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Athens vs Wellsboro with Sayre

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wellsboro, Wellsboro

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Pennsylvania - AA
Sayre Area
Wellsboro Area
Pennsylvania - AAA
Athens Area
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jesse Dagutis11.20Sayre Area
2.12Dan Riley11.30Athens Area
3.12Kyle Leber11.50Wellsboro Area
4.11Ryan Moss11.51Wellsboro Area
5.12Mike Bernett11.60Athens Area
6.11Shawn Geiser11.70Wellsboro Area
6.12Josh Owen11.70Athens Area
8.11Ethan Callahan12.00Wellsboro Area
9.11Jacob Kendall12.20Sayre Area
10.11Mike Bostwick12.30Sayre Area
10.9Luke Webster12.30Athens Area
12.11Aidan Hart12.40Athens Area
12.12Jesse Vandyke12.40Athens Area
14.9Mitch Snyder12.70Wellsboro Area
15.9Jake Coyle13.10Athens Area
16.12Joe Crouse13.20Athens Area
16.-Lucas Simonis13.20Sayre Area
18.9Philip Ball13.70Athens Area
9Marcus CuberoNTAthens Area
9Thomas StraniereNTWellsboro Area
9Kyle MossoNTWellsboro Area
9Konnor SpencerNTWellsboro Area
-Jacob ParsonsNTSayre Area
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jarred Gambrell23.10Athens Area
2.10Jesse Dagutis23.20Sayre Area
3.12Caleb Getty23.70Wellsboro Area
4.12Mike Bernett23.90Athens Area
5.12David Munn24.80Athens Area
5.11Jacob Kendall24.80Sayre Area
7.12Jesse Vandyke25.00Athens Area
7.11Aidan Hart25.00Athens Area
9.12Charles LaBarr25.30Athens Area
10.12Nick Alexander26.00Athens Area
11.9Philip Ball28.20Athens Area
12.9Max Black30.70Wellsboro Area
9Kyle MossoNTWellsboro Area
9Marcus CuberoNTAthens Area
9Konnor SpencerNTWellsboro Area
9Thomas StraniereNTWellsboro Area
9Vincent WarfleNTAthens Area
9Mitch SnyderNTWellsboro Area
12Rich StraniereNTWellsboro Area
12Josh OwenNTAthens Area
11Shawn GeiserNTWellsboro Area
12Kyle LeberNTWellsboro Area
11Ryan MossNTWellsboro Area
-Jacob ParsonsNTSayre Area
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Beeman54.00Sayre Area
2.12David Munn54.20Athens Area
3.12Rich Straniere56.10Wellsboro Area
4.12Mark Straniere57.40Wellsboro Area
5.9Luke Webster57.70Athens Area
6.11Nate Ennis1:00.40Sayre Area
7.9Philip Ball1:00.70Athens Area
8.9Jake Coyle1:02.80Athens Area
9.-Lucas Simonis1:03.20Sayre Area
10.9Vincent Warfle1:05.30Athens Area
10Chase BarnesNTWellsboro Area
-Zach KeirNTSayre Area
11Skylar SatterlyNTSayre Area
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Beeman2:11.80Sayre Area
2.10Corey Poklemba2:12.10Athens Area
3.12Mark Straniere2:13.00Wellsboro Area
4.12Pat Riley2:13.80Athens Area
5.11Sam Wanck2:15.60Athens Area
6.9Derek Morgan2:26.20Wellsboro Area
7.11Zach Sickler2:29.00Athens Area
8.9Robert Hill2:29.60Wellsboro Area
9.10Alex Porter2:31.20Sayre Area
10.9Chris Marshall2:31.70Sayre Area
11.9Lorenzo Servedio2:32.20Sayre Area
12.12Leonard Casterline2:33.30Athens Area
13.10John Shaw2:33.90Sayre Area
14.-Lucas Simonis2:37.30Sayre Area
