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3A State Championships (Day 2)

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Kevin Cox11.04aSedona Red Rock      
2.10Tyler Johnson11.11aSnowflake      
3.12Avery Boykin11.24aEstrella Foothills      
4.12Jake Meixler11.28aBlue Ridge      
5.11Wendell Carter11.41aWinslow      
6.12Tim Currier11.41aSanta Cruz Valley Un...      
7.11Maxwell Kadzashie11.42aSan Tan Foothills      
8.11Trevon Langston11.60aSouth Pointe      
9.12Renan Braga11.65aBlue Ridge      
X 100 Meters - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.12Kevin Cox11.15aSedona Red Rock      
3.10Tyler Johnson11.27aSnowflake      
2.12Avery Boykin11.37aEstrella Foothills      
4.12Jake Meixler11.40aBlue Ridge      
5.11Wendell Carter11.69aWinslow      
6.11Maxwell Kadzashie11.73aSan Tan Foothills      
7.12Tim Currier11.76aSanta Cruz Valley Un...      
8.12Renan Braga11.82aBlue Ridge      
9.11Trevon Langston11.84aSouth Pointe      
10.9Colten Merrill11.89aShow Low      
11.10Deshaun Davis11.91aFlorence      
12.12Shayn Begay12.10aMonument Valley      
13.10Joshua Pablo12.18aWindow Rock      
14.12Ronnell Williams12.19aCoolidge      
15.11Dakota Kay12.34aMonument Valley      
X 200 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Kevin Cox22.55aSedona Red Rock      
2.12Demitri Hayes22.64aEmpire      
3.12Avery Boykin22.84aEstrella Foothills      
4.12Cody Bell23.00aShow Low      
5.10Travis Langston23.08aSouth Pointe      
6.12Jake Meixler23.09aBlue Ridge      
7.10Tyler Johnson23.34aSnowflake      
8.12Nick Meixler23.48aBlue Ridge      
X 200 Meters - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.12Kevin Cox22.36aSedona Red Rock      
3.12Demitri Hayes22.75aEmpire      
4.10Travis Langston22.86aSouth Pointe      
2.12Avery Boykin22.88aEstrella Foothills      
5.12Jake Meixler23.04aBlue Ridge      
6.12Cody Bell23.09aShow Low      
7.10Tyler Johnson23.28aSnowflake      
8.12Nick Meixler23.44aBlue Ridge      
9.10Deshaun Davis23.46aFlorence      
10.11Briante Brown23.49aEstrella Foothills      
11.12Xaver Chabarria23.60aSan Tan Foothills      
12.11Wendell Carter23.70aWinslow      
13.12Tim Currier23.72aSanta Cruz Valley Un...      
14.12Shayn Begay24.05aMonument Valley      
15.12John Sabin24.08aSafford      
16.10Joshua Pablo24.80aWindow Rock      
17.10Williams Tyler24.84aWinslow      
X 400 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Cody Bell50.00aShow Low      
2.12Demitri Hayes50.62aEmpire      
3.11Briante Brown50.88aEstrella Foothills      
4.11Aaron Berry51.14aSouth Pointe      
5.10Josh Weeks51.41aShow Low      
6.10Nick Feliciano52.45aFountain Hills      
7.12Jaken Yazzie52.97aWinslow      
8.10Hunter Peterson52.98aSnowflake      
9.11Ron Stegner53.38aFlorence      
X 400 Meters - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.12Cody Bell49.95aShow Low      
3.11Briante Brown50.66aEstrella Foothills      
2.12Demitri Hayes50.80aEmpire      
4.11Aaron Berry51.16aSouth Pointe      
5.10Josh Weeks51.42aShow Low      
6.10Nick Feliciano52.07aFountain Hills      
7.10Hunter Peterson52.55aSnowflake      
8.12Jaken Yazzie52.58aWinslow      
9.11Ron Stegner52.77aFlorence      
10.12John Sabin53.43aSafford      
11.11Gabriel Valdivia53.71aEstrella Foothills      
12.9Michael Scott54.08aPayson      
13.11Payden Zufelt54.51aWinslow      
14.11Bradford Seaton55.84aMonument Valley      
15.11Travis Kirkland56.20aGlobe      
X 800 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Jesus Rivera1:57.15aSedona Red Rock      
2.11Billy Orman2:00.81aTuba City      
3.11Forrest Wadington2:00.94aPayson      
4.12Garrett Debs2:01.63aSedona Red Rock      
5.11Khalyd Clay2:03.08aBlue Ridge      
6.12Ryan Yazzie2:03.21aTuba City      
7.11Dave Streett2:04.29aBlue Ridge      
8.10Edward Mackay2:04.98aFlorence      
9.10Criston Hyett2:04.99aWickenburg      
10.11Joey Lauro2:05.18aEstrella Foothills      
11.12Sid Frei2:05.77aSnowflake      
12.10Mathew Murray2:06.87aTuba City      
13.12Clemant Fuseau2:09.20aSanta Cruz Valley Un...      
