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KTC HS Invite

Saturday, January 23, 2010

East Tennessee State, Johnson City

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Alabama - 5A
Carver Birmingham
Georgia - A
Athens Academy
Georgia - AAA
North Carolina - 4A
B.L. Smith
North Carolina - Cape Fear Independent
Fayetteville Academy
North Carolina - Charlotte Independent
Charlotte Country Day
Providence Day
Ohio - Division I
South Carolina - AA
South Carolina - AAA
South Carolina - AAA
South Carolina - AAAA
JL Mann
Tennessee - AAA
Virginia - 1A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keenan Brock6.84aCarver Birmingham
4.Justin Emerson6.91aKnoxville TC
5.Broderick Snoddy6.93aCarrollton S
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Keenan Brock6.91aCarver Birmingham
2.Justin Emerson6.94aKnoxville TC
4.Broderick Snoddy6.99aCarrollton S
5.Jadon Short7.01aKnoxville TC
7.Steven Lester7.02aGazelle TC
10.Michael Smith7.08aTriangle Cha
11.Jamil Ray7.10aVelocity
12.Martin Jenkins7.11aTitans TC
13.Travis Thornhill7.12aCordova TC
16.Jeremiah Rutledge7.16aClarksville
17.Victor Caro7.17aBrentwood TC
17.Derek King7.17aBrentwood TC
17.Kevin Gary7.17aVelocity Sun
20.11DaShawn Farley7.22aWithrow
22.Mar-Keo Jones7.25aKnight TC
22.Zavier Smith7.25aQuick Stride
22.Teferi Taylor7.25aTitans TC
25.11Evan Slagle7.26aA.C. Reynolds
26.Julian Vann7.28aTitans TC
26.Alexander Reese7.28aCobb Track
28.Bradley Bostic7.29aClub Elite O
30.EJ Dutton7.30aKnoxville TC
30.12Stuart Johnson7.30aMountain Heritage
32.Lavondre Nelson7.31aTitans TC
33.John Petrone7.32aT2 Internati
33.George Johnson7.32aVelocity Sun
35.Aaron Tindall7.33aCharlotte Fl
36.Otavius Johnson7.34aRaiders
36.12Rashawn Walton7.34aWithrow
38.Jake Faris7.35aKnoxville TC
38.Ethan Lynn7.35aCleveland Ex
40.Rj Lowery7.36aCarrollton S
41.Adarius Sanders7.37aKnoxville TC
42.Dorian Cozart7.38aKnoxville TC
43.Travis Griffin7.40aCharlotte Sp
45.Carterrio Johnson7.42aCordova TC
45.Michael Newton7.42aThe Heat TC
45.Jeremy Lacy7.42aVelocity Sun
45.Imeobong Isang7.42aKnoxville TC
45.Matthew Moore7.42aKnoxville TC
50.Jeffery Daniel7.44aKnoxville TC
50.Joshua Williams7.44aClub Elite O
52.Hakim Martin7.46aQuick Stride
52.Cordell Whitehead7.46aRaiders
55.Joshua Robinson7.49aChattanooga
55.Troy Howard7.49aRaiders
57.Steven Dodd7.50aCleveland Ex
58.Taylor Hancock7.53aCharlotte Fl
58.Jamaal Williams7.53aTriangle Cha
60.Daymond Williams7.54aChattanooga
60.Eric Brown7.54aTitans TC
63.11Tyrome Nelson7.59aWithrow
65.Michael Lee7.61aKnoxville TC
66.Joseph Anderson7.64aTitans TC
67.Reginald Wilson7.66aCordova TC
68.Greg Cunningham7.68aCharlotte Sp
68.Travis Collie7.68aRate Of Moti
70.Darnell Brown7.69aQuarter Hors
71.Bryant Crenshaw7.72aVelocity Sun
72.Lavert Octetree7.73aKnight TC
73.Tyon Downing7.79aRate Of Moti
75.12Ken Presnell7.81aMountain Heritage
76.Maleek Montgomery7.84aQuarter Hors
77.Briar Pierce7.89aKnoxville TC
78.Will Cox7.90aKnoxville TC
81.9George Hempenstall8.60aMadison
82.Daniel Verner8.76aCleveland Ex
--12James CarterDNSB.L. Smith
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaron Roberson22.10aCampbell
2.Keenan Brock22.17aClub Elite O
3.Jarrett Samuels22.19aVelocity
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jaron Roberson22.26aCampbell
2.Jarrett Samuels22.26aVelocity
4.Keenan Brock22.26aClub Elite O
6.Jadon Short22.47aKnoxville TC
8.Michael Newton22.65aThe Heat TC
9.Martin Jenkins22.68aTitans TC
11.Steven Lester22.74aGazelle TC
12.Travis Thornhill22.92aCordova TC
13.Mark Watts22.94aVelocity Sun
14.Kevin Gary22.99aVelocity Sun
16.Brandon Collins23.05aSouthSide Pi
17.Zavier Smith23.06aQuick Stride
