MVHS Invitational

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - Meet Website
  MVHS, Manchester - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Maryland - Class 1A
MANVManchester Valley
NOCANorth Carroll
Maryland - Class 2A
SOCASouth Carroll
Pennsylvania - AA
DECADelone Catholic
LIARLittlestown Area
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Patrice11.28aLiberty
2.11Austin Hornbrook11.63aLittlestown Area
3.12Todd Berry11.71aDelone Catholic
4.11David Mellstrom11.80aSouth Carroll
5.11Aiden Carroll12.05aDelone Catholic
6.12Ben Kapinos12.24aNorth Carroll
7.11Griffin Taube12.30aMiddletown
8.11Garrett Westfall12.66aNorth Carroll
9.11Aleko Tsinonis12.81aMiddletown
10.9Kyle Armstrong13.04aManchester Valley
11.10Jacob Dolch13.40aManchester Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Raver22.49aNorth Carroll
2.12Chris Patrice22.91aLiberty
3.12Lance Lagos23.18aMiddletown
4.12Josh Bucher24.14aLittlestown Area
5.11Justin Harrell25.15aNorth Carroll
6.10Derrick Hewell25.16aSouth Carroll
7.10Greame Kennedy25.29aManchester Valley
8.12Mike Bender25.58aLiberty
9.12Aaron Fierros26.88aMiddletown
10.10Austin Lecompte27.24aManchester Valley
11.9Kyle Armstrong27.35aManchester Valley
12.9Kent Baughman27.81aManchester Valley
13.10Jacob Dolch27.88aManchester Valley
14.10Derek Chung29.58aMiddletown
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Raver50.14aNorth Carroll
2.12Lance Lagos51.48aMiddletown
3.11James Fencil52.14aLiberty
4.11Rakim Hamilton54.85aMiddletown
4.11Marco Sumpter54.85aSouth Carroll
6.12Matt Weisman56.40aSouth Carroll
7.11Justin Harrell56.51aNorth Carroll
8.10Jonathan Justice57.34aLittlestown Area
9.12Mike Bender58.10aLiberty
10.9Matt Baughman1:05.08aManchester Valley
11.10Doug Strong1:09.49aManchester Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kody Wilson2:06.61aNorth Carroll
2.12Taylor Smith2:08.44aLiberty
3.9Billy Stolkovich2:11.25aLittlestown Area
4.12Joey Gutkoska2:12.32aNorth Carroll
5.9Zekiel Alejandrez2:12.54aLittlestown Area
6.11Zach Boyer2:15.17aLiberty
7.11Ryan Hegarty2:15.28aSouth Carroll
8.11Mike Dee2:15.80aSouth Carroll
9.9Kyle Hawkins2:16.02aLiberty
10.12Goeffrey Schaeffer2:17.54aMiddletown
11.11Joe Passarelli2:19.74aDelone Catholic
12.10Jacob Nicol2:19.94aLittlestown Area
13.9Nick Poole2:22.48aDelone Catholic
14.11Tyler Chenoweth2:24.87aManchester Valley
15.11Brady Dailey2:27.74aMiddletown
16.9Josh Stalnaker2:34.03aMiddletown
17.10Bryce Davidson2:38.65aManchester Valley
18.12Christopher Markey3:31.79aMiddletown
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Smith4:49.06aLiberty
2.12Jesse Albright4:52.86aNorth Carroll
3.9Xavier Sauvageau4:56.86aLittlestown Area
4.10Greg Rinehart5:02.07aLiberty
5.11Mike Dee5:02.83aSouth Carroll
6.9Josh Greene5:10.78aMiddletown
7.11Blaine McClay5:17.13aLittlestown Area
8.10Jacob Caples5:20.77aManchester Valley
9.11Tj Coleman5:22.35aDelone Catholic
10.9Iian Cunningham5:26.83aMiddletown
11.9Sam Edwards5:30.92aDelone Catholic
12.10Sam Evans5:31.85aSouth Carroll
13.10Quinn Dumochelle5:36.06aManchester Valley
14.10Isaac Downey5:51.72aManchester Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Greg Rinehart10:43.67aLiberty
2.9Xavier Sauvageau10:43.84aLittlestown Area
