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BSU Duals

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boise State, Nampa

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Nevada - NCAA
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAllah Laryea-Akrong6.85aUtah Valley University
2.SoEric Capelle7.01aBoise State
3.SrMarlon Douglas7.04aBoise State
4.SrSergio Jones7.09aIdaho State
5.JrKelvin Miller7.18aIdaho State
6.FrDean Swimmer7.23aUtah Valley University
6.SrBrandon Graef7.23aIdaho State
8.SrCorby Kiler7.25aIdaho State
8.SrBrent Fogt7.25aUtah Valley University
8.FrAkwasi Frimpong7.25aUtah Valley University
11.FrDarrius Coleman7.61aIdaho State
12.FrChandler Rieske7.71aUtah Valley University
--FrAndy LishFSIdaho State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAllah Laryea-Akrong21.54aUtah Valley University
2.SoEric Capelle22.26aBoise State
3.SrMarlon Douglas22.28aBoise State
3.FrPaul Robertson22.28aBoise State
5.FrJeff Daw22.63aBoise State
6.SrBrent Fogt22.72aUtah Valley University
7.FrAkwasi Frimpong22.81aUtah Valley University
8.FrAndy Lish22.85aIdaho State
9.SoJohn Dalley22.88aIdaho State
10.FrRolando Trammel23.01aBoise State
11.FrMike Keith23.02aUtah Valley University
12.SrKenneth Boggs23.15aUtah Valley University
13.SrCorby Kiler23.21aIdaho State
14.FrSteven Piippo23.31aBoise State
15.JrKelvin Miller23.36aIdaho State
16.FrGarrett Wood23.80aIdaho State
17.JrTrevor White25.96aIdaho State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPaul Robertson49.38aBoise State
2.FrMike Keith49.46aUtah Valley University
3.FrJeff Daw49.60aBoise State
4.SoDusty Klein-Una49.75aBoise State
5.SrAndrew Graham49.81aUtah Valley University
6.SoJohn Dalley50.15aIdaho State
7.SoMichael Walrath50.72aBoise State
8.JrJustin Tungate51.43aUtah Valley University
9.SoMatthew Moyer51.58aBoise State
10.FrDrew Clarke51.64aUtah Valley University
11.SoChris Burr52.75aUtah Valley University
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTrac Norris1:52.70aUtah Valley University
2.SoEric Strand1:53.36aIdaho State
3.SoChaz Anestos1:55.92aIdaho State
4.SoQuinten Hennekam-Una1:55.96aBoise State
5.SrJohn Ricardi1:56.55aIdaho State
6.SoAustin Edwards-Una1:57.25aBoise State
7.FrEthan Slight1:59.26aBoise State
8.FrKyle Wininger2:00.92aUtah Valley University
9.JrZach Barrett2:02.55aIdaho State
10.FrCole Anstead2:09.68aUtah Valley University
3.FrChloe Palakovich2:20.64aIdaho State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTrac Norris4:15.94aUtah Valley University
2.SrJohn Ricardi4:18.15aIdaho State
3.JrZach Barrett4:20.23aIdaho State
4.JrJared Keller4:23.92aUtah Valley University
5.SoMike Tucker4:24.31aIdaho State
6.FrJason Lynch4:24.98aUtah Valley University
7.JrScott Foley4:25.72aBoise State
8.FrJeff Howard4:27.66aBoise State
9.FrChris Brower4:29.57aUtah Valley University
10.FrKevin Rosaaen4:30.39aBoise State
11.SoSpencer Evensen4:31.77aUtah Valley University
12.FrZach Wiles4:40.01aBoise State
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRyan Davis8:44.67aIdaho State