18.Jamil Ray23.10aVelocity
19.Aaron Tindall23.24aCharlotte Fl
20.Bradley Bostic23.35aClub Elite O
21.Derek King23.41aBrentwood TC
22.11Anthony White23.45aWithrow
23.Otavius Johnson23.47aRaiders
23.Darrius Williams23.47aVelocity
25.Julian Vann23.50aTitans TC
26.11DaShawn Farley23.62aWithrow
27.Trey Lee23.64aClub Elite O
28.Nick Parks23.79aTitans TC
30.Teferi Taylor23.85aTitans TC
31.Lavondre Nelson23.94aTitans TC
32.John Petrone24.01aT2 Internati
33.Triston Pratt24.06aCobb Track
34.Cameron Gamble24.31aTitans TC
35.Courtney Barrino24.32aVelocity
37.Taylor Hancock24.92aCharlotte Fl
38.Kedemah Johnson25.20aRaiders
39.Calvin Haines25.27aCharlotte Fl
41.Troy Howard25.69aRaiders
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaron Roberson49.59aCampbell
2.Michael Newton49.87aThe Heat TC
3.Ryan Heaston50.24aCordova TC
4.11Demari Boswell50.74aB.L. Smith
5.Devin Johnson51.00aKnight TC
6.John Gayle51.17aClub Elite O
7.Xavier Jones51.32aSouthern Gui
8.Ammar Phillips51.48aCharlotte Sp
9.Dontraz Carmon51.51aKnight TC
10.Cameron Tate51.55aVelocity
11.Cornelius Savage51.58aTitans TC
14.10Chris Boyd51.74aB.L. Smith
15.Jordan Thompson51.86aGazelle TC
16.Nigel Cribbs51.91aClub Elite O
19.Jaymes McCargo52.15aCordova TC
20.Brandon Williams52.16aMemphis Must
21.Alexander Reese52.19aCobb Track
23.Eric Blake52.36aCharlotte Sp
24.Matthew Lewis52.38aGazelle TC
25.Trey Lee52.43aClub Elite O
26.Darnell Brown52.47aQuarter Hors
27.Paris Carson52.49aGazelle TC
28.Nick Parks52.66aTitans TC
29.Bj Ellis52.67aKnight TC
30.Matt Cooper52.78aClub Elite O
31.Messiah Mazyck52.80aCharlotte Sp
33.Nathan Dobbs53.35aTitans TC
34.11Vincent Pree53.40aWithrow
36.Alex Mobley53.50aCharlotte Sp
37.Bryson Lillard53.51aBrentwood TC
39.Cameron Gamble53.70aTitans TC
40.Triston Pratt53.77aCobb Track
43.Jeffery Daniel54.10aKnoxville TC
45.Otavius Johnson54.20aRaiders
46.Derwyn Tate54.30aTitans TC
47.Boyd Christenberry54.36aClub Elite O
48.12Stuart Johnson54.41aMountain Heritage
50.Charles Calamese54.62aVelocity
51.Steven Dudley54.67aClub Elite O
52.Molefi Maat54.74aMemphis Must
53.Courtney Barrino55.06aVelocity
55.Ryan Artman55.22aGazelle TC
56.Aaron Williams55.30aGazelle TC
58.Lavondre Nelson55.42aTitans TC
59.10Quiante Brown55.62aAsheville
60.Steven Hawkins55.98aClarksville
61.Greg Cunningham56.13aCharlotte Sp
64.Nasser Dawson56.50aBrentwood TC
65.Lavert Octetree56.57aKnight TC
66.Christopher Bowles56.69aTitans TC
68.Eric Brown56.79aTitans TC
69.Michael Lee56.83aKnoxville TC
72.Joshua Robinson56.91aChattanooga
73.Daymond Williams56.93aChattanooga
74.Maleek Montgomery57.28aQuarter Hors
75.11Zavian Brown57.50aAsheville
76.Andreas Williams57.92aTriangle Cha
77.Tyon Downing58.33aRate Of Moti
78.Joshua Williams58.72aClub Elite O
80.12Justin Williams58.91aChilhowie
82.Kedemah Johnson59.08aRaiders
83.Briar Pierce59.17aKnoxville TC
87.Imeobong Isang61.00aKnoxville TC
89.Joshua Dunston62.10aKnight TC
90.Phillip Chesser62.13aKnoxville TC
91.Markel Morman62.17aMemphis Must
92.Cody Brandon63.15aCordova TC
93.Xavier Johnson64.00aKnoxville TC
94.9George Hempenstall64.70aMadison
95.Menelek Cannady65.81aCharlotte Fl
96.9Joseph Metscher68.35aMadison
97.Derrick Small75.11aMemphis Must
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Schilkowsky1:55.28aPatton
2.12Isaac Presson1:55.34aAsheville
5.John Gayle1:59.81aClub Elite O
8.Jordan Thompson2:02.22aGazelle TC
9.Matt Cooper2:02.32aClub Elite O
10.William James2:02.45aCordova TC
12.Corey Ashbourne2:03.37aTitans TC
13.Boyd Christenberry2:04.14aClub Elite O
14.Cameron Tate2:04.31aVelocity
15.12Aaron Harris2:04.43aB.L. Smith
17.Cory Jones2:04.94aClub Elite O
