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Chippewa Hills Warrior Invite

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chippewa Hills, Remus

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Michigan - Division 3
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blair Boussard11.45aMuskegon Mona Shores
2.12Mike McFadden12.20aClare
3.11Tyler Bradshaw12.23aAlma
4.-Elishua Pinegar12.28aMuskegon Mona Shores
5.9Jared Emerson12.43aRemus Chippewa Hills
6.11Taylor Lee12.51aMt. Pleasant
7.10Josh Saunders12.67aMt. Pleasant
8.10Kahlil Richardson12.81aClare
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Blair Boussard11.97aMuskegon Mona Shores
2.11Taylor Lee12.01aMt. Pleasant
3.9Jared Emerson12.25aRemus Chippewa Hills
4.12Mike McFadden12.27aClare
5.-Elishua Pinegar12.28aMuskegon Mona Shores
6.11Tyler Bradshaw12.35aAlma
7.10Josh Saunders12.65aMt. Pleasant
8.10Kahlil Richardson12.82aClare
9.12Lonnie Morrow12.95aRemus Chippewa Hills
10.12Spenser Gutschke12.96aTraverse City West
10.12Devanne Dodgens12.96aRemus Chippewa Hills
12.11Anthony Genia12.97aMt. Pleasant
13.10Chad Duncan12.98aAlma
14.9Royce Johnson13.00aMuskegon Mona Shores
15.10Tyler Fisher13.07aAlma
--11Andrew SchaubNTTraverse City West
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blair Boussard23.03aMuskegon Mona Shores
2.12Mike McFadden24.78aClare
3.11Nick Lewis25.22aAlma
4.10Zac Shafer25.34aTraverse City West
5.12Justin Shady25.48aMuskegon Mona Shores
6.9Latear Dukes26.05aRemus Chippewa Hills
7.11Taylor Lee26.18aMt. Pleasant
--9Vinny CostanzoNTAlma
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Blair Boussard24.76aMuskegon Mona Shores
2.12Mike McFadden24.93aClare
3.12Justin Shady24.94aMuskegon Mona Shores
4.11Nick Lewis24.98aAlma
5.11Taylor Lee25.00aMt. Pleasant
6.10Zac Shafer25.21aTraverse City West
7.9Latear Dukes25.23aRemus Chippewa Hills
8.9Vinny Costanzo25.40aAlma
9.9Jared Emerson25.50aRemus Chippewa Hills
10.9Tyler Johnson25.56aTraverse City West
11.11Brendan Hunn25.66aMt. Pleasant
11.10Ryan Peters25.66aTraverse City West
13.12Devanne Dodgens26.25aRemus Chippewa Hills
14.10Josh Saunders26.26aMt. Pleasant
15.9Zach Crouch26.30aMuskegon Mona Shores
16.10Casey Flood26.50aClare
17.10Justin Tinkham26.97aFremont Providence C...
18.10Tyler Fisher27.15aAlma
--9Mitch GreenacreNTClare
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jake McFadden53.18aClare
2.9Alex Sell54.79aClare
3.11Connor Tribe54.99aMt. Pleasant
4.12Keontre Miskel55.22aMuskegon Mona Shores
5.12Kegan Gibson55.24aAlma
6.12Gunnar Brammer55.58aTraverse City West
7.10Adam Sanchez56.02aAlma
8.10Gabe Lundgren56.09aMuskegon Mona Shores
9.12Jose Urena56.10aRemus Chippewa Hills
10.12Eric Ecker56.86aMt. Pleasant
11.11Andrey Koptelov56.88aMt. Pleasant
12.12Lonnie Morrow57.35aRemus Chippewa Hills
13.9Tyler Johnson57.40aTraverse City West
14.10Kam Hawley59.24aClare
15.9Trent Karcher59.53aRemus Chippewa Hills
16.11Cam Mills1:00.18aTraverse City West
17.10Justin Tinkham1:01.35aFremont Providence C...
