MSHSAA Class 4 District 2

Saturday, May 15, 2010
  Chaminade College Prep HS, Creve Couer - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Sheperd11.07aParkway Central
2.12Ernest Humphrey11.09aWebster Groves
3.12Alphonso Scott11.12aParkway South
4.11Lawrence Scott11.20aParkway South
5.12Kyle Green11.23aLafayette (Wildwood)
6.12Ahmad Hicks11.43aKirkwood
7.10Durron Neal11.44aDe Smet Jesuit
8.12Chris Bledsoe11.45aEureka
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Brandon Sheperd11.06aParkway Central
2.11Lawrence Scott11.15aParkway South
5.12Alphonso Scott11.20aParkway South
3.10Durron Neal11.33aDe Smet Jesuit
6.12Kyle Green11.33aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.12Ernest Humphrey11.35aWebster Groves
7.12Chris Bledsoe11.53aEureka
8.12Ahmad Hicks11.56aKirkwood
9.10Rashid Pullem11.66aKirkwood
10.11Charles Badgett11.67aLadue Horton Watkins
11.11Al Nesbitt11.70aLafayette (Wildwood)
12.12Brandon Sams11.75aParkway West
13.9Jonathan Parker11.83aChristian Brothers C...
14.12Caleb Fair11.91aEureka
15.11Kevin Hundelt11.93aChaminade College Prep
16.11Larry Haynes11.95aDe Smet Jesuit
17.9Luther Reid12.08aMarquette
18.10Justin Bedell12.25aMarquette
19.9Shawn Whitley12.31aLadue Horton Watkins
--9Jamal RobinsonDQChristian Brothers C...
--11Jamarr AshfordSCRWebster Groves
--11Kasey ParksSCRChaminade College Prep
--11Dominique AtkinsSCRParkway West
--12Thomas SwopshireDQParkway Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ronald Dumas21.68aKirkwood
2.11Lawrence Scott22.98aParkway South
3.12Kyle Green23.14aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.10Durron Neal23.32aDe Smet Jesuit
5.11Dominique Atkins23.51aParkway West
6.11Johnny Moses23.63aParkway West
7.11Dontavious Moore23.64aParkway South
8.12Thomas Swopshire23.66aParkway Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ronald Dumas22.06aKirkwood
2.11Lawrence Scott22.59aParkway South
5.10Durron Neal22.84aDe Smet Jesuit
6.12Kyle Green22.89aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.11Dominique Atkins23.01aParkway West
4.12Thomas Swopshire23.14aParkway Central
7.11Dontavious Moore23.33aParkway South
8.11Johnny Moses23.47aParkway West
9.11Thomas Swoboda23.63aLafayette (Wildwood)
10.12David Thomas23.66aKirkwood
11.10Ryan Massa23.72aEureka
12.9Jonathan Parker23.74aChristian Brothers C...
13.10Alan Gasanli24.10aParkway Central
14.9Jamal Robinson24.12aChristian Brothers C...
15.11Imaoye Ekpelu24.16aChaminade College Prep
16.11Jarred McDonald24.50aLadue Horton Watkins
17.10Nick Renschen24.68aDe Smet Jesuit
18.10Tydel Mosley24.82aMarquette
19.10Daimian Johnson24.96aMarquette
--12Chris BledsoeSCREureka
--12Marquis ParksSCRLadue Horton Watkins
--11Jamarr AshfordSCRWebster Groves
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ronald Dumas48.51aKirkwood
2.12Nico Romero49.81aLadue Horton Watkins
3.12Scott Renquist50.86aLadue Horton Watkins
4.11Kortland Webb50.92aLadue Horton Watkins
5.9Jared Michel52.25aMarquette
6.10David Harris52.81aEureka
7.10Tim Pickel53.05aDe Smet Jesuit
8.10Alan Gasanli53.18aParkway Central
9.10Ed Carter53.69aParkway West
10.11Jeremy Broadbooks53.79aEureka
11.9Bertrand Birdsall53.96aChristian Brothers C...
12.10Khahyil Moore54.05aLafayette (Wildwood)
13.11Connor Johnson54.79aParkway Central
14.10Damonte Johnson55.19aChaminade College Prep
15.10Dominic Fabrizio55.36aParkway South
16.11Stephen Eppy55.93aChaminade College Prep
17.10Willie Gates56.89aLafayette (Wildwood)
18.9Tyrus Hudson57.69aParkway West
--12Joe GibsonSCRDe Smet Jesuit
--10Daimian JohnsonSCRMarquette
--12Aaron PelloquinSCRWebster Groves
--12Jaremy HarrisSCRWebster Groves
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Corey Schaffer1:57.62aChristian Brothers C...
2.12Brandon Haskins1:58.36aMarquette
3.10Jeff Orf1:58.90aMarquette
4.12Kevin Krumrey1:58.92aParkway Central
5.12Mike Flynn2:00.68aWebster Groves
6.11Andrew Ocampo2:01.17aParkway Central
7.12Kevin Schrik2:01.29aParkway West
8.11Kevin Hopper2:02.12aParkway West
9.12Max Magruder2:03.23aLadue Horton Watkins
10.12Trey Viers2:03.32aKirkwood
11.11Alex Potter2:03.70aDe Smet Jesuit
12.10Chris Taylor2:03.80aKirkwood
13.12Alex Holloway2:06.94aLadue Horton Watkins
14.10David Smith2:07.04aChristian Brothers C...