18.Ammar Phillips2:05.82aCharlotte Sp
21.Justin Pinkston2:07.30aCordova TC
23.Darnell Brown2:07.62aQuarter Hors
24.Jacob Cole2:07.92aGazelle TC
26.Casey Bailes2:09.41aKnoxville TC
27.12Donnie Johnson2:10.65aWithrow
34.Kyle Baltimore2:13.25aCleveland Ex
35.Jake Curtis2:13.96aCleveland Ex
36.Charles Calamese2:13.97aVelocity
39.Stephen Payne2:16.36aTitans TC
40.Maleek Montgomery2:16.84aQuarter Hors
41.Ryan Artman2:17.55aGazelle TC
43.Christopher Bowles2:19.00aTitans TC
45.10Layne Mather2:20.99aPorter-Gaud
47.12Wesley Mather2:21.30aPorter-Gaud
51.Chad Seder2:22.18aRate Of Moti
52.Sam Roberson2:22.65aBrentwood TC
53.Xavier Appleberry2:23.16aNexx Level
55.Steven Dickison2:25.35aKnoxville TC
56.Derwyn Tate2:25.49aTitans TC
58.12Ken Presnell2:30.31aMountain Heritage
59.10Landon Sanford2:31.26aPorter-Gaud
60.Phillip Chesser2:32.29aKnoxville TC
61.10Bradley McClelland2:34.25aPorter-Gaud
64.9Joseph Metscher2:42.62aMadison
65.12John Garrison2:55.47aMadison
--10Conor JonesDNSCharlotte Country Day
X 1 Mile - Invitational - Finals
1.Jack Klecker4:29.72aUnattached
2.Henry Stevens-Carty4:35.54aUnattached
3.Luke Baker4:35.80aUnattached
4.Cory Jones4:40.54aClub Elite O
5.Tyler Freeman4:47.76aKnoxville TC
6.David Cason4:58.40aWest Forsyth
--12Isaac PressonDNSAsheville
X 1 Mile - Unseeded - Finals
1.Ben Duval4:32.00aLower Arden
2.12John Harwell4:37.38aAsheville
3.Andrew Ogle4:42.10aUnattached
4.12Kevin Rice4:42.86aB.L. Smith
5.Chris McElroy4:44.24aSlipstream T
6.Alex McCandless4:44.77aSmoky Mounta
7.Heath Lorick4:46.24aUnattached
8.Nasser Dawson4:51.98aBrentwood TC
9.Cole Rains4:52.43aLower Arden
10.Sam Roberson4:52.54aBrentwood TC
11.Brian Brillhart4:54.27aUnattached
12.Justin Weaver4:55.51aUnattached
13.Robert Kovach4:55.59aLower Arden
14.Andrey Kossev4:56.20aLower Arden
15.Jacob Cole4:58.64aGazelle TC
16.Evan Fitzsimmons5:00.33aLower Arden
17.Jon Ulrich5:00.43aPioneer AC
18.Jake Curtis5:04.50aCleveland Ex
19.12Wesley Mather5:05.30aPorter-Gaud
20.10Layne Mather5:06.35aPorter-Gaud
21.Casey Buddenbaum5:07.07aRagin Bulls
22.Jason MacNair5:07.53aKnoxville TC
23.Cameron Walton5:08.55aCordova TC
24.Chase Mussard5:09.70aKnoxville TC
25.Eli Spear5:11.47aUnattached
26.Taylor Boxold5:12.55aUnattached
27.Will Strickland5:13.06aCordova TC
28.Paul Patterson5:15.76aCleveland Ex
29.Matthew Warriner5:19.10aKnoxville TC
30.Ben Baker5:21.69aUnattached
31.Michael Hara5:22.03aUnattached
32.Xavier Appleberry5:22.67aNexx Level
33.Elliot Baerman5:25.51aKnoxville TC
34.Garrett Butler5:28.14aUnattached
35.10Bradley McClelland5:29.55aPorter-Gaud
36.Tyler Presley5:30.32aLebanonians
37.10Landon Sanford5:31.13aPorter-Gaud
38.Brown Bailey5:33.26aBrentwood TC
39.Justin Sandefur5:36.90aLebanonians
40.10Jonathan Hayden5:42.86aChilhowie
41.Cody Bagwell5:45.14aSpartan TC
42.Alston Johnson5:46.76aLebanonians
43.Mack Morris5:48.90aMatthews Tra
44.Carson Hicks5:50.40aLebanonians
45.Steven Dickison5:56.88aKnoxville TC
46.9Joseph Metscher6:06.01aMadison
47.12John Garrison6:10.31aMadison
X 3000 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.12Isaac Presson8:51.68aAsheville
5.12John Harwell9:16.68aAsheville
8.Josiah Jenkins9:31.46aNewrocrocket
12.Joshua Jenkins10:10.85aNewrocrocket
X 3000 Meters - Unseeded - Finals
1.Charlie Klecker9:39.17aUnattached
2.Matthew Gleason9:43.05aKnight TC
3.Darius Oneal9:46.75aCordova TC
4.Reid Allison9:46.86aQuick Stride
5.Josh Fischer9:47.46aUnattached
6.Drew Echols9:54.22aCordova TC
7.Sean Duffy9:56.73aUnattached
8.Eli Clevenger10:00.55aUnattached
9.Paul Patterson10:01.22aCleveland Ex
10.Dacosta Smith10:03.16aWolverine TC
11.Brandon Cromer10:08.16aWolverine TC
12.Chad Seder10:30.78aRate Of Moti