14.11Tyler Fox2:09.55aSafford      
15.10Joseph Locaspino2:10.15aGanado      
16.10Justin Yazzie2:10.89aChinle      
17.10Cruz Rodriguez2:11.16aEmpire      
18.10Cody Sangster2:12.72aWinslow      
X 1600 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Billy Orman4:20.03aTuba City      
2.12Jesus Rivera4:20.05aSedona Red Rock      
3.12Garrett Debs4:31.10aSedona Red Rock      
4.10Jonathan Yazzie4:35.09aChinle      
5.10Cruz Rodriguez4:35.85aEmpire      
6.12Ryan Yazzie4:37.73aTuba City      
7.9Searle Tracy4:41.30aChinle      
8.11Derrick Joey4:41.96aChinle      
9.10Criston Hyett4:42.29aWickenburg      
10.12Brian Duncan4:44.41aShow Low      
11.10John Rodriquez4:44.86aSnowflake      
12.10Edward Mackay4:47.28aFlorence      
13.12Timothy Borman4:47.32aGanado      
14.12Juan Martinez4:50.14aChino Valley      
15.11Monte Prestwich4:50.17aBlue Ridge      
16.12Clemant Fuseau4:55.96aSanta Cruz Valley Un...      
17.10Evan Prestwich4:56.68aBlue Ridge      
18.10Adrian Hernandez5:12.39aSafford      
X 3200 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Billy Orman9:18.91aTuba City      
2.12Ryan Yazzie9:37.08aTuba City      
3.10Jonathan Yazzie9:42.59aChinle      
4.9Searle Tracy9:50.56aChinle      
5.12Juan Martinez10:01.19aChino Valley      
6.12Brian Duncan10:01.42aShow Low      
7.12Garrett Debs10:06.06aSedona Red Rock      
8.11Derrick Joey10:07.77aChinle      
9.10Evan Prestwich10:10.48aBlue Ridge      
10.12Clemant Fuseau10:10.50aSanta Cruz Valley Un...      
11.11Monte Prestwich10:21.87aBlue Ridge      
12.12Timothy Borman10:32.76aGanado      
13.9Lucas Rydberg10:35.66aBlue Ridge      
14.11Tommy Schnell10:41.22aSafford      
15.10Adrian Hernandez10:43.28aSafford      
16.12Chase Killer10:48.99aWickenburg      
17.9Kyle Knight10:49.09aEmpire      
18.10Brandon Snickers11:09.67aSedona Red Rock      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Jacob Rawlins15.13aSnowflake      
2.11Jose Perez15.48aFlorence      
3.12Dustin Iles15.50aPayson      
4.12Joshua Leger15.72aFountain Hills      
5.12Connor Brinton15.78aFountain Hills      
6.11Torin Higgins16.00aSafford      
7.10Chris Oestmann16.10aSedona Red Rock      
8.12Steven Palmer16.59aEstrella Foothills      
9.12Zack Sommer16.60aEstrella Foothills      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.11Jacob Rawlins15.47aSnowflake      
2.12Joshua Leger15.50aFountain Hills      
3.11Jose Perez15.76aFlorence      
4.12Dustin Iles15.79aPayson      
5.12Connor Brinton16.12aFountain Hills      
6.10Chris Oestmann16.14aSedona Red Rock      
7.11Torin Higgins16.20aSafford      
8.12Steven Palmer16.58aEstrella Foothills      
9.12Zack Sommer16.75aEstrella Foothills      
10.12Thomas Wisbey16.84aSedona Red Rock      
11.10Todd Kulikowski17.08aBlue Ridge      
12.11Josh Hatch17.17aHolbrook      
13.11Preston Parrish17.36aMonument Valley      
14.10Nathan King17.45aEmpire      
15.11Payden Zufelt17.50aWinslow      
16.12Phillip Ullibarri17.86aRound Valley      
17.12Korbin Locaspino18.48aGanado      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Dustin Iles38.64aPayson      
2.11Torin Higgins40.11aSafford      
3.10Brit Smith40.37aSnowflake      
4.11Jacob Rawlins41.13aSnowflake      
5.12Phillip Ullibarri41.64aRound Valley      
6.12Steven Palmer41.82aEstrella Foothills      
7.11Jermaine Woods42.30aFlorence      
8.12Ryan Middleton42.54aChino Valley      
9.12Connor Brinton43.71aFountain Hills      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.12Dustin Iles39.40aPayson      
3.11Torin Higgins40.76aSafford      
2.11Jacob Rawlins41.00aSnowflake      
4.10Brit Smith41.14aSnowflake      
5.12Phillip Ullibarri41.33aRound Valley      
6.11Jermaine Woods41.71aFlorence      
7.12Steven Palmer42.24aEstrella Foothills      
8.12Ryan Middleton43.58aChino Valley      
9.12Connor Brinton43.72aFountain Hills      
10.11Preston Parrish43.75aMonument Valley      
11.12Thomas Wisbey43.77aSedona Red Rock      
