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9th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.9Tanner Birdsall11.30a2012
2.9Eric Gallanger12.34c1997
3.9Anthony Louthan12.67a2012
4.9Taylor Zillyett12.74c2011
5.9Doug Benedict12.84c2008
6.9Logan Truax13.51a2013
7.9Tristin Tingey13.54c2007
8.9Branden Sandberg14.14a2011
9.9Justin Marsh14.22a2013
10.9Angel Huff14.24c2014
11.9Wyatt Clark14.39a2014
12.9Caleb Cutler14.44c2007
200 Meters
1.9Tanner Birdsall23.99a2012
2.9Anthony Louthan24.51a2012
3.9Justin Stillwell25.44c2006
4.9Angel Huff25.44c2014
5.9Hayden Wallace25.75a2015
6.9George Kelley25.86c2008
7.9Ryan Nicholson25.94c2014
8.9Dylan Spencer26.29a2008
9.9Caleb Cutler26.44c2007
10.9Taylor Zillyett26.88a2011
11.9Kellen Church27.24c2009
12.9Hutton Napier27.43a2013
13.9Wyatt Clark29.54c2014
14.9Tristin Tingey29.84c2007
400 Meters
1.9Anthony Louthan53.00a2012
2.9Tyson Lovell54.35a2010
3.9Justin Stillwell56.54c2006
4.9Matthew Peoples57.04a2012
5.9Evan Truax57.65a2009
6.9William A Barnett59.44c2006
7.9Jared Larsen59.74c2006
8.9Taylor Zillyett61.24c2011
9.9Dillon Ford61.81a2008
10.9Justin Marsh63.38a2013
11.9Kyle Cokeley64.14c2007
12.9Angel Huff64.43a2014
13.9Tristin Tingey65.14c2007
14.9Wyatt Clark66.81a2014
15.9Travis Lawrence71.50a2012
16.9Kellen ChurchNT2009
800 Meters
1.9Tyson Lovell2:11.02a2010
2.9Evan Truax2:12.72009
3.9Jared Larsen2:13.02006
4.9Logan Truax2:15.002013
5.9Blake Wargo2:20.502010
6.9Jake Mustard2:23.32a2014
7.9Conner Lovell2:23.55a2013
8.9Gabe Spearin2:23.66a2011
9.9Kyle Bundy2:25.12a2015
10.9Taylor Sawin2:27.44a2009
11.9Logan Clements2:29.802014
12.9Brandon Rose2:31.51a2012
13.9Kyle Cokeley2:31.82007
14.9Tristin Tingey2:40.02007
15.9Caleb Cutler2:44.92007
16.9Dale Stewart2:45.32006
1600 Meters
1.9Jared Larsen4:54.92006
2.9Christian Hamblin5:02.96a2010
3.9Jake Mustard5:03.18a2014
4.9Logan Clements5:04.002014
5.9Gabe Spearin5:05.68a2011
6.9Taylor Sawin5:12.72009
7.9Logan Truax5:15.102013
8.9Kyle Bundy5:19.602015
9.9Conner Lovell5:32.88a2013
10.9Kyle Cokeley5:37.02007
11.9Brandon Rose5:52.98a2012
12.9Tristin Tingey5:55.02007
13.9Caleb CutlerDNS2007
9Tyler BavroDNS2007
3200 Meters
1.9Christian Hamblin10:51.49a2010
2.9Gabe Spearin10:53.002011
3.9Taylor Sawin11:02.03a2009
4.9Logan Clements11:02.32a2014
5.9Jake Mustard11:45.002014
6.9Dale Stewart13:50.12006
7.9Brandon RoseNT2012
9Kyle BundyNT2015
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Reed Hughes17.10a2011
2.9Anthony LouthanDQ2012
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Reed Hughes45.74c2011
2.9Eric Gallanger47.24c1997
3.9Anthony Louthan48.94c2012
4.9Matthew Peoples49.03a2012
5.9Hayden WallaceSCR2015
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Seth Dierkop38' 10.002015
2.9Jake Massoth35' 10.002011
9Blake Wargo35' 10.002010
4.9Joe Benedict35' 12009
5.9Taylor Rupe35' 0.002014
6.9Hutton Napier33' 1.502013
7.9George Kelley32' 8.52008
8.9Colton Bradbury32' 8.252014
9.9Lone Wakeman29' 4.002012
10.9John Burtt27' 9.002015
11.9Ace Johnson27' 42009
12.9Wes Vandiver26' 10.502012
13.9Tanner Rossmeier26' 5.002015
14.9Branden Sandberg25' 10.002011
15.9Patrick Ayers22' 5.002012
16.9Dalton CombsND2015
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9Taylor Rupe112' 7.002014
