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Omaha South Invite

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Omaha Burke, Omaha

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thomas Hodges10.88aOmaha North
2.12Radell Nared10.97aOmaha North
3.10Terence Bennett11.39aOmaha Benson
4.11Cleo Miller11.39aOmaha Benson
5.11Racheim Logan-Martin11.40aOmaha North
6.11Tiras Bolton11.45aOmaha Westside
7.11Brandon Welch11.66aOmaha Westside
8.11Tristan Calabro11.77aOmaha Westside
9.9Jake Cloyd11.85aBellevue East
10.10Courtney Collins11.96aOmaha Benson
11.12Josh Hinks12.10aOmaha South
12.10Landis Findley12.19aOmaha Bryan
13.9Rashad Trimble12.23aBellevue East
14.11David Brown12.23aOmaha South
15.11Donovan Allen12.26aOmaha Bryan
16.10Tyler Broadway12.46aBellevue East
17.9Victor Tucker12.49aOmaha South
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Radell Nared22.87aOmaha North
2.11Racheim Logan-Martin23.59aOmaha North
3.12Justin Frezell23.61aOmaha South
4.11Brandon Welch24.33aOmaha Westside
5.10DaVonta Culliver24.56aOmaha Westside
6.10Carl White24.87aOmaha Benson
7.10Martel White25.11aOmaha Benson
8.11Zach Norman25.44aOmaha Westside
9.12Josh Hinks25.52aOmaha South
10.11Kali' Louis25.66aOmaha Benson
11.12Loyd Crawley25.88aOmaha South
12.9Rashad Trimble25.89aBellevue East
13.10Landis Findley25.96aOmaha Bryan
14.11Donovan Allen26.44aOmaha Bryan
15.9Jake Cloyd27.03aBellevue East
16.10Billy Johnson27.54aBellevue East
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon White50.22aOmaha North
2.12Mark Stehno50.71aOmaha Westside
3.12Justin Frezell51.66aOmaha South
4.10Alex Van Lent51.94aOmaha Westside
5.10Terry Grigsby52.31aOmaha North
6.11Travis Green53.22aOmaha North
7.12Ethan Duin54.28aOmaha Westside
8.11Kendall Phillips55.12aOmaha Benson
9.10Martel White56.65aOmaha Benson
10.9Rayquan King56.82aBellevue East
11.12Anthony Colby56.98aOmaha Bryan
12.10Aaron Fellows57.86aOmaha Bryan
13.12Tim Holman58.07aBellevue East
14.11Renier Davison1:00.33aOmaha Benson
15.10Billy Johnson1:05.54aBellevue East
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mach Dojiok2:03.98aOmaha Benson
2.10Eris Mackey2:08.76aOmaha North
3.12Patrick Grogan2:09.56aOmaha Westside
4.10Sam Cubrich2:09.63aOmaha Westside
5.10Justin Rivera2:13.35aBellevue East
6.10Colin Johnston2:15.30aOmaha Bryan
7.12Anthony Colby2:18.23aOmaha Bryan
8.11Jason Dyers2:18.34aOmaha Benson
9.9Carlos Degante2:18.42aOmaha South
10.12Leonardo Estrada2:23.44aOmaha South
11.9Daniel Altamirano2:26.46aOmaha South
12.10Pat Noyes2:31.53aBellevue East
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jack Schrager4:28.08aOmaha Westside
2.10Mach Dojiok4:47.97aOmaha Benson
3.12Tony Prince4:55.64aOmaha Westside
4.12Lam Ramdiet4:58.10aOmaha South
5.12Hayden Humphries5:00.32aBellevue East
6.12Justin Waskowiak5:04.58aOmaha North
7.12Kelly Carmichael5:07.31aOmaha Westside
8.10Luis Ramirez5:08.50aOmaha Bryan
9.11Obaid Mir5:20.21aOmaha Benson
10.11Henry Timmins5:21.32aBellevue East
11.11Ben Jackson5:22.11aOmaha Benson
12.12Jacob Lawson5:23.80aOmaha North
13.12Stephen Simusa5:26.59aOmaha North
14.12Jesus Lopez5:33.21aOmaha South