12.12Tristan Whitaker44.38aSedona Red Rock      
13.12Korbin Locaspino45.05aGanado      
14.11Josh Hatch45.48aHolbrook      
15.9Jamir Moore45.77aCoolidge      
X 4x100 Relay - 3A Conference - Finals
1.-Derek Cotton
Demitri Hayes
Cody Woody
Will Stafford
2.-Briante Brown
Avery Boykin
Gabriel Valdivia
Jace Steinhausen
43.80aEstrella Foothills      
3.-Nick Meixler
Jon Orona
Chayse Russell
Jake Meixler
43.86aBlue Ridge      
4.-Jermaine Woods
Stedman Dumas
Nick Brown
Deshaun Davis
5.-Kyrin Mason
Travis Langston
Marvis Scott
Trevon Langston
44.12aSouth Pointe      
6.-Jacob Juarez
Tyler Johnson
Cody Gillispie
Brit Smith
7.-Relay Team 44.77aShow Low      
8.-Wil Spicer
Chris Oestmann
Tristan Whitaker
James DeVore
45.14aSedona Red Rock      
9.-Elias Cisneros
Alexander Conley
Daniel Odonaghue
Tyler Macias
10.-Wendell Carter
Trenton Ervien
Jaken Yazzie
Williams Tyler
11.-Omar Guerra
Ian Dillon
Cameron Romance
Dustin Iles
12.-Kennedy Nou
Xaver Chabarria
Jason Gale
Maxwell Kadzashie
45.69aSan Tan Foothills      
13.-Jamir Moore
Tyee Yucupisio
Frankie Luna
Ronnell Williams
14.-Relay Team 46.29aSafford      
15.-Anthony Olivera
Travis James
Jacob Lincoln
Leighton Benally
16.-Relay Team 48.88aTuba City      
X 4x400 Relay - 3A Conference - Finals
1.-Briante Brown
Avery Boykin
Gabriel Valdivia
Joey Lauro
3:24.79aEstrella Foothills      
2.-Chris Oestmann
Jesus Rivera
Kevin Cox
Tristan Whitaker
3:28.20aSedona Red Rock      
3.-Rylan Sturm
John Sabin
Matthew McHugh
Torin Higgins
4.-Hunter Peterson
Sid Frei
Dallin Merrell
Brit Smith
5.-Forrest Wadington
Kyle Raeke
Michael Scott
Dustin Iles
6.-Ron Stegner
Andy Escenuela
Nick Brown
Joel Prochet
7.-Tevin Renfro
Payden Zufelt
Williams Tyler
Jaken Yazzie
8.-Corey Boswell
Brantley Shumway
Christopher Laborine
Travis Kirkland
9.-Travis James
Alden Yazzie
Timothy Borman
Korbin Locaspino
10.-Relay Team 3:43.52aTuba City      
11.-Payton Reed
Leon Ricehill
Derrick Joey
Jonathan Yazzie
12.-Brandon Conly
Criston Hyett
Adalbelto Perez
Elias Cisneros
13.-Relay Team 3:48.83aSan Tan Foothills      
14.-Keith Williams
Vincent Gregory
Ryan Wright
Jacob Ellis
3:52.44aRiver Valley      
X 4x800 Relay - 3A Conference - Finals
1.-Matthew Murray
Joel Thomas
Billy Orman
Ryan Yazzie
8:14.64aTuba City      
2.-Jesus Rivera
Garrett Debs
Brandon Snickers
Alan Myers
8:21.82aSedona Red Rock      
3.-Michael Julian
Monte Prestwich
Dave Streett
Khalyd Clay
8:30.45aBlue Ridge      
4.-Jacob Daniels
Seth Jayne
Brian Duncan
Justin Nikolaus
8:32.26aShow Low      
5.-Searle Tracy
Justin Yazzie
Derrick Joey
Jonathan Yazzie
6.-Nick Feliciano
Cameron Glass
Nicholas Deporzio
Kyle Keating
8:40.42aFountain Hills      
7.-Edward Mackay
Chuck Smith
Andy Escenuela
Ron Stegner
8.-Ezra White
Tanner Hodges
Joey Garcia
Forrest Wadington
9.-Kyle Knight
Michael Caulfield
Sean Sweeny
Cruz Rodriguez
10.-John Rodriquez
Noah Flake
Jaden Gardner
Sid Frei
11.-Adalbelto Perez
Brandon Conly
Dylan Prevost
Criston Hyett
12.-John Begay
Joseph Locaspino
Timothy Borman
Korbin Locaspino
13.-Chris Leung
Joey Lauro
Jace Steinhausen
Leonard Hernandez
8:56.98aEstrella Foothills      
14.-Robert Jager
Nolen James
Adrian Thomas
Jackie Frank
15.-Ryan Wright
Keith Williams
Vincent Gregory
Jacob Ellis
9:07.79aRiver Valley      
16.-Relay Team 9:08.81aSafford      
X Shot Put - 12lb - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Jordan Hunt50-11.50Snowflake      
2.11Jacob McBride50-00.00Safford      
3.12Caleb Dale48-03.75Safford      
4.12Andres Valenzuela48-01.50Florence      
5.11Lee Guenther47-05.50Wickenburg      
6.11AJ Garnello44-06.75Sedona Red Rock      
7.12Michael Williams43-11.75Monument Valley      
8.10Allan Jones43-11.50Florence      
9.11Sheldon Jacks43-10.00Blue Ridge      
10.12Josh Kuusisto43-04.00Show Low      
11.12Jason McCray42-05.00Snowflake      
12.11Orrin Whaley41-01.00Monument Valley      
13.12Travis McEntire40-07.00River Valley      
14.12Zach Saxman40-05.50Sedona Red Rock      
