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Huron League Meet

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

@Milan HS, MilanMeet History

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Michigan - Division 3
Monroe St. Mary CC
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leo Pittman10.90Milan
2.12Mike Howey11.00Monroe St. Mary CC
3.12Joe Conner11.10Flat Rock
6.10Desmond Lowe11.09New Boston Huron
4.12Dex Teen11.20Grosse Ile
5.11Shaquille Couch11.30Milan
6.10Desmond Lowe11.31New Boston Huron
7.11Jodeci Mays11.60Carleton Airport
10Trevor Zajac11.85New Boston Huron
8.11DeAndre Mitchell12.30Milan
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Shaquille Couch11.00Milan
1.12Joe Conner11.10Flat Rock
2.12Dex Teen11.10Grosse Ile
1.11Leo Pittman11.20Milan
3.12Mike Howey11.20Monroe St. Mary CC
2.11DeAndre Mitchell11.30Milan
2.10Desmond Lowe11.40New Boston Huron
3.11Jodeci Mays11.50Carleton Airport
3.12Andrew White11.70Riverview Community
4.10Alex Kish11.70Grosse Ile
4.12Matt Leigh11.90Carleton Airport
4.12Justen Sharpe11.90Monroe Jefferson
5.10Justin Jones12.10Carleton Airport
5.10Trevor Zajac12.10New Boston Huron
5.12Ryan Langton12.10Monroe St. Mary CC
6.9Ty Grancitelli12.10Monroe Jefferson
6.10Ronald Graham12.20Riverview Community
6.11Micheal Fisher12.30Monroe Jefferson
7.9Brandon Hill13.30Flat Rock
7.9Brandon HillNFFlat Rock
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Jonathan Hollis11.1Flat Rock
12Andrew Scarton11.2Flat Rock
11Rashard Wade11.4Flat Rock
8.11Matt Pulter11.4Monroe St. Mary CC
10Desmond Lowe11.57New Boston Huron
10Damarious Whitten11.71New Boston Huron
12Joe Conner11.8Flat Rock
8.9Chinedu Nwosu11.8Monroe St. Mary CC
12Sean Horton11.84New Boston Huron
8.11Zach Robinson11.9Monroe St. Mary CC
10Greg Filby12.23New Boston Huron
8.10Bryant Chapman12.6Monroe St. Mary CC
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leo Pittman22.80Milan
2.11Ryan Spears22.90Milan
3.12Dex Teen22.90Grosse Ile
4.12Mike Howey23.10Monroe St. Mary CC
5.10Jonathan Hollis23.80Flat Rock
6.12Tyler Millward23.80Riverview Community
7.11Jodeci Mays24.30Carleton Airport
8.11DeAndre Mitchell31.20Milan
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mike Howey23.20Monroe St. Mary CC
1.11Ryan Spears23.30Milan
1.11Leo Pittman23.60Milan
2.11DeAndre Mitchell23.60Milan
3.10Jonathan Hollis23.60Flat Rock
2.12Tyler Millward23.61Riverview Community
3.11Jodeci Mays24.00Carleton Airport
4.10Alex Kish24.20Grosse Ile
2.12Dex Teen24.30Grosse Ile
4.11Kenyatta Metoyer24.50Riverview Community
5.11Alan Hartline24.50Monroe Jefferson
3.12Matt Leigh24.60Carleton Airport
5.10Seth Lutsic24.80Grosse Ile
6.9Chinedu Nwosu24.90Monroe St. Mary CC
6.12Mitch Snyder25.00Carleton Airport
7.11Bryan Bergmooser25.10New Boston Huron
4.11Zach Robinson25.20Monroe St. Mary CC
5.11Travis Leonard25.60Monroe Jefferson
6.12Sean Horton25.60New Boston Huron
7.11Anthony Retli26.10Monroe Jefferson
7.10Brandon Crayne26.50Riverview Community
8.10Kyle Tokarczyk26.70New Boston Huron
8.9Brandon Hill28.10Flat Rock
8.12Andrew ScartonNFFlat Rock
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Jodeci Mays22.9Carleton Airport
11Rashard Wade23.3Flat Rock
12Matt Leigh23.5Carleton Airport
12Quentin Draftz23.6Carleton Airport
12Andrew Scarton23.9Flat Rock
10Jonathan Hollis24Flat Rock
10Desmond Lowe24.06New Boston Huron
8.11Zach Robinson24.1Monroe St. Mary CC
10John Rodriguez24.2Flat Rock
12Mitch Snyder24.2Carleton Airport
11Will Brennan24.38New Boston Huron
10Greg Filby25.38New Boston Huron
8.10Bryant Chapman25.4Monroe St. Mary CC
8.9Chinedu Nwosu25.6Monroe St. Mary CC
8.11Matt Pulter26.2Monroe St. Mary CC
12Sean Horton26.3New Boston Huron
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Howey50.50Monroe St. Mary CC
2.12CJ Luvene52.30Milan
