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Idaho 2A State Championships

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boise State University, Boise

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.11Jacob Bowman11.13aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.11Brandon May11.30aNampa Christian
3.12Justin Daley11.48aWest Side
4.12Josh Benson11.49aGrace
5.12Mike Covington11.59aNew Plymouth
6.12Case Jolley11.66aFirth
7.12Garrett Smith11.70aRirie
7.12Tanner Passey11.70aSoda Springs
X 100 Meters - 2A - Prelims
1.11Jacob Bowman11.38aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.11Brandon May11.41aNampa Christian
3.12Justin Daley11.51aWest Side
4.12Josh Benson11.56aGrace
5.12Mike Covington11.59aNew Plymouth
6.12Tanner Passey11.61aSoda Springs
7.12Garrett Smith11.68aRirie
7.12Case Jolley11.68aFirth
9.12Arnulfo Carrillo11.69aAberdeen
10.12Devin Erickson11.78aParma
11.12Austin Fricke11.89aNampa Christian
12.12Jeremy Jenkins12.01aDeclo
13.12Abel Villa12.04aAberdeen
14.10Justin Jenkins12.05aDeclo
15.10Justin Odell12.06aRirie
16.9Kent Jolley12.35aFirth
11Granger DaleFSKamiah
X 200 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.12Justin Daley23.57aWest Side
2.11Brandon May23.60aNampa Christian
3.12Garrett Smith23.93aRirie
4.11Josh Geary24.08aDeclo
5.10Jake Cleverley24.15aNew Plymouth
6.12Case Jolley24.39aFirth
7.12Devin Erickson24.74aParma
8.12Tanner Passey24.87aSoda Springs
X 200 Meters - 2A - Prelims
1.12Justin Daley23.19aWest Side
2.12Garrett Smith23.32aRirie
3.11Brandon May23.36aNampa Christian
4.10Jake Cleverley23.59aNew Plymouth
5.12Tanner Passey23.73aSoda Springs
6.12Case Jolley23.75aFirth
7.12Devin Erickson23.89aParma
8.11Josh Geary23.91aDeclo
9.12Austin Fricke23.95aNampa Christian
10.12Brady Bingham23.99aWest Side
11.9Dylan Coon24.00aButte County
12.11Kimball Ashcraft24.46aWest Jefferson
13.12Derek Gerratt24.52aValley
14.12Jeremy Jenkins24.60aDeclo
15.12Darian Ball24.84aKamiah
11Jacob BowmanDNSCoeur d'Alene Charter
12Josh BensonDNSGrace
X 400 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.11Tyler Rogers51.45aNampa Christian
2.12Wes Billingslea51.82aCoeur d'Alene Charter
3.9Kevin Hill52.11aKamiah
4.12Ty Johnson52.43aMelba
5.12Brady Bingham52.68aWest Side
6.11Dallas Turnbow53.10aWest Side
7.11Patrick Harrison53.50aGrace
8.9Dylan Coon53.55aButte County
X 400 Meters - 2A - Prelims
1.11Tyler Rogers50.77aNampa Christian
3.12Wes Billingslea51.61aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.12Ty Johnson51.99aMelba
4.11Dallas Turnbow52.09aWest Side
5.12Brady Bingham52.16aWest Side
6.9Kevin Hill52.18aKamiah
7.9Dylan Coon52.50aButte County
8.11Patrick Harrison53.07aGrace
9.11Jacob Ybara53.12aCole Valley Christian
10.11Josh Geary53.38aDeclo
11.11Chance Sayre53.65aNew Plymouth
12.11Dakota Nelson54.21aFirth
13.10Justin Odell54.88aRirie
14.9Tommy Kern55.82aButte County
15.12McCoy Stoker56.36aDeclo
11Jacob BowmanDNSCoeur d'Alene Charter
X 800 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.11Jordan Beutler2:01.34aWest Side