15.12Derek Natonabah39-08.00Window Rock      
16.12Devin Joe38-11.25Monument Valley      
X Discus - 1.6kg - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Sabas Garcia152-02Florence      
2.11Lee Guenther149-06Wickenburg      
3.11AJ Garnello144-05Sedona Red Rock      
4.11Jacob McBride144-04Safford      
5.11Orrin Whaley143-00Monument Valley      
6.12Josh Kuusisto138-11Show Low      
7.12Jason McCray129-10Snowflake      
8.11Zach Boyd128-00Blue Ridge      
9.12Andres Valenzuela127-05Florence      
10.10Allan Jones127-04Florence      
11.12Rylan Sturm126-08Safford      
12.12Demetrius Alford124-07River Valley      
13.12Rockie Beatty123-04Snowflake      
14.10Martin Moreno123-02Safford      
15.11Sheldon Jacks120-03Blue Ridge      
16.12Devin Joe106-03Monument Valley      
17.12Zach Saxman102-04Sedona Red Rock      
18.11Kalini Simeona101-08Chinle      
X High Jump - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Rylan Sturm6-04.00Safford      
2.12Zack Sommer6-01.00Estrella Foothills      
3.10Chris Oestmann6-01.00Sedona Red Rock      
4.12Tevin Renfro6-01.00Winslow      
5.12Colby Wilson6-00.00Safford      
6.12Michael Bishop6-00.00Snowflake      
7.12Jud VanWinkle5-10.00Show Low      
7.11Niko Gutierrez5-10.00Round Valley      
9.10Justin Collins5-10.00Safford      
10.12Tyler Macias5-08.00Wickenburg      
10.9Aaron Fox5-08.00Safford      
12.10Dylan Barnes5-06.00Sedona Red Rock      
12.10Mathew Murray5-06.00Tuba City      
X Pole Vault - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Trevan Penrod14-07.00Blue Ridge      
2.12Michael Bishop13-06.00Snowflake      
3.12Trenton Ervien13-03.00Winslow      
4.11Daniel Patterson13-00.00Show Low      
4.11Jacob Ellsworth13-00.00Show Low      
4.11Matthew McHugh13-00.00Safford      
7.10Keith Williams12-06.00Payson      
8.10Caleb Whiting12-06.00Round Valley      
9.12Duskin Donaldson12-06.00Round Valley      
10.10Levi Sopeland12-00.00Payson      
11.12Beau Gardner11-00.00Blue Ridge      
X Long Jump - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Kevin Cox22-02.50Sedona Red Rock      
2.12Tevin Renfro21-05.75Winslow      
3.11Derek Cotton19-09.25Empire      
4.11Maxwell Kadzashie19-07.50San Tan Foothills      
5.12Jordan Chaffin19-04.75Safford      
6.11Kyrin Mason19-03.75South Pointe      
7.12Michael Bishop19-01.75Snowflake      
8.11Kyle Washington19-01.75Florence      
9.11Preston Parrish18-11.50Monument Valley      
10.10Robert Harris18-09.00Parker      
11.11Lance Shumway18-08.75Snowflake      
11.11Jacob Rawlins18-08.75Snowflake      
13.12Mateo Taylor18-08.00Estrella Foothills      
14.11Blake Brown18-02.25Payson      
15.10Anthony Diaz18-01.75Parker      
16.11Bradford Seaton18-01.25Monument Valley      
17.11Jermaine Woods18-00.00Florence      
18.11Dakota Kay17-07.50Monument Valley      
X Triple Jump - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Tevin Renfro44-07.00Winslow      
2.11Jacob Rawlins43-01.75Snowflake      
3.11Jermaine Woods42-00.00Florence      
4.12Duskin Donaldson41-09.25Round Valley      
5.12Steven Palmer41-06.50Estrella Foothills      
6.11Lance Shumway40-05.00Snowflake      
7.12Mateo Taylor40-03.25Estrella Foothills      
8.12Michael Bishop39-11.00Snowflake      
9.12Tyler Macias39-10.25Wickenburg      
10.11Michael Lamb38-05.00Sedona Red Rock      
11.11Kyle Washington38-02.75Florence      
12.12Phillip Ullibarri38-02.25Round Valley      
13.12Jordan Chaffin36-09.50Safford      
14.11Preston Parrish36-02.00Monument Valley      
15.11Bradford Seaton36-00.00Monument Valley      
16.11Dakota Kay35-05.50Monument Valley      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.10Jasmin Pratt12.69aEstrella Foothills      
2.11Miranda Moore12.99aCoolidge      
3.10Jerissa Cooper13.15aCoolidge      
4.12Maurisa Jones13.29aEstrella Foothills      
5.11Faythe Duran13.47aSnowflake      
6.10Ciera Holston13.60aSafford      
7.10Shawna Newman13.63aBlue Ridge      