3.11William Atchison10:47.37aMiddletown
4.12Jesse Albright10:48.52aNorth Carroll
5.11Andy Drum10:54.01aMiddletown
6.11Jimmy Filomena11:04.95aLiberty
7.9Brett Sussman11:24.44aLiberty
8.11David Roth11:26.71aDelone Catholic
9.12Steven Goodman11:44.08aDelone Catholic
10.10Bryce Davidson11:54.53aManchester Valley
11.11Nick Poplawski11:56.96aSouth Carroll
12.11Luke Young11:57.76aLittlestown Area
13.11Dan Wesloh11:58.11aLiberty
14.10Bryan Basham12:11.31aSouth Carroll
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Strine15.44aMiddletown
2.12Nick Aldana15.96aMiddletown
3.11Jeremy Klunk16.34aDelone Catholic
4.11Nick Wolf16.96aMiddletown
5.11Matt Thompson17.25aLiberty
6.10Zach Dell17.50aNorth Carroll
7.11Zach Aspril18.07aNorth Carroll
8.11Nathan Tennyson18.20aSouth Carroll
9.12Chris Velasquez18.31aLittlestown Area
10.9Corey Chenoweth20.79aManchester Valley
11.9Josh Carroll21.64aLiberty
12.10Ryan Vaughn22.85aLittlestown Area
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Strine42.45aMiddletown
2.11Nick Wolf43.67aMiddletown
3.12Nick Aldana43.77aMiddletown
4.11Jeremy Klunk44.50aDelone Catholic
5.12Chris Velasquez45.12aLittlestown Area
6.11Zach Aspril45.24aNorth Carroll
7.11Matt Thompson45.89aLiberty
8.10Zach Dell47.40aNorth Carroll
8.10Ryan Vaughn47.40aLittlestown Area
10.10Ethan McBryde47.74aSouth Carroll
11.11Mike Harmer48.35aLiberty
12.11Nathan Tennyson48.45aSouth Carroll
12.10Greame Kennedy48.45aManchester Valley
14.9Josh Carroll48.95aLiberty
15.12Bryan Beatty51.46aNorth Carroll
16.9Corey Chenoweth55.70aManchester Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Austin Strine
Hunter Lumley
Chris Little
Rakim Hamilton
2.-Caine Moorehead
Kevin Brady
Aiden Carroll
Todd Berry
46.62aDelone Catholic
3.-Josh Bucher
Tanner Mitz
Austin Hornbrook
Jonathan Justice
47.62aLittlestown Area
4.-Kevin Connor
Derrick Hewell
David Mellstrom
Cody Jeager
48.07aSouth Carroll
5.-Nick Hinton
Anthony Teofilak
Matt Thompson
PJ Van Slyke
6.-Zach Aspril
Ben Kapinos
Keegan Farley
Ashton Poist
48.51aNorth Carroll
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Little
Hunter Lumley
Matthew Benjamin
Nick Aldana
2.-Chris Patrice
Nick Hinton
Anthony Teofilak
James Fencil
3.-Zach Aspril
Ben Kapinos
Garrett Westfall
Ashton Poist
1:41.88aNorth Carroll
4.-Tyler Chenoweth
Greame Kennedy
Shawn Ridgell
Colton Canby
1:45.17aManchester Valley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ben Raver
Kody Wilson
Justin Harrell
Matt Smith
3:34.93aNorth Carroll
2.-Nick Wolf
Chris Little
Rakim Hamilton
Nick Aldana
3.-Chris Patrice
Anthony Teofilak
Taylor Smith
James Fencil
4.-Zekiel Alejandrez
Chris Velasquez
Brandon Study
Joey Penton
3:52.12aLittlestown Area
5.-Derrick Hewell
Ethan McBryde
Marco Sumpter
Matt Weisman
3:55.46aSouth Carroll
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jesse Albright
Kody Wilson
Matt Smith
Joey Gutkoska
8:45.10aNorth Carroll
2.-Greg Rinehart
Kyle Hawkins
Taylor Smith
James Fencil
3.-Zekiel Alejandrez
Billy Stolkovich
Jacob Nicol
Blaine McClay
9:03.73aLittlestown Area
4.-Nick Wolf
Skyler Stasiewicz
David Lieb
Nick Carter
5.-Mike Dee
Nick Poplawski
Ryan Hegarty
Sam Evans
9:09.90aSouth Carroll
6.-Shawn Ridgell
Jacob Caples
Greame Kennedy
