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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Boone Davis11.18a2008
2.12Mark Bangsund11.34c1992
3.12Paul Bibbee11.35a2003
4.12Ryan Callahan11.44a2004
5.12Jason Yell11.53a2004
6.12Jack Burpee11.54c1995
7.12Tyler Lee11.63a2014
8.12Martin Forchemer11.73a2010
9.12Ryan Rosenau11.78a2011
10.12John Hensley11.84c2004
11.12Sam Fischer11.94c2007
12.12Daniel Betz12.01a2011
13.12James Barton12.03a2008
14.12Cam Hollingsworth12.14c2001
15.12Dominique Coffin12.54c2009
16.12Justin Torres12.64c2009
17.12*Noax Wood12.94c2015
18.12Thomas Steinke13.01a2009
19.12Aleas Gomez13.55a2009
20.12Jacob Partee14.44c2010
200 Meters
1.12Paul Bibbee22.75a2003
2.12Boone Davis22.92a2008
3.12Tyler Lee23.08a2014
4.12Ryan Rosenau23.40a2011
5.12Jason Yell23.42a2004
6.12Jack Burpee23.44c1995
7.12Martin Forchemer23.94a2010
8.12Sam Fischer24.39a2007
9.12Daniel Betz24.63a2011
10.12Dominique Coffin24.94c2009
11.12James Barton25.23a2008
12.12*William Demarest26.84c2015
13.12Justin Torres26.97a2009
400 Meters
1.12Josh Plute50.17a1999
2.12Cam Hollingsworth50.48a2001
3.12Boone Davis50.58a2008
4.12Jack Burpee52.44c1995
5.12Ryan Rosenau52.66a2011
6.12Stephen Smith54.24c2004
7.12Tom Cagle54.54c2001
8.12Tyler Lee56.15a2014
9.12Sam Fischer56.34c2007
10.12Dominique Coffin56.47a2009
11.12William Demarest57.47a2015
12.12Thomas Steinke57.98a2009
13.12James Barton62.03a2008
14.12Joe Greek64.04c2007
15.12Nick Piton64.44c2008
800 Meters
1.12Torin Koos1:55.81999
2.12Brent Frank1:57.42002
3.12*Blakely Browne2:05.75a2015
4.12Jair Rosario2:13.31994
5.12William Demarest2:17.16a2015
6.12Nick Piton2:19.48a2008
7.12Macalister Clark2:36.502010
1500 Meters
1.12Forrest Griek4:10.42a1996
2.12Thomas Steinke4:57.50a2009
3.12Ryan Rosenau5:03.69a2011
1600 Meters
1.12Torin Koos4:19.61a1999
2.12Forrest Griek4:27.91996
3.12Spencer Bosket4:47:58a.02004
4.12Ty Daugherty5:10.47a2007
5.12Nick Piton5:21.78a2008
6.12Christian Hernandez5:26.10a2014
7.12Macalister Clark5:29.002010
3000 Meters
1.12Todd Smith9:18.51998
2.12Christian HernandezSCR2014
3200 Meters
1.12Todd Smith9:41.61998
2.12Forrest Griek9:48.41996
3.12Brett Fromm10:20.31995
4.12Spencer Bosket10:31.32004
5.12Nick Piton12:26.62008
6.12Macalister Clark12:38.84a2010
7.12Christian HernandezSCR2014
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Ryan Rosenau15.35a2011
2.12Tyler Lee15.47a2014
3.12Kevin Bibby15.64c2001
4.12Luke Boyce15.71a1999
5.12Thomas Steinke16.20a2009
6.12Ty Daugherty16.43a2007
7.12Jeff Stroup21.34c2000
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.12Ryan Rosenau16.25a2011
2.12Thomas Steinke17.58a2009
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Ryan Rosenau39.76a2011
2.12Tyler Lee40.65a2014
3.12Ty Daugherty42.44c2007
4.12Matt Flack42.74c1996
5.12Thomas Steinke45.22a2009
6.12Jeff Stroup47.34c2000
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Derek Crites53' 4.752014
2.12Mark Barnes48' 31990
3.12Tim Barnes48' 21992
4.12Jason Yell47' 102004
5.12Chris Barnhart47' 51996
6.12Kevin Bibby46' 7.52001
7.12Mike Raggio44' 10.251995
8.12Sam Baird44' 0.51996
9.12Ryan Callahan41' 6.52004
10.12Cuyler Hudson39' 9.002010
11.12Nick Miland38' 10.502010
12.12Aleas Gomez37' 7.52009
13.12Dominique Coffin36' 11.52009
14.12Garrett Brooks36' 3.502011