18.10Zach Fields1:05.81aMuskegon Mona Shores
--9Vinny CostanzoNTAlma
--11Andrew SchaubNTTraverse City West
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Sackett2:03.29aRemus Chippewa Hills
2.12Ghazey Aleck2:04.13aClare
3.12Roger Uplegger2:06.23aAlma
4.12Ray Innis2:09.66aTraverse City West
5.9Tim DeJong2:10.45aAlma
6.12Desmond Kolean-Burley2:10.98aMuskegon Mona Shores
7.9Lupe Garza2:13.61aAlma
8.11Zach Felton2:15.38aMt. Pleasant
9.10Mark Alvarado2:15.45aRemus Chippewa Hills
10.12Brock Downer2:15.58aTraverse City West
11.9Charles Piatt2:18.01aRemus Chippewa Hills
12.9Anthony Whitehead2:20.69aClare
13.12Travis Loveberry2:21.65aMt. Pleasant
14.11Matt Kulka2:23.04aTraverse City West
15.11Grant Hine2:23.18aMt. Pleasant
16.10Gabe Lundgren2:28.74aMuskegon Mona Shores
17.10Justin Tinkham2:31.33aFremont Providence C...
18.9Brady Dangler2:32.33aClare
19.10Ricky Matthews2:49.08aMuskegon Mona Shores
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ghazey Aleck4:39.15aClare
2.11Sebby Kucera4:40.72aTraverse City West
3.12Matt Laylin4:41.34aTraverse City West
4.12Ryan Nivison4:42.59aClare
5.11Tyler Sackett4:43.07aRemus Chippewa Hills
6.-Salim Al-Shatel4:45.34aMuskegon Mona Shores
7.12Alex Stahl4:48.15aAlma
8.9Nick Vanderkooi4:50.59aFremont Providence C...
9.11Derek Shumway4:51.00aRemus Chippewa Hills
10.12Derek Devine4:54.13aAlma
11.11Michael Todd4:54.30aMt. Pleasant
12.12Jesse Routhier4:59.96aMuskegon Mona Shores
13.10Charlie Morey5:00.00aAlma
14.12Travis Loveberry5:02.15aMt. Pleasant
15.12Zach Fox5:03.19aRemus Chippewa Hills
16.10Brad Clark5:06.80aTraverse City West
17.9Chris Yoder5:17.50aMt. Pleasant
18.9Jake Gawron5:22.50aMuskegon Mona Shores
19.9Brady Dangler5:48.90aClare
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ron Campbell10:24.65aAlma
2.12Alex Stahl10:25.69aAlma
3.9Broderic Bender10:27.30aAlma
4.11Derek Shumway10:28.40aRemus Chippewa Hills
5.9Nick Vanderkooi10:30.47aFremont Providence C...
6.12John Troost10:30.98aTraverse City West
7.11Michael Todd10:39.72aMt. Pleasant
8.12Ryan Nivison10:44.95aClare
9.12Jesse Routhier10:53.22aMuskegon Mona Shores
10.9Lucas Combs10:55.37aClare
11.10Hunter Swogger11:04.87aTraverse City West
12.9Brandon Frank11:07.18aClare
13.12Zach Fox11:10.97aRemus Chippewa Hills
14.12Zach Patton11:54.29aMt. Pleasant
15.12Kasey Goss12:01.25aTraverse City West
16.9Jake Gawron12:14.83aMuskegon Mona Shores
17.12Alex Pashak12:23.79aMuskegon Mona Shores
18.12Kyler Kussy13:21.93aMt. Pleasant
--12Sam KosinskiNTTraverse City West
--11Brock CrystalNTRemus Chippewa Hills
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jake McFadden15.45aClare
2.12Cody Russell16.20aTraverse City West
3.10Chaz Bradshaw16.25aAlma
4.-Cory Krepps16.72aMuskegon Mona Shores
5.12Keontre Miskel16.75aMuskegon Mona Shores
6.12Scott Ringwelski17.13aTraverse City West
7.11Chase Grove17.90aClare
8.11Jamie Blackwell18.26aClare
