning Track
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Young - Prelims
1.-Sir'Paul Jones53.13aRuff Riders Track
2.-Matthew Lewis55.80aGazelle Track
4.-Jordan Thompson57.35aGazelle Track
3.-Alexander Allen57.44aQuicksilver Track, I...
5.-Shannon Jolly58.14aQuicksilver Track, I...
6.-Malachi Lavergne58.39aFlight400 Track, Inc.
7.-Justyn Sidifall1:00.03aDynamic Speed Elite ...
8.-Anthony Dunning1:00.20aFirst Light Track
9.-Sylvester Baisden1:00.38aRunning Panthers Track
10.-Brandon Collins1:00.50aRunning Panthers Track
11.-Yann Bibanga1:02.33aTitans Track
12.9Kasey Rollins1:03.19aThe Heat Track
13.-Chris Gilbert1:16.71aNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 4x100 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Paul Abrams
Marcus Hill
Garrison Ramey
Donovan Chambers
56.26aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
2.-Eric Turner
Marvin Hubbard
Amir Ali
Tyre Shelton
56.57aPanther Pride
3.-Curtis Harris
Tecoreon Adside Bland
Jatavious Harris
KeAndre Bolston
59.45aBaldwin County Jets
4.-Zachary Tennessee
Joshua Bell
Dwight Albright
Dakota Warfield
59.64aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 4x100 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Nygel Edmonds
Itabari Mason
Taj Griffin
Devin Granville
50.42aThe Heat Track
2.-Jayson Stanley
Jordan Madison
Gregory Nichols
Jervon Kyles
50.72aRunning Panthers Track
3.-Torenzo Bolston
Marcarius Brannon
Dalton Strother
Felix Jones
53.10aBaldwin County Jets
4.-Tyler Terry
Trinton Terrell
Damarcus Mitchell
Jorgio Lewis
53.74aCarroll County Recre...
5.-Caleb Caldwell
Brittain Brown
Jake Mitchell
Malik Jones
54.33aSequoyah Youth Track
6.-Christian Roberts-Wallace
Rustin Suter
Paul Butler
Remy Lazarus-Chipp
54.50aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
7.-Jerin Means
Juwan Chappell
Javar Ellington
Jamin Poole
57.87aWhite Lightning Track
8.-Jacob Aurand
Jelani Glass
Kurtis Erger
Max Warner
1:08.02aForsyth County Track
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-John Willingham
Dante' Johnson
Elliott Berry
Evan Berry
45.02aTitans Track
2.-Keymon Cobb
Thomas Stewart
Darrius McMullen
Gary Waller
47.99aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Joshua Brown
Bailey Vitatoe
Brian Miller
Daquan Joy
48.31aTitans Track
4.-Relay Team 48.48aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Aswad Henderson
Clifford Kleckley
Quantarious Walker
Brandon Bawn
48.58aWhite Lightning Track
6.-Charles Washington
DeAndre Watkins
Avery Ward
Chase Nelson
48.62aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
7.-James Barnes
Kimari Neal
Benjamin Kennedy
Malcolm Miller
50.32aSoutheast Striders T...
8.-Joshua Atkinson
Chandler Steele
Joshua Rusher
Pierre Lubin
52.28aEtowah Youth Track
X 4x100 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Rashan Hassell
Gregory Terrell
Elijah Dean
Oral Walker
42.48aMark Trail Flying Ea...
2.-Jadarius West
John Teah
Devon Miller
Marcelus Pope
42.69aRunning Panthers Track
3.-Shannon Smith
Kibwe Steed
Antwuan Poole
Curtis Whisby
44.79aWhite Lightning Track
4.-Devonte Wheaton
Ian Walton
Brandon Goodman
Barrett Burns
46.69aEtowah Youth Track
X 4x100 Relay - Young - Finals
1.-Jaron Roberson
Eric Harris
Justin Chambers
Brent Phillips
41.39aTitans Track
2.-Dominique Hubert
Steve Emere
Darius Baker
Reginald Juin
42.01aWorldwide Track
3.-Relay Team 42.51aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.-Jibri Victorian
Alexander Allen
Dominique Wooten
Charles Robinson
42.85aQuicksilver Track, I...
5.-LaMarcus Brown
Jarvis Wright
Damion Jonhson
Mark Glenn
43.05aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Relay Team 43.08aNew Birth Track & Fi...
7.-Willis Holloway
Bruce Truitt
William Parks
Edward Parks
45.01aQuicksilver Track, I...
8.-Maurice Graham
Damar Forbes
Dorian Powell-Harris
Joshua Williams
45.27aSprint Athletics Track
X 4x100 Relay - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Gary Moore
Quavion Trawick
Luis Huley
Tykemen Bland
1:11.37aBaldwin County Jets
2.-Cameron Collier
Chacka Henderson
Terrious Miles
Jaquavis Ellington
1:11.90aWhite Lightning Track
3.-Malachi Chipp
Kaz Bray-Gates
Jeremy Clark
Brandon Albright
1:13.82aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 4x400 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Malik Webb
Otis Odom
Landris Tobias
Grant Showell
4:35.26aTitans Track
2.-Amir Ali
Marvin Hubbard
Andre Felder
Eric Turner
4:41.82aPanther Pride
3.-Cameo Wilkerson
Tyler Walton
Derrick Moore
Terrence Harvey
4:56.57aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
4.-Evan Simmons
Khalidis Goddard
KeAndre Bolston
Jatavious Harris
4:59.11aBaldwin County Jets
5.-Allan Providence
Trent Trammell
Ryan Rockwell
Deonta Clark
5:07.46aSapphire Track
X 4x400 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Bryan Long
Saije Sharkey
Tyler Green
Georgio Russell
4:14.95aTitans Track
2.-Felix Jones
Marcarius Brannon
Torenzo Bolston
Dalton Strother
4:24.72aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Javar Ellington
Jerin Means
Jamin Poole
Juwan Chappell
4:43.90aWhite Lightning Track
4.-Kalif Jones
Zion Clemons
Darius Goode
Dylan Hall
4:44.67aVoices of Faith (Tea...
X 4x400 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Dante' Johnson
John Willingham
Evan Berry
Elliott Berry
3:34.58aTitans Track
1.-Austin Carpenter
De'Marea Hawkins
Cameron Thornton
Eric Brown
3:34.58aTitans Track
2.-Brandon Dorsey
Jacques Williams
Gregory Phillips
Christopher Morris
3:50.06aCheetahs Track
3.-Kameron Mayweather
Darrius McMullen
Dwayne Boone
Thomas Stewart
3:53.56aBaldwin County Jets
4.-Benjamin Kennedy
Malcolm Miller
James Barnes
Kimari Neal
3:59.81aSoutheast Striders T...
5.-Relay Team 4:04.65aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Clifford Kleckley
Quantarious Walker
Aswad Henderson
Brandon Bawn
4:09.78aWhite Lightning Track
7.-Timothy Molden
Brendan Greene
Jason Lezama
Ajhanti Clemons
4:24.46aVoices of Faith (Tea...
X 4x400 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Michael Smith
Adolphus Gray
Antonio Carter
Kane White
3:18.14aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-Ethan Kasson
Jaron Roberson
Justin Chambers
Ralph Abernathy
3:19.73aTitans Track
3.-Marcelus Pope
John Teah
Jadarius West
Matthew Hall
3:34.07aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Austin Carpenter
De'Marea Hawkins
Cameron Thornton
Eric Brown
3:34.86aTitans Track
4.-Dante' Johnson
John Willingham
Evan Berry
Elliott Berry
3:34.86aTitans Track
5.-Brandon Davison
Immanuel Henderson
Antwuan Poole
Kibwe Steed
3:40.22aWhite Lightning Track
6.-Kemoi Thomas
Stephon Shelton
Cristian Colin
Andre Peterkin
3:43.30aImpact Athletics Track
X 4x400 Relay - Young - Finals
1.-Eric Dean
Nigel Talton
Lil' Jones
Sir'Paul Jones
3:17.21aRuff Riders Track
2.-Dominique Wooten
Bobby Onyeukwu
Alexander Allen
Charles Robinson
3:17.25aQuicksilver Track, I...
3.-Nicholas Parks
Corey Ashbourne
Cornelius Savage
Shaquille Winn-King
3:19.49aTitans Track
4.-DeMarlos Adams
Kuaniyal Chol
Corrie Roach
Ishmel Zamor
3:21.55aImpact Athletics Track
5.-Steve Emere
Aaron Worthy
Charles Jones
Reginald Juin
3:23.51aWorldwide Track
6.-Edward Parks
Shannon Jolly
William Parks
Bruce Truitt
3:24.67aQuicksilver Track, I...
7.-Aleec Harris
Darryl Marlow
Justin Watkins
Jamal Chambers
3:33.88aNew Birth Track & Fi...
8.-Kristopher Ballou
Brandon Turner
Ishmael Salaam
Elontavius White
3:35.00aVoices of Faith (Tea...
9.-Jeremy Johnson
Ronnin Oquin
Justyn Shackleford
Austin Brydie
3:38.14aTriple Action
10.-Jared Dunn
Julian Black
Christopher Iwasaki
Brandon Black
3:38.39aNorthside Red Runners
X 4x400 Relay - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:21.57aTitans Track
2.-Quavion Trawick
Tykemen Bland
Shatorius Scott
Luis Huley
5:55.89aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Cameron Collier
Jaquavis Ellington
Terrious Miles
Chacka Henderson
5:57.51aWhite Lightning Track
X 4x800 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Austin Gray
Earenst McNesse
Quincey Wilson
Cedric Roberts
10:11.75aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-Denzel Harper
Shaun Jolly
D'Mani Rosser
James McKennie
11:58.92aQuicksilver Track, I...
3.-Brian Matthews
Samuel Donley
Blake Beavers
Austin Stephan
12:33.87aEtowah Youth Track
X 4x800 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Christopher Morris
Jacques Williams
Gregory Phillips
Darius Brown
9:39.62aCheetahs Track
2.-Kaylon McComb
Thaddeus Mitchell
Julius Wilson
Michael Hall
9:57.92aRunning Panthers Track
X 4x800 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
1.-De'Marea Hawkins
Cameron Thornton
Shaquille Winn-King
Corey Ashbourne
8:14.26aTitans Track
2.-Anthony Harris
Cameron Gamble
Cameron Washington
Austin Carpenter
8:43.28aTitans Track
3.-Gabriel Alvarez
Kemoi Thomas
LaVonte Martin
Cristian Colin
9:45.72aImpact Athletics Track
X 4x800 Relay - Young - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:09.83aRuff Riders Track
2.-Ferris Barber
Corrie Roach
Kuaniyal Chol
Ishmel Zamor
8:11.57aImpact Athletics Track
3.-Samuel Johnson
Charles Jones
Yvens Joseph
Aaron Worthy
8:11.75aWorldwide Track
4.-Ishmael Salaam
Elontavius White
Matthew Williams
Jametreus Hamilton
9:02.34aVoices of Faith (Tea...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
1.-Harrison Rowell28-01.75Etowah Youth Track
2.-Michael Willingham25-00.50Sapphire Track
3.-Jarard Cooper23-08.00Cheetahs Track
4.-Isaiah Casey21-09.50Villa Rica Track & F...
5.-Ceaunte Zachery20-05.75Panther Pride
6.-Griffin Thompson19-09.50Kennworth Track
7.-Aaron Casey18-07.00Villa Rica Track & F...
8.-Cameron Lockett17-02.75Ruff Riders Track
9.-Trevor Walton16-06.50Etowah Youth Track
10.-Noah Stanford15-10.25Bremen City Track
11.-Gerald Woodridge14-10.50Southeast Striders T...
12.-Warner Stone14-00.50Track Monkeys - Trai...
13.-Keivon Heard13-06.25Southeast Striders T...
14.-Juwaun Wiley13-01.50Ruff Riders Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
1.Kenneth Brinson36-07.75The Heat Track
2.-Livingston Morris35-06.50Etowah Youth Track
3.-Payton Vernon32-10.25The Heat Track
4.-Brittain Brown30-10.50Sequoyah Youth Track
6.-Drew Paschal28-07.00Impact Athletics Track
7.-Ali Robinson28-04.50Villa Rica Track & F...
8.-Devon Jenkins27-02.75Gazelle Track
9.-Javonte Boyd26-06.50Baldwin County Jets
10.-Johnathan Singleton23-06.00New Birth Track & Fi...
11.-Zacchaeus Ovuorie22-03.75Sequoyah Youth Track
12.-Ajohnta Johnson21-07.25Villa Rica Track & F...
13.-David Murray20-02.25Sequoyah Youth Track
14.-Chance Boyd7-00.00Track Monkeys - Trai...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Katai James16-03.75New Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Jahmad Davis-Wiley15-01.50Ruff Riders Track
3.-Michael Murray12-10.00Sequoyah Youth Track
4.-Jalen Wiley10-03.75Ruff Riders Track
5.-Michael Acoff9-03.00Athletes in Training...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam Triathlon - Finals
1.9-10Dylan Parham22-03.50Carrollton Track
2.-Garrison Ramey22-00.75SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.-Tyre Shelton21-00.00Panther Pride
4.-Scott Sanford20-05.00Sequoyah Youth Track
4.-Derrik Allen20-05.00The Heat Track
6.-Ceaunte Zachery20-01.75Panther Pride
7.9-10Soloman Vanhorse18-09.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.-Garrett Montague18-08.50The Heat Track
9.-Skyler Lester18-07.75First Light Track
10.-Cameo Wilkerson18-05.00Boys & Girls Clubs o...
11.-Cameron Lockett18-03.75Ruff Riders Track
12.-Mason Wood18-01.50Panther Pride
13.-Breylan Waters18-00.50Carrollton Track
13.-Dan Land18-00.50Ruff Riders Track
15.9-10Reid Schulz17-10.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
16.-Evan Simmons16-01.75Baldwin County Jets
17.-Langston Arnold15-09.50The Heat Track
18.-Dakota Warfield15-09.00SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
19.-Jacob Dillard14-05.25Track Monkeys - Trai...
20.-Myles Boyd12-10.75Track Monkeys - Trai...
21.-Myles Marshall12-09.25The Heat Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Felix Jones27-08.00Baldwin County Jets
2.-Robert Dunning26-09.00First Light Track
3.-Jeremy Lawson23-01.75New Birth Track & Fi...
4.RSJeremy Joyner22-00.75Running Panthers Track
5.-Pierce Livesay21-08.75Sequoyah Youth Track
6.-Daniel Roth19-00.75Track Monkeys - Trai...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
2.-Daylan Rollins26-01.00Quicksilver Track, I...
3.-Bailey Roth24-11.00Track Monkeys - Trai...
4.Solomon Bolds24-01.75Running Panthers Track
5.-Rodney Hill23-09.00Carrollton Track
7.-Blace Brown20-07.75Sequoyah Youth Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
2.-Andre Robinson31-06.50SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.-Jordan Jackson31-04.00The Heat Track
5.9Devon Williams29-04.50The Heat Track
6.-Frederick Polite28-05.50Ruff Riders Track
7.-Justin Taylor27-09.50Ruff Riders Track
8.-Walter Brown27-01.75Kennworth Track
9.-Deion Paige20-00.50Ruff Riders Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Young Decathlon - Finals
2.-Shane Gilmore35-01.75Northside Red Runners
4.-Andrew Rohskopf31-09.50PT Elite Track
5.15-16Larry Bellamy31-05.75Ruff Riders Track
6.-Sir'Paul Jones31-03.75Ruff Riders Track
8.-Samuel Johnson30-04.75Worldwide Track
9.-Benjamin Dunnaway29-04.50Ruff Riders Track
11.-Kyle Speed28-01.50PT Elite Track
12.-Brandon Lamb27-05.25Ruff Riders Track
13.-Michael Firsowicz25-05.25South Side Pioneers
X Shot Put - 4kg - Youth - Finals
1.-Trenton Thomas35-03.25Southeast Striders T...
2.-Joseph Ruggiers32-07.75Xing Xing Internatio...