3.12Quentin Draftz52.40Carleton Airport
4.11Derrek Williams54.30Carleton Airport
5.11Shaquille Couch54.70Milan
6.11Alan Hartline54.90Monroe Jefferson
7.11Nathaniel Theobald55.20Monroe St. Mary CC
8.9Marshall Riddell56.30Riverview Community
9.10Robert Sexton56.70Grosse Ile
10.12Rafael Rezende57.10Monroe Jefferson
11.11Jim Bechard58.40Monroe Jefferson
12.10Seth Lutsic59.00Grosse Ile
13.11Steven Chao59.20Grosse Ile
14.10Jeremy Orlando59.30Milan
15.11Pat Clark59.60New Boston Huron
16.10Sean Stuchurski1:00.20New Boston Huron
17.10Allan Richert1:01.90New Boston Huron
18.12Sean Kirkwood1:02.60Riverview Community
19.9Ian Spangler1:03.20Flat Rock
21.11Kenyatta MetoyerNFRiverview Community
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
3.12Mike Howey52.3Monroe St. Mary CC
12Ken Domingue53.0Carleton Airport
3.11Nathaniel Theobald53.1Monroe St. Mary CC
12Quentin Draftz53.2Carleton Airport
3.11Dan Couturier53.8Monroe St. Mary CC
11Derrek Williams53.9Carleton Airport
11Spencer Machcinski54.3Carleton Airport
10Jonathan Hollis54.7Flat Rock
10Sean Sturgeon54.9Flat Rock
3.11Dan Harras55.3Monroe St. Mary CC
11Jakob Williams55.68New Boston Huron
11Travis Salajan56.37New Boston Huron
10John Rodriguez56.6Flat Rock
10Greg Filby56.63New Boston Huron
10Desmond Lowe58.51New Boston Huron
11Eric Zapata58.7Flat Rock
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Evan Pietraniec2:00.80Monroe St. Mary CC
2.11John Webb2:03.40Monroe Jefferson
3.11Jakob Williams2:03.70New Boston Huron
4.12Ken Domingue2:06.00Carleton Airport
5.12Alex Lancina2:06.30Carleton Airport
6.10Ryan Rhodes2:06.60Monroe Jefferson
7.11Joe Martin2:06.90Milan
8.11Daniel Harras2:07.80Monroe St. Mary CC
9.11Zach Johnson2:08.00Grosse Ile
10.10Chance Jennings2:13.3Monroe Jefferson
11.9Andy Benavides2:13.30Riverview Community
12.10Alex Huling2:14.20Milan
13.12Ryan Cranson2:20.70Milan
14.12Thomas Taylor2:21.20Flat Rock
15.10Thomas Whitaker2:22.00Grosse Ile
16.9Jason Ingram2:22.30Flat Rock
9Jason Ingram2:28Flat Rock
17.9Robert Ruta2:28.80Grosse Ile
19.11Bryan ApplinNFMonroe St. Mary CC
20.11Travis SalajanNFNew Boston Huron
21.9Marshall RiddellNFRiverview Community
22.9Christian SobczakNFNew Boston Huron
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Tony Rote2:02.3Carleton Airport
12Evan Krzyske2:02.5Carleton Airport
11Jakob Williams2:02.51New Boston Huron
2.10Evan Pietraniec2:04.3Monroe St. Mary CC
2.11Bryan Applin2:05.5Monroe St. Mary CC
12Alex Lancina2:05.6Carleton Airport
12Ken Domingue2:05.9Carleton Airport
2.12Jeff Grzywinski2:06.4Monroe St. Mary CC
11Travis Salajan2:07.66New Boston Huron
2.11Dan Harras2:09.1Monroe St. Mary CC
10Zach Graber2:16Flat Rock
12Matt Jahner2:17.22New Boston Huron
9Joe Ferguson2:17.9New Boston Huron
12Thomas Taylor2:19Flat Rock
11Eric Zapata2:20Flat Rock
9Jason Ingram2:28Flat Rock
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Webb4:30.20Monroe Jefferson
2.12Evan Krzyske4:31.50Carleton Airport
3.11Tony Rote4:40.50Carleton Airport
4.11Bryan Applin4:45.90Monroe St. Mary CC
5.11Nathan Ghena4:47.40Monroe Jefferson
6.12Jeffery Grzywinski4:49.40Monroe St. Mary CC
7.10Ike Fink4:50.70Milan
8.10Zach Graber4:56.50Flat Rock
9.9Anthony Morrow4:57.40Monroe Jefferson
10.11Kyle Long5:02.50Carleton Airport
11.11Nathaniel Theobald5:06.80Monroe St. Mary CC
12.9Jacob Ciolino5:10.50New Boston Huron
13.10Kevin Glime5:11.50Riverview Community
14.11Brett Swick5:14.40Grosse Ile
15.10Carter Hayes5:18.60Milan
16.9Ryan Pickell5:24.80Riverview Community
17.12Thomas Taylor5:32.40Flat Rock
18.12Zach Arp-Barnett5:35.70Grosse Ile
19.11Nathan AndersonNFMilan
20.9Erik DavisNFRiverview Community
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Ghena10:11.70Monroe Jefferson
2.11Tony Rote10:23.90Carleton Airport
3.12Evan Krzyske10:26.10Carleton Airport