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chaz Bradshaw16.24aAlma
2.12Cody Russell16.28aTraverse City West
3.10Jake McFadden16.29aClare
4.-Cory Krepps16.73aMuskegon Mona Shores
5.12Keontre Miskel16.89aMuskegon Mona Shores
6.11Chase Grove17.02aClare
7.12Scott Ringwelski17.06aTraverse City West
8.11Jamie Blackwell18.02aClare
9.11Kylan Vanderpool18.12aMt. Pleasant
10.9Andrew Mahaffey18.52aRemus Chippewa Hills
11.12Brandon Guthrie18.89aMt. Pleasant
12.10Nathan Lalk19.02aRemus Chippewa Hills
13.9Miguel Prieto19.54aAlma
14.9Zach Wernette20.64aRemus Chippewa Hills
15.11Matt Coty21.07aAlma
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jake McFadden42.05aClare
2.12Cody Russell42.53aTraverse City West
3.12Scott Ringwelski42.89aTraverse City West
4.11Kylan Vanderpool44.46aMt. Pleasant
5.-Cory Krepps44.89aMuskegon Mona Shores
6.11Jamie Blackwell45.89aClare
7.10Chaz Bradshaw46.17aAlma
8.11Matt Coty47.18aAlma
9.9Miguel Prieto47.57aAlma
10.9Andrew Mahaffey48.05aRemus Chippewa Hills
11.10Nathan Lalk49.24aRemus Chippewa Hills
12.11Dominic Moscradelli50.24aMt. Pleasant
13.12Brandon Guthrie51.26aMt. Pleasant
14.9Zach Wernette54.46aRemus Chippewa Hills
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Lewis
Tyler Bradshaw
Chaz Bradshaw
Dillon Carr
2.-Zack Shafer
Jesse Schwartz
Cody Russell
Anthony West
46.35aTraverse City West
3.-Kahlil Richardson
J. Jessup
Jackson Gross
Mike McFadden
4.-Taylor Lee
Spencer Moran
Anthony Genia
Josh Saunders
47.91aMt. Pleasant
5.-Justin Shady
Elishua Pinegar
Royce Johnson
Zach Crouch
48.25aMuskegon Mona Shores
6.-Lateer Dukes
Trent Karcher
Jared Emerson
Jose Urena
48.85aRemus Chippewa Hills
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Bradshaw
Nick Lewis
Dillon Carr
Roger Uplegger
2.-Jake McFadden
Mike McFadden
Alex Sell
J. Jessup
3.-Devanne Dodgens
Jose Urena
Jared Emerson
Lonnie Morrow
1:42.79aRemus Chippewa Hills
4.-Justin Shady
Zach Crouch
Elishua Pinegar
Royce Johnson
1:43.14aMuskegon Mona Shores
5.-Kylan Vanderpool
Taylor Lee
Tyler Lemke
Josh Saunders
1:44.54aMt. Pleasant
---Zack Shafer
Jesse Schwartz
Tyler Johnson
Anthony West
DQTraverse City West
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cory Krepps
Blair Boussard
Keontre Miskel
Salim Al-Shatel
3:34.38aMuskegon Mona Shores
2.-Gunnar Brammer
Jesse Schwartz
Scott Ringwelski
Cody Russell
3:37.35aTraverse City West
3.-Relay Team 3:39.76aAlma
4.-Eric Ecker
Connor Tribe
Andrey Koptelov
Kylan Vanderpool
3:43.62aMt. Pleasant
5.-Ghazey Aleck
Jackson Gross
Zach Jelenek
Alex Sell
6.-Lateer Dukes
Trent Karcher
Jose Urena
Tyler Sackett
3:48.12aRemus Chippewa Hills
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Derek Devine
Adam Sanchez
Kegan Gibson
Tim DeJong
2.-Charles Piatt
Derick Shumway
Tyler Sackett
Zack Fox
8:39.25aRemus Chippewa Hills
3.-Brandon Cottrell
Salim Al-Shatel
Jesse Routhier
Desmond Kolean-Burley
8:43.77aMuskegon Mona Shores
