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CTMSL Championship

Friday, May 14, 2010

West Seattle Stadium, Seattle

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tolossa Hassan12.40University Prep
2.8Joseph Siegwald12.50Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Andrew Rickman12.50Cedar Park Christian...
4.7Shane Rhodes12.50Cedar Park Christian...
5.8Joey Hollis13.20Bear Creek
6.8Griffin Stoddard13.60Seattle Academy
7.6Patrick O'Halloran13.70Seattle Academy
8.8Nick DeGrado13.70Shoreline Christian
9.7Stedman Knox13.80Cedar Park Christian...
10.8Kevin Sviridyuk14.00Cedar Park Christian...
10.8Aaron Gordon14.00Bush (Seattle)
12.7Todd Alberda14.10Shoreline Christian
13.8Johnny Harman14.20Bush (Seattle)
14.8Jack Aydelott14.30Shoreline Christian
14.7Spencer Laube14.30Seattle Academy
16.6Htet Mundt14.40Cedar Park Christian...
16.6Ian McManus14.40Seattle Academy
18.7Jacob Gutheil14.50Cedar Park Christian...
19.6Adam Phelan14.60Seattle Academy
20.6Rowan Parmenter14.70Cedar Park Christian...
21.7Jack Cook14.90Bellevue Christian
21.7Nate Wilcox14.90Bush (Seattle)
23.6Liam Barry15.10Seattle Academy
24.6Daniel Gordon15.20Bush (Seattle)
25.7Max Milner15.30Cedar Park Christian...
26.6Luke Poling15.60Bear Creek
26.6Andrew Ray15.60Bear Creek
26.8Reid Crichton15.60Shoreline Christian
26.7Mason Easley15.60Bear Creek
30.8Joel Van der giessen15.90Shoreline Christian
31.7Sid Callaghan16.00Seattle Academy
32.6Ryan Loudenback16.30Bear Creek
33.6Michael Ollee16.50University Prep
34.8James Weber16.70Shoreline Christian
35.6Devon Dickerson17.00Shoreline Christian
36.6Alex Bakker17.20Shoreline Christian
37.6Tyrell Bonner17.60Shoreline Christian
38.6Michael Ruiter17.90Shoreline Christian
39.7Michael Dougherty18.00Bellevue Christian
39.6Jake Glover18.00Cedar Park Christian...
41.6Jack Reilly18.30Bear Creek
42.6Rahul Ralhan19.10Bear Creek
7Ricky HatateDNSBellevue Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tolossa Hassan24.90University Prep
2.8Andrew Rickman25.40Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Joseph Siegwald25.50Cedar Park Christian...
4.7Shane Rhodes25.80Cedar Park Christian...
5.8Griffin Stoddard27.40Seattle Academy
6.8Eamon O'Leary27.70Seattle Academy
7.7Bennett Close28.20Bellevue Christian
8.8Aaron Gordon28.50Bush (Seattle)
9.8Javier Titus28.50Bush (Seattle)
10.6Rowan Parmenter29.70Cedar Park Christian...
11.7Todd Alberda29.80Shoreline Christian
12.6Vaughn Tisdel31.40Cedar Park Christian...
13.6Daniel Gordon32.10Bush (Seattle)
14.7Max Milner33.10Cedar Park Christian...
15.6Andrew Ray33.90Bear Creek
16.6Ryan Loudenback36.10Bear Creek
17.8James Weber36.20Shoreline Christian
18.7Nate Richards36.90Shoreline Christian
19.8Alex Sutherland37.00Shoreline Christian
20.6Henry Johnson42.20Bear Creek
21.6Rahul Ralhan42.50Bear Creek
8Jack AydelottDNSShoreline Christian
7Ricky HatateDNSBellevue Christian
7Justin HathawayDNSBellevue Christian
8Atticus ShantzDNSSeattle Academy
8Reid CrichtonDNSShoreline Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tolossa Hassan56.40University Prep
2.7Alex Corff1:01.10Bush (Seattle)
3.8Eamon O'Leary1:01.90Seattle Academy
4.7Ben Mayer1:02.70Cedar Park Christian...
5.7Bennett Close1:03.80Bellevue Christian
6.8Kevin Sviridyuk1:05.60Cedar Park Christian...
7.7Alex Cody1:07.20Bear Creek
8.6Ian McManus1:07.30Seattle Academy
9.6Rowan Parmenter1:07.90Cedar Park Christian...