15.-Zach Keir2:40.88Sayre Area
-Matt BruerNTSayre Area
11Eric BullNTAthens Area
11Tim SayreNTWellsboro Area
9Jordan JacksonNTWellsboro Area
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tim Sayre4:54.90Wellsboro Area
2.12Mark Hedgeland4:55.10Sayre Area
3.9Jordan Jackson4:59.10Wellsboro Area
4.10Bob Owlett5:03.50Wellsboro Area
5.10Matt Romanauski5:10.40Sayre Area
6.10Alex Porter5:10.60Sayre Area
7.12Ben Knecht5:17.70Athens Area
8.9Matt Millard5:18.50Athens Area
9.10Nate Brown5:18.90Athens Area
10.9Derek Morgan5:19.20Wellsboro Area
11.9Robert Hill5:19.70Wellsboro Area
12.11Andrew Pfisterer5:23.60Wellsboro Area
13.10Chris Serfass5:23.90Athens Area
14.10John Shaw5:25.20Sayre Area
15.12Peter Eller5:25.80Sayre Area
16.9Lorenzo Servedio5:27.70Sayre Area
17.9Chris Marshall5:35.60Sayre Area
18.12Leonard Casterline5:37.70Athens Area
19.9Alex Walter5:54.30Athens Area
20.9Ryan Chapman6:00.40Athens Area
21.9Joshua Kennedy6:20.60Wellsboro Area
22.9Drew Patrick6:24.80Wellsboro Area
23.12Ben Delong6:40.40Wellsboro Area
12Trey KreiderNTAthens Area
-Matt BruerNTSayre Area
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tim Sayre10:54.10Wellsboro Area
2.10Nate Brown11:00.30Athens Area
3.10Bob Owlett11:03.90Wellsboro Area
4.10Matt Romanauski11:14.40Sayre Area
5.9Chris Marshall11:28.30Sayre Area
6.9Matt Millard11:41.20Athens Area
7.12Ben Knecht11:49.00Athens Area
8.10Chris Serfass11:55.60Athens Area
9.9Lorenzo Servedio12:00.00Sayre Area
10.10John Shaw12:06.80Sayre Area
11.12Peter Eller12:17.70Sayre Area
12.9Alex Walter12:31.30Athens Area
13.10Darby Alafoginis12:56.10Wellsboro Area
14.9Drew Patrick13:35.60Wellsboro Area
15.9Ryan Chapman13:42.40Athens Area
16.9Joshua Kennedy14:04.10Wellsboro Area
17.12Ben Delong14:42.10Wellsboro Area
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Pane15.30Athens Area
2.11Bradley Miner16.50Athens Area
3.10Tim Cassidy17.70Wellsboro Area
3.9Nick Pane17.70Athens Area
5.11Keith Carpenter18.00Athens Area
6.12Nathan Bair18.30Wellsboro Area
7.11Brandon Dooley18.60Wellsboro Area
8.11Ben Benner19.30Wellsboro Area
9.11Andrew Pfisterer20.20Wellsboro Area
10.12Frankie Galizia20.60Sayre Area
11.11Nate Ennis22.40Sayre Area
12.10Austin Willis22.50Sayre Area
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Pane44.40Athens Area
2.11Bradley Miner46.20Athens Area
3.10Tim Cassidy47.30Wellsboro Area
4.12Frankie Galizia47.70Sayre Area
5.11Keith Carpenter47.80Athens Area
5.12Nathan Bair47.80Wellsboro Area
7.9Nick Pane50.10Athens Area
8.11Andrew Pfisterer51.60Wellsboro Area
9.11Skylar Satterly1:00.40Sayre Area
11Brandon DooleyNTWellsboro Area
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Owen
Pat Riley
Jarred Gambrell
Dan Riley
44.50Athens Area
2.-Caleb Getty
Kyle Leber
Shawn Geiser
Ryan Moss
44.60Wellsboro Area
3.-Relay Team 50.00Sayre Area
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Webster
David Munn
Kyle Pane
Dan Riley