2.SoSpencer Evensen8:47.99aUtah Valley University
3.JrJared Keller8:52.38aUtah Valley University
4.FrJason Lynch8:53.19aUtah Valley University
5.JrKeane Shuler8:53.94aIdaho State
6.SrJacob Buhler8:55.32aUtah Valley University
7.FrChris Brower9:11.16aUtah Valley University
8.FrSeth Gutzwiller9:15.45aUtah Valley University
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAndrew Graham8.33aUtah Valley University
2.SrBrandon Graef8.36aIdaho State
3.SrKenneth Boggs8.43aUtah Valley University
4.SrBrad Silvester8.67aIdaho State
5.JrJustin Tungate8.76aUtah Valley University
6.FrDrew Clarke8.78aUtah Valley University
7.SoHarley Goedhart9.00aIdaho State
8.FrChandler Rieske9.26aUtah Valley University
9.SoChris Burr9.34aUtah Valley University
10.FrJustin Critser9.70aIdaho State
11.FrGarrett Wood9.77aIdaho State
12.JrTrevor White10.16aIdaho State
--FrDarrius ColemanDQIdaho State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marlon Douglas
Jeff Daw
Eric Capelle
Paul Robertson
3:20.02aBoise State
2.-Andrew Graham
Justin Tungate
Chandler Rieske
Mike Keith
3:20.99aUtah Valley University
3.-Matthew Moyer
Austin Edwards
Dusty Klein
Michael Walrath
3:24.05aBoise State
4.-Brandon Graef
Eric Strand
John Dalley
Sergio Jones
3:24.12aIdaho State
5.-Chris Burr
Drew Clarke
Kenneth Boggs
Trac Norris
3:26.25aUtah Valley University
6.-Brad Silvester
Zach Barrett
Corby Kiler
Chaz Anestos
3:32.48aIdaho State
7.-Keane Shuler
John Ricardi
Mike Tucker
Ryan Davis
3:43.16aIdaho State
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChase Sexton54-04.50Boise State
2.SrBrad Silvester46-00.75Idaho State
3.JrJD Riener45-00.25Idaho State
4.FrMatt O'Farrell44-00.00Idaho State
5.FrMike O'Farrell42-00.50Idaho State
6.FrSteven Piippo40-02.00Boise State
--FrSam CorbetFOULIdaho State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKenny Millard6-06.25Utah Valley University
2.SoKurt Felix6-06.25Boise State
3.JrSterling Clegg6-04.25Utah Valley University
4.FrJustin Critser6-02.25Idaho State
4.FrScott Moake6-02.25Utah Valley University
6.FrSteven Piippo6-02.25Boise State
7.FrMichael Standley6-02.25Idaho State
8.FrChandler Rieske5-10.50Utah Valley University
8.SoHarley Goedhart5-10.50Idaho State
--SoTysun GunterNHIdaho State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichael Arnold16-04.75Idaho State
2.JrDaniel Thompson15-05.00Boise State
3.SrBrad Silvester14-11.00Idaho State
4.SrJared Ray14-11.00Utah Valley University
5.SoHarley Goedhart14-05.25Idaho State
6.SoMatt Williams13-11.25Utah Valley University
7.FrGarrett Wood12-11.50Idaho State
8.SoKurt Felix12-05.50Boise State
--SoWes FarrellNHBoise State
--FrMichael StineNHUtah Valley University
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrZacharias Arnos24-01.50Boise State
2.FrDean Swimmer23-02.50Utah Valley University
3.SrSergio Jones22-04.25Idaho State
4.SoTysun Gunter21-06.00Idaho State
5.SrBrandon Graef21-02.00Idaho State
6.FrRolando Trammel20-09.75Boise State
7.FrChandler Rieske19-11.50Utah Valley University
8.SrBrad Silvester19-09.75Idaho State