13.Patrick Hanlon10:47.42aSmoky Mounta
14.David Hampton11:16.88aPioneer AC
15.Ben Haderer11:16.91aUnattached
16.10Timothy McCloskey11:42.35aChilhowie
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.Jonathan Jones8.09aCarrollton S
3.Timothy Hardy8.42aKnight TC
4.Nathan Dobbs8.66aTitans TC
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.Jonathan Jones8.21aCarrollton S
2.Bryson Lillard8.26aBrentwood TC
5.Nathan Dobbs8.58aTitans TC
6.Timothy Hardy8.62aKnight TC
7.Tristan Joynes8.63aMemphis Must
7.Imeobong Isang8.63aKnoxville TC
11.Devon Williams8.72aThe Heat TC
11.Zavier Smith8.72aQuick Stride
13.Joshua Robinson8.76aChattanooga
14.Matthew Lewis8.78aGazelle TC
15.Cornelius Savage8.82aTitans TC
17.William Oliver8.89aMemphis Must
18.Travis Griffin8.94aCharlotte Sp
19.Troy Howard8.95aRaiders
21.Adarius Sanders8.97aKnoxville TC
23.Briar Pierce9.18aKnoxville TC
24.12Terrence Mcknight9.20aAsheville
26.Andreas Williams9.31aTriangle Cha
30.Michael Lee9.83aKnoxville TC
31.EJ Dutton10.02aKnoxville TC
33.Joshua Dunston10.25aKnight TC
34.Drew Rohskopf10.53aPT Elite TC
35.Cordell Whitehead10.75aRaiders
36.Tyler Green11.25aKnoxville TC
37.Daniel Verner13.96aCleveland Ex
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.Relay Team3:22.52aKnight TC
2.-Demari Boswell
Chris Boyd
James Carter
Aaron Harris
3:22.55aB.L. Smith
3.Relay Team3:23.30aTitans TC
4.Relay Team3:25.16aGazelle TC
5.Relay Team3:25.77aCordova TC
6.Relay Team3:26.84aClub Elite Of Birmin...
7.Relay Team3:29.01aCharlotte Speed
8.Relay Team3:29.32aVelocity
9.Relay Team3:30.55aVelocity Sunbird Ath...
10.Relay Team3:31.14aMemphis Mustangs
11.-Relay Team 3:31.27aWithrow
12.Relay Team3:35.88aRaiders
16.Relay Team3:44.81aCleveland Express
17.-Relay Team 3:47.25aAsheville
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Whitener56-11.00East Paulding
2.11Ben Glauser54-06.75Athens Academy
3.10Matt Sipe53-00.25Houston
4.Nick Sansotta49-05.25Matthews Tra
5.Josh Kles48-06.00Unattached
6.Sterling Crosby48-04.25Southern Gui
7.Kris Leverette47-02.00Throw 1 Deep
8.Cody Simons47-00.50Precision TC
9.Thor Serafenas46-10.00Throw 1 Deep
10.Charlie Tidwell46-02.75Unattached
11.Edward Brentnall45-10.00Throw 1 Deep
12.Jalen Fooster45-02.00Throw 1 Deep
13.Evan Henderson44-11.50Higher Power
14.Logan Pressley44-05.00Unattached
15.12Casey Peterson43-09.50Mountain Heritage
16.12Ronnie Gosnell41-06.00Madison
17.Asaad Hall41-02.50Cleveland Ex
18.11Ammi Fields40-03.25Chilhowie
19.Nathan Loe39-05.50Throw 1 Deep
20.William Kent39-01.00Throw 1 Deep
21.Corbin Pickett38-08.75Lower Arden
23.Rusty Provins34-09.00Unattached
24.12Jose Gonzalas32-06.50Madison
25.Tahj McGee31-03.50Cleveland Ex
27.Drew Rohskopf27-04.25PT Elite TC
28.Andrew Halvorson27-01.00Higher Power
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
4.11Tyrome Nelson5-10.00Withrow
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paul Malquist16-00.25Gainesville
2.12Austin Crenshaw15-00.00Houston
3.12Tyler Porter15-00.00Jefferson
4.12Michael Kopanski15-00.00Mill Creek
5.12Evan Webb13-06.00East Rowan
15.12Ryan Yanik12-00.00A.C. Reynolds
--12Reid YanikNHA.C. Reynolds
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Jarrett Samuels24-03.75Vance
2.10Tyler Anderson23-04.50Hillsboro
3.Blake Edwards22-10.50Precision TC
4.Jadon Short22-10.00Knoxville TC
5.Coye Still22-03.75Ragin Bulls
6.Cj Davidson22-03.75Carolina Roa
8.Jeremiah Rutledge21-06.25Clarksville
10.Chris Sanders21-00.00Unattached
11.11Daisaun White20-10.00Asheville
12.Joshua Dunston20-09.25Knight TC
13.Dontraz Carmon20-09.00Knight TC
13.12James Carter20-09.00B.L. Smith
15.Calvin Haines20-07.25Charlotte Fl
