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NDSU Invitational

Sunday, January 17, 2010

North Dakota State, Fargo

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Manitoba - CIS
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Minnesota State Moorhead
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKevin Jackson6.85aNorth Dakota State
2.FrDerek Bredy6.93aMinnesota State Moor...
3.FrJarvous Bryant6.96aUniversity of Mary
4.JrOdis Richardson6.98aNorthern State (SD)
5.FrSkyler Jackson6.99aMinnesota State Moor...
6.SoBrock Keaton7.01aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya7.02aMinnesota State Moor...
8.FrTracy Lide7.08aUniversity of Mary
9.-David Szczepaniak7.12aManitoba
10.FrLee Dheim7.23aNorth Dakota State
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoKevin Jackson6.94aNorth Dakota State
2.FrDerek Bredy7.00aMinnesota State Moor...
3.SoBrock Keaton7.01aMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrOdis Richardson7.05aNorthern State (SD)
5.FrSkyler Jackson7.07aMinnesota State Moor...
5.FrJarvous Bryant7.07aUniversity of Mary
7.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya7.11aMinnesota State Moor...
8.-David Szczepaniak7.12aManitoba
9.FrTracy Lide7.16aUniversity of Mary
10.FrLee Dheim7.17aNorth Dakota State
11.JrDouglas Scott7.19aNorth Dakota State
11.Andy Lillejord7.19aUna
13.FrBobby Pyne7.24aMinnesota State Moor...
14.FrLuke Hauert7.26aNorthern State (SD)
15.SrCody Gronvold7.28aNorth Dakota State
16.SrJordan Puhalla7.29aUniversity of Mary
17.SoCasey Lipp7.34aNorth Dakota State
17.-Rhys Lautenschlager7.34aManitoba
19.-Jayce Miller7.35aNorth Dakota State
20.SoCory Ploof7.37aUniversity of Mary
21.-Mack Gajadhar7.39aManitoba
21.Chukwuebuka Okoye7.39aUnattached
23.-Steven Poole7.40aManitoba
23.FrDaniel Hirsch7.40aMinnesota State Moor...
25.-Cedric Williams7.42aSouth Dakota State
26.-Reynaud Stewart7.44aManitoba
27.SrJeremy Beulah7.46aNorthern State (SD)
28.FrRyan Jenson7.48aNorth Dakota State
29.SoZak Kjolsing7.52aNorthern State (SD)
29.JrAugustus Capers7.52aNorthern State (SD)
31.-Eric Furletti7.61aManitoba
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SoKevin Jackson22.43aNorth Dakota State
3.FrJarvous Bryant22.54aUniversity of Mary
4.FrTracy Lide22.91aUniversity of Mary
5.FrSkyler Jackson22.99aMinnesota State Moor...
6.JrOdis Richardson22.99aNorthern State (SD)
7.SoBrock Keaton23.17aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SoCory Ploof23.20aUniversity of Mary
8.FrLaquone Robinson23.20aMinnesota State Moor...
10.SoDustin Gibbons23.21aSouth Dakota State
12.SoLuke Leischner23.26aSouth Dakota State
13.JrDouglas Scott23.27aNorth Dakota State
14.FrLee Dheim23.39aNorth Dakota State
15.FrLuke Hauert23.46aNorthern State (SD)
16.SoEvan Bunkers23.59aSouth Dakota State
17.-Jamie McMaster23.74aManitoba
18.SrJordan Puhalla23.85aUniversity of Mary
19.FrBobby Pyne23.86aMinnesota State Moor...
20.FrRyan Swenson24.00aNorth Dakota State
21.-Mack Gajadhar24.08aManitoba
22.SrCole Tucker24.09aSouth Dakota State
23.-Reynaud Stewart24.13aManitoba
24.SrKlye Weisbeck24.19aNorthern State (SD)
25.FrDaniel Hirsch24.26aMinnesota State Moor...
26.-Steven Poole24.43aManitoba
27.SoTeddy Green-Price24.56aNorth Dakota State
28.SoMatt Greenfield24.65aNorthern State (SD)
29.Andrew Duitsnan26.14aUnattached
---Julian WagnerDNFSouth Dakota State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jayce Miller50.52aNorth Dakota State
2.SoAaron Lund50.64aMinnesota State Moor...
3.SoJason Duchscherer50.67aNorth Dakota State
4.FrAndrew Balzer50.87aNorth Dakota State
5.SoCorey Shufelt51.06aMinnesota State Moor...
6.FrAdou Omot51.21aAugustana (SD)
7.SoKole Seiler51.42aNorth Dakota State
8.-Jay Waters51.45aManitoba
9.FrDeland Weyrauch51.87aUniversity of Mary
10.-Zacharie Durand52.19aManitoba
11.FrEric Peterson52.41aNorthern State (SD)
12.SrDerek Meyer52.87aMinnesota State Moor...
13.Chukwuebuka Okoye52.92aUnattached
14.SrRyan Conrad53.09aNorthern State (SD)
15.SrEric Asfeld53.31aMinnesota State Moor...
16.FrBrandon Delao53.40aUniversity of Mary
17.FrCole Muller53.56aUniversity of Mary
18.-Peter Tarleton54.26aManitoba
19.FrRyan Swenson54.81aNorth Dakota State
20.FrMatt Weeks57.72aMinnesota State Moor...