15.10Weston Secrist5:35.31aBellevue East
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jack Schrager10:26.23aOmaha Westside
2.12Hayden Humphries10:51.71aBellevue East
3.12Paolo Dapo10:58.82aOmaha Westside
4.11Henry Timmins11:12.77aBellevue East
5.12Justin Waskowiak11:15.89aOmaha North
6.10Whitton Valentine11:16.20aOmaha South
7.12Nathan Kahn11:48.80aOmaha North
8.12Stephen Simusa11:50.21aOmaha North
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Kemp15.71aOmaha Westside
2.11Ethan Kocourek16.12aOmaha Westside
3.12Brandon Wainwright16.38aOmaha Benson
4.10Tyler Davis17.16aOmaha South
5.11Daniel Padilla18.12aOmaha South
6.10Gabriel Taylor18.21aOmaha North
7.12William Peters19.50aOmaha Benson
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ethan Kocourek40.89aOmaha Westside
2.11Tony Gardner43.44aOmaha North
3.11Daniel Padilla43.56aOmaha South
4.11Daniel Kemp44.17aOmaha Westside
5.12William Peters44.25aOmaha Benson
6.12Brandon Wainwright44.68aOmaha Benson
7.11Quinn Langworthy44.99aOmaha Westside
8.12Johnny Ingold45.48aBellevue East
9.10Tyler Davis46.08aOmaha South
10.11Tabari Harvey47.99aBellevue East
11.11Steven Streck48.12aBellevue East
12.9Xavier Johnson49.64aOmaha Benson
13.10Gabriel Taylor50.27aOmaha North
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.24aOmaha North
2.-Relay Team 44.69aOmaha Westside
3.-Relay Team 44.73aOmaha Benson
4.-Relay Team 47.19aOmaha South
X 4x100 Relay - Weight - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.89aBellevue East
2.-Relay Team 55.33aOmaha North
3.-Relay Team 56.53aOmaha Benson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:29.60aOmaha North
2.-Relay Team 3:36.23aOmaha Benson
3.-Billy Sons
Rayquan King
Johnny Ingold
Patrick Cisar
3:43.25aBellevue East
4.-Justin Frezell
Tyler Davis
Daniel Padilla
Emiliano Jacinto
3:48.62aOmaha South
5.-Anthony Colby
Aaron Fellows
Luis Ramirez
Colin Johnston
3:52.69aOmaha Bryan
---Ethan Duin
Alex Van Lent
Zach Norman
Justin Johnson
DQOmaha Westside
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tony Prince
Patrick Grogan
Paolo Dapo
Sam Cubrich
8:39.51aOmaha Westside
2.-Relay Team 8:54.99aOmaha North
3.-Billy Johnson
Kyle Connor
Steven Streck
Justin Rivera
9:16.92aBellevue East
4.-Relay Team 9:46.60aOmaha South
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Seth Kemp46-07.25Bellevue East
2.12Anthony Maxwell45-09.75Omaha Westside
3.11Laquan Cribbs45-00.00Omaha Benson
4.12Matt Young44-06.00Omaha Westside
5.12Ron Coleman44-01.00Omaha North
6.11Josh Bagby43-04.50Omaha North
7.12Brian Quinn42-10.50Bellevue East
8.12Sergio Oropeza40-09.50Omaha South
9.9Jake Sachs38-04.50Bellevue East
10.10Chris McCroy36-11.00Omaha North
11.12Mason Gegzna35-11.50Omaha Bryan
12.10Bryce Armstrong35-03.00Omaha Benson
13.10Rick Ahrendsen27-08.00Omaha Benson
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Maxwell154-03Omaha Westside
2.12Abram Walker139-06Omaha North
3.12Matt Young138-00Omaha Westside
4.12Brian Quinn137-08Bellevue East
5.11Laquan Cribbs115-11Omaha Benson
6.12Mason Gegzna108-11Omaha Bryan
7.9Tanner Farland108-06Bellevue East
8.12Ron Coleman98-10Omaha North