18.Jb Huff20-02.50Slipstream T
19.11Anthony White19-06.25Withrow
21.Jamal Tiller19-06.00Gazelle TC
22.Jamar Sims19-03.25Raiders
23.Bj Ellis18-07.75Knight TC
24.Javon Johnson18-06.50Raiders
25.Trevor Tatum17-08.00Unattached
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11CJ Davidson47-01.00Seneca
2.Tyler Anderson45-10.00Unattached
3.11Daisaun White45-08.50Asheville
4.Jamal Tiller45-05.25Gazelle TC
6.Jadon Short44-06.25Knoxville TC
7.Blake Edwards44-04.25Precision TC
8.Chadwick McCauley43-09.75Carolina Roa
9.11Jason Thompson43-08.50Asheville
10.Sam Lusty42-04.75Unattached
11.Corbin McCauley42-02.75Carolina Roa
12.Bryan Oslin42-01.50Precision TC
14.Calvin Haines41-08.50Charlotte Fl
15.Mark Watts41-04.50Velocity Sun
16.Derrick Small40-11.50Memphis Must
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bret Hardin68-07.50Harrison
2.Akil Mills66-08.50Throw 1 Deep
3.Kris Leverette65-09.50Throw 1 Deep
4.Caleb Whitener63-02.75Throw 1 Deep
5.William Kent63-01.50Throw 1 Deep
6.Enrique Gaitan62-04.50Throw 1 Deep
7.Jalen Fooster62-03.00Throw 1 Deep
8.Charlie Tidwell59-07.00Unattached
9.Burke McCarty58-10.00Throw 1 Deep
10.Edward Brentnall57-10.00Throw 1 Deep
11.Nathan Loe56-00.50Throw 1 Deep
12.Ben Glauser54-07.50Throw 1 Deep
13.Thor Serafenas52-11.00Throw 1 Deep
14.Logan Pressley47-10.00Unattached
15.Andrew Seay43-01.00Habersham TC
16.Andrew Halvorson24-02.00Higher Power

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
3.Varonica Johnson7.76aCharlotte Gl
5.Gabrielle Piper7.88aThe Heat TC
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.Alycia Prior7.68aSapphire
2.Laquisha Jackson7.75aChattanooga
3.Varonica Johnson7.79aCharlotte Gl
4.Dominique Weathers7.81aQuiet Storm
5.Gabrielle Piper7.82aThe Heat TC
7.Morgan McGhee7.94aNew Horizon
7.Amber Bryant-Brock7.94aGazelle TC
9.Santese Pryor7.96aTriangle Cha
10.Jasmin Stowers7.98aQuick Stride
11.Santia Deck7.99aTitans TC
12.Epsilom Dendy8.00aQuick Stride
14.Maddie Treasure8.04aTN Elite TC
15.Felicia Brown8.05aSatc-Youth
16.Angelica Henderson8.08aDC Express
18.Aurielle Sherrod8.14aKnoxville TC
18.Taylor Wade8.14aDC Express
20.12Kerrie Davis8.15aB.L. Smith
20.Jasmine Abrams8.15aRate Of Moti
22.Shadea Roebuck8.17aQuick Stride
22.Emily Yarnell8.17aKnoxville TC
24.Kimberly Miller8.19aSapphire
25.Sanita Siasia8.20aGazelle TC
26.Catherine Crawford8.21aGastonia Jag
27.Michaela Greer8.22aPT Elite TC
28.12Genesis Calhoun8.24aWithrow
29.Anderson Wade8.25aKnoxville TC
29.Jessika Banks8.25aMark Trail F
31.Candace Bass8.26aImpact Athle
33.Ayanna Toomer8.27aTitans TC
33.Daisha Callahan8.27aChattanooga
35.Ashley Averette8.31aRaiders
35.Maya Thomas8.31aSapphire
37.Sydney Griffin8.32aPT Elite TC
38.Alayna Famble8.33aImpact Athle
39.10Jade Loveless8.34aWithrow
40.Morgan Love8.37aGazelle TC
41.Darielle Oliver8.38aTitans TC
44.Callie Heitzman8.40aTN Elite TC
44.10Jazmyne Robinson8.40aWithrow
44.Jameka Matchingtouch8.40aCordova TC
47.Taylor Rencher8.41aRate Of Moti
47.Jacquishia Griffen8.41aTriangle Cha
49.11Diera Taylor8.42aWithrow
50.Ashanti Brown8.44aSapphire
52.Chelsea Spencer8.46aVelocity Sun
53.Vanita Pulliam8.48aSatc-Youth
54.11Looie Doucette8.49aA.C. Reynolds
55.Shaniqua Brown8.51aNexx Level
56.Hannah Cox8.52aTN Elite TC
56.Allana Anderson8.52aTitans TC
60.Triniece Brown8.56aQuarter Hors
60.Whitney Wharton8.56aKnoxville TC
63.Keisha Sloan8.63aQuick Stride
64.Lucy Mason8.67aSapphire
65.Erika Banks8.70aMark Trail F
68.Carmen Brabson8.80aKnoxville TC
69.Zoe McDowell8.86aQuarter Hors
70.10Brittany Arrowood8.88aA.C. Reynolds
71.Lexis Shields8.91aNexx Level
72.Briana Isham9.03aRate Of Moti
73.Anastasia White9.08aXing Xing In