15.12Kevin Varley2:08.23aParkway South
16.12Kyle Owens2:08.31aParkway South
17.10Matt O'Connor2:10.49aDe Smet Jesuit
18.12Alex Volstromer2:15.20aLafayette (Wildwood)
19.11Tyler Hoyt2:16.10aLafayette (Wildwood)
--12Shane GarlandSCRWebster Groves
--10Brandon BruemmerSCRChaminade College Prep
--11Jeremy BroadbooksSCREureka
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Drew Padgett4:22.08aLadue Horton Watkins
2.12Kevin Krumrey4:22.61aParkway Central
3.12Jake Lamke4:22.73aParkway West
4.11Kevin Abernathy4:29.59aDe Smet Jesuit
5.12Nick Koontz4:38.77aMarquette
6.10Cameron Schmitz4:39.13aEureka
7.11Will Carpenter4:40.50aLadue Horton Watkins
8.12Shane Garland4:42.72aWebster Groves
9.9Jake Helt4:43.24aChristian Brothers C...
10.9Derek Legenzoff4:43.79aLafayette (Wildwood)
11.10Brandon Sprenger4:44.08aEureka
12.12Alex Volstromer4:46.85aLafayette (Wildwood)
13.12Ryan Maddock4:47.04aParkway South
14.11Will Rohlfing4:47.58aKirkwood
15.10Eric Sivill4:49.33aParkway Central
16.12Andrew O'Connor4:50.83aDe Smet Jesuit
17.11Nick Ingle4:51.09aParkway West
18.12Mike Flynn4:51.58aWebster Groves
19.9Brian Hernan4:54.89aParkway South
20.11Nick Reel5:07.45aMarquette
--11Christian OldhamSCRKirkwood
--10Brandon BruemmerSCRChaminade College Prep
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Lamke9:31.14aParkway West
2.11Drew Padgett9:37.50aLadue Horton Watkins
3.10Ethan Lambert9:40.63aEureka
4.11Kurtis Harshman9:40.88aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.11Bryan Witt9:49.84aParkway West
6.12Ethan Stack9:58.02aDe Smet Jesuit
7.12Zach Boyle10:03.38aDe Smet Jesuit
8.12Zach Legenzoff10:09.57aLafayette (Wildwood)
9.10Dan Lasker10:12.23aMarquette
10.11Stephen Andrew10:17.46aParkway South
11.10Cade Netscher10:24.27aEureka
12.11Scott Marrott10:26.13aMarquette
13.10Dan Silver10:26.37aParkway Central
14.11mark Spewak10:28.80aLadue Horton Watkins
15.11Tom Chenault10:38.41aWebster Groves
16.11Will Rohlfing10:47.20aKirkwood
17.9Dustin Stumphf10:52.84aParkway South
18.10Brian Leightner11:05.26aChaminade College Prep
19.10Brian Myers11:10.62aParkway Central
--11Christian OldhamSCRKirkwood
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chris Caldwell14.78aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Chris Orange14.82aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.12Elijah Jackson14.95aEureka
4.11Taron Street14.97aMarquette
5.10C. J. Durham16.41aDe Smet Jesuit
6.12Martin Sevrin16.50aParkway Central
7.12Terel Howard16.60aParkway West
8.11Michael Canamore16.62aEureka
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chris Orange15.06aLafayette (Wildwood)
2.10Chris Caldwell15.21aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.11Taron Street15.27aMarquette
4.12Terel Howard15.30aParkway West
5.12Elijah Jackson15.32aEureka
6.11Michael Canamore16.44aEureka
7.12Martin Sevrin16.53aParkway Central
8.10C. J. Durham16.79aDe Smet Jesuit
9.9Patrick Partee16.83aKirkwood
10.10Jack Stanley16.91aKirkwood
11.9Jared Michel17.11aMarquette
12.11Justin Kahlmeyer17.49aChaminade College Prep
13.11Ivan Schearer18.11aChristian Brothers C...
14.10Jace Roman18.23aParkway Central
15.10Mike Wedler18.77aParkway West
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taron Street39.60aMarquette
2.10Chris Orange39.61aLafayette (Wildwood)
3.12Elijah Jackson39.70aEureka
4.10Jehu Chesson II40.82aLadue Horton Watkins
5.9Patrick Partee41.39aKirkwood
6.10Andre Booker41.63aParkway Central
7.10Cameron Williams41.87aKirkwood
8.12Desi Brown41.95aWebster Groves
9.12Terel Howard42.03aParkway West
10.10Louie Mohammed42.53aEureka
11.12Nick Van Dillen42.57aDe Smet Jesuit
12.12Tyrone Stainback42.72aLafayette (Wildwood)
13.11Mikquel Johnson42.80aParkway Central
14.10Mike Wedler43.71aParkway West
15.10Deriyan Alexander44.02aMarquette
16.11Jordan Helenkamp44.56aWebster Groves
17.11Justin Kahlmeyer44.82aChaminade College Prep
18.10David Vlaich46.66aChristian Brothers C...
--9Shawn WhitleySCRLadue Horton Watkins
--10C. J. DurhamSCRDe Smet Jesuit
--11Ivan SchearerSCRChristian Brothers C...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ronald Dumas
Ahmad Hicks
Quincy Sharp
David Thomas
2.-Jehu Chesson II
Marquis Parks
Nico Romero
Charles Badgett
42.99aLadue Horton Watkins
3.-Chris Bledsoe
Caleb Fair
Matt Hentges
Elijah Jackson
4.-Al Nesbitt
Chris Caldwell
Thomas Swoboda
Kyle Green
43.34aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.-Thomas Swopshire
Andre Booker
Devon Westley
Brandon Sheperd
43.52aParkway Central
6.-Jamarr Ashford
Jordan Helenkamp
Desi Brown
Ernest Humphrey
43.55aWebster Groves
7.-Dominique Jenkins
Dontavious Moore
Alphonso Scott
Lawrence Scott
43.70aParkway South
8.-Dale Cook
Melvin Edwards
Johnny Moses
Brandon Sams
44.55aParkway West
9.-Bertrand Birdsall
Aarion Maxey
Jonathan Parker
Jamaal Robinson
44.86aChristian Brothers C...