9.SrCorby Kiler19-08.00Idaho State
10.FrGarrett Wood19-05.50Idaho State
11.JrTrevor White17-06.75Idaho State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrZacharias Arnos51-00.25Boise State
2.FrDean Swimmer44-09.50Utah Valley University
--FrRolando TrammelFOULBoise State
--SoHarley GoedhartFOULIdaho State
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTrevor Kraychir62-03.75Boise State
2.SoAlex Nelson54-03.25Boise State
3.FrMatt O'Farrell43-09.25Idaho State
4.JrJD Riener41-03.75Idaho State
5.FrSam Corbet40-08.25Idaho State
6.FrMike O'Farrell38-00.75Idaho State

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAmanda Morse7.89aUtah Valley University
1.SoRosina Amenebede7.89aUtah Valley University
3.JrJazmine Wittman7.92aUtah Valley University
4.JrGina Deckard7.97aNevada-Reno
5.SoRacquel Jones7.99aBoise State
6.FrDestiny Grammage8.04aBoise State
7.FrKelsi Latimore8.13aIdaho State
8.JrShantay Dodge8.17aUtah Valley University
9.SrRegal Minyard8.21aNevada-Reno
10.SrNicole Anderson8.30aIdaho State
11.FrJordan Cornelison8.37aIdaho State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChelsea Baker25.22aUtah Valley University
2.SrCristina Hibbert25.41aNevada-Reno
3.FrDestiny Grammage25.47aBoise State
3.SoAmanda Morse25.47aUtah Valley University
5.SoRacquel Jones25.60aBoise State
6.FrJackae Bridges25.64aNevada-Reno
7.JrGina Deckard25.69aNevada-Reno
8.JrJazmine Wittman25.87aUtah Valley University
9.FrKelsi Latimore26.11aIdaho State
10.FrTaryn Campos26.18aBoise State
11.FrKristie Sigloh26.27aIdaho State
12.SoZandrea Nelson26.32aUtah Valley University
13.SoRosina Amenebede26.33aUtah Valley University
14.SoJoi Glass26.38aBoise State
15.SrCassie Merkley26.52aIdaho State
16.FrMarjani Maldonado26.66aBoise State
17.FrRebecca Brown-Renshaw26.70aUtah Valley University
18.SrRegal Minyard26.96aNevada-Reno
19.JrShantay Dodge27.18aUtah Valley University
20.SrJessica Wortley27.35aUtah Valley University
21.FrMonisha Davis27.68aBoise State
22.JrOlivia Morgan27.75aNevada-Reno
23.JrDeirdre Pettigrue28.01aNevada-Reno
24.FrReve Tortel28.34aIdaho State
25.FrSam Alderman28.47aBoise State
--FrTajanee SimmonsDQBoise State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChelsea Baker58.04aUtah Valley University
2.SrCristina Hibbert58.27aNevada-Reno
3.FrKristie Sigloh58.62aIdaho State
4.SoZandrea Nelson59.23aUtah Valley University
5.SoJoi Glass59.66aBoise State
6.JrOlivia Morgan59.91aNevada-Reno
7.FrRebecca Brown-Renshaw1:00.07aUtah Valley University
8.FrTaryn Campos1:00.20aBoise State
9.JrAmanda Peart1:00.48aUtah Valley University
10.FrMegan Burr1:03.20aUtah Valley University
11.SoLacy Hopkins1:03.35aBoise State
12.FrErica Hill1:04.15aBoise State
13.FrSam Alderman1:05.24aBoise State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChristy Works2:19.25aNevada-Reno
2.SoMietra Smollak2:19.59aIdaho State
4.SoKris Thomasberg2:21.74aIdaho State
5.SoKalina Zufelt2:22.61aUtah Valley University
6.SoPaige Orcutt2:22.69aBoise State
7.JrAlexandria Bell2:23.89aBoise State
8.JrAleina Eisenhauer2:24.19aUtah Valley University