9.10Bryce Armstrong97-01Omaha Benson
10.9Jake Sachs92-04Bellevue East
11.10Logan Howlett91-05Omaha Benson
12.12Sergio Oropeza90-10Omaha South
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon White6-02.00Omaha North
2.10Carl White6-02.00Omaha Benson
3.11Jer'rell Moore6-02.00Omaha Benson
4.12Kurston Mason6-00.00Omaha Westside
5.11Shakeil Channel6-00.00Omaha Benson
6.9Keenan Neelon6-00.00Omaha Westside
7.12Mitch Cap5-10.00Omaha Westside
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josef Lang10-00.00Bellevue East
--11Jon PoarchNHBellevue East
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tiras Bolton21-05.75Omaha Westside
2.12Brandon White21-03.50Omaha North
3.11David Brown21-00.25Omaha South
4.12Mark Stehno20-03.00Omaha Westside
5.11Avery Langford19-09.00Omaha Benson
6.10Jonathan Baker19-06.50Omaha Westside
7.10Carl White19-04.50Omaha Benson
8.11Travis Green18-10.00Omaha North
9.11Malcolm Haynes17-11.00Omaha Benson
10.12Tim Holman17-07.25Bellevue East
11.12Loyd Crawley17-05.50Omaha South
12.9Tanner Reese17-04.00Bellevue East
13.9Victor Tucker17-02.00Omaha South
14.-Patrick Hayes16-05.50Bellevue East
15.11Donovan Allen16-03.00Omaha Bryan
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Avery Langford42-11.50Omaha Benson
2.9Nate Maloley41-07.00Omaha Westside
3.10Terry Grigsby41-02.50Omaha North
4.12Mitch Johnson40-07.00Omaha North
5.12Brandon Wainwright40-01.00Omaha Benson
6.10Matt Berkshire40-00.00Omaha Westside
7.10Jarrell Randle37-08.00Omaha Benson
8.12Billy Sons37-03.00Bellevue East
9.10Aaron Fellows36-09.00Omaha Bryan

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maia Reynolds12.29aOmaha North
2.10Brianna McGhee12.33aOmaha North
3.11Breunna McCarty12.57aOmaha North
4.12Edna Johnson12.87aOmaha Westside
5.12Katie King13.14aMillard West
6.9Anna Wagemann13.17aMillard West
7.12Lexi Guhl13.54aMillard North
8.10Taylor Stevens13.61aBellevue East
9.10Beth Selling13.68aOmaha Westside
10.9Inonge Mundia13.84aOmaha Burke
11.9Sydney Shirley14.05aMillard North
12.9Zee Jurado14.20aBellevue East
13.12Rachelle Daigle14.22aOmaha Burke
14.9Nina Tucker14.46aOmaha Burke
15.9Ali Drey14.60aMillard North
16.9Michaela Sullivan14.72aBellevue East
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maia Reynolds26.77aOmaha North
2.12Edna Johnson27.41aOmaha Westside
3.12Janesha McGhee27.42aOmaha North
4.9Megan Wilson27.78aMillard West
5.11Payton Gaines28.00aOmaha Burke
6.12Katie King28.04aMillard West
7.11Breunna McCarty28.21aOmaha North
8.10Beth Selling28.92aOmaha Westside
9.10Yoselin Deleon28.99aOmaha Bryan
10.12Lexi Guhl29.14aMillard North
11.9Inonge Mundia29.49aOmaha Burke
12.9Whitney Schmidt29.62aMillard North
13.10Sydney Vanarsdall29.76aMillard North
14.12Iesha Buford30.50aOmaha Benson
15.9Zee Jurado30.51aBellevue East
16.10Adamma Izu30.52aOmaha Burke
17.9Michaela Sullivan31.75aBellevue East
18.9Helen Timmins32.23aBellevue East
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nakita Brewer59.55aOmaha North
2.9Megan Wilson1:02.06aMillard West
3.9Kierin Montgomery1:02.31aOmaha North
4.11Sara Brandt1:02.80aMillard West
5.10Yoselin Deleon1:04.65aOmaha Bryan