4.10Ike Fink10:41.00Milan
5.10Jarod Masserant10:44.80Monroe St. Mary CC
6.9John Houdek10:58.40Riverview Community
7.10Kevin Glime10:58.60Riverview Community
8.9Anthony Morrow11:03.60Monroe Jefferson
9.12Matt Jahner11:11.40New Boston Huron
10.11Nathan Anderson11:14.40Milan
11.10Zach Graber11:17.80Flat Rock
12.11John Young11:18.00Monroe St. Mary CC
13.10Phil Doederlein11:44.80Carleton Airport
14.10Carter Hayes11:50.30Milan
15.9Joe Ferguson12:00.00New Boston Huron
16.11Ian Lewis12:01.20Grosse Ile
17.9Karan Ghuman12:07.40New Boston Huron
18.9Ryan Pickell12:10.90Riverview Community
19.12Zach Arp-Barnett12:24.70Grosse Ile
20.12Jeffery GrzywinskiNFMonroe St. Mary CC
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Sterling15.20Monroe Jefferson
2.11Spencer Machcinski15.60Carleton Airport
3.11Dan Couturier15.70Monroe St. Mary CC
4.12Drew Patterson15.90Monroe Jefferson
5.12Tre Ishmon16.50Milan
6.11Jevon Freeman17.00Milan
8.9Mitchell Couturier17.11Monroe St. Mary CC
12David Stockert18.16New Boston Huron
9Tony Flaim21.45New Boston Huron
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jacob Sterling15.70Monroe Jefferson
1.11Dan Couturier16.10Monroe St. Mary CC
2.12Tre Ishmon16.50Milan
1.11Spencer Machcinski16.60Carleton Airport
2.12Drew Patterson16.60Monroe Jefferson
3.11Jevon Freeman16.70Milan
2.9Mitchell Couturier17.40Monroe St. Mary CC
4.10Michael Church17.80Grosse Ile
3.11Eric Zapata18.10Flat Rock
5.9Ross Whitman18.10Monroe St. Mary CC
4.12David Stockert18.40New Boston Huron
6.12Tony Robinson18.40Carleton Airport
4.10Dan Fick18.50Milan
5.12Chris Skehan18.60Grosse Ile
5.12Derek Gajewski19.40Grosse Ile
6.9Adam Donnelly19.50Carleton Airport
6.9Seth Kirchner21.50Monroe Jefferson
7.9Tony Flaim21.70New Boston Huron
7.12Collin FlynnNFRiverview Community
7.9Justin RuloffNFRiverview Community
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Sterling40.30Monroe Jefferson
2.11Spencer Machcinski41.80Carleton Airport
3.11Dequan Chambers41.90Milan
4.11Derrek Williams42.50Carleton Airport
11Jevon Freeman43.40Milan
5.11Dan Couturier43.40Monroe St. Mary CC
7.10Sean Sturgeon45.30Flat Rock
9.12Chris Skehan46.20Grosse Ile
10.9Mitchell Couturier46.70Monroe St. Mary CC
11.12Tony Robinson47.10Carleton Airport
12.10Dan Fick48.20Milan
13.11Eric Zapata48.50Flat Rock
14.10Michael Church48.70Grosse Ile
15.11Chris Yates49.30Monroe St. Mary CC
16.9Collin Fater51.10Flat Rock
17.9Seth Kirchner51.40Monroe Jefferson
18.10Zachary Gambino51.50New Boston Huron
19.12David Stockert52.20New Boston Huron
20.10Jalen Chalmerrs53.10New Boston Huron
21.10Colton CortisNFRiverview Community
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.50Milan
2.-Zack Monson
Cameron Malcomson
Andrew White
Tyler Millward
44.80Riverview Community
3.-Relay Team 45.30Flat Rock
4.-Justin Jones
Mitch Snyder
Matt Leigh
Jodeci Mays
45.70Carleton Airport
5.-Relay Team 45.90Grosse Ile
7.-Greg Filby
Sean Horton
Damarious Whitten
Desmond Lowe
46.9New Boston Huron
6.-Justen Sharpe
Travis Leonard
Ty Grancitelli
Cole Jennings
47.10Monroe Jefferson
7.-Greg Filby
Sean Horton
Damarious Whitten
Desmond Lowe
47.30New Boston Huron
8.-Relay Team 47.70Monroe St. Mary CC
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:32.60Milan
2.-Zack Monson
Cameron Malcomson
Andrew White
Tyler Millward
1:34.10Riverview Community
3.-Mitch Snyder
Matt Leigh
Quentin Draftz
Jodeci Mays
1:34.20Carleton Airport
4.-Relay Team 1:36.40Flat Rock
5.-Alan Hartline
Jacob Sterling
Anthony Retli
Travis Leonard
1:37.90Monroe Jefferson
6.-Relay Team 1:39.80Grosse Ile
7.-Greg Filby
Will Brennan
Sean Horton
Desmond Lowe
1:40.20New Boston Huron
8.-Relay Team 1:41.30Monroe St. Mary CC
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:31.10Milan
2.-Quentin Draftz
Spencer Machcinski
Derrek Williams
Ken Domingue
