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Mens Results

100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Green11.41aSt Stephens and St A...
2.9Cory Rich11.53aSt Albans For Boys
3.11Justin Grant11.64aBullis
4.12Kyle Middleton11.77aBullis
5.9Myles Allen12.08aLandon
6.12Micheal Thorton12.33aLandon

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.12John Green11.22aSt Stephens and St A...
2.9Cory Rich11.45aSt Albans For Boys
3.11Justin Grant11.53aBullis
4.9Myles Allen11.55aLandon
5.12Micheal Thorton11.6aLandon
6.12Kyle Middleton11.61aBullis
7.11Anthony Deriggs11.75aEpiscopal
8.12Brian Bracey11.76aSt Stephens and St A...
9.10Joe Hazel11.81aBullis
10.10Shilo Tshuma11.81aEpiscopal
11.11Dominique Tucker11.83aSt Albans For Boys
12.12Alex Zier11.89aGeorgetown Prep
13.11Paul Kelly11.98aGeorgetown Prep
14.11Tommy Richey12.05aGeorgetown Prep
15.11Andrew Jones12.26aSt Albans For Boys
15.9Isaiah Colclough12.26aLandon

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Green22.47aSt Stephens and St A...
2.12Owen Davis22.5aGeorgetown Prep
3.11Fritz Parker22.9aSt Albans For Boys
4.12Nick Letourneau23.23aGeorgetown Prep
5.9Malachi Bostic-Wattley23.27aLandon
6.12Kyle Middleton23.46aBullis
7.-Dominique Badji23.49aEpiscopal
8.11Anthony Deriggs23.65aEpiscopal
9.9Cory Rich23.76aSt Albans For Boys
10.11Robert Tapparo23.96aLandon
11.12Robert Spriggs23.97aBullis
12.12Alex Mulchandani24.01aGeorgetown Prep
13.11Justin Grant24.06aBullis
14.-David Kalema24.77aEpiscopal
15.11Travis Jones25.43aSt Stephens and St A...
16.10Ulises Giacoman25.46aSt Stephens and St A...
17.11Andrew Jones25.56aSt Albans For Boys

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nick Letourneau49.92aGeorgetown Prep
2.12Owen Davis50.27aGeorgetown Prep
3.11Fritz Parker50.88aSt Albans For Boys
4.12Kelvin Fowler51.11aGeorgetown Prep
5.12Sage Ofray51.48aEpiscopal
6.11Aaron Green52.91aBullis
7.11Hakeem Harrison53.55aSt Albans For Boys
8.11Ryan Garey54.44aBullis
9.12Jordan Clark54.69aSt Albans For Boys
10.9Isaiah Colclough56.59aLandon
11.11Jay Barrera58.43aBullis
12.9Areke Walcott01:00.1aSt Stephens and St A...

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Joseph Woiwode01:56.6aGeorgetown Prep
2.11Russell Hornsby01:57.1aGeorgetown Prep
3.-Alec Smith02:00.5aEpiscopal
4.10Mac Hightower02:03.3aLandon
5.12Beirne Hutcheson02:04.6aEpiscopal
6.11Brennan Gillis02:04.9aSt Albans For Boys
7.11Trevor Bobola02:06.4aEpiscopal
8.11Andrei Klein02:06.7aSt Albans For Boys
9.12Jeff Schlossberg02:07.0aSt Albans For Boys
10.-Joey Chapin02:09.6aGeorgetown Prep
11.12Henry Zhu02:12.7aLandon
12.10Luke Frerichs02:15.1aSt Stephens and St A...

