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Killingly, Ellis Tech @ Plainfield

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plainfield HS, Central Village

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Collin Beloin11.8Killingly
2.12Josiah Gevry11.8Killingly
3.11Josh Randeau12.0Plainfield
10JR Richeeds12.1Killingly
10Paul Washington12.5Plainfield
11James Bernier12.5Plainfield
10Jared Hawes12.9Killingly
12Tim Lynch13.2Plainfield
11Kendrick Needham13.5Plainfield
9Josh Beaupre13.7Killingly
9Max Whittemore13.7Killingly
9Nate Thompson13.8Killingly
11Tyler Mongeou13.9Killingly
11Jared Chaberland13.9Plainfield
10Nick Madden14.1Plainfield
10Seth Greenhaulgh14.1Plainfield
9Timothy Colli16.8Plainfield
9Nathan Thereau17.3Plainfield
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Randeau24.3Plainfield
2.12Josiah Gevry24.8Killingly
11James Bernier25.8Plainfield
3.11Brian Hamilton25.8Killingly
10Dan Beaudry25.9Plainfield
10Jake Dunphy26.1Plainfield
11Erick Alvarado26.4Killingly
12Tim Lynch26.7Plainfield
9Nate Thompson27.1Killingly
11Jared Chaberland28.1Plainfield
10Tyler Saborin28.2Plainfield
10Nick Madden28.5Plainfield
10Jared Forrestal29.6Plainfield
10Seth Greenhaulgh29.8Plainfield
9Timothy Colli30.0Plainfield
9Nathan Thereau34.8Plainfield
9Josh Beaupre35.3Killingly
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Hamilton55.0Killingly
2.9Chris Messier55.4Plainfield
3.9David Parenteau56.0Plainfield
11James Bernier56.8Plainfield
10Jake Dunphy57.1Plainfield
12Tim Lynch57.6Plainfield
10Dan Beaudry58.0Plainfield
12Dante Longo58.2Plainfield
10Jared Hawes59.2Killingly
9Matthew Martin60.1Plainfield
9Sean Comtois61.4Killingly
10Trevor Collins64.1Killingly
10Tyler Saborin64.2Plainfield
10Nick Madden64.6Plainfield
9Josh Beaupre65.6Killingly
10Seth Greenhaulgh66.1Plainfield
9Nate Thompson67.4Killingly
9Max Whittemore71.8Killingly
9Timothy Colli75.0Plainfield
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Messier2:11Plainfield
2.9Jared McWilliams2:15.3Plainfield
3.10Steven Dauphinais2:15.8Killingly
12Thomas Lombardi2:19.4Killingly
10Steve Laflamme2:22.1Plainfield
12Ethan Andstrom2:26.2Plainfield
9Chris Messier2:28.1Plainfield
11Joe Meier2:28.1Plainfield
9David Gamboa2:29.8Plainfield
11Tyler Rouillard2:33.8Plainfield
10DeVaughn Culbert2:35.9Killingly
11Tyler Silveria2:36.2Killingly
11Jared Pfeifer2:38.6Plainfield
11Dean Roussel2:49Plainfield
9Matt Juber2:50.6Killingly
9Derek Meier2:57.1Plainfield
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jared McWilliams5:06.7Plainfield
2.10Steve Laflamme5:08.6Plainfield
3.11Joe Meier5:09Plainfield
12Thomas Lombardi5:11.9Killingly
11Tyler Rouillard5:20.6Plainfield
11Jared Pfeifer5:21.0Plainfield
10DeVaughn Culbert5:43.9Killingly
11Earl Davis5:55.3Plainfield
11Dean Roussel5:58.3Plainfield
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Steven Dauphinais11:53Killingly
2.10Steve Laflamme11:54Plainfield
3.11Joe Meier11:57Plainfield
11Tyler Rouillard12:32Plainfield
11Jared Pfeifer12:33Plainfield
10DeVaughn Culbert13:01Killingly
11Earl Davis13:02Plainfield
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
10Jared Forrestal20.4Plainfield
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Hajder15.3Killingly
2.11Brian Hamilton17.2Killingly
3.12Collin Beloin17.8Killingly
12Taavi Barclay20.8Killingly
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Hajder42.5Killingly
2.11Jake Shabenas47.5Plainfield
3.12Devonte Banks47.7Killingly
10Paul Washington48.5Plainfield
10Jared Forrestal49.2Plainfield
9Matthew Martin53.7Plainfield
9Nathan Thereau64.8Plainfield
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Bernier
David Parenteau
Jake Shabenas
Josh Messier
2.-Jake Dunphy
Dan Beaudry
Paul Washington
Dante Longo
-Sean Comtois
Max Whittemore
Erick Alvarado
Thomas Lombardi
-David Gamboa
Ethan Andstrom
Nate Martin
Chris Messier
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-DeVaughn Culbert
Erick Alvarado
Steven Dauphinias