6.12Dominique Brewer1:04.78aOmaha North
7.10Eleishia Bibbs1:04.87aOmaha Benson
8.12Hannah Holst1:05.23aOmaha Burke
9.9Jess Rands1:05.53aMillard North
10.12Nicole Scheetz1:06.20aMillard North
11.10Kalan Dahir1:07.67aOmaha Westside
12.10Abigail Porter1:07.90aMillard North
13.10Katie Ondracek1:10.78aOmaha Westside
14.9Helen Timmins1:10.98aBellevue East
15.10Sammi Maurosek1:11.54aOmaha Burke
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jessica Watts64.3Millard North
12Hillary Argyle64.6Millard North
11Kellie Higginson65.9Millard North
9Jess Rands67.7Millard North
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Angela Berry2:32.72aOmaha Burke
2.10Marissa Eltiste2:33.73aOmaha Westside
3.11Kellie Higginson2:35.36aMillard North
4.10Lindsey Block2:35.95aOmaha Westside
5.11Mallary Weingaertner2:37.00aOmaha North
6.10Yoselin Deleon2:37.64aOmaha Bryan
11Shelby Tucker2:38.01aMillard West
7.10Mary Osbourne2:38.01aMillard West
11Alison Brokke2:43.10aMillard West
8.11Shelby Tucker2:43.10aMillard West
10Mary Osbourne2:44.39aMillard West
9.11Alison Brokke2:44.39aMillard West
10.10Lindsey Pfender2:44.64aBellevue East
11.11Jill McInnis2:44.96aMillard North
12.9Anna Eckstrom2:45.60aOmaha Burke
13.12Rebecca Hammock2:46.41aOmaha North
14.11Ashley Circo2:50.61aMillard North
15.10Nakita Brewer3:07.95aOmaha North
16.11Alexis Theadore3:19.86aBellevue East
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Laura Peterson2:33.5Millard North
11Kellie Higginson2:37.1Millard North
10Jessica Levinger2:37.3Millard North
11Jill McInnis2:41.2Millard North
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sidney Hirsch5:27.68aMillard West
2.12Katherine Leibel5:40.50aOmaha Westside
3.9Cassidy Tinsley5:47.96aOmaha Burke
4.9Maddie Cloonan5:48.86aMillard North
5.10Molly Kroeger5:49.39aOmaha Westside
6.12Anne Prauner5:49.58aOmaha Burke
7.9Elise O'Connor5:54.57aOmaha Burke
8.11Perla Gutierrez6:08.27aOmaha South
9.10Rachel Lechtenberger6:12.79aMillard West
10.9Hanna Hopson6:14.19aMillard North
11.9Allison Wetig6:14.24aMillard North
12.10Andrea Kordik6:21.99aOmaha Westside
13.10Emily Griffin6:32.26aOmaha North
14.10Gracie Manthey6:34.98aMillard West
15.10Kayla Timm6:42.28aOmaha North
16.9Emily Camacho6:57.02aBellevue East
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sidney Hirsch12:00.54aMillard West
2.10Jessie Drelicharz12:20.78aMillard West
3.12Laura Peterson12:27.54aMillard North
4.12Anne Prauner12:31.52aOmaha Burke
5.10Sophie Cemaj12:34.45aOmaha Westside
6.9Cassidy Tinsley12:41.88aOmaha Burke
7.10Jessica Levinger12:46.63aMillard North
8.9Maddie Cloonan12:46.76aMillard North
9.9Frazier Krugerud13:12.60aMillard West
10.11Perla Gutierrez13:14.48aOmaha South
11.12Emily Sumner13:26.12aOmaha Westside
12.9Sara Braun14:01.36aOmaha Westside
13.10Emily Griffin15:11.26aOmaha North
--9Elise O'ConnorDNFOmaha Burke
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brianna McGhee15.57aOmaha North
2.12Christiana Eltiste15.60aOmaha Westside
3.12Hillary Argyle16.32aMillard North
4.12Lauren Baird16.68aMillard West
5.12Lexi Guhl16.90aMillard North
6.11Morgan Hopkins16.90aMillard West