Tyler Chenoweth
9:32.77aManchester Valley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Monahan44-04.00Delone Catholic
2.12Tyler Johnson43-01.50Middletown
3.12Nick Smith41-08.00Liberty
4.11Josh Danko40-02.00Liberty
5.10Ryan Patrick40-02.00South Carroll
6.12Chris Rouse39-10.50Littlestown Area
7.10Raul Leyva38-10.00Littlestown Area
8.11Ryan Riggle36-01.25Manchester Valley
9.11Franklin Newsom34-09.00Liberty
10.9Eric Schnarrs33-00.00Middletown
11.12Ryan Schnarrs32-03.00Middletown
12.12Marshall Keeney31-01.00North Carroll
13.11Igor Hickey29-01.00South Carroll
14.11Greg Conaway27-06.50Manchester Valley
15.12Brad Herrman26-09.25North Carroll
16.11Zachary Leonardi26-08.25Manchester Valley
17.10Justin Stankewicz24-07.00South Carroll
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Johnson127-05Middletown
2.12Chris Rouse121-11Littlestown Area
3.11Robert Pangborn115-02Liberty
4.10Ryan Patrick111-10South Carroll
5.11Brian Monahan111-00Delone Catholic
6.11Josh Danko107-08Liberty
7.11Ryan Riggle101-06Manchester Valley
8.12Ryan Schnarrs95-02Middletown
9.12Chad Becker84-11Delone Catholic
10.12Mike Kennedy84-05South Carroll
11.10Keegan Farley81-01North Carroll
12.11Igor Hickey77-02South Carroll
13.9Eric Schnarrs75-10Middletown
14.10Tommy Banz75-06Manchester Valley
15.11Zachary Leonardi71-01Manchester Valley
--12Nick SmithFOULLiberty
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Strine6-00.00Middletown
2.12Sam Comly5-10.00Delone Catholic
3.9Andres Leyva5-08.00Littlestown Area
3.11Spencer Sgrignoli5-08.00Middletown
5.11Rakim Hamilton5-06.00Middletown
6.9Nick Corprew5-04.00Liberty
7.12Toby Hawes5-04.00Liberty
8.9Matt Baughman5-00.00Manchester Valley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Brady13-00.00Delone Catholic
2.11Caine Moorehead13-00.00Delone Catholic
3.12Scott Deisher11-06.00Liberty
4.12Ashton Poist11-06.00North Carroll
5.11Seth Fritz11-00.00Middletown
6.10Andrew Tsinonis10-00.00Middletown
7.10Aleko Chahalis9-06.00Middletown
7.12Ben Smith9-06.00Liberty
9.11Jacob Blevins9-00.00Manchester Valley
10.10Joey Penton8-06.00Littlestown Area
10.10Roger Hollenbaugh8-06.00Littlestown Area
--12Bryan BeattyNHNorth Carroll
--12Doug AtkinsonNHLiberty
--11Ryan EvansNHManchester Valley
--10Jacob CaplesNHManchester Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Faber19-08.50Delone Catholic
2.10Ethan McBryde18-09.50South Carroll
3.12Josh Bucher18-01.50Littlestown Area
4.11David Mellstrom17-11.00South Carroll
5.12Mike Bender17-05.00Liberty
6.12Joey Gutkoska17-04.50North Carroll
7.11Gary Scott17-02.00Middletown
8.12Sam Comly17-00.00Delone Catholic
9.9Corey Chenoweth16-05.50Manchester Valley
10.11Bunmi Akinbode16-03.50Liberty
11.10Colton Canby16-00.50Manchester Valley
12.9James Farber13-01.00Middletown
13.9Shane Finkelstein12-07.50Middletown
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Austin Hornbrook40-01.75Littlestown Area
2.11Ryan Faber39-09.50Delone Catholic
3.10Kody Wilson38-08.50North Carroll
4.11Matt Thompson38-08.25Liberty
5.12Josh Bucher36-03.50Littlestown Area
6.11Gary Scott35-02.00Middletown
7.11Josh Glessner35-00.00Middletown
8.10Ethan McBryde34-11.00South Carroll
9.10Colton Canby34-00.00Manchester Valley
