Sky-Em League District Championships

Saturday, May 22, 2010
  Cottage Grove, Cottage Grove - Map

  Field Events Start: 11:00 AM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Oregon - 3A
PHPleasant Hill
Oregon - 5A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Walcott11.41aMarist
2.12Mitchel Wilson11.60aMarist
3.10Andre Post11.63aMarist
4.11Micah Chase11.86aPleasant Hill
5.12Brett Breding11.95aElmira
6.11Alex Toureen12.04aCottage Grove
7.9Kole Kimmel12.14aLa Pine
8.12Jeremiah Stahn12.19aSisters
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Taylor Walcott11.23aMarist
2.12Brett Breding11.37aElmira
3.11Micah Chase11.40aPleasant Hill
4.12Mitchel Wilson11.43aMarist
5.10Andre Post11.44aMarist
6.11Alex Toureen11.66aCottage Grove
7.12Jeremiah Stahn11.82aSisters
8.9Kole Kimmel11.99aLa Pine
9.9Chance Link12.03aLa Pine
10.11Christian Rodriguez12.05aCottage Grove
11.10Zack Neet12.29aLa Pine
12.12Maxwell Beebe12.37aElmira
13.11Alex Schluckebier12.51aPleasant Hill
14.12Grant Thompson12.82aCottage Grove
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Walcott23.25aMarist
2.11Dustin Hurd23.45aCottage Grove
3.10Andre Post23.92aMarist
4.11Micah Chase23.98aPleasant Hill
5.12Jeremiah Stahn24.30aSisters
6.9Conner Richardson24.55aCottage Grove
7.10Chris Boyce24.66aMarist
8.12Nick Read24.72aLa Pine
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Taylor Walcott23.33aMarist
2.11Dustin Hurd23.59aCottage Grove
3.10Andre Post23.98aMarist
4.11Micah Chase24.00aPleasant Hill
5.12Jeremiah Stahn24.25aSisters
7.9Conner Richardson24.54aCottage Grove
6.12Nick Read24.62aLa Pine
8.10Chris Boyce24.69aMarist
9.9Kole Kimmel24.76aLa Pine
10.10Luis Labastida25.15aElmira
11.9Pablo McCoy25.80aCottage Grove
12.10Matt Thilberg26.02aElmira
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Wilder51.59aSisters
2.11Connell Briggs52.55aMarist
3.11David Cowan52.84aSisters
4.10Easton Curtis52.95aSisters
5.9Colton Bloom53.06aMarist
6.12Andrew Swayze54.68aLa Pine
7.9Conner Richardson55.24aCottage Grove
8.11Spencer Wilson56.44aLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jeff Wilder52.56aSisters
4.11Connell Briggs53.19aMarist
2.11David Cowan53.54aSisters
5.10Easton Curtis53.60aSisters
3.9Colton Bloom54.02aMarist
6.12Andrew Swayze54.23aLa Pine
7.11Spencer Wilson54.33aLa Pine
8.9Conner Richardson54.36aCottage Grove
9.10Luis Labastida55.13aElmira
10.12Paul Lewis55.17aPleasant Hill
11.9Pablo McCoy55.47aCottage Grove
14.10Anders Westlund55.99aElmira
15.11Jon Reeves57.62aCottage Grove
16.9Zach Pew58.51aElmira
17.10Tyler Patterson58.62aMarist
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Austin Place1:59.98aCottage Grove
2.12Brant Holaday2:00.38aMarist
3.12Drew Harrison2:01.34aSisters
4.10Jonathan Ferguson2:04.38aPleasant Hill
5.12Elijah Wilson2:04.71aCottage Grove
6.12Logan Loftis2:05.14aElmira
7.10Jacob Bruhn2:05.16aCottage Grove
8.9Drew Boyles2:06.19aMarist
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Drew Harrison2:06.31aSisters
4.12Elijah Wilson2:07.41aCottage Grove
7.12Logan Loftis2:07.79aElmira
8.10Jacob Bruhn2:08.34aCottage Grove
2.12Brant Holaday2:09.33aMarist