3.-Chase Nelson32-02.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
5.-Jordan Adekweh30-08.50Lightning Spikes Track
X Shot Put - 4kg - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Daron Mitchell28-05.00Sapphire Track
6.-Angelo Holmes21-02.75New Birth Track & Fi...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Rashaad Graham38-06.00Titans Track
2.-LaDarius Nealey36-11.75Cheetahs Track
3.-Emmanuel Mincey36-04.75Villa Rica Track & F...
4.-Maurice White35-06.00Carroll County Recre...
5.-Ajene Robinson30-02.75Villa Rica Track & F...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Young - Finals
3.9Jalen Fooster41-00.25Throw 1 Deep
4.-Curtis Lemieux40-06.25PT Elite Track
5.-Marquise Lawrence36-07.00Voices of Faith (Tea...
6.-Chris Gilbert36-02.75New Birth Track & Fi...
7.-Garfield McLeod35-00.50Comets Track
X Shot Put - 12lb - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
4.-Jordan Thomas31-01.00Sprint Athletics Track
X Shot Put - 12lb - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Curtis Lemieux38-06.75PT Elite Track
X Discus - 1kg - Midget - Finals
1.Kenneth Brinson107-04The Heat Track
2.-Livingston Morris78-07Etowah Youth Track
4.-Zacchaeus Ovuorie53-09Sequoyah Youth Track
5.-David Murray40-00Sequoyah Youth Track
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
1.-Joseph Ruggiers131-05Xing Xing Internatio...
2.-Trenton Thomas129-06Southeast Striders T...
3.-Joshua Whitener99-07Heart and Sole Running
5.-Dakavion Washington90-00Peach Valley Track
6.-De'Antoine Cammons80-09Carrollton Track
7.-Anfernee Green75-08Titans Track
8.-Jordan Adekweh74-04Lightning Spikes Track
X Discus - 1.6kg - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Rashaad Graham107-01Titans Track
2.-LaDarius Nealey90-04Cheetahs Track
3.-Emmanuel Mincey88-11Villa Rica Track & F...
4.-Maurice White72-10Carroll County Recre...
5.-Jordan Jackson71-11The Heat Track
6.-Kyle Boyer71-05Kennworth Track
X Discus - 1.6kg - Young - Finals
4.9Jalen Fooster130-11Throw 1 Deep
5.-Robert Chambers118-10South Side Pioneers
6.-Curtis Lemieux114-03PT Elite Track
7.-Chris Gilbert104-07New Birth Track & Fi...
8.-Garfield McLeod81-00Comets Track
X Discus - 1.6kg - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Andre Robinson87-07SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
2.-Justin Taylor72-01Ruff Riders Track
3.-Jordan Jackson66-09The Heat Track
4.-Jordan Thomas65-07Sprint Athletics Track
5.9Devon Williams63-04The Heat Track
7.-Walter Brown56-02Kennworth Track
8.-Deion Paige52-08Ruff Riders Track
9.-Frederick Polite49-10Ruff Riders Track
X Discus - 1.6kg - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Shane Gilmore109-03Northside Red Runners
2.-Curtis Lemieux94-09PT Elite Track
5.-Andrew Rohskopf82-09PT Elite Track
6.-Sir'Paul Jones76-00Ruff Riders Track
8.-Samuel Johnson72-08Worldwide Track
9.-Benjamin Dunnaway70-06Ruff Riders Track
10.15-16Larry Bellamy69-05Ruff Riders Track
11.-Brandon Lamb68-08Ruff Riders Track
12.-Michael Firsowicz66-01South Side Pioneers
13.-Kyle Speed40-06PT Elite Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Reid Schulz88-02SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
2.-Jonathan Jenkins84-04Newroc Rockets
3.-Scott Sanford81-09Sequoyah Youth Track
4.-Cameron Renner68-07Walton Youth Track
5.-Mark Smith68-06Walton Youth Track
6.-Jarard Cooper62-11Cheetahs Track
7.-Ceaunte Zachery61-06Panther Pride
8.-Thomas Taylor61-03Etowah Youth Track
9.-Noah Liles60-03Bremen City Track
10.-Cameron Lockett52-03Ruff Riders Track
11.-Jarius Starks51-10Southeast Striders T...
12.-Michael Willingham51-09Sapphire Track
13.-Devin Lohman50-00Peachtree City Flash
14.-Elijah Jones47-02Villa Rica Track & F...
15.-Tyre Shelton46-10Panther Pride
16.-Noah Stanford46-01Bremen City Track
17.-Dan Land43-01Ruff Riders Track
18.-Braxton Edge40-04Carrollton Track
19.-Mason Wood40-02Panther Pride
20.-Keivon Heard39-05Southeast Striders T...
21.-Warner Stone36-09Track Monkeys - Trai...
22.-Leon Roach36-02Baldwin County Jets
23.-Juwaun Wiley34-01Ruff Riders Track
24.-Gerald Woodridge32-03Southeast Striders T...
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Midget - Finals
1.Kenneth Brinson126-01The Heat Track
2.-Livingston Morris115-10Etowah Youth Track
3.-Derrion Rakestraw113-07Sequoyah Youth Track
4.-Korbin Miller111-06Walton Youth Track
5.-Paul Butler109-08SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
6.-Blake Beavers102-11Etowah Youth Track
7.-Wesley Terry78-08Sequoyah Youth Track
8.-Ali Robinson74-02Villa Rica Track & F...
9.-Daniel Roth72-01Track Monkeys - Trai...
10.-Andrew White72-00Creekview Youth Track
11.-Eric Matthews70-00Etowah Youth Track
12.-Drew Paschal69-07Impact Athletics Track
13.-Javonte Boyd66-02Baldwin County Jets
14.-Jamarcus Middlebrooks63-05Villa Rica Track & F...
15.-Jarel Bynum55-04Panther Pride
16.-Kasey Sanders46-08Peach Valley Track
17.-Ajohnta Johnson45-10Villa Rica Track & F...
18.-Colin Lohman42-08Peachtree City Flash
19.-Michael McGhee41-10New Horizon Track
20.-Joshua Ortega38-08Track Monkeys - Trai...
21.-Chance Boyd15-08Track Monkeys - Trai...
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Alex Poma62-03Walton Youth Track
2.-Joshua Goin61-11SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.-William Brown43-08Walton Youth Track
4.-Davis Hoksyn41-06Walton Youth Track
5.-Tyrese Cordy33-11Peach Valley Track
6.-Jalen Wiley26-06Ruff Riders Track
7.-Michael Acoff22-04Athletes in Training...
8.-Daymon Polite22-00Ruff Riders Track
9.-Jahmad Davis-Wiley21-02Ruff Riders Track
10.-Benjamin Garrett19-02Villa Rica Track & F...
11.-Adam Rose17-07Baldwin County Jets
12.-Timothy Koch14-07Kennworth Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Andre Robinson106-11SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
2.-Justin Taylor100-00Ruff Riders Track
3.9Devon Williams91-03The Heat Track
4.-Walter Brown73-10Kennworth Track
5.-Deion Paige72-10Ruff Riders Track
6.-Frederick Polite70-01Ruff Riders Track
9.-Jordan Jackson62-11The Heat Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Samuel Johnson126-07Worldwide Track
3.-Benjamin Dunnaway106-07Ruff Riders Track
4.-Sir'Paul Jones98-01Ruff Riders Track
6.15-16Larry Bellamy91-02Ruff Riders Track
9.-Brandon Lamb84-07Ruff Riders Track
10.-Andrew Rohskopf81-10PT Elite Track
11.-Michael Firsowicz79-05South Side Pioneers
12.-Shane Gilmore75-07Northside Red Runners
13.-Kyle Speed73-11PT Elite Track
X Javelin - 600g - Youth - Finals
1.-Morgan Tanasijevich138-04Walton Youth Track
2.-Trenton Thomas127-05Southeast Striders T...
3.11-12Joe Smith124-10Walton Youth Track
4.-Joseph Ruggiers120-06Xing Xing Internatio...
5.-Malcolm Miller95-10Southeast Striders T...
X Javelin - 800g - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Thomas Brown105-01Sequoyah Youth Track
2.-Emmanuel Mincey104-08Villa Rica Track & F...
3.-Camaray Rouse98-01Carrollton Track
4.-Colin Huber82-08Walton Youth Track
5.-LaDarius Nealey72-11Cheetahs Track
X Javelin - 800g - Young - Finals
1.9Jalen Fooster132-08Throw 1 Deep
2.-Johnathan Ross126-05South Side Pioneers
3.-Antonio Dunn105-01Cheetahs Track
4.-David Mathis96-09South Side Pioneers
5.-Chris Gilbert95-11New Birth Track & Fi...
X Javelin - 800g - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
8.-Jordan Thomas64-01Sprint Athletics Track
X Javelin - 800g - Young Decathlon - Finals
2.-Curtis Lemieux117-05PT Elite Track
X High Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Dylan Parham4-02.00Carrollton Track
2.-Skyler Lester4-02.00First Light Track
3.-Thomas Koch3-10.00Kennworth Track
4.-Cameo Wilkerson3-10.00Boys & Girls Clubs o...
5.-Myles Marshall3-04.00The Heat Track
6.-Dathan Williams3-02.25Baldwin County Jets
X High Jump - Midget - Finals
1.-Robert Dunning4-09.75First Light Track
2.-Derrion Rakestraw4-07.75Sequoyah Youth Track
3.-Malik Jones4-06.00Sequoyah Youth Track
4.RSJeremy Joyner4-06.00Running Panthers Track
5.-Jervon Kyles4-04.00Running Panthers Track
5.-Remy Lazarus-Chipp4-04.00SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.-Jamarcus Middlebrooks4-02.00Villa Rica Track & F...
9.-Conor Magee4-02.00Walton Youth Track
10.-Tiberius Hill4-00.00Carrollton Track
11.-Daniel Roth3-10.00Track Monkeys - Trai...
12.-Michael Ciardello3-02.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
1.-Cameron Seward5-05.75Cobb Youth Track Lea...
3.-Dwayne Boone5-01.75Baldwin County Jets
5.-Daniel Warren4-11.75Light Speed Track
5.-Todd Blackwell4-11.75SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
7.-Bailey Roth4-11.75Track Monkeys - Trai...
8.-Elijah Staley4-09.75The Heat Track
9.-Avery Ward4-07.75SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
10.-Rodney Hill4-07.75Carrollton Track
11.-Shon Monroe4-07.75Villa Rica Track & F...
12.-De'Antoine Cammons4-06.00Carrollton Track
13.Naim Fareed4-04.00Mark Trail Flying Ea...
14.-Pierre Lubin4-02.00Etowah Youth Track
X High Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Brandon Goodman5-11.50Etowah Youth Track
2.-Devante Jones5-09.75South Side Pioneers
3.-Jordan Thomas5-07.75Sprint Athletics Track
4.9Devon Williams5-07.75The Heat Track
6.-Jordan Scales5-03.75South Side Pioneers
7.-Ian Walton5-01.75Etowah Youth Track
7.-Jordan Jackson5-01.75The Heat Track
7.-Tyren Jones5-01.75The Heat Track
10.Herbert Griffin5-01.75The Heat Track
X High Jump - Young - Finals
1.-David Smith6-11.75South Side Pioneers
2.-Sir'Paul Jones6-03.50Ruff Riders Track
3.Stephen Payne6-01.50Titans Track
4.-Stephen Perme5-11.50Northside Red Runners
5.-Austin Brydie5-11.50Triple Action
6.-Elontavius White5-03.75Voices of Faith (Tea...
X High Jump - Bantam Triathlon - Finals
1.-Skyler Lester4-03.25First Light Track
1.-Derrik Allen4-03.25The Heat Track
3.9-10Dylan Parham4-01.25Carrollton Track
4.-Garrison Ramey3-11.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
5.-Evan Simmons3-09.25Baldwin County Jets
5.-Garrett Montague3-09.25The Heat Track
5.-Cameo Wilkerson3-09.25Boys & Girls Clubs o...
8.-Tyre Shelton3-07.25Panther Pride
9.-Dan Land3-05.25Ruff Riders Track
9.-Cameron Lockett3-05.25Ruff Riders Track
9.9-10Soloman Vanhorse3-05.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
12.-Breylan Waters3-03.25Carrollton Track
12.-Mason Wood3-03.25Panther Pride
12.-Myles Marshall3-03.25The Heat Track
12.9-10Reid Schulz3-03.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
12.-Scott Sanford3-03.25Sequoyah Youth Track
17.-Jacob Dillard3-01.25Track Monkeys - Trai...
18.-Dakota Warfield2-11.50SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
18.-Ceaunte Zachery2-11.50Panther Pride
---Myles BoydNHTrack Monkeys - Trai...
---Langston ArnoldNHThe Heat Track
X High Jump - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Robert Dunning4-11.00First Light Track
2.RSJeremy Joyner4-07.00Running Panthers Track
3.-Jeremy Lawson4-05.00New Birth Track & Fi...
4.-Felix Jones4-03.25Baldwin County Jets
5.-Pierce Livesay3-11.25Sequoyah Youth Track
5.-Daniel Roth3-11.25Track Monkeys - Trai...
X High Jump - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Bailey Roth4-11.00Track Monkeys - Trai...
2.-Rodney Hill4-09.00Carrollton Track
3.-Daron Mitchell4-07.00Sapphire Track
3.Solomon Bolds4-07.00Running Panthers Track
5.-Blace Brown4-03.25Sequoyah Youth Track
5.-Daylan Rollins4-03.25Quicksilver Track, I...
---Angelo HolmesNHNew Birth Track & Fi...
X High Jump - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Justin Taylor5-07.00Ruff Riders Track
1.-Jordan Thomas5-07.00Sprint Athletics Track
1.9Devon Williams5-07.00The Heat Track
5.-Walter Brown5-01.00Kennworth Track
5.-Jordan Jackson5-01.00The Heat Track
5.-Frederick Polite5-01.00Ruff Riders Track
8.-Andre Robinson4-11.00SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
9.-Deion Paige4-07.00Ruff Riders Track
X High Jump - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Sir'Paul Jones6-04.75Ruff Riders Track
3.-Brandon Lamb5-05.00Ruff Riders Track
4.15-16Larry Bellamy5-03.00Ruff Riders Track
7.-Curtis Lemieux5-01.00PT Elite Track
7.-Samuel Johnson5-01.00Worldwide Track
9.-Michael Firsowicz4-11.00South Side Pioneers
9.-Andrew Rohskopf4-11.00PT Elite Track
9.-Kyle Speed4-11.00PT Elite Track
12.-Benjamin Dunnaway4-09.00Ruff Riders Track
---Shane GilmoreNHNorthside Red Runners
X Pole Vault - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Donald Anderson10-11.75World Class Sports LTD
3.Herbert Griffin8-06.25The Heat Track
4.-Christian Damico8-06.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
5.-John Keeton8-00.50Pole Vault Atlanta (...
6.9Devon Williams8-00.50The Heat Track
X Pole Vault - Young - Finals
4.-Tyler Ransom11-11.75Pole Vault Atlanta (...
5.-Kyle Thornton11-05.75Northside Red Runners
---Michael FirsowiczNHSouth Side Pioneers
X Pole Vault - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Jordan Thomas10-00.00Sprint Athletics Track
2.-Andre Robinson9-08.00SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
4.9Devon Williams7-08.50The Heat Track
5.-Justin Taylor7-04.50Ruff Riders Track
---Walter BrownNHKennworth Track
---Frederick PoliteNHRuff Riders Track
---Deion PaigeNHRuff Riders Track
---Jordan JacksonNHThe Heat Track
X Pole Vault - Young Decathlon - Finals
4.-Michael Firsowicz9-00.25South Side Pioneers
5.15-16Larry Bellamy8-04.25Ruff Riders Track
6.-Andrew Rohskopf8-00.50PT Elite Track
7.-Curtis Lemieux7-08.50PT Elite Track
7.-Samuel Johnson7-08.50Worldwide Track
---Kyle SpeedNHPT Elite Track
---Shane GilmoreNHNorthside Red Runners
---Benjamin DunnawayNHRuff Riders Track
---Brandon LambNHRuff Riders Track
---Sir'Paul JonesNHRuff Riders Track
X Long Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.-Drew Tejchman4.30mAthletes in Training...