10.12Toby Hawes33-05.75Liberty
11.11PJ Van Slyke32-11.00Liberty
12.9Aaron Carlstrom32-04.50Middletown
13.11Mark Sainz32-02.00North Carroll
14.11Ryan Evans31-03.25Manchester Valley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Erika Hurd12.73aManchester Valley
2.10Sierra Moore12.84aDelone Catholic
3.9Ashley Ross12.92aLiberty
4.9Valerie Mizansky13.25aNorth Carroll
5.12Heather Kraus13.39aDelone Catholic
6.12Ashley Carter13.55aLiberty
7.10Bailey Heishman13.69aSouth Carroll
8.12Alexis Bosiacki13.76aSouth Carroll
9.12Janelle Kagarise13.81aLittlestown Area
10.10Eleni Litsikas 13.84aLittlestown Area
11.10Teri O'Donoghue14.03aLiberty
12.9Stephanie Bidle14.39aMiddletown
13.10Kelly Hohl14.46aMiddletown
14.10Alanea Kriete14.78aLiberty
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ashley Ross26.54aLiberty
2.12Cody Mezebish27.34aSouth Carroll
3.9Valerie Mizansky27.48aNorth Carroll
4.10Natalie Phillips27.61aManchester Valley
5.12Ashley Carter28.44aLiberty
6.11Courtney Diller28.96aSouth Carroll
7.9Rachel Tokar29.34aLiberty
8.10Teri O'Donoghue29.81aLiberty
9.11Gretchen Whitesell30.66aMiddletown
10.9Rachel Robbins30.70aNorth Carroll
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Mezebish1:02.23aSouth Carroll
2.11Samantha Mcelroy1:03.44aLiberty
3.9Ciara Baytop1:04.99aManchester Valley
3.9Stephanie Bidle1:06.84aMiddletown
5.12Janelle Kagarise1:07.33aLittlestown Area
5.9Ciara Baytop1:07.34aManchester Valley
6.11Chloe Rowlands1:07.34aLiberty
6.11Gretchen Whitesell1:08.55aMiddletown
8.9Trina Chavez 1:09.22aLittlestown Area
8.10Kelly Hohl1:09.33aMiddletown
10.9Abbey Sponseller1:10.27aDelone Catholic
10.9Gabrielle Riggs1:11.42aMiddletown
12.10Peyton Weikert1:11.55aMiddletown
12.9Rachel Robbins1:12.65aNorth Carroll
14.9Natalie Wells1:19.86aNorth Carroll
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Bussard2:35.02aMiddletown
2.9Shelby Shrader2:36.18aManchester Valley
3.12Michele Stromberg2:39.79aNorth Carroll
4.12Michele Lambert2:40.82aLiberty
5.10Taylor Tarnalicki2:42.95aLiberty
6.11Emily Carlin2:44.43aSouth Carroll
7.9Mary Mulkerin2:44.52aMiddletown
8.10Casey Pooton2:50.39aSouth Carroll
9.10Kim de Benedictis2:50.72aLiberty
10.11Maria Hall2:52.70aNorth Carroll
11.9Hannah Thomas 2:54.65aLittlestown Area
12.9Ashley McIntyre2:55.36aManchester Valley
13.10Lindsay Waugh3:04.63aManchester Valley
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michele Lambert5:40.22aLiberty
2.10Casey Sullivan5:44.21aLiberty
3.12Michele Stromberg5:46.60aNorth Carroll
4.11Emily Carlin5:52.84aSouth Carroll
5.12Catherine Robinson5:54.40aSouth Carroll
6.12Jessica Paholsky5:54.51aLittlestown Area
7.11Emily Resciniti5:58.51aDelone Catholic
8.9Shelby Shrader6:00.44aManchester Valley
9.10Kim de Benedictis6:02.11aLiberty
10.9Sarah Bach6:30.95aManchester Valley
11.11Abby Lundahl6:32.30aMiddletown
12.11Elizabeth Clampet6:35.12aMiddletown
13.10Kate Noffsinger6:42.17aMiddletown
14.11Cassie Smink6:48.93aNorth Carroll
15.10Allison Piper7:31.29aManchester Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Casey Sullivan12:33.66aLiberty
2.12Catherine Robinson13:05.87aSouth Carroll
3.9Kasey Nolan13:13.78aLiberty
4.9Sarah Bischoff13:22.31aDelone Catholic
5.12Jessica Paholsky13:23.99aLittlestown Area