10.-Luther Reid
Justin Bedell
Jeff Klein
George Gates
11.-Larry Haynes
Chris Moore
Stephen Pace
Justin Snorton
47.18aDe Smet Jesuit
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ronald Dumas
Ahmad Hicks
Quincy Sharp
David Thomas
2.-Jehu Chesson II
Scott Renquist
Nico Romero
Kortland Webb
1:29.57aLadue Horton Watkins
3.-Thomas Swopshire
Andre Booker
Devon Westley
Brandon Sheperd
1:29.88aParkway Central
4.-Jamarr Ashford
Desi Brown
Ernest Humphrey
Cornelius Meeks
1:30.69aWebster Groves
5.-Kyle Green
Al Nesbitt
Thomas Swoboda
Cameron Carroll
1:31.34aLafayette (Wildwood)
6.-Bertrand Birdsall
Aarion Maxey
Jonathan Parker
Jamaal Robinson
1:32.47aChristian Brothers C...
7.-Dominique Atkins
Ed Carter
Melvin Edwards
Johnny Moses
1:33.88aParkway West
8.-Durron Neal
Stephen Pace
Nick Van Dillen
Tim Pickel
1:35.62aDe Smet Jesuit
9.-Taron Street
Jared Michel
Tydel Mosley
Daimian Johnson
---Dominique Jenkins
Dontavious Moore
Alphonso Scott
Lawrence Scott
DQParkway South
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jehu Chesson II
Tyreese Jiles
Max Magruder
Ross Vermillion
3:24.36aLadue Horton Watkins
2.-Devon Westley
Andre Booker
Kevin Krumrey
Brandon Sheperd
3:26.94aParkway Central
3.-Shane Garland
Jaremy Harris
Jordan Helenkamp
Ernest Humphrey
3:28.10aWebster Groves
4.-Jeremy Broadbooks
David Harris
Matt Hentges
Tevin Jordan
5.-Taron Street
Jared Michel
Tydel Mosley
Brandon Haskins
6.-Dominique Atkins
Ed Carter
Melvin Edwards
Johnny Moses
3:33.41aParkway West
7.-Ahmad Hicks
David Thomas
Trey Viers
Cameron Williams
8.-Chris Orange
Khahyil Moore
Al Nesbitt
Chris Caldwell
3:33.57aLafayette (Wildwood)
9.-C. J. Durham
Joe Gibson
Tim Pickel
Clayton Rieger
3:34.63aDe Smet Jesuit
10.-Dominic Fabrizio
Dontavious Moore
Kyle Owens
Lawrence Scott
3:41.11aParkway South
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brandon Haskins
Nick Koontz
Adam Roderique
Jeff Orf
2.-Alex Holloway
Tyreese Jiles
Max Magruder
Drew Padgett
8:05.82aLadue Horton Watkins
3.-Jake Lamke
Kevin Schrik
Kevin Hopper
Nick Ingle
8:09.85aParkway West
4.-Dan Neuhaus
Chris Taylor
Cameron Williams
Trey Viers
5.-Zach Boyle
Joe Gibson
Brian Scherping
Alex Potter
8:15.83aDe Smet Jesuit
6.-Tom Chenault
Mike Flynn
Shane Garland
Jaremy Harris
8:58.94aWebster Groves
7.-Eric Sivill
Andrew Vu
Brian Myers
Mohammed Siddiqui
9:02.73aParkway Central
8.-Jeremy Broadbooks
Ethan Lambert
Brandon Sprenger
Jeff Ernst
9.-Tyler Hoyt
Ben Walker
Brad Rogers
Alex Volstromer
9:14.46aLafayette (Wildwood)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Donnell Walker48-05.50Parkway South
2.10Mike Horton-Loftin48-04.00Ladue Horton Watkins
3.11Roddrick Williams46-10.25De Smet Jesuit
4.12Adam Shillito46-02.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.10Ryan Kincade46-01.00Marquette
6.12Andre Hunter45-00.00Parkway South
7.12Mycole Pruitt43-11.75Kirkwood
8.11Jimmy DeStefano43-10.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
9.12Keytony Robinson42-08.00Kirkwood
10.12Justin Snorton42-05.25De Smet Jesuit
11.10Rob Cidlik41-09.00Eureka
12.9Allen Benson39-06.25Webster Groves
13.11Cameron Brown38-10.50Chaminade College Prep
14.11Anthony Henderson38-05.50Webster Groves
14.10Jack Seigel38-05.50Parkway West
16.10Jonathan Ahuatzi Onofre37-00.50Parkway Central
17.10Steve Gorczyca36-08.50Parkway West
18.11Recardo Gordon36-07.25Marquette
19.10Ryan Bequette36-05.50Eureka
20.9Quentin Gray36-04.25Parkway Central
21.11John Gaskin34-06.25Ladue Horton Watkins
--9Wesley GillespieSCRChristian Brothers C...
--10AJ MetzSCRChristian Brothers C...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryan Kincade135-02Marquette
2.12Mike Demand132-09Christian Brothers C...