3:34.40Carleton Airport
3.-Relay Team 3:34.50Monroe St. Mary CC
4.-Alan Hartline
Ryan Rhodes
Rafael Rezende
John Webb
3:41.30Monroe Jefferson
5.-Relay Team 3:44.10Grosse Ile
6.-Relay Team 3:45.00Flat Rock
7.-Andy Benavides
Ronald Graham
Kenyatta Metoyer
Andrew White
3:45.60Riverview Community
8.-Jakob Williams
Travis Salajan
Greg Filby
Desmond Lowe
3:47.60New Boston Huron
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tony Rote
Evan Krzyske
Alex Lancina
Ken Domingue
8:16.40Carleton Airport
2.-Relay Team 8:25.20Monroe St. Mary CC
3.-Ryan Rhodes
Nathan Ghena
Rafael Rezende
John Webb
8:32.20Monroe Jefferson
4.-Jakob Williams
Travis Salajan
Joe Ferguson
Matt Jahner
8:45.30New Boston Huron
5.-Relay Team 8:53.50Milan
6.-Relay Team 9:10.80Grosse Ile
7.-Relay Team 9:23.80Flat Rock
8.-Ryan Pickell
Erik Davis
John Houdek
Kevin Glime
9:36.20Riverview Community
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Hauck47'11.50"Carleton Airport
2.12Sherwood Harris46'10.25"New Boston Huron
3.11Don Klarr45'03.75"Grosse Ile
4.11Austin Grant45'02.00"Carleton Airport
5.11Bryan McCullough44'06.00"Monroe Jefferson
6.10Kellen Sorenson43'08.25"Carleton Airport
7.12Thom Box42'05.00"Milan
8.11Matt Schultz41'07.00"Milan
9.10Blake Edelbrock40'08.50"Milan
10.11Zack Moore39'10.50"Monroe St. Mary CC
11.12Chris Vernham39'05.50"Grosse Ile
12.11Nathan Collins38'10.25"Monroe St. Mary CC
13.11Zach Carter37'03.00"Monroe Jefferson
14.11Kollin Fitzpatrick37'00.00"Monroe Jefferson
15.11Kyle Burkardt36'01.50"Monroe St. Mary CC
16.12Tyler Finch35'02.50"Flat Rock
10Sean Stuchurski34'5.5New Boston Huron
17.11Andrew Stupakis34'05.50"New Boston Huron
18.10Vince Berardi33'09.75"Grosse Ile
19.12Joey Jiminez33'08.50"Riverview Community
20.11Travis Weclowski32'05.75"New Boston Huron
21.9Jacob Jackson32'03.00"Riverview Community
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan McCullough138'10.00"Monroe Jefferson
2.10Kellen Sorenson138'07.00"Carleton Airport
3.12Jordan Ring129'10.00"Riverview Community
4.11Austin Grant126'02.00"Carleton Airport
5.12Thom Box124'05.00"Milan
6.11Don Klarr123'05.00"Grosse Ile
7.11James Kreklau114'02.00"New Boston Huron
8.12Sherwood Harris112'06.00"New Boston Huron
9.12Joey Jiminez110'04.00"Riverview Community
10.11Zack Moore109'06.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
11.12Jeff Tyburski107'07.00"Grosse Ile
12.11Matt Schultz105'10.00"Milan
13.11Nathan Collins104'07.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
14.10Vince Berardi103'07.00"Grosse Ile
15.11Brent Bergmooser101'10.00"New Boston Huron
16.11Spence Christopher101'03.00"Milan
17.11Zach Carter99'03.00"Monroe Jefferson
18.10Joe Stanifer97'01.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
19.11Kollin Fitzpatrick92'00.00"Monroe Jefferson
20.12Tyler Finch91'11.00"Flat Rock
21.9Steve Sabuda88'09.00"Riverview Community
22.11Matt Yurkovich85'06.00"Flat Rock
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Conner6'04.00"Flat Rock
2.11Brett Swick6'02.00"Grosse Ile
3.11Tyler Splan5'08.04"Monroe St. Mary CC
4.12Drew Patterson5'08.04"Monroe Jefferson
5.11Davaun Posey5'08.03"Carleton Airport
6.12Jordan Rutkowski5'08.02"Carleton Airport
7.11Spencer Machcinski5'08.02"Carleton Airport
8.12David Stockert5'08.00"New Boston Huron
9.11Tyler Borso5'06.02"Milan
10.9Casey Fletcher5'06.01"Grosse Ile
11.9Chinedu Nwosu5'06.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
12.10Sean Sturgeon5'04.01"Flat Rock
13.11Travis Leonard5'04.00"Monroe Jefferson
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Conner21'00.50"Flat Rock
2.11Dequan Chambers20'06.00"Milan
3.12Michael Graves18'11.50"Carleton Airport
4.12Tyler Millward18'10.00"Riverview Community
5.11Jacob Sterling18'04.50"Monroe Jefferson
6.12Mitch Snyder18'01.50"Carleton Airport