4.-Eric Ecker
Connor Tribe
Zach Felton
Travis Loveberry
8:53.19aMt. Pleasant
5.-Sam Kosinski
Matt Laylin
Sebby Kucera
Matt Kulka
8:56.93aTraverse City West
6.-Jordan Hales
Brandon Frank
Lucas Combs
Anthony Whitehead
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryan Siegert45-09.50Clare
2.12Steve Alpers39-09.50Traverse City West
3.12Spencer Darter38-09.50Remus Chippewa Hills
4.12Dillon Luce38-07.75Alma
5.12Zach Jelenek38-06.75Clare
6.10Cole Woods38-05.00Alma
7.12Kyle Bentley37-11.25Clare
8.12Doug Wood37-09.75Muskegon Mona Shores
9.10Alex Barron37-08.00Remus Chippewa Hills
10.10Ricky Brown36-02.50Muskegon Mona Shores
11.11Morgan Tolle35-10.50Traverse City West
12.10Nick Richardson35-09.25Traverse City West
13.11Tyler Lemke35-01.50Mt. Pleasant
14.11Matt Hunter35-00.00Alma
15.12Trent England34-09.50Remus Chippewa Hills
16.-Josh DeWitt34-00.00Muskegon Mona Shores
17.10Dylan Roark31-06.75Mt. Pleasant
18.10Spencer Moran29-11.00Mt. Pleasant
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cole Woods136-02.00Alma
2.12Steve Alpers126-08.00Traverse City West
3.12Spencer Darter123-06.00Remus Chippewa Hills
4.12TJ Leitner121-11.00Traverse City West
5.12Bryan Siegert116-09.00Clare
6.12Zach Jelenek111-09.00Clare
7.12Dillon Luce106-09.00Alma
8.10Ricky Brown103-06.00Muskegon Mona Shores
9.10Zach Fields92-01.00Muskegon Mona Shores
10.12Kyle Bentley91-07.00Clare
11.10Alex Barron88-02.00Remus Chippewa Hills
12.12Zack Skeels86-04.00Traverse City West
13.11Brendan Hunn84-00.00Mt. Pleasant
14.12Trent England83-04.00Remus Chippewa Hills
15.9Matt Keller83-00.00Mt. Pleasant
16.12Matt Barnum76-00.00Mt. Pleasant
17.11Matt Hunter74-06.00Alma
---Josh DeWittNDMuskegon Mona Shores
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keontre Miskel6-02.00Muskegon Mona Shores
2.11Chase Grove6-00.00Clare
3.11Dillon Carr5-08.00Alma
4.10Chad Duncan5-06.00Alma
5.11Derek Shumway5-04.00Remus Chippewa Hills
6.10Chaz Bradshaw5-04.00Alma
--10Matt StrandskovNHMt. Pleasant
--9Latear DukesNHRemus Chippewa Hills
--9Reice HartNHMt. Pleasant
--12Desmond Kolean-BurleyNHMuskegon Mona Shores
--11Grant HineNHMt. Pleasant
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.-Steve Kaijala11-06.00Muskegon Mona Shores
2.12Kegan Gibson11-00.00Alma
3.11Jamie Blackwell11-00.00Clare
4.12J. Jessup11-00.00Clare
5.11Jake Melichar10-00.00Traverse City West
6.9Aric Abdullah10-00.00Muskegon Mona Shores
--10Ben RobersonNHMt. Pleasant
--12Adam CarlsonNHMuskegon Mona Shores
--10Adam OnicaNHMt. Pleasant
--10Tyler ShafferNHTraverse City West
--10Ryan OdykirkNHMt. Pleasant
--11Matt CotyNHAlma
--11Brock CrystalNHRemus Chippewa Hills
--9Zach WernetteNHRemus Chippewa Hills
--9Lupe GarzaNHAlma
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blair Boussard18-11.00Muskegon Mona Shores
2.12Gunnar Brammer17-08.00Traverse City West
3.11Chase Grove17-03.50Clare
