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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Ron Stephens11.19a2015
2.12Keith Edmonson11.54a2008
3.12Jason Palinsky11.71aw2015
4.12Theo Tel11.84a2015
5.12Nathan Haack12.14c2011
6.12Julian Watson12.19a2011
7.12Antonio D'Amico12.21a2014
8.12Kenneth Edmonson12.24c2008
9.12Brandon Tarver12.44c2007
10.12Dawson Faker12.74a2015
11.12Mitchell Pelissier12.87a2015
12.12Mark Loveless13.04c2013
13.12Trent Ault15.04c2009
14.12Jeff Kaiser15.44c2007
200 Meters
1.12Ron Stephens22.82a2015
2.12Keith Edmonson23.52a2008
3.12Marc Vetter24.04a2013
4.12Theo Tel24.20a2015
5.12Dan Price24.64a2011
6.12Kenneth Edmonson24.74c2008
7.12Jason Palinsky24.86a2015
8.12Brandon Tarver25.04c2007
9.12Nathan Haack25.14c2011
10.12Julian Watson25.49a2011
11.12Antonio D'Amico26.53a2014
12.12Vitaliy Golubkov27.14c2009
13.12Mark Loveless27.29a2013
14.12Nathan GrahamDQ2007
400 Meters
1.12Theo Tel50.91a2015
2.12Andrew Wolf51.16a2011
3.12Brandon Tarver53.31a2007
4.12Jason Palinsky53.86a2015
5.12Jake Kornbau54.04c2011
6.12Kenneth Edmonson54.95a2008
7.12Steven Henderson55.54a2013
8.12Keith Edmonson56.34c2008
9.12Ron Stephens58.20a2015
10.12Ryan Hopkins58.94c2010
11.12Antonio D'Amico59.12a2014
12.12Reagan Voges59.24a2014
13.12Dan Price59.44c2011
14.12Vitaliy Golubkov61.84c2009
15.12Sam Davila62.64c2007
16.12Dustin Leeberg63.74c2006
17.12Keith Barnes72.24c2007
18.12Dawson FakerSCR2015
800 Meters
1.12Jake Kornbau2:02.26a2011
2.12Brandon Tarver2:04.12007
3.12Quinn Pariseau2:06.91a2013
4.12Vitaliy Golubkov2:09.45a2009
5.12Ryan Hopkins2:16.59a2010
6.12Dan Price2:18.67a2011
7.12Sam Davila2:22.92007
8.12Steven Henderson2:31.202013
9.12Dustin Leeberg2:31.39a2006
10.12Keith Barnes2:43.41a2007
11.12Reagan Voges2:47.70a2014
1500 Meters
1.12Ryan Hopkins4:44.802010
2.12Noah Pearson4:46.90a2012
1600 Meters
1.12Quinn Pariseau4:41.28a2013
2.12Jake Kornbau4:45.02a2011
3.12Sergio Tostado4:52.40a2007
4.12Ryan Hopkins4:53.01a2010
5.12Vitaliy Golubkov4:59.10a2009
6.12Brandon Tarver5:05.62007
7.12Sam Davila5:13.33a2007
8.12Noah Pearson5:14.302012
9.12Dan Price5:25.702011
10.12Reagan Voges5:54.96a2014
11.12Keith Barnes6:00.12007
3000 Meters
1.12Noah Pearson10:31.47a2012
3200 Meters
1.12Quinn Pariseau10:22.52a2013
2.12Sergio Tostado10:41.01a2007
3.12Ryan Hopkins10:41.402010
4.12Vitaliy Golubkov11:17.92009
5.12Noah Pearson11:21.01a2012
6.12Brandon Tarver11:25.92007
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Andrew Wolf15.39a2011
2.12Mitchell Pelissier17.07a2015
3.12Kai Kircher18.18a2007
4.12Ryan Bagley18.26a2011
5.12Michael Loveless19.78a2008
6.12Nathan Graham20.24c2007
7.12Erik Kozakowski21.69a2015
8.12Dustin Leeberg21.74a2006