Thomas Lombardi
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Choquette44'8.5Plainfield
2.11Mike Muzlcahovictk38'5Plainfield
3.10Randy Greene37'07.5Killingly
11Alex Stenner36'8Plainfield
10DJ Bledsoe33'1Plainfield
11Chris Hillard32'0Plainfield
11Zach Standeford31'0Plainfield
9Kevin Thoare30'5Plainfield
10Dylan Desmarais29'11Killingly
11Sean Mitchell29'7Plainfield
10Zachary Rucki27'00Killingly
10Patrick Choquette26'11Killingly
9Allen Griffin25'9Plainfield
9Evan Bergeron23'8Plainfield
11Eugene Leavens23'3Plainfield
9Joe Bates22'10Plainfield
10Brandon Stevens22'09Killingly
9Steve Federer22'6Plainfield
11Steven Tucker20'10Plainfield
9John DiRocco19'6Plainfield
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Choquette149'3Plainfield
2.12Collin Beloin106'06Killingly
3.11Mike Muzlcahovictk101'4Plainfield
10DJ Bledsoe99'9Plainfield
12Devonte Banks88'09Killingly
9Kevin Thoare84'6Plainfield
11Sean Mitchell79'7Plainfield
10Tyler Auger74'7Plainfield
11Zach Standeford73'Plainfield
11Chris Hillard72'Plainfield
10Randy Greene70'07Killingly
10Steven Dauphinais66'10Killingly
11Eugene Leavens63'4Plainfield
9Evan Bergeron63'4Plainfield
9Steve Federer62'3Plainfield
10Dylan Desmarais59'09.5Killingly
9Joe Bates59'7Plainfield
10Zachary Rucki57'06Killingly
9Allen Griffin56'2Plainfield
9John DiRocco51'7Plainfield
11Thorn Chabot51'2Plainfield
10Brandon Stevens47'07Killingly
11Steven Tucker39'8Plainfield
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10DJ Bledsoe151'10Plainfield
2.12Devonte Banks133'01Killingly
3.12Collin Beloin132'01Killingly
10Randy Greene129'00Killingly
11Alex Stenner125'1Plainfield
11Kendrick Needham122'11Plainfield
11Erick Alvarado103'09Killingly
9Steve Federer98'1Plainfield
10Matt LaPrade97'1Plainfield
10Patrick Choquette91'11Killingly
11Zach Standeford91'8Plainfield
10Brandon Stevens75'10Killingly
9Evan Bergeron61'0Plainfield
10Dylan Desmarais59'07Killingly
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Fortin5'02Killingly
2.10JR Richeeds5'00Killingly
2.11Josh Randeau5'0Plainfield
9Chris Messier4'10Plainfield
11Tyler Silveria4'10Killingly
11Tyler Mongeou4'08Killingly
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Fortin9'06Killingly
12Dante Longo8'6Plainfield
3.9Sean Comtois8'00Killingly
11Kendrick Needham7'6Plainfield
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Hajder18'07Killingly
2.11Josh Randeau17'6Plainfield
3.12Devonte Banks17'04Killingly
3.10Matt LaPrade17'3Plainfield
10JR Richeeds16'10Killingly
12Josh Fortin16'09Killingly
10Trevor Collins15'04Killingly
10Jared Hawes15'04Killingly
10Patrick Choquette14'04Killingly
11Jared Chaberland14'2Plainfield
9David Gamboa12'9Plainfield
11Tyler Mongeou11'08Killingly
9Timothy Colli11'5Plainfield
9Matt Juber11'04Killingly
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Hajder40'01Killingly
2.12Josiah Gevry38'11Killingly
3.12Josh Fortin38'00Killingly
11Jake Shabenas33'11Plainfield
10Jared Forrestal30'0Plainfield
10Tyler Saborin29'11Plainfield

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Deguene Diop14.0Plainfield
2.12Melinda Malboeuf14.3Killingly
3.9Hannah Fillmore14.4Killingly
11Katelyn Morrissette14.6Killingly
11Haley Thatcher14.8Killingly
11Christine Gagnon14.9Killingly
12Xenen Scott15.0Killingly
10Michelle Davidson15.1Killingly
9Rachel Maryyanek15.2Killingly
9Maddy Bonfiglio15.4Killingly
9Lindsay Reindl16.2Plainfield
9Ashley Labrie16.3Plainfield
10Cassandra Cloutier18.3Plainfield
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Deguene Diop28.6Plainfield
2.10Tara Hill30.0Plainfield
3.12Amanda Chenette30.6Killingly
10Michelle Davidson30.8Killingly
9Maddy Bonfiglio31.5Killingly
10Lynsey Marchesseault31.6Plainfield
10Ashley Dumaine32Plainfield
9Danielle Soucie34.6Plainfield
9Lindsay Reindl34.7Plainfield
9Ashley Labrie35.9Plainfield
10Cassandra Cloutier39.1Plainfield
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Deguene Diop65.1Plainfield
2.10Tara Hill67.2Plainfield
