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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Keith McCurdy10.80a1999
2.12Jeremy Garman11.84c2006
3.12Donovan Heath12.09a2009
4.12Mark Blank12.10a2011
12Saxon Brown12.10a2013
6.12Dillon Saltsman12.24c2007
7.12Alex Besemann12.44c2007
8.12Dan Slagle12.54c2013
9.12John Palmier12.74c2007
12Tony Bowe12.74c2009
11.12Austin Schols12.84c2007
12.12Wolfgang Vonsauer12.94c2014
13.12Wolfgang Vonsauer13.24c2013
14.12Duncan Forsman13.29a2015
15.12Kenny McGaffey13.34c2012
16.12Steele Osterberg13.64c2009
17.12Cameron Leonard14.14a2014
12Jack Corbett14.14c2007
19.12Jarred Palmier16.04c2008
20.12John Koffel18.64c2013
200 Meters
1.12Morgan Chase22.40a1996
2.12Saxon Brown23.37a2013
3.12Jeremy Garman23.64c2006
4.12John Palmier24.30a2007
5.12Mark Blank24.82a2011
6.12Dillon Saltsman25.01a2007
7.12Austin Schols25.65a2007
8.12Wolfgang Vonsauer26.16a2013
9.12Wolfgang Vonsauer26.26a2014
10.12Dan Edgel27.09a2012
11.12Kenny McGaffey27.74c2012
12.12Adam Alrashedy28.64c2007
13.12Tony Lichterman29.43a2015
14.12Lev Cooper30.84c2007
400 Meters
1.12Saxon Brown51.04c2013
2.12Joe Hewitt51.46a2002
3.12Jeremy Garman54.74c2006
12Mark Blank54.74c2011
5.12John Palmier56.14c2007
6.12Duncan Forsman56.48a2015
7.12Lev Cooper58.00a2007
8.12Austin Schols58.30a2007
9.12Wolfgang Vonsauer59.58a2014
10.12Wolfgang Vonsauer59.94c2013
11.12Matt Slagle60.04c2010
12.12Clay Gilliam62.44c2013
13.12Alex Besemann62.44c2007
14.12Cameron Leonard62.73a2014
15.12Adam Alrashedy65.04c2007
800 Meters
1.12Nik Michel1:58.26a2010
2.12Joe Hewitt01'59.17a2002
3.12Duncan Forsman2:07.302015
4.12Jon Bennett2:08.31a2011
5.12Matt Slagle2:17.202010
6.12Saxon Brown2:21.15a2013
7.12Lev Cooper2:21.62007
8.12Adam Alrashedy2:34.72007
9.12Alex Besemann2:36.72007
10.12Wolfgang Vonsauer2:54.83a2013
11.12Tony Lichterman3:09.102015
1600 Meters
1.12Nik Michel4:22.77a2010
2.12Joe Hewitt4:24.0a2002
3.12Jon Bennett4:38.61a2011
4.12Duncan Forsman4:42.002015
5.12Matt Slagle4:57.902010
6.12Dan Edgel5:12.83a2012
7.12Kenny McGaffey5:27.302012
8.12Lev Cooper5:34.a2007
9.12Raine Knowles5:44.202012
10.12Cody Scriver5:58.00a2012
11.12Tony Lichterman6:11.67a2015
12.12Wolfgang Vonsauer6:13.45a2013
1 Mile
1.12Cameron Leonard5:34.00a2014
2.12Tony Lichterman7:00.002015
3200 Meters
1.12Nik Michel9:56.702010
2.12Jon Bennett9:58.32a2011
3.12Joe Hewitt10:12.0a2002
4.12Duncan Forsman10:24.002015
5.12Matt Slagle10:45.902010
6.12Lev Cooper12:55.62007
7.12Wolfgang Vonsauer13:26.102013
8.12Adam Alrashedy16:01.02007
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Morgan Chase14.10a1996
2.12Seth Schertenlieb16.44c2006
3.12Zach Brown17.35a2013
4.12Jarred Palmier18.28a2008
5.12Raine Knowles19.37a2012
6.12Cameron Leonard19.94c2014
7.12Jerred Fagerlie21.34c2006
8.12Wolfgang Vonsauer21.61a2013
9.12Wolfgang Vonsauer22.44c2014
12Kenny McGaffey22.44c2012
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Morgan Chase37.40a1996
2.12Seth Schertenlieb42.94c2006
3.12Zach Brown43.53a2013
4.12Raine Knowles47.49a2012
5.12Jarred Palmier48.64c2008
6.12Cameron Leonard49.10a2014
7.12Dan Slagle50.66a2013
8.12Wolfgang Vonsauer51.24c2014