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Andrew Wolf41.48a2011
2.12Erik Kozakowski42.85a2015
3.12Kai Kircher44.27a2007
4.12Dawson Faker44.46a2015
5.12Vitaliy Golubkov48.24c2009
6.12Ryan Bagley49.09a2011
7.12Nathan Graham51.71a2007
8.12Dustin Leeberg52.70a2006
9.12Michael Loveless60.14c2008
3k Steeplechase
1.12Vitaliy Golubkov11:29.02009
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Zach Lake46' 5.502010
2.12Luis Montes43' 9.002011
3.12Kyle McLaughlin40' 2.002011
4.12Kai Kircher38' 22007
5.12Trent Ault34' 2.52009
6.12Jeff Kaiser32' 112007
7.12Steven Henderson32' 7.002013
8.12Sean Casteel32' 4.252008
9.12Jacob Averkamp30' 9.002015
10.12Jones Barton26' 3.002011
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Kyle McLaughlin151' 7.002011
2.12Zach Lake133' 7.002010
3.12Luis Montes120' 9.002011
4.12Trent Ault116' 32009
5.12Kai Kircher109' 62007
6.12Jones Barton96' 7.002011
7.12Sean Casteel92' 62008
8.12Nathan Graham91' 112007
9.12Jeff Kaiser90' 22007
10.12Jacob Averkamp74' 3.002015
11.12Sam Davila71' 02007
Javelin - 800g
1.12Kyle McLaughlin166' 0.002011
2.12Ryan Bagley137' 6.002011
3.12Kai Kircher119' 42007
4.12Reagan Voges111' 5.002014
5.12Vitaliy Golubkov107' 82009
6.12Luis Montes107' 0.002011
7.12Jacob Averkamp106' 3.002015
8.12Zach Lake101' 4.002010
9.12Jeff Kaiser93' 12007
10.12Dustin Leeberg91' 22006
11.12Steven Henderson87' 7.002013
12.12Sean Casteel54' 42008
13.12Jones Barton54' 0.002011
High Jump
1.12Steven Henderson5' 9.002013
2.12Michael Loveless5' 42008
3.12Dustin LeebergNH2006
12Kai KircherDQ2007
Pole Vault
1.12Mark Loveless10' 0.002013
2.12Noah Pearson9' 6.002012
12Vitaliy Golubkov9' 62009
4.12Ryan Hopkins7' 6.002010
Long Jump
1.12Theo Tel20' 2.752015
2.12Marc Vetter19' 1.502013
3.12Mitchell Pelissier18' 8.002015
4.12Ryan Bagley17' 8.502011
5.12Nathan Graham15' 72007
6.12Noah Pearson15' 6.002012
7.12Dawson Faker15' 4.252015
8.12Michael Loveless15' 3.52008
9.12Kenneth EdmonsonDQ2008
12Ron StephensSCR2015
Triple Jump
1.12Marc Vetter40' 10.002013
2.12Mitchell Pelissier40' 0.002015
3.12Ryan Bagley37' 4.002011
4.12Nathan Graham36' 62007
5.12Dawson Faker34' 10.002015
6.12Michael Loveless34' 52008
7.12Noah Pearson31' 3.502012
8.12Mark Loveless28' 0.002013


100 Meters
1.12Rachel Campion14.14c2008
2.12Carissa Harris14.64c2011
3.12Cirri Cornelius15.14a2015
4.12Emilee Larson15.17a2011
5.12Natalie Klein15.24c2010
6.12Lindsey Nichols15.34c2009
7.12Veronica Gamble15.37a2013
8.12Ashtyn Glasser15.60a2015
9.12Brittney Rind17.43a2006
10.12Elizabeth PerrySCR2014
200 Meters
1.12Rachel Campion29.14c2008
2.12Marie Vetter29.38a2015
3.12Carissa Harris30.44c2011
4.12Elizabeth Perry30.66a2014
5.12Bernice Mwaura30.72a2011
6.12Alexis Fynboe30.96a2011