8.11Laura Lane13.66aEstrella Foothills      
X 100 Meters - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.10Jasmin Pratt12.77aEstrella Foothills      
3.11Miranda Moore13.03aCoolidge      
5.11Taylor Peters13.36aRound Valley      
2.10Jerissa Cooper13.52aCoolidge      
4.10Ciera Holston13.53aSafford      
6.12Maurisa Jones13.54aEstrella Foothills      
7.11Faythe Duran13.59aSnowflake      
8.10Shawna Newman13.64aBlue Ridge      
9.11Laura Lane13.69aEstrella Foothills      
10.10Shani Snowden13.71aRiver Valley      
11.10Jamie Roe13.72aTuba City      
12.12Breanne Kempton13.78aSafford      
13.10Jessica Little13.87aShow Low      
14.11Tess McGee13.94aHolbrook      
15.9Morgan Chilson14.19aPayson      
16.12Regina Reid14.34aMonument Valley      
17.10Merilee Chapman14.53aMonument Valley      
X 200 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.10Jasmin Pratt25.40aEstrella Foothills      
2.11Miranda Moore26.22aCoolidge      
3.10Christine(Hannah) Miles26.78aCoolidge      
4.9Malika Murphy26.94aEstrella Foothills      
5.11Faythe Duran26.98aSnowflake      
6.11Samarah Houser27.08aSnowflake      
7.9Morgan Chilson27.18aPayson      
8.11Allie Haskell27.35aEmpire      
9.12Kate Earle27.59aChino Valley      
X 200 Meters - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.10Jasmin Pratt25.25aEstrella Foothills      
2.11Miranda Moore26.32aCoolidge      
3.11Faythe Duran26.71aSnowflake      
4.9Malika Murphy26.74aEstrella Foothills      
5.11Samarah Houser26.85aSnowflake      
6.9Morgan Chilson26.86aPayson      
7.10Christine(Hannah) Miles26.90aCoolidge      
8.11Allie Haskell27.04aEmpire      
9.12Kate Earle27.22aChino Valley      
10.11Alex Merrill27.48aSnowflake      
11.9Marissa Shellhorn27.53aRound Valley      
12.9Izzy Jelacic27.55aFountain Hills      
13.10Jamie Roe27.86aTuba City      
14.10Britany Woods28.38aWinslow      
15.10Kela Kinlecheenie28.39aWinslow      
16.11Tess McGee28.44aHolbrook      
17.11Nneeka Lankster29.16aSanta Cruz Valley Un...      
X 400 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.10Jasmin Pratt57.84aEstrella Foothills      
2.12Maddie Nossek58.63aPayson      
3.11Faythe Duran58.66aSnowflake      
4.11Allie Haskell59.79aEmpire      
5.9Chastine Virgin61.33aShow Low      
6.10Christine(Hannah) Miles61.67aCoolidge      
7.10Lynette Fredrick62.63aWickenburg      
8.10Naomi Hesse62.98aBlue Ridge      
9.10Larua Aaltanon64.01aPayson      
X 400 Meters - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.11Faythe Duran59.58aSnowflake      
2.11Allie Haskell59.94aEmpire      
3.10Jasmin Pratt60.03aEstrella Foothills      
4.10Christine(Hannah) Miles60.37aCoolidge      
5.12Maddie Nossek60.95aPayson      
6.9Chastine Virgin62.73aShow Low      
7.10Lynette Fredrick63.39aWickenburg      
8.10Naomi Hesse63.81aBlue Ridge      
9.10Larua Aaltanon64.19aPayson      
10.11Alex Merrill64.50aSnowflake      
10.9Malika Murphy64.50aEstrella Foothills      
12.10Natalie Franklin64.65aTuba City      
13.12Haley Montanez65.44aFountain Hills      
14.10Karen Cooper65.75aEmpire      
15.10Shani Snowden66.26aRiver Valley      
16.10Britany Woods66.46aWinslow      
17.9Analisa Dawson68.10aHolbrook      
18.10Montana Nez69.03aGanado      
19.9Jasmine Carrol69.90aSan Tan Foothills      
X 800 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.9Chastine Virgin2:21.27aShow Low      
2.12Maddie Nossek2:22.04aPayson      
3.10Rolonda Jumbo2:22.42aChinle      
4.11Viviana Ruiz2:25.02aWickenburg      
5.12Alisha Flake2:25.15aSnowflake      
6.10Devon Layton2:25.90aShow Low      
7.12Lydia Mosley2:26.97aSedona Red Rock      
8.11Allison Rydberg2:28.59aBlue Ridge      
9.12Hayley Torkelson2:29.16aFlorence      
10.11Tatiyanah Johnson2:30.03aTuba City      
11.9Rachel Lillie2:30.54aSedona Red Rock      
12.10Anjelica Bedonie2:31.12aChinle      
13.10Natalie Franklin2:31.82aTuba City      
14.10Autumn Gibson2:32.31aBlue Ridge      