3:45.10Athens Area
2.-Mark Straniere
Ryan Moss
Rich Straniere
Ethan Callahahn
3:47.00Wellsboro Area
3.-Relay Team 3:59.30Sayre Area
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mark Straniere
Tim Sayre
Bob Owlett
Jordan Jackson
9:01.00Wellsboro Area
2.-Mark Hedgeland
Scott Beeman
Matt Romanauski
Alex Porter
9:02.00Sayre Area
3.-Eric Bull
Trey Kreider
Zach Sickler
Sam Wanck
9:48.00Athens Area
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Clay McCarty50-06.00Athens Area
2.12Todd Hall41-05.00Athens Area
4.12Cody Mcnaughton38-02.00Sayre Area
5.12Nate Thompson36-02.00Athens Area
6.12Andrew Hughes35-02.00Wellsboro Area
7.12Brian Boswell34-09.00Athens Area
7.12Kyle Dagutis34-09.00Sayre Area
9.11Zach Cole33-11.00Sayre Area
10.12Garrett Lee33-01.00Athens Area
3.10Chase Barnes33'.00Wellsboro Area
11.12Colton Hovis32-01.00Wellsboro Area
12.12Eric Farell31-09.00Athens Area
13.12Pat Lasko31-01.00Athens Area
14.12Steve Meacham30-06.00Wellsboro Area
15.10Kyle Wetzel30-04.00Wellsboro Area
16.11Aaron Norton30-03.00Athens Area
17.12Josh Stone27-05.00Sayre Area
18.9Scott Laidlaw26-11.00Athens Area
19.-Mitchell Reilly21-05.00Sayre Area
20.12Nick Mullen20-00.00Athens Area
21.10Sam Arnold17-10.00Athens Area
10Damon ColeNDWellsboro Area
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Boswell119-00Athens Area
2.12Cody Mcnaughton114-00Sayre Area
3.12Eric Farell110-00Athens Area
4.12Kyle Dagutis109-08Sayre Area
5.12Andrew Hughes109-03Wellsboro Area
6.11Aaron Norton95-11Athens Area
7.12Garrett Lee90-09Athens Area
8.11Zach Cole89-03Sayre Area
9.9Scott Laidlaw81-10Athens Area
10.12Charles LaBarr79-08Athens Area
11.12Todd Hall78-05Athens Area
12.10Sam Arnold78-03Athens Area
13.12Colton Hovis73-10Wellsboro Area
14.-Mitchell Reilly65-10Sayre Area
15.10Kyle Wetzel64-09Wellsboro Area
16.12Josh Stone58-09Sayre Area
17.12Nick Mullen57-07Athens Area
12Clay McCartyDQAthens Area
10Damon ColeDQWellsboro Area
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pat Lasko146-00Athens Area
2.12Bryant Myers131-03Sayre Area
3.12Steve Meacham130-08Wellsboro Area
4.11Aaron Norton126-01Athens Area
5.12Todd Hall117-00Athens Area
6.10Damon Cole113-06Wellsboro Area
7.12Brian Boswell110-09Athens Area
8.10Luke Sampson106-10Wellsboro Area
9.12Cody Mcnaughton105-01Sayre Area
10.12Garrett Lee103-02Athens Area
11.12Kyle Dagutis99-00Sayre Area
12.9Chris McCarty90-08Athens Area
13.12Josh Stone89-05Sayre Area
14.11Zach Cole86-11Sayre Area
15.-Mitchell Reilly73-02Sayre Area
16.9Scott Laidlaw69-07Athens Area
12Colton HovisNDWellsboro Area
12Andrew HughesNDWellsboro Area
10Kyle WetzelNDWellsboro Area
11Ethan CallahanNDWellsboro Area
10Darby AlafoginisNDWellsboro Area
10Riley CardNDSayre Area
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Getty5-10.00Wellsboro Area
2.10Darby Alafoginis5-06.00Wellsboro Area
3.12Charles LaBarr5-04.00Athens Area
4.12Nick Alexander5-02.00Athens Area