2.11Josh Hatch2:03.06aWest Side
3.9Eric Hill2:03.20aKamiah
4.12Joshua Wilberg2:03.21aFirth
5.12Connor White2:05.95aNew Plymouth
6.10Taylor Leavitt2:06.03aMelba
7.12Justin Thomas2:06.75aCole Valley Christian
8.12Jason Bellegante2:07.95aNew Plymouth
9.10Trevor Anderson2:10.48aDeclo
10.11Zac Hansen2:10.77aButte County
11.12Joe Hansen2:10.98aNorth Fremont
12.11Matt Ivey2:11.57aValley
13.12Brendan Foster2:11.81aCoeur d'Alene Charter
14.10Coby Young2:12.12aSoda Springs
15.9Kaleb Bass2:12.33aGrangeville
16.11Tate Wilson2:14.32aRirie
X 1600 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.12Kasey Meyers4:36.95aSoda Springs
2.12Leo Francovich4:37.40aCoeur d'Alene Charter
3.11Jordan Beutler4:46.88aWest Side
4.11Josh Hatch4:48.61aWest Side
5.12Daniel Pinkerton4:51.26aCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.10Tyler Olson4:56.09aWest Side
7.10Bryan Leon4:57.47aMelba
8.11Preston Christensen4:58.89aFirth
9.12Joshua Wilberg5:02.27aFirth
10.9Aldon Bishop5:04.90aNorth Fremont
11.10Skyler Lee5:07.05aNorth Fremont
12.10Grant Moore5:08.28aNampa Christian
13.10Trevor Anderson5:15.84aDeclo
14.9Beau Beesley5:16.61aNampa Christian
15.12Justin Thomas5:22.09aCole Valley Christian
16.9Kai Garner5:24.80aDeclo
12Rory RuskovichDNSCoeur d'Alene Charter
X 3200 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.11Josh Hatch9:44.59aWest Side
2.12Kasey Meyers9:49.66aSoda Springs
3.12Leo Francovich9:57.66aCoeur d'Alene Charter
4.10Tyler Olson10:15.21aWest Side
5.12Rory Ruskovich10:15.77aCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.12Daniel Pinkerton10:17.14aCoeur d'Alene Charter
7.11Preston Christensen10:26.51aFirth
8.11Jordan Brady10:36.54aGrace
9.10Skyler Lee10:42.81aNorth Fremont
10.9Aldon Bishop10:46.77aNorth Fremont
11.9Beau Beesley10:57.55aNampa Christian
12.11Crispin Valdez11:01.72aNew Plymouth
13.10Grant Moore11:03.14aNampa Christian
14.10Zach Thomander11:06.75aDeclo
15.12Karlton Peterson11:17.65aFirth
16.9Stirland Zollinger11:23.20aDeclo
10Bryan LeonDNSMelba
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 2A - Finals
1.11Collin Roberts15.44aWest Side
2.12Cheyne Koltes15.47aNampa Christian
3.11Jesse Villines16.14aSoda Springs
4.11Chris Doxtator16.16aCole Valley Christian
5.10Jack Nygaard16.26aKamiah
6.11Dillon Profit16.34aParma
7.12Robbie Dorius16.72aMalad
8.12Keaton Beal17.67aButte County
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 2A - Prelims
1.11Collin Roberts15.79aWest Side
2.12Cheyne Koltes16.10aNampa Christian
3.10Jack Nygaard16.13aKamiah
5.11Jesse Villines16.14aSoda Springs
4.11Chris Doxtator16.41aCole Valley Christian
6.11Dillon Profit16.54aParma
7.12Robbie Dorius17.24aMalad
8.12Keaton Beal18.03aButte County
9.11Jake Lancaster18.09aDeclo
10.11Zeke Zeller18.17aRirie
11.12Andrew Burchak18.19aGrangeville
12.10Chace Brewington19.48aFirth
13.9Reed York19.55aKamiah
14.11Jeff Sheen19.97aWest Jefferson
11Oscar BanuelosDNFNew Plymouth
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 2A - Finals