7.9Ty Grancitelli18'00.50"Monroe Jefferson
8.11Davaun Posey17'10.75"Carleton Airport
9.12Ben Sachse17'05.00"Milan
10.11Dan Couturier17'00.50"Monroe St. Mary CC
11.10Jeremy Orlando16'11.50"Milan
12.11Will Brennan16'10.00"New Boston Huron
13.10Ronald Graham16'09.00"Riverview Community
14.9Jordan Nellenbach16'07.00"Grosse Ile
15.10Michael Church16'04.75"Grosse Ile
16.12Ryan Langton15'11.50"Monroe St. Mary CC
17.11Rashard Wade15'09.50"Flat Rock
18.12Andrew Scarton15'09.00"Flat Rock
19.10Zachary Gambino15'07.00"New Boston Huron
20.9Mitchell Couturier15'04.75"Monroe St. Mary CC
21.10Sean Stuchurski14'04.25"New Boston Huron

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jealissa Kitchen12.60Milan
2.12Samantha Harmon12.90Milan
3.12Kimbally Burde13.00Monroe Jefferson
4.11Kielee McNally13.10Grosse Ile
5.10Gina Vitale13.40Riverview Community
6.12Menen Johnson13.70Milan
7.10Kianna Smith13.80Flat Rock
8.12Priscilla Pirronello14.10Riverview Community
11Chelsea Adams14.26New Boston Huron
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jealissa Kitchen12.90Milan
1.12Samantha Harmon13.00Milan
1.11Kielee McNally13.30Grosse Ile
2.12Kimbally Burde13.30Monroe Jefferson
2.10Kianna Smith13.50Flat Rock
2.10Gina Vitale13.50Riverview Community
3.12Menen Johnson13.60Milan
4.12Priscilla Pirronello13.61Riverview Community
3.11Danielle Gentner13.90Monroe St. Mary CC
5.11Chelsea Murray13.90Monroe Jefferson
6.9Miranda Wilkie13.90Monroe St. Mary CC
3.11Morgan Mitchell14.20Carleton Airport
4.11Lindsay Chadwell14.40Monroe Jefferson
4.11Chelsea Adams14.50New Boston Huron
5.9Torey McNally14.50Grosse Ile
6.9Brenna O'Rourke14.60Carleton Airport
5.10Nikki Tucker15.00Grosse Ile
6.10Jessica Schuon16.00New Boston Huron
7.10Elizabeth Roberts16.10Riverview Community
7.10Morgan Roznowski17.00Flat Rock
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
4.10Lauren Carter13.4Monroe Jefferson
9Anna Bergeson13.6Flat Rock
9Jordan Irwin13.65Flat Rock
4.11Lindsay Chadwell13.7Monroe Jefferson
7.11Danielle Gentner13.7Monroe St. Mary CC
9Elizabeth Richert13.86New Boston Huron
11Chelsea Adams14.06New Boston Huron
10Jessica Schuon14.25New Boston Huron
7.9Alyssa Cardella14.3Monroe St. Mary CC
9KaeLeigh Pawenski14.4Flat Rock
4.9Sidney Meyers14.4Monroe Jefferson
10Kianna Smith14.5Flat Rock
7.9Paula Burkardt14.7Monroe St. Mary CC
4.10Kayla Proffitt15.1Monroe Jefferson
9Carrie Bath15.3New Boston Huron
7.9Miranda Wilkie15.4Monroe St. Mary CC
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Harmon26.70Milan
2.12Kimbally Burde27.10Monroe Jefferson
3.10Jealissa Kitchen27.20Milan
4.11Kielee McNally28.00Grosse Ile
5.11Kailyn Gerzich28.60Carleton Airport
6.12Menen Johnson29.00Milan
7.12Elisa Riewe29.40Monroe Jefferson
8.10Amanda Midgett30.00Riverview Community
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jealissa Kitchen27.10Milan
1.12Samantha Harmon27.50Milan
1.12Kimbally Burde28.10Monroe Jefferson
2.11Kielee McNally28.20Grosse Ile
2.12Menen Johnson28.60Milan
2.12Elisa Riewe28.70Monroe Jefferson
3.11Kailyn Gerzich28.70Carleton Airport
3.10Amanda Midgett28.80Riverview Community
3.11Danielle Gentner29.10Monroe St. Mary CC
4.9Jordan Irwin29.40Flat Rock
4.12Chelsey Odor29.50Riverview Community
4.12Priscilla Pirronello29.70Riverview Community
5.10Kayla Proffitt30.20Monroe Jefferson
5.9Brenna O'Rourke31.00Carleton Airport
6.10Nikki Tucker31.20Grosse Ile
5.11Cara Livernois31.30Grosse Ile
7.10Morgan Roznowski34.80Flat Rock
6.9Karlee AgnewNFFlat Rock
6.9Breanna ThomaNFCarleton Airport
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
3.12Kimbally Burde26.4Monroe Jefferson
3.11Lindsay Chadwell28.5Monroe Jefferson
10Taylor Walls28.8Flat Rock
3.12Elisa Riewe29.0Monroe Jefferson
10Genny Ickes29.03New Boston Huron
3.10Kayla Proffitt29.4Monroe Jefferson