9.JrSasha Buylova2:25.71aIdaho State
10.SoShea Hanson2:26.13aBoise State
11.FrKaili Simmons2:29.67aUtah Valley University
12.SoKamee Bentley2:30.06aUtah Valley University
13.SrLayna Oyervides2:32.40aBoise State
14.FrChrystal Moore2:38.55aBoise State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.JrErica Wendt-Richardsen5:08.98aIdaho State
2.FrBrooke Hodson-Davies5:11.74aUtah Valley University
3.SoBradi Hutchison5:13.52aIdaho State
4.SoShelise Walker5:16.36aUtah Valley University
5.JrAleina Eisenhauer5:18.63aUtah Valley University
6.SoAngela Baker5:20.99aUtah Valley University
7.FrKaili Simmons5:22.85aUtah Valley University
8.SoStephanie Christensen5:23.29aUtah Valley University
9.SoCydney Jacobsen5:27.82aIdaho State
10.FrPiper Delaney5:28.90aBoise State
11.JrCarly Gerard5:30.00aBoise State
12.SoJenifer McEntire5:38.70aNevada-Reno
13.SoMelody Braden5:48.78aBoise State
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrErica Wendt-Richardsen10:28.42aIdaho State
2.SoBradi Hutchison10:29.83aIdaho State
3.SoShelise Walker10:33.24aUtah Valley University
4.SoAngela Baker10:33.28aUtah Valley University
5.JrAlma Janet Martinez10:36.93aNevada-Reno
6.SoStephanie Christensen10:48.41aUtah Valley University
7.FrGloria Sosa11:05.55aNevada-Reno
8.FrTara Dines11:06.32aNevada-Reno
9.JrBreanne Whitlock11:34.38aBoise State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrGina Deckard8.72aNevada-Reno
2.SrCassie Merkley8.80aIdaho State
3.SoApril Pate9.11aNevada-Reno
4.JrSasha Buylova9.17aIdaho State
5.FrMegan Burr9.29aUtah Valley University
6.SrCristina Hibbert9.32aNevada-Reno
7.SoRosina Amenebede9.34aUtah Valley University
8.FrTajanee Simmons9.41aBoise State
9.JrAmanda Peart9.67aUtah Valley University
10.SrAmanda Vink9.69aIdaho State
11.SrNicole Anderson9.99aIdaho State
12.SrJennifer Boswell10.19aNevada-Reno
13.SoAlexa Anderson10.39aNevada-Reno
14.FrJordan Cornelison10.47aIdaho State
15.FrTiera Weaver10.53aIdaho State
16.FrKatelyn Choukalos11.43aNevada-Reno
--FrMarjani MaldonadoFSBoise State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zandrea Nelson
Rebecca Brown
Amanda Morse
Chelsea Baker
3:54.74aUtah Valley University
2.-Cristina Hibbert
Gina Deckard
Christy Works
April Pate
3.-Kelsi Latimore
Kristie Sigloh
Cassie Merkley
Kylee Gleason
4:00.61aIdaho State
4.-Joi Glass
Taryn Campos
Destiny Gammage
Marjani Maldonado
4:05.14aBoise State
5.-Chloe Palakovich
Kris Thomasberg
Amanda Vink
Mietra Smollak
4:05.95aIdaho State
6.-Amanda Peart
Jessica Wortley
Shantay Dodge
Kalina Zufelt
4:06.71aUtah Valley University
7.-Relay Team 4:12.39aBoise State
8.-Alexandria Bell
Piper Delaney
Carly Gerard
Shea Hanson
4:28.41aBoise State
---Nicole Anderson
Jordan Cornelison
Tiera Weaver
Sasha Buylova
DNFIdaho State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJaleesa Jeffery42-11.00Nevada-Reno
2.SoMaryn Pincock42-05.25Utah Valley University
3.SoBecky Reeves41-02.25Utah Valley University
4.SrBecky Phillips38-01.50Utah Valley University
5.SoAlyssa Osai38-01.25Boise State