3.10Austin Place2:10.19aCottage Grove
5.9Drew Boyles2:10.44aMarist
9.12Paul Lewis2:11.29aPleasant Hill
6.10Jonathan Ferguson2:11.57aPleasant Hill
10.10Anders Westlund2:11.95aElmira
12.10Max Diaz2:15.70aMarist
13.12Grayson Gould2:17.90aSisters
14.12Zander Albertson2:20.44aSisters
15.10Alec Haddad2:20.88aLa Pine
17.11Jaron Keuhn2:27.01aLa Pine
18.12Matt Panella2:27.42aPleasant Hill
11Forrest HaysonDNSElmira
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Steele4:10.32aSisters
2.12Parker Bennett4:13.38aSisters
3.10Emanuel Romero4:24.11aCottage Grove
4.10Graham Simon4:24.82aMarist
5.11Alex Garcia4:25.66aCottage Grove
6.10Teagan Settelmeyer4:29.78aCottage Grove
7.11Chris Daniel4:31.23aMarist
8.12Austyn Bushman4:35.71aPleasant Hill
9.12Paul Lewis4:37.16aPleasant Hill
10.12Zander Albertson4:44.24aSisters
11.9Gareth Dahlgren4:45.12aLa Pine
12.9Joseph Walker4:52.48aJunction City
13.12Ethan Hollenbeck4:57.38aPleasant Hill
14.10Ian Loftis4:59.79aElmira
15.10Alec Haddad5:05.54aLa Pine
16.9Zach Pew5:11.08aElmira
17.12Tripp McCool5:15.22aJunction City
18.9Ian Cooper5:22.19aElmira
19.10Steven McIntyre5:43.85aJunction City
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Parker Bennett9:04.05aSisters
2.11Taylor Steele9:15.83aSisters
3.11Alex Garcia9:30.69aCottage Grove
4.10Nicholas Cooper9:32.80aPleasant Hill
5.10Emanuel Romero9:34.87aCottage Grove
6.10Teagan Settelmeyer9:41.56aCottage Grove
7.12Austyn Bushman9:46.07aPleasant Hill
8.10Graham Simon9:56.14aMarist
9.10Mason Calmettes10:07.91aSisters
10.12Tripp McCool10:13.45aJunction City
11.9Joseph Walker10:19.86aJunction City
12.9Zach Silva10:30.03aMarist
13.9Taylor Ogle10:31.11aLa Pine
14.10Jake Gram10:36.42aMarist
15.9Gareth Dahlgren10:36.50aLa Pine
16.12Rocco Lizzi11:00.33aJunction City
17.12Matt Saylor11:13.34aPleasant Hill
18.11Michael O'Halloran11:31.38aLa Pine
19.9Ian Cooper11:57.27aElmira
20.11Noah Power12:06.34aElmira
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Close15.14aCottage Grove
2.9Colton George16.18aLa Pine
3.11Chad Cummings16.67aSisters
4.9Garrett Lewellen17.14aElmira
5.11Jacob Tillson17.55aCottage Grove
6.10Jaibir Pannu17.56aCottage Grove
7.9Coleman Byrum17.91aMarist
8.9Logan McGann18.06aMarist
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Trevor Close15.23aCottage Grove
2.11Chad Cummings16.63aSisters
3.9Colton George16.74aLa Pine
4.9Garrett Lewellen17.47aElmira
5.10Jaibir Pannu17.54aCottage Grove
6.11Jacob Tillson17.67aCottage Grove
7.9Coleman Byrum18.22aMarist
8.9Logan McGann18.24aMarist
9.11Jordan Rudinsky18.46aSisters
10.12Alan Sylvestre18.82aElmira
11.11Logan Mayes19.67aMarist
12.9Cole Craig20.36aSisters
13.9Josh Morgan20.52aElmira
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Close41.14aCottage Grove
2.12Jeff Wilder41.92aSisters
3.11McKenzie Francois42.60aJunction City
4.9Colton George42.85aLa Pine
5.10Dylan Johnson43.37aCottage Grove
6.9Garrett Lewellen44.36aElmira
7.11Jordan Rudinsky44.81aSisters
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jeff Wilder42.00aSisters
2.12Trevor Close42.22aCottage Grove
3.9Colton George43.18aLa Pine
5.10JT Brooks43.86aMarist
7.11Jordan Rudinsky44.18aSisters