21.FrJacob Pohlmann58.88aAugustana (SD)
22.FrKevon Brown58.99aUniversity of Mary
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Moses Heppner1:57.19aUna
2.-Andrew Schellenberg1:58.93aManitoba
3.SrMichael McConnell1:59.80aMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrGreg Vollmer2:00.06aSouth Dakota State
5.FrJacob Arechigo2:00.22aNorthern State (SD)
6.JrZach Morris2:00.70aAugustana (SD)
7.-Colin Barnett2:00.96aManitoba
8.SoMatt Peterson2:01.78aNorthern State (SD)
9.FrEric Mohrabacher2:02.91aUniversity of Mary
10.-Joel Vankoughnet2:03.39aManitoba
11.SoLars Mattison2:03.66aSouth Dakota State
12.SoJustin Schrepel2:04.08aNorth Dakota State
13.-Stephen Campbell2:04.54aManitoba
14.FrJordan Davis2:04.99aUniversity of Mary
15.FrCory Asfeld2:05.50aMinnesota State Moor...
16.SrJim Fay2:06.46aMinnesota State Moor...
17.Shawn Henderson2:07.27aUnattached
18.SoNathan Stamstad2:08.98aUniversity of Mary
19.JrJacob Vossler2:09.69aMinnesota State Moor...
20.JrTravis Husen2:10.75aMinnesota State Moor...
21.FrCasey Jore2:16.52aUniversity of Mary
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEric Stroh2:31.56aNorth Dakota State
2.SrBrian Werner2:32.17aAugustana (SD)
3.FrClayton Foster2:37.03aMinnesota State Moor...
4.SoBrock Rose2:45.02aNorthern State (SD)
5.-Aaron Beddome2:57.73aManitoba
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTravis Fitzke4:19.23aNorth Dakota State
2.SrMichael McConnell4:21.23aMinnesota State Moor...
3.James Schanandore4:21.49aTeam Nodak
4.FrJared Ailts4:24.32aSouth Dakota State
5.FrDaniel Merritt4:25.15aNorth Dakota State
6.-Adam Penner4:27.14aManitoba
7.-Jason Redpath4:27.15aManitoba
8.FrJordan Slusser4:32.87aAugustana (SD)
9.-Per Santroen4:34.79aAugustana (SD)
10.FrJake Martel4:34.91aNorth Dakota State
11.JrTravis Husen4:36.34aMinnesota State Moor...
12.FrJayce Seelig4:37.55aNorthern State (SD)
13.SoEddie Stenger4:38.11aSouth Dakota State
14.Shawn Henderson4:46.47aUnattached
15.FrCasey Jore4:49.93aUniversity of Mary
16.SoNathan Stamstad4:53.01aUniversity of Mary
17.FrAaron Bauer4:58.70aAugustana (SD)
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTyler Leverington8:46.43aNorth Dakota State
2.SoTravis Beniak8:47.65aAugustana (SD)
3.SoEamin Entwisle8:49.92aUniversity of Mary
4.JrJake Henderson8:50.30aNorth Dakota State
5.SoColin Parrish8:55.42aNorth Dakota State
6.-Colin Shepherd9:00.39aManitoba
7.SoAndrew Fillmore9:06.06aNorth Dakota State
8.SrMatt Heesch9:10.10aAugustana (SD)
9.JrThomas Schanandore9:10.79aNorth Dakota State
10.JrJohn Rawerts9:11.34aNorthern State (SD)
10.Scott Egeberg9:11.34aUnattached
12.Daniel Scott9:11.83aUnattached
13.-Adam Penner9:13.25aManitoba
14.FrTaylor Thompson9:13.91aUniversity of Mary
15.SoRonnie Kyllo9:17.19aSouth Dakota State
16.SrThomas Wagner9:17.76aNorth Dakota State
17.SrJosh Schmeichel9:19.77aNorthern State (SD)
18.SrKirk Bottelberghe9:27.93aNorth Dakota State
19.SoKyle Schmidt9:31.25aSouth Dakota State
20.FrRyan Evans9:33.74aAugustana (SD)
21.chris hass9:33.86aUnattached
22.Alec Barney9:45.45aUna
23.Joshua Yapp9:51.26aUna
24.-Barre Hildebrandt10:12.97aManitoba
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoWeston Leutz8.11aNorth Dakota State
2.FrLaquone Robinson8.13aMinnesota State Moor...
3.FrMatt Tetzlaff8.38aNorth Dakota State
4.SrCody Gronvold8.56aNorth Dakota State
5.SrTed Rud8.66aNorth Dakota State
5.SoCorbin Kratovil8.66aSouth Dakota State
7.SoPaul Mallory8.72aAugustana (SD)
8.FrTarvis Jimenez8.87aNorthern State (SD)
9.FrChris Hubbs8.99aSouth Dakota State
10.FrMatt Weeks9.00aMinnesota State Moor...
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoWeston Leutz8.32aNorth Dakota State
2.FrMatt Tetzlaff8.47aNorth Dakota State
3.FrLaquone Robinson8.49aMinnesota State Moor...