2.-Derrik Allen4.29mThe Heat Track
3.-Nolan Edmonds4.27mThe Heat Track
4.-DeQuon Pope3.93mThe Heat Track
5.-Jordan Anderson3.84mVilla Rica Track & F...
6.-Chase Loveless3.70mPeachtree City Flash
7.-Nolan Wallace3.62mRunning Panthers Track
8.-Antuane Dennard3.57mXing Xing Internatio...
9.-Breylan Waters3.43mCarrollton Track
10.-Dan Land3.40mRuff Riders Track
11.-Cameron Murray3.36mQuicksilver Track, I...
12.-Zachary Tennessee3.35mSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
13.-Deonta Clark3.34mSapphire Track
14.-Peter Marcuz3.26mBremen City Track
15.-Dylan Spears3.24mPT Elite Track
16.-Jaysen Edwards3.16mTrack Phi Track Elit...
17.-Trent Trammell3.08mSapphire Track
18.-Jacob Starnes3.03mKennworth Track
19.-Leon Roach2.78mBaldwin County Jets
20.-Marion Odom2.72mMacon-Mid
21.-Myles Boyd2.57mTrack Monkeys - Trai...
---Garrison HearstFOULSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X Long Jump - Midget - Finals
1.Taj Griffin5.16mThe Heat Track
2.-Tyson Spears5.06mPT Elite Track
3.Nygel Edmonds5.05mThe Heat Track
4.-Devin Granville4.96mThe Heat Track
5.-Jervon Kyles4.89mRunning Panthers Track
6.9-10Cedric Lynch4.80mCheetahs Track
7.9-10Denzel Harper4.46mQuicksilver Track, I...
8.-Jordan Howard4.45mCheetahs Track
9.-Elijah Miller4.33mLightning Spikes Track
9.-Jordan Eastling4.33mLight Speed Track
11.-Jamarcus Middlebrooks4.23mVilla Rica Track & F...
12.-Robert Dunning4.20mFirst Light Track
13.-Hassan Jordan4.19mLight Speed Track
14.6Christopher McBride4.17mTrack Phi Track Elit...
15.-Shaun Jolly4.02mQuicksilver Track, I...
16.-Curtis Stone3.95mDynamic Speed Elite ...
17.11-12Sierra Hendrix-Williams3.88mThe Heat Track
18.-Daniel Hinton3.59mLight Speed Track
19.-Danielle Taylor3.58mSapphire Track
20.-Michael Ciardello3.53mSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
21.-Tiberius Hill3.47mCarrollton Track
22.-Devon Jenkins3.42mGazelle Track
22.-Raymond Jackson3.42mSapphire Track
24.-Christian Jackson3.39mKennworth Track
25.-Peter Koch3.35mKennworth Track
26.-Joshua Ortega3.23mTrack Monkeys - Trai...
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
1.-Gary Waller5.97mBaldwin County Jets
2.-Montrez Johnson5.62mJaguar Track
3.-Dwayne Boone5.49mBaldwin County Jets
5.-Rahiim Aponte5.22mImpact Athletics Track
6.-Christian Coleman5.13mRunning Panthers Track
7.11-12Marquis Barnes5.12mCarrollton Track
8.-Shon Monroe4.83mVilla Rica Track & F...
9.-Kimari Neal4.76mSoutheast Striders T...
10.-Daylan Rollins4.74mQuicksilver Track, I...
11.-Benjamin Kennedy4.59mSoutheast Striders T...
12.-Angelo Holmes4.55mNew Birth Track & Fi...
13.-Joshua Atkinson4.53mEtowah Youth Track
14.-Todd Blackwell4.40mSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
15.-Jamel Foster4.36mCarrollton Track
16.-Elijah Staley4.29mThe Heat Track
17.-De'Antoine Cammons4.26mCarrollton Track
18.-Joshua Middlebrooks4.13mQuicksilver Track, I...
19.-Fernandez Langston3.76mTrack Phi Track Elit...
20.-Keith Hall3.44mRuff Riders Track
21.-Joshua Rusher3.17mEtowah Youth Track
22.-Alijah Edwards3.14mRunning Panthers Track
X Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Jonathan Jones6.78mCarrollton Track
2.-Curtis Whisby6.52mWhite Lightning Track
3.-Kyle Grant6.33mNew Horizon Track
4.-Darion Howard6.25mPeach Valley Track
5.-Derek Harper6.20mQuicksilver Track, I...
6.-Will Brown6.17mMacon-Mid
7.-Devon Davis5.98mSouth Side Pioneers
8.-Carnell Boyd5.90mBaldwin County Jets
9.Jamar Sims5.64mMark Trail Flying Ea...
9.FrMichael Newton5.64mThe Heat Track
11.-Andre Robinson5.57mSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
12.-Frederick Polite5.30mRuff Riders Track
13.-Devin Henry5.08mCarroll County Recre...
14.-Alexander Reese5.04mThe Heat Track
15.-Thomas Brown4.80mSequoyah Youth Track
16.-Torrez Mabry4.79mCarrollton Track
17.-Ryan Moore4.63mMacon-Mid
18.-Colin Huber4.55mWalton Youth Track
19.-Lamb Andrews4.48mPeach Valley Track
X Long Jump - Young - Finals
1.-Damion Jonhson7.33mBaldwin County Jets
2.-Tyler Askew6.86mDynamic Speed Elite ...
3.Darryl Marlow6.77mNew Birth Track & Fi...
4.-Bruce Truitt6.59mQuicksilver Track, I...
5.-Kendrick Parker6.53mJaguar Track
6.-Ralph Abernathy6.49mTitans Track
7.-Austin Brydie6.45mTriple Action
8.-William Smith6.42mNorthside Red Runners
9.-Jarvis Wright6.35mBaldwin County Jets
10.-Dominique Wooten6.32mQuicksilver Track, I...
11.-Courtney Henry6.28mComets Track
12.-Eric Meredith6.26mRuff Riders Track
13.-Bryant Crenshaw6.09mRate of Motion ELITE
14.-Daiyaan Epps6.07mSouth Side Pioneers
16.-Anthony Dunning5.93mFirst Light Track
17.-Blake Brown5.67mXing Xing Internatio...
18.-Allen Jarmon5.65mQuicksilver Track, I...
19.-Rory Patterson5.48mMacon-Mid
20.-Zarkeed Reeves5.16mRunning Panthers Track
21.-Ferris Barber4.76mImpact Athletics Track
22.-James Lenoir4.64mNorthside Red Runners
---Travis CollieFOULRate of Motion ELITE
X Long Jump - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Matthew Harris3.93mLight Speed Track
2.-Freddie Allen3.75mTitans Track
3.-Dushaunte Holloway3.68mCarrollton Track
4.-Maleik Harrison3.53mCarrollton Track
4.-Jordan Barrow3.53mNew Birth Track & Fi...
6.-Vondarius Boynton3.33mFlight400 Track, Inc.
7.-Jaden Woods3.27mCheetahs Track
8.-Mitchell Marcuz3.00mBremen City Track
9.-Austin Stanford2.98mBremen City Track
10.-Hunter Stumpf2.87mWoodstock Track
11.-Tommieo Walker2.86mAthletes in Training...
12.-Armhani Stewart2.54mMacon-Mid
13.-Andre Dennard2.43mXing Xing Internatio...
14.-Shatorius Scott2.41mBaldwin County Jets
15.-Evan Marcuz2.34mBremen City Track
16.-Jack Stembridge2.28mBremen City Track
17.-Benjamin Ortega2.27mTrack Monkeys - Trai...
18.-Jasen Magee2.15mTrack Phi Track Elit...
19.-Tyrese Cordy2.08mPeach Valley Track
19.-Isaac Riley2.08mWalton Youth Track
21.-Charles Walker2.01mCarrollton Track
22.-Dean Carver1.88mCarroll County Recre...
23.-Bret Jones1.69mKennworth Track
24.-Jalen Magee1.54mTrack Phi Track Elit...
X Long Jump - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Jeremy Lawson4.72mNew Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Robert Dunning4.21mFirst Light Track
3.RSJeremy Joyner4.15mRunning Panthers Track
4.-Felix Jones4.01mBaldwin County Jets
5.-Daniel Roth3.67mTrack Monkeys - Trai...
6.-Pierce Livesay3.24mSequoyah Youth Track
X Long Jump - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Daron Mitchell4.82mSapphire Track
2.Solomon Bolds4.61mRunning Panthers Track
3.-Bailey Roth4.31mTrack Monkeys - Trai...
4.-Angelo Holmes4.25mNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Daylan Rollins4.24mQuicksilver Track, I...
6.-Rodney Hill4.23mCarrollton Track
7.-Blace Brown4.22mSequoyah Youth Track
X Long Jump - Intermediate Decathlon - Finals
1.-Justin Taylor5.95mRuff Riders Track
3.-Andre Robinson5.59mSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
4.9Devon Williams5.53mThe Heat Track
5.-Frederick Polite5.48mRuff Riders Track
6.-Jordan Thomas5.47mSprint Athletics Track
7.-Jordan Jackson5.04mThe Heat Track
8.-Walter Brown5.03mKennworth Track
9.-Deion Paige5.02mRuff Riders Track
X Long Jump - Young Decathlon - Finals
1.-Sir'Paul Jones6.12mRuff Riders Track
2.-Samuel Johnson6.06mWorldwide Track
5.-Brandon Lamb5.79mRuff Riders Track
7.-Shane Gilmore5.49mNorthside Red Runners
8.-Kyle Speed5.42mPT Elite Track
9.-Andrew Rohskopf5.29mPT Elite Track
10.-Benjamin Dunnaway5.26mRuff Riders Track
11.-Curtis Lemieux5.25mPT Elite Track
12.-Michael Firsowicz4.99mSouth Side Pioneers
13.15-16Larry Bellamy4.66mRuff Riders Track
X Triple Jump - Youth - Finals
2.-Elijah Staley9.30mThe Heat Track
X Triple Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Camaray Rouse13.58mCarrollton Track
2.-Curtis Whisby12.87mWhite Lightning Track
3.-Carnell Boyd12.72mBaldwin County Jets
4.-Charles Carr11.90mNorthside Red Runners
5.-Jordan Scales11.55mSouth Side Pioneers
6.-Barrett Burns10.51mEtowah Youth Track
X Triple Jump - Young - Finals
1.-Damion Jonhson14.18mBaldwin County Jets
2.-Roderick Hart14.00mCarrollton Track
3.-Kendrick Parker13.91mJaguar Track
4.-Zarkeed Reeves13.56mRunning Panthers Track
5.Darryl Marlow13.54mNew Birth Track & Fi...
6.-Steven Palmer13.37mD.C. Express Track
7.-Jamal Tiller13.17mGazelle Track
8.-Justin Gilbert13.12mSouth Side Pioneers
9.-Daiyaan Epps13.10mSouth Side Pioneers
10.-Rory Patterson12.49mMacon-Mid
11.-Austin Brydie12.41mTriple Action
12.-Najee Pace12.34mSouth Side Pioneers
13.-Jared Dunn12.04mNorthside Red Runners
14.-Haseeb Ali11.91mGazelle Track
15.-Jarvis Wright11.75mBaldwin County Jets
16.-Andrew Rohskopf11.58mPT Elite Track
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Midget - Finals
1.-Jeremy Lawson2170New Birth Track & Fi...
2.-Robert Dunning2147First Light Track
3.RSJeremy Joyner1857Running Panthers Track
4.-Felix Jones1509Baldwin County Jets
5.-Daniel Roth1255Track Monkeys - Trai...
6.-Pierce Livesay1119Sequoyah Youth Track
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Youth - Finals
1.-Daron Mitchell2270Sapphire Track
2.Solomon Bolds2144Running Panthers Track
3.-Bailey Roth2114Track Monkeys - Trai...
4.-Rodney Hill1646Carrollton Track
5.-Blace Brown1533Sequoyah Youth Track
6.-Daylan Rollins1372Quicksilver Track, I...
7.-Angelo Holmes1167New Birth Track & Fi...
X Decathlon Score - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Andre Robinson4766SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
2.9Devon Williams4691The Heat Track
3.-Jordan Thomas4566Sprint Athletics Track
5.-Justin Taylor4338Ruff Riders Track
6.-Jordan Jackson4077The Heat Track
7.-Frederick Polite3601Ruff Riders Track
8.-Walter Brown3474Kennworth Track
9.-Deion Paige3135Ruff Riders Track
X Decathlon Score - Young - Finals
1.-Sir'Paul Jones5578Ruff Riders Track
3.-Samuel Johnson5107Worldwide Track
4.-Curtis Lemieux4838PT Elite Track
7.-Andrew Rohskopf4416PT Elite Track
8.15-16Larry Bellamy4304Ruff Riders Track
9.-Brandon Lamb3945Ruff Riders Track
10.-Kyle Speed3933PT Elite Track
11.-Michael Firsowicz3391South Side Pioneers
12.-Shane Gilmore3366Northside Red Runners

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.4Nya Ross13.87aLightning Spikes Track
2.-Jaylah Bailey13.89aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Morgan Lewis13.91aLightning Spikes Track
4.-Mikayla Jordan14.04aVoices of Faith (Tea...
5.-Tia Jones14.50aThe Heat Track
6.-Kennedy Quarles14.51aQuicksilver Track, I...
7.-D'Nautica Chappell14.58aMiddle Georgia Magic
8.8UChloe Robinson14.67aTitans Track
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.-Raven Cox12.82aImpact Athletics Track
2.-Tatiyana Rayford12.83aFirst Light Track
3.Aundria Douglas12.99aMark Trail Flying Ea...
4.-Nyambi Shoates13.01aTitans Track
5.6Aliyah Abrams13.11aRate of Motion ELITE
6.-Ciera Lynch13.29aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
7.-Caitlan Tate13.33aTitans Track
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-DeAndra Greer12.43aMark Trail Flying Ea...
2.-Charisma Green12.46aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.-Kevia Gonzales12.55aTitans Track
4.11-12Angelica Henderson12.76aD.C. Express Track
5.Cierra Dunston12.97aTitans Track
6.-Keondria Simmons13.10aPeach Valley Track
7.-Kiaira Jackson13.21aMiddle Georgia Magic
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.Briana Vaughn12.16aMark Trail Flying Ea...
2.-Jamilah Middlebrooks12.16aQuicksilver Track, I...
3.-Aminah Blount12.40aTitans Track
4.-Morgan Jordan12.43aBaldwin County Jets
5.-Ashleigh Oliver12.56aBlaz N Heat Track
6.-Shunika Jarrells12.78aTriple Action
7.-Alexis Jones-Hardy12.80aTitans Track
8.-Kelli Hardnett12.83aPT Elite Track
X 100 Meters - Young - Finals
3.-Morgan McGhee12.22aNew Horizon Track
4.Gabrielle Piper12.28aThe Heat Track
5.-Tiffany White12.30aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Maderia Toatley12.31aNew Horizon Track
7.-DeShawn Simmons12.32aRate of Motion ELITE
8.-Alicia Whittle12.49aPanther Pride
X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Kyleeyah Hodge14.69aTitans Track
2.8USavannah Bray15.02aThe Heat Track
3.-Davida Brown15.10aSequoyah Youth Track
4.-Elasia Campbell15.28aThe Heat Track
5.-Jachai Kirby15.36aNew Birth Track & Fi...
6.-Imani Adams15.36aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Maria Williams15.51aMiddle Georgia Magic
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.-Jaylah Bailey14.09aBaldwin County Jets
2.-Mikayla Jordan14.09aVoices of Faith (Tea...
3.-Morgan Lewis14.16aLightning Spikes Track
5.-Tia Jones14.36aThe Heat Track
4.4Nya Ross14.49aLightning Spikes Track
6.-Kennedy Quarles14.54aQuicksilver Track, I...