4.10Dylan Johnson44.24aCottage Grove
6.9Garrett Lewellen44.37aElmira
11.9Logan McGann46.18aMarist
12.11Chad Cummings46.31aSisters
13.10Jacob Cornwell47.24aMarist
14.10Jaibir Pannu47.60aCottage Grove
15.9Josh Morgan52.33aElmira
12Alan SylvestreDNSElmira
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Walcott
Mitchel Wilson
Andre Post
Brant Holaday
2.-Kole Kimmel
Jake Logan
Andrew Swayze
Spencer Wilson
44.99aLa Pine
3.-David Cowan
Jared Nelson
Jeremiah Stahn
Drew Harrison
4.-Dylan Johnson
Zach Borrellli
Conner Richardson
Christian Rodriguez
46.59aCottage Grove
5.-Garrett Lewellen
Anders Westlund
Matt Thilberg
Luis Labastida
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dustin Hurd
Pablo McCoy
Conner Richardson
Dylan Johnson
3:30.19aCottage Grove
2.-David Cowan
Jeff Wilder
Easton Curtis
Jeremiah Stahn
3.-Kole Kimmel
Jeremy Desrosiers
Nick Read
Spencer Wilson
3:32.43aLa Pine
4.-Colton Bloom
Connell Briggs
Garret Holaday
Brant Holaday
5.-Carlton Mills
McKenzie Francois
Dylan Mintonye
Justin Wintch
3:43.76aJunction City
6.-Ethan Hollenbeck
Paul Lewis
Jonathan Ferguson
Ryan Eccles
3:44.47aPleasant Hill
7.-Luis Labastida
Anders Westlund
Logan Loftis
Zach Pew
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Gammie45'05.00Marist
2.12Cole Richardson44'07.75Marist
3.12Kyle Wreath44'00.00Cottage Grove
4.11Matthew Devereux43'01.75Marist
5.11John Green42'10.00Sisters
6.12Ty Slater42'09.50La Pine
7.11Jakob Hazel41'07.00Pleasant Hill
8.12Trevor Close40'09.50Cottage Grove
9.12Grant Thompson39'04.00Cottage Grove
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Nick Gammie45'00.00Marist
2.12Cole Richardson44'07.75Marist
3.12Kyle Wreath43'03.25Cottage Grove
4.11Matthew Devereux43'01.75Marist
5.12Ty Slater42'09.50La Pine
6.11Jakob Hazel41'07.00Pleasant Hill
7.12Trevor Close40'09.50Cottage Grove
8.11John Green40'00.50Sisters
9.12Grant Thompson39'04.00Cottage Grove
10.12Brett Burbee39'01.50Pleasant Hill
11.11Josh Hayes38'05.25La Pine
12.12Randy Ketchum38'05.00Sisters
13.10Travis Harrison38'03.50La Pine
14.9Max Jones37'08.00Pleasant Hill
15.11Donovin Mobley36'11.75Junction City
16.11Simon Baum34'02.00Junction City
17.12George Curtiss31'06.00Elmira
18.10Ian Loftis28'10.25Elmira
19.9Skyler Vanderpool25'06.50Elmira
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ty Slater149'06La Pine
2.12Brett Burbee144'02Pleasant Hill
3.11Matthew Devereux136'07Marist
4.11John Green120'05Sisters
5.11Brandon Willis117'04Cottage Grove
6.12Nick Gammie117'03Marist
7.10Travis Harrison115'02La Pine
8.12AJ Brooks111'10Pleasant Hill
9.10Zach Borrelli108'03Cottage Grove
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ty Slater149'06La Pine
2.11Matthew Devereux136'07Marist
3.12Brett Burbee126'10Pleasant Hill
4.11John Green120'05Sisters
5.11Brandon Willis117'04Cottage Grove
6.12Nick Gammie117'03Marist
7.10Travis Harrison115'02La Pine
8.12AJ Brooks109'02Pleasant Hill
9.10Zach Borrelli104'05Cottage Grove
10.12Cole Richardson103'03Marist
11.10Kyle Contreras101'02La Pine
12.12George Curtiss99'00Elmira
13.12Kyle Wreath95'11Cottage Grove
14.11Jakob Hazel89'06Pleasant Hill
16.9Cole Craig87'10Sisters
17.12Randy Ketchum77'11Sisters