4.-Cory Krepps17-00.00Muskegon Mona Shores
4.11Jamie Blackwell17-00.00Clare
6.12Lonnie Morrow16-10.50Remus Chippewa Hills
7.9Trent Karcher16-06.50Remus Chippewa Hills
8.10Zac Shafer16-00.25Traverse City West
9.12Spenser Gutschke15-09.00Traverse City West
10.11Tyler Bradshaw15-07.75Alma
11.11Anthony Genia15-05.00Mt. Pleasant
12.10Ricky Matthews15-01.00Muskegon Mona Shores
13.12Brandon Guthrie15-00.00Mt. Pleasant
14.12Aarron Pavese14-09.00Remus Chippewa Hills
15.10Chad Duncan14-05.50Alma
16.11Nick Lewis14-02.50Alma
--11Brendan HunnNDMt. Pleasant

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Young13.63aRemus Chippewa Hills
2.11Savannah Stuart-dahl13.66aTraverse City West
3.10Sharnae Smith13.70aMuskegon Mona Shores
4.11Renee Humphrey14.03aRemus Chippewa Hills
5.10Addy Kleinhardt14.33aClare
6.10Meghan Ellis14.43aMt. Pleasant
7.11Carling Lombard14.60aAlma
8.10Allison Mocere14.88aMuskegon Mona Shores
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Savannah Stuart-dahl13.63aTraverse City West
2.10Sharnae Smith13.81aMuskegon Mona Shores
3.11Renee Humphrey13.94aRemus Chippewa Hills
4.12Chelsea Young13.99aRemus Chippewa Hills
5.10Addy Kleinhardt14.29aClare
6.11Carling Lombard14.36aAlma
7.10Meghan Ellis14.43aMt. Pleasant
8.10Allison Mocere14.44aMuskegon Mona Shores
9.9Renee Tardani14.91aMuskegon Mona Shores
10.12Celia Jabour14.93aTraverse City West
11.9Haven Thomak15.51aTraverse City West
12.11Krissy Dupuie16.02aClare
13.9Kori Higgins16.47aClare
14.10Kierra Willis51.10aRemus Chippewa Hills
--12Sabrina RouseNTMt. Pleasant
--9Allison SmithNTMt. Pleasant
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Young28.36aRemus Chippewa Hills
2.10Sharnae Smith28.37aMuskegon Mona Shores
3.11Savannah Stuart-dahl29.61aTraverse City West
4.11Lizzie Staples29.98aMt. Pleasant
5.12Megan Cepela30.23aTraverse City West
6.10Hannah Schnack30.65aTraverse City West
7.11Carling Lombard30.98aAlma
8.11Johanna Buiteweg32.26aAlma
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Savannah Stuart-dahl28.78aTraverse City West
2.11Lizzie Staples28.79aMt. Pleasant
3.10Sharnae Smith29.18aMuskegon Mona Shores
4.12Chelsea Young29.55aRemus Chippewa Hills
5.10Hannah Schnack29.83aTraverse City West
6.11Carling Lombard30.10aAlma
7.12Megan Cepela30.65aTraverse City West
8.11Johanna Buiteweg30.68aAlma
9.10Katie Carter30.76aClare
10.9Dalaina Neff30.95aMt. Pleasant
11.11Breanne Metcalf31.03aRemus Chippewa Hills
12.10Kierra Willis31.09aRemus Chippewa Hills
13.10Allison Mocere31.30aMuskegon Mona Shores
14.9Renee Tardani32.50aMuskegon Mona Shores
15.9Brook Seymour34.77aClare
--12Sabrina RouseNTMt. Pleasant
--11Krissy DupuieNTClare
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alena Beroza1:03.45aMt. Pleasant
2.11Danielle Brzezinski1:03.58aTraverse City West
3.12Lilia Favela1:06.19aTraverse City West
4.9Krista Gregg1:07.83aMt. Pleasant
5.10Ashli Betzer1:08.95aAlma