15.12*Conner Ashcraft34' 2.752015
16.12Mitchell Kraus33' 0.502011
17.12Flynt Ennis31' 9.52009
18.12Justin Torres29' 3.52009
19.12Jacob Partee28' 6.002010
Shot Put - 16lb
1.12Ryan Rosenau28' 4.552011
2.12Thomas Steinke26' 1.392009
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Derek Crites140' 11.002014
2.12Brian Koch137' 51996
3.12Mike Raggio135' 81995
4.12Nick Miland125' 7.002010
5.12Kevin Bibby122' 42001
6.12Aleas Gomez114' 32009
7.12Justin Torres109' 82009
8.12Cuyler Hudson103' 1.002010
9.12Mitchell Kraus99' 10.502011
10.12Garrett Brooks98' 11.002011
11.12Thomas Steinke87' 52009
12.12Flynt Ennis81' 112009
13.12Conner Ashcraft81' 6.002015
14.12Jacob Partee73' 2.002010
Discus - 2kg
1.12Ryan Rosenau79' 5.942011
2.12Thomas Steinke73' 1.952009
Javelin - 800g
1.12Rudy Prey Jr.182' 101984
2.12Ty McGregor171' 51997
3.12Kevin Bibby159' 52001
4.12Brian Koch158' 51996
5.12Ryan Rosenau139' 6.412011
6.12Garrett Brooks126' 5.002011
7.12Mitchell Kraus121' 5.002011
8.12Justin Torres120' 32009
9.12Aleas Gomez120' 12009
10.12Thomas Steinke116' 02009
11.12Martin Forchemer113' 6.002010
12.12Nick Miland100' 1.002010
13.12Christian Hernandez45' 4.002014
High Jump
1.12Jared Homad6' 3.51990
2.12Ryan Rosenau6' 2.002011
3.12Kevin Bibby6' 02001
4.12Thomas Steinke5' 102009
12Daniel Betz5' 10.002011
6.12Dominique Coffin5' 82009
7.12Vinnie Anzalone5' 2.002015
12Boone Davis5' 22008
Pole Vault
1.12Josh Fishburne14' 01999
2.12Collin Smith13' 31994
3.12Thomas Steinke12' 62009
12Kevin Bibby12' 62001
5.12Matt Flack12' 01996
6.12Ryan Rosenau10' 11.892011
Long Jump
1.12Mark Bangsund22' 01992
2.12Boone Davis21' 3.252008
3.12Ty McGregor20' 8.751997
4.12Jack Burpee20' 4.251995
5.12Daniel Betz20' 2.502011
6.12Dominique Coffin19' 8.752009
7.12Ryan Rosenau19' 7.752011
8.12Tom Cagle19' 7.52001
9.12Thomas Steinke19' 72009
10.12John Hensley18' 22004
11.12Martin Forchemer17' 10.502010
12.12Kevin Bibby17' 72001
13.12Ty Daugherty16' 4.52007
Triple Jump
1.12Thomas Steinke42' 72009
2.12Tom Cagle41' 11.252001
3.12Ryan Rosenau40' 11.252011
4.12Ty Daugherty36' 5.752007
5.12Dominique Coffin35' 6.752009
6.12Aleas Gomez30' 12009
7.12Cuyler Hudson26' 7.002010
Decathlon Score
1.12Ryan Rosenau54482011
2.12Thomas Steinke45872009


100 Meters
1.12Gwenna Carie12.64c2007
2.12Sara Port12.94c1993
3.12Melissa Port13.04c1996
4.12Annie Christie13.05a2012
5.12Brooke Dayton13.34c1995
6.12Haley Darlington13.43a2010
12Hannah Ziegler13.43a2011
8.12Michele Harrod13.86a2010
9.12Rosa Ojeda14.43a2014
200 Meters
1.12Gwenna Carie25.28a2007
2.12Sara Port26.94c1993
3.12Annie Christie27.08a2012
4.12Haley Darlington27.43a2010
5.12Melissa Port27.74c1996
6.12Hannah Ziegler28.01a2011
7.12Mara Cummings28.11a2013
8.12Hilery Nunn28.54c2009
9.12Michaela Barich29.24a2011
10.12Nicole Mullady31.88a2009
400 Meters
1.12Gwenna Carie57.00a2007
2.12Kari Koos59.70a2002
3.12Kendra Petit60.20a2003
4.12Mara Cummings60.85a2013
5.12Emily Moreshead61.54c1996
6.12Nicole Maninger64.44c1994
7.12Michaela Barich65.89a2011
8.12Michele Harrod66.64c2010
9.12Danielle Peck67.44c2000
10.12Rosa Ojeda68.18a2014
11.12Nicole Mullady68.94c2009
800 Meters
1.12Rachel Rieke2:16.71994
2.12Emily Moreshead2:23.21996
3.12Danielle Peck2:23.52000
4.12Mara Cummings2:23.57a2013
5.12Katy Roberts2:23.71995