3.12Austin Lawson130-11Parkway South
4.12Mycole Pruitt124-08Kirkwood
5.12Keytony Robinson124-02Kirkwood
6.10Jack Seigel122-07Parkway West
7.12Andre Hunter118-07Parkway South
8.10Jonathan Ahuatzi Onofre116-09Parkway Central
9.11Drew Kodelja112-01Webster Groves
10.12Adam Shillito109-08Lafayette (Wildwood)
11.11Roddrick Williams106-03De Smet Jesuit
12.10Matt Harrison105-02Marquette
13.10Charles Hackett104-11Chaminade College Prep
14.11Fred Dickerson103-06Webster Groves
15.11Sam Diehl102-07Chaminade College Prep
16.11Jimmy DeStefano100-11Lafayette (Wildwood)
17.10Steve Gorczyca100-06Parkway West
18.10David Lindbloom100-04Eureka
19.10Rob Cidlik100-02Eureka
20.12Ben Bathon97-02De Smet Jesuit
21.10Mike Horton-Loftin94-05Ladue Horton Watkins
22.9Wesley Gillespie87-01Christian Brothers C...
23.9Justin Survana81-00Ladue Horton Watkins
--12Jai MonroeSCRParkway Central
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Khahyil Moore5-08.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.11Joe Grotha5-08.00Kirkwood
2.11Stephen Pace5-08.00De Smet Jesuit
2.11Aaron Daniels5-08.00Webster Groves
5.12Andrew Prouty5-06.00Marquette
6.11Deonco Williams5-06.00Eureka
6.11Edmond Peters5-06.00Parkway South
8.9Patrick Partee5-04.00Kirkwood
8.9Garrett White5-04.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
10.12Jaremy Harris5-04.00Webster Groves
11.10Ed Carter5-02.00Parkway West
11.10Tommy Brown5-02.00De Smet Jesuit
11.9Matt Hansen5-02.00Christian Brothers C...
11.11Joe L Daley5-02.00Ladue Horton Watkins
11.9Benerie Wheeler5-02.00Eureka
--12George GatesNHMarquette
--12Garrett GreenSCRLadue Horton Watkins
--12Dale CookNHParkway West
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Darrow12-06.00Eureka
2.12Mike Wente12-06.00Christian Brothers C...
3.10Jeff Summa12-00.00Kirkwood
4.12Andrew Prouty11-06.00Marquette
5.12Mike Kolish11-00.00Christian Brothers C...
5.12Chris Elbring JR11-00.00Kirkwood
7.9Patrick Matteo11-00.00Chaminade College Prep
8.11Kyle Buschkoetter11-00.00Chaminade College Prep
9.10Naoufel Farid10-00.00Parkway South
10.12Carson Anderson10-00.00Eureka
11.11Adam Sheppard9-06.00Parkway West
12.10Robyn Haithcock9-06.00Parkway West
13.10Florent Sevrin8-06.00Parkway Central
14.11David Staley8-00.00Parkway Central
--9Adam KoenigNHLadue Horton Watkins
--11Justin MiddletonSCRParkway South
--10Marshal SleetSCRLafayette (Wildwood)
--12Justin OelkeSCRLadue Horton Watkins
--10Kyle BayerSCRLafayette (Wildwood)
--12Dylan DanielsNHDe Smet Jesuit
--11Matt MainieriSCRDe Smet Jesuit
--11Mitch StewartNHMarquette
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Montrell Jones21-08.00Kirkwood
2.10Durron Neal21-04.50De Smet Jesuit
3.11Charles Thomas20-05.75Parkway West
4.12David Darrow20-03.50Eureka
5.12Javyn Solomon20-03.00Kirkwood
6.12George Gates20-02.00Marquette
7.10Markuise Savage20-00.75Lafayette (Wildwood)
8.11D'Autrail Wafford19-06.50Marquette
9.11Aaron Daniels19-05.00Webster Groves
10.9Cameron Carroll19-02.75Lafayette (Wildwood)
11.12Garrett Green19-00.25Ladue Horton Watkins
12.10Tim Pickel18-10.50De Smet Jesuit
13.12Melvin Edwards18-09.50Parkway West
14.10Alex Jackson18-09.00Parkway Central
15.11Kevin Hundelt18-08.75Chaminade College Prep
16.9Shawn Whitley18-08.25Ladue Horton Watkins
17.11Imaoye Ekpelu18-00.00Chaminade College Prep
18.12Ryan Czech17-09.50Eureka
19.10Romero Taylor16-02.75Parkway South
20.10Jeremiah Johnson14-06.00Parkway Central
--12Desi BrownSCRWebster Groves
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Javyn Solomon43-02.00Kirkwood
2.11Deonco Williams42-05.50Eureka
3.10Dominique Jenkins42-02.50Parkway South
4.10Louie Mohammed42-00.50Eureka
5.12George Gates42-00.00Marquette
6.11D'Autrail Wafford41-11.00Marquette
7.10Mike McHugh41-08.00Kirkwood
8.10Darryl Satterfield41-04.00Christian Brothers C...
9.10Alex Jackson40-11.00Parkway Central
10.12Neil Cronin40-08.00De Smet Jesuit
11.12Desi Brown40-05.00Webster Groves
12.11Imaoye Ekpelu39-06.00Chaminade College Prep
13.12Cornelius Meeks39-04.00Webster Groves
14.11Jarred McDonald38-11.00Ladue Horton Watkins
15.10Tyrone Blackmon37-10.25Christian Brothers C...