4.SrCody Gronvold8.52aNorth Dakota State
5.SrTed Rud8.72aNorth Dakota State
6.FrMatt Weeks8.73aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SoPaul Mallory8.82aAugustana (SD)
8.FrTarvis Jimenez8.86aNorthern State (SD)
9.FrChris Hubbs8.91aSouth Dakota State
10.SoCorbin Kratovil8.92aSouth Dakota State
11.FrRyan Barnes9.02aMinnesota State Moor...
12.FrAron Velde9.07aMinnesota State Moor...
13.SrBill Cameron9.10aNorthern State (SD)
14.JrLuke Bucholz9.13aMinnesota State Moor...
15.SrMike Hagen9.14aNorth Dakota State
16.FrRyan Jenson9.19aNorth Dakota State
17.-Rhys Lautenschlager9.42aManitoba
18.FrJordan Davis9.61aUniversity of Mary
19.JrBlake Ridgway9.64aAugustana (SD)
20.-Aaron Beddome9.81aManitoba
21.FrJacob Pohlmann10.84aAugustana (SD)
22.Andy Lillejord11.10aUna
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:24.54aNorth Dakota State
2.-Corey Shufelt
Uchenna Ogbonnaya
Eric Asfeld
Aaron Lund
3:24.63aMinnesota State Moor...
3.-Relay Team 3:26.05aNorth Dakota State
4.-David Szczepaniak
Zacharie Durand
Jamie McMaster
Jay Waters
5.-Jacob Arechigo
Bill Cameron
Eric Peterson
Matt Peterson
3:28.64aNorthern State (SD)
6.-Evan Bunkers
Dustin Gibbons
Luke Leischner
Jared Foote
3:29.12aSouth Dakota State
7.-Tracy Lide
Brandon Delao
Jarvous Bryant
Deland Weyrauch
3:29.21aUniversity of Mary
8.-Andrew Schellenberg
Joel Vankoughnet
Colin Barnett
Stephen Campbell
9.-Paul Mallory
Zach Morris
Adou Omot
Blake Ridgway
3:31.65aAugustana (SD)
10.-Relay Team 3:34.94aSouth Dakota State
11.-Relay Team 3:35.34aNorth Dakota State
12.-Matt Greenfield
Luke Hauert
Klye Weisbeck
Tarvis Jimenez
3:35.73aNorthern State (SD)
13.-Derek Meyer
Jacob Vossler
Aron Velde
Luke Bucholz
3:36.93aMinnesota State Moor...
14.-Jordan Puhalla
Cory Ploof
Cole Muller
Jordan Davis
3:39.39aUniversity of Mary
15.-Kyle Eckhoff
Jim Fay
Michael McConnell
Kyle Weik
3:42.48aMinnesota State Moor...
---Kevon Brown
Eric Mohrabacher
Greg Schenavar
Eamin Entwisle
DNFUniversity of Mary
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBen Jacobson52-07.50University of Mary
2.JrAnthony Enyi47-08.50Minnesota State Moor...
3.JrTyler Lynch47-02.25Augustana (SD)
4.Tyle Fleckenstein46-10.75Unattached
5.FrCasey Orgon45-11.75North Dakota State
6.SrScott Johnson45-08.00North Dakota State
7.SoJared Thompson45-01.00Northern State (SD)
8.SoTad Harman44-04.00University of Mary
9.-Garth Suppes44-02.00Manitoba
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrBen Jacobson52-07.50University of Mary
2.JrAnthony Enyi47-08.50Minnesota State Moor...
3.JrTyler Lynch47-02.25Augustana (SD)
4.FrCasey Orgon45-11.75North Dakota State
5.Tyle Fleckenstein45-10.00Unattached
6.SrScott Johnson45-08.00North Dakota State
7.SoJared Thompson45-01.00Northern State (SD)
8.SoTad Harman44-04.00University of Mary
9.-Garth Suppes44-02.00Manitoba
10.JrJake Brinkman43-07.75South Dakota State
11.SrMike Hagen42-09.50North Dakota State
12.SrSam McInerney42-07.00South Dakota State
13.SoCorbin Kratovil42-04.25South Dakota State
14.SoJose Alba42-02.75Minnesota State Moor...
15.SrTed Rud41-11.50North Dakota State
16.JrJohn Huber40-10.50Northern State (SD)
17.JrJon Evenson40-09.00Northern State (SD)
17.-Cody Stephanow40-09.00Manitoba
19.FrJordan Premus40-00.50Northern State (SD)
20.-Justin Charrier38-00.25Manitoba
21.Unknown Weston37-10.50Unattached
22.Ryan Ackman36-08.50Unat
23.FrJacob Pohlmann34-02.25Augustana (SD)
24.Unknown Blake34-00.00Unattached
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeremy Geditz7-01.50North Dakota State
2.JrCalvin McGruder6-04.25Northern State (SD)
2.SoMichael Bendix6-04.25Minnesota State Moor...
2.SoJared Vlastuin6-04.25South Dakota State
2.SoCorbin Kratovil6-04.25South Dakota State
6.-Lucas Rodewald6-04.25Manitoba
7.FrRyan Barnes6-04.25Minnesota State Moor...