18.11Phil Marlen68'01Elmira
20.10Ian Loftis65'01Elmira
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ty Slater185'06La Pine
2.12Adam Nasalroad183'09Marist
3.12Brett Breding180'02Elmira
4.12AJ Brooks177'01Pleasant Hill
5.12Maxwell Beebe158'09Elmira
6.10Zach Borrelli151'01Cottage Grove
7.11Ryan Eccles141'03Pleasant Hill
8.11Devon Prescott140'04Sisters
9.11Cameron Mackley132'05Cottage Grove
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ty Slater185'06La Pine
2.12Adam Nasalroad183'09Marist
3.12Brett Breding180'02Elmira
4.12AJ Brooks177'01Pleasant Hill
5.12Maxwell Beebe151'08Elmira
6.10Zach Borrelli147'02Cottage Grove
7.11Devon Prescott140'04Sisters
8.11Ryan Eccles137'04Pleasant Hill
9.11Cameron Mackley132'05Cottage Grove
10.10Garret Holaday127'09Marist
11.9Jeremy Desrosiers127'04La Pine
12.11Jakob Hazel126'01Pleasant Hill
13.9Nolan Messman123'08Elmira
14.9Ben Fleming123'06Junction City
15.10Tim Hernandez122'11Sisters
16.10Luis Rivera112'00Marist
17.10Kyle Contreras105'05La Pine
18.11John Green102'09Sisters
19.9Paarth Patel85'09Junction City
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.10Ian Hopper5'11.00Pleasant Hill
3.12Nick Read5'11.00La Pine
3.11Alex Toureen5'11.00Cottage Grove
5.12Austin Anderson5'09.00Marist
6.11Chad Cummings5'07.00Sisters
7.12Maxwell Beebe5'07.00Elmira
8.9JJ Hernandez5'05.00Marist
9.11Christian Rodriguez5'05.00Cottage Grove
10.11Jaron Keuhn5'05.00La Pine
11.9Nolan Messman5'03.00Elmira
11.9Kaelen Byrum5'03.00Marist
9Gareth DahlgrenNHLa Pine
10Tim HernandezNHSisters
10Matt ThilbergNHElmira
9Chance O'NealNHSisters
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Logan14'00.00La Pine
2.10Deion Mock13'06.00La Pine
3.11Jared Nelson13'00.00Sisters
5.10Dylan Seay12'00.00La Pine
6.12Dennis Dahle11'06.00Elmira
7.12Scott Graham11'06.00Marist
8.11Devon Prescott11'06.00Sisters
9.11Alex Schluckebier10'06.00Pleasant Hill
9.12Jake Sand10'06.00Elmira
11.11Jordan Rudinsky10'00.00Sisters
12Austin AndersonNHMarist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitchel Wilson21'10.00Marist
2.12Brett Breding21'05.50Elmira
3.12Trevor Close20'07.50Cottage Grove
4.11Alex Toureen20'07.25Cottage Grove
5.11Spencer Wilson20'05.50La Pine
6.10Taylor Walcott20'01.50Marist
7.11Dustin Hurd19'05.50Cottage Grove
8.9Josh Harper18'09.50Marist
9.11Micah Chase18'08.00Pleasant Hill
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mitchel Wilson21'10.00Marist
2.12Brett Breding21'04.00Elmira
3.12Trevor Close20'07.50Cottage Grove
4.11Spencer Wilson20'05.50La Pine
5.10Taylor Walcott20'01.50Marist
6.11Alex Toureen19'09.25Cottage Grove
7.11Dustin Hurd19'05.50Cottage Grove
8.9Josh Harper18'09.50Marist
9.11Micah Chase18'08.00Pleasant Hill
10.9Jeremy Desrosiers18'07.25La Pine
11.10Tim Hernandez18'00.50Sisters
12.12Logan Loftis17'11.50Elmira
13.10Ian Hopper16'11.00Pleasant Hill
14.11Jordan Rudinsky16'07.75Sisters
15.10Zack Neet15'03.50La Pine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brett Breding43'04.50Elmira
2.12Mitchel Wilson43'04.00Marist
3.12Logan Loftis41'06.50Elmira
4.11Dustin Hurd40'02.00Cottage Grove
5.11Alex Toureen39'08.00Cottage Grove