16.11Kevin Hundelt37-08.00Chaminade College Prep
17.10Justin LaBelle37-01.00De Smet Jesuit
18.10Jeremiah Johnson35-07.00Parkway Central
19.11Steve Karst33-09.00Parkway West
--10Mike WedlerSCRParkway West
--11Joe L DaleyFOULLadue Horton Watkins
--9Eugene BurrowSCRParkway South
--9Shaquille HolleySCRLafayette (Wildwood)
--9Cameron CarrollSCRLafayette (Wildwood)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Montenea Roye12.31aLadue Horton Watkins
2.10Peyton Chaney12.57aNerinx Hall
3.10Bria McWoods12.89aKirkwood
4.9Kim Mitchell12.92aEureka
5.10Imani Myton13.07aParkway Central
6.9Alexandria Isom13.11aNerinx Hall
7.10Cierra Griffin13.30aParkway West
8.10Patricia Miller13.46aLafayette (Wildwood)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Peyton Chaney12.59aNerinx Hall
2.10Bria McWoods12.71aKirkwood
3.11Montenea Roye12.89aLadue Horton Watkins
5.9Kim Mitchell12.99aEureka
4.10Imani Myton13.03aParkway Central
6.9Alexandria Isom13.04aNerinx Hall
7.10Cierra Griffin13.23aParkway West
8.10Patricia Miller13.29aLafayette (Wildwood)
9.9Sojourner Wade-Clark13.41aWebster Groves
10.9Zenova Harris13.49aMarquette
11.11Asya Taylor13.61aParkway Central
12.10Setia Woodland13.66aLafayette (Wildwood)
13.10Kimmy Micotto13.69aWebster Groves
14.9Anna Kiss13.75aMarquette
15.9Kristin McIntyre13.80aEureka
16.10Gabrielle Evans13.81aParkway South
17.10Tamika Graham13.99aKirkwood
18.10Javia Gilliam14.01aParkway South
19.9Madelyn Kemper14.15aUrsuline Academy
20.11Nicolette Clynes14.27aSt Josephs Academy
21.12Morgan Chelew14.45aUrsuline Academy
22.11Morgan Chapman15.06aSt Josephs Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Montenea Roye25.21aLadue Horton Watkins
2.10Peyton Chaney25.62aNerinx Hall
3.10Bria McWoods26.62aKirkwood
4.11Anastasia Harris26.73aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.9Alexandria Isom27.52aNerinx Hall
6.12Mykel Boyd27.87aMarquette
7.11Linsday Leeker27.87aKirkwood
8.10Patricia Miller28.30aLafayette (Wildwood)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Peyton Chaney25.79aNerinx Hall
2.10Bria McWoods26.05aKirkwood
3.11Montenea Roye26.70aLadue Horton Watkins
4.9Alexandria Isom26.77aNerinx Hall
5.11Anastasia Harris27.07aLafayette (Wildwood)
6.11Linsday Leeker27.46aKirkwood
7.12Mykel Boyd27.58aMarquette
8.10Patricia Miller27.81aLafayette (Wildwood)
9.9Sojourner Wade-Clark27.97aWebster Groves
10.10Kimmy Micotto28.06aWebster Groves
11.11Asya Taylor28.16aParkway Central
12.9Tessa Miles28.22aParkway South
13.9Chelsy Gibson28.71aParkway Central
14.12Brittany Becker28.72aMarquette
15.9Heather Pesigan29.04aUrsuline Academy
16.12Michelle Hovis29.70aUrsuline Academy
17.10Jenna Osterholt29.72aSt Josephs Academy
18.11Jenna Brown30.99aSt Josephs Academy
19.11Jessica Hite31.20aParkway South
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Elisa Steele25.5Kirkwood
11Lindsey Leeker26.2Kirkwood
10Bria McWoods26.2Kirkwood
10Amber Solomon27.3Kirkwood
10Kalyn Cook27.65Marquette
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Montenea Roye55.85aLadue Horton Watkins
2.9Elisa Steele58.55aKirkwood
3.10Peyton Chaney58.57aNerinx Hall
4.10Kenesha Austin1:00.20aLadue Horton Watkins
5.11Jill Rechtein1:00.48aEureka
6.11Anastasia Harris1:01.77aLafayette (Wildwood)
7.11Katie Jost1:01.95aParkway Central
8.9Alexandria Isom1:03.00aNerinx Hall
9.11Andrea Hessler1:03.80aUrsuline Academy
10.9Paige Blasberg1:04.59aKirkwood
11.12Hannah Snyder1:04.96aLafayette (Wildwood)
12.10Lynn Hu1:05.67aParkway Central
13.12Arial Peterson1:05.68aMarquette
14.10Jenna Osterholt1:06.46aSt Josephs Academy
15.9Jerika Williams1:08.51aParkway West
16.10Kristen Macke1:09.61aUrsuline Academy
17.11Jenna Brown1:11.70aSt Josephs Academy
18.10Rachel Harris1:11.94aParkway South
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Elisa Steele59.3Kirkwood
11Erica Dyroff60.8Kirkwood
11Lindsey Leeker61.2Kirkwood
10Lianna Doty61.4Kirkwood
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Levin2:15.46aLadue Horton Watkins
2.11Alyssa Rebecca2:15.74aEureka
3.10Kayla Hall2:18.90aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.12Renee Goodenough2:19.53aNerinx Hall
5.10Jessie McNeel2:22.29aEureka
6.10Hannah Richardson2:24.85aKirkwood
7.11Elizabeth Last2:25.24aMarquette