8.JrBlake Ridgway6-04.25Augustana (SD)
9.-Tyrone Welchinski6-02.25Manitoba
9.FrCory Sugden6-02.25Augustana (SD)
9.SrLance Nemec6-02.25University of Mary
9.JrAndrew Rose6-02.25Northern State (SD)
9.SoCasey Lipp6-02.25North Dakota State
14.JrTravis Kamm6-00.50Northern State (SD)
14.FrMike Bredeson6-00.50South Dakota State
16.FrJacob Pohlmann5-10.50Augustana (SD)
16.SoCody McCargar5-10.50University of Mary
18.FrShawn Neuberger5-08.50University of Mary
18.FrSimon Erlandson5-08.50Minnesota State Moor...
---Eric FurlettiNHManitoba
--SrCamden HelderNHSouth Dakota State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCody Gronvold16-00.75North Dakota State
2.FrJesse Morrow15-07.00North Dakota State
3.JrJoseph Bredahl15-01.00North Dakota State
4.SoNolan Berg14-07.25North Dakota State
4.SrGreg Schenavar14-07.25University of Mary
6.SrJerry Jonas14-07.25Minnesota State Moor...
7.SrTed Rud14-07.25North Dakota State
9.FrKeith Bennett13-07.25North Dakota State
10.SrTroy Beekman13-07.25South Dakota State
11.Evan Derks13-01.50Una
12.Taylor Knight13-01.50Unattached
--JrChad PeckNHMinnesota State Moor...
--JrClint SchroederNHSouth Dakota State
--SoWeston LeutzNHNorth Dakota State
--SrJake AlexanderNHUniversity of Mary
---Eric FurlettiNHManitoba
--FrTim SimonichNHUniversity of Mary
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJared Vlastuin23-11.75South Dakota State
2.FrTrevor Mau23-01.25Northern State (SD)
3.FrLee Dheim22-05.75North Dakota State
4.SoWeston Leutz22-05.25North Dakota State
5.FrThomas Hartwell22-03.00University of Mary
6.SrTed Rud22-03.00North Dakota State
7.FrAndre Moore21-08.25University of Mary
8.-Joshua Gundrum21-07.50Manitoba
9.JrCalvin McGruder21-07.25Northern State (SD)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoJared Vlastuin23-11.75South Dakota State
2.FrTrevor Mau23-01.25Northern State (SD)
3.FrLee Dheim22-05.75North Dakota State
4.SoWeston Leutz22-05.25North Dakota State
5.SrTed Rud22-03.00North Dakota State
6.FrThomas Hartwell21-11.75University of Mary
7.FrAndre Moore21-08.25University of Mary
8.-Joshua Gundrum21-07.50Manitoba
9.JrCalvin McGruder21-07.25Northern State (SD)
10.Ben Jasinski21-06.75Unat
11.FrSkyler Jackson21-06.00Minnesota State Moor...
12.SoCasey Lipp21-03.50North Dakota State
13.JrDouglas Scott20-10.75North Dakota State
14.Andy Lillejord20-09.75Una
15.-Trent Becker20-09.25Manitoba
16.JrLuke Bucholz20-07.75Minnesota State Moor...
17.-Aaron Beddome20-07.25Manitoba
18.JrTyler Zacher20-04.25University of Mary
19.FrRyan Jenson20-03.75North Dakota State
20.-Rhys Lautenschlager20-01.75Manitoba
21.FrOssie Dukes20-00.50University of Mary
22.SoZak Kjolsing20-00.25Northern State (SD)
23.SrMike Hagen19-11.00North Dakota State
24.FrAron Velde19-03.50Minnesota State Moor...
25.FrShawn Neuberger19-01.50University of Mary
26.FrAustin Eichacker18-02.25South Dakota State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Ben Jasinski48-10.25Unat
2.SoBradley Monahan46-08.00North Dakota State
3.JrLee Kersting46-06.75North Dakota State
4.-Joshua Gundrum46-02.00Manitoba
5.FrDerek Bredy45-11.75Minnesota State Moor...
6.FrAndre Moore45-05.00University of Mary
7.SrNick Meseck45-02.25Minnesota State Moor...
8.JrTyler Zacher45-00.25University of Mary
9.FrTrevor Mau43-10.00Northern State (SD)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.Ben Jasinski47-09.75Unat
2.-Joshua Gundrum46-05.50Manitoba
3.SoBradley Monahan46-03.25North Dakota State
4.FrAndre Moore45-10.75University of Mary
5.JrLee Kersting45-06.25North Dakota State
6.FrDerek Bredy45-05.00Minnesota State Moor...
7.SrNick Meseck45-02.25Minnesota State Moor...
8.JrTyler Zacher45-00.25University of Mary
9.FrTrevor Mau43-10.00Northern State (SD)
10.SoMichael Bendix43-00.25Minnesota State Moor...
11.JrDouglas Scott42-11.50North Dakota State
12.FrSimon Erlandson42-04.25Minnesota State Moor...
12.FrThomas Hartwell42-04.25University of Mary
14.FrOssie Dukes41-11.50University of Mary
14.JrTravis Kamm41-11.50Northern State (SD)
16.FrMike Bredeson41-09.25South Dakota State
17.-Eric Furletti40-06.00Manitoba
18.FrShawn Neuberger39-10.75University of Mary
19.-Trent Becker39-08.75Manitoba
--FrAustin EichackerFOULSouth Dakota State
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAnthony Enyi64-00.50Minnesota State Moor...