15.12Ashley Balcerzak2:33.46aFountain Hills      
16.9Karrissa Strickland2:35.02aEmpire      
17.11April Tracy2:35.82aTuba City      
18.10Chanel Turner2:36.63aChino Valley      
19.11Kristen Ayers2:36.94aChino Valley      
20.12Breanne Kempton2:38.62aSafford      
X 1600 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.10Rolonda Jumbo5:12.37aChinle      
2.11Viviana Ruiz5:24.67aWickenburg      
3.11Allison Rydberg5:26.82aBlue Ridge      
4.12Ashley Balcerzak5:27.34aFountain Hills      
5.9Mycala Seresun5:28.07aSedona Red Rock      
6.12Hayley Torkelson5:28.85aFlorence      
7.10Autumn Gibson5:31.02aBlue Ridge      
8.11Tatiyanah Johnson5:33.34aTuba City      
9.10Anjelica Bedonie5:41.06aChinle      
10.9Colbi Nez5:41.79aHolbrook      
11.10Chanel Turner5:42.27aChino Valley      
12.9Carissa Jones5:43.01aShow Low      
13.9Shelby Jim5:47.21aMonument Valley      
14.9Elsie Perkins5:50.82aShow Low      
15.10Hailey Saw5:51.58aEmpire      
16.9Eva Wilson5:55.61aSedona Red Rock      
17.9Davette Susan6:03.16aAlchesay      
X 3200 Meters - 3A Conference - Finals
1.10Rolonda Jumbo11:29.57aChinle      
2.9Mycala Seresun11:47.35aSedona Red Rock      
3.10Autumn Gibson11:58.73aBlue Ridge      
4.12Allison Denetchee12:02.49aGanado      
5.9Yanibah Jaques12:04.61aWindow Rock      
6.11Viviana Ruiz12:05.15aWickenburg      
7.9Deriann Yazzie12:07.55aChinle      
8.9Shelby Jim12:08.09aMonument Valley      
9.10Hailey Saw12:14.88aEmpire      
10.12Charnelle Curley12:20.81aChinle      
11.9Eva Wilson12:24.54aSedona Red Rock      
12.11April Tracy12:24.72aTuba City      
13.9Elsie Perkins12:37.56aShow Low      
14.10Bekah Young12:38.49aShow Low      
15.9Carissa Jones12:38.89aShow Low      
16.9Taylor Gage12:44.25aSedona Red Rock      
17.12Phoebe Blakeley12:44.96aWickenburg      
18.12Sabrina Sanchez13:01.46aSafford      
19.12Taylor Curry13:35.01aFountain Hills      
20.10Haley Stuber13:44.30aFountain Hills      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Shea Grant15.76aEstrella Foothills      
2.12Kate Earle16.08aChino Valley      
3.12Kathrine Mounce16.38aGlobe      
4.11Hope Goimarac16.42aSedona Red Rock      
5.9Jillian Bradshaw16.49aSedona Red Rock      
6.10Ciera Holston16.65aSafford      
7.11Cassandra Adams16.89aShow Low      
8.12Dani Hawley17.16aEmpire      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.11Shea Grant16.04aEstrella Foothills      
2.12Kate Earle16.26aChino Valley      
3.9Jillian Bradshaw16.54aSedona Red Rock      
4.11Cassandra Adams16.64aShow Low      
5.12Kathrine Mounce16.69aGlobe      
6.12Breanne Kempton16.76aSafford      
7.11Hope Goimarac16.80aSedona Red Rock      
8.10Ciera Holston17.01aSafford      
9.12Dani Hawley17.19aEmpire      
10.11Samarah Houser17.51aSnowflake      
11.11Shelby Teel17.55aBlue Ridge      
12.9Kianna Natividad17.70aSnowflake      
13.11Tiffany Honeywell17.72aFlorence      
14.12Kierston Miller18.30aMonument Valley      
15.10Nicole Williams18.37aMonument Valley      
16.11Bradley Nash19.51aMonument Valley      
17.10Destinee Holiday22.67aMonument Valley      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Shea Grant44.98aEstrella Foothills      
2.11Miranda Moore45.58aCoolidge      
3.11Hope Goimarac47.08aSedona Red Rock      
4.11Samarah Houser47.96aSnowflake      
5.12Breanne Kempton49.30aSafford      
6.10Ciera Holston49.43aSafford      
7.12Stephanie McIlroy50.48aSedona Red Rock      
8.10Ciara Daniel50.60aShow Low      
9.11Bradley Nash51.73aMonument Valley      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 3A Conference - Prelims
1.11Shea Grant44.79aEstrella Foothills      
3.11Miranda Moore47.09aCoolidge      
2.11Hope Goimarac48.44aSedona Red Rock      
4.12Breanne Kempton49.63aSafford      
5.10Ciera Holston49.73aSafford      
6.11Samarah Houser49.80aSnowflake      
7.12Stephanie McIlroy50.84aSedona Red Rock      
8.10Ciara Daniel51.51aShow Low      
9.11Bradley Nash51.69aMonument Valley      