7.8UChloe Robinson14.68aTitans Track
8.-D'Nautica Chappell14.69aMiddle Georgia Magic
9.-Ky'Mia Vaughn14.71aNew Horizon Track
10.-Imani Hence14.76aSouth Side Pioneers
11.-Brittany Trawick14.77aBaldwin County Jets
12.-Charley Amissah14.97aSequoyah Youth Track
13.-Hana Wimbish15.03aJaguar Track
14.-Zykeria Williams15.05aBaldwin County Jets
16.-Ashley Hunter15.22aKennworth Track
17.-Destiny Walker15.22aMark Trail Flying Ea...
18.-Dajah Reid15.26aVoices of Faith (Tea...
19.-Simone Harper15.32aQuicksilver Track, I...
20.-Meagan Lynch15.42aCheetahs Track
21.-Joie Royer15.46aVoices of Faith (Tea...
22.-Hannah Chukwura15.64aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
23.-Chamori Robinson15.67aPeach Valley Track
24.-Lauren Elledge15.69aEtowah Youth Track
25.-Nia Brown15.73aNorthside Red Runners
26.-Kaylan Hurt15.80aNew Birth Track & Fi...
27.-Aysia Boston15.87aLightning Spikes Track
28.-Tori Wise15.97aPanther Pride
29.-Ava Pinkston16.03aDynamic Speed Elite ...
X 100 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.-Nyambi Shoates13.01aTitans Track
2.Aundria Douglas13.03aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.6Aliyah Abrams13.12aRate of Motion ELITE
3.-Raven Cox13.19aImpact Athletics Track
4.-Tatiyana Rayford13.24aFirst Light Track
6.-Ciera Lynch13.37aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
7.-Caitlan Tate13.47aTitans Track
8.-Neka Stephens13.55aCheetahs Track
9.-Ansley Long13.65aCarrollton Track
10.-Jacquieria Kelsey13.73aBaldwin County Jets
11.-Alexandria Johnson13.76aTitans Track
12.-Ashley Darby13.84aRunning Panthers Track
13.-Tori Ector13.91aQuicksilver Track, I...
14.-Latrease Magwood14.06aDynamic Speed Elite ...
15.RSKamaria Drummond14.07aGazelle Track
16.-Timberly Molden14.15aVoices of Faith (Tea...
17.-Tatiana Wayne14.20aTitans Track
18.-Tyechia Andrews14.45aMacon-Mid
19.-Nicole Teague14.47aQuicksilver Track, I...
20.-Jada Bolston14.48aBaldwin County Jets
21.-Heaven Robinson14.53aPanther Pride
22.-Hayley Respress14.55aVoices of Faith (Tea...
23.-Nalah Hill14.66aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
24.-Ashanti Brown14.80aSapphire Track
25.-Di'Shay Foster14.82aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
26.-Taylor Ramsey14.94aGazelle Track
27.-Alyssia Richardson15.27aTitans Track
28.-Kennedy Davis15.49aRunning Panthers Track
X 100 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.-Kevia Gonzales12.50aTitans Track
2.-DeAndra Greer12.54aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.-Charisma Green12.63aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.11-12Angelica Henderson12.67aD.C. Express Track
4.Remel Williams12.95aThe Heat Track
6.-Kiaira Jackson12.96aMiddle Georgia Magic
7.-Keondria Simmons12.98aPeach Valley Track
8.Cierra Dunston13.06aTitans Track
9.-Vanessa Providence13.16aSapphire Track
10.-Candace Bass13.17aImpact Athletics Track
11.-Mia Phillips13.19aTitans Track
12.-Alivia Cromartie13.20aNew Birth Track & Fi...
13.Keonie Johnson13.27aMark Trail Flying Ea...
14.-Chelsea Crayton13.28aSprint Athletics Track
15.-Kayla Stephenson13.29aFlight400 Track, Inc.
16.-Jalleyah Jordan13.34aBaldwin County Jets
17.-Ariana Strange13.36aMark Trail Flying Ea...
18.-De'ja Prater13.37aPeach Valley Track
19.-Kendra Purifoye13.37aXing Xing Internatio...
20.-Ambrielle Alexander13.49aVilla Rica Track & F...
21.-Sabrina Miller13.51aBaldwin County Jets
22.-Alexis Campbell13.57aCheetahs Track
23.-Tyler Ragin13.66aMiddle Georgia Magic
24.-Jasmine Stanley13.79aRunning Panthers Track
25.-Shardasia Rockmore13.84aBaldwin County Jets
26.-McKenzie Harris14.01aEtowah Youth Track
27.-Derian Wingfield14.02aMiddle Georgia Magic
28.-Shereka Bell14.11aCarroll County Recre...
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.-Jamilah Middlebrooks12.15aQuicksilver Track, I...
2.-Aminah Blount12.27aTitans Track
3.Briana Vaughn12.31aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.-Morgan Jordan12.39aBaldwin County Jets
4.-Kelli Hardnett12.44aPT Elite Track
6.-Shunika Jarrells12.44aTriple Action
7.-Ashleigh Oliver12.51aBlaz N Heat Track
8.-Alexis Jones-Hardy12.55aTitans Track
9.-Joy Bronner12.61aTitans Track
10.-Sydney Griffin12.61aPT Elite Track
11.-Tanisha Wilson12.69aLight Speed Track
12.-A'Lanesha McFarland12.76aRuff Riders Track
13.-Jade Bentley12.80aCarrollton Track
14.-Erika Jefferson12.82aXing Xing Internatio...
15.-Taylor Wade12.84aD.C. Express Track
16.-Ayanna Toomer12.91aTitans Track
17.-Ashley Ifeadike12.93aNorthside Red Runners
18.-Alakea Woods12.93aD.C. Express Track
19.-Shaneque Durden12.96aBaldwin County Jets
20.-Rebecca Whittle12.98aPanther Pride
21.-Ti'arra Jenkins13.13aWhite Lightning Track
22.-Bria Dean13.22aRunning Panthers Track
23.-Gabriel Strickland13.26aCarrollton Track
24.-Amaree Magwood13.29aDynamic Speed Elite ...
25.-Tajee Huston13.29aCheetahs Track
26.-Asha Stegall13.68aMiddle Georgia Magic
27.-Erin Brundage14.07aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 100 Meters - Young - Prelims
2.-Maderia Toatley12.15aNew Horizon Track
4.-Morgan McGhee12.30aNew Horizon Track
5.-Tiffany White12.34aRunning Panthers Track
6.-DeShawn Simmons12.36aRate of Motion ELITE
7.Gabrielle Piper12.37aThe Heat Track
8.-Alicia Whittle12.47aPanther Pride
9.-Olivia Fisher12.54aRunning Panthers Track
10.-Victoria Ingram12.65aImpact Athletics Track
11.-Alyxandra Pinkston12.77aDynamic Speed Elite ...
12.-Jakacha Nelson12.78aBaldwin County Jets
13.-Melanie Rucker12.80aTitans Track
14.-Brittany Powell12.95aNorthside Red Runners
15.-De'Ja Williams12.96aBlaz N Heat Track
16.-Jade Willis13.12aSapphire Track
17.-Eboney Turnipseed13.22aQuicksilver Track, I...
18.-Lakisha Harris13.51aBaldwin County Jets
19.-Danielle Chimenti13.52aSequoyah Youth Track
20.-Jasmine Jenkins13.59aWorldwide Track
21.-Anastasia White13.64aXing Xing Internatio...
22.-Grace Gordon14.64aTrack Phi Track Elit...
X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Prelims
1.-Davida Brown15.04aSequoyah Youth Track
2.-Kyleeyah Hodge15.09aTitans Track
3.8USavannah Bray15.17aThe Heat Track
4.-Elasia Campbell15.45aThe Heat Track
5.-Maria Williams15.55aMiddle Georgia Magic
6.-Imani Adams15.60aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Jachai Kirby15.61aNew Birth Track & Fi...
8.-Qui'Andra Moore15.71aLightning Spikes Track
9.-Paityn Pegross15.78aLightning Spikes Track
11.-Emoni Coleman15.90aTrack Phi Track Elit...
12.-Daysha Polite16.13aRuff Riders Track
13.-Ravyn Jackson16.32aSapphire Track
14.-Milan Ming16.61aTitans Track
15.-Nia Perryman16.68aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
16.-Hannah Jackson16.70aThe Heat Track
17.-Jordan Pringle16.75aTitans Track
18.-Alexandria Peterson16.91aVoices of Faith (Tea...
20.-Myah Foster17.18aVoices of Faith (Tea...
21.-Fembe Okole17.30aGazelle Track
22.-Taylor Smith17.61aCreekview Youth Track
23.-Dondrett Owens18.33aEtowah Youth Track
24.-Allis Royer18.59aVoices of Faith (Tea...
25.-Mia Moore18.83aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jaylah Bailey28.17aBaldwin County Jets
2.-Zyia Crawford28.67aTitans Track
3.-Morgan Lewis29.26aLightning Spikes Track
4.-Mikayla Jordan29.43aVoices of Faith (Tea...
5.4Nya Ross29.82aLightning Spikes Track
6.-Kennedy Quarles30.16aQuicksilver Track, I...
7.-Tatiana Foster30.18aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
8.-Ky'Mia Vaughn30.55aNew Horizon Track
X 200 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Venida Fagan25.49aVoices of Faith (Tea...
2.6Aliyah Abrams26.60aRate of Motion ELITE
3.-Tatiyana Rayford26.61aFirst Light Track
4.-Nyambi Shoates26.87aTitans Track
5.-Amber McCrary27.38aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Raven Cox27.48aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Jenee Nichols27.87aImpact Athletics Track
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Charisma Green25.33aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-DeAndra Greer25.38aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.7Darielle Oliver25.78aTitans Track
4.-Randi Bohler26.05aCheetahs Track
5.-Elisea Jones26.10aTitans Track
6.11-12Angelica Henderson26.11aD.C. Express Track
7.-Kevia Gonzales26.41aTitans Track
8.-Tori Taylor26.61aTrack Phi Track Elit...
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Jamilah Middlebrooks24.63aQuicksilver Track, I...
2.15-16Erika Rucker24.74aLanier Running
3.-Aminah Blount24.83aTitans Track
4.-Jande' Pierce25.09aNew Horizon Track
5.-Tiffany Camper25.15aDynamic Speed Elite ...
6.13-14Felicia Brown25.33aSprint Athletics Track
7.-Ashley Ivey1:28.86aBaldwin County Jets
X 200 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Jawanda King24.34aSapphire Track
4.9Nakia Linson25.22aSapphire Track
5.-Britany McBride25.44aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Tiffany White25.70aRunning Panthers Track
7.-Maderia Toatley25.95aNew Horizon Track
8.-Alicia Whittle25.99aPanther Pride
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Kyleeyah Hodge31.01aTitans Track
2.8USydnei Caldwell31.43aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
3.8USavannah Bray32.12aThe Heat Track
4.-Elasia Campbell32.75aThe Heat Track
5.-Jachai Kirby33.07aNew Birth Track & Fi...
6.-Emoni Coleman33.08aTrack Phi Track Elit...
7.-Davida Brown33.16aSequoyah Youth Track
8.-Maria Williams33.40aMiddle Georgia Magic
X 200 Meters - Bantam Triathlon - Finals
1.9-10Jalah Butler29.64Ruff Riders Track
2.-Yo'Era Jones30.37Ruff Riders Track
3.-D'Nautica Chappell30.61Middle Georgia Magic
4.-Charley Amissah30.76Sequoyah Youth Track
5.-Payge Almon30.76Villa Rica Track & F...
6.-Kamare Ways31.05Middle Georgia Magic
7.-Chimari Allen32.06The Heat Track
8.-QuanDerricka Slocumb32.09Running Panthers Track
9.-Antonette Jones35.11Sequoyah Youth Track
10.-Kammann Brown35.84Sequoyah Youth Track
11.-Pherrin Lowery37.05Carroll County Recre...
12.-Faith Roth37.23Track Monkeys - Trai...
13.-Javon Joyner37.48Running Panthers Track
X 200 Meters - Intermediate Heptathlon - Finals
1.-Michaela Greer26.66aPT Elite Track
2.13-14Mimieux Land26.70Ruff Riders Track
3.Anasterasia Terrell26.84Middle Georgia Magic
4.-Destinee Collins27.29Ruff Riders Track
5.-Trisha McCutchen27.97Ruff Riders Track
6.Monti Willis28.04The Heat Track
7.-Lucy Mason29.15aSapphire Track
8.-Bre'Nikki Reese29.66Ruff Riders Track
9.-Alexis Turner31.63Carrollton Track
X 200 Meters - Young Heptathlon - Finals
2.-Irrion Conaler25.90aSapphire Track
1.15-16Maikea Davis25.82Ruff Riders Track
3.-Monique Pate26.41aBlaz N Heat Track
4.-Heather Boykin27.09Carrollton Track
5.15-16Ashley Johnson27.60Ruff Riders Track
6.-Osato Uzamere28.05aSapphire Track
7.-Haley Vaughn29.33Carrollton Track
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.-Jaylah Bailey28.97aBaldwin County Jets
2.-Zyia Crawford29.24aTitans Track
3.-Morgan Lewis29.66aLightning Spikes Track
5.-Mikayla Jordan29.73aVoices of Faith (Tea...
4.4Nya Ross29.77aLightning Spikes Track
6.-Kennedy Quarles30.14aQuicksilver Track, I...
7.-Tatiana Foster30.34aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
8.-Ky'Mia Vaughn30.50aNew Horizon Track
9.-Tia Jones30.61aThe Heat Track
10.-Imani Hence30.84aSouth Side Pioneers
11.-D'Nautica Chappell30.97aMiddle Georgia Magic
12.8UChloe Robinson31.26aTitans Track
13.-Payge Almon31.43aVilla Rica Track & F...
14.-Alexandria Green31.47aTrack Phi Track Elit...
15.-Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja31.80aThe Heat Track
16.-Meagan Lynch31.83aCheetahs Track
17.-Tori Wise32.03aPanther Pride
19.-Savonne Sutton32.37aGazelle Track
20.-Chamori Robinson32.81aPeach Valley Track
21.-Destiny Walker32.91aMark Trail Flying Ea...
22.-Aysia Boston33.01aLightning Spikes Track
23.-Nia Brown33.02aNorthside Red Runners
24.-Joie Royer33.28aVoices of Faith (Tea...
25.-Kaylan Hurt34.20aNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 200 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.11-12Venida Fagan25.72aVoices of Faith (Tea...
2.-Tatiyana Rayford26.64aFirst Light Track
5.-Nyambi Shoates26.75aTitans Track
3.6Aliyah Abrams26.87aRate of Motion ELITE
4.-Amber McCrary27.06aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Raven Cox27.28aImpact Athletics Track
7.Aundria Douglas27.66aMark Trail Flying Ea...
8.-Jenee Nichols27.90aImpact Athletics Track
9.-Edricka Taylor27.93aRuff Riders Track
10.-Sydnei Phillips28.03aDynamic Speed Elite ...
11.-Ciera Lynch28.37aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
12.-Tori Ector28.47aQuicksilver Track, I...
13.-Jacquieria Kelsey28.61aBaldwin County Jets
14.-Taleah Camper28.61aDynamic Speed Elite ...
15.11-12Makenzie Dunmore28.63aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
16.-Caitlan Tate28.65aTitans Track
17.-Alexandria Johnson28.66aTitans Track
18.-Halee Hodges28.86aQuicksilver Track, I...
19.RSJessica Watkins28.93aNew Birth Track & Fi...
20.RSShania Evans29.36aGazelle Track
21.-Gia Goss29.45aDynamic Speed Elite ...
22.-Timberly Molden29.63aVoices of Faith (Tea...
23.-Ashanti Brown29.66aSapphire Track
24.-Ansley Goode30.00aVoices of Faith (Tea...
25.-Darien Hoyle30.16aNew Birth Track & Fi...
26.-Miyah McKnight31.08aRunning Panthers Track
27.-Ashley Darby31.13aRunning Panthers Track
X 200 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.-Charisma Green25.73aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-DeAndra Greer25.78aMark Trail Flying Ea...