10.6Liam Barry1:10.00Seattle Academy
11.6Adam Phelan1:10.20Seattle Academy
12.6John Lee1:12.40Bear Creek
13.8David Rowe1:13.90Cedar Park Christian...
14.7Justin Hathaway1:17.60Bellevue Christian
15.6Nathan Smith1:20.70University Prep
16.6Henry Johnson1:22.80Bear Creek
17.6Jack Reilly1:23.60Bear Creek
8Aaron GordonDNSBush (Seattle)
8Rhys RichardsonDNSBush (Seattle)
8Javier TitusDNSBush (Seattle)
7Nate RichardsDNSShoreline Christian
7Keshav UmmatDNSBush (Seattle)
8Nick DeGradoDNSShoreline Christian
7Ryan MillerDNSBellevue Christian
6Tyrell BonnerDNSShoreline Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nate Lundberg2:21.70Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Javier Titus2:22.30Bush (Seattle)
3.8Caleb Bonner2:23.40Shoreline Christian
4.7Brandon Claudon2:27.40Cedar Park Christian...
5.8Ira Fleming2:28.40University Prep
6.7Sam Kopf2:34.40University Prep
7.7Alex Corff2:39.30Bush (Seattle)
8.8Jonathan Lampel2:40.20Cedar Park Christian...
9.8Kevin Sviridyuk2:42.50Cedar Park Christian...
10.6Ryan King2:45.00Cedar Park Christian...
11.8Jacob Landis2:45.40Cedar Park Christian...
12.7Hugo Hansen2:49.00University Prep
13.7Alex Cody2:53.40Bear Creek
14.7Tom Dill2:56.60Cedar Park Christian...
15.6Jason Vassallo2:59.50University Prep
16.7Sam Beaver3:09.60Bear Creek
17.6Conner Bartee3:13.50Cedar Park Christian...
8Rhys RichardsonDNSBush (Seattle)
7Keshav UmmatDNSBush (Seattle)
7Jordan MarkezichDNSBellevue Christian
8James WiermanDNSCedar Park Christian...
8Akio NamiokaDNSCedar Park Christian...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Caleb Bonner5:09.80Shoreline Christian
2.7Sam Kopf5:14.10University Prep
3.8Akio Namioka5:17.60Cedar Park Christian...
4.8Ira Fleming5:20.90University Prep
5.7Alex Corff5:26.30Bush (Seattle)
6.8David Kvasyuk5:46.30Cedar Park Christian...
7.6Ryan King5:47.90Cedar Park Christian...
8.6Max Gregg5:54.20University Prep
9.7Jordan Markezich6:04.30Bellevue Christian
10.7Tom Dill6:11.90Cedar Park Christian...
11.6Tyrell Bonner6:19.60Shoreline Christian
12.7Sam Beaver6:23.50Bear Creek
13.8James Wierman6:27.10Cedar Park Christian...
14.7Nate Richards6:52.90Shoreline Christian
7Keshav UmmatDNSBush (Seattle)
7Matthew RanneyDNSBellevue Christian
7David ReynoldsDNSBellevue Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Griffin Stoddard15.30Seattle Academy
2.8Isaac McCroskey17.80Shoreline Christian
3.7Ricky Hatate19.60Bellevue Christian
4.8Aaron Gordon19.70Bush (Seattle)
5.7Isaac Ensz19.90Shoreline Christian
6.7Brandon Claudon20.10Cedar Park Christian...
7.7Ben Lee21.80Bear Creek
8.7Sid Callaghan23.20Seattle Academy
7Nate WilcoxDNSBush (Seattle)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Rickman
Akio Namioka
Christopher Yang
Joe Siegwald
50.70Cedar Park Christian...
2.-Aaron Gordon
Johnny Harman
Rhys Richardson
Javier Titus
54.40Bush (Seattle)
3.-Ian McManus
Patrick O'Halloran
Spencer Laube
Eamon O'Leary
55.20Seattle Academy
4.-Ben Mayer
Stedman Knox
Jacob Gutheil
Shane Rhodes
55.70Cedar Park Christian...
5.-Jack Aydelott
Nick DeGrado
Isaac McCroskey
Todd Alberda
56.70Shoreline Christian
6.-Bennett Close
Jack Cook
Hatate Ricky
Ryan Miller
58.20Bellevue Christian
7.-Alex Cody
Ben Lee
Andrew Ray
Joey Hollis
1:00.70Bear Creek
8.-Ryan King
Rowan Parmenter
Htet Mundt
Vaughn Tisdel
1:00.80Cedar Park Christian...