7.12Brittany Tweedy17.45aOmaha Westside
8.11Jordan Hopkins17.50aMillard West
9.12Morgan McCann18.21aOmaha Burke
10.11Kaylynn Stubblefield18.94aOmaha Benson
11.11TeChira Logan19.08aOmaha North
12.10Erin Mertz19.91aMillard North
13.12Mariah Davis20.57aOmaha South
14.11Mary Leonard20.72aOmaha Burke
15.9Savannah Brown20.98aOmaha Burke
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Morgan Hopkins47.62aMillard West
2.10Danielle Jones47.77aOmaha North
3.11Jordan Hopkins47.87aMillard West
4.12Hillary Argyle49.11aMillard North
5.10Erin Mertz49.69aMillard North
7.12Brittany Tweedy50.04aOmaha Westside
6.9Maddie Pflug50.43aOmaha Westside
8.11Jasmine Gunter51.22aOmaha North
9.9Hanna Peterson51.41aMillard North
10.11Kaylynn Stubblefield52.70aOmaha Benson
11.12Morgan McCann53.49aOmaha Burke
12.9Savannah Brown55.01aOmaha Burke
13.11Mary Leonard1:00.82aOmaha Burke
--11TeChira LoganDQOmaha North
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bre'unna McCarty
Maia Reynolds
Janesha McGhee
Brianna McGhee
48.66aOmaha North
2.-Edna Johnson
Jessie Pflug
Beth Selling
Christiana Eltiste
51.41aOmaha Westside
3.-Anna Wagemann
Cassie Boston
Lauren Baird
Katie King
51.56aMillard West
4.-Lexi Guhl
Alison Drey
Sydney Shirley
Sydney Vanarsdall
53.87aMillard North
5.-Relay Team 54.46aOmaha Benson
6.-Brittany Demke
Kathryn VonKerens
Rachelle Daigle
Taylor Alongi
54.72aOmaha Burke
X 4x100 Relay - Weight - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:02.29aOmaha Burke
2.-Relay Team 1:02.32aBellevue East
3.-Lauryn Besack
Rina Morris
Aaliyah Pete
Maddie Besack
1:05.13aMillard North
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brianna McGhee
Nakita Brewer
Dominique Brewer
Janesha McGhee
4:07.59aOmaha North
2.-Anna Wagemann
Ashley Schlaepfer
Cassie Boston
Sara Brandt
4:12.37aMillard West
3.-Payton Gaines
Brittany Demke
Hannah Holst
Angela Berry
4:18.73aOmaha Burke
4.-Hillary Argyle
Jestine Rands
Jessica Watts
Kellie Higginson
4:22.53aMillard North
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Payton Gaines
Hannah Holst
Cassidy Tinsley
Angela Berry
10:22.81aOmaha Burke
2.-Shelby Tucker
Cassie Boston
Whitney Leichner
Ashley Schlaepfer
10:22.95aMillard West
3.-Olivia Loh
McKenzie Braun
Marrisa Eltiste
Lindsey Block
10:26.16aOmaha Westside
4.-Jessica Levinger
Kellie Higginson
Jill McInnis
Laura Peterson
10:29.05aMillard North
5.-Mallary Weingaertner
Rebecca Hammock
Kayla Timm
Nakita Brewer
11:07.57aOmaha North
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber Lutmer42-06.50Millard West
2.9Aaliyah Pete36-02.00Millard North
3.10Michelle Wallerstedt36-01.00Omaha Burke
4.10Bobbi Peters34-01.00Millard West
5.10Kelcy Sorensen33-05.50Omaha Burke
6.12Maddie Besack33-00.50Millard North
7.11Courtney Wulff32-08.25Omaha North
8.11Eden Moore32-05.25Omaha Westside
9.12Megan Brougham31-01.00Omaha Bryan
10.10Janice McGrary30-11.00Omaha Benson
11.9Jessica Vernon30-04.50Bellevue East
12.11Rina Morris29-10.50Millard North
13.10Talayah Dawson29-08.00Omaha Benson
14.10Kelsey Snedaker29-06.50Millard West
15.10India Peoples29-05.50Omaha Benson
16.11Ciara Carter29-02.75Bellevue East