2.JrBen Jacobson58-10.25University of Mary
3.SrScott Johnson57-08.25North Dakota State
4.-Garth Suppes57-07.00Manitoba
5.JrLogan Hollenkamp55-03.00North Dakota State
6.JrSam Soholt53-03.00North Dakota State
7.JrJake Brinkman52-11.50South Dakota State
8.SrSam McInerney50-08.25South Dakota State
9.JrJohn Huber49-03.00Northern State (SD)
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrAnthony Enyi64-00.50Minnesota State Moor...
2.JrBen Jacobson58-10.25University of Mary
3.SrScott Johnson57-08.25North Dakota State
4.-Garth Suppes55-09.00Manitoba
5.JrLogan Hollenkamp53-07.75North Dakota State
6.JrJake Brinkman52-11.50South Dakota State
7.JrSam Soholt52-08.00North Dakota State
8.SrSam McInerney50-08.25South Dakota State
9.JrJohn Huber47-03.50Northern State (SD)
10.SrKevin Knapp46-08.00Augustana (SD)
11.-Justin Charrier46-00.50Manitoba
12.SoJose Alba46-00.00Minnesota State Moor...
13.SoTad Harman44-09.75University of Mary
14.Ryan Ackman44-06.25Unat
15.-Cody Stephanow41-09.75Manitoba
16.SrPatrick Gerdes41-02.25Minnesota State Moor...
17.FrBlake Elsen37-00.50North Dakota State
--FrCasey OrgonNDNorth Dakota State

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrWhitney Carlson7.71aNorth Dakota State
2.FrDeborah John7.76aNorth Dakota State
3.-Lisa Wong7.81aManitoba
4.-Caley Miskimmin7.84aManitoba
4.SoBrittany Page7.84aNorth Dakota State
6.SrHeather Zander7.93aNorth Dakota State
6.FrAshley Tingelstad7.93aNorth Dakota State
8.JrKristen Stewart7.96aUniversity of Mary
9.JrBobbi Jo Buyck8.04aAugustana (SD)
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoBrittany Page7.82aNorth Dakota State
1.SrWhitney Carlson7.82aNorth Dakota State
3.-Lisa Wong7.85aManitoba
4.SrHeather Zander7.87aNorth Dakota State
4.-Caley Miskimmin7.87aManitoba
6.FrAshley Tingelstad7.90aNorth Dakota State
7.FrDeborah John7.91aNorth Dakota State
8.SrBrittni Bruenjes7.95aNorth Dakota State
9.JrBobbi Jo Buyck8.02aAugustana (SD)
10.JrKristen Stewart8.03aUniversity of Mary
11.SoKristen Killoran8.08aNorth Dakota State
12.SrDevon Wentz8.12aNorth Dakota State
13.SrMishay Weber8.13aUniversity of Mary
14.FrMaria Franker8.16aNorthern State (SD)
15.SrKim Markham8.18aSouth Dakota State
16.-Kimberly-Ann Bordun8.23aManitoba
17.FrMegan Bren8.24aSouth Dakota State
17.SrMarisa Aldinger8.24aNorthern State (SD)
19.SoKristyn Nelson8.27aUniversity of Mary
20.-Alicia Boxill8.28aManitoba
21.-Leah Harpelle8.31aManitoba
22.FrLindsey Fluharty8.37aNorthern State (SD)
23.SrLaci Hettick8.48aNorthern State (SD)
23.FrBrandi Ramey8.48aSouth Dakota State
25.FrMarissa Novak8.58aSouth Dakota State
26.-Ali Comeault8.60aManitoba
27.FrAmy Havelange8.63aMinnesota State Moor...
28.Brooke Maddocks8.64aUnattached
29.Kalie Cox8.83aUna
30.FrChaneese Schaefer8.85aAugustana (SD)
31.SrKeely Lawton9.04aSouth Dakota State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrittany Garner25.58aSouth Dakota State
2.JrKristen Stewart25.69aUniversity of Mary
3.FrAshley Tingelstad25.77aNorth Dakota State
4.SoBrittany Page25.87aNorth Dakota State
5.SrMishay Weber26.48aUniversity of Mary
6.FrDeborah John26.51aNorth Dakota State
7.-Caley Miskimmin27.05aManitoba
8.SrKim Markham27.44aSouth Dakota State
9.FrMegan Bren27.64aSouth Dakota State
10.FrMaria Franker27.80aNorthern State (SD)
11.FrEmily Stalpes28.09aNorth Dakota State
12.-Leah Harpelle28.18aManitoba
13.Kalie Cox28.20aUna
14.FrJessica Keesling28.23aMinnesota State Moor...
15.SrLaci Hettick28.67aNorthern State (SD)
16.FrAmy Havelange28.76aMinnesota State Moor...
17.-Alicia Boxill28.83aManitoba
18.FrEmily Halverson29.46aAugustana (SD)
19.SrSarah Drew29.55aAugustana (SD)
20.JrKacia Erickson29.85aAugustana (SD)
21.FrChaneese Schaefer30.18aAugustana (SD)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jennifer Campbell58.52aManitoba
2.SoNicketa Coombs58.75aUniversity of Mary
3.JrEmily Black59.55aNorth Dakota State
4.FrKendra Mooberry1:00.19aMinnesota State Moor...