5.12Ryan Mosso5-00.00Wellsboro Area
11Brandon DooleyNHWellsboro Area
12David MunnNHAthens Area
12Wes WoodNHWellsboro Area
10Zach MikayaNHAthens Area
10Riley CardNHSayre Area
11Skylar SatterlyNHSayre Area
10Austin WillisNHSayre Area
10Walter WampoleNHSayre Area
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Benner10-00.00Wellsboro Area
2.11Kyle Pane9-06.00Athens Area
3.11Keith Carpenter9-00.00Athens Area
4.10Corey Poklemba9-00.00Athens Area
5.9Thomas Straniere7-06.00Wellsboro Area
5.12Joe Crouse7-06.00Athens Area
7.9Jake Coyle7-00.00Athens Area
7.9Mitch Snyder7-00.00Wellsboro Area
9Nick PaneNHAthens Area
9Kyle MossoNHWellsboro Area
9Konnor SpencerNHWellsboro Area
12Michael GleoecknerNHSayre Area
9RJ FisherNHSayre Area
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jarred Gambrell20-06.25Athens Area
2.12Pat Riley19-01.00Athens Area
3.12Mike Bernett19-00.00Athens Area
4.12Caleb Getty18-07.00Wellsboro Area
5.11Ethan Callahan17-07.75Wellsboro Area
6.10Jesse Dagutis17-03.75Sayre Area
7.10Tim Cassidy17-00.00Wellsboro Area
8.11Mike Bostwick16-08.50Sayre Area
9.12Nick Alexander15-02.75Athens Area
10.10Zach Mikaya15-01.00Athens Area
11.12Ryan Mosso14-02.00Wellsboro Area
12.12Wes Wood14-01.00Wellsboro Area
13.10Walter Wampole13-05.00Sayre Area
14.9RJ Fisher13-04.75Sayre Area
15.9Max Black11-01.25Wellsboro Area
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jarred Gambrell44-00.00Athens Area
2.12Dan Riley38-07.75Athens Area
3.12Mike Bernett38-03.50Athens Area
4.10Jesse Dagutis37-11.00Sayre Area
5.11Mike Bostwick34-10.25Sayre Area
6.10Tim Cassidy34-08.50Wellsboro Area
7.12Nick Alexander34-01.25Athens Area
8.10Darby Alafoginis33-11.25Wellsboro Area
9.12Nathan Bair32-09.50Wellsboro Area
10.10Luke Sampson30-06.25Wellsboro Area
11.9Mitch Snyder29-07.00Wellsboro Area
10Zach MikayaNDAthens Area
11Brandon DooleyNDWellsboro Area
12Pat RileyNDAthens Area

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexis Getty12.80Wellsboro Area
2.9Laura Lockard13.20Athens Area
3.11Lisa Breuer13.90Sayre Area
4.11Kierra LaForge14.00Wellsboro Area
5.9Taylor Cianfoni14.10Athens Area
6.9Kim Acorn14.30Wellsboro Area
7.11Andrea Pelachick14.40Athens Area
8.9Sarah Kramer14.60Wellsboro Area
9.12Visaka Kulatunga14.90Athens Area
9.11Elianna Douglas14.90Sayre Area
11.11Anna Vine15.00Athens Area
12.10Desiree Kyle15.10Athens Area
13.12Christie Johnson15.20Wellsboro Area
14.11Loni Walters15.50Wellsboro Area
15.10Alisha Schutt15.80Athens Area
16.10Corin Whittle16.20Wellsboro Area
17.10Christina Magahan16.80Athens Area
9Erica IversenNTSayre Area
12Rachel PolinskiNTSayre Area
10Katherine CybulakNTSayre Area
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Acorn26.60Wellsboro Area
2.9Laura Lockard27.20Athens Area
3.11Alex Marple27.70Wellsboro Area
4.11Erica Rogers30.20Athens Area
5.9Taylor Cianfoni30.60Athens Area
6.9Kim Acorn31.00Wellsboro Area
6.12Visaka Kulatunga31.00Athens Area