6.10Tim Hernandez39'06.50Sisters
7.10JT Brooks39'01.50Marist
8.10Dylan Seay37'09.25La Pine
9.11Mason Sheppard37'06.00Cottage Grove
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brett Breding43'04.50Elmira
2.12Mitchel Wilson42'11.50Marist
3.12Logan Loftis41'06.50Elmira
4.10Tim Hernandez39'06.50Sisters
5.11Alex Toureen39'06.00Cottage Grove
6.11Dustin Hurd39'03.50Cottage Grove
7.10JT Brooks39'01.50Marist
8.10Dylan Seay37'09.25La Pine
9.11Mason Sheppard37'00.00Cottage Grove
10.11Ryan Eccles36'11.00Pleasant Hill
11.10Taylor Kesling36'06.50Elmira
14.11Devon Prescott35'09.50Sisters
15.9Chance O'Neal34'06.00Sisters
10Garret HoladayFOULMarist

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Madison McClung12.87aCottage Grove
2.12Christine Hinds13.21aMarist
3.12Annie Mutchler13.21aSisters
4.12Ashliegh McIntyre13.24aElmira
5.12Cindy Steele13.63aSisters
6.10Jessica Martin13.67aPleasant Hill
7.9Mariyah Hays14.09aLa Pine
8.9Landon Putnam14.11aPleasant Hill
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Madison McClung12.84aCottage Grove
2.12Annie Mutchler13.00aSisters
4.12Christine Hinds13.03aMarist
3.12Ashliegh McIntyre13.12aElmira
5.12Cindy Steele13.26aSisters
7.10Jessica Martin13.50aPleasant Hill
6.9Mariyah Hays13.82aLa Pine
8.9Landon Putnam13.94aPleasant Hill
9.11Kayla Dean14.17aPleasant Hill
10.9McKenzie Stepper14.20aCottage Grove
11.9Mackenzie Cochran14.23aElmira
12.9Lauren Chapman14.24aMarist
14.10Emily Ries14.41aLa Pine
16.9Sierra Kohler15.03aElmira
17.11Carmen Pierce15.06aLa Pine
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jodie Reoch27.03aSisters
2.11Hayley Palmer27.36aSisters
3.12Christine Hinds27.36aMarist
4.10Jessica Martin27.95aPleasant Hill
5.12Cindy Steele28.13aSisters
6.9Kristine Dunn28.22aCottage Grove
7.10Danielle Chambers29.31aPleasant Hill
8.9McKenzie Stepper29.84aCottage Grove
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jodie Reoch26.92aSisters
2.11Hayley Palmer27.22aSisters
4.9Kristine Dunn27.52aCottage Grove
3.12Christine Hinds27.64aMarist
5.12Cindy Steele27.69aSisters
6.10Jessica Martin28.00aPleasant Hill
7.10Danielle Chambers28.99aPleasant Hill
8.9McKenzie Stepper29.48aCottage Grove
9.9Lauren Chapman29.54aMarist
11.9Mariyah Hays29.88aLa Pine
12.10Alycia Likens30.23aCottage Grove
13.9Mackenzie Cochran30.37aElmira
15.11Kayla Dean30.77aPleasant Hill
16.10Emily Ries31.10aLa Pine
17.9Sierra Kohler32.03aElmira
18.9Desa Alonzo33.66aLa Pine
11Meghan ManwillFSMarist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Olivia Houser1:00.42aMarist
2.12Karah Herr1:00.87aSisters
3.9Kristine Dunn1:01.61aCottage Grove
4.11Meghan Manwill1:02.32aMarist
5.11Hayley Palmer1:03.31aSisters
6.11Brittany Glenn1:05.86aLa Pine
7.11Caitlin Johnson1:06.30aElmira
8.11Jessica Hubbard1:07.20aElmira
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Olivia Houser1:01.97aMarist
3.9Kristine Dunn1:02.23aCottage Grove
2.12Karah Herr1:03.76aSisters
5.11Meghan Manwill1:04.11aMarist
4.11Hayley Palmer1:04.35aSisters
6.11Brittany Glenn1:05.76aLa Pine
7.11Caitlin Johnson1:06.02aElmira
8.11Jessica Hubbard1:07.83aElmira
9.12Brittan Hemenway1:08.47aCottage Grove
10.11Emily Baarstadt1:09.38aMarist