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Joseph Woiwode04:21.1aGeorgetown Prep
2.11Tom Harrison04:22.6aSt Albans For Boys
3.-Joey Chapin04:24.6aGeorgetown Prep
4.11JB Adams04:25.8aSt Albans For Boys
5.12Jamie Durling04:28.3aSt Albans For Boys
6.11Russell Hornsby04:42.2aGeorgetown Prep
7.12Beirne Hutcheson04:50.9aEpiscopal
8.11Vishal Patel04:53.4aEpiscopal
9.10Luke Frerichs04:56.0aSt Stephens and St A...
10.9Matthew Kelley04:56.7aSt Stephens and St A...
11.11Jake Love04:57.9aEpiscopal
12.9Adam Brill05:03.3aLandon
13.10Jeff Bass05:04.5aBullis

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tom Harrison09:49.0aSt Albans For Boys
2.12Jamie Durling09:52.7aSt Albans For Boys
3.11JB Adams10:02.6aSt Albans For Boys
4.10Andrew Gyenis10:12.3aGeorgetown Prep
5.12Tom Peabody10:14.0aEpiscopal
6.11Shepard Chalkley10:25.3aEpiscopal
7.12Nick Ashur10:26.1aGeorgetown Prep
8.12Anthony Warfield10:35.6aGeorgetown Prep
9.9Adam Brill10:56.9aLandon
10.11Ryan Dougherty11:17.7aLandon
11.9Matthew Kelley11:34.5aSt Stephens and St A...
12.12Amir Elmaani11:42.8aBullis

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jelani Molock15.59aSt Stephens and St A...
2.12Kaquan Little15.65aBullis
3.12Nick McGuire16.35aGeorgetown Prep
4.11Wil Chockley16.44aSt Albans For Boys
5.12Jun Wu17.73aEpiscopal
6.10Foster Joseph19.64aEpiscopal

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Prelims

7.10Andrew Kolczynski19.42aGeorgetown Prep
8.11Chris Smith19.6aSt Albans For Boys
9.9Austin Hampton20.96aSt Albans For Boys

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jelani Molock40.05aSt Stephens and St A...
2.12Kaquan Little40.47aBullis
3.12Nick McGuire41.18aGeorgetown Prep
4.11Wil Chockley42.62aSt Albans For Boys
5.12Jun Wu43.56aEpiscopal
6.10Aidan Larsen44.94aGeorgetown Prep
7.11Chris Smith45.22aSt Albans For Boys
8.10Andrew Kolczynski45.5aGeorgetown Prep
9.9Jordan Marshall45.56aLandon
10.11Thomas Chao45.59aBullis
11.9Austin Hampton47.3aSt Albans For Boys
12.10Foster Joseph49.01aEpiscopal
13.11Jay Barrera50.04aBullis

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 43.93aSt Albans For Boys
2.-Micheal Thorton
Malachi Bostic-Watley
Robert Tapparo
Myles Allen
3.-Relay Team 44.36aBullis
4.-Relay Team 44.83aGeorgetown Prep
5.-Jelani Molock
John Green
Travis Jones
Brian Bracey
44.99aSt Stephens and St A...
6.-Relay Team 45.18aEpiscopal

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 03:26.8aGeorgetown Prep
2.-Relay Team 03:30.0aEpiscopal
3.-Relay Team 03:37.3aSt Albans For Boys
4.-Relay Team 03:39.6aBullis
5.-Aires Reyes
Jelani Molock
John Green
Max Spence
03:41.5aSt Stephens and St A...
6.-Scotty Powell
Guglielmo Gobbo
Nate McArdle
Mac Hightower

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 08:00.7aGeorgetown Prep
2.-Relay Team 08:10.3aSt Albans For Boys
3.-Relay Team 08:13.4aEpiscopal
4.-Relay Team 08:44.5aBullis
5.-Henry Zhu
Scotty Powell
Nate McArdle
Mac Hightower
6.-Nam-Tran Mai
Ben Godek
Joe Sullivan
Stefan Koester
09:44.6aSt Stephens and St A...

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mike Jones45-10.00Episcopal
2.11Ryan Thermil44-04.25St Stephens and St A...
3.10Marquis Johnson43-05.50St Albans For Boys
4.10Chris Marshall40-02.25Episcopal
5.12Vincent Mariano39-04.00Episcopal
6.12Julian Green38-10.75Georgetown Prep
7.11Martin Pittman37-00.00St Albans For Boys
8.11James Craig36-11.00Landon
9.10Michael Hunter35-11.75Landon
10.11Chick Foster35-07.75St Albans For Boys
11.11Bryant Tucker-Green33-07.00Bullis
12.12Tyler Martinez33-00.50Bullis
13.10Nick Guthrie32-08.75Georgetown Prep
14.12Nick Williams29-05.00St Stephens and St A...