6.11Elianna Douglas31.00Sayre Area
9.9Sarah Kramer31.40Wellsboro Area
10.11Anna Vine31.90Athens Area
11.12Rachel Polinski32.00Sayre Area
12.9Danielle Stopper32.60Athens Area
13.10Desiree Kyle33.30Athens Area
14.11Loni Walters33.40Wellsboro Area
15.9Lilly Reynolds33.90Wellsboro Area
16.10Alisha Schutt34.00Athens Area
16.10Katherine Cybulak34.00Sayre Area
18.9Olivia Owlett35.70Wellsboro Area
9Maria ColangeloNTWellsboro Area
9Hannah ZuchowskiNTWellsboro Area
11Andrea PelachickNTAthens Area
9Erica IversenNTSayre Area
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Acorn1:01.20Wellsboro Area
2.10Raina Rogers1:04.90Wellsboro Area
3.12Hannah Harvey-Sampson1:06.20Athens Area
4.11Hannah Robinson1:06.60Sayre Area
5.12Carolyn Magahan1:07.90Athens Area
6.12Christie Johnson1:11.80Wellsboro Area
7.11Anna Vine1:13.10Athens Area
8.10Andrea Ward1:14.00Sayre Area
9.10Emily Patton1:15.00Athens Area
10.9Hannah Zuchowski1:17.00Wellsboro Area
11.10Desiree Kyle1:18.30Athens Area
12.9Maria Colangelo1:25.60Wellsboro Area
13.9Olivia Owlett1:30.60Wellsboro Area
9Rachel HurleyNTSayre Area
12Rachel PolinskiNTSayre Area
9Kelsey YoungNTSayre Area
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Harvey-Sampson2:38.00Athens Area
2.11Hannah Robinson2:39.20Sayre Area
3.9Becky Chambers2:42.50Wellsboro Area
4.11Alex Middlebrook2:44.60Sayre Area
5.12Carolyn Magahan2:44.90Athens Area
6.10Emily Patton3:05.50Athens Area
7.9Savannah Babcock3:15.00Athens Area
8.9Allison Vine3:16.00Athens Area
9.12Emily Sporn4:08.10Athens Area
10Vicki PearsonNTWellsboro Area
10Raina RogersNTWellsboro Area
12Amanda MerrillNTSayre Area
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sophie Weaver5:50.00Wellsboro Area
2.11Alex Middlebrook6:01.00Sayre Area
3.9Randi Grim6:10.00Wellsboro Area
4.9Jeni Intallura6:21.00Wellsboro Area
5.11Rose Velazquez6:23.00Sayre Area
5.9Katie Hurley6:23.00Sayre Area
7.11Ashley Whipple6:38.00Athens Area
8.10Christi Friedrichsen6:44.00Sayre Area
9.12Kiana Erdmann6:48.00Wellsboro Area
10.9Savannah Babcock7:02.00Athens Area
11.10Mallory Johnson7:14.00Athens Area
12.9Allison Vine7:15.00Athens Area
13.12Emily Sporn8:22.00Athens Area
12Hannah Harvey-SampsonNTAthens Area
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sophie Weaver12:19.50Wellsboro Area
2.9Randi Grim13:19.50Wellsboro Area
3.9Jeni Intallura13:41.40Wellsboro Area
4.11Rose Velazquez13:44.00Sayre Area
5.9Katie Hurley13:46.20Sayre Area
6.11Ashley Whipple14:08.40Athens Area
7.10Christi Friedrichsen14:20.80Sayre Area
8.12Kiana Erdmann15:20.40Wellsboro Area
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Marple16.40Wellsboro Area
2.12Margo Woodring16.80Athens Area
3.9Mackenzie Marple18.20Wellsboro Area
4.11Jill Rupert18.30Wellsboro Area
5.10Jessica Beck18.70Athens Area
6.11Chelsea Webster18.80Athens Area
7.12Rachael Brink20.80Sayre Area
8.11Sarah Polinski21.10Sayre Area
9.12Kasia Lupkowski21.40Wellsboro Area