1.12Cheyne Koltes40.61aNampa Christian
2.10Jack Nygaard40.65aKamiah
3.11Chris Doxtator40.94aCole Valley Christian
4.11Casey Mitchell41.56aFirth
5.12David Stewart42.52aGrangeville
6.11Jesse Villines42.60aSoda Springs
7.11Oscar Banuelos42.78aNew Plymouth
8.11Collin Roberts44.59aWest Side
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 2A - Prelims
1.12Cheyne Koltes40.78aNampa Christian
2.10Jack Nygaard41.32aKamiah
3.11Casey Mitchell41.95aFirth
4.12David Stewart41.98aGrangeville
5.11Chris Doxtator42.05aCole Valley Christian
6.11Oscar Banuelos42.33aNew Plymouth
7.11Jesse Villines42.61aSoda Springs
8.11Collin Roberts43.19aWest Side
9.12Robbie Dorius44.06aMalad
10.11Zeke Zeller44.13aRirie
11.9Cameron Arnzen44.95aNew Plymouth
12.10Connor Reed45.17aWest Side
13.11Jake Lancaster45.91aDeclo
14.12Keaton Beal47.06aButte County
15.9Josh Smith47.58aNorth Fremont
11Israel BallesterosDNSGlenns Ferry
X 4x100 Relay - 2A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.48aNampa Christian
2.-Relay Team 44.67aGrangeville
3.-Oscar Banuelos
Zach Hidy
Chance Sayre
Mike Covington
44.71aNew Plymouth
4.-Relay Team 45.57aAberdeen
5.-Relay Team 46.39aDeclo
6.-Relay Team 46.75aRirie
7.-Relay Team 48.26aWest Side
-Relay Team DNFParma
X 4x200 Relay - 2A - Finals
1.-Jake Cleverley
Zach Hidy
Chance Sayre
Cody Nelson
1:32.49aNew Plymouth
2.-Relay Team 1:32.95aGrangeville
3.-Relay Team 1:33.22aWest Side
4.-Relay Team 1:34.74aCoeur d'Alene Charter
5.-Relay Team 1:36.05aFirth
6.-Relay Team 1:36.44aRirie
7.-Relay Team 1:36.61aMelba
8.-Relay Team 1:37.09aDeclo
X 4x400 Relay - 2A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:33.14aGrangeville
2.-Relay Team 3:33.32aNew Plymouth
3.-Relay Team 3:33.50aKamiah
4.-Relay Team 3:38.06aWest Side
5.-Relay Team 3:38.95aNampa Christian
6.-Relay Team 3:45.41aMelba
7.-Relay Team 3:48.42aButte County
8.-Relay Team 3:51.74aDeclo
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - 2A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:40.06aWest Side
2.-Relay Team 3:41.96aCoeur d'Alene Charter
3.-Justin Kopczynski
Chance Sayre
Cody Nelson
Connor White
3:43.31aNew Plymouth
4.-Relay Team 3:43.73aMelba
5.-Relay Team 3:51.87aFirth
6.-Relay Team 3:52.61aDeclo
7.-Relay Team 3:53.36aGrace
8.-Relay Team 3:58.42aButte County
X Shot Put - 12lb - 2A - Finals
1.12Steve Mason45-10.75Melba
2.11Mark Knobbe45-04.00Declo
3.12Marshall Bode44-11.50Butte County
4.12Brett Roholt44-09.50West Side
5.10John Cauhorn43-10.00Valley
6.11Seth Gaskins43-05.25New Plymouth
7.12Brogan Thoren42-11.50Declo
8.12Taysom Wilhelm42-01.75Firth
9.11Colton Suitter41-11.50Firth
10.9Aaron Burnside41-10.75Cole Valley Christian
11.11Steven Hardy40-06.00West Side
12.12Ethan Chadwick39-06.00Ririe
13.12Alex Ackerman39-01.00Grangeville
14.12Thom Rich38-08.00West Side
15.12Zach McCleery37-08.00Nampa Christian
16.12Kurt Aiken37-00.75Grangeville
X Discus - 1.6kg - 2A - Finals
1.12Ethan Chadwick149-00Ririe
2.9Juston Lindsley139-08Grangeville
3.12Mike Morris139-08Kamiah
4.12Brett Roholt137-00West Side