5.SrBetsy Bischoff1:01.04aUniversity of Mary
6.FrBrook Campbell1:01.08aNorth Dakota State
7.SrMegan Lauseng1:01.50aSouth Dakota State
8.FrJill Steinwand1:01.61aMinnesota State Moor...
9.SrAmy Bestland1:01.72aNorth Dakota State
10.Courtney French1:01.86aUna
11.JrKristina Anderson1:02.20aMinnesota State Moor...
12.SrChristi Rosenbrook1:02.49aSouth Dakota State
13.FrMegan Jenkins1:03.04aUniversity of Mary
14.FrNicole Hall1:03.46aMinnesota State Moor...
15.JrJill Fritz1:04.35aSouth Dakota State
16.SoAmy Hellickson1:05.08aMinnesota State Moor...
17.SoEmily Fritz1:05.13aNorthern State (SD)
18.FrEmily Halverson1:08.77aAugustana (SD)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michelle Lavoie2:20.74aManitoba
2.Faith Kruchowski2:21.38aUna
3.Hannah McAllister2:22.11aUna
4.-Chantal Auger2:23.98aManitoba
4.FrMelissa Agnew2:23.98aUniversity of Mary
6.FrEmilee Morehouse2:26.07aUniversity of Mary
7.FrDakota Wolf2:28.00aUniversity of Mary
8.SrBrandee DeVine2:33.66aUniversity of Mary
9.FrAlicia Nehl2:40.16aUniversity of Mary
10.FrAmanda Enns3:10.42aMinnesota State Moor...
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Laura Januszweski2:52.35aTeam Nodak
2.JrChristine Bruins2:58.90aNorth Dakota State
3.Brittany Gigstead2:59.33aUna
4.JrAnna VanWechel2:59.73aMinnesota State Moor...
5.-Jackie Adamson3:04.57aManitoba
6.FrKrista Creager3:07.47aSouth Dakota State
7.FrMolly Kokesh3:10.00aAugustana (SD)
8.SoMegan Erspamer3:11.15aAugustana (SD)
9.SoAllison Henke3:12.83aAugustana (SD)
10.JrToni Fritz3:16.35aNorthern State (SD)
11.FrBrittney Olfert3:18.48aNorthern State (SD)
12.SoJessica Ludvick3:20.88aSouth Dakota State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.Darolyn Walker5:05.50aRiver City A
2.-Katrina Bruckschwaiger5:05.63aManitoba
3.FrLauren Rice5:11.75aNorth Dakota State
4.SrCaitlin Polgreen5:12.35aAugustana (SD)
5.FrMelissa Agnew5:15.15aUniversity of Mary
6.FrCecilie Udstuen5:15.48aAugustana (SD)
7.FrDakota Wolf5:16.15aUniversity of Mary
8.FrAnnie Pfiefle5:17.29aAugustana (SD)
9.-Melanie Gregoire5:17.95aManitoba
10.-Lacey Ginter5:19.78aManitoba
11.-Gina Tessmann5:20.56aManitoba
12.-Alex Bell5:23.35aManitoba
13.SoKendra Gaebel5:28.96aMinnesota State Moor...
14.FrAlicia Nehl5:35.45aUniversity of Mary
15.SoKelly Kougl5:37.66aAugustana (SD)
16.-Justine Stromberg5:38.18aManitoba
17.FrJessica Brandli5:46.27aNorthern State (SD)
18.-Becky Carr6:01.59aManitoba
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMolly Clark10:24.80aAugustana (SD)
2.FrKyle Blakeslee10:29.69aAugustana (SD)
3.SoJordan Krahn10:35.31aNorth Dakota State
4.SoMarissa Dahlquist10:39.96aNorth Dakota State
5.SoIrene Kosgei10:47.89aUniversity of Mary
6.FrJennifer Agnew10:48.66aUniversity of Mary
7.JrAlyson Piccolo10:59.15aUniversity of Mary
8.JrDanielle Thompson11:01.13aMinnesota State Moor...
9.-Alex Bell11:05.90aManitoba
10.JrAnna Garner11:13.00aSouth Dakota State
11.JrKristen Neumiller11:15.25aUniversity of Mary
12.FrTera Potts11:18.53aSouth Dakota State
13.JrBarb Wehde12:05.90aSouth Dakota State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrWhitney Carlson8.72aNorth Dakota State
2.SrHeather Zander8.82aNorth Dakota State
3.FrAnna Gagliano9.11aSouth Dakota State
4.SoKristyn Nelson9.19aUniversity of Mary
5.SrDevon Wentz9.30aNorth Dakota State
6.FrJessica Keesling9.46aMinnesota State Moor...
6.SrBrianna Perry9.46aUniversity of Mary
8.FrMelissa Walker9.50aUniversity of Mary
9.JrAndrea Cota9.53aSouth Dakota State
10.JrRachael Hakk10.17aSouth Dakota State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrWhitney Carlson8.78aNorth Dakota State
2.SrHeather Zander8.92aNorth Dakota State
3.FrAnna Gagliano9.11aSouth Dakota State
4.SrDevon Wentz9.21aNorth Dakota State
5.SoKristyn Nelson9.22aUniversity of Mary
6.SrBrianna Perry9.27aUniversity of Mary
7.FrJessica Keesling9.32aMinnesota State Moor...
