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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Oliver Ames
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Oliver Ames15
1.12Connor Donovan
17:17.0Oliver Ames
2.11Jarod Boone
17:27.0Oliver Ames
3.12Cameron Pressey
17:43.0Oliver Ames
4.12Zachary Zolotarevsky
17:50.0Oliver Ames
5.11Troy Kent
17:54.0Oliver Ames
6.10Brent Schwartz
18:05.0Oliver Ames
7.12Spencer Polsgrove
18:06.0 PRCanton
8.11Cortland Priest
18:07.0 PRCanton
9.12Kyle Nichols
18:08.0Oliver Ames
10.12Alex Cerce
18:12.0Oliver Ames
11.12Matt Leppo
18:55.0Oliver Ames
12.12Daniel Brooks
13.12Andrew Moy
14.10Chris Meissner
19:27.0Oliver Ames
15.10Dylan DeCosta
19:34.0Oliver Ames
16.11Ben Volk
19:34.0Oliver Ames
17.12Matthew Thibeault
19:35.0Oliver Ames
18.11Jack Long
19:53.0Oliver Ames
19.12Caleb Morrison
20.12Thomas Dew
20:18.0Oliver Ames
21.10Alex McAuliffe
20:22.0Oliver Ames
22.11Nick Barber
20:25.0Oliver Ames
24.10John Barrett
20:29.0Oliver Ames
25.11Noah Healy
20:30.0 PRCanton
26.10Riley Gibson
20:35.0Oliver Ames
27.9Mike Lite
20:37.0Oliver Ames
28.11William Kerester
20:40.0Oliver Ames
29.12Connor LaBrosse
20:47.0Oliver Ames
30.10Samuel Barrett
20:51.0Oliver Ames
31.10Jake Romaine
21:01.0Oliver Ames
32.10Colin Herschlag
21:12.0Oliver Ames
33.12Robert Daly
21:20.0Oliver Ames
34.10Owen Guerini
21:21.0 SRCanton
35.12Mike Salvatori
36.12Ben Jennings
21:22.0Oliver Ames
37.12Brian Rota
38.9Matt Floyd
21:49.0 SRCanton
39.10Mark Cummings
21:49.0Oliver Ames
40.10Andrew Morgan
21:55.0Oliver Ames
41.10Daniel Fiedorczyk
21:57.0Oliver Ames
42.9Thomas Cahill
43.12Matt Demoy
44.10Jared Harney
22:31.0Oliver Ames
45.11Shea O'Conner
22:36.0Oliver Ames
46.9Evan DiMartinis
22:48.0Oliver Ames
47.9Joe Barry
23:07.0 PRCanton
48.12Kevin Hawley
49.10Jacob Lane
23:11.0Oliver Ames
50.9Alexander Foote
23:21.0Oliver Ames