7.12Emilee Larson31.64c2011
8.12Cirri Cornelius32.00a2015
9.12Siri Johnson32.84a2014
10.12Ashtyn GlasserSCR2015
12Veronica GambleDQ2013
400 Meters
1.12Haley Rue60.74c2013
2.12Marie Vetter64.19a2015
3.12Alexis Fynboe64.39a2011
4.12Heather McLaughlin66.14c2008
5.12Rachel Campion67.24c2008
6.12Bernice Mwaura70.44c2011
7.12Cirri Cornelius74.01a2015
8.12Kelsey Rogers75.27a2011
9.12Siri Johnson75.87a2014
10.12Ashtyn GlasserSCR2015
12Elizabeth PerrySCR2014
800 Meters
1.12Heather McLaughlin2:30.70a2008
2.12Bernice Mwaura2:32.80a2011
3.12Alexis Fynboe2:32.81a2011
4.12Haley Rue2:43.76a2013
5.12Caitlin Aldrich2:50.92008
1600 Meters
1.12Alexis Fynboe5:41.15a2011
2.12Caitlin Aldrich5:54.26a2008
3.12Brenna Siltman6:51.20a2015
3200 Meters
1.12Caitlin Aldrich12:34.98a2008
2.12Alexis Fynboe13:05.62a2011
3.12Brenna Siltman14:24.88a2015
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Rachel Siltman16.51a2013
2.12Lacey Leeberg18.71a2008
3.12Alice Boldoni21.46a2015
4.12Amber Nelson28.16a2015
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Rachel Siltman50.33a2013
2.12Lacey Leeberg60.44c2008
3.12Kelsey Rogers69.14c2011
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Serena Hedman-Bergmeier33' 6.002013
2.12Taylor Talcott29' 3.002011
3.12Erika Burton26' 5.752014
4.12Lindsey Nichols26' 12009
5.12Kalene Cassal24' 4.002011
6.12Brittney Rind24' 2.752006
7.12Veronica Gamble22' 4.502013
8.12Siri Johnson20' 11.002014
9.12Natalie Klein18' 6.502010
Discus - 1kg
1.12Taylor Talcott105' 3.002011
2.12Serena Hedman-Bergmeier102' 1.002013
3.12Lindsey Nichols85' 52009
4.12Kalene Cassal77' 4.002011
5.12Veronica Gamble76' 0.002013
6.12Erika Burton71' 5.002014
7.12Brittney Rind70' 72006
8.12Emma Pearson66' 0.002015
9.12Natalie Klein51' 10.002010
10.12Siri Johnson50' 6.002014
11.12Michaela Banks35' 5.002014
Javelin - 600g
1.12Serena Hedman-Bergmeier106' 10.002013
2.12Natalie Klein98' 9.002010
3.12Taylor Talcott94' 5.002011
4.12Kalene Cassal79' 8.002011
5.12Brittney Rind73' 02006
6.12Lindsey Nichols70' 22009
7.12Emma Pearson65' 4.002015
8.12Veronica Gamble63' 6.002013
9.12Erika Burton63' 0.002014
10.12Michaela Banks43' 5.002014
High Jump
1.12Lacey Leeberg4' 22008
2.12Amber Nelson4' 0.002015
3.12Alice Boldoni3' 10.002015
4.12Caitlin Aldrich3' 62008
Pole Vault
1.12Carissa Harris8' 6.002011
Long Jump
1.12Heather McLaughlin13' 112008
2.12Rachel Campion12' 72008
3.12Serena Hedman-Bergmeier12' 3.002013
4.12Lacey Leeberg11' 82008
5.12Rachel SiltmanDQ2013
Triple Jump
1.12Rachel Siltman34' 4.002013
2.12Heather McLaughlin29' 22008
3.12Lacey Leeberg28' 02008
4.12Emilee Larson26' 4.002011
5.12Lindsey Nichols25' 62009
6.12Marie VetterND2015
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