6.9Sofia Murillo13:44.82aDelone Catholic
7.9Jihane Jadi13:53.32aLiberty
8.9Kristin McCarthy14:01.56aManchester Valley
9.12Dory Almonte14:01.75aLiberty
10.11Elizabeth Clampet14:50.02aMiddletown
11.9Paige Hochhiemer15:00.66aNorth Carroll
--10Jessi CraigFSSouth Carroll
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Janice Erbe15.56aDelone Catholic
2.12Mariah Robertson16.53aDelone Catholic
3.11Amanda Gates17.41aManchester Valley
4.11Madison Senseney 18.25aLittlestown Area
5.11Cloe Ayenu18.26aMiddletown
6.12Kayla Louder18.30aSouth Carroll
7.10Justine Ebbert18.33aNorth Carroll
8.11Emily Petersen18.88aSouth Carroll
9.10Megan Schmier20.10aLiberty
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mariah Robertson49.99aDelone Catholic
2.11Samantha Mcelroy51.93aLiberty
3.10Daniella Caballero56.79aLiberty
4.11Maureen McCarrick57.42aMiddletown
5.10Justine Ebbert57.62aNorth Carroll
6.11Emily Petersen58.18aSouth Carroll
7.10Megan Schmier58.52aLiberty
8.11Madison Senseney 1:01.81aLittlestown Area
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Heather Kraus
Janice Erbe
Mariah Robertson
Sierra Moore
51.69aDelone Catholic
2.-Amanda Gates
Erika Hurd
Natalie Phillips
Megan Donovan
53.57aManchester Valley
3.-Julia Bacca
Bailey Heishman
Alexis Bosiacki
Cody Mezebish
54.97aSouth Carroll
4.-Caitlin Bach
Amber Melville
Mackenzie Farley
Valerie Mizansky
55.76aNorth Carroll
5.-Gabrielle Riggs
Kelsey Chittick
Julia Purks
Treesa Heuver
6.-Ashley Carter
Jamie Russell
Chloe Rowlands
Teri O'Donoghue
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Ross
Taylor Stillings
Chloe Rowlands
Ashley Carter
2.-Erika Hurd
Natalie Phillips
Amanda Gates
Megan Donovan
1:57.77aManchester Valley
3.-Alexis Bosiacki
Bailey Heishman
Courtney Diller
Haley Hahn
1:59.35aSouth Carroll
4.-Amber Melville
Julianna Torres
Mackenzie Farley
Valerie Mizansky
2:04.91aNorth Carroll
---Stephanie Bidle
Kelly Hohl
Treesa Heuver
Macie Sigler
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Ross
Chloe Rowlands
Taylor Stillings
Samantha Mcelroy
2.-Rebecca Chmielewski
erin Quinn
Rachel Roemer
Cody Mezebish
4:30.67aSouth Carroll
3.-Ciara Baytop
Ashley McIntyre
Shelby Shrader
Sierra Palmer
4:38.47aManchester Valley
4.-Gretchen Whitesell
Maureen McCarrick
Gabrielle Riggs
Mary Mulkerin
5.-Amber Melville
Maria Hall
Michele Stromberg
Gillian Jacober
4:43.42aNorth Carroll
6.-Relay Team 4:51.49aLittlestown Area
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Tarnalicki
Kelly Thurmond
Casey Sullivan
Samantha Mcelroy
2.-Sarah Clampet
Maureen McCarrick
Peyton Weikert
Kate Noffsinger
3.-Rebecca Chmielewski
erin Quinn
Casey Pooton
Emily Carlin
11:12.98aSouth Carroll
4.-Relay Team 11:13.98aManchester Valley
5.-Relay Team 12:16.95aNorth Carroll
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Melissa Shirley35-09.00Middletown
2.12Caitlin Bach34-07.00North Carroll
3.12Lauren Kotula33-01.25Delone Catholic
4.12Breeann Hall31-11.50Littlestown Area
5.10Stormie Hibshman31-01.50Delone Catholic
6.10Rebecca Moore29-06.50Middletown
7.11Maura Murren29-04.00Littlestown Area
8.10Michelle Keller27-08.50Liberty
9.10DeeDee Okye26-07.00South Carroll
10.10Kaitlin Lynott25-09.25Middletown
11.10Taylor Sprague25-09.00Liberty