10.10Nicole Williams53.24aMonument Valley      
11.9Haley Pomeroy53.78aShow Low      
12.10Destinee Holiday54.36aMonument Valley      
13.9Jaylin Sanders55.61aTuba City      
X 4x100 Relay - 3A Conference - Finals
1.-Shea Grant
Malika Murphy
Laura Lane
Maurisa Jones
50.14aEstrella Foothills      
2.-Maya Rugg
Marissa Shellhorn
Megan Hart
Taylor Peters
50.86aRound Valley      
3.-Jessica Little
Devon Layton
Deveney Jeffs
Rebecca Brewer
52.49aShow Low      
4.-Christine(Hannah) Miles
Lafonda Radcliffe
Jerissa Cooper
Miranda Moore
5.-Maddie Higgins
Jessica Johnson
Naomi Hesse
Shawna Newman
52.85aBlue Ridge      
6.-Larua Aaltanon
Morgan Chilson
Katie Welker
Jaymi Carlen
7.-Ta'Shanda Ruffin
Danesha Jones
Karen Cooper
Dani Hawley
8.-Viviana Ruiz
Cortney Cole
Amanda Erickson
Lynette Fredrick
9.-Corrie Garrett
Clara Stegall
Izzy Jelacic
Hayley Rippy
53.59aFountain Hills      
10.-Mariah Ahern
Brielle Bryce
Kristen Ayers
Claudia Olivas
53.62aChino Valley      
11.-Emery Martindell
Alex Merrill
Carli Stratton
Kianna Natividad
12.-Kiara Lawarence
Allegra Turner
Tiffany Honeywell
Julia Gomez
13.-Marissa Chacon
Dorothy Lacey
Britany Woods
Kalafer Kinlecheenie
14.-Casedy Jensen
Luisa Mangelsen
Sarah Thygerson
Kathrine Mounce
15.-Kami Jones
Channell Alcott
Amber Toledo
Jamie Roe
55.97aTuba City      
16.-Merilee Chapman
Regina Reid
Ieasha Atene
Deonna Dayzie
56.11aMonument Valley      
17.-Nyomi Mosley
Rita Clancy
Sierra Hatler-Stefick
Jillian Bradshaw
56.23aSedona Red Rock      
18.-Tess McGee
Kalei Long
Hailey Nezzie
Analisa Dawson
X 4x400 Relay - 3A Conference - Finals
1.-Alex Merrill
Alisha Flake
Faythe Duran
Samarah Houser
2.-Shea Grant
Malika Murphy
Laura Lane
Maurisa Jones
4:11.08aEstrella Foothills      
3.-Larua Aaltanon
Morgan Chilson
Kyndel Lann
Katie Welker
4.-Devon Layton
Chastine Virgin
Jaime Ruiz
Ciara Daniel
4:15.54aShow Low      
5.-Dani Hawley
Allie Haskell
Karen Cooper
Karrissa Strickland
6.-Rachel Lillie
Lydia Mosley
Stephanie McIlroy
Rita Clancy
4:17.28aSedona Red Rock      
7.-Relay Team 4:22.04aTuba City      
8.-Cortney Cole
Amanda Erickson
Ashley Martin
Lynette Fredrick
9.-Ashley Balcerzak
Haley Montanez
Clara Stegall
Izzy Jelacic
4:27.05aFountain Hills      
10.-Brielle Bryce
Kristen Ayers
Chanel Turner
Claudia Olivas
4:27.43aChino Valley      
11.-Relay Team 4:29.71aBlue Ridge      
12.-Relay Team 4:32.17aFlorence      
13.-Dorothy Lacey
Tyanna Lee
Britany Woods
Kalafer Kinlecheenie
14.-Denesha Rodriquez
Isabella Callaway
Sarah Thygerson
Kathrine Mounce
15.-Relay Team 4:39.14aMonument Valley      
16.-Relay Team 4:43.66aSafford      
17.-Samantha Pahe
Rachel Martin
Reba Francisco
Shannelle Sells
X 4x800 Relay - 3A Conference - Finals
1.-Shannelle Sells
Reba Francisco
Anjelica Bedonie
Rolonda Jumbo
2.-Relay Team 10:12.76aShow Low      
3.-Relay Team 10:14.08aSedona Red Rock      
4.-Kristen Ayers
Kate Earle
Claudia Olivas
Chanel Turner
10:21.75aChino Valley      
5.-Karen Cooper
Hailey Saw
Karrissa Strickland
Melanie Pimental
6.-Ashley Balcerzak
Haley Montanez
Haley Stuber
Taylor Curry
10:36.81aFountain Hills      
7.-April Tracy
Jennifer Williams
Natalie Franklin
Tatiyanah Johnson
10:37.46aTuba City      
8.-Hailey Hatch
Ty Craum
Michelle Boone
Alisha Flake
9.-Sarah Cluff
Lauren Nossek
Lucy Schouten
Liz Harpe
10.-Relay Team 10:49.51aSafford      
11.-Relay Team 10:49.88aBlue Ridge      
12.-April Lester
Colbi Nez
August Tsosie
Hailey Nezzie
13.-Markie Brown
Natalie Cardwell
Valerie Garcia
Hayley Torkelson
14.-Phoebe Blakeley
Emily Prevost
Jesse Root
Chelsea Martin
15.-Allison Denetchee
Tori Cody
Diandra James
Katrina Shirley
16.-Jenny Owens
Jenna Carey
Roslyn Norman
Shani Snowden
11:17.93aRiver Valley      
17.-Relay Team 11:24.54aEstrella Foothills      
18.-Yanibah Jaques
Naanibah Begay
Mariah Lizer
Jaimeanna Tsosie
11:26.17aWindow Rock      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 3A Conference - Finals
1.11Nneeka Lankster34-06.50Santa Cruz Valley Un...      