8.JrAndrea Cota9.60aSouth Dakota State
9.FrMelissa Walker9.62aUniversity of Mary
10.JrRachael Hakk9.71aSouth Dakota State
11.SrTamiko Kopfmann9.71aSouth Dakota State
12.FrEmily Stalpes9.73aNorth Dakota State
13.SrMarisa Aldinger9.78aNorthern State (SD)
15.JrAndrea Sjomeling9.86aNorthern State (SD)
16.-Deondra Twerdun9.96aManitoba
17.FrAshley Salwey10.00aUniversity of Mary
18.JrTanya Vassar10.09aNorthern State (SD)
19.Courtney French10.17aUna
20.FrJill Schaefer10.37aNorthern State (SD)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:56.86aNorth Dakota State
2.-Relay Team 4:01.50aNorth Dakota State
3.-Betsy Bischoff
Mishay Weber
Brandee DeVine
Nicketa Coombs
4:01.54aUniversity of Mary
4.-Jennifer Campbell
Kimberly-Ann Bordun
Michelle Lavoie
Dana Baker
5.-Relay Team 4:03.82aNorth Dakota State
6.-Kristina Anderson
Amy Wulff
Ashley Berg
Kendra Mooberry
4:05.73aMinnesota State Moor...
7.-Megan Lauseng
Jill Fritz
Kim Markham
Christi Rosenbrook
4:10.63aSouth Dakota State
8.-Bobbi Jo Buyck
Kelly Kougl
Sarah Drew
Emily Halverson
4:16.75aAugustana (SD)
9.-Ashley Salwey
Kristyn Nelson
Megan Jenkins
Emilee Morehouse
4:18.08aUniversity of Mary
10.-Jessica Brandli
Jill Schaefer
Andrea Sjomeling
Hillary Gorder
4:18.35aNorthern State (SD)
11.-Toni Fritz
Emily Fritz
Tanya Vassar
Maria Franker
4:24.71aNorthern State (SD)
---Amy Hellickson
Jessica Keesling
Nicole Hall
Jill Steinwand
DNFMinnesota State Moor...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKathryn Johnson42-08.00North Dakota State
2.SrAmanda Madden39-08.00Northern State (SD)
3.SrAshley Larson39-03.75South Dakota State
4.FrHeather Schultz39-03.00Minnesota State Moor...
5.SrMichelle Schuch38-11.75South Dakota State
6.JrNoel Bentele38-08.25Augustana (SD)
7.Amanda Mohs38-06.25Unattached
8.SoRachel Christansen37-02.25Augustana (SD)
9.FrBecca Fischer36-04.25South Dakota State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrKathryn Johnson42-08.00North Dakota State
2.SrAmanda Madden39-08.00Northern State (SD)
3.SrAshley Larson39-03.75South Dakota State
6.FrHeather Schultz39-02.50Minnesota State Moor...
4.Amanda Mohs38-05.50Unattached
5.SrMichelle Schuch38-01.25South Dakota State
6.JrNoel Bentele38-00.25Augustana (SD)
8.SoRachel Christansen36-07.50Augustana (SD)
9.FrBecca Fischer36-04.25South Dakota State
10.SrKatie Smith35-11.25Northern State (SD)
11.FrKristen Nielsen35-03.75Augustana (SD)
12.FrMaribeth Geiszler34-09.75North Dakota State
13.-Deondra Twerdun34-07.50Manitoba
14.JrJasmine Henrichs34-05.75Minnesota State Moor...
15.FrChristina Medeiros34-02.00University of Mary
16.FrMallory Stier33-09.50Minnesota State Moor...
--SoMelodi BokeNDNorthern State (SD)
--SrChrista LandmarkNDSouth Dakota State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrToni Tollefson5-08.75North Dakota State
2.JrLora Shearer5-08.00South Dakota State
3.JrRachael Hakk5-04.25South Dakota State
4.SoBrittany Beehler5-04.25University of Mary
5.JrAndrea Cota5-04.25South Dakota State
6.FrEmily Stalpes5-02.50North Dakota State
7.FrKayla Kapsner5-02.25Minnesota State Moor...
7.SrCourtney Carpenter5-02.25North Dakota State
7.SrHeather Zander5-02.25North Dakota State
7.SrBrianna Perry5-02.25University of Mary
7.JrAshley Hagen5-02.25Minnesota State Moor...
12.JrTanya Vassar5-00.25Northern State (SD)
12.JrAshley Reitz5-00.25Minnesota State Moor...
12.FrAdrienne Waldner5-00.25South Dakota State
12.-Megan Scott5-00.25Manitoba
16.-Alex Allen4-10.25Manitoba
16.SoKarissa Pepin4-10.25Augustana (SD)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.-Teresa Logozar11-09.75Manitoba
2.-Alex Allen11-07.75Manitoba
2.JrAmy Marquardt11-07.75North Dakota State
4.SrSammantha Kouba11-07.75North Dakota State
5.FrMaribeth Geiszler11-01.75North Dakota State
6.JrBobbi Jo Buyck11-01.75Augustana (SD)
7.SoPeggy Ronke11-01.75North Dakota State
8.JrMiranda Fehilly10-08.00University of Mary
8.SrBrittany Garner10-08.00South Dakota State
10.JrKaylyn Ronke10-02.00Minnesota State Moor...