9Jordan Irwin29.5Flat Rock
9Anna Bergeson30.9Flat Rock
11Chelsea Adams31.31New Boston Huron
9Nicole Oestrike31.75New Boston Huron
10Jessica Schuon31.81New Boston Huron
9KaeLeigh Pawenski31.86Flat Rock
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jealissa Kitchen1:02.60Milan
2.11Kielee McNally1:03.00Grosse Ile
3.12Elisa Riewe1:03.80Monroe Jefferson
4.12Tara Lewis1:04.90Milan
5.12Jessica Surcek1:05.30Riverview Community
6.12Kimbally Burde1:05.70Monroe Jefferson
7.9Sabhin Butto1:06.80Grosse Ile
8.10Taylor Walls1:08.00Flat Rock
9.9Brittany Ditzhazy1:08.50Riverview Community
10.12Alexander Chrzan1:08.80Monroe St. Mary CC
11.10Ashley Dazel1:09.10Monroe St. Mary CC
12.11Justine Volz1:15.10Grosse Ile
13.9Nicole Karl1:15.30Riverview Community
14.11Ciara Metzoian1:16.60Monroe Jefferson
15.9Miranda Bodary1:20.10Flat Rock
16.9Katrina Hunt1:38.00Flat Rock
17.9Catie CampbellNFMilan
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.12Elisa Riewe1:03.7Monroe Jefferson
2.10Lauren Carter1:06.3Monroe Jefferson
2.10Kennedy Geyman1:06.6Monroe Jefferson
10Brooke Johnson67.64New Boston Huron
2.10Sarah Curry1:08.1Monroe Jefferson
6.12Susan Dragich1:08.2Monroe St. Mary CC
6.12Alex Chrzan1:08.7Monroe St. Mary CC
6.10Ashley Dazel1:08.8Monroe St. Mary CC
9Jordan Irwin68.9Flat Rock
10Taylor Walls68.9Flat Rock
10Genny Ickes69.07New Boston Huron
9Elizabeth Richert69.89New Boston Huron
12Morgan Adams72Flat Rock
6.9Paula Burkardt1:13.8Monroe St. Mary CC
9Carrie Bath74.83New Boston Huron
10Teresa Howes76.5Flat Rock
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Angela Swain2:27.60Milan
2.10Brooke Johnson2:29.00New Boston Huron
3.10Alex Belinky2:31.10Carleton Airport
4.9Catherine Polgar2:33.10Grosse Ile
5.9Tess Odegard2:34.90Milan
6.10Kennedy Geyman2:38.90Monroe Jefferson
7.9Adriane Miller2:40.00Monroe Jefferson
8.12Emily Weber2:44.40Milan
9.10Brianna Berge2:48.20Carleton Airport
10.9Brittney Marek2:49.40Grosse Ile
11.10Bethany Pifer2:51.80Monroe Jefferson
12.11Rachel Kardel2:53.80Riverview Community
13.9Renalda Mucollari2:55.20Riverview Community
14.9Katie Eluskie3:00.20Riverview Community
15.9Brittany Shaheen3:04.10Grosse Ile
16.9Tori Thoms3:13.40Flat Rock
17.10Jennifer Vandemark3:23.50Monroe St. Mary CC
18.12Morgan AdamsNFFlat Rock
19.9Samantha MidkiffNFNew Boston Huron
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Brooke Johnson2:31.4New Boston Huron
2.10Erin Bachler2:35.0Monroe Jefferson
6.11Colleen Grassley2:36.5Monroe St. Mary CC
2.10Kennedy Geyman2:39.2Monroe Jefferson
2.11Sam Zajac2:40.8Monroe Jefferson
2.9Adriane Miller2:41.1Monroe Jefferson
12Angie Souva2:43Flat Rock
6.10Ashley Dazel2:43.8Monroe St. Mary CC
10Genny Ickes2:44.3New Boston Huron
6.12Alex Chrzan2:45.2Monroe St. Mary CC
10Carley Woolcott2:45.9New Boston Huron
6.11Julia Shah2:48.6Monroe St. Mary CC
9Elizabeth Richert2:49.9New Boston Huron
12Morgan Adams2:54Flat Rock
10Teresa Howes2:58Flat Rock
10Lauren Gibson3:01Flat Rock
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Tomecek5:27.20Milan
2.12Angela Swain5:29.90Milan
3.11Colleen Grassley5:33.30Monroe St. Mary CC
4.10Erin Bachler5:46.80Monroe Jefferson
5.12Emily Weber5:47.80Milan
6.10Kennedy Geyman5:48.10Monroe Jefferson
7.12Kayla Gagnon5:48.50Riverview Community
8.11Sam Zajac5:50.20Monroe Jefferson
9.10Alyssa Stav5:56.80Riverview Community
10.10Kelsey Lancina6:06.60Carleton Airport
11.10Katie Griffith6:08.80Carleton Airport
12.12Angie Souva6:09.60Flat Rock
13.11Julia Shah6:11.20Monroe St. Mary CC
14.10Abbie Raubolt6:18.70Grosse Ile
15.9Brittany Shaheen6:18.90Grosse Ile
16.9Victoria Bayer7:12.30Riverview Community
17.10Jennifer Vandemark7:14.00Monroe St. Mary CC
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Tomecek11:48.50Milan
2.11Colleen Grassley12:10.20Monroe St. Mary CC
3.11Sam Zajac12:36.20Monroe Jefferson