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mike Jones149-02.50Episcopal
2.11Tier Gibbons115-09Episcopal
3.11William Omorogieva115-07.50St Albans For Boys
4.11Jack Symington113-09St Albans For Boys
5.12Julian Green111-10Georgetown Prep
6.10Joe Lindsay111-07St Stephens and St A...
7.12Nick Scarff111-02Georgetown Prep
8.10Michael Hunter108-04Landon
9.11James Craig105-09Landon
10.11Nick Shelley101-09.50St Albans For Boys
11.12Lee Cowden101-08Episcopal
12.10Nick Guthrie98-08Georgetown Prep
13.12Micheal Thorton96-05.50Landon
14.11David Flood90-09.50Bullis
15.9Matthew Westin88-01.50St Stephens and St A...
16.11Ryan Thermil75-08St Stephens and St A...

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

8.10Robert Catalanotto5-04.00St Albans For Boys
8.12Alex Edwards5-04.00St Stephens and St A...
8.12Jason Czerwiec5-04.00Bullis
1.-David KalemaJ6-02.00Episcopal
2.-Arnaud Adala MotoJ6-02.00Episcopal
3.12Kelvin FowlerJ6-00.00Georgetown Prep
4.-Dominique BadjiJ5-10.00Episcopal
5.11Wil ChockleyJ5-10.00St Albans For Boys
6.9Darius ManoraJ5-06.00St Stephens and St A...
7.11Jack SymingtonJ5-06.00St Albans For Boys

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrei Klein10-06.00St Albans For Boys
2.9Mason Steele10-00.00Landon
3.9Michael Cherner9-00.00Landon
4.9Liam Irion8-06.00St Albans For Boys
5.12Connor Leidl8-06.00St Albans For Boys
6.9Stephen Poon7-00.00Landon

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Archie Odenyo21-04.75Episcopal
2.11Thomas Wheet20-02.00St Albans For Boys
3.12Brian Bracey19-11.25St Stephens and St A...
4.-Arnaud Adala Moto19-10.00Episcopal
5.12Alex Mulchandani19-08.50Georgetown Prep
6.10Eric Sade19-08.00St Albans For Boys
7.12Alex Edwards19-06.00St Stephens and St A...
8.11Dominique Tucker19-04.50St Albans For Boys
9.-Dominique Badji19-04.25Episcopal
10.10Joe Hazel19-03.50Bullis
11.12Kelvin Fowler18-09.00Georgetown Prep
12.12Robert Spriggs18-07.00Bullis
13.11Ryan Garey18-04.00Bullis
14.9Jordan Marshall18-00.00Landon

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Archie Odenyo43-11.00Episcopal
2.12Kelvin Fowler43-02.25Georgetown Prep
3.10Joe Hazel41-08.00Bullis
4.11Thomas Wheet41-04.25St Albans For Boys
5.12Brian Bracey40-05.25St Stephens and St A...
6.11Wil Chockley40-04.25St Albans For Boys
7.12Alex Edwards40-00.00St Stephens and St A...
8.12Alex Mulchandani39-03.00Georgetown Prep
9.-Arnaud Adala Moto38-04.00Episcopal


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Meet Schedule

Track Finals
V4x100 Relay2:45 PM
V1600 Meters2:55 PM
V110m Hurdles3:10 PM
V400 Meters3:20 PM
V100 Meters3:30 PM
V800 Meters3:40 PM
V300m Hurdles3:55 PM
V200 Meters4:05 PM
V3200 Meters4:15 PM
V4x400 Relay4:30 PM
Field Finals
VShot Put1:00 PM
VPole Vault1:00 PM
VTriple Jump1:00 PM