6.12Teranne McComas2:24.01a2002
7.12Kari Koos2:25.62002
8.12Becky Franza2:26.12a1998
9.12Nicole Mullady2:39.12009
10.12Rosa Ojeda2:48.70a2014
11.12Grace Martin2:50.6a2007
12.12Andrea Chavez2:52.42a2014
1500 Meters
1.12Kari Koos5:33.42002
2.12Amanda Scott5:37.202011
3.12Emma Adams6:08.34a2012
1600 Meters
1.12Rachel Rieke5:07.91994
2.12Kari Koos5:22.19a2002
3.12Katy Roberts5:37.01995
4.12Danielle Peck5:40.14a2000
5.12Kyle Bergren5:42.22001
6.12Whitney Esparza5:52.33a2006
7.12Amanda Scott5:55.26a2011
8.12Mara Cummings6:02.702013
9.12Teranne McComas6:11.92002
10.12*Jennifer Novikoff6:31.102015
11.12Nicole Mullady6:38.02009
3000 Meters
1.12Emma Adams12:26.81a2012
2.12Julia Anderson13:41.002011
3200 Meters
1.12Rachel Rieke11:14a.01994
2.12Kyle Bergren12:14.02001
3.12Kari Koos12:52.92002
4.12Danielle Peck13:10.02000
5.12Emma Adams13:25.17a2012
6.12*Jennifer Novikoff13:37.702015
7.12Julia Anderson14:39.07a2011
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Megan Franza14.34c1997
2.12Hilery Nunn16.82a2009
3.12Cassie Merkley17.17a2005
4.12Kaley Graybeal17.74a2010
5.12Morgan Anderson18.06a2011
6.12Erin Nash18.27a2007
7.12Athena Schlyer19.17a2011
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Megan Franza44.57a1997
2.12Cassie Merkley44.67a2005
3.12Hilery Nunn47.92a2009
4.12Grace Martin49.76a2007
5.12Erin Nash51.40a2007
6.12Kaley Graybeal53.34c2010
7.12Morgan Anderson56.73a2011
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Rochelle Rosenau39' 02003
2.12Candy Canales30' 4.002003
3.12Danielle Bergren29' 1.502011
4.12Roxanne Rosenau27' 8.52006
5.12Andrea Chavez26' 11.002014
6.12Roxanne Reimer26' 6.52008
7.12Nicole Mullady25' 62009
8.12Sydney Anderson23' 8.002010
9.12Codie Barker22' 92009
10.12Erika Spidalieri19' 4.502011
11.12Kaley Graybeal18' 6.502010
Discus - 1kg
1.12Rochelle Rosenau122' 72003
2.12Misty Arndt117' 10.51990
3.12Danielle Bergren106' 2.002011
4.12Roxanne Reimer96' 22008
5.12Roxanne Rosenau92' 112006
6.12Sydney Anderson91' 0.002010
7.12Andrea Chavez81' 9.002014
8.12Codie Barker70' 22009
9.12Danielle West63' 2.002011
10.12Katy Garza44' 72009
11.12Rosa OjedaND2014
Javelin - 600g
1.12Cassie Merkley144' 72005
2.12Amanda Merkley139' 0.52002
3.12Marni McGregor115' 101997
4.12Megan Marson112' 72000
5.12Susan Paul84' 8.002002
6.12Danielle Bergren78' 5.002011
7.12Sydney Anderson71' 8.002010
8.12Andrea Chavez64' 6.002014
9.12Codie Barker57' 12009
10.12Erika Spidalieri55' 10.002011
High Jump
1.12Megan Franza5' 81997
2.12Cassie Merkley5' 42005
3.12Amanda Merkley5' 22002
4.12Haley Darlington4' 8.002010
5.12Katy Garza4' 42009
12Michaela Barich4' 4.002011
Pole Vault
1.12Codie Barker7' 62009
12Michaela Barich7' 6.002011
Long Jump
1.12Megan Franza18' 10.51997
2.12Marni McGregor16' 8.751997
3.12Kendra Petit16' 6.52003
4.12Haley Darlington16' 3.002010
5.12Hilery Nunn14' 10.52009
6.12Gwenna Carie14' 5.52007
7.12Annie Christie14' 3.502012
8.12Morgan Anderson14' 3.002011
9.12Katy Garza13' 0.252009
10.12Sydney Anderson11' 10.002010
Triple Jump
1.12Marni McGregor35' 10.751997
2.12Annie Christie31' 11.002012
3.12Megan Marson31' 32000
4.12Morgan Anderson31' 1.502011
5.12Kaley Graybeal28' 1.502010
6.12Katy Garza27' 72009
7.12Sydney Anderson26' 3.502010
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