9.-Mason Easley
Ryan Loudenback
Luke Poling
John Lee
1:05.80Bear Creek
10.-Max Gregg
Michael Ollee
Jason Vassallo
Nathan Smith
1:06.50University Prep
11.-Alex Bakker
Isaiah Hannafious
Michael Ruiter
Devon Dickerson
1:10.80Shoreline Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Akio Namioka
Joe Siegwald
Christopher Yang
Andrew Rickman
1:47.90Cedar Park Christian...
2.-Patrick O'Halloran
Ian McManus
Eamon O'Leary
Spencer Laube
1:55.60Seattle Academy
3.-Stedman Knox
Max Milner
Shane Rhodes
Jacob Gutheil
2:01.90Cedar Park Christian...
4.-Alex Cody
John Lee
Mason Easley
Joey Hollis
2:08.70Bear Creek
5.-Nate Lee
Sid Callaghan
Liam Barry
Adam Phelan
2:17.40Seattle Academy
6.-Rowan Parmenter
Conner Bartee
Ryan King
Jake Glover
2:20.70Cedar Park Christian...
7.-Henry Johnson
Luke Poling
Jack Reilly
Sam Beaver
2:31.60Bear Creek
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Christopher Yang37-06.25Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Caleb Bonner34-05.00Shoreline Christian
3.6Vaughn Tisdel29-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
4.8Reid Crichton29-01.00Shoreline Christian
5.6Zane Hearon26-01.00Cedar Park Christian...
6.8Ira Fleming25-11.50University Prep
7.7Jordan Markezich25-09.00Bellevue Christian
8.7Justin Hathaway25-00.00Bellevue Christian
9.7Michael Dougherty24-06.00Bellevue Christian
10.7Nate Lee23-05.00Seattle Academy
11.6Isaiah Hannafious21-04.50Shoreline Christian
12.6Rahul Ralhan19-03.50Bear Creek
13.8Garrett Parker17-08.00Cedar Park Christian...
14.8Alex Sutherland17-04.00Shoreline Christian
15.7Nate Richards15-03.00Shoreline Christian
8James WiermanDNSCedar Park Christian...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Christopher Yang94-08Cedar Park Christian...
2.8Atticus Shantz91-08Seattle Academy
3.6Htet Mundt70-02Cedar Park Christian...
4.7Mason Easley69-08Bear Creek
5.6Henry Johnson68-11Bear Creek
6.8Jacob Landis68-09Cedar Park Christian...
7.7Nate Wilcox66-03Bush (Seattle)
8.7Justin Hathaway56-01Bellevue Christian
9.8James Wierman54-11Cedar Park Christian...
10.7Michael Dougherty53-07Bellevue Christian
11.7Matthew Ranney53-01Bellevue Christian
12.8Jonathan Lampel53-00Cedar Park Christian...
13.8Joel Van der giessen52-10Shoreline Christian
14.6Zane Hearon52-06Cedar Park Christian...
15.6Vaughn Tisdel51-07Cedar Park Christian...
16.7Jordan Markezich50-07Bellevue Christian
17.6John Lee49-10Bear Creek
18.6Rahul Ralhan45-07Bear Creek
19.8Garrett Parker45-03Cedar Park Christian...
20.7Nate Lee42-08Seattle Academy
21.6Ryan King38-08Cedar Park Christian...
22.6Jack Reilly34-05Bear Creek
7David ReynoldsDNSBellevue Christian
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.7Jack Cook128-05Bellevue Christian
2.8Ira Fleming110-01University Prep
3.7Nate Wilcox109-00Bush (Seattle)
4.8Isaac McCroskey89-10Shoreline Christian
5.8Johnny Harman85-06Bush (Seattle)
6.8Caleb Bonner83-10Shoreline Christian
7.8Nick DeGrado78-05Shoreline Christian
8.8Reid Crichton73-10Shoreline Christian
9.8Joel Van der giessen71-05Shoreline Christian
10.6Isaiah Hannafious67-10Shoreline Christian
11.7Nate Richards67-06Shoreline Christian
12.6Conner Bartee63-05Cedar Park Christian...
13.7Jacob Gutheil62-03Cedar Park Christian...