4.10Carley Woolcott12:39.20New Boston Huron
5.12Jenna Manor12:45.80Milan
6.12Shannon Dusute12:46.90Grosse Ile
7.10Erin Bachler12:52.40Monroe Jefferson
8.12Kayla Gagnon13:10.70Riverview Community
9.10Katie Griffith13:21.30Carleton Airport
10.12Danielle Shepherd13:28.70Carleton Airport
11.12Angie Souva13:31.40Flat Rock
12.11Julia Shah13:45.40Monroe St. Mary CC
13.10Danielle Anderson13:52.80Milan
14.10Kennedy Levy14:15.80Grosse Ile
15.11Nicole Hodgins14:52.20Grosse Ile
16.11Ashley Charles15:17.80Monroe Jefferson
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Urdahl16.20Carleton Airport
2.12Kyrra Ryder17.10Grosse Ile
3.10Sarah Ray17.20Milan
4.12Susan Dragich17.90Monroe St. Mary CC
5.10Asha Lewis18.10Milan
6.12Tiffany Kitchen18.10Milan
7.11Kelsey Haener18.40Monroe Jefferson
8.12Abbie Gorham19.30Grosse Ile
9Nicole Oestrike19.76New Boston Huron
12Rose Hobbins21.1New Boston Huron
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nicole Urdahl17.10Carleton Airport
1.10Sarah Ray17.10Milan
1.12Kyrra Ryder17.20Grosse Ile
2.12Susan Dragich17.30Monroe St. Mary CC
2.10Asha Lewis17.50Milan
2.12Tiffany Kitchen18.20Milan
3.11Kelsey Haener19.00Monroe Jefferson
3.12Abbie Gorham19.10Grosse Ile
4.9KaeLeigh Pawenski19.60Flat Rock
4.9Kayla Korotney19.90Monroe Jefferson
5.10Monica Naida19.90Monroe St. Mary CC
3.9Nicole Oestrike20.00New Boston Huron
5.9Alexis Czajka20.40Riverview Community
6.12Rose Hobbins21.30New Boston Huron
6.9Paula Burkardt21.50Monroe St. Mary CC
4.9Devon Marsee21.60Monroe Jefferson
5.10Corin Cole23.00Riverview Community
6.12Amanda Kittle24.60Flat Rock
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Urdahl49.80Carleton Airport
2.12Susan Dragich51.40Monroe St. Mary CC
3.12Kyrra Ryder52.30Grosse Ile
4.11Kelsey Haener52.60Monroe Jefferson
5.9Sabhin Butto52.70Grosse Ile
6.10Sarah Ray53.00Milan
7.10Asha Lewis53.20Milan
8.12Tiffany Kitchen53.90Milan
9.9Kayla Korotney54.20Monroe Jefferson
10.10Monica Naida54.30Monroe St. Mary CC
11.9Nicole Oestrike56.30New Boston Huron
12.9Paula Burkardt57.30Monroe St. Mary CC
13.9Devon Marsee58.00Monroe Jefferson
14.9KaeLeigh Pawenski59.80Flat Rock
15.12Amanda Kittle1:00.10Flat Rock
16.9Alexis Czajka1:00.60Riverview Community
17.12Rose Hobbins1:03.80New Boston Huron
18.9Ryley Sheedy1:04.80Riverview Community
19.12Abbie Gorham1:06.30Grosse Ile
20.9Kristina AnteauNFCarleton Airport
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.00Carleton Airport
2.-Relay Team 54.20Milan
3.-Relay Team 54.30Riverview Community
4.-Kayla Profitt
Lauren Carter
Sidney Meyers
Lindsay Chadwell
56.20Monroe Jefferson
5.-Relay Team 56.50Grosse Ile
6.-Relay Team 57.00Flat Rock
7.-Relay Team 58.20Monroe St. Mary CC
8.-Chelsea Adams
Jessica Schuon
Carrie Bath
Elizabeth Richert
58.20New Boston Huron
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:49.70Milan
2.-Relay Team 1:53.00Carleton Airport
3.-Elisa Riewe
Kayla Profitt
Kimbally Burde
Lindsay Chadwell
1:53.20Monroe Jefferson
4.-Relay Team 1:58.10Riverview Community
5.-Relay Team 2:01.00Grosse Ile
6.-Relay Team 2:01.10Flat Rock
7.-Chelsea Adams
Jessica Schuon
Nicole Oestrike
Genny Ickes
2:03.80New Boston Huron
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:20.60Milan
2.-Lauren Carter
Sarah Curry
Kennedy Geyman
Elisa Riewe
4:24.90Monroe Jefferson
3.-Relay Team 4:26.10Grosse Ile
4.-Relay Team 4:27.40Carleton Airport
5.-Relay Team 4:35.10Riverview Community
6.-Relay Team 4:39.40Monroe St. Mary CC
7.-Brooke Johnson
Elizabeth Richert
Carrie Bath
Genny Ickes
4:41.30New Boston Huron
8.-Relay Team 4:46.70Flat Rock
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:21.60Milan
2.-Erin Bachler
Adriane Miller
Sam Zajac
Kennedy Geyman
10:36.10Monroe Jefferson
3.-Relay Team 10:39.80Riverview Community
4.-Relay Team 10:45.50Carleton Airport