5.-Kevia Gonzales26.12aTitans Track
6.11-12Angelica Henderson26.15aD.C. Express Track
3.-Elisea Jones26.26aTitans Track
4.7Darielle Oliver26.28aTitans Track
7.-Randi Bohler26.37aCheetahs Track
8.-Tori Taylor26.52aTrack Phi Track Elit...
9.-Chelsea Crayton26.59aSprint Athletics Track
10.Cierra Dunston26.61aTitans Track
11.-Kiaira Jackson26.63aMiddle Georgia Magic
12.-Vanessa Providence26.75aSapphire Track
13.-Crystal Owens26.76aImpact Athletics Track
14.-Ariel Pryor27.12aMiddle Georgia Magic
15.-Kayla Stephenson27.14aFlight400 Track, Inc.
16.-Antania Boswell27.17aCheetahs Track
17.-Candace Bass27.21aImpact Athletics Track
18.-Keondria Simmons27.31aPeach Valley Track
19.-De'ja Prater27.36aPeach Valley Track
20.-Jalleyah Jordan27.50aBaldwin County Jets
21.-Sierra King27.67aLight Speed Track
22.-Ambrielle Alexander27.74aVilla Rica Track & F...
23.-Alivia Cromartie28.02aNew Birth Track & Fi...
24.Maya Marshall28.06aThe Heat Track
25.-Chyna Wright28.24aPeach Valley Track
26.-Shardasia Rockmore28.45aBaldwin County Jets
27.-Imani Epps28.64aMark Trail Flying Ea...
28.-Shyanne Ugwuibe29.50aWorldwide Track
29.-Kendra Purifoye30.53aXing Xing Internatio...
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.15-16Erika Rucker24.67aLanier Running
2.-Aminah Blount24.95aTitans Track
3.13-14Felicia Brown24.98aSprint Athletics Track
5.-Jande' Pierce25.01aNew Horizon Track
4.-Jamilah Middlebrooks25.03aQuicksilver Track, I...
6.-Tiffany Camper25.37aDynamic Speed Elite ...
7.-Ashley Ivey25.46aBaldwin County Jets
8.-Kelli Hardnett25.54aPT Elite Track
9.-Sydney Griffin25.61aPT Elite Track
10.-Joy Bronner25.67aTitans Track
11.-Jessica Mitchell25.75aD.C. Express Track
12.-Shunika Jarrells25.86aTriple Action
13.-Ashleigh Oliver26.01aBlaz N Heat Track
14.-Indiah Bell26.22aTitans Track
15.-Taylor Outland26.23aTitans Track
16.-A'Lanesha McFarland26.34aRuff Riders Track
17.-Alayna Famble26.40aImpact Athletics Track
18.-Jaimee Harris26.40aCheetahs Track
19.-Jade Bentley26.60aCarrollton Track
20.-Michaela Greer26.77aPT Elite Track
21.-Erika Jefferson26.90aXing Xing Internatio...
22.-Asha Stegall27.47aMiddle Georgia Magic
23.-Ti'arra Jenkins27.53aWhite Lightning Track
24.-Courtney Harrison28.47aBaldwin County Jets
X 200 Meters - Young - Prelims
1.-Jawanda King24.49aSapphire Track
4.-Maderia Toatley25.11aNew Horizon Track
7.9Nakia Linson25.12aSapphire Track
8.-Alicia Whittle25.49aPanther Pride
5.-Britany McBride25.50aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Tiffany White25.52aRunning Panthers Track
9.-Adiyah Crute25.57aTitans Track
10.-Britney Thomas25.85aImpact Athletics Track
11.-Jakacha Nelson26.04aBaldwin County Jets
12.Gabrielle Piper26.08aThe Heat Track
13.-Morgan McGhee26.20aNew Horizon Track
14.-Alyxandra Pinkston26.36aDynamic Speed Elite ...
15.15-16Maikea Davis26.41aRuff Riders Track
16.-DeShawn Simmons26.43aRate of Motion ELITE
17.-Maya Thomas26.61aSapphire Track
18.-Melanie Rucker26.64aTitans Track
19.-Olivia Fisher26.66aRunning Panthers Track
19.-Brittany Powell26.66aNorthside Red Runners
21.-Francine Bryan26.90aQuicksilver Track, I...
22.-Angelica Whaley27.32aRunning Panthers Track
23.-Eboney Turnipseed27.43aQuicksilver Track, I...
24.-Victoria Ingram27.46aImpact Athletics Track
25.-Cydnee Gordon27.92aThe Heat Track
26.-Erin Vaughn28.10aForsyth County Track
27.Josephine Akinwumiju28.27aThe Heat Track
28.-LaShadra Gilmore28.33aPT Elite Track
29.-Hannah Hoeflinger28.50aWoodstock Track
30.-De'Ja Williams28.61aBlaz N Heat Track
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Prelims
1.8USydnei Caldwell32.32aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
2.-Kyleeyah Hodge32.34aTitans Track
3.-Emoni Coleman32.58aTrack Phi Track Elit...
6.-Maria Williams32.66aMiddle Georgia Magic
4.8USavannah Bray32.69aThe Heat Track
7.-Davida Brown32.82aSequoyah Youth Track
8.-Elasia Campbell32.91aThe Heat Track
5.-Jachai Kirby32.94aNew Birth Track & Fi...
9.-Imani Adams34.14aImpact Athletics Track
10.-Kennedy Price34.49aTitans Track
11.-Ravyn Jackson34.53aSapphire Track
13.-Nia Perryman34.89aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
14.-Daysha Polite35.81aRuff Riders Track
15.-Daisha Petty36.29aRunning Panthers Track
16.-Alexandria Peterson36.40aVoices of Faith (Tea...
17.-Myah Foster36.64aVoices of Faith (Tea...
18.-Hannah Jackson36.80aThe Heat Track
20.-Dayla Johnson38.44aSapphire Track
21.-Ariana Madison38.53aRunning Panthers Track
22.-Briana Madison38.63aRunning Panthers Track
23.-Fembe Okole38.70aGazelle Track
24.-Mia Sobers38.73aVilla Rica Track & F...
25.-Amanda Hogg39.80aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
26.-Cailyn Coleman40.15aRunning Panthers Track
27.-Allis Royer40.85aVoices of Faith (Tea...
28.-Imani Casey41.40aVilla Rica Track & F...
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Zyia Crawford1:06.27aTitans Track
2.-Alexandria Green1:07.96aTrack Phi Track Elit...
4.9-10Star Pippins1:08.69aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
5.-Mikayla Jordan1:08.71aVoices of Faith (Tea...
6.-Joie Royer1:09.20aVoices of Faith (Tea...
7.8UDaLoria Boone1:09.52aBaldwin County Jets
8.-Shakeria Collins1:13.84aBaldwin County Jets
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Venida Fagan57.65aVoices of Faith (Tea...
2.6Aliyah Abrams1:00.50aRate of Motion ELITE
3.11-12Makenzie Dunmore1:00.70aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
4.-Anriel Howard1:02.53aTitans Track
5.-Amber McCrary1:03.23aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Sydney Henderson1:04.20aTitans Track
7.RSAreonna Neely1:04.83aGazelle Track
8.RSJameeka Middlebrooks1:05.79aVilla Rica Track & F...
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Aubree Collins58.14aTitans Track
2.7Darielle Oliver58.34aTitans Track
3.-Chelsea Crayton59.31aSprint Athletics Track
4.-Chelsea Caldwell1:00.74aD.C. Express Track
5.LeDaysha Smith1:01.03aGazelle Track
6.-Ariel Pryor1:01.61aMiddle Georgia Magic
7.-Shyanne Ugwuibe1:02.14aWorldwide Track
8.-Elisea Jones1:08.91aTitans Track
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Erika Rucker55.19aLanier Running
2.Amber Bryant-Brock56.43aGazelle Track
3.13-14Felicia Brown56.78aSprint Athletics Track
4.-Jande' Pierce56.98aNew Horizon Track
5.-Tiffany Camper57.90aDynamic Speed Elite ...
6.10Jalisa Terrell57.94aSprint Athletics Track
7.13-14Nnenya Hailey58.24aGazelle Track
8.-Crystal Gray58.58aTrack Phi Track Elit...
X 400 Meters - Young - Finals
1.Aubrielle Wright56.99aRunning Panthers Track
2.-Alicia Whittle57.41aPanther Pride
3.-Crystal Taylor58.04aQuicksilver Track, I...
4.-Britany McBride58.05aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Kimberly Thomas58.64aWorldwide Track
6.-Alyxandra Pinkston59.33aDynamic Speed Elite ...
7.-Elizabeth Bond59.63aTitans Track
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.8USydnei Caldwell1:10.15aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
2.-Emoni Coleman1:13.79aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.-Paityn Pegross1:15.43aLightning Spikes Track
4.-Kennedy Price1:16.07aTitans Track
5.-Trinity Williams1:17.34aTitans Track
6.8USavannah Bray1:18.76aThe Heat Track
7.-Daisha Petty1:20.14aRunning Panthers Track
8.-Nia Perryman1:26.94aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.-Mikayla Jordan1:07.71aVoices of Faith (Tea...
2.-Zyia Crawford1:07.91aTitans Track
3.-Alexandria Green1:07.97aTrack Phi Track Elit...
5.8UDaLoria Boone1:08.00aBaldwin County Jets
6.9-10Star Pippins1:09.21aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
7.-Shakeria Collins1:09.58aBaldwin County Jets
8.-Joie Royer1:09.80aVoices of Faith (Tea...
9.-Jazmine Reed1:09.95aPanther Pride
10.-Kamare Ways1:10.18aMiddle Georgia Magic
11.-Matoaka Wilson1:10.18aNew Birth Track & Fi...
12.-Jasmine Willingham1:10.86aTitans Track
13.-Yo'Era Jones1:11.84aRuff Riders Track
14.9-10Kirsten Eason1:11.99aGazelle Track
15.-Dajah Reid1:14.36aVoices of Faith (Tea...
16.-Payge Almon1:14.82aVilla Rica Track & F...
17.-Mykia Conyer1:14.92aTrack Phi Track Elit...
18.-Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja1:15.08aThe Heat Track
20.-Trinity Bond1:15.90aSprint Athletics Track
21.-Nilah Rutledge1:17.10aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
22.-Hannah Nicholson1:17.72aBremen City Track
23.-Charley Amissah1:18.09aSequoyah Youth Track
24.-Maya Carter1:19.75aJaguar Track
25.-Jacie Sloane1:20.90aImpact Athletics Track
26.-Ava Pinkston1:21.81aDynamic Speed Elite ...
27.-Zoryn Bray-Gates1:28.09aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 400 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.11-12Venida Fagan58.80aVoices of Faith (Tea...
2.6Aliyah Abrams1:00.91aRate of Motion ELITE
5.11-12Makenzie Dunmore1:01.57aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
3.-Anriel Howard1:02.69aTitans Track
4.-Amber McCrary1:03.03aBaldwin County Jets
6.RSAreonna Neely1:04.68aGazelle Track
7.-Sydney Henderson1:05.01aTitans Track
8.RSJameeka Middlebrooks1:05.07aVilla Rica Track & F...
9.Jillian Sloane1:05.56aImpact Athletics Track
10.-Taleah Camper1:05.77aDynamic Speed Elite ...
11.-Alexis Adams1:07.30aImpact Athletics Track
12.-Ansley Goode1:07.31aVoices of Faith (Tea...
14.-Alexia Wilson1:07.58aNew Birth Track & Fi...
15.-Rhodelle Lewis1:07.96aDynamic Speed Elite ...
16.RSJessica Watkins1:07.97aNew Birth Track & Fi...
17.-Cori Russell1:08.31aTitans Track
18.-Halee Hodges1:08.85aQuicksilver Track, I...
19.-Colleen Cromer1:09.48aWoodstock Track
20.-Darien Hoyle1:09.51aNew Birth Track & Fi...
21.-Victoria Gregg1:10.60aSequoyah Youth Track
22.11-12Lauren Epps1:11.73aMark Trail Flying Ea...
23.-Alexia Green1:12.20aPeach Valley Track
24.-Zavannah Brown1:12.95aCarrollton Track
25.-Shannon Walton1:16.11aEtowah Youth Track
26.-Justice Ford1:18.65aWhite Lightning Track
27.-Regine Golphin1:21.10aMacon-Mid
28.-Tyechia Andrews1:23.11aMacon-Mid
X 400 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.13-14Aubree Collins58.64aTitans Track
2.-Chelsea Crayton59.09aSprint Athletics Track
5.7Darielle Oliver59.50aTitans Track
3.LeDaysha Smith1:00.59aGazelle Track
4.-Elisea Jones1:00.84aTitans Track
6.-Ariel Pryor1:00.87aMiddle Georgia Magic
7.-Chelsea Caldwell1:01.16aD.C. Express Track
8.-Shyanne Ugwuibe1:01.45aWorldwide Track
9.8QuanDra Shanks1:01.46aRate of Motion ELITE
10.-Khadejah Jackson1:01.51aTitans Track
11.-Crystal Owens1:01.79aImpact Athletics Track
12.-Vanessa Providence1:01.93aSapphire Track
13.Mecca Day1:02.12aTrack Phi Track Elit...
14.-Tori Taylor1:02.34aTrack Phi Track Elit...
15.-Nia Johnson1:03.50aSapphire Track
16.Amber Lewis1:03.83aThe Heat Track
17.11-12Angelica Henderson1:03.87aD.C. Express Track
18.-Sierra King1:03.99aLight Speed Track
19.-Chelsea Johnson1:04.40aQuicksilver Track, I...
20.-Adria Peterkin1:04.43aImpact Athletics Track
21.-Michaela McGhee1:05.82aNew Horizon Track
22.Shanel Burr1:05.85aThe Heat Track
23.-Kendra Purifoye1:05.88aXing Xing Internatio...
24.-Merideth Alexander1:06.03aQuicksilver Track, I...
25.-Christian Smith1:06.36aNew Birth Track & Fi...
26.-Maya Ward1:07.48aRunning Panthers Track
27.-Lavet Gripper1:08.37aQuicksilver Track, I...
28.-Sabrina Samuels1:10.12aRunning Panthers Track
29.-Candace Bass1:10.54aImpact Athletics Track
30.-Imani Epps1:11.54aMark Trail Flying Ea...
31.-Jamecia Stokes1:12.19aMiddle Georgia Magic
32.-Oluwatami Toyin-Adelaja1:12.42aThe Heat Track
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.-Jande' Pierce56.42aNew Horizon Track
2.15-16Erika Rucker56.54aLanier Running
3.13-14Felicia Brown56.90aSprint Athletics Track
4.Amber Bryant-Brock57.16aGazelle Track
5.10Jalisa Terrell57.56aSprint Athletics Track
6.13-14Nnenya Hailey58.17aGazelle Track
7.-Tiffany Camper58.53aDynamic Speed Elite ...
8.-Crystal Gray58.67aTrack Phi Track Elit...
9.-Indiah Bell59.00aTitans Track
10.-Amber Griffin59.35aSprint Athletics Track
11.-Taylor Outland59.41aTitans Track
12.-Ashleigh Oliver59.78aBlaz N Heat Track
13.Jessika Banks59.91aMark Trail Flying Ea...
14.-Alakea Woods59.94aD.C. Express Track
15.-Aaliyah Pettway1:00.73aTrack Phi Track Elit...
16.-Destinee Collins1:01.26aRuff Riders Track
17.-Rebecca Whittle1:01.74aPanther Pride
18.-Gabriel Strickland1:01.91aCarrollton Track
19.-Erika Jefferson1:02.85aXing Xing Internatio...
20.Aneisha Hunter1:04.29aGazelle Track
21.-Courtney Harrison1:04.44aBaldwin County Jets
22.-Malorie Broach1:05.25aCarroll County Recre...
23.Camryn Coleman1:06.61aRunning Panthers Track
24.-Ti'arra Jenkins1:07.52aWhite Lightning Track
25.-Yolanda Sykes1:10.72aRunning Panthers Track
X 400 Meters - Young - Prelims
1.-Jawanda King56.77aSapphire Track
2.-Crystal Taylor57.44aQuicksilver Track, I...