10.9Lilly Reynolds21.70Wellsboro Area
11.9Connie Kipp22.40Athens Area
12.10Angel King22.90Sayre Area
13.11Jacquelyn Ellis23.20Athens Area
9Molly ColeNTSayre Area
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Marple49.30Wellsboro Area
2.12Regan Rogers51.00Wellsboro Area
3.9Mackenzie Marple54.50Wellsboro Area
4.11Jill Rupert56.50Wellsboro Area
5.12Margo Woodring56.60Athens Area
6.10Jessica Beck58.40Athens Area
7.11Chelsea Webster59.20Athens Area
8.11Sarah Polinski1:01.40Sayre Area
9.11Jacquelyn Ellis1:02.90Athens Area
10.9Connie Kipp1:03.50Athens Area
11.12Kasia Lupkowski1:04.00Wellsboro Area
12.9Lilly Reynolds1:05.50Wellsboro Area
13.10Angel King1:15.50Sayre Area
12Rachael BrinkNTSayre Area
9Molly ColeNTSayre Area
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kierra LaForge
Alex Marple
Taylor Acorn
Alexis Getty
51.90Wellsboro Area
2.-Andrea Pelachick
Monica Daugherty
Taylor Ciafoni
Laura Lockard
55.70Athens Area
3.-Elianna Douglas
Rachel Polinski
Lisa Breuer
Kelsey Young
58.10Sayre Area
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Acorn
Raina Rogers
Regan Rogers
Alexis Getty
4:18.90Wellsboro Area
2.-Carolyn Magahan
Monica Dougherty
Hannah Harvey-Sampson
Taylor Cianfoni
4:26.80Athens Area
3.-Hannah Robinson
Alex Middlebrook
Andrea Ward
Rachel Hurley
5:01.10Sayre Area
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sophie Weaver
Becky Chambers
Vicki Pearson
Randi Grim
10:56.10Wellsboro Area
2.-Hannah Robinson
Katie Hurley
Rose Velazquez
Alex Middlebrook
11:06.90Sayre Area
3.-Carolyn Magahan
Ashley Whipple
Emily Patton
Hannah Harvey-Sampson
11:19.00Athens Area
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chelsie Miller29-06.00Athens Area
2.11Lisa Breuer29-04.00Sayre Area
3.11Keri Eby26-10.00Athens Area
4.12Michelle Bergquist26-07.00Sayre Area
5.11Taylor Copp25-00.00Wellsboro Area
6.11Elianna Douglas24-07.00Sayre Area
7.12Sunset Smith24-02.00Athens Area
7.11Patience Nero24-02.00Athens Area
9.10Sherri Hovis23-10.00Wellsboro Area
10.11Kiley Hatch23-09.00Athens Area
11.11Kierra LaForge23-08.00Wellsboro Area
12.10Marissa Cornell22-04.00Wellsboro Area
13.10Courtney Bruer22-00.00Sayre Area
14.10Mallory Johnson21-00.00Athens Area
15.9Megan Wanck20-00.50Athens Area
16.12Kasey Ammerman19-03.00Sayre Area
17.-Dawn Fenniger19-00.00Sayre Area
18.11Nikki Covey18-10.00Athens Area
19.11Loni Walters18-06.00Wellsboro Area
19.10Emily Black18-06.00Athens Area
21.11Devon Welch18-05.00Athens Area
22.10Hannah Rawson18-02.00Wellsboro Area
23.9Miranda Satterly17-05.00Athens Area
24.11Caitlin Horn16-02.00Athens Area
25.9Bianca Sheppeck14-04.00Athens Area
26.11Lisa Shultz11-09.00Wellsboro Area
11Stephanie PenaNDAthens Area
11Senae EadyNDWellsboro Area
9Megan LippsNDSayre Area
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Bergquist97-06Sayre Area
2.11Patience Nero89-05Athens Area
3.11Kierra LaForge74-05Wellsboro Area