6.9Larissa Umbleby1:09.79aRemus Chippewa Hills
7.11Breanna Greenland1:10.02aTraverse City West
8.9McKenzie Jackson1:13.73aMuskegon Mona Shores
9.10Jamie Kuziak1:16.03aMuskegon Mona Shores
--12Kristen HixsonNTRemus Chippewa Hills
--11Tess OldenburgNTClare
--10Samantha MesserNTAlma
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haleigh Przybylek2:31.07aMuskegon Mona Shores
2.10Marcy Marek2:32.73aTraverse City West
3.10Hunter Gibbs2:33.73aAlma
4.11Brittany Salter2:35.15aMt. Pleasant
5.11Morgan Wixson2:35.54aRemus Chippewa Hills
6.11Chandra Martin2:44.75aRemus Chippewa Hills
7.11Virginia Holland2:48.03aAlma
8.11Rachel Wood2:50.15aRemus Chippewa Hills
9.11Megan Eby2:53.02aTraverse City West
10.10Kellie Cannon2:53.47aTraverse City West
11.12Kylie Aultman2:53.50aMt. Pleasant
12.-Makala Gomez-Bromley3:16.09aMuskegon Mona Shores
13.9Lauren Yadlosky3:21.22aMuskegon Mona Shores
--10Emily CrowleyNTClare
--9Briana DevineNTAlma
--12Mae SunNTMt. Pleasant
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaylee VanDommelen5:36.42aTraverse City West
2.9Sami Humphrey5:41.79aAlma
3.12Sharon McKenney5:43.57aRemus Chippewa Hills
4.11Morgan Wixson5:47.79aRemus Chippewa Hills
5.11Heidi Pearson5:49.13aMt. Pleasant
6.9Tori Humphrey5:52.57aAlma
7.10Clancey Hawke6:06.46aTraverse City West
8.11Rachel Wood6:07.63aRemus Chippewa Hills
9.-Haleigh Przybylek6:11.15aMuskegon Mona Shores
10.11Megan Eby6:16.69aTraverse City West
11.10Jamie Kuziak6:39.86aMuskegon Mona Shores
12.11Molly McGilivary6:43.36aMt. Pleasant
--11Lindsey KreibelNTClare
--9Briana DevineNTAlma
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharon McKenney12:04.88aRemus Chippewa Hills
2.10Rachael Favela12:09.42aTraverse City West
3.11Hannah Rickard12:15.02aTraverse City West
4.9Sami Humphrey12:17.67aAlma
5.9Tori Humphrey12:50.33aAlma
6.11Heidi Pearson12:55.58aMt. Pleasant
7.10Clancey Hawke13:07.50aTraverse City West
8.9Kayla Schulte13:16.47aMuskegon Mona Shores
9.9Katie Duffy13:43.33aAlma
10.11Molly McGilivary14:21.75aMt. Pleasant
11.11Amanda Batenburg14:57.85aRemus Chippewa Hills
12.10Martha Karel15:50.35aMuskegon Mona Shores
--11Lindsey KreibelNTClare
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ruth Hines17.34aTraverse City West
2.11Kianna Granlund17.57aRemus Chippewa Hills
3.10Carly Rounds18.04aMt. Pleasant
4.11Lane Thompson18.34aAlma
5.11Taylor Eberhart18.48aClare
6.11Lauren Huettner18.54aMuskegon Mona Shores
7.12Alyssa Ulrich19.34aRemus Chippewa Hills
8.12Jodi Bliese19.44aRemus Chippewa Hills
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ruth Hines17.75aTraverse City West
2.10Carly Rounds18.06aMt. Pleasant
3.11Lane Thompson18.28aAlma
4.11Kianna Granlund18.29aRemus Chippewa Hills
5.11Taylor Eberhart18.46aClare
6.11Lauren Huettner18.59aMuskegon Mona Shores
7.12Alyssa Ulrich19.46aRemus Chippewa Hills
8.12Jodi Bliese20.09aRemus Chippewa Hills
9.9Miranda Stutzman20.68aAlma