12.9Samantha Kapinos24-02.00North Carroll
13.12Rachel Denny24-00.50South Carroll
14.10Jordan Denny23-03.00South Carroll
15.12Christine Artman21-05.00Liberty
16.11Marissa Quissay17-11.00Manchester Valley
17.10Leslie Hall15-05.00Manchester Valley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Melissa Shirley112-07Middletown
2.12Lauren Kotula106-11Delone Catholic
3.11Victoria Frasco93-05South Carroll
4.12Caitlin Bach92-01North Carroll
5.12Breeann Hall89-05Littlestown Area
6.12Christine Artman89-03Liberty
7.11Maura Murren86-03Littlestown Area
8.10Stormie Hibshman84-05Delone Catholic
9.10Kaitlin Lynott77-11Middletown
10.10Rebecca Moore76-02Middletown
11.12Rachel Denny66-05South Carroll
12.9Samantha Kapinos66-00North Carroll
13.10Michelle Keller65-07Liberty
14.10Taylor Sprague65-03Liberty
15.9Sarah Bach63-01Manchester Valley
16.11Marissa Quissay53-02Manchester Valley
17.10Leslie Hall52-06Manchester Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amber Melville5-08.00North Carroll
2.10Erika Hurd5-06.00Manchester Valley
3.10Michelle Keller5-02.00Liberty
4.10Eleni Litsikas 5-02.00Littlestown Area
5.10Alyssa Reichart5-02.00Littlestown Area
6.12Kayla Louder4-10.00South Carroll
7.11Julianna Torres4-10.00North Carroll
8.12Lindsey Dulling4-08.00Liberty
8.10Kayleigh Gill4-08.00Liberty
10.9Marissa Horn4-06.00South Carroll
11.11Allison Cannon4-02.00Manchester Valley
11.9Mackenzie Farley4-02.00North Carroll
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jen Photidas8-00.00Delone Catholic
2.10Jamie Russell7-06.00Liberty
3.10Betsy Atkinson7-06.00Liberty
4.10Amanda Eng7-06.00Liberty
5.10Justine Ebbert7-00.00North Carroll
6.11Courtney Niles6-06.00Manchester Valley
7.12Kirstyn Buswell6-06.00South Carroll
8.9Julia Purks6-00.00Middletown
8.9Trina Chavez 6-00.00Littlestown Area
10.9Erin Frey6-00.00Middletown
--10Alyssa ReichartNHLittlestown Area
--12Sierra DoranNHNorth Carroll
--12Lindsay DonohueNHSouth Carroll
--11Linda BillottiNHMiddletown
--11Marissa QuissayNHManchester Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Janice Erbe15-04.00Delone Catholic
2.10Haley Hahn14-06.00South Carroll
3.11Julianne Badders14-00.00Manchester Valley
4.12Kayla Louder13-10.50South Carroll
5.11Cloe Ayenu13-08.00Middletown
6.11Katie Bussard13-07.00Middletown
7.10Jamie Russell13-04.00Liberty
7.10Megan Donovan13-04.00Manchester Valley
9.9Isabella Ugarte13-03.00Delone Catholic
10.9Jasmine Berry 13-01.00Littlestown Area
11.10Erin Gordy13-00.00Liberty
12.10Amanda Eng12-09.50Liberty
13.12Sierra Doran12-03.00North Carroll
14.10Kayleigh Gill12-02.00Liberty
15.12Hannah Pickett12-00.50Liberty
16.10Eleni Litsikas 11-05.00Littlestown Area
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julianne Badders32-06.50Manchester Valley
2.10Alyssa Reichart32-04.50Littlestown Area
3.9Isabella Ugarte31-09.75Delone Catholic
4.11Erin Quinn30-01.50South Carroll
5.10Michelle Keller29-07.75Liberty
6.9Jasmine Berry 29-07.50Littlestown Area
7.11Emily Petersen28-03.50South Carroll
8.12Lindsey Dulling28-03.00Liberty
9.9Ashley McIntyre27-05.50Manchester Valley
10.10Kaitlyn Gullotta27-01.00South Carroll
11.9Alyssa Skelly24-06.25Liberty
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