11.10Alycia Likens1:10.90aCottage Grove
10Jodie ReochDNFSisters
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allie Sibole2:16.98aMarist
2.12Courteney Satko2:22.53aSisters
3.10Lauren Haga2:27.10aMarist
4.12Shelby Stepper2:27.93aCottage Grove
5.12K.D. Solomon2:28.50aJunction City
6.9Shannon Walsh2:36.54aMarist
7.10Andrea Blake2:37.85aJunction City
8.11Jessica Hubbard2:41.44aElmira
9.10Makena Starner2:51.33aPleasant Hill
10.9Haley Cochell3:03.92aCottage Grove
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laura Jackson4:55.57aLa Pine
2.12K.D. Solomon4:56.79aJunction City
3.9Hannah Bolton4:59.62aJunction City
4.12Heidi Gori5:04.90aMarist
5.12Patricia Guterrez5:06.23aCottage Grove
6.12Emi Conrads5:09.39aSisters
7.10Andrea Blake5:26.34aJunction City
8.10Angela Banks5:29.03aPleasant Hill
9.12Vicki O'Halloran5:40.28aLa Pine
10.10Kanna Scoggin5:47.30aMarist
11.11Taylor Boxberger5:48.07aCottage Grove
12.10Fabiola Schellworth5:53.19aSisters
13.9Sierra Shaw6:36.31aElmira
14.10Sierra Stokes6:42.71aElmira
15.10Eva Murtaugh6:53.36aCottage Grove
9Katie StewartDNFSisters
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allie Sibole10:41.85aMarist
2.12Heidi Gori10:44.30aMarist
3.12Laura Jackson10:48.03aLa Pine
5.12Emi Conrads11:23.67aSisters
6.12Patricia Guterrez11:34.22aCottage Grove
7.10Angela Banks12:02.68aPleasant Hill
8.12Vicki O'Halloran12:07.84aLa Pine
9.9Katie Stewart12:11.91aSisters
10.10Kanna Scoggin12:27.14aMarist
11.10Fabiola Schellworth12:40.89aSisters
12.11Taylor Boxberger12:42.05aCottage Grove
13.9Sierra Shaw14:59.20aElmira
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elizabeth Nordella16.52aCottage Grove
2.11Meesha Baldree16.54aElmira
3.11Brooke Swesey16.86aElmira
4.11Tenaya Smith16.97aCottage Grove
5.10Zoe McAllister17.66aSisters
6.9Alisha Haken17.89aSisters
7.9Susie Baird18.36aMarist
8.10Jasmine Klein19.20aCottage Grove
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Meesha Baldree16.51aElmira
2.10Jasmine Klein16.90aCottage Grove
3.11Elizabeth Nordella16.97aCottage Grove
4.11Brooke Swesey17.17aElmira
5.9Alisha Haken17.34aSisters
6.11Tenaya Smith17.53aCottage Grove
7.10Zoe McAllister17.90aSisters
8.9Susie Baird18.19aMarist
9.12Moira Cary18.52aMarist
10.10Chelsea Reifschneider18.73aSisters
11.10Melanie Sylvestre21.22aElmira
12.9Jessie Sealey21.31aLa Pine
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karah Herr47.77aSisters
2.10Jasmine Klein48.38aCottage Grove
3.11Tenaya Smith49.25aCottage Grove
4.11Brooke Swesey51.10aElmira
5.10Chelsea Reifschneider51.36aSisters
6.9Susie Baird51.58aMarist
7.11Meesha Baldree52.50aElmira
8.11Elizabeth Nordella52.57aCottage Grove
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Tenaya Smith49.77aCottage Grove
2.10Jasmine Klein50.09aCottage Grove
3.12Karah Herr50.10aSisters
4.10Chelsea Reifschneider50.41aSisters
5.11Brooke Swesey51.02aElmira
7.11Meesha Baldree51.76aElmira
6.9Susie Baird51.88aMarist
8.11Elizabeth Nordella52.22aCottage Grove
9.12Moira Cary55.12aMarist
10.10Zoe McAllister56.35aSisters
11.9Jessie Sealey1:01.93aLa Pine
12.10Melanie Sylvestre1:09.27aElmira
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Annie Mutchler