9.12Jerred Fagerlie52.24c2006
10.12Kodie McQuay53.84c2014
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Chris Wilson55' 2.51998
2.12Jack Corbett41' 62007
3.12Landis Mills41' 3.52008
4.12Jack Corbett40' 8.52006
5.12Peter Corbett39' 72009
6.12Cody Scriver35' 11.002012
7.12Trevor Price34' 7.252014
8.12Dan Edgel33' 11.002012
9.12Kodie McQuay33' 5.002014
10.12Matthew Wade33' 3.002014
11.12Jesse King33' 22008
12.12Donovan Heath33' 12009
13.12Alex Besemann32' 22007
14.12Adam Alrashedy26' 2.52007
15.12Steele OsterbergND2009
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12John Lewison139' 72005
2.12Matthew Wade125' 3.002014
3.12Trevor Price114' 7.002014
4.12Landis Mills111' 32008
5.12Kodie McQuay106' 8.002014
6.12Cody Scriver94' 7.002012
7.12Jack Corbett93' 112006
8.12Jesse King89' 12008
9.12Tyler Czapiewski88' 1.002015
10.12Kenny McGaffey59' 0.002012
Javelin - 800g
1.12Toby Dirks193' 31994
2.12Peter Corbett143' 82009
3.12Jack Corbett135' 22007
4.12Kenny McGaffey133' 1.002012
5.12Alex Besemann123' 32007
6.12Jack Corbett121' 02006
7.12Clay Gilliam115' 3.002013
8.12Tyler Czapiewski102' 2.002015
9.12Jarred Palmier99' 52008
10.12Jesse King99' 32008
11.12Dan Edgel98' 4.002012
12.12Matthew Wade95' 6.002014
13.12Lev Cooper94' 112007
14.12Cody Scriver83' 2.002012
15.12Adam Alrashedy51' 92007
High Jump
1.12Shane Clifford6' 61991
2.12Dan Slagle6' 0.002013
3.12Saxon Brown5' 8.002013
12Duncan Forsman5' 8.002015
12John Koffel5' 8.002013
6.12Trevor Price5' 3.002014
7.12Zach Brown5' 0.002013
12Kodie McQuay5' 0.002014
9.12Cameron LeonardDQ2014
12Steele OsterbergDQ2009
Long Jump
1.12Danny Hargrave20' 111997
2.12John Palmier20' 4.752007
3.12John Koffel19' 11.502013
4.12Dillon Saltsman19' 0.52007
5.12Seth Schertenlieb18' 10.252006
6.12Dan Slagle18' 3.002013
7.12Tony Bowe17' 7.52009
8.12Clay Gilliam17' 7.252013
9.12Steele Osterberg16' 112009
10.12Alex Besemann16' 3.52007
11.12Jarred Palmier15' 0.52008
12.12Jesse King13' 22008
13.12Donovan HeathDQ2009
Triple Jump
1.12John Palmier43' 42007
2.12Scott Wendling42' 101992
3.12Landis Mills39' 32008
4.12Jack Corbett38' 92006
5.12Tony Bowe37' 92009
6.12Jarred Palmier37' 6.752008
7.12John Koffel37' 6.002013
8.12Clay Gilliam36' 4.002013
9.12Alex Besemann36' 3.752007
10.12Dan Slagle36' 1.252013
11.12Steele Osterberg34' 42009
12.12Saxon BrownND2013
12Donovan HeathDQ2009


100 Meters
1.12Crystal Gubler12.50a2004
2.12Ashley Brown13.41a2010
3.12Gabby Jessen13.44c2012
4.12Alyssa Stout13.82a2012
5.12Alicia Heinen14.14c2007
6.12Amanda McDowell14.46a2009
7.12Sally Krausse14.64c2006
8.12Colette Jessen15.16a2009
9.12Maddison Padilla15.64c2014
10.12Mackenzie Price15.74a2012
11.12Linn Melgers15.78a2015
12.12Heather Kirkendahl15.94c2007
13.12Danielle Fleck16.24c2007
14.12Charie Tidwell16.54c2013
15.12Solveig Volheim16.64c2014
16.12Lilly Rice17.03a2011
200 Meters
1.12Gabby Jessen27.14c2012
2.12Alicia Heinen29.14c2007
3.12Karenia Simpson29.24c2006
4.12Alyssa Stout30.03c2012
5.12Sierra McQuay31.49a2015
6.12Danielle Fleck32.04c2007
7.12Maddison Padilla33.34c2014
8.12Mackenzie Price33.49a2012
9.12Solveig Volheim35.54a2014
10.12Lilly Rice36.64c2011
400 Meters
1.12Sally Krausse67.54c2006