3.-Alicia Whittle57.60aPanther Pride
4.Aubrielle Wright57.63aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Britany McBride57.87aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Alyxandra Pinkston58.97aDynamic Speed Elite ...
7.-Kimberly Thomas59.27aWorldwide Track
8.-Elizabeth Bond59.41aTitans Track
9.-LaTonya Payne59.83aGazelle Track
10.9Nakia Linson1:00.55aSapphire Track
11.-Daijah Rosser1:00.97aQuicksilver Track, I...
12.-Oprah Odugbela1:01.08aSapphire Track
13.-DeShawn Simmons1:01.23aRate of Motion ELITE
14.-Ebony Stone1:01.34aBaldwin County Jets
15.-Angelica Whaley1:01.35aRunning Panthers Track
16.-Maya Thomas1:01.49aSapphire Track
17.-Corinthian Grace1:01.95aNew Birth Track & Fi...
18.-Klarke Bass1:02.06aSapphire Track
19.15-16Maikea Davis1:02.07aRuff Riders Track
20.-Francine Bryan1:02.59aQuicksilver Track, I...
21.-Synera Shelton1:03.82aGazelle Track
22.-Britney Thomas1:04.06aImpact Athletics Track
23.-Cydnee Gordon1:04.86aThe Heat Track
24.-Erin Vaughn1:04.95aForsyth County Track
25.-Grace Gordon1:06.43aTrack Phi Track Elit...
26.-Tori Cheeks1:08.04aLanier Running
27.-LaShadra Gilmore1:08.72aPT Elite Track
28.-Victoria Ingram1:08.94aImpact Athletics Track
29.-Shatara Bonner1:12.15aBaldwin County Jets
30.-Hannah Hoeflinger1:15.39aWoodstock Track
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Prelims
1.8USydnei Caldwell1:13.00aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
5.-Kennedy Price1:14.70aTitans Track
2.-Paityn Pegross1:15.20aLightning Spikes Track
3.-Trinity Williams1:15.43aTitans Track
6.8USavannah Bray1:15.60aThe Heat Track
4.-Emoni Coleman1:15.67aTrack Phi Track Elit...
7.-Daisha Petty1:20.10aRunning Panthers Track
8.-Nia Perryman1:20.69aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
9.-Qui'Andra Moore1:23.04aLightning Spikes Track
10.-Kyndall Hudson1:23.06aWalton Youth Track
11.-Dhylan Holmes1:24.21aNew Birth Track & Fi...
12.-Charity Poole1:25.89aWhite Lightning Track
14.-Mya Solomon1:27.05aNewroc Rockets
15.-Deven Jones1:28.17aVilla Rica Track & F...
16.-Mia Sobers1:28.53aVilla Rica Track & F...
17.-Cailyn Coleman1:29.06aRunning Panthers Track
18.-Briana Madison1:29.06aRunning Panthers Track
19.-Mia Moore1:29.22aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
20.-Kennedy Hill1:32.58aImpact Athletics Track
21.-Ariana Madison1:34.55aRunning Panthers Track
22.-Joslyn Young1:35.72aQuicksilver Track, I...
23.8USaniah Caldwell1:37.06aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
24.-Imani Casey1:37.88aVilla Rica Track & F...
25.-Angel Ellington1:39.16aWhite Lightning Track
26.-Asadah Payne1:41.90aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
27.-Haiiley McComb1:42.02aRunning Panthers Track
28.-Katelyn Mclean1:43.32aKennworth Track
30.-Jasmine Martin1:57.25aWhite Lightning Track
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.8UMackenzie Ellison2:39.19aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.4Leilani Johnson2:44.72aGazelle Track
4.-Matoaka Wilson2:45.75aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Kamare Ways2:49.14aMiddle Georgia Magic
6.-QuanDerricka Slocumb2:50.90aRunning Panthers Track
7.9-10Jalah Butler2:53.44aRuff Riders Track
8.-Chimari Allen2:53.93aThe Heat Track
9.-Jasmine Willingham2:55.80aTitans Track
10.-Keiyana Palmer2:56.80aGazelle Track
11.-Mackenzie Walsh2:57.18aEtowah Youth Track
12.-Jazmine Reed2:57.71aPanther Pride
14.-Tatiana Terrell3:01.43aNewroc Rockets
15.-Parker Paige Boline3:02.01aNewroc Rockets
16.-Sydney Echols3:03.23aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
17.-Jacie Sloane3:03.27aImpact Athletics Track
18.-Trinity Bond3:03.37aSprint Athletics Track
19.-Faith Roth3:03.55aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
20.-Lauren Powell3:06.81aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
21.-Arayna Goodman3:08.47aEtowah Youth Track
22.-Nilah Rutledge3:13.24aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
23.-Tiara Santos3:14.28aImpact Athletics Track
24.-Timia Walton3:16.72aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
25.-Nija Johnson3:17.09aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
26.-Vivian Bridges3:18.11aWalton Youth Track
27.-Emily Rensel3:31.34aEtowah Youth Track
28.-Mckenzie White3:45.43aKennworth Track
X 800 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Makenzie Dunmore2:27.39aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
2.11-12Marielle Lewis2:30.26aGazelle Track
3.-Anriel Howard2:33.32aTitans Track
4.RSAntwonette Thomas2:37.00aTrack Phi Track Elit...
5.Sydney Garnigan2:38.96aGazelle Track
6.Jillian Sloane2:38.98aImpact Athletics Track
8.-Rhodelle Lewis2:40.02aDynamic Speed Elite ...
9.-Nia Griffin2:41.64aImpact Athletics Track
10.-Sydney Henderson2:42.49aTitans Track
11.-Alexia Wilson2:43.84aNew Birth Track & Fi...
12.-Dinara Rothman2:45.05aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
13.11-12Areale Frazier2:45.77aGazelle Track
14.11-12Lauren Epps2:47.84aMark Trail Flying Ea...
15.-Kimberly Gibson2:49.68aForsyth County Track
16.-Laura Schulz2:50.83aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
17.-Lauren Olsen2:50.84aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
18.-Savoy Lovett2:52.71aTrack Phi Track Elit...
19.-Dyanna Freeman2:53.15aThe Heat Track
20.-Leah Manuel2:54.96aImpact Athletics Track
21.-Shannon Walton2:55.83aEtowah Youth Track
22.-Ashley Epps2:56.29aMark Trail Flying Ea...
23.-Shelby Rensel2:59.90aEtowah Youth Track
24.-Justice Ford3:06.17aWhite Lightning Track
25.-Natalie Rose3:21.06aBaldwin County Jets
26.-Emily Olson3:24.92aPeachtree City Flash
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Tatiyana Caffey2:16.64aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.13-14Aubree Collins2:23.59aTitans Track
3.8QuanDra Shanks2:24.39aRate of Motion ELITE
4.Mecca Day2:28.92aTrack Phi Track Elit...
5.-Khadejah Jackson2:30.16aTitans Track
6.-Chelsea Caldwell2:31.29aD.C. Express Track
7.-Shannon Stevenson2:31.84aEtowah Youth Track
8.Jazmin Lacy2:33.22aGazelle Track
9.-Sara Hardin2:36.18aWalton Youth Track
10.Logann Hill2:37.48aImpact Athletics Track
11.-Leigha Long2:41.78aVoices of Faith (Tea...
12.-Chelsea Johnson2:42.46aQuicksilver Track, I...
13.-Nia Johnson2:42.73aSapphire Track
15.-Brandie Wood2:45.26aPeach Valley Track
16.-Mary Hailey2:45.86aNorthside Red Runners
17.-Alea Nesbit2:46.59aImpact Athletics Track
18.Bianca Long2:47.14aTitans Track
19.-Jermika Boyd2:49.74aBaldwin County Jets
20.-Alashawn Grigley2:58.13aBaldwin County Jets
21.-Kelly Teague3:05.95aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Aaliyah Pettway2:18.33aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-Adriunna Brown2:19.61aMiddle Georgia Magic
3.Destiny Jenkins2:23.68aNewroc Rockets
4.-Jamara Dye2:24.15aImpact Athletics Track
5.-Olivia Traylor2:25.55aMiddle Georgia Magic
6.Bria Philpot2:26.23aTrack Phi Track Elit...
7.Monti Willis2:33.37aThe Heat Track
8.-Destinee Collins2:35.31aRuff Riders Track
9.Aneisha Hunter2:40.85aGazelle Track
10.-Claire Philips2:42.10aXing Xing Internatio...
12.-Kiana Richburg2:45.47aImpact Athletics Track
13.-Yolanda Sykes2:53.40aRunning Panthers Track
14.-Alyssa Baker3:13.96aEtowah Youth Track
15.-Simone Taylor3:16.68aImpact Athletics Track
X 800 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Asia Palmer2:18.09aWorldwide Track
2.Aubrielle Wright2:18.29aRunning Panthers Track
3.-LaTonya Payne2:18.62aGazelle Track
4.-Kelly Conway2:21.98aWorldwide Track
5.-Soyong Smith2:24.46aSapphire Track
6.-Asea Mayfield2:25.14aGazelle Track
7.-Chandelic Jackson2:26.84aCobb Youth Track Lea...
8.-Whitney Martin2:29.75aWorldwide Track
9.-Daijah Rosser2:32.41aQuicksilver Track, I...
10.-Sallie Davis2:34.44aLanier Running
11.-Donye Coleman2:34.97aRate of Motion ELITE
12.-Corinthian Grace2:36.96aNew Birth Track & Fi...
13.-Oprah Odugbela2:38.84aSapphire Track
14.-Klarke Bass2:43.00aSapphire Track
15.-Nyree Strange2:59.42aXing Xing Internatio...
16.-Tiana Berry3:08.54aXing Xing Internatio...
17.-Allyson Walton3:11.19aEtowah Youth Track
18.-Jasmine James3:32.66aTrack Phi Track Elit...
19.-Taisha Baptiste3:50.74aVoices of Faith (Tea...
X 800 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.8USydnei Caldwell2:48.10aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
2.-Dominique Jenkins2:51.58aNewroc Rockets
3.-Sydney Runyan3:07.48aEtowah Youth Track
4.-Mya Solomon3:17.14aNewroc Rockets
5.-Janaia Madden3:17.60aTitans Track
6.-Camryn Taylor3:20.52aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Alaina Palmer3:22.75aLightning Spikes Track
8.-Deven Jones3:26.57aVilla Rica Track & F...
9.-Lexie Ledford3:27.03aEtowah Youth Track
10.-Mya Willingham3:27.47aSapphire Track
11.-Charizma Lawrence3:28.18aVoices of Faith (Tea...
12.-Joslyn Young3:30.21aQuicksilver Track, I...
13.-Kennedy Hill3:36.35aImpact Athletics Track
14.-Sontai-Blu Boyd3:38.00aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
15.-Katelyn Mclean3:38.61aKennworth Track
16.8USaniah Caldwell3:38.70aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
17.-Kimberly Fernandez3:56.12aImpact Athletics Track
18.-Haiiley McComb3:58.79aRunning Panthers Track
18.-Jasmine Martin3:58.79aWhite Lightning Track
20.-Angel Ellington3:59.78aWhite Lightning Track
21.-Kennedy Taylor4:06.48aImpact Athletics Track
X 800 Meters - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.RSJameeka Middlebrooks2:39.47Villa Rica Track & F...
2.-Amber McCrary2:46.18Baldwin County Jets
3.-Gabrielle Roth2:49.77Track Monkeys - Trai...
4.-Laura Schulz2:49.92SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
5.-Darien Hoyle2:50.02aNew Birth Track & Fi...
6.RSJessica Watkins2:53.05aNew Birth Track & Fi...
7.-Jazmine Burse2:59.06Villa Rica Track & F...
8.-Olivia Reeves3:11.47Sequoyah Youth Track
9.-Marissa Gore3:23.33SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X 800 Meters - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.Kendell Williams2:42.35The Heat Track
2.Amber Lewis2:45.10The Heat Track
3.Shanel Burr2:45.73The Heat Track
4.-Ambrielle Alexander2:48.01Villa Rica Track & F...
5.Maya Marshall3:01.84The Heat Track
6.-Tiara Lee3:06.81aSapphire Track
7.-Cydnee Collins-Luther3:30.22First Light Track
X 800 Meters - Intermediate Heptathlon - Finals
1.-Destinee Collins2:26.59Ruff Riders Track
2.Monti Willis2:29.70The Heat Track
3.-Michaela Greer2:39.53aPT Elite Track
4.-Lucy Mason2:48.92aSapphire Track
5.Anasterasia Terrell2:51.22Middle Georgia Magic
6.-Bre'Nikki Reese2:51.25Ruff Riders Track
7.13-14Mimieux Land2:58.94Ruff Riders Track
8.-Trisha McCutchen3:11.33Ruff Riders Track
9.-Alexis Turner3:28.83Carrollton Track
X 800 Meters - Young Heptathlon - Finals
1.-Irrion Conaler2:29.07aSapphire Track
2.-Monique Pate2:29.10aBlaz N Heat Track
3.-Osato Uzamere2:35.93aSapphire Track
4.-Heather Boykin2:41.51Carrollton Track
5.15-16Ashley Johnson2:51.43Ruff Riders Track
6.15-16Maikea Davis2:59.82Ruff Riders Track
7.-Haley Vaughn3:16.02Carrollton Track
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.3Kennedy Simon5:26.37aGazelle Track
2.8UMackenzie Ellison5:26.68aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.9-10Kirsten Eason5:36.49aGazelle Track
4.-Matoaka Wilson5:42.34aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-QuanDerricka Slocumb5:43.06aRunning Panthers Track
6.4Leilani Johnson5:46.63aGazelle Track
7.-Parker Paige Boline5:54.22aNewroc Rockets
8.-Mackenzie Walsh5:59.48aEtowah Youth Track
9.-Faith Roth6:28.46aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
10.-Alliee Pattillo6:28.96aPanther Pride
11.-Marie Yamaoka6:29.01aWalton Youth Track
12.-Arayna Goodman6:38.06aEtowah Youth Track
13.-Vivian Bridges6:47.43aWalton Youth Track
14.-Lacy Ott7:12.28aWalton Youth Track
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.RSAntwonette Thomas5:15.65aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.-Gabrielle Roth5:32.47aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
4.11-12Savannah Carnahan5:33.70aForsyth County Track
6.-Brittany Samples5:38.16aNewroc Rockets
7.-Nia Griffin5:38.22aImpact Athletics Track
8.-Dinara Rothman5:49.97aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
9.-Jocelyn Brown5:53.76aWalton Youth Track
10.-Kimberly Weot6:12.87aEtowah Youth Track
11.-Anna Walker6:20.97aNorthside Red Runners
12.-Dyanna Freeman6:30.05aThe Heat Track
13.-Natalie Rose6:33.74aBaldwin County Jets
14.-Caitlin Hogg6:39.29aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
15.-Julianne Cantwell6:48.15aEtowah Youth Track
16.-Kayla Hall6:48.29aNewroc Rockets
17.-Gabrielle Liles7:01.47aBremen City Track
18.-Kylie Nowokunski7:12.37aCreekview Youth Track
X 1500 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Tatiyana Caffey4:50.59aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-Rachel Thorne5:05.24aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.13-14Madeline Wetterhall5:06.10aNorthside Red Runners
4.-Sara Hardin5:16.59aWalton Youth Track
5.-Mackenzie Nail5:17.38aPeachtree City Flash
6.-Hailey Branch5:19.33aNorthside Red Runners
7.-Alexandria Rouse5:23.78aGazelle Track
8.-Shannon Stevenson5:25.05aEtowah Youth Track
9.-Ju-Ells McLeod5:30.95aComets Track
10.Logann Hill5:38.46aImpact Athletics Track
11.Christiana Thompson5:39.75aImpact Athletics Track
13.-Amie Wimberly5:41.78aMiddle Georgia Magic
14.-Brandie Wood5:45.30aPeach Valley Track
15.-Alea Nesbit5:53.57aImpact Athletics Track
16.-Mary Hailey5:55.88aNorthside Red Runners
17.Bianca Long5:57.00aTitans Track
18.-Chelsea Jordan5:58.01aComets Track
19.-Hunter Branch5:58.87aNorthside Red Runners
20.-Leigha Long6:00.34aVoices of Faith (Tea...