Courteney Satko
Hayley Palmer
Sara Small
2.-Kristine Dunn
Brittan Hemenway
Hollie Arnold
Jasmine Klein
51.48aCottage Grove
3.-Olivia Houser
Giuliana Del Guercio
Meghan Manwill
Christine Hinds
4.-Meesha Baldree
Ashliegh McIntyre
Jessica Hubbard
Caitlin Johnson
5.-Kathrina Smolka
Danielle Chambers
Jessica Martin
Landon Putnam
53.88aPleasant Hill
6.-Emily Ries
Carmen Pierce
Kendall Porter
Brittany Glenn
55.43aLa Pine
7.-Jordyn Nepper
Sami Kihn
Stephani Gent
Amber Turner
55.57aJunction City
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Meghan Manwill
Allie Sibole
Shannon Walsh
Olivia Houser
2.-Karah Herr
Hayley Palmer
Courteney Satko
Jodie Reoch
3.-Hollie Arnold
Kristine Dunn
Patricia Guterrez
Jasmine Klein
4:27.41aCottage Grove
4.-Emily Ries
Mariyah Hays
Brittany Glenn
Megan McReynolds
4:31.70aLa Pine
5.-Jessica Hubbard
Paris Piva
Caitlin Johnson
Meesha Baldree
6.-Hannah Bolton
Jordyn Nepper
Sami Kihn
K.D. Solomon
4:40.55aJunction City
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kassi Conditt42'04.00La Pine
2.12Erin Nowak33'05.00Cottage Grove
3.10Alexis Tilman31'07.00La Pine
4.11Jessika McCullough29'06.75Elmira
5.12Christine Hinds29'01.00Marist
6.12Brooke Rich29'00.50Cottage Grove
8.10Hannah Harrer28'07.00Sisters
9.10Awbree Cardwell25'09.50Cottage Grove
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kassi Conditt42'04.00La Pine
2.12Erin Nowak33'05.00Cottage Grove
3.10Alexis Tilman31'07.00La Pine
4.11Jessika McCullough29'06.75Elmira
5.12Brooke Rich29'00.50Cottage Grove
7.12Christine Hinds27'09.50Marist
8.10Hannah Harrer26'08.25Sisters
9.10Awbree Cardwell25'09.50Cottage Grove
10.10Ashley Agenbroad25'00.00La Pine
11.12Kendall Silva24'08.25Marist
12.11Jessica Krohn24'07.50Elmira
15.11Lauren White24'00.00Sisters
16.12Jordan Hubbard23'03.25Elmira
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kassi Conditt116'05La Pine
2.12Jordan Brunetti113'01Cottage Grove
3.11Jessika McCullough94'04Elmira
4.12Brooke Rich91'00Cottage Grove
5.10Ashley Agenbroad86'08La Pine
6.12Kendall Silva86'05Marist
7.12Ashley Hall85'03Junction City
8.9Mariah Hardy82'02Pleasant Hill
9.10Alexis Tilman81'11La Pine
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kassi Conditt116'05La Pine
2.12Jordan Brunetti112'10Cottage Grove
3.11Jessika McCullough94'04Elmira
4.12Brooke Rich91'00Cottage Grove
6.10Alexis Tilman81'11La Pine
7.10Ashley Agenbroad81'04La Pine
8.9Mariah Hardy79'04Pleasant Hill
9.12Kendall Silva78'08Marist
10.10Karrie Kawamura70'01Elmira
11.12Amanda Ewing68'09Marist
12.11Chelsea Roberts64'03Elmira
13.12Hali Combs41'04Sisters
12Dani NowakFOULCottage Grove
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Brunetti139'02Cottage Grove
2.12Allie Rogers108'11Marist
3.12Dorian Perkey108'08Cottage Grove
4.10Rachel Beach95'05Cottage Grove
5.11Megan McReynolds90'10La Pine
6.11Carly Roderick89'00La Pine
7.11Jessika McCullough88'08Elmira
8.10Sara Small82'01Sisters
9.12Amanda Ewing79'10Marist
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jordan Brunetti139'02Cottage Grove
2.12Allie Rogers108'11Marist
3.12Dorian Perkey105'03Cottage Grove