76.11Brittany Perry9.43aDominion Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Alycia Prior24.82aSapphire
2.Varonica Johnson25.17aCharlotte Gl
3.Briana Nelson25.36aQuick Stride
4.Miata Morlu25.52aCharlotte Fl
5.Kendell Williams25.75aThe Heat TC
6.Dominique Weathers25.93aQuiet Storm
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.Alycia Prior24.89aSapphire
2.Briana Nelson25.22aQuick Stride
3.Varonica Johnson25.29aCharlotte Gl
4.Kendell Williams25.49aThe Heat TC
5.Dominique Weathers25.50aQuiet Storm
6.Miata Morlu25.58aCharlotte Fl
7.Tsheila Mungo25.65aCharlotte Fl
9.Nakia Linson25.89aSapphire
10.Kimberly Miller25.97aSapphire
11.Joann Blakney26.00aQuiet Storm
12.Brianna Brazille26.19aNorth Meckle
13.Alyssa Felton26.20aSapphire
14.Felicia Brown26.21aSatc-Youth
15.Santese Pryor26.22aTriangle Cha
16.Vanessa Providence26.25aSapphire
17.Aliyah Abrams26.39aRate Of Moti
18.Jessika Banks26.41aMark Trail F
19.Sydney Griffin26.51aPT Elite TC
20.Indiah Bell26.55aTitans TC
21.Corrina Archie26.56aQuiet Storm
22.Aurielle Sherrod26.68aKnoxville TC
22.Santia Deck26.68aTitans TC
24.Jazmyne Childs26.73aQuiet Storm
25.10Jade Loveless26.87aWithrow
26.Emily Yarnell26.92aKnoxville TC
27.12Taylor Story26.96aHouston
28.Jasmine Abrams26.99aRate Of Moti
29.12Genesis Calhoun27.02aWithrow
31.Alayna Famble27.08aImpact Athle
32.Shadea Roebuck27.11aQuick Stride
33.Tanisha Dyess27.12aRaiders
34.Epsilom Dendy27.13aQuick Stride
35.Maya Thomas27.16aSapphire
37.10Shannen-Rose Forde27.53aDominion Christian
38.Jameka Matchingtouch27.56aCordova TC
39.Lameashia Glover27.89aRaiders
40.Erika Brown27.90aNexx Level
41.Whitney Wharton28.20aKnoxville TC
42.Candace Bass28.23aImpact Athle
43.Erika Banks28.24aMark Trail F
45.Anderson Wade28.75aKnoxville TC
46.Chelsea Spencer28.82aVelocity Sun
47.Vanita Pulliam28.84aSatc-Youth
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miata Morlu56.53aProvidence Day
2.12Briana Nelson56.66aJL Mann
3.Tsheila Mungo57.43aIndependence
4.Amber Bryant-Brock57.99aGazelle TC
5.Felicia Brown58.65aSatc-Youth
6.12Kristi Baptiste58.82aB.L. Smith
8.Maderia Toatley59.41aNew Horizon
9.Corrina Archie59.59aQuiet Storm
10.Aliyah Abrams59.73aRate Of Moti
11.Vanessa Providence59.78aSapphire
12.Indiah Bell59.97aTitans TC
13.Kiannah Alexander60.16aMemphis Must
14.Laquisha Jackson60.21aChattanooga
16.Sydney Williams60.50aTitans TC
17.Brianna Brazille60.69aNorth Meckle
18.Chandelic Jackson60.78aCobb Track
19.Chelsea Caldwell60.96aDC Express
20.Rhavean King61.29aMemphis Must
21.12Shiniqua Pryor61.31aB.L. Smith
22.Patavia Lowery61.36aKnoxville TC
24.11Skyler Willis61.64aWithrow
25.Michaela Greer61.65aPT Elite TC
26.Taelor Slaughter61.78aKnoxville TC
27.12Erin Milner62.17aWithrow
28.Alyssa Felton62.19aSapphire
29.Nakia Linson62.20aSapphire
30.Natisha Dixon62.54aGazelle TC
32.Alyxandra Pinkston62.95aDynamic Spee
33.Morgan Love63.04aGazelle TC
35.Sanita Siasia63.34aGazelle TC
36.Kayla Kuziola63.57aSlipstream T
37.Destinie Sykes63.62aGastonia Jag
38.Catherine Crawford63.78aGastonia Jag
39.Nia Johnson63.80aSapphire
41.Darielle Oliver63.86aTitans TC
42.Ledaysha Smith63.91aGazelle TC
43.Maya Thomas63.92aSapphire
44.Soyong Smith64.07aRaiders
47.Angelica Henderson64.16aDC Express
49.Kristiana Person64.23aCobb Track
50.Santia Deck64.29aTitans TC
53.Asea Mayfield64.58aGazelle TC
54.Miray Seward64.83aCobb Track
55.Claire Philips65.00aXing Xing In
57.Aurielle Sherrod65.15aKnoxville TC
58.Shaniqua Brown65.24aNexx Level
60.Briana Burrows66.48aTitans TC
61.10Kelly Bach66.50aCharlotte Country Day
62.Ayanna Toomer66.69aTitans TC
63.Lexis Shields66.93aNexx Level
64.Vonetta Pulliam67.05aSprint Athletics