5.-Brooke Johnson
Carley Wolcott
Elizabeth Richert
Genny Ickes
10:51.30New Boston Huron
6.-Relay Team 10:54.30Monroe St. Mary CC
7.-Relay Team 11:04.50Grosse Ile
8.-Relay Team 11:38.60Flat Rock
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Nagy35'08.75"Carleton Airport
2.11Caitlin Proteau34'08.50"Monroe Jefferson
3.12Kira Turner33'08.50"Milan
4.9Meagan Dietz33'04.25"Monroe Jefferson
5.12Racheel Schulz31'05.50"Milan
6.10Joscilyn Crain30'05.00"Flat Rock
7.11Morgan Todd30'04.00"Monroe Jefferson
8.11Lauren Wells28'01.00"Carleton Airport
9.10Nicole Walls27'03.00"Carleton Airport
10.10Jill Perkins26'07.50"Monroe St. Mary CC
11.10Lynzi Patton26'03.00"Milan
12.12Shelby Galusha26'03.00"Grosse Ile
13.12Libby Dust25'10.75"Grosse Ile
14.12Katy Ciungan25'07.00"Grosse Ile
15.11Janelle Languosco24'00.50"Monroe St. Mary CC
16.10Amanda Midgett23'09.00"Riverview Community
17.9Mindy Yax22'06.75"New Boston Huron
18.9Miranda Wilkie21'09.25"Monroe St. Mary CC
19.9Samantha Midkiff20'03.50"New Boston Huron
20.-Amanda Brightman19'04.25"Riverview Community
21.10Samantha Walker18'02.50"Flat Rock
22.10Katie Rohde16'03.00"Flat Rock
23.9Ryley Sheedy15'10.50"Riverview Community
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Nagy123'00.00"Carleton Airport
2.11Caitlin Proteau117'03.00"Monroe Jefferson
3.10Joscilyn Crain95'07.00"Flat Rock
4.9Meagan Dietz91'00.00"Monroe Jefferson
5.12Magan Bailey88'09.00"Milan
6.11Morgan Todd87'02.00"Monroe Jefferson
7.10Jill Perkins82'00.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
8.12Shelby Galusha80'01.00"Grosse Ile
9.12Kira Turner79'10.00"Milan
10.12Libby Dust74'04.00"Grosse Ile
11.10Nicole Walls70'02.00"Carleton Airport
12.12Katy Ciungan69'05.00"Grosse Ile
13.12Allison Bobcean67'03.00"Flat Rock
14.11Lauren Wells62'07.00"Carleton Airport
15.9Miranda Wilkie58'11.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
16.11Janelle Languosco58'05.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
17.10Jessica Ruppel51'08.00"Flat Rock
18.9Mindy Yax51'01.00"New Boston Huron
19.9Samantha Midkiff47'01.00"New Boston Huron
20.9Ryley Sheedy45'11.00"Riverview Community
21.-Amanda Brightman32'10.00"Riverview Community
22.10Brianna HurleyNFMilan
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Harmon5'04.00"Milan
2.10Genny Ickes4'08.30"New Boston Huron
3.10Monica Naida4'08.30"Monroe St. Mary CC
4.12Lauren Crays4'08.30"Carleton Airport
5.12Susan Dragich4'08.30"Monroe St. Mary CC
6.10Rachel Perkins4'08.20"Flat Rock
7.10Katie Griffith4'08.10"Carleton Airport
2.10Genny Ickes4'8New Boston Huron
8.9Nicole Oestrike4'06.20"New Boston Huron
9.9Eran Young4'06.10"Milan
10.11Kelsey Haener4'06.00"Monroe Jefferson
11.9Breanna Thoma4'04.00"Carleton Airport
12.12Alexander Chrzan4'04.00"Monroe St. Mary CC
13.11Trisha Agner4'04.00"Monroe Jefferson
14.10Corin Cole4'04.00"Riverview Community
15.12Chelsey Odor4'04.00"Riverview Community
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Urdahl14'11.25"Carleton Airport
2.9Sabhin Butto14'09.00"Grosse Ile
3.11Saige Stump14'05.25"Carleton Airport
4.11Rachel Kardel13'10.25"Riverview Community
5.10Lauren Carter13'05.50"Monroe Jefferson
6.10Gina Vitale13'04.50"Riverview Community
7.11Danielle Gentner13'04.25"Monroe St. Mary CC
8.12Alexia Pope13'03.50"Milan
9.10Taylor Walls12'07.50"Flat Rock
10.10Ashley Dazel12'04.50"Monroe St. Mary CC
11.12Lauren Lorentz12'04.25"Monroe St. Mary CC
12.10Ali Velasquez12'02.75"Monroe Jefferson
13.11Chelsea Adams12'01.75"New Boston Huron
14.12Amanda Kittle12'00.75"Flat Rock
15.12Abbie Gorham11'10.25"Grosse Ile
16.9Nicole Karl11'09.00"Riverview Community
17.10Chelsea Dillon11'06.25"Carleton Airport
18.9Sidney Meyers10'10.00"Monroe Jefferson
19.12Tiffany Kitchen8'03.75"Milan
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