8.11Erica Dyroff2:27.11aKirkwood
9.9Lindsay Egan2:32.67aParkway West
10.12Jessica Airey2:34.33aParkway Central
11.10Kate Holloway2:34.96aLadue Horton Watkins
12.9Annie Neiman2:35.09aSt Josephs Academy
13.11Anna Chott2:35.11aNerinx Hall
14.12Britney Stutz2:35.51aMarquette
15.12Laura Ritthamel2:36.53aParkway West
16.9Taylor Burke2:37.22aParkway Central
17.12Elizabeth Worley2:37.27aLafayette (Wildwood)
18.12Alex Doellefeld2:45.86aUrsuline Academy
19.12Annie Redmond2:58.89aUrsuline Academy
--11Amanda SchmidtSCRParkway South
--9Bryn GunbySCRParkway South
--10Jaclyn ZiegerSCRSt Josephs Academy
--10Briana HickeySCRWebster Groves
--10Suzie SchmittSCRWebster Groves
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colleen Quigley4:54.93aNerinx Hall
2.12Diane Robison4:55.64aParkway Central
3.11Samantha Levin4:56.63aLadue Horton Watkins
4.11Krista Menghini4:57.67aSt Josephs Academy
5.11Jocelyn Todd5:04.17aLadue Horton Watkins
6.12Emily Conlon5:23.67aMarquette
7.11Laura Michel5:25.00aParkway West
8.11Elizabeth King5:25.22aKirkwood
9.10Briana Hickey5:36.56aWebster Groves
10.9Jane Edmunds5:37.42aKirkwood
11.11Amanda Schmidt5:39.37aParkway South
12.9Taylor Burke5:39.92aParkway Central
13.9Jessica Maddox5:39.94aLafayette (Wildwood)
14.10Suzie Schmitt5:44.15aWebster Groves
15.11Jessica Ahlemeyer5:46.70aNerinx Hall
16.9Caity Most5:48.84aSt Josephs Academy
17.11Taylor Kraus5:50.67aMarquette
18.9Amy Bower5:53.93aLafayette (Wildwood)
19.10Victoria Hunt5:54.87aUrsuline Academy
20.9Bryn Gunby5:55.01aParkway South
21.11Mary Parato5:59.09aParkway West
22.12Noelle Ray6:40.57aUrsuline Academy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Diane Robison11:07.06aParkway Central
2.11Colleen Quigley11:11.25aNerinx Hall
3.11Jocelyn Todd11:14.67aLadue Horton Watkins
4.11Krista Menghini11:18.85aSt Josephs Academy
5.9Megan Cunningham11:37.04aEureka
6.12Renee Goodenough11:43.59aNerinx Hall
7.11Laura Michel11:46.62aParkway West
8.10Clare Roberts11:51.01aParkway Central
9.11Aimee Westrich12:02.09aEureka
10.10Elizabeth Luciani12:07.12aKirkwood
11.12Emily Conlon12:14.43aMarquette
12.10Ali Moser12:15.77aUrsuline Academy
13.10Alyssa Cockerline12:23.10aKirkwood
14.11Abby Jeffries12:24.86aMarquette
15.12Jordan Taylor12:27.22aLafayette (Wildwood)
16.9Grace Bueckendorf12:37.99aLafayette (Wildwood)
17.11Margaret Parato13:10.74aParkway West
18.9Katerina Paone13:12.12aWebster Groves
19.9Anna Pelch14:45.34aSt Josephs Academy
20.11Marissa Aubuchon15:24.29aUrsuline Academy
--9Olivia JaegerSCRLadue Horton Watkins
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Douglas15.25aParkway West
2.12Kayla Little16.21aParkway Central
3.10Laura King16.56aEureka
4.11Diamond Boyd16.72aKirkwood
5.12Paxton Neubert16.75aParkway South
6.12Elise Keller17.36aParkway South
7.9Alissa Booker18.08aParkway Central
8.10Tamika Graham18.56aKirkwood
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Nicole Douglas15.52aParkway West
2.12Kayla Little16.34aParkway Central
3.10Laura King16.47aEureka
4.12Paxton Neubert16.53aParkway South
5.12Elise Keller16.66aParkway South
6.11Diamond Boyd16.70aKirkwood
7.10Tamika Graham16.89aKirkwood
8.9Alissa Booker17.85aParkway Central
9.11Amy Moorkamp18.04aLafayette (Wildwood)
10.12Erika Flynn18.14aSt Josephs Academy
11.12Lauren Dolniak18.25aEureka
12.10Ashley Harriel19.11aWebster Groves
13.9Candice Ingram19.32aWebster Groves
14.9Elizabeth Suntrup19.70aUrsuline Academy
15.11Katie Stukel19.83aUrsuline Academy
--10Hannah SharpeSCRLafayette (Wildwood)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Douglas47.45aParkway West
2.10Lianna Doty48.04aKirkwood
3.10Amber Solomon48.12aKirkwood
4.11Paige Biles48.52aEureka
5.12Elise Keller49.32aParkway South
6.12Paxton Neubert49.80aParkway South
7.12Kayla Little50.78aParkway Central
8.9Claire Kraeling50.93aMarquette
9.10Shawn Hannah51.01aParkway Central
10.10Alex Davis51.28aEureka
11.9Anna O'Toole52.99aUrsuline Academy
12.10Ashley Harriel53.02aWebster Groves
13.12Katherine Baldwin53.42aMarquette
14.11Amy Moorkamp54.08aLafayette (Wildwood)
15.9Elizabeth Suntrup54.51aUrsuline Academy
16.11Olivia Slay55.09aSt Josephs Academy
--10Hannah SharpeSCRLafayette (Wildwood)
--12Paula HardenSCRParkway West
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kim Mitchell