69.Taylor Rencher67.59aRate Of Moti
70.Christiana Thompson67.64aImpact Athle
71.Jenee Nichols67.68aImpact Athle
72.Tatyana Brewton67.69aGastonia Jag
73.Shniqua Ussery67.82aCharlotte Fl
74.Marissa McWain68.00aClub Elite O
75.10ashleigh Ponder68.06aMadison
76.Ashley Averette68.38aRaiders
77.11Looie Doucette68.49aA.C. Reynolds
78.Lameashia Glover68.52aRaiders
81.Jade Williams69.37aClub Elite O
82.Marcenia Milburn69.49aMemphis Must
83.Danielle Stamp69.68aNew Horizon
85.Andrea Spencer69.73aCleveland Ex
86.10Brittany Arrowood70.64aA.C. Reynolds
88.Breauna Ozier72.83aClarksville
89.Camille Reynolds72.89aKnoxville TC
90.Tatiana Wise73.18aClarksville
91.Carmen Brabson73.86aKnoxville TC
92.Daisha Callahan74.34aChattanooga
93.9Kassey Beasley1:20.65aMadison
94.9Shelby Reynolds1:24.56aMadison
95.9Mary Reeves1:33.28aMadison
--9Taru ChandlerDNSMadison
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Sydney Williams2:21.66aTitans TC
3.Rhavean King2:27.91aMemphis Must
4.Jande Pierce2:28.56aNew Horizon
6.Kelly Conway2:28.77aWorld Class
7.Soyong Smith2:28.80aRaiders
8.Asea Mayfield2:29.30aGazelle TC
11.Taylor Outland2:32.49aTitans TC
12.Quandra Shanks2:33.18aRate Of Moti
13.Shaquela Leatherwood2:34.57aClub Elite O
19.Maya Bortters2:39.59aCordova TC
20.Claire Philips2:40.06aXing Xing In
21.Kristiana Person2:40.31aCobb Track
22.Andrea Spencer2:40.57aCleveland Ex
24.Shelby Clark2:41.52aCordova TC
25.Morgan Voyles2:42.38aKnoxville TC
26.11Alesihia Reese2:43.14aMadison
30.Nia Johnson2:43.86aSapphire
31.Triniece Brown2:44.09aQuarter Hors
33.Sarah Gardner2:45.27aThe Heat TC
36.Courtney Hughes2:48.52aCordova TC
37.11Hannah Cline2:48.61aCharlotte Country Day
41.Ashley Averette2:52.01aRaiders
44.11Stephany Lane2:56.25aMadison
45.11julia Metzcher2:57.02aMadison
47.Camille Reynolds2:58.50aKnoxville TC
48.12Taylor Brewster3:00.62aChilhowie
51.Britney Adams3:11.32aClarksville
52.9Kassey Beasley3:15.59aMadison
53.9Taru Chandler3:16.34aMadison
55.9Mary Reeves3:52.83aMadison
X 1 Mile - Invitational - Finals
1.Laura Hoer5:21.02aTC Roberson
2.Joanna Thompson5:26.62aKnoxville TC
3.Patavia Lowery5:26.80aKnoxville TC
4.Amber Zimmerman5:31.21aTN Elite TC
5.Molly Foster5:33.04aUnattached
6.Brooke Gordon5:33.81aLower Arden
7.Destiny Jenkins5:41.34aNewrocrocket
8.Marybeth Strickland5:51.92aUnattached
9.11Alesihia Reese5:57.03aMadison
10.Quandra Shanks6:06.15aRate Of Moti
X 1 Mile - Unseeded - Finals
1.Sophie Watkins5:36.10aUnattached
2.Chandelic Jackson5:39.89aCobb Track
3.Karlie Yinger5:43.76aKnoxville TC
4.Lauren Barnes5:44.04aKnoxville TC
5.Justine Stocks5:45.45aUnattached
6.Tabby Arwood5:49.34aPioneer AC
7.Mariah Arnold6:02.02aUnattached
8.11Cynthia Griffin6:03.58aMadison
9.Hannah Pelham6:16.60aSmoky Mounta
10.Allie Adams6:17.63aUnattached
11.11Stephany Lane6:34.86aMadison
12.Virginia Callison6:40.93aUnattached
13.Madeline Bobeng6:40.95aMatthews Tra
14.Kathleen Schaefer6:41.13aMatthews Tra
15.Megan Gaspardo7:02.57aPioneer AC
16.Megan Washburn7:06.06aLebanonians
17.June Upton7:13.44aCordova TC
18.Racheal Jackson7:23.56aKnoxville TC
19.Brianna Strickland7:40.55aLebanonians
X 3000 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.12Sally Kirklewski11:04.34aRoswell
3.Donye Coleman11:41.38aRate Of Moti
6.11Cynthia Griffin12:03.53aMadison
10.11julia Metzcher13:23.88aMadison
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmin Stowers8.70aPendleton
2.Kendell Williams8.72aThe Heat TC
--12Erin MilnerDNFWithrow
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
2.12Jasmin Stowers8.94aPendleton
4.Gabrielle Piper9.15aThe Heat TC
5.12Erin Milner9.26aWithrow
6.Maddie Treasure9.31aTN Elite TC
7.Sydney Griffin9.32aPT Elite TC