3.11Keziah Encarnacion70.9Plainfield
9Rachel Maryyanek1:11.4Killingly
10Lynsey Marchesseault71.7Plainfield
10Ashley Dumaine74.4Plainfield
9Maddy Bonfiglio1:15.2Killingly
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kies Orr2:38.8Killingly
2.11Stacey Plantier2:39.6Plainfield
3.9Susan Zheng2:58.4Plainfield
9Michelle Pfeifer3:05.7Plainfield
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kies Orr5:49.5Killingly
2.9Victoria Ferland6:04.1Killingly
3.9Tori Crandall6:05.2Plainfield
10Jenna Brown6:06.8Plainfield
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Victoria Ferland13:12Killingly
2.10Kies Orr13:13Killingly
3.10Jenna Brown13:14Plainfield
9Tori Crandall13:16Plainfield
9Susan Zheng13:41Plainfield
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hannah Fillmore19.5Killingly
2.12Kimmy Reindl19.8Plainfield
3.10Joslyn Macteau21.4Plainfield
11Jordan Mason22.0Plainfield
11Jozy Kemp22.2Killingly
9Danielle Soucie24.8Plainfield
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimmy Reindl52.9Plainfield
2.9Hannah Fillmore55.1Killingly
3.9Victoria Ferland56.3Killingly
10Joslyn Macteau65.6Plainfield
11Jordan Mason70.3Plainfield
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Chenette
Melinda Malboeuf
Christine Gagnon
Katelyn Morrissette
2.-Ashley Dumaine
Lynsey Marchesseault
Keziah Encarnacion
Tara Hill
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Fillmore
Maddy Bonfiglio
Rachel Maryyanek
Lauren Hultzman
2.-Keziah Encarnacion
Stacey Plantier
Ashley Dumaine
Lynsey Marchesseault
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Alicia Giambattista
Renee Lawlor
Michelle Davidson
Kies Orr
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephanie Charron31'4Plainfield
2.12Kayla Robitaille31'3Plainfield
3.10Jen Nelson28'11Plainfield
9Cassidy Ball24'10Plainfield
12Cassie Theriaque24'3Plainfield
11Kayla Blanchard22' 9"Killingly
12Davaney Handerson21'.5Plainfield
10Alicia Giambattista20' 9"Killingly
9Courtney Dimaria20'8Plainfield
10Renee Lawlor18' 5"Killingly
12Ali Choquette18'.5Plainfield
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Robitaille102'2Plainfield
2.12Stephanie Charron86'0Plainfield
3.10Jen Nelson78'3Plainfield
11Kayla Blanchard75' 3"Killingly
10Alicia Giambattista66' 5"Killingly
12Cassie Theriaque66'5Plainfield
9Cassidy Ball56'5Plainfield
12Davaney Handerson56'2.5Plainfield
10Mary Dixon52'11Plainfield
10Renee Lawlor51' .5"Killingly
9Courtney Dimaria38'11Plainfield
12Ali Choquette32'6Plainfield
11Jozy Kemp32' 0"Killingly
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Melinda Malboeuf77' 5"Killingly
2.12Davaney Handerson75'8Plainfield
3.12Amanda Chenette73' 11"Killingly
9Cassidy Ball72'Plainfield
12Cassie Theriaque58'5Plainfield
10Renee Lawlor57' 0"Killingly
10Alicia Giambattista55' 6"Killingly
10Mary Dixon53'5Plainfield
9Courtney Dimaria44'2Plainfield
12Ali Choquette35'Plainfield
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hultzman5' 0"Killingly
2.12Kimmy Reindl4'6Plainfield
3.10Joslyn Macteau4'2Plainfield
10Tara Hill4'0Plainfield
9Victoria Ferland4' 0"Killingly
9Rachel Maryyanek4' 0"Killingly
11Jozy Kemp4' 0"Killingly
9Brittany BertorelliFoulKillingly
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Thatcher7' 0"Killingly
2.11Katelyn Morrissette6' 6"Killingly
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hultzman15' 4"Killingly
2.12Melinda Malboeuf14' 1"Killingly
11Deguene Diop14'0Plainfield
12Amanda Chenette13' 11"Killingly
11Katelyn Morrissette13' 10"Killingly
12Xenen Scott12' 11.5"Killingly
11Christine Gagnon12' 10"Killingly
11Keziah Encarnacion12'4Plainfield
9Brittany Bertorelli11' 1"Killingly
11Haley Thatcher10' 9"Killingly
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hultzman32' 2"Killingly
2.12Kimmy Reindl30'3Plainfield
3.11Christine Gagnon27' 0"Killingly
11Jordan Mason24'5Plainfield
10Joslyn Macteau23'6Plainfield
11Kayla Blanchard19' 6"Killingly
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