14.7Matthew Ranney61-04Bellevue Christian
15.6Tyrell Bonner60-11Shoreline Christian
16.7Sam Kopf59-01University Prep
17.7Max Milner58-00Cedar Park Christian...
18.6Devon Dickerson56-00Shoreline Christian
19.7Isaac Ensz55-08Shoreline Christian
20.7Hugo Hansen44-04University Prep
21.6Jason Vassallo43-11University Prep
22.6Alex Bakker43-01Shoreline Christian
23.6Michael Ollee38-09University Prep
24.6Michael Ruiter38-03Shoreline Christian
8David RoweNDCedar Park Christian...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Javier Titus5-03.00Bush (Seattle)
2.8Atticus Shantz4-10.00Seattle Academy
3.6Htet Mundt4-04.00Cedar Park Christian...
4.7Stedman Knox4-02.00Cedar Park Christian...
5.7Brandon Claudon4-00.00Cedar Park Christian...
6.8Joey Hollis4-00.00Bear Creek
7.7Ben Lee4-00.00Bear Creek
8.7Nate Lee3-10.00Seattle Academy
8.7Isaac Ensz3-10.00Shoreline Christian
10.6Adam Phelan3-08.00Seattle Academy
11.8James Wierman3-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
7Jack CookDNSBellevue Christian
8Rath MundtDNSCedar Park Christian...
7Mason EasleyDNSBear Creek
6Jake GloverNHCedar Park Christian...
8Nathan SmithNHCedar Park Christian...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tolossa Hassan16-08.50University Prep
2.6Patrick O'Halloran15-00.00Seattle Academy
3.8Joseph Siegwald14-10.00Cedar Park Christian...
4.7Stedman Knox14-10.00Cedar Park Christian...
5.8Javier Titus14-01.50Bush (Seattle)
6.8Christopher Yang13-11.50Cedar Park Christian...
7.6Htet Mundt13-10.50Cedar Park Christian...
8.7Alex Cody13-03.50Bear Creek
9.6Andrew Ray12-11.00Bear Creek
10.6Michael Ollee12-10.00University Prep
11.7Todd Alberda12-08.50Shoreline Christian
12.8Isaac McCroskey12-08.00Shoreline Christian
13.8Joey Hollis12-08.00Bear Creek
14.7Isaac Ensz11-11.50Shoreline Christian
15.6Jake Glover11-08.50Cedar Park Christian...
16.7Ben Lee11-07.50Bear Creek
17.6Ryan Loudenback11-04.00Bear Creek
18.6Luke Poling11-00.50Bear Creek
19.6Tyrell Bonner10-08.00Shoreline Christian
20.6Alex Bakker10-05.00Shoreline Christian
21.7Hugo Hansen10-03.00University Prep
22.6Devon Dickerson10-01.50Shoreline Christian
23.7Sam Beaver9-07.50Bear Creek
24.8Alex Sutherland9-03.00Shoreline Christian
24.6Jason Vassallo9-03.00University Prep
26.8James Weber9-01.50Shoreline Christian
27.6Liam Barry8-02.50Seattle Academy
7Spencer LaubeDNSSeattle Academy
7David ReynoldsDNSBellevue Christian
7Bennett CloseDNSBellevue Christian
7Ryan MillerDNSBellevue Christian
8Ben AndersonDNSCedar Park Christian...
8Jonathan LampelDNSCedar Park Christian...
8David RoweDNSCedar Park Christian...
7Tom DillDNSCedar Park Christian...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Olivia Thomson13.50University Prep
2.7Ashley Driscoll13.60Shoreline Christian
3.7Madeline Lewis13.80Seattle Academy
4.7Andrea Zenger13.90Shoreline Christian
5.8Linnea Soo13.90University Prep
6.6Annie Cohen14.00University Prep
7.7Caroline Aydelott14.10Shoreline Christian
8.7Dalia Wellens14.10Seattle Academy
9.7Emma Taylor14.20Bellevue Christian
9.8Alissa Soo14.20University Prep
11.8Karley Sand14.30Cedar Park Christian...
12.7Wynnie Newton14.40University Prep
13.8Megan Johnson14.70Cedar Park Christian...
14.7Erica Ng14.80University Prep
14.8Hannah Remington14.80Cedar Park Christian...