2.9Jake Massoth95' 9.002011
3.9Kaleb Chastain90' 2.002013
4.9Matthew Peoples85' 10.002012
5.9Seth Dierkop84' 6.002015
6.9Hutton Napier82' 5.002013
7.9Colton Bradbury81' 6.002014
8.9Ace Johnson80' 72009
9.9Blake Wargo79' 5.002010
10.9Joe Benedict73' 82009
11.9Lone Wakeman68' 10.002012
12.9Tanner Rossmeier65' 8.002015
13.9John Burtt58' 3.002015
14.9Patrick Ayers56' 10.002012
15.9Wes Vandiver53' 4.002012
16.9Justin MarshDQ2013
9Dalton CombsND2015
Javelin - 800g
1.9Anthony Louthan146' 5.002012
2.9Joe Benedict145' 72009
3.9Seth Dierkop136' 9.002015
4.9Kellen Church126' 62009
5.9Matthew Peoples117' 0.002012
6.9Trevor Ridgway112' 9.002015
7.9George Kelley112' 02008
8.9Doug Benedict109' 112008
9.9Kaleb Chastain108' 5.002013
10.9Taylor Rupe105' 0.002014
11.9Dillon Ford102' 42008
12.9Dylan Spencer101' 02008
13.9Colton Bradbury94' 7.502014
14.9Blake Wargo91' 3.002010
15.9Hutton Napier89' 3.002013
16.9Tanner Rossmeier86' 11.002015
17.9Lone Wakeman77' 8.002012
18.9John Burtt76' 7.002015
19.9Wes Vandiver71' 1.002012
20.9Branden Sandberg63' 7.002011
High Jump
1.9Ryan Nicholson5' 6.002014
9Tyson Lovell5' 6.002010
3.9Trevor Ridgway5' 4.002015
4.9Conner Lovell5' 2.002013
9Kaleb Chastain5' 2.002013
6.9Dillon Ford5' 02008
7.9Anthony Louthan4' 10.002012
8.9Matthew Peoples4' 8.002012
9.9Travis LawrenceNH2012
Pole Vault
1.9Logan Truax10' 0.002013
2.9Matthew Peoples9' 0.002012
9Evan Truax9' 02009
Long Jump
1.9Tanner Birdsall18' 5.002012
2.9Reed Hughes18' 3.502011
3.9Logan Truax17' 4.752013
4.9Evan Truax16' 7.252009
5.9Tyson Lovell16' 3.502010
6.9Hayden Wallace15' 11.002015
7.9Kellen Church15' 8.52009
8.9George Kelley15' 82008
9.9Trevor Ridgway15' 5.002015
10.9Taylor Zillyett13' 6.002011
Triple Jump
1.9Tyson Lovell36' 6.502010
2.9Hayden Wallace36' 0.002015
3.9S Prince35' 6.002005
4.9Ryan Nicholson34' 10.002014
5.9Trevor Ridgway32' 4.002015
6.9Taylor Zillyett31' 2.002011
7.9Tanner BirdsallDQ2012
Hammer - 16lb
1.9J Christiansen78' 0.002004


100 Meters
1.9Ally McCaw12.94c2010
2.9Mackenzie Sanders13.15aw2008
3.9Shayla Floch13.29a2014
4.9Abigail Tormino14.24c2007
5.9Maggie Lewis15.24c2006
6.9Taryn Gallington15.94c1997
7.9Abbi Vance16.01a2012
8.9Liz Carey17.04c2009
9.9Rachel O'Brien18.95a2012
10.9Alexis SchupbachNT2012
200 Meters
1.9Shayla Floch26.73a2014
2.9Ally McCaw27.16a2010
3.9Mackenzie Sanders27.41a2008
4.9Abigail Tormino28.79a2007
5.9Marci Estalilla28.94c2006
6.9Jennifer Johnson30.13a2013
7.9Myranda Floch30.63a2012
8.9Taryn Gallington31.84c1997
9.9Alyx Miller32.29a2011
10.9Kaela Plumb34.04c2006
11.9Megan Peterson37.04c2007
400 Meters
1.9Mackenzie Sanders60.47a2008
2.9Myranda Floch63.34a2012
3.9Ally McCaw63.67a2010
4.9Abigail Tormino68.14c2007
5.9Baylee Roble68.31a2014
6.9Alexandria Harding70.84c2007
7.9Cora Ashlock73.84c2011
8.9Kaela Plumb74.84c2006
9.9Megan Peterson77.74c2007
10.9Liz Carey1:33.00a2009
800 Meters
1.9Andrea Ostwald2:36.64a2012
2.9Baylee Roble2:37.002014
3.9Allison Peterson2:38.52009
4.9Gabrielle Rudolph2:39.002011
5.9Sydney Potter2:43.44a2013
6.9Alexandria Harding2:45.58a2007
7.9Kasey Cokeley2:45.84a2010
8.9Christina Roach2:52.12007
9.9Laryssa Gillham2:54.802010
10.9Mary Diamond3:00.002011
11.9Linnea Nixon3:08.99a2010
12.9Megan PetersonDQ2007