5.12Mark Loosli134-10North Fremont
6.11Seth Gaskins131-06New Plymouth
7.12Caleb Bennett129-04Malad
8.11Mark Knobbe129-00Declo
9.9John VanBeuren123-07Cole Valley Christian
10.9Spencer Crane113-01Kamiah
11.10Josh Carpenter112-00Glenns Ferry
12.11Austin Belden108-08Butte County
13.11Josh Verkaik103-06New Plymouth
14.12Dallas Taylor94-10Butte County
12Steve MasonDNSMelba
11Tanner SmartNDWest Side
X High Jump - 2A - Finals
1.10Justin Jenkins6-00.00Declo
2.11Chase Ackerman6-00.00Grace
3.12Ross Arellano5-10.00Glenns Ferry
4.11Jacob Ybara5-10.00Cole Valley Christian
5.10Jack Nygaard5-08.00Kamiah
6.9Kevin Hill5-08.00Kamiah
6.11Chris Ashcraft5-08.00West Jefferson
8.12Wes Billingslea5-08.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
9.10Chace Brewington5-06.00Firth
10.11Rocklen Mouw5-06.00Nampa Christian
10.12Colby Heiner5-06.00Melba
12.10Gatlin Lear5-06.00Ririe
12Adam ByingtonDNSRirie
9Kent JolleyNHFirth
11Andrew BertramNHCole Valley Christian
10Michael WynnNHAberdeen
11Levi RussellNHNew Plymouth
9Dylan TurnbowNHWest Side
X Pole Vault - 2A - Finals
1.10Spencer Wheeler13-00.00Parma
2.11Steven Hardy12-06.00West Side
3.10Jacob Lloyd12-06.00Kamiah
4.11Reed Woodruff12-06.00Melba
5.11Shad McHargue12-00.00Melba
6.12Larsen Webb12-00.00Declo
7.9Tucker Medel11-06.00Kamiah
8.11Logan Summers11-00.00Ririe
9.11Austin Wedel10-06.00West Side
9.12Andrew Burchak10-06.00Grangeville
11.9Matt Lindberg10-06.00Firth
12Adam ByingtonDNSRirie
11Jacob ButlerNHFirth
10Steven RamirezNHMelba
9Kai GarnerNHDeclo
12Korby BecksteadNHWest Side
X Long Jump - 2A - Finals
1.11Jacob Ybara21-08.00Cole Valley Christian
2.11Jacob Bowman21-01.25Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.10Calum Webb20-05.50Declo
4.11Chase Ackerman19-06.25Grace
5.12Arnulfo Carrillo19-05.00Aberdeen
6.12Devin Erickson19-00.25Parma
7.12Ross Arellano18-11.25Glenns Ferry
8.12Robbie Dorius18-08.25Malad
9.12Matt Chastain18-07.50Parma
10.11Casey Mitchell18-07.00Firth
11.11Buddy Southwick18-05.00Malad
12.12Paul Raymond17-10.25Kamiah
13.12Austin Fricke17-09.00Nampa Christian
14.11Logan Summers17-05.50Ririe
15.9Randy Hjelm17-05.25Butte County
16.10Brandon Pearson16-00.00Butte County
X Triple Jump - 2A - Finals
1.11Jacob Ybara43-04.00Cole Valley Christian
2.10Seth Dreadfulwater41-06.50Grangeville
3.12Matt Chastain41-02.00Parma
4.12Arnulfo Carrillo40-10.50Aberdeen
5.11Matt Ivey39-04.50Valley
6.11Logan Summers39-04.00Ririe
7.12Keaton Beal39-03.25Butte County
8.11Reed Woodruff38-07.50Melba
9.10Robert Sanchez38-01.25Aberdeen
10.10Alex Ure38-00.00Aberdeen
11.10Jake Cleverley37-09.00New Plymouth
12.11Lewis Ellis37-04.50Coeur d'Alene Charter
13.12Daniel Hubbard36-07.25Grace
14.12Derek Gerratt35-10.25Valley
15.12Hayden Calaway34-09.50West Jefferson
11Nathan DaviesDNSButte County
11Logan HamiltonNDRirie

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.12Dominique Billingslea12.77aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.10Marisol Carrillo12.92aAberdeen
3.9Alison Silva13.06aNampa Christian