4.11Chelsie Miller72-09Athens Area
5.11Taylor Copp71-04Wellsboro Area
6.12Sunset Smith71-01Athens Area
7.10Mallory Johnson68-04Athens Area
8.11Erica Rogers64-03Athens Area
9.11Keri Eby63-11Athens Area
10.11Nikki Covey62-10Athens Area
11.12Kasey Ammerman60-10Sayre Area
12.10Sherri Hovis59-11Wellsboro Area
13.10Emily Black59-01Athens Area
14.9Megan Wanck56-10Athens Area
15.-Dawn Fenniger55-10Sayre Area
16.10Marissa Cornell55-04Wellsboro Area
17.10Courtney Bruer52-04Sayre Area
18.11Devon Welch50-09Athens Area
19.11Jacquelyn Ellis46-09Athens Area
20.9Miranda Satterly43-08Athens Area
21.9Bianca Sheppeck35-08Athens Area
9Megan LippsNDSayre Area
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Bergquist99-06Sayre Area
2.9Mackenzie Marple89-11Wellsboro Area
3.11Erica Rogers88-09Athens Area
4.9Danielle Stopper82-11Athens Area
5.11Keri Eby81-07Athens Area
6.11Brittney Mink81-02Athens Area
7.11Kiley Hatch75-08Athens Area
8.10Sherri Hovis74-00Wellsboro Area
9.-Dawn Fenniger73-09Sayre Area
10.10Courtney Bruer72-10Sayre Area
11.9Hannah Zuchowski71-01Wellsboro Area
12.11Chelsea Webster64-07Athens Area
13.12Kasey Ammerman64-03Sayre Area
14.10Katherine Cybulak53-05Sayre Area
15.11Caitlin Horn46-08Athens Area
16.11Stephanie Pena41-11Athens Area
17.9Franciszka Lupkowski28-11Wellsboro Area
18.10Corin Whittle28-10Wellsboro Area
11Lisa ShultzNDWellsboro Area
9Megan WanckNDAthens Area
9Megan LippsNDSayre Area
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Regan Rogers5-02.00Wellsboro Area
2.10Jessica Kopatz4-08.00Athens Area
3.12Margo Woodring4-06.00Athens Area
4.12Amy Driskell4-04.00Wellsboro Area
5.10Jessica Beck4-04.00Athens Area
6.10Andrea Ward4-02.00Sayre Area
7.9Kelsey Young4-00.00Sayre Area
9Rachel HurleyNHSayre Area
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charley Taft7-06.00Wellsboro Area
2.12Amanda Horton7-00.00Athens Area
3.12Rachael Brink7-00.00Sayre Area
4.9Sarah Kramer6-06.00Wellsboro Area
9Allison VineNHAthens Area
11Megan RomaniaNHAthens Area
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Merrill15-04.50Sayre Area
2.11Alexis Getty14-09.75Wellsboro Area
3.10Raina Rogers14-07.75Wellsboro Area
4.11Erica Rogers13-05.50Athens Area
5.9Monica Dougherty13-03.50Athens Area
6.11Lisa Breuer12-03.25Sayre Area
7.9Danielle Stopper11-09.00Athens Area
8.11Brittney Mink11-08.00Athens Area
9.10Jessica Beck11-04.75Athens Area
10.10Marissa Cornell11-04.50Wellsboro Area
11.10Christina Magahan10-07.00Athens Area
12Christie JohnsonNDWellsboro Area
10Jessica KopatzNDAthens Area
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Regan Rogers33-09.00Wellsboro Area
2.12Amanda Merrill29-07.50Sayre Area
3.9Mackenzie Marple29-03.25Wellsboro Area
4.9Monica Dougherty28-05.50Athens Area
5.10Jessica Kopatz28-01.50Athens Area
6.12Amy Driskell26-09.50Wellsboro Area
7.9Danielle Stopper24-06.50Athens Area
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