1600 Meters
1.9Sydney Potter5:40.002013
2.9Andrea Ostwald5:43.202012
3.9Allison Peterson5:48.69a2009
4.9Baylee Roble5:50.08a2014
5.9Gabrielle Rudolph5:53.502011
6.9Kasey Cokeley6:06.20a2010
7.9Laryssa Gillham6:14.07a2010
8.9Mary Diamond6:37.902011
9.9Christina Roach6:45.02007
10.9Linnea Nixon7:19.402010
3200 Meters
1.9Sydney Potter12:25.37a2013
2.9Gabrielle Rudolph12:26.25a2011
3.9Andrea Ostwald12:30.07a2012
4.9Allison Peterson12:32.80a2009
5.9Baylee Roble12:43.31a2014
6.9Kasey Cokeley13:07.17a2010
7.9Laryssa Gillham14:11.002010
8.9Mary Diamond15:41.602011
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Madison Schupbach17.57a2015
2.9Alexis Harris18.64c2006
3.9Barbara Meamber19.53a2010
4.9Marci Estalilla19.54c2006
5.9Alexis Schupbach20.04a2012
6.9Cora Ashlock20.54c2011
7.9Erika Garland21.73a2010
8.9Hailey BesawDQ2008
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Marci Estalilla52.84c2006
2.9Alexis Schupbach54.02a2012
3.9Maggie Lewis58.14c2006
4.9Madison Schupbach60.16a2015
5.9Cora Ashlock62.11a2011
6.9Hailey BesawDQ2008
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Jordan Spradlin41' 4.002014
2.9Tera Novy34' 9.52009
3.9Kaitlyn Bradley31' 1.002012
4.9Alexis Harris29' 62006
5.9Erika Bennett24' 62007
9Chandler Shumate24' 6.002010
9Victoria Benson24' 62009
8.9Liz Carey24' 1.52009
9.9Tia Arndt23' 10.502012
10.9Erika Brumbaugh22' 7.001997
11.9Rachel O'Brien20' 10.002012
12.9Alexis Schupbach20' 6.002012
13.9Kynzie Vetter19' 9.52007
14.9Brook Cannady18' 62008
15.9Emily Siglin16' 10.52008
16.9Hailey BesawDQ2008
9Kayleigh SutherbySCR2015
Discus - 1kg
1.9Jordan Spradlin126' 0.002014
2.9Tera Novy114' 82009
3.9Erika Brumbaugh75' 11.001997
4.9Kaitlyn Bradley74' 2.002012
5.9Tia Arndt67' 9.002012
6.9Tayna Larson65' 6.001997
7.9Kayleigh Sutherby62' 10.002015
8.9Erika Bennett61' 112007
9.9Victoria Benson56' 102009
10.9Kynzie Vetter49' 62007
11.9Rachel O'Brien46' 5.002012
12.9Emily Siglin46' 22008
13.9Rachelle Anderson45' 7.002012
14.9Brook Cannady43' 32008
15.9Hailey BesawDQ2008
Javelin - 600g
1.9Jordan Spradlin93' 1.002014
2.9Tera Novy76' 12009
3.9Liz Carey69' 02009
4.9Tia Arndt67' 11.002012
5.9Kaitlyn Bradley66' 0.002012
6.9Alexis Harris63' 72006
7.9Victoria Benson61' 112009
8.9Rachelle Anderson61' 4.002012
9.9Emily Siglin58' 02008
10.9Kayleigh Sutherby55' 11.002015
11.9Erika Bennett47' 22007
12.9Kynzie Vetter41' 112007
13.9Brook Cannady38' 92008
Javelin - 600g-1999
1.9Erika Brumbaugh58' 8.001997
High Jump
1.9Shayla Floch4' 10.002014
2.9Linnea Nixon4' 7.002010
3.9Sadie Bennett4' 6.002006
9Kathleen Esses4' 62006
5.9Sydney Potter4' 4.002013
6.9Abbi Vance4' 0.002012
7.9Myranda Floch3' 10.002012
Pole Vault
1.9Jennifer Johnson5' 6.002013
2.9Alyx MillerNH2011
Long Jump
1.9Shayla Floch16' 8.002014
2.9Mackenzie Sanders16' 02008
3.9Ally McCaw14' 11.502010
4.9Jennifer Johnson13' 6.002013
5.9Tera Novy12' 10.752009
6.9Madison Schupbach12' 3.252015
7.9Alexis Schupbach11' 10.002012
8.9Kayleigh Sutherby11' 9.002015
9.9Brook Cannady9' 82008
10.9Emily Siglin8' 11.52008
Triple Jump
1.9Myranda Floch32' 1.252012
2.9Kathleen Esses28' 8.502006
3.9Madison Schupbach28' 8.002015
4.9Sadie Bennett28' 4.502006
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