16.7Julia Scambray14.90Bear Creek
17.7Whitney Isbell15.00Bear Creek
18.7Rachel Sohlstrom15.10Bellevue Christian
19.7Maddie Lee15.20Seattle Academy
20.7Eve Belleu15.30Seattle Academy
20.6Mara Riley15.30Seattle Academy
22.8Megan Harry15.50Cedar Park Christian...
22.8Alex Vander Weide15.50Bear Creek
24.7Esa Tilija15.70University Prep
24.8Gianna Pagano15.70Seattle Academy
24.6Tally Clark15.70Bush (Seattle)
27.6Ellie Madwed15.80University Prep
27.8Elizabeth Smith15.80Bear Creek
29.7Marisa Secreto15.90Cedar Park Christian...
29.6Tara Gorstein15.90Bush (Seattle)
31.6Kaitlin Bushfield16.00University Prep
32.6Mallory Fortier16.10Bear Creek
32.7Madeline McCauslan16.10Cedar Park Christian...
34.7Marnie Hancock16.40Bellevue Christian
35.7Deanna Ly16.50Bush (Seattle)
35.7Rachel Burch16.50Bear Creek
37.7Laura Friemel16.60Bellevue Christian
38.6Ren Freligh16.70Cedar Park Christian...
39.7Annika Hoeim17.00Bear Creek
40.8Abigail DeKoekkoek17.10Shoreline Christian
40.6Hattie Wilson17.10Cedar Park Christian...
42.8Holly Ray17.20Bear Creek
42.8Meghan Hanrahan17.20Seattle Academy
44.6Hannah Siegwald17.40Cedar Park Christian...
45.8Seray Savrun17.50University Prep
46.6Madison Sitzmann17.80Cedar Park Christian...
47.8Erin Alleva18.20Bear Creek
48.6Kylie Jones18.90Shoreline Christian
6Kestrel GehrDNSShoreline Christian
7Paloma PinedaDNSBush (Seattle)
7Lena Farr-MorrisseyDNSBush (Seattle)
6Claire MaoDNSUniversity Prep
7Elsa NaderDNSBush (Seattle)
6Ashley SiebenbaumDNSCedar Park Christian...
7Sarah ReeveDNSUniversity Prep
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Caracol Haley27.20University Prep
2.8Olivia Thomson27.80University Prep
3.7Ashley Driscoll29.70Shoreline Christian
4.7Jessie Kirker30.30Bear Creek
5.7Erica Ng30.80University Prep
6.6Mara Riley31.20Seattle Academy
7.7Eve Belleu31.20Seattle Academy
8.8Jacquelyn Archey31.30Bear Creek
9.7Whitney Isbell31.50Bear Creek
10.6Mia Niikkonen31.80Bear Creek
11.8Madison Parmenter31.90Cedar Park Christian...
12.7Nina Roberts32.00Cedar Park Christian...
13.7Julia Delaney32.10Seattle Academy
14.7Emmeline Pearson32.30Bush (Seattle)
15.7Esa Tilija32.40University Prep
15.6Annie Cohen32.40University Prep
17.6Ellie Madwed32.50University Prep
18.6Tara Gorstein33.32Bush (Seattle)
18.7Sophie Downs33.32Bush (Seattle)
20.7Sydney Bloch33.40Bellevue Christian
21.8Megan Harry33.70Cedar Park Christian...
22.7Madeline McCauslan33.80Cedar Park Christian...
23.7Annika Hoeim33.90Bear Creek
24.7Catie Holmes34.10Bellevue Christian
25.7Bella Feinstein34.80Seattle Academy
25.8Claire Kristiansen34.80Cedar Park Christian...
27.6Kylie Jones36.50Shoreline Christian
6Ashley SiebenbaumDNSCedar Park Christian...
8Alissa SooDNSUniversity Prep
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Caracol Haley1:04.30University Prep
2.8Mikayla Massad1:06.20Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Mckenzie Mills1:07.00Cedar Park Christian...
4.7Claire Fahlman1:07.30Bush (Seattle)
5.7Grace Shapiro1:09.00Seattle Academy
6.7Eve Belleu1:10.50Seattle Academy
7.6Mia Niikkonen1:11.00Bear Creek
8.7Victoria Kvasyuk1:11.80Cedar Park Christian...
9.6Ellie Madwed1:13.70University Prep
10.7Aleena Murray1:14.80Bellevue Christian
10.7Emmeline Pearson1:14.80Bush (Seattle)
12.6Tally Clark1:14.90Bush (Seattle)
13.7Bella Feinstein1:16.40Seattle Academy
14.6Emily Isomura1:16.50Cedar Park Christian...
15.8Gianna Pagano1:16.80Seattle Academy
16.6Abby Spangler1:17.10Seattle Academy
17.7Dalia Wellens1:18.00Seattle Academy
18.6Camille Moore1:18.40Bush (Seattle)
19.6Tara Gorstein1:19.90Bush (Seattle)
20.8Sophia Schwartz1:20.00Seattle Academy
21.6Lexi Walters1:27.50Cedar Park Christian...
22.6Emily Billbe1:37.00Shoreline Christian
22.7Annika Hoeim1:37.00Bear Creek
7Megan WurdenDNSBear Creek
6Mallory FortierDNSBear Creek
6Lillie AtkinsDNSSeattle Academy
7Sophie DownsDNSBush (Seattle)
7Lena Farr-MorrisseyDNSBush (Seattle)
7Paloma PinedaDNSBush (Seattle)
7Ashley OsbornDNSBellevue Christian
6Lily Peet-MartelDNSSeattle Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Audrey Western2:33.30University Prep
2.8Kaitlynn Isomura2:44.80Cedar Park Christian...
3.7Claire Fahlman2:49.90Bush (Seattle)
4.8Emily Strathy2:52.10Shoreline Christian
5.8Sophie Brooks2:53.50Seattle Academy
6.8Priya Uppal2:54.60University Prep
7.6Abby Spangler2:55.30Seattle Academy
8.8Rachel Kirk2:59.30Cedar Park Christian...
9.7Caryn Ausenhus3:07.10Bellevue Christian
10.6Hannah Siegwald3:07.80Cedar Park Christian...
11.6Brianna Christiansen3:08.60Cedar Park Christian...
12.7Claire Malarkey3:09.40University Prep
13.8Sydney Parker3:10.20Cedar Park Christian...
14.6Lillie Atkins3:12.90Seattle Academy
15.6Camille Moore3:13.20Bush (Seattle)
16.8Anja Beard3:13.60University Prep
17.8Madeline Ferry3:15.50University Prep
18.7Marisa Secreto3:16.70Cedar Park Christian...
19.6Lily Peet-Martel3:20.30Seattle Academy
20.7Megan Wurden3:33.50Bear Creek
21.6Katherine Thomas3:44.80University Prep
8Elizabeth SmithDNSBear Creek
7Wynnie NewtonDNSUniversity Prep
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Audrey Western5:17.70University Prep
2.7India Jencks6:00.80University Prep
3.6Camille Moore6:01.80Bush (Seattle)
4.6Abby Spangler6:03.00Seattle Academy
5.6Kai Milici6:20.40University Prep
6.8Rachel Kirk6:24.20Cedar Park Christian...
7.8Kelsey Sandberg6:38.10Cedar Park Christian...
8.8Taylor Green6:41.30Cedar Park Christian...
9.8Erin Alleva6:46.40Bear Creek
10.6Lily Peet-Martel6:50.90Seattle Academy
11.8Sydney Parker6:58.70Cedar Park Christian...
12.6Lillie Atkins7:03.20Seattle Academy
13.8Kaylie Milano7:17.00Cedar Park Christian...
14.8Kathryn Patz7:34.50University Prep
15.6Emily Billbe7:55.70Shoreline Christian
7Erin SmithDNSBellevue Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Annie Rorick17.40Seattle Academy
2.7Grace Shapiro17.80Seattle Academy
3.8Alana Saladino18.60Seattle Academy
4.8Olivia Tillinghast18.80Bear Creek
5.7Julia Delaney19.50Seattle Academy
6.7Julia Scambray19.60Bear Creek
7.7Andrea Zenger19.60Shoreline Christian
8.7Sydney Bloch19.70Bellevue Christian
9.8Emily Strathy20.00Shoreline Christian
10.7Caryn Ausenhus21.30Bellevue Christian
11.8Michelle Mayer21.40Cedar Park Christian...
12.7Deanna Ly22.20Bush (Seattle)
6Angelique YangDNSCedar Park Christian...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kaitlin Bushfield
Kathryn Patz
Kai Milici
Linnea Soo
54.70University Prep
2.-Sophie Brooks
Alana Saladino
Annie Rorick
Sophia Schwartz
56.80Seattle Academy
3.-Mikayla Massad
Mckenzie Mills
Madison Parmenter
Karley Sand
58.30Cedar Park Christian...
4.-Maddie Lee
Madeline Lewis
Grace Shapiro
Mara Riley
58.50Seattle Academy
5.-Elizabeth Smith
Olivia Tillinghast
Julia Scambray
Alex Vander Weide
59.70Bear Creek
6.-Rachel Burch
Jessie Kirker
Whitney Isbell
Jacquelyn Archey
1:00.00Bear Creek
7.-Claire Fahlman
Emmeline Pearson
Paloma Pineda
Sophie Downs
1:00.30Bush (Seattle)
8.-Megan Johnson
Michelle Mayer
Rachel Kirk
Megan Harry
1:00.70Cedar Park Christian...
9.-Rachel Sohlstrom
Emma Taylor
Aleena Murray
Catie Holmes
1:01.30Bellevue Christian
10.-Emily Strathy
Ashley Driscoll
Andrea Zenger
Caroline Aydelott
1:01.80Shoreline Christian
11.-Marisa Secreto
Victoria Kvasyuk
Nina Roberts
Ashley Siebenbaum
1:03.70Cedar Park Christian...
12.-Emily Isomura
Hannah Siegwald
Hattie Wilson
Madeline McCauslan
1:04.80Cedar Park Christian...
13.-Relay Team 1:06.20University Prep
14.-Emma Jung
Sydney Bloch
Laura Friemel
Marnie Hancock
1:07.30Bellevue Christian
15.-Holly Ray
Megan Wurden
Erin Alleva
Mia Niikkonen
1:08.20Bear Creek
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sophie Brooks
Alana Saladino
Annie Rorick
Sophia Schwartz
1:59.60Seattle Academy
2.-Mikayla Massad
Madison Parmenter
Mckenzie Mills
Karley Sand
2:01.90Cedar Park Christian...
3.-Erica Ng
Esa Tilija
Claire Mao
Madeline Ferry
2:02.20University Prep
4.-Taylor Green
Kaylie Milano
Michelle Mayer
Kaitlynn Isomura
2:07.40Cedar Park Christian...
5.-Julia Delaney
Maddie Lee
Grace Shapiro
Madeline Lewis
2:08.40Seattle Academy
6.-Jacquelyn Archey
Alex Vander Weide
Julia Scambray
Olivia Tillinghast
2:09.10Bear Creek
7.-Caryn Ausenhus
Catie Holmes
Aleena Murray
Emma Taylor
2:14.70Bellevue Christian
8.-Lena Farr-Morrissey
Deanna Ly
Tally Clark
Elsa Nader
2:14.80Bush (Seattle)
9.-Ren Freligh
Angelique Yang
Madison Sitzmann
Brianna Christiansen
2:16.10Cedar Park Christian...
10.-Relay Team 2:19.50University Prep
11.-Relay Team 2:20.70University Prep
12.-Whitney Isbell
Mia Niikkonen
Jessie Kirker
Rachel Burch
2:30.80Bear Creek
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Meghan Hanrahan30-05.00Seattle Academy
2.8Jacquelyn Archey28-00.75Bear Creek
3.8Michelle Mayer27-03.50Cedar Park Christian...
4.7Rachel Sohlstrom26-06.00Bellevue Christian
5.8Holly Ray26-04.00Bear Creek
6.8Kelsey Sandberg25-02.00Cedar Park Christian...
7.8Gianna Pagano24-08.50Seattle Academy
8.8Hannah Remington24-02.00Cedar Park Christian...
9.7Marnie Hancock23-04.00Bellevue Christian
10.8Anja Beard23-03.50University Prep
11.8Abigail DeKoekkoek21-02.00Shoreline Christian
12.8Emily Strathy21-00.00Shoreline Christian
12.8Taylor Green21-00.00Cedar Park Christian...
14.8Erin Alleva20-09.00Bear Creek
15.8Veronica Leonardi20-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
16.8Sophia Schwartz19-11.00Seattle Academy
16.7Dalia Wellens19-11.00Seattle Academy
18.8Madeline Ferry19-08.50University Prep
19.7Emma Jung19-06.75Bellevue Christian
20.7Jordan Lui18-09.50Seattle Academy
21.7Jo Nordoff-Beard17-08.00University Prep
22.7Megan Wurden14-06.50Bear Creek
23.7Caroline Aydelott12-01.50Shoreline Christian
8Frances DonnelDNSCedar Park Christian...
6Ellie MadwedDNSUniversity Prep
7Ashley OsbornDNSBellevue Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Meghan Hanrahan69-05Seattle Academy
2.8Michelle Mayer64-08Cedar Park Christian...
3.7Nina Roberts63-08Cedar Park Christian...
4.8Holly Ray57-09Bear Creek
5.6Angelique Yang43-00Cedar Park Christian...
6.6Mia Niikkonen33-09Bear Creek
7.7Emma Jung27-11Bellevue Christian
8Frances DonnelDNSCedar Park Christian...
8Gianna PaganoDNSSeattle Academy
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.7Rachel Sohlstrom71-02Bellevue Christian
2.7Nina Roberts68-04Cedar Park Christian...
3.8Anja Beard56-09University Prep
4.7Catie Holmes53-08Bellevue Christian
5.8Caracol Haley47-05University Prep
6.8Meghan Hanrahan46-04Seattle Academy
7.8Priya Uppal45-01University Prep
8.8Seray Savrun44-09University Prep
9.6Hattie Wilson44-00Cedar Park Christian...
10.6Emily Billbe39-02Shoreline Christian
11.7Laura Friemel35-02Bellevue Christian
12.8Kathryn Patz32-11University Prep
13.8Linnea Soo29-02University Prep
14.7Jo Nordoff-Beard28-06University Prep
15.6Kylie Jones26-07Shoreline Christian
16.7Wynnie Newton26-00University Prep
17.7Caroline Aydelott23-10Shoreline Christian
18.6Katherine Thomas20-11University Prep
8Megan JohnsonDNSCedar Park Christian...
7Ashley OsbornDNSBellevue Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sophie Brooks4-04.00Seattle Academy
2.8Alana Saladino4-04.00Seattle Academy
3.8Courtney Smith4-02.00Cedar Park Christian...
4.6Mara Riley4-00.00Seattle Academy
5.7Julia Delaney4-00.00Seattle Academy
6.7Erin Smith4-00.00Bellevue Christian
7.7Eve Belleu4-00.00Seattle Academy
8.7Victoria Kvasyuk4-00.00Cedar Park Christian...
9.8Olivia Tillinghast3-08.00Bear Creek
10.6Brianna Christiansen3-06.00Cedar Park Christian...
8Alexis ShirleyNHCedar Park Christian...
8Elizabeth SmithNHBear Creek
7Bella FeinsteinNHSeattle Academy
6Ashley SiebenbaumDNSCedar Park Christian...
8Claire KristiansenNHCedar Park Christian...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Annie Rorick13-11.50Seattle Academy
2.7Rachel Burch12-11.50Bear Creek
3.7Julia Scambray12-09.00Bear Creek
4.7Aleena Murray12-04.00Bellevue Christian
5.8Karley Sand12-03.00Cedar Park Christian...
6.8Courtney Smith12-02.50Cedar Park Christian...
7.7Victoria Kvasyuk12-02.00Cedar Park Christian...
8.7Ashley Driscoll12-01.00Shoreline Christian
9.7Caryn Ausenhus11-08.50Bellevue Christian
10.7Jessie Kirker11-08.00Bear Creek
11.8Alex Vander Weide11-03.00Bear Creek
12.6Emily Isomura11-02.50Cedar Park Christian...
13.7Erica Ng10-10.00University Prep
14.6Hattie Wilson10-09.00Cedar Park Christian...
15.6Mallory Fortier10-08.00Bear Creek
16.7Andrea Zenger9-11.00Shoreline Christian
17.8Abigail DeKoekkoek9-08.00Shoreline Christian
18.6Kaitlin Bushfield9-05.00University Prep
19.7Esa Tilija9-00.00University Prep
19.7Jordan Lui9-00.00Seattle Academy
21.7Annika Hoeim8-09.00Bear Creek
21.7Laura Friemel8-09.00Bellevue Christian
21.6Madison Sitzmann8-09.00Cedar Park Christian...
24.7Robyn Sinclair8-08.00Cedar Park Christian...
25.6Kylie Jones6-02.00Shoreline Christian
8Claire KristiansenDNSCedar Park Christian...
7Emma TaylorDNSBellevue Christian
6Kestrel GehrDNSShoreline Christian
6Angelique YangDNSCedar Park Christian...
7Marnie HancockDNSBellevue Christian
7Sarah ReeveDNSUniversity Prep
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