21.-Daria Woods6:03.65aNewroc Rockets
22.13-14Jensen Caster6:04.02aWalton Youth Track
23.-Sarah Hammond6:11.25aKennworth Track
24.-Alexandra Armstrong6:13.55aEtowah Youth Track
25.-Isabel Ott6:14.40aWalton Youth Track
26.-Hannah Koch6:27.80aKennworth Track
27.-Quincee Donnell6:34.20aLightning Spikes Track
X 1500 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.Destiny Jenkins4:54.21aNewroc Rockets
2.15-16Meghan Wetterhall5:08.14aNorthside Red Runners
3.Bria Philpot5:18.61aTrack Phi Track Elit...
4.-Kelsey Neukum5:31.26aLanier Running
6.-Alyssa Baker7:00.99aEtowah Youth Track
X 1500 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Katharine Showalter5:14.54aQuicksilver Track, I...
2.-Soyong Smith5:18.89aSapphire Track
3.-Ameryst Armstead5:23.32aWorldwide Track
4.-Corinthian Grace5:31.32aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Chandelic Jackson5:40.33aCobb Youth Track Lea...
6.-Asea Mayfield5:41.70aGazelle Track
7.-Taisha Baptiste7:29.24aVoices of Faith (Tea...
8.-Jasmine James8:05.98aTrack Phi Track Elit...
---Donye ColemanDNFRate of Motion ELITE
X 1500 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Dominique Jenkins5:47.61aNewroc Rockets
2.-Sydney Runyan6:17.90aEtowah Youth Track
3.-Janaia Madden6:43.37aTitans Track
4.-Charizma Lawrence7:06.72aVoices of Faith (Tea...
X 3000 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.RSAntwonette Thomas11:19.41aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-Gabrielle Roth12:08.44aTrack Monkeys - Trai...
3.-Brittany Samples12:18.87aNewroc Rockets
4.11-12Savannah Carnahan12:20.02aForsyth County Track
5.-Rachel Lipham12:40.02aCarroll County Recre...
6.-Dinara Rothman12:44.86aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
7.-Lauren Olsen12:57.68aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
9.-Shelby Rensel13:22.41aEtowah Youth Track
10.-Caitlin Hogg13:55.33aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
11.-Quiana Terrell15:13.54aNewroc Rockets
X 3000 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Hailey Branch11:04.27aNorthside Red Runners
2.-Rachel Thorne11:20.22aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
3.-Mackenzie Nail11:45.52aPeachtree City Flash
4.-Ju-Ells McLeod12:12.42aComets Track
5.-Amie Wimberly12:27.27aMiddle Georgia Magic
6.-Hunter Branch12:48.94aNorthside Red Runners
7.-Robin Brown12:49.89aNorthside Red Runners
8.-Emily Bridges13:01.74aWalton Youth Track
9.-Isabel Ott13:44.78aWalton Youth Track
10.-Hannah Koch14:01.13aKennworth Track
11.-Daria Woods14:02.16aNewroc Rockets
X 3000 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.Destiny Jenkins10:48.72aNewroc Rockets
2.15-16Meghan Wetterhall11:11.64aNorthside Red Runners
4.-Janet Whittaker12:23.02aLanier Running
5.-Kelsey Neukum12:30.62aLanier Running
6.-Isabella Hess13:39.91aThe Heat Track
X 3000 Meters - Young - Finals
1.-Katharine Showalter11:18.77aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Finals
1.RSUyriah Lucas13.16aGazelle Track
2.RSSydney Holmes13.68aNew Birth Track & Fi...
4.-Jazmine Burse14.34aVilla Rica Track & F...
5.11-12Marielle Lewis14.72aGazelle Track
6.RSJameeka Middlebrooks14.83aVilla Rica Track & F...
7.11-12Lauren Epps15.07aMark Trail Flying Ea...
8.11-12Areale Frazier15.28aGazelle Track
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Jazmine Burse14.80Villa Rica Track & F...
2.RSJessica Watkins15.27aNew Birth Track & Fi...
3.RSJameeka Middlebrooks15.36Villa Rica Track & F...
4.-Gabrielle Roth17.07Track Monkeys - Trai...
5.-Amber McCrary17.57Baldwin County Jets
6.-Marissa Gore17.67SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
7.-Laura Schulz18.03SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
8.-Olivia Reeves19.14Sequoyah Youth Track
---Darien HoyleDQNew Birth Track & Fi...
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Prelims
1.RSUyriah Lucas13.48aGazelle Track
3.11-12Marielle Lewis13.88aGazelle Track
4.RSSydney Holmes13.97aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Jazmine Burse14.26aVilla Rica Track & F...
6.RSJameeka Middlebrooks15.20aVilla Rica Track & F...
7.11-12Lauren Epps16.23aMark Trail Flying Ea...
8.11-12Areale Frazier16.43aGazelle Track
9.-Kinsey Kotscher16.45aForsyth County Track
10.-Cori Russell16.54aTitans Track
11.-Miyah McKnight17.14aRunning Panthers Track
12.-Mignon Eason17.41aGazelle Track
13.-Halee Hodges17.61aQuicksilver Track, I...
14.-Gabrielle Davis17.69aMark Trail Flying Ea...
15.-Marissa Gore17.80aSPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
16.-Olivia Reeves18.44aSequoyah Youth Track
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
1.Kendell Williams14.54aThe Heat Track
2.Shanel Burr15.38aThe Heat Track
3.Amber Lewis15.41aThe Heat Track
4.LeDaysha Smith15.62aGazelle Track
5.-Kenya Collins15.67aRunning Panthers Track
6.Athena Carpenter15.79aTitans Track
7.Nitisha Dixon15.92aGazelle Track
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
4.-Tiara Lee19.92aSapphire Track
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Prelims
1.Kendell Williams14.61aThe Heat Track
2.Shanel Burr15.39aThe Heat Track
3.Athena Carpenter15.50aTitans Track
4.Amber Lewis15.69aThe Heat Track
5.-Kenya Collins15.91aRunning Panthers Track
6.Nitisha Dixon16.01aGazelle Track
7.LeDaysha Smith16.11aGazelle Track
8.Jaelyn Rice16.65aGazelle Track
9.-Randi Bohler16.74aCheetahs Track
10.Naomi Teah17.75aRunning Panthers Track
11.Maya Marshall19.71aThe Heat Track
12.-Ambrielle Alexander20.23aVilla Rica Track & F...
13.-Quiyana Shipp22.24aBlaz N Heat Track
14.-Cydnee Collins-Luther23.69aFirst Light Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Intermediate - Finals
1.13-14Nnenya Hailey14.70aGazelle Track
2.-Sydney Griffin14.74aPT Elite Track
3.-Maya Collins15.04aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Taylor Wade15.21aD.C. Express Track
5.-Alexis Jones-Hardy15.34aTitans Track
6.-Darnisha Stevenson15.42aCobb Youth Track Lea...
7.-Michaela Greer15.46aPT Elite Track
8.Anasterasia Terrell15.92aMiddle Georgia Magic
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Young - Finals
1.-Shani Chandler14.56aRunning Panthers Track
2.Gabrielle Piper14.67aThe Heat Track
3.-Adiyah Crute14.91aTitans Track
4.-Miray Seward15.02aCobb Youth Track Lea...
5.-Irrion Conaler15.62aSapphire Track
6.-Synera Shelton15.78aGazelle Track
7.-Monique Pate15.80aBlaz N Heat Track
8.15-16Ashley Johnson16.24aRuff Riders Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.Kendell Williams15.00The Heat Track
2.Amber Lewis15.80The Heat Track
3.Shanel Burr15.96The Heat Track
5.-Ambrielle Alexander20.06Villa Rica Track & F...
6.Maya Marshall20.13The Heat Track
7.-Cydnee Collins-Luther23.75First Light Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Intermediate Heptathlon - Finals
1.Anasterasia Terrell15.24Middle Georgia Magic
2.-Michaela Greer15.61aPT Elite Track
3.-Lucy Mason15.86aSapphire Track
4.13-14Mimieux Land16.56Ruff Riders Track
5.Monti Willis16.78The Heat Track
6.-Trisha McCutchen19.01Ruff Riders Track
7.-Destinee Collins19.27Ruff Riders Track
8.-Alexis Turner20.12Carrollton Track
9.-Bre'Nikki Reese20.91Ruff Riders Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Young Heptathlon - Finals
1.-Irrion Conaler15.93aSapphire Track
2.-Monique Pate16.11aBlaz N Heat Track
3.15-16Ashley Johnson16.97Ruff Riders Track
4.-Haley Vaughn17.60Carrollton Track
5.-Heather Boykin20.75Carrollton Track
6.-Osato Uzamere23.22aSapphire Track
7.15-16Maikea Davis24.01Ruff Riders Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Intermediate - Prelims
1.-Sydney Griffin15.10aPT Elite Track
2.13-14Nnenya Hailey15.15aGazelle Track
4.-Maya Collins15.27aRunning Panthers Track
3.Anasterasia Terrell15.35aMiddle Georgia Magic
5.-Darnisha Stevenson15.37aCobb Youth Track Lea...
6.-Alexis Jones-Hardy15.41aTitans Track
7.-Taylor Wade15.50aD.C. Express Track
8.-Michaela Greer15.59aPT Elite Track
9.-Lucy Mason15.60aSapphire Track
10.-Allana Anderson16.54aTitans Track
11.-Shontel Stewart17.07aD.C. Express Track
12.-Autumnn Burnett17.23aBlaz N Heat Track
13.-Ayanna Toomer17.52aTitans Track
14.-Briana Burrows17.91aTitans Track
15.-Ashley Ivey18.53aBaldwin County Jets
16.-Chelsey Lamar18.69aGazelle Track
17.-Nia Gianturco19.15aGazelle Track
18.-Mayah Gaddy20.91aCheetahs Track
19.-Ashley Colon21.16aBaldwin County Jets
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Young - Prelims
1.-Miray Seward14.92aCobb Youth Track Lea...
2.-Shani Chandler15.00aRunning Panthers Track
3.Gabrielle Piper15.21aThe Heat Track
4.-Adiyah Crute15.23aTitans Track
5.-Monique Pate15.43aBlaz N Heat Track
6.-Irrion Conaler15.49aSapphire Track
7.-Synera Shelton15.50aGazelle Track
8.15-16Ashley Johnson16.06aRuff Riders Track
10.-Haley Vaughn17.08aCarrollton Track
11.-Kenisha Ladler17.51aQuicksilver Track, I...
12.-Soncerea Crowder18.78aNew Birth Track & Fi...
13.-Carnika Boyd18.91aBaldwin County Jets
14.-Alexis Hughey19.73aSapphire Track
15.-Devin Pitts19.73aQuicksilver Track, I...
16.-Morgan Wright19.82aSouth Side Pioneers
17.-Shaniqua Brown21.07aQuicksilver Track, I...
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
1.Kendell Williams26.91aThe Heat Track
2.Nitisha Dixon28.31aGazelle Track
3.-Kenya Collins28.85aRunning Panthers Track
4.Shanel Burr29.02aThe Heat Track
5.Amber Lewis29.11aThe Heat Track
6.-Nia Johnson29.36aSapphire Track
7.Athena Carpenter30.40aTitans Track
8.LeDaysha Smith30.41aGazelle Track
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Prelims
1.Kendell Williams27.14aThe Heat Track
4.-Kenya Collins29.27aRunning Panthers Track
2.Shanel Burr29.41aThe Heat Track
5.Amber Lewis29.76aThe Heat Track
6.LeDaysha Smith30.21aGazelle Track
7.Athena Carpenter30.27aTitans Track
3.-Nia Johnson30.77aSapphire Track
8.Nitisha Dixon30.85aGazelle Track
9.-Talia Pinkston31.27aDynamic Speed Elite ...
10.Naomi Teah31.46aRunning Panthers Track
11.Erika Banks31.70aMark Trail Flying Ea...
12.-Tiara Lee33.01aSapphire Track
13.-Simone Maxwell34.24aThe Heat Track
14.-Adrienne Gilbert34.54aNew Birth Track & Fi...
15.-Haven Charles36.55aFlight400 Track, Inc.
16.-Cydnee Collins-Luther42.17aFirst Light Track
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Intermediate - Finals
1.13-14Nnenya Hailey1:02.75aGazelle Track
2.Amber Bryant-Brock1:03.82aGazelle Track
3.9Alyssa Felton1:03.84aSapphire Track
4.-Adriunna Brown1:04.98aMiddle Georgia Magic
5.Jessika Banks1:04.98aMark Trail Flying Ea...
6.-Maya Collins1:05.07aRunning Panthers Track
7.-Darnisha Stevenson1:05.77aCobb Youth Track Lea...
8.-Chelsey Lamar1:14.66aGazelle Track
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Young - Finals
1.-Shani Chandler1:03.01aRunning Panthers Track
2.-LaTonya Payne1:03.79aGazelle Track
3.-Irrion Conaler1:05.57aSapphire Track
4.-Monique Pate1:06.06aBlaz N Heat Track
5.-Kenisha Ladler1:06.71aQuicksilver Track, I...
6.-Kristiana Person1:10.25aCobb Youth Track Lea...
7.-Miray Seward1:13.31aCobb Youth Track Lea...
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Intermediate - Prelims
1.Amber Bryant-Brock1:03.83aGazelle Track
5.-Maya Collins1:04.14aRunning Panthers Track
2.13-14Nnenya Hailey1:04.53aGazelle Track
6.-Darnisha Stevenson1:04.90aCobb Youth Track Lea...
7.Jessika Banks1:05.66aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.9Alyssa Felton1:06.76aSapphire Track
4.-Chelsey Lamar1:07.29aGazelle Track
8.-Adriunna Brown1:08.04aMiddle Georgia Magic
9.Monti Willis1:08.30aThe Heat Track
10.-Briana Burrows1:08.40aTitans Track
11.-Allana Anderson1:10.92aTitans Track
12.-Shontel Stewart1:12.03aD.C. Express Track
13.-Ariel Truitt1:13.05aQuicksilver Track, I...
14.-Jasmin Springer1:13.64aDynamic Speed Elite ...
15.-Ayanna Toomer1:13.87aTitans Track
16.13-14Mimieux Land1:13.88aRuff Riders Track
17.-Lexis Shields1:14.00aRate of Motion ELITE
18.Aneisha Hunter1:14.53aGazelle Track
19.-Nandi Rollins1:16.98aQuicksilver Track, I...
20.-Victoria Mack1:19.36aPT Elite Track
21.-Nia Gianturco1:19.82aGazelle Track
22.-Mayah Gaddy1:21.73aCheetahs Track
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Young - Prelims
1.-Shani Chandler1:03.34aRunning Panthers Track
2.-Monique Pate1:06.15aBlaz N Heat Track
3.-LaTonya Payne1:06.16aGazelle Track
5.-Miray Seward1:07.16aCobb Youth Track Lea...
6.-Irrion Conaler1:07.40aSapphire Track
4.-Kenisha Ladler1:09.47aQuicksilver Track, I...
7.-Kristiana Person1:10.14aCobb Youth Track Lea...
8.-Shaniqua Brown1:11.35aQuicksilver Track, I...
9.-Synera Shelton1:12.79aGazelle Track
10.-Elizabeth Bond1:13.13aTitans Track
11.-Carnika Boyd1:13.14aBaldwin County Jets
12.-Alexis Hughey1:15.23aSapphire Track
13.-Haley Vaughn1:19.50aCarrollton Track
14.-Lekwanjalein Gray1:31.89aMacon-Mid
--15-16Ashley JohnsonDQRuff Riders Track
X 4x100 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jalah Butler
Yo'Era Jones
Tralen Price
Alaina Lewis
55.94aRuff Riders Track
2.-DaLoria Boone
Brittany Trawick
Shakeria Collins
Jaylah Bailey
56.74aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Chloe Robinson
Kennedy Russell
Jasmine Willingham
Zyia Crawford
58.15aTitans Track
4.-Tatiana Foster
Star Pippins
Hannah Chukwura
Sydney Echols
58.23aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
5.-Antonette Jones
Gabriella Zonsa
Mary Mansell
Charley Amissah
1:03.42aSequoyah Youth Track
6.-Guya Farmer
Pherrin Lowery
Celine Hunter
Alexis Boykin
1:09.46aCarroll County Recre...