4.12Linsey Sullivan13.12aGrangeville
5.9Emily Yoder13.25aCole Valley Christian
6.10Jessica Dixon13.40aButte County
7.12Alana Finlayson13.47aSoda Springs
8.12Amanda McCurdy13.50aButte County
X 100 Meters - 2A - Prelims
1.12Dominique Billingslea13.02aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.12Linsey Sullivan13.20aGrangeville
3.9Emily Yoder13.23aCole Valley Christian
3.9Alison Silva13.23aNampa Christian
5.10Marisol Carrillo13.25aAberdeen
6.10Jessica Dixon13.46aButte County
7.12Alana Finlayson13.53aSoda Springs
8.12Amanda McCurdy13.59aButte County
9.10Tenesia Schroeder13.65aDeclo
10.10Lindsey Gentry13.71aParma
10.10Hope Murray13.71aMalad
12.12Chelsea Koeplin13.79aFirth
12.12Brittni Duncan13.79aDeclo
14.9Maddie Blaylock13.83aParma
15.10Bailey Smith14.08aRirie
16.11Rebecca Woody14.18aGlenns Ferry
X 200 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.10Megan Sullivan26.90aGrangeville
2.9Emily Yoder27.60aCole Valley Christian
3.12Dominique Billingslea28.05aCoeur d'Alene Charter
4.12Elizabeth Stadley28.27aCoeur d'Alene Charter
5.12Chelsea Koeplin28.47aFirth
6.10Marisol Carrillo28.59aAberdeen
7.10Jessica Dixon28.83aButte County
8.9Maddie Blaylock29.00aParma
X 200 Meters - 2A - Prelims
1.10Megan Sullivan26.46aGrangeville
2.12Dominique Billingslea26.55aCoeur d'Alene Charter
3.12Elizabeth Stadley26.84aCoeur d'Alene Charter
4.9Emily Yoder27.05aCole Valley Christian
5.10Marisol Carrillo27.52aAberdeen
6.12Chelsea Koeplin27.56aFirth
7.10Jessica Dixon27.70aButte County
8.9Maddie Blaylock27.72aParma
9.12Brittni Duncan27.76aDeclo
10.12Alana Finlayson27.81aSoda Springs
11.11Kendra Tranmer27.99aValley
12.9Hailey Alexander28.04aNew Plymouth
13.10Hope Murray28.19aMalad
14.9Kylie Chastain28.53aParma
15.11Kylie Johnson28.72aFirth
16.9Tasha Huff29.26aRirie
X 400 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.12Elizabeth Stadley59.54aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.10Megan Sullivan59.81aGrangeville
3.10Myca Burch1:01.04aDeclo
4.9Kylie Weatherford1:01.05aNampa Christian
5.12Dominique Billingslea1:02.02aCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.9Hailey Alexander1:02.34aNew Plymouth
7.10Bailey Smith1:04.81aRirie
8.12Cathryn Smith1:05.03aSoda Springs
X 400 Meters - 2A - Prelims
1.10Megan Sullivan59.13aGrangeville
2.9Kylie Weatherford1:00.00aNampa Christian
4.10Myca Burch1:01.07aDeclo
5.12Dominique Billingslea1:01.73aCoeur d'Alene Charter
3.12Elizabeth Stadley1:01.87aCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.9Hailey Alexander1:02.40aNew Plymouth
7.10Bailey Smith1:03.69aRirie
8.12Cathryn Smith1:04.10aSoda Springs
9.10Jessica Sorensen1:04.15aMalad
10.11Kylie Brown1:04.29aGrangeville
11.9Gaby Castillo1:05.63aNorth Fremont
12.11Breanne Yamauchi1:05.84aSoda Springs
13.11Kendra Tranmer1:06.24aValley
14.11Brittney Hill1:06.48aFirth
15.9Ayla Gilpin1:07.40aNew Plymouth
16.9Becca Lysinger1:08.29aNew Plymouth
17.11Cecilia Castillo1:09.03aNorth Fremont
X 800 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.12Natalie Evans2:20.26aNew Plymouth