Paige Biles
Alana Hester
Laura King
2.-Lianna Doty
Amanda Krupnik
Linsday Leeker
Bria McWoods
3.-Nicole Douglas
Cierra Griffin
Paula Harden
Sierra Scott
51.12aParkway West
4.-Kayla Little
Asya Taylor
Chelsy Gibson
Imani Myton
52.31aParkway Central
5.-Kalyn Cook
Caroline Glaser
Zenova Harris
Tajun Thompson
6.-Kayla Croy
Gabrielle Evans
Javia Gilliam
Unashae King
52.97aParkway South
7.-Candice Ingram
Sojourner Wade-Clark
Kimmy Micotto
Mary Robinson
53.00aWebster Groves
8.-Caitlyn Carroll
Heather Pesigan
Madelyn Kemper
Andrea Hessler
53.86aUrsuline Academy
9.-Nicolette Clynes
Morgan Chapman
Alex Hinkebein
Annie Shaugnessy
55.72aSt Josephs Academy
---Heather Meyer
Patricia Miller
Maria Tocco
Setia Woodland
DQLafayette (Wildwood)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shayla Arnold
Alexis Brisco
Kenesha Austin
Nicole McNicols
1:44.51aLadue Horton Watkins
2.-Linsday Leeker
Bria McWoods
Amber Solomon
Elisa Steele
3.-Paige Biles
Ashley Gerkens
Alana Hester
Laura King
4.-Anastasia Harris
Heather Meyer
Patricia Miller
Hannah Snyder
1:46.85aLafayette (Wildwood)
5.-Imani Myton
Katie Jost
Chelsy Gibson
Courtney Engel
1:50.07aParkway Central
6.-Kalyn Cook
Caroline Glaser
Maya Horsford
Tajun Thompson
7.-Kayla Croy
Gabrielle Evans
Javia Gilliam
Unashae King
1:53.92aParkway South
8.-Natalie Fortune
Morgan Chelew
Caitlyn Carroll
Michelle Hovis
1:54.54aUrsuline Academy
9.-Che Andrews
Emily Leonard
Emily Schoen
Taylor Smith
1:56.00aNerinx Hall
10.-Nicolette Clynes
Alex Hinkebein
Sara Moore
Olivia Slay
1:59.20aSt Josephs Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alyssa Rebecca
Jill Rechtein
Jessie McNeel
Kelsey Brown
2.-Paige Blasberg
Erica Dyroff
Lianna Doty
Linsday Leeker
3.-Kenesha Austin
Alexis Brisco
Montenea Roye
Shayla Arnold
4:04.70aLadue Horton Watkins
4.-Katie Jost
Imani Myton
Courtney Engel
Chelsy Gibson
4:09.26aParkway Central
5.-Kayla Hall
Anastasia Harris
Hannah Snyder
Sydnee Stottlemyre
4:14.80aLafayette (Wildwood)
6.-Arial Peterson
Elizabeth Last
Lexi Lewis
Claire Kraeling
7.-Natalie Fortune
Caitlyn Carroll
Heather Pesigan
Andrea Hessler
4:20.46aUrsuline Academy
8.-Che Andrews
Alex Isom
Renee Goodenough
Peyton Chaney
4:23.20aNerinx Hall
9.-Mary Robinson
Kimmy Micotto
Ashley Harriel
Sojourner Wade-Clark
4:30.98aWebster Groves
10.-Elise Keller
Jennifer Scanlon
Jaylan Smith
Amanda Schmidt
4:31.89aParkway South
11.-Jenna Brown
Jenna Osterholt
Emily Kendrick
Alex Hinkebein
4:36.50aSt Josephs Academy
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lianna Doty
Hannah Richardson
Elizabeth Luciani
Elizabeth King
2.-Taylor Schulz
Aimee Westrich
Kelsey Brown
Jessie McNeel
3.-Brittany Boone
Kayla Hall
Alexa Lipke
Jessica Maddox
9:46.02aLafayette (Wildwood)
4.-Katie Jost
Taylor Burke
Jessica Airey
Diane Robison
9:53.94aParkway Central
5.-Abby Jeffries
Taylor Kraus
Britney Stutz
Mary Kearney
6.-Laura Michel
Margaret Parato
Mary Parato
Laura Ritthamel
10:35.44aParkway West
7.-Montenea Roye
Kate Holloway
Emily Hahn
Sydney Kitsis
10:50.28aLadue Horton Watkins
8.-Annie Redmond
Mary Wagner
Alex Doellefeld
Anna O'Toole
11:11.55aUrsuline Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessie Dantin35-03.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
1.12Jessica Dantin35'03.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.12Erin Atkinson34-08.00Ladue Horton Watkins
3.11Morgan Grebing33-06.00Ursuline Academy
4.10Kayla Gutierrez33-01.50Kirkwood
5.11Megan Cidlik32-08.50Eureka
6.10Lauren Dendrinelis31-04.00Parkway Central
7.10Dajae Williams31-03.50Kirkwood
8.11Tova Feinberg30-08.00Ladue Horton Watkins
9.10Emily Bush30-05.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
10.9Tyanna Wafford29-01.75Marquette
11.11Damonic Cunningham27-11.00Marquette
12.9Kayla Johnson27-08.75Parkway Central
13.12Quinne Hibbler27-06.50Parkway South
14.9Lacy Majors27-00.50Nerinx Hall
15.10Michelle Scherrer26-09.00Ursuline Academy
16.10Anna Yahnke26-01.50Parkway South
17.11Chelsea Spalt25-11.50St Josephs Academy
18.12Darcy Smith25-09.00Nerinx Hall
19.12Shelly Davies23-09.00Eureka
20.11Sam Kraft23-04.50St Josephs Academy
--11Chasity JamesSCRWebster Groves
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kayla Gutierrez120-09Kirkwood