10.JrTanya Vassar10-02.00Northern State (SD)
--SoLeslie BrostNHNorth Dakota State
--JrKacia EricksonNHAugustana (SD)
--FrTheresa KnappNHNorthern State (SD)
--FrCalley WorthNHNorthern State (SD)
--FrHollie BloomNHAugustana (SD)
--SrKatie MacRaeNHMinnesota State Moor...
---Samantha ZeiglerNHUniversity of Mary
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrWhitney Carlson19-08.75North Dakota State
2.SoKristen Killoran19-05.25North Dakota State
3.FrAnna Gagliano18-01.75South Dakota State
4.SrBrittni Bruenjes18-01.75North Dakota State
5.JrAndrea Cota17-09.50South Dakota State
6.-Dana Baker17-08.25Manitoba
7.FrMelissa Walker17-07.00University of Mary
8.SoBrittany Beehler17-02.00University of Mary
9.SrBrianna Perry16-09.25University of Mary
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrWhitney Carlson19-08.75North Dakota State
2.SoKristen Killoran19-05.25North Dakota State
3.SrBrittni Bruenjes18-01.75North Dakota State
3.FrAnna Gagliano18-01.75South Dakota State
5.JrAndrea Cota17-09.50South Dakota State
6.FrMelissa Walker17-07.00University of Mary
7.-Dana Baker17-04.25Manitoba
8.SoBrittany Beehler16-11.25University of Mary
9.SrBrianna Perry16-09.25University of Mary
10.SrTamiko Kopfmann16-08.00South Dakota State
10.JrRheanda Jangula16-08.00North Dakota State
10.-Amanda Gundrum16-08.00Manitoba
13.Emily Roesler16-06.50Una
14.FrSamantha Williams16-05.00University of Mary
15.SrMarisa Aldinger15-11.75Northern State (SD)
16.Brooke Maddocks14-07.25Unattached
17.FrLindsey Fluharty14-06.50Northern State (SD)
---Ali ComeaultFOULManitoba
---Lisa WongFOULManitoba
--SoVanessa FriestadFOULUniversity of Mary
--FrTaylor FarellaFOULUniversity of Mary
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKristen Killoran39-04.00North Dakota State
2.FrSamantha Williams39-02.25University of Mary
3.SrBrittni Bruenjes38-09.50North Dakota State
4.JrLora Shearer37-09.25South Dakota State
5.FrMelissa Walker37-06.75University of Mary
6.-Deondra Twerdun35-10.75Manitoba
7.Emily Roesler35-07.25Una
8.-Amanda Gundrum35-06.75Manitoba
9.Ashley Lange35-02.00Unat
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrSamantha Williams39-02.25University of Mary
2.SoKristen Killoran39-01.75North Dakota State
3.SrBrittni Bruenjes38-09.50North Dakota State
4.JrLora Shearer37-09.25South Dakota State
5.FrMelissa Walker37-06.75University of Mary
6.Emily Roesler35-07.25Una
7.-Amanda Gundrum35-02.50Manitoba
8.Ashley Lange35-02.00Unat
9.-Deondra Twerdun35-00.25Manitoba
10.-Ali Comeault34-04.00Manitoba
11.JrRheanda Jangula34-02.00North Dakota State
12.SrBrianna Perry33-09.25University of Mary
13.-Megan Scott33-04.00Manitoba
14.FrHillary Gorder32-08.50Northern State (SD)
--SoVanessa FriestadFOULUniversity of Mary
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAmanda Madden59-04.00Northern State (SD)
2.SrMichelle Schuch53-03.50South Dakota State
3.SrChrista Landmark50-07.50South Dakota State
4.JrNoel Bentele50-06.75Augustana (SD)
5.SoRachel Christansen48-08.75Augustana (SD)
6.JrJasmine Henrichs45-00.50Minnesota State Moor...
7.SoMelodi Boke42-10.75Northern State (SD)
8.Amanda Mohs41-07.00Unattached
9.SrKatie Smith41-04.50Northern State (SD)
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrAmanda Madden59-04.00Northern State (SD)
2.SrMichelle Schuch51-07.25South Dakota State
3.JrNoel Bentele49-08.25Augustana (SD)
4.SrChrista Landmark49-07.75South Dakota State
5.SoRachel Christansen48-00.00Augustana (SD)
6.JrJasmine Henrichs45-00.50Minnesota State Moor...
7.SoMelodi Boke42-08.75Northern State (SD)
8.Amanda Mohs41-07.00Unattached
9.SrKatie Smith41-04.50Northern State (SD)
10.SrAshley Larson41-01.50South Dakota State
11.FrBecca Fischer39-09.75South Dakota State
12.FrKathryn Johnson39-09.25North Dakota State
13.FrHeather Schultz37-04.50Minnesota State Moor...
14.FrKristen Nielsen35-08.00Augustana (SD)
15.FrMallory Stier35-06.75Minnesota State Moor...
16.FrMaribeth Geiszler35-05.00North Dakota State
17.FrChristina Medeiros32-05.00University of Mary
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