2.9Korbin Traughber2:22.38aButte County
3.10Becca Whipple2:25.57aCole Valley Christian
4.10Tylee Newman2:28.01aWest Jefferson
5.9Carly Hansen2:30.26aButte County
6.11Alex Ward2:31.17aCoeur d'Alene Charter
7.9Sydney Blair2:32.15aWest Side
8.11Heidi Esplin2:32.19aFirth
9.11Nichole Solberg2:33.60aGrangeville
10.9Kaydee Kulm2:39.54aCole Valley Christian
11.10McKell Anderson2:41.42aDeclo
12.12Danyka Deno2:42.61aSoda Springs
13.11Sierra Zollinger2:44.09aDeclo
14.9Sarah Willis2:44.21aKamiah
15.10Jolene Svedin2:47.56aMelba
10Cherise AlderDNSWest Side
X 1600 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.12Natalie Evans5:29.38aNew Plymouth
2.10Tylee Newman5:34.02aWest Jefferson
3.9Korbin Traughber5:35.89aButte County
4.9Carly Hansen5:38.83aButte County
5.11Jocelyn Allen5:43.69aNorth Fremont
6.12Karrie Olson5:47.88aWest Jefferson
7.12Alyssa Kimm5:50.24aCoeur d'Alene Charter
8.11Quincie Clark5:52.07aSoda Springs
9.10Rachel Pinkerton5:55.25aCoeur d'Alene Charter
10.11Keesha Brown5:56.16aCole Valley Christian
11.12Bailee Siepert6:00.42aSoda Springs
12.10Jolene Svedin6:01.10aMelba
13.11Sierra Zollinger6:01.33aDeclo
14.11Nichole Solberg6:06.71aGrangeville
15.12Dacia Hunter6:35.65aValley
16.10Robyn Mattox6:42.59aNampa Christian
9Sydney BlairDNSWest Side
X 3200 Meters - 2A - Finals
1.11Jocelyn Allen11:39.96aNorth Fremont
2.12Natalie Evans11:43.99aNew Plymouth
3.10Tylee Newman11:44.72aWest Jefferson
4.9Carly Hansen11:51.23aButte County
5.9Korbin Traughber11:59.48aButte County
6.12Karrie Olson12:09.35aWest Jefferson
7.11Quincie Clark12:12.00aSoda Springs
8.10Rachel Pinkerton12:15.03aCoeur d'Alene Charter
9.12Bailee Siepert12:16.66aSoda Springs
10.11Sadie Iott12:29.73aCoeur d'Alene Charter
11.12Alyssa Kimm12:42.02aCoeur d'Alene Charter
12.10Jolene Svedin12:44.27aMelba
13.11Sierra Zollinger12:48.66aDeclo
14.11Keesha Brown13:04.78aCole Valley Christian
15.10Dominique Froehlich13:14.75aSoda Springs
16.10Deidrie Briggs13:43.65aMarsing
17.11Mariana Rodriguez13:50.93aDeclo
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 2A - Finals
1.10Hope Murray15.86aMalad
2.11Courtney Schroeder16.26aNampa Christian
3.12Kayla McMurray16.35aSoda Springs
4.11Shayla Richardson16.46aMelba
5.12Irene Olivo16.64aParma
6.11Melissa Rohwer16.98aNampa Christian
7.10Sheyenne Stewart17.00aGrangeville
8.12Kelsey Kramer17.32aParma
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 2A - Prelims
1.11Courtney Schroeder16.12aNampa Christian
2.12Kayla McMurray16.37aSoda Springs
4.11Shayla Richardson16.39aMelba
5.10Hope Murray16.93aMalad
3.10Sheyenne Stewart17.25aGrangeville
6.11Melissa Rohwer17.27aNampa Christian
7.12Irene Olivo17.45aParma
8.12Kelsey Kramer17.57aParma
9.12Jordan Schwendiman17.59aRirie
10.11Shane Headworth17.86aWest Side
11.11Rebecca Woody17.93aGlenns Ferry
12.9Kelsie Clawson18.08aWest Side
13.10Brigette Pope18.09aButte County
14.10Cassidy Skidmore18.45aWest Jefferson
15.9Brianna Riggins18.57aKamiah
16.10Megan Beckman18.77aKamiah
17.12Devanee Ivie19.36aFirth