2.12Karenia Simpson68.04c2006
3.12Gabby Jessen70.21a2012
4.12Heather Kirkendahl71.34c2007
5.12Ashley Denton72.24c2007
6.12Danielle Fleck72.54c2007
7.12Alicia Heinen73.94c2007
8.12Coleen Scott89.44c2007
800 Meters
1.12Heather Kirkendahl2:51.32007
2.12Claire McIntyre2:58.002014
3.12Coleen Scott3:01.02007
4.12Brenna Key3:31.92006
1600 Meters
1.12Amber Tietsort5:40.81995
2.12Claire McIntyre6:07.002014
3.12Heather Kirkendahl6:32.32007
4.12Coleen Scott6:34.82007
5.12Hannah Heizer7:59.78a2015
6.12Mackenzie Price8:36.002012
3200 Meters
1.12Charlene Rittel12:26.6a1985
2.12Claire McIntyre13:21.44a2014
3.12Coleen Scott14:16.52007
4.12Heather Kirkendahl14:45.12007
5.12Karenia Simpson14:53.72006
6.12Hannah Heizer17:32.002015
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jo Dina Connor17.20a1993
2.12Jules Largent17.50a2012
3.12Ashley Denton18.64c2007
4.12Sally Krausse20.44c2006
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Ashley Denton54.54c2007
2.12Christina Lewison55.19a2006
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Melissa Friend37' 01997
2.12Amanda McDowell32' 9.252009
3.12Linn Melgers28' 6.002015
4.12Alyssa Stout27' 1.002012
5.12Danielle Fleck26' 10.752007
6.12Mackenzie Price25' 6.002012
7.12Charie Tidwell25' 1.002013
8.12Anna Heinen24' 7.002013
9.12Kristen Ricard24' 4.252014
10.12Sydney Jensen23' 42008
11.12Coleen Scott22' 72007
12.12Melissa Besemann22' 62009
13.12Nikki Dirks20' 3.002015
14.12Karenia Simpson20' 12006
15.12Desirea Baumbach20' 0.502014
16.12Emily Rice16' 42009
17.12Lilly Rice15' 5.002011
18.12Nicole Knowles14' 02009
Discus - 1kg
1.12Melissa Friend126' 61996
2.12Linn Melgers91' 6.002015
3.12Sierra McQuay78' 9.002015
4.12Kristen Ricard71' 4.002014
5.12Charie Tidwell64' 4.002013
6.12Nikki Dirks63' 8.002015
7.12Mackenzie Price53' 0.002012
8.12Anna Heinen51' 10.002013
9.12Desirea Baumbach50' 1.002014
10.12Melissa Besemann49' 22009
11.12Emily Rice47' 92009
12.12Hannah Heizer45' 10.002015
13.12Nicole Knowles38' 22009
14.12Lilly Rice30' 3.002011
Javelin - 600g
1.12Sierra McQuay116' 0.002015
2.12Charlene Rittel104' 51986
3.12Amanda McDowell97' 112009
4.12Danielle Fleck77' 2.52007
5.12Anna Heinen67' 10.002013
6.12Desirea Baumbach58' 6.002014
7.12Alyssa Stout56' 10.002012
8.12Coleen Scott55' 42007
9.12Charie Tidwell44' 10.002013
High Jump
1.12Sally Krausse4' 102006
12Sierra McQuay4' 10.002015
3.12Christina Lewison4' 82006
12Ashley Denton4' 82007
5.12Solveig Volheim4' 2.002014
Long Jump
1.12Jules Largent15' 8.002012
2.12Jessica Connor15' 5.51996
3.12Ashley Brown13' 7.52009
4.12Heather Kirkendahl13' 32007
5.12Sierra McQuay12' 6.502015
6.12Sydney Jensen12' 42008
7.12Mackenzie Price11' 5.502012
8.12Emily Rice11' 22009
9.12Ashley Brown10' 6.752010
10.12Claire McIntyre10' 3.002014
11.12Lilly Rice9' 11.002011
12.12Melissa Besemann9' 82009
13.12Maddison PadillaDQ2014
Triple Jump
1.12Jules Largent33' 7.50w2012
2.12Raelin Crncevich32' 6.751997
3.12Heather Kirkendahl29' 72007
4.12Sydney Jensen28' 42008
5.12Emily Rice24' 72009
6.12Brenna Key24' 2.52006
7.12Melissa Besemann21' 102009
8.12Solveig VolheimDQ2014
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