10.11Alyssa Ellsworth21.06aTraverse City West
11.9Megan Huettner21.23aMuskegon Mona Shores
12.9Brook Seymour22.28aClare
13.10Reyna Luplow22.83aClare
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ruth Hines49.89aTraverse City West
2.11Kianna Granlund51.89aRemus Chippewa Hills
3.11Jordyn Severt52.24aTraverse City West
4.11Lane Thompson54.33aAlma
5.10Carly Rounds54.60aMt. Pleasant
6.11Renee Humphrey55.34aRemus Chippewa Hills
7.11Lauren Huettner55.70aMuskegon Mona Shores
8.12Alyssa Ulrich56.54aRemus Chippewa Hills
9.9Serena Gale-Butto57.59aMuskegon Mona Shores
10.11Alyssa Ellsworth58.14aTraverse City West
11.9Megan Huettner58.53aMuskegon Mona Shores
12.9Miranda Stutzman1:00.03aAlma
13.10Reyna Luplow1:01.25aClare
--11Taylor EberhartNTClare
--12Ashton WysongNTClare
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ruth Hines
Celia Jabour
Savannah Stuart-dahl
Hannah Schnack
54.48aTraverse City West
2.-Johanna Buiteweg
Lane Thompson
Amanda Moreno
Carling Lombard
3.-Sharnae Smith
Lauren Huettner
Allison Mocere
Tiffany Mckenzie
56.48aMuskegon Mona Shores
4.-Meghan Ellis
Lizzie Staples
Dalaina Neff
Sabrina Rouse
56.73aMt. Pleasant
5.-Jodi Bliese
Breanne Metcalf
Alyssa Ulrich
Kierra Willis
57.35aRemus Chippewa Hills
6.-Meaghen Sherwood
Samantha Sosky
Taylor Eberhart
Addy Kleinhardt
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Schnack
Megan Cepela
Danielle Brzezinski
Celia Jabour
1:56.04aTraverse City West
2.-Kianna Granlund
Renee Humphrey
Chelsea Young
Kristen Hixson
1:56.33aRemus Chippewa Hills
3.-Carling Lombard
Johanna Buiteweg
Samantha Messer
Amanda Moreno
4.-Sharnae Smith
Lauren Huettner
Allison Mocere
Tiffany Mckenzie
1:59.54aMuskegon Mona Shores
5.-Samantha Sosky
Katie Carter
Taylor Eberhart
Addy Kleinhardt
---Meghan Ellis
Lizzie Staples
Dalaina Neff
Sabrina Rouse
DQMt. Pleasant
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kianna Granlund
Chandra Martin
Morgan Wixson
Kristen Hixson
4:17.78aRemus Chippewa Hills
2.-Danielle Brzezinski
Marcy Marek
Kaylee Vandommelen
Lilia Favela
4:24.23aTraverse City West
3.-Alena Beroza
Dalaina Neff
Lizzie Staples
Krista Gregg
4:34.09aMt. Pleasant
4.-Briana Devine
Lane Thompson
Samantha Messer
Hunter Gibbs
5.-Stephanie Pach
Serena Gale-Butto
McKenzie Jackson
Megan Huettner
4:52.59aMuskegon Mona Shores
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hunter Gibbs
Briana Devine
Sami Humphrey
Tori Humphrey
2.-Kaylee Vandommelen
Marcy Marek
Rachael Favela
Hannah Rickard
10:24.60aTraverse City West
3.-Chandra Martin
Sharon McKenney
Morgan Wixson
Larissa Umbleby
10:38.24aRemus Chippewa Hills
4.-Emily Crowley
Lindsey Kreibel
Tess Oldenburg
Ashton Wysong
5.-Kylie Aultman
Krista Gregg
Brittany Salter
Alena Beroza
11:38.35aMt. Pleasant
6.-Lauren Yadlosky
Makala Gomez-Bromley
Kayla Schulte
Martha Karel
13:02.10aMuskegon Mona Shores
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Loren Wagner30-01.50Traverse City West