17.10Falysa Cannon28-06.00Omaha Westside
18.10Chanese Brathwaite26-03.00Omaha North
19.11Kassandra Jordan26-02.50Omaha North
20.9Mckenzie Barriere25-08.75Bellevue East
21.10Sam Hoffman23-05.00Omaha Burke
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michelle Wallerstedt135-02Omaha Burke
2.12Amber Lutmer129-07Millard West
3.12Maddie Besack122-01Millard North
4.9Aaliyah Pete116-10Millard North
5.9Shelby Quinn106-07Bellevue East
6.9Jessica Vernon91-05Bellevue East
7.10Kelcy Sorensen90-09Omaha Burke
8.11Theresa Curley90-04Millard West
9.11Courtney Wulff84-09Omaha North
10.11Rina Morris81-05Millard North
11.10Talayah Dawson77-01Omaha Benson
12.9Mckenzie Barriere76-02Bellevue East
13.10Janice McGrary75-05Omaha Benson
14.9Kelsey Schorsch74-01Omaha Burke
15.10Bobbi Peters73-08Millard West
16.10India Peoples71-07Omaha Benson
17.10Chandler Hunter57-08Omaha North
--12Megan BroughamNDOmaha Bryan
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elizabeth Diffey5-04.00Omaha Westside
2.11Jordan Hopkins5-03.00Millard West
3.10Danielle Jones4-10.00Omaha North
3.12Janesha McGhee4-10.00Omaha North
3.10Taylor Alongi4-10.00Omaha Burke
6.11Morgan Hopkins4-10.00Millard West
7.9Taylor Burbage4-08.00Bellevue East
8.9Talia Wood4-08.00Millard North
9.12Bradie Benjamin4-08.00Omaha Westside
10.12Molly Jeffries4-06.00Millard North
10.10Morgan Lambert4-06.00Millard West
10.9Nina Tucker4-06.00Omaha Burke
--10Stephanie HansenNHOmaha Westside
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Julie Pengilly8-06.00Millard West
2.12Rachelle Daigle8-06.00Omaha Burke
3.11Chelsie Brown8-00.00Bellevue East
4.11Kayla McMahon8-00.00Millard North
5.9Brittany Demke8-00.00Omaha Burke
6.11Reilly Jorgensen7-06.00Millard North
7.10Samantha Milos7-00.00Bellevue East
8.10Lauryn Besack7-00.00Millard North
11Taylar Schwieger0'0Millard West
--11Taylar SchwiegerNHMillard West
--9Breanna HeffingerNHOmaha Burke
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Stevens16-11.00Bellevue East
2.12Lauren Baird16-11.00Millard West
3.12Hillary Argyle16-04.00Millard North
4.11TeChira Logan15-10.50Omaha North
5.12Morgan Swanson15-08.75Millard West
6.9Whitney Schmidt15-04.00Millard North
7.12Savannah Nabity15-04.00Millard North
8.9Maddie Pflug15-03.75Omaha Westside
9.10Kamara Avant15-03.25Omaha North
10.10Adamma Izu15-03.00Omaha Burke
11.12Anna Antonio15-02.25Millard West
12.10Taylor Alongi15-01.25Omaha Burke
13.10Jessie Pflug15-00.75Omaha Westside
14.9Olivia Baker14-09.00Omaha Westside
15.10Kathryn VonKerens14-02.25Omaha Burke
16.11Candice Collins8-10.25Omaha Benson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Baird34-09.00Millard West
2.10Danielle Jones34-03.50Omaha North
3.11Mallary Weingaertner33-11.00Omaha North
4.12Morgan Swanson33-03.00Millard West
5.10Adamma Izu32-10.50Omaha Burke
6.12DaRion Archie32-10.50Omaha North
7.12Anna Antonio32-09.00Millard West
8.10Kathryn VonKerens31-10.00Omaha Burke
9.12Breanna Buford31-05.50Omaha Benson
10.12Jessica Watts30-11.50Millard North
11.10Sammi Maurosek30-02.00Omaha Burke
12.10Eleishia Bibbs29-03.00Omaha Benson
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