18.9De Ja Martin19.50aGlenns Ferry
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 2A - Finals
1.12Kayla McMurray46.48aSoda Springs
2.12Linsey Sullivan47.78aGrangeville
3.10Alissa Weatherford48.30aNampa Christian
4.12Irene Olivo48.91aParma
5.11Kylie Johnson49.69aFirth
6.10Sheyenne Stewart51.02aGrangeville
7.12Jordan Schwendiman51.12aRirie
9Kelsie ClawsonDNSWest Side
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 2A - Prelims
1.12Linsey Sullivan47.45aGrangeville
2.12Kayla McMurray47.74aSoda Springs
3.10Alissa Weatherford48.63aNampa Christian
4.12Irene Olivo48.78aParma
5.11Kylie Johnson49.11aFirth
7.12Jordan Schwendiman49.62aRirie
8.9Kelsie Clawson49.99aWest Side
6.10Sheyenne Stewart50.27aGrangeville
9.11Courtney Schroeder50.84aNampa Christian
10.11Shane Headworth51.30aWest Side
11.10Brigette Pope51.53aButte County
12.12Alyssa Henry52.20aValley
13.10Cassidy Skidmore52.71aWest Jefferson
14.12Amy Baxter53.04aNew Plymouth
15.10Kelli Green54.69aKamiah
16.9De Ja Martin56.09aGlenns Ferry
X 4x100 Relay - 2A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.49aNampa Christian
2.-Relay Team 52.85aParma
3.-Relay Team 52.90aGrangeville
4.-Relay Team 52.94aButte County
5.-Relay Team 53.50aWest Side
6.-Relay Team 54.03aAberdeen
7.-Relay Team 54.33aCoeur d'Alene Charter
-Relay Team DNFDeclo
X 4x200 Relay - 2A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:49.26aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.-Relay Team 1:49.74aFirth
3.-Relay Team 1:50.33aWest Side
4.-Relay Team 1:51.27aNampa Christian
5.-Relay Team 1:52.06aKamiah
6.-Relay Team 1:52.49aGrangeville
7.-Relay Team 1:52.62aRirie
8.-Relay Team 1:53.29aValley
X 4x400 Relay - 2A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:14.33aGrangeville
2.-Relay Team 4:15.68aSoda Springs
3.-Relay Team 4:21.55aRirie
4.-Relay Team 4:22.48aNampa Christian
5.-Relay Team 4:24.42aCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.-Relay Team 4:26.88aFirth
7.-Relay Team 4:30.83aButte County
8.-Relay Team 4:37.64aDeclo
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 2A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:53.08aSoda Springs
2.-Taylor Jenkins
Heather DeLeon
Danica Johanek
Natalie Evans
1:53.24aNew Plymouth
3.-Relay Team 1:54.04aGrangeville
4.-Relay Team 1:54.05aCoeur d'Alene Charter
5.-Relay Team 1:54.15aNampa Christian
6.-Relay Team 1:54.82aDeclo
7.-Relay Team 1:54.91aButte County
8.-Relay Team 1:55.49aWest Side
X Shot Put - 4kg - 2A - Finals
1.12Sienna Edmunson36-09.00New Plymouth
2.11Megan DeFord36-05.50Grangeville
3.12Micahlyn Jolley35-03.00Firth
4.12Shelby Johnson32-07.00Soda Springs
5.12Kaylynn Lloyd31-10.25Kamiah
6.12Tashina Finlayson31-09.00Soda Springs
7.9Jessica Bates31-05.50Butte County
8.10Shailynn Jungert30-09.50Grangeville
9.10Sara Arellano29-03.25Glenns Ferry
10.10Kaylee Riley28-05.50Parma
11.11Kizzy Hulse28-02.50West Jefferson
12.10Merinda Gentry28-02.00Declo
13.11Kadee Bonds27-07.00New Plymouth
14.12Paige Samson26-00.50New Plymouth
15.12Courtney Harker25-00.00Firth