2.12Holly West33-10.00Payson      
3.10Ashley Dawson33-08.50Safford      
4.12Chelsea John33-05.50Holbrook      
5.10Nyomi Mosley32-11.25Sedona Red Rock      
6.9Tiana Hatler-Stefick32-06.25Sedona Red Rock      
7.12April Lester32-04.00Holbrook      
8.10Jerissa Cooper31-02.00Coolidge      
9.10Lucy Randazzo31-00.50Wickenburg      
10.11McKara Kescoli30-08.50Monument Valley      
11.10Sabrina Montano30-04.00Safford      
12.11Leanne Fall29-02.00Alchesay      
13.12Kisha Begay28-11.25Winslow      
14.10Raven Gregory28-04.50Estrella Foothills      
14.11Dayline Rine28-04.50Fountain Hills      
16.10Danielle Hext27-11.50Snowflake      
17.10Casey Carroll27-00.75Snowflake      
X Discus - 1kg - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Stella Tarango116-00Globe      
2.10Ashley Dawson114-07Safford      
3.10Sabrina Montano104-01Safford      
4.12Sarilda Grantham103-09Wickenburg      
5.9Tiana Hatler-Stefick100-07Sedona Red Rock      
6.12Candice Hubbell99-01Ganado      
7.11Leanne Fall98-09Alchesay      
8.9Becca Schinke93-07Show Low      
9.12Ashley Franklin91-11Tuba City      
10.12Holly West91-06Payson      
11.10Nyomi Mosley90-03Sedona Red Rock      
12.11Nneeka Lankster87-09Santa Cruz Valley Un...      
13.12Taylor Brubaker85-11Snowflake      
14.11Jontae Yazzie85-00Monument Valley      
15.12Chelsea John83-00Holbrook      
16.12Stephanie Napoles77-09Wickenburg      
X High Jump - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Maddie Nossek5-03.00Payson      
2.12Kim Johnson5-02.00Snowflake      
3.11Taylor Peters5-02.00Round Valley      
4.11Hope Goimarac4-11.00Sedona Red Rock      
5.12Hailey Hatch4-08.00Snowflake      
5.10Baylee Schroder4-08.00Show Low      
7.9Mariah Genck4-08.00Blue Ridge      
7.12Kierston Miller4-08.00Monument Valley      
9.12Dani Hawley4-06.00Empire      
9.10Carli Stratton4-06.00Snowflake      
9.11Dylanna Franz4-06.00Chino Valley      
9.10Nicole Williams4-06.00Monument Valley      
9.12Katie Stabenow4-06.00Show Low      
14.9Janae Bonner4-04.00Fountain Hills      
14.10Bethany Sprinkle4-04.00Payson      
14.10Jessica Johnson4-04.00Blue Ridge      
X Pole Vault - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Amanda Wilcock9-09.00Blue Ridge      
2.10Jenna Ingram9-06.00Fountain Hills      
3.10Jessica Johnson9-00.00Blue Ridge      
4.12Rebecca Brewer8-06.00Show Low      
5.11Hope Goimarac8-06.00Sedona Red Rock      
6.12Abbey Hodge8-06.00Fountain Hills      
7.11Corrie Garrett8-06.00Fountain Hills      
8.12Kelsey Livingston8-00.00Snowflake      
9.9Shelby Helwig7-06.00Blue Ridge      
9.11Sarah Alsing7-06.00Estrella Foothills      
9.11Katie Fitzgerald7-06.00Estrella Foothills      
9.11Rebecca Davis7-06.00Safford      
13.12Nicolette Parrish7-00.00Monument Valley      
X Long Jump - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Maddie Nossek17-02.50Payson      
2.10Jasmin Pratt15-10.00Estrella Foothills      
3.12Maya Rugg15-07.00Round Valley      
4.12Rita Clancy15-06.75Sedona Red Rock      
5.10Jerissa Cooper14-11.00Coolidge      
6.10Ciera Holston14-10.00Safford      
7.10Christine(Hannah) Miles14-09.25Coolidge      
8.12Kelsey Livingston14-07.75Snowflake      
9.12Katie Stabenow14-04.75Show Low      
10.9Shiloh Donaldson14-02.50Round Valley      
10.9Shelby Helwig14-02.50Blue Ridge      
12.12Kim Johnson14-01.75Snowflake      
13.12Regina Reid13-11.75Monument Valley      
14.10Merilee Chapman13-10.50Monument Valley      
15.9Sierra Hatler-Stefick13-09.25Sedona Red Rock      
16.11Alexandria Jones13-07.00Alchesay      
17.9Emma Howard13-04.75Fountain Hills      
18.12Deonna Dayzie13-04.25Monument Valley      
19.10Jessica Little13-00.00Show Low      
20.11Bradley Nash12-10.75Monument Valley      
21.10Zepporah Cousins12-00.00Estrella Foothills      
X Triple Jump - 3A Conference - Finals
1.12Maurisa Jones33-09.25Estrella Foothills      
2.12Maya Rugg33-02.50Round Valley      
3.10Nyomi Mosley32-02.75Sedona Red Rock      
4.10Naomi Hesse31-11.50Blue Ridge      
5.12Kelsey Livingston31-09.75Snowflake      
6.10Zepporah Cousins31-04.25Estrella Foothills      
7.11Cassandra Adams31-03.50Show Low      
8.12Katie Stabenow30-04.25Show Low      
9.12Melody Gonzales30-03.50Winslow      
10.11Alessand Bermudez28-08.75Safford      
11.12Deonna Dayzie28-08.50Monument Valley      
12.12Helen Howard28-02.25Fountain Hills      
13.11Diannah Reid28-00.50Monument Valley      
14.11Tia Dalton27-09.75Chinle      
15.9Beverly Hare27-06.75Safford      
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