4.10Rachel Beach93'11Cottage Grove
5.11Megan McReynolds90'10La Pine
6.11Carly Roderick89'00La Pine
7.11Jessika McCullough81'04Elmira
8.10Sara Small80'11Sisters
9.12Amanda Ewing78'03Marist
10.10Ashley Agenbroad77'03La Pine
12.9Jacie Palmer71'09Elmira
12.10Karrie Kawamura71'09Elmira
14.12Katie Watkins70'06Pleasant Hill
15.12Amanda Weiler64'06Marist
16.12Hali Combs55'04Sisters
18.10Zoe McAllister44'00Sisters
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allie Rogers5'04.00Marist
2.10Amanda Robert5'02.00Marist
3.12Madison McClung5'00.00Cottage Grove
4.11Tenaya Smith4'10.00Cottage Grove
5.9Alisha Haken4'10.00Sisters
6.11Elizabeth Nordella4'06.00Cottage Grove
7.12Katie Watkins4'06.00Pleasant Hill
8.9Jacie Palmer4'06.00Elmira
9.12Amber Turner4'06.00Junction City
10.10Kendall Porter4'04.00La Pine
10.11Megan McReynolds4'04.00La Pine
12.11Lauren White4'02.00Sisters
12.10Danielle Chambers4'02.00Pleasant Hill
12.10Hannah Harrer4'02.00Sisters
12Abigail MetcalfNHMarist
11Brittany GlennNHLa Pine
9Montana GayNHElmira
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sara Small11'02.00Sisters
2.11Hollie Arnold8'06.00Cottage Grove
3.12Lauren Furrer8'06.00Marist
4.10Paris Piva8'00.00Elmira
5.9Alisha Haken7'06.00Sisters
6.9Montana Gay7'00.00Elmira
7.9Susie Baird7'00.00Marist
8.11Lauren White6'06.00Sisters
9.9Jacie Palmer6'06.00Elmira
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Annie Mutchler16'08.00Sisters
2.10Olivia Houser16'06.00Marist
3.12Ashliegh McIntyre15'05.75Elmira
4.10Sara Small15'05.25Sisters
5.10Amanda Robert15'03.00Marist
6.12Stephani Gent15'00.25Junction City
7.12Kathrina Smolka14'02.75Pleasant Hill
8.9Lauren Chapman13'11.25Marist
9.11Caitlin Johnson13'08.00Elmira
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Annie Mutchler16'08.00Sisters
2.10Olivia Houser16'06.00Marist
3.12Ashliegh McIntyre15'05.75Elmira
4.10Sara Small15'05.25Sisters
5.10Amanda Robert15'03.00Marist
7.12Kathrina Smolka13'11.50Pleasant Hill
8.9Lauren Chapman13'11.25Marist
9.11Caitlin Johnson13'08.00Elmira
10.11Elizabeth Nordella13'03.75Cottage Grove
11.10Whitley Tucker13'03.00Cottage Grove
12.12Brittan Hemenway12'10.25Cottage Grove
13.11Chelsea Roberts12'09.00Elmira
14.10Kendall Porter12'03.00La Pine
15.11Carmen Pierce12'00.50La Pine
16.11Alena Bailey10'10.25La Pine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Annie Mutchler36'07.25Sisters
2.12Ashliegh McIntyre35'09.25Elmira
3.10Amanda Robert33'11.25Marist
5.10Hannah Harrer31'03.00Sisters
6.10Emma Cooney31'02.00Marist
7.10Whitley Tucker30'10.25Cottage Grove
8.9Alisha Haken30'09.75Sisters
9.11Megan McReynolds29'00.75La Pine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ashliegh McIntyre35'08.00Elmira
2.12Annie Mutchler35'06.75Sisters
3.10Amanda Robert33'06.50Marist
5.10Emma Cooney31'01.00Marist
6.10Hannah Harrer30'10.25Sisters
7.10Whitley Tucker30'05.50Cottage Grove
8.9Alisha Haken30'03.25Sisters
9.11Megan McReynolds28'04.50La Pine
10.12Abigail Metcalf28'03.25Marist
11.11Chelsea Roberts28'01.25Elmira
12.11Carmen Pierce27'08.75La Pine
13.10Nikki Taylor26'06.25Elmira
14.9Desa Alonzo24'05.00La Pine
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