10Janessa LaylandDNSWest Side
X Discus - 1kg - 2A - Finals
1.12Sienna Edmunson123-11New Plymouth
2.11Megan DeFord123-08Grangeville
3.12Shelby Johnson109-09Soda Springs
4.12Tashina Finlayson108-01Soda Springs
5.12Kaylynn Lloyd107-08Kamiah
6.10Sara Arellano96-10Glenns Ferry
7.10Kaylee Riley94-02Parma
8.11Kizzy Hulse89-08West Jefferson
9.11Hannah Skinner88-10Grace
10.12Shelby Daniel86-08Soda Springs
11.12Chantelle Chase84-08New Plymouth
12.9Taylor Riggs82-03Glenns Ferry
13.10Hailee Henggeler80-10New Plymouth
14.12Micahlyn Jolley74-10Firth
10LesLe WaddoupsFOULButte County
9Alli IvieFOULWest Jefferson
X High Jump - 2A - Finals
1.12Sabrina Ewing5-02.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.11Courtney Schroeder5-02.00Nampa Christian
3.11Shayla Richardson5-00.00Melba
4.11Sierra Zollinger4-10.00Declo
5.11Tayler Pond4-08.00Ririe
5.12Carlee Lear4-08.00Ririe
7.12Amelia Rohwer4-08.00Nampa Christian
8.11Kizzy Hulse4-08.00West Jefferson
11Shane HeadworthNHWest Side
10Carlie OlsonNHSoda Springs
10Chelsea WoodyNHGlenns Ferry
11Kara StefaniNHGrangeville
9Jana RingenNHKamiah
9Anne EimersNHGrangeville
9Kaitlynn JacobsenNHRirie
9Bailey HelmNHMelba
10Alyssa PoveyNHWest Side
11Emily FieldingNHFirth
X Pole Vault - 2A - Finals
1.11Malorie White10-06.00West Side
2.9Kylie Weatherford10-06.00Nampa Christian
3.9Alison Silva10-06.00Nampa Christian
4.11Lexie Adams9-00.00Grangeville
5.11Tawny Taylor8-06.00Nampa Christian
6.9Anne Eimers8-00.00Grangeville
7.11Desi Jorgensen8-00.00Ririe
8.11Brittney Hill7-06.00Firth
10.11Marina Moore7-06.00Soda Springs
10Camille JolleyNHFirth
12Megan WoodNHWest Side
9Amanda GroverNHMelba
11Heidi EsplinNHFirth
10Meshel RadNHGrangeville
X Long Jump - 2A - Finals
1.11Melissa Rohwer17-06.50Nampa Christian
2.11Kylie Johnson16-08.00Firth
3.11Emily Fielding16-01.00Firth
4.11Vanessa Buttars15-07.75West Side
5.11Rebecca Woody15-07.00Glenns Ferry
6.10Mercedes Holton15-03.00Nampa Christian
7.10Marisol Carrillo15-02.00Aberdeen
8.9Kylie Chastain14-11.00Parma
9.10Tenesia Schroeder14-10.75Declo
10.11Breanne Yamauchi14-02.00Soda Springs
10.12Mesa Williams14-02.00Firth
12.10Meshel Rad13-11.75Grangeville
13.12Sabrina Ewing13-08.75Coeur d'Alene Charter
14.10Alexis Pearson13-04.50Butte County
15.11Miranda Bollinger13-01.75Nampa Christian
10Jaqueline BrennanFOULGlenns Ferry
X Triple Jump - 2A - Finals
1.11Melissa Rohwer37-03.75Nampa Christian
2.12Sabrina Ewing35-08.50Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.11Vanessa Buttars34-06.50West Side
4.11Emily Fielding34-04.00Firth
5.11Chelsie Pope33-02.50Butte County
6.9Kylie Chastain32-01.00Parma
7.12Alyssa Henry32-00.00Valley
8.12Mesa Williams31-11.00Firth
9.12Sienna Edmunson31-10.00New Plymouth
10.11Megan Philips31-02.50Kamiah
11.10Meshel Rad31-00.00Grangeville
12.10Riley Stirm30-10.50Melba
13.12Taylor Campbell30-08.25Grace
14.10Cherise Alder30-06.50West Side
15.10Alexis Pearson29-02.50Butte County
10Jaqueline BrennanFOULGlenns Ferry
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