6.FrBecca Hutton37-05.00Utah Valley University
7.SoKamee Bentley36-10.50Utah Valley University
8.FrCandice Talbot36-01.25Idaho State
9.JrNadine Russell35-10.75Boise State
10.SrJennifer Boswell35-04.00Nevada-Reno
11.SrCheyenne Andrade34-09.50Idaho State
12.JrDani Schwalbe33-11.25Boise State
13.FrMercedes Crouch33-09.25Idaho State
14.FrAngie Phillips33-08.75Idaho State
15.FrKatelyn Choukalos32-06.50Nevada-Reno
16.SoAlexa Anderson32-02.00Nevada-Reno
17.FrTalyn Patterson32-01.00Utah Valley University
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAmanda Vink5-05.75Idaho State
2.JrCortney Beasley5-05.75Nevada-Reno
2.SoLa Tijera Avery5-05.75Nevada-Reno
4.SrCassie Merkley5-05.75Idaho State
5.JrWhitney Aste5-03.75Utah Valley University
6.SoKris Thomasberg5-01.75Idaho State
7.SoApril Pate4-11.75Nevada-Reno
7.JrSasha Buylova4-11.75Idaho State
9.FrKatelyn Choukalos4-11.75Nevada-Reno
9.SoKamee Bentley4-09.75Utah Valley University
10.SoBrooke Demers4-09.75Boise State
12.SrJennifer Boswell4-07.75Nevada-Reno
12.JrAmanda Peart4-07.75Utah Valley University
14.SrNicole Anderson4-06.00Idaho State
14.FrJordan Cornelison4-06.00Idaho State
14.FrTiera Weaver4-06.00Idaho State
--SoAlexa AndersonNHNevada-Reno
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBreAnna Craig12-05.50Boise State
2.JrKylee Gleason11-11.75Idaho State
3.JrHeidi Dorling11-11.75Boise State
4.JrAlicia Echaverria11-05.75Nevada-Reno
5.FrCaitlin Owen10-11.75Nevada-Reno
6.FrReve Tortel10-06.00Idaho State
7.FrCasey Gray10-00.00Nevada-Reno
8.FrHaley Hathorn9-06.25Idaho State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRosina Amenebede18-04.25Utah Valley University
2.SoLa Tijera Avery17-10.25Nevada-Reno
3.FrJackae Bridges17-06.25Nevada-Reno
3.FrJordan Cornelison17-06.25Idaho State
5.SoRacquel Jones17-05.25Boise State
6.SrAmanda Vink17-02.75Idaho State
7.SoAlexa Anderson16-10.75Nevada-Reno
8.JrSasha Buylova16-07.00Idaho State
9.JrShantay Dodge16-06.50Utah Valley University
10.FrKatelyn Choukalos16-03.75Nevada-Reno
11.SrCassie Merkley15-11.75Idaho State
12.SrJennifer Boswell15-00.00Nevada-Reno
13.SrNicole Anderson14-09.25Idaho State
14.FrTiera Weaver14-03.25Idaho State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSasha Buylova38-09.00Idaho State
2.SrAmanda Vink37-06.00Idaho State
3.JrAurelia Houston37-03.25Nevada-Reno
4.SoAnn Noys36-08.25Boise State
5.FrTajanee Simmons35-06.75Boise State
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMele Vaisima57-05.75Boise State
2.SoBecky Reeves52-05.50Utah Valley University
3.JrNadine Russell49-02.25Boise State
4.SoAlyssa Osai48-05.50Boise State
5.SrCheyenne Andrade44-01.50Idaho State
6.SrJaleesa Jeffery43-06.50Nevada-Reno
7.SrBecky Phillips42-00.00Utah Valley University
8.SoMaryn Pincock41-08.00Utah Valley University
9.FrTalyn Patterson41-07.00Utah Valley University
10.FrMercedes Crouch40-02.75Idaho State
11.FrCandice Talbot35-10.00Idaho State
12.FrBecca Hutton31-03.75Utah Valley University
13.FrAngie Phillips29-00.00Idaho State
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