8.Taylor Wade9.43aDC Express
9.Michaela Greer9.46aPT Elite TC
10.Callie Heitzman9.49aTN Elite TC
11.Miray Seward9.50aCobb Track
12.Tatyana Brewton9.59aGastonia Jag
13.12Kerrie Davis9.62aB.L. Smith
15.Synera Shelton9.82aGazelle TC
16.10Shannen-Rose Forde9.86aDominion Christian
18.Natisha Dixon9.91aGazelle TC
19.Kiannah Alexander10.05aMemphis Must
20.Ayanna Toomer10.14aTitans TC
21.Shaniqua Brown10.36aNexx Level
22.Allana Anderson10.46aTitans TC
23.10Pennylane Buckner10.48aMountain Heritage
24.Destinie Sykes10.50aGastonia Jag
25.Ledaysha Smith10.58aGazelle TC
26.Lexis Shields10.84aNexx Level
27.Lucy Mason10.86aSapphire
28.Monique Walters10.93aCleveland Ex
29.Tanisha Dyess11.07aRaiders
30.Tybresha Sexton11.55aChattanooga
31.Taelor Slaughter11.56aKnoxville TC
35.Zoe McDowell14.39aQuarter Hors
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.Relay Team3:59.12aTitans TC
2.Relay Team4:00.96aSapphire
3.-Relay Team 4:02.16aWithrow
4.Relay Team4:07.00aQuiet Storm Usatf
5.Relay Team4:09.94aNew Horizon TC
8.-Cynthia Griffin
Stephany Lane
ashleigh Ponder
Alesihia Reese
9.Relay Team4:49.66aCleveland Express
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.Sarah Howard44-01.75Unattached
2.Shelby Ashe43-07.75Throw 1 Deep
3.Patrice Gates42-01.25Throw 1 Deep
4.Courtney Kruger38-10.00Cordova TC
5.Monica Phillips37-08.50Throw 1 Deep
6.Jaya Emerson37-06.50Higher Power
7.Aliesha Archie34-10.50Charlotte Sp
8.Sallymarie Futch34-04.75Throw 1 Deep
10.12Kayla Rudisel32-04.00Charlotte Country Day
11.Teka Slay32-02.50Cougar Athle
13.Cynia Clark30-11.50Raiders
14.12Bekah Hagerman30-00.50Mountain Heritage
15.Kim Cannon30-00.00Lower Arden
17.Laura Higgins25-00.00Cleveland Ex
20.Sarah Gardner21-06.00The Heat TC
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Skyler Willis5-04.00Withrow
6.12Taylor Story5-00.00Houston
8.Kristiana Person5-00.00Cobb Track
17.Addie Coleman4-08.00Pioneer AC
--10Kelly BachDNSCharlotte Country Day
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sandi Morris11-06.00Greenville
2.10Hadley-Reed Hancock10-06.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
3.12Carson Simpson10-06.00Mill Creek
5.11Ashleigh Culpepper10-00.00Franklin
10.12Caitlin Hay9-00.00Asheville
--10Kelly BachNHCharlotte Country Day
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.Kyla Walker18-04.25Spartan TC
3.Maddie Treasure17-11.00TN Elite TC
4.Hannah Cox17-05.50TN Elite TC
6.Jazmyn Flagler16-11.25Triangle Cha
7.Jazmyne Childs16-07.75Quiet Storm
8.Lexie Burley16-04.50Slipstream T
9.Danielle Cummings16-03.75Clarksville
10.Cynia Clark16-03.25Raiders
12.Kendell Williams16-02.50The Heat TC
13.Brittany Crittenden15-05.50Unattached
14.Tanisha Dyess15-00.50Raiders
15.Lameashia Glover14-11.50Raiders
16.Gabby Hill14-09.75Cougar Athle
17.12Nicole Davis14-01.25Dominion Christian
20.Lora Mitchell12-05.75Pioneer AC
21.Arielle Ratchford12-04.00Matthews Tra
--9Aminah GhaffarDNSFayetteville Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Lexie Burley36-10.50Slipstream T
2.Jade Williams34-02.75Club Elite O
3.Tatyana Brewton34-01.25Gastonia Jag
4.Jessica Norris33-11.25Slipstream T
5.Jessica Brown33-07.50Spartan TC
7.12Nicole Davis32-05.75Dominion Christian
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.Shelby Ashe58-02.00Throw 1 Deep
2.Patrice Gates49-02.75Throw 1 Deep
3.Monica Phillips47-07.50Throw 1 Deep
4.Sallymarie Futch46-01.00Throw 1 Deep
5.Kelli Thomas40-08.50Throw 1 Deep
6.Sabrina Gaitan40-04.25Throw 1 Deep
7.Jaya Emerson39-10.25Higher Power
8.Aliesha Archie34-02.25Charlotte Sp
9.Davona Dula27-02.50Higher Power
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