X 4x100 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Caitlan Tate
Alexandria Johnson
Sydney Henderson
Nyambi Shoates
52.18aTitans Track
2.-Kamaria Drummond
Uyriah Lucas
Shania Evans
Areonna Neely
52.75aGazelle Track
3.-Latrease Magwood
Taleah Camper
Gia Goss
Sydnei Phillips
53.35aDynamic Speed Elite ...
4.-Jada Bolston
Jacquieria Kelsey
Rebekah Colon
Amber McCrary
54.74aBaldwin County Jets
5.-Karla Lugo
Maggie Sanford
Jordan McKinney
Bailey Meier
1:09.78aForsyth County Track
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Darielle Oliver
Aubree Collins
Kevia Gonzales
Mia Phillips
49.33aTitans Track
2.-Ariana Strange
Keonie Johnson
DeAndra Greer
Erika Banks
49.97aMark Trail Flying Ea...
3.-Amber Lewis
Kendell Williams
Maya Marshall
Shanel Burr
50.46aThe Heat Track
4.-Antania Boswell
Alexis Campbell
Kristi Campbell
Randi Bohler
51.21aCheetahs Track
5.-Ariel Pryor
Jamecia Stokes
Derian Wingfield
Kiaira Jackson
51.27aMiddle Georgia Magic
6.-Elisea Jones
Athena Carpenter
Cierra Dunston
Ayanna Graham
51.82aTitans Track
7.-Chyna Wright
Brianca Jefferson
Keondria Simmons
De'ja Prater
51.82aPeach Valley Track
8.-Jermika Boyd
Sabrina Miller
Shardasia Rockmore
Jalleyah Jordan
52.10aBaldwin County Jets
9.-Shantel Archie
Shereka Bell
Alexis Kelley
Maxine Hunter
55.36aCarroll County Recre...
10.-Nicole Chimenti
Mackenzie Leaich
Rachel Rogers
Morgan Sanford
56.54aSequoyah Youth Track
---McKenzie Harris
Shannon Stevenson
Meredith Colby
Jasmine McNair
DQEtowah Youth Track
X 4x100 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Aminah Blount
Joy Bronner
Taylor Outland
Indiah Bell
48.25aTitans Track
2.-Shaneque Durden
Morgan Jordan
Ashley Ivey
Courtney Harrison
48.85aBaldwin County Jets
3.-Alyssa Felton
Morgan Mitchell
Sandricka Simmons
Jamesha Ford
49.21aSapphire Track
4.-Taylor Wade
Jessica Mitchell
Alakea Woods
Shontel Stewart
49.49aD.C. Express Track
5.-Tiffany Camper
Jasmin Springer
Amaree Magwood
Vanita Pulliam
49.88aDynamic Speed Elite ...
6.-Jasmine Garlington
Felicia Brown
Amber Griffin
Jalisa Terrell
50.78aSprint Athletics Track
7.-Alexis Jones-Hardy
Allana Anderson
Ajae Charles
Briana Burrows
51.04aTitans Track
8.-Janai James
Kristyn Stanback
Ashley Ifeadike
Deborah Doverspike
51.32aNorthside Red Runners
X 4x100 Relay - Young - Finals
1.-Jawanda King
Nakia Linson
Jazmine Wright
Tamala Daley
47.62aSapphire Track
2.-Briana Scott
Kimberly Miller
Brittany Porter
Sinea Mack
48.20aTriple Action
3.-Iesha Nichols
Tiffany White
Aubrielle Wright
Olivia Fisher
48.33aRunning Panthers Track
4.-Jalaacya Marshall
Devin Pitts
Crystal Taylor
Eboney Turnipseed
49.20aQuicksilver Track, I...
5.-Shatara Bonner
Carnika Boyd
Lakisha Harris
Jakacha Nelson
49.45aBaldwin County Jets
X 4x100 Relay - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Trinity Williams
Kyleeyah Hodge
Milan Ming
Jordan Pringle
1:05.07aTitans Track
2.-Mya Willingham
Dayla Johnson
Ravyn Jackson
Caliyah Beasley
1:11.73aSapphire Track
X 4x400 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Alaina Lewis
Yo'Era Jones
Jalah Butler
Tralen Price
4:38.17aRuff Riders Track
2.-Hannah Chukwura
Tatiana Foster
Star Pippins
Sydney Echols
4:45.10aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
3.-Kirsten Eason
Savonne Sutton
Kennedy Simon
Leilani Johnson
4:49.70aGazelle Track
4.-Mackenzie Ellison
Kaalynn Jackson
Alexandria Green
Mykia Conyer
4:55.20aTrack Phi Track Elit...
5.-Shakeria Collins
Brittany Trawick
Zykeria Williams
DaLoria Boone
5:03.81aBaldwin County Jets
6.-Timia Walton
Nija Johnson
Lauren Powell
Nilah Rutledge
5:30.63aBoys & Girls Clubs o...
X 4x400 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Jenee Nichols
Jillian Sloane
Alexis Adams
Raven Cox
4:20.63aImpact Athletics Track
2.-Venida Fagan
Ansley Goode
Hayley Respress
Timberly Molden
4:24.00aVoices of Faith (Tea...
3.-Areale Frazier
Uyriah Lucas
Marielle Lewis
Sydney Garnigan
4:24.31aGazelle Track
4.-Sydney Holmes
Jessica Watkins
Alexia Wilson
Darien Hoyle
4:32.96aNew Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Rhodelle Lewis
Gia Goss
Sydnei Phillips
Latrease Magwood
4:35.58aDynamic Speed Elite ...
X 4x400 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Tori Taylor
Tatiyana Caffey
Mecca Day
Charisma Green
3:56.37aTrack Phi Track Elit...
2.-Elisea Jones
Darielle Oliver
Mia Phillips
Aubree Collins
4:06.31aTitans Track
3.-Nitisha Dixon
Jaelyn Rice
LeDaysha Smith
Jazmin Lacy
4:18.00aGazelle Track
4.-Adria Peterkin
Tyla Morton
Alea Nesbit
Crystal Owens
4:19.52aImpact Athletics Track
5.-Merideth Alexander
Kelly Teague
Chelsea Johnson
Lavet Gripper
4:19.66aQuicksilver Track, I...
6.-Bianca Long
Athena Carpenter
Ayanna Graham
Cierra Dunston
4:26.86aTitans Track
7.-Kristi Campbell
Antania Boswell
Alexis Campbell
LaZandra Starks
4:30.95aCheetahs Track
8.-McKenzie Harris
Meredith Colby
Shannon Stevenson
Jasmine McNair
4:39.77aEtowah Youth Track
9.-Keondria Simmons
Brandie Wood
De'ja Prater
Chyna Wright
4:40.80aPeach Valley Track
X 4x400 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Aminah Blount
Taylor Outland
Joy Bronner
Indiah Bell
3:53.24aTitans Track
2.-Aaliyah Pettway
Crystal Gray
Bria Philpot
Amina Cox
3:53.57aTrack Phi Track Elit...
3.-Jasmine Garlington
Felicia Brown
Amber Griffin
Jalisa Terrell
4:00.99aSprint Athletics Track
4.-Taylor Wade
Shontel Stewart
Jessica Mitchell
Alakea Woods
4:02.34aD.C. Express Track
5.-Maya Collins
Bria Dean
Camryn Coleman
Keturah Claytor
4:07.33aRunning Panthers Track
6.-Jamara Dye
Alayna Famble
Keanu Hall
Kiana Richburg
4:07.80aImpact Athletics Track
7.-Adriunna Brown
Olivia Traylor
Asha Stegall
Anasterasia Terrell
4:10.90aMiddle Georgia Magic
8.-Destinee Collins
A'Lanesha McFarland
Mimieux Land
Jade Perry
4:13.75aRuff Riders Track
9.-Amaree Magwood
Vanita Pulliam
Jasmin Springer
Tiffany Camper
4:15.68aDynamic Speed Elite ...
10.-Morgan Mitchell
Takeria Nash
Sandricka Simmons
Jamesha Ford
4:16.46aSapphire Track
11.-Janai James
Ashley Ifeadike
Kristyn Stanback
Deborah Doverspike
4:21.22aNorthside Red Runners
12.-Nandi Rollins
Ariel Truitt
Jamilah Middlebrooks
Alexis Teague
4:32.38aQuicksilver Track, I...
13.-Shaneque Durden
Ashley Colon
Ashley Ivey
Courtney Harrison
4:42.10aBaldwin County Jets
X 4x400 Relay - Young - Finals
1.-Britany McBride
Shani Chandler
Aubrielle Wright
Angelica Whaley
3:54.66aRunning Panthers Track
2.-Irrion Conaler
Maya Thomas
Nakia Linson
Jawanda King
3:56.24aSapphire Track
3.-Relay Team 3:57.35aQuicksilver Track, I...
4.-Asia Palmer
Ameryst Armstead
Whitney Martin
Kimberly Thomas
3:58.05aWorldwide Track
5.-Relay Team 4:04.01aSapphire Track
X 4x400 Relay - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Milan Ming
Trinity Williams
Kennedy Price
Janaia Madden
5:27.76aTitans Track
2.-Allis Royer
Charizma Lawrence
Alexandria Peterson
Myah Foster
5:54.42aVoices of Faith (Tea...
3.-Relay Team 6:07.32aImpact Athletics Track
4.-Ariana Madison
Briana Madison
Cailyn Coleman
Daisha Petty
6:26.33aRunning Panthers Track
5.-Tye Banks
Charity Poole
Angel Ellington
Jasmine Martin
7:56.46aWhite Lightning Track
X 4x800 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Shannon Walton
Julianne Cantwell
Shelby Rensel
Kimberly Weot
12:48.36aEtowah Youth Track
X 4x800 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Crystal Owens
Christiana Thompson
Logann Hill
Alea Nesbit
10:44.73aImpact Athletics Track
2.-Randi Coleman
Ayanna Graham
Bianca Long
Khadejah Jackson
10:58.47aTitans Track
X 4x800 Relay - Young - Finals
1.-Kimberly Thomas
Ameryst Armstead
Whitney Martin
Asia Palmer
9:46.10aWorldwide Track
2.-Relay Team 10:21.36aSapphire Track
3.-Shaniqua Brown
Daijah Rosser
Katharine Showalter
Kenisha Ladler
10:42.75aQuicksilver Track, I...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
1.-Chimari Allen21-06.75The Heat Track
2.-Javon Joyner21-03.25Running Panthers Track
3.-Kaylan Hurt19-05.50New Birth Track & Fi...
4.-Symia Simmons17-08.25Blaz N Heat Track
5.-Jordan Davis16-07.75Boys & Girls Clubs o...
6.-Nina Grizzle16-06.50The Heat Track
7.-Kaalynn Jackson14-09.25Track Phi Track Elit...
8.-Jill Reeves14-01.75Sequoyah Youth Track
9.-Tijah Sands12-11.50Ruff Riders Track
10.-Reilly O'Hare12-10.75Sequoyah Youth Track
11.-Mckenzie White9-10.25Kennworth Track
12.-Cyannah Moore7-02.00Panther Pride
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
1.-Leena Morris31-07.25Etowah Youth Track
2.Sabrina Gaitan30-08.25Throw 1 Deep
3.RSKamryn Brinson28-01.00The Heat Track
4.-Porsha Tompkins26-01.50Cheetahs Track
5.-Cristin Hill24-08.25Villa Rica Track & F...
6.-Jessica Jackson24-07.00Sapphire Track
7.-Malaika English24-05.75Impact Athletics Track
8.-Unique Tuberville23-09.50Peach Valley Track
9.Courtney Johnson23-08.25New Birth Track & Fi...
10.-Candace White23-04.50Kennworth Track
11.-Neena Senior20-03.50Cheetahs Track
12.RSAleshia Gooch20-01.75New Birth Track & Fi...
13.-Sierra Bray19-08.25The Heat Track
14.-Ebony Pettway18-09.25Ruff Riders Track
15.-Mary Leigh Amerein18-05.25Walton Youth Track
16.-Deanna Hutchinson14-09.25Ruff Riders Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth - Finals
1.-Kelli Thomas35-01.75Throw 1 Deep
2.-Brianna Fullwood29-06.75The Heat Track
3.-Rachel Rogers27-01.75Sequoyah Youth Track
4.-Deja Washington26-02.75Flight400 Track, Inc.
5.-Keyaina Kelley25-00.50Carroll County Recre...
6.-Tiara Lee23-04.50Sapphire Track
7.Sarah Gardner23-00.00The Heat Track
8.-Cydnee Collins-Luther22-04.25First Light Track
9.-Tatiyana Hill17-06.75Impact Athletics Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Taylor Smith13-01.50Creekview Youth Track
2.-Hannah Jackson11-09.50The Heat Track
3.-Davida Brown11-05.00Sequoyah Youth Track
4.-Kimberly Fernandez11-03.00Impact Athletics Track
5.-Sontai-Blu Boyd8-04.00Track Monkeys - Trai...
6.-Imani Casey7-10.50Villa Rica Track & F...
7.-Kennedy Taylor5-10.25Impact Athletics Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam Triathlon - Finals
1.-Chimari Allen21-04.00The Heat Track
2.-Javon Joyner21-03.50Running Panthers Track
3.-Charley Amissah18-09.25Sequoyah Youth Track
4.-Payge Almon18-06.50Villa Rica Track & F...
5.9-10Jalah Butler18-01.50Ruff Riders Track
6.-Kamare Ways17-03.25Middle Georgia Magic
7.-Antonette Jones15-11.00Sequoyah Youth Track
8.-Yo'Era Jones15-10.50Ruff Riders Track
9.-QuanDerricka Slocumb15-10.25Running Panthers Track
10.-Pherrin Lowery15-07.50Carroll County Recre...
11.-Kammann Brown12-08.00Sequoyah Youth Track
12.-D'Nautica Chappell11-10.25Middle Georgia Magic
13.-Faith Roth10-08.75Track Monkeys - Trai...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget Pentathlon - Finals
1.-Jazmine Burse26-01.50Villa Rica Track & F...
2.-Amber McCrary25-01.25Baldwin County Jets
3.RSJameeka Middlebrooks23-06.25Villa Rica Track & F...
4.RSJessica Watkins23-02.00New Birth Track & Fi...
5.-Laura Schulz21-00.50SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
6.-Darien Hoyle18-11.25New Birth Track & Fi...
7.-Olivia Reeves17-07.50Sequoyah Youth Track
8.-Gabrielle Roth17-05.25Track Monkeys - Trai...
9.-Marissa Gore12-05.25SPIRIT Alpharetta YMCA
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth Pentathlon - Finals
1.Kendell Williams27-03.75The Heat Track
2.-Ambrielle Alexander26-06.25Villa Rica Track & F...
3.Amber Lewis23-04.75The Heat Track
4.-Tiara Lee21-08.00Sapphire Track
5.-Cydnee Collins-Luther21-01.50First Light Track
6.Shanel Burr20-03.75The Heat Track
7.Maya Marshall20-00.50The Heat Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Intermediate Heptathlon - Finals
2.13-14Mimieux Land28-07.75Ruff Riders Track
4.-Destinee Collins25-11.00Ruff Riders Track
5.Monti Willis25-00.75The Heat Track
6.Anasterasia Terrell23-03.25Middle Georgia Magic
7.-Alexis Turner22-03.50Carrollton Track
8.-Trisha McCutchen21-04.75Ruff Riders Track
9.-Bre'Nikki Reese17-08.00Ruff Riders Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Young Heptathlon - Finals
2.15-16Maikea Davis28-06.25Ruff Riders Track
3.15-16Ashley Johnson25-04.00Ruff Riders Track
5.-Haley Vaughn23-03.50Carrollton Track
6.-Heather Boykin18-09.25Carrollton T