2.12Erin Atkinson114-11Ladue Horton Watkins
3.11Megan Cidlik114-05Eureka
4.12Jessie Dantin109-00Lafayette (Wildwood)
4.12Jessica Dantin109'00Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.10Dajae Williams106-02Kirkwood
6.10Emily Bush97-04Lafayette (Wildwood)
7.12Taylor Schaffner94-04Marquette
8.11Tova Feinberg92-05Ladue Horton Watkins
9.12Darcy Smith88-10Nerinx Hall
10.10Lauren Dendrinelis81-01Parkway Central
11.11Morgan Grebing79-09Ursuline Academy
12.11Tempest Jackson76-06Parkway Central
13.10Ashley Brinkley76-05.50Parkway South
14.9Lacy Majors74-01Nerinx Hall
15.9Tyanna Wafford72-06Marquette
16.11Sam Kraft71-02St Josephs Academy
17.12Shelly Koch64-01St Josephs Academy
18.10Michelle Scherrer59-10Ursuline Academy
19.10Anna Yahnke57-09Parkway South
--10Alex HillyerSCREureka
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Elisa Steele4-10.00Kirkwood
2.11Annie Shaugnessy4-10.00St Josephs Academy
2.12Vaughn Powell4-10.00Marquette
4.11Diamond Boyd4-08.00Kirkwood
5.11Danica Wessel4-08.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.11Emily Kendrick4-08.00St Josephs Academy
7.12Karyn Vilbig4-08.00Marquette
8.12Julie Swanger4-06.00Ursuline Academy
9.9Maddie Jones4-06.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
10.9Samantha Hoffman4-06.00Parkway Central
11.9Colleen Cantalin4-04.00Nerinx Hall
11.12Paxton Neubert4-04.00Parkway South
13.12Cindy Kramp4-04.00Eureka
13.12Amy Bauman4-04.00Eureka
13.9Elizabeth Greenberg4-04.00Ladue Horton Watkins
13.10Lexi Neukirch4-04.00Nerinx Hall
--11Emily RoperSCRUrsuline Academy
--12Emily SchmitzNHParkway South
--10Sara HolderNHParkway Central
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alyssa Shaw10-00.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.12Emily Schmitz9-00.00Parkway South
3.10Abbey Huskey8-06.00Eureka
4.10Sarah Viers8-06.00Kirkwood
5.9Kelly Shaw8-00.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
6.9Danielle Djikanovic8-00.00Marquette
7.10Kelsey Stringer8-00.00Kirkwood
8.12Jessica Wagner7-06.00Parkway West
8.10Ofri Yaar7-06.00Marquette
10.12Julianne Bauer7-00.00Eureka
11.11Sarah Trigg7-00.00St Josephs Academy
12.9Dina Cassorla6-06.00Ladue Horton Watkins
--11Abby KlatchNHSt Josephs Academy
--10Jasmine ParkNHLadue Horton Watkins
--10Miranda WaddellSCRParkway West
--11Sara SensemanNHParkway Central
--11Aron HendinNHParkway Central
--9Tessa MilesSCRParkway South
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amber Solomon16-04.50Kirkwood
2.12Karyn Vilbig15-11.75Marquette
3.12Vaughn Powell15-09.00Marquette
4.9Steph Campbell15-06.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.11Katherine Atwood15-03.75Parkway West
6.10Javia Gilliam15-02.75Parkway South
7.10Sydnee Stottlemyre15-01.50Lafayette (Wildwood)
8.9Kim Mitchell15-00.50Eureka
9.10Tamika Graham14-07.25Kirkwood
10.11Elizabeth Gloss13-10.50St Josephs Academy
11.10Sara Hower13-09.75Parkway Central
12.11Kelly LaPoint13-07.25Ursuline Academy
13.11Jennifer Scanlon13-07.00Parkway South
14.10Mary Robinson13-05.00Webster Groves
15.9Vivianna Carter13-03.00Nerinx Hall
16.9Allie Wimmer13-01.75Eureka
17.12Julie Swanger12-07.00Ursuline Academy
18.9Samantha Hoffman11-06.75Parkway Central
19.12Erika Flynn10-10.75St Josephs Academy
--9Candice IngramSCRWebster Groves
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sydnee Stottlemyre33-08.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
2.9Melanie Crow33-07.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
3.10Ofri Yaar32-04.00Marquette
4.11Katherine Atwood32-02.50Parkway West
5.9Paige Blasberg32-00.50Kirkwood
6.12Kayla Little31-09.00Parkway Central
7.10Jaylan Smith31-03.00Parkway South
8.9Natalie Noonan31-01.50Kirkwood
9.10Alex Davis31-00.50Eureka
10.10Erin Meyer29-03.00Eureka
11.9Vivianna Carter29-00.50Nerinx Hall
12.11Kelly LaPoint28-09.00Ursuline Academy
13.11Elizabeth Gloss28-01.00St Josephs Academy
14.10Sara Hower27-11.50Parkway Central
15.11Paige Willis27-11.00Marquette
16.10Gabrielle Evans27-06.00Parkway South
17.12Julie Swanger27-03.00Ursuline Academy
18.11Emily Kendrick26-08.00St Josephs Academy
19.10Lexi Neukirch26-03.00Nerinx Hall
--9Candice IngramSCRWebster Groves
--11Alyssa BuchanonSCRLadue Horton Watkins
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