2.10Breanna Watson29-10.25Remus Chippewa Hills
3.12Nicole Carey29-06.75Remus Chippewa Hills
4.10Ashlee Robert29-03.50Clare
5.10Alyssa Wentworth27-05.00Clare
6.10Amy Gibson27-01.25Alma
7.11Kierra Lombard27-01.00Alma
8.9McKenzie Jackson26-11.75Muskegon Mona Shores
9.9Shayla Hollis25-10.00Mt. Pleasant
10.12Jordan Henry25-02.00Alma
11.9Stephanie King25-01.00Remus Chippewa Hills
12.10Randi Nagy24-06.00Clare
13.9Lily Djietror23-00.25Mt. Pleasant
14.10Jessica Kennedy22-00.50Muskegon Mona Shores
15.10Kacey Jackson21-11.50Muskegon Mona Shores
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Loren Wagner95-05.00Traverse City West
2.10Breanna Watson89-08.00Remus Chippewa Hills
3.12Jordan Henry85-02.00Alma
4.12Nicole Carey84-01.00Remus Chippewa Hills
5.10Ashlee Robert78-06.00Clare
6.10Alyssa Wentworth73-10.00Clare
7.11Kayla Smith73-08.00Remus Chippewa Hills
8.9Lily Djietror65-10.00Mt. Pleasant
9.10Kacey Jackson58-11.00Muskegon Mona Shores
10.9Kori Higgins56-00.00Clare
10.10Meghan Smoker56-00.00Alma
12.10Jessica Kennedy54-04.00Muskegon Mona Shores
13.9Shayla Hollis51-02.00Mt. Pleasant
--11Kierra LombardNDAlma
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Breanne Metcalf5-02.00Remus Chippewa Hills
2.10Tiffany Mckenzie5-00.00Muskegon Mona Shores
3.9Allison Smith4-06.00Mt. Pleasant
3.10Kellie Cannon4-06.00Traverse City West
3.11Jordyn Severt4-06.00Traverse City West
6.12Megan Cepela4-04.00Traverse City West
6.9Miranda Stutzman4-04.00Alma
6.9Cassedi Vrbensky4-04.00Remus Chippewa Hills
6.9McKenzie Jackson4-04.00Muskegon Mona Shores
--11Krissy DupuieNHClare
--9Kayla SchulteNHMuskegon Mona Shores
---Robyn BarlowNHMt. Pleasant
--11Samantha SoskyNHClare
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Breanna Greenland8-00.00Traverse City West
2.10Reyna Luplow7-00.00Clare
2.9Haven Thomak7-00.00Traverse City West
4.12Celia Jabour7-00.00Traverse City West
4.11Jaclyn Shetterly7-00.00Muskegon Mona Shores
6.12Jodi Bliese7-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills
7.10Katie Carter6-06.00Clare
--11Renee HumphreyNHRemus Chippewa Hills
--10Jamie KuziakNHMuskegon Mona Shores
--12Kristen HixsonNHRemus Chippewa Hills
--11Tess OldenburgNHClare
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Young14-03.25Remus Chippewa Hills
2.11Savannah Stuart-dahl14-01.00Traverse City West
3.12Ruth Hines13-10.00Traverse City West
4.10Tiffany Mckenzie13-07.75Muskegon Mona Shores
5.12Lilia Favela13-04.00Traverse City West
6.9Serena Gale-Butto12-10.00Muskegon Mona Shores
7.9Miranda Stutzman12-08.50Alma
8.10Samantha Messer12-06.75Alma
9.11Breanne Metcalf12-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills
10.-Haleigh Przybylek11-05.50Muskegon Mona Shores
11.10Addy Kleinhardt11-01.50Clare
11.6Megan Sherwood11-01.50Clare
13.9Allison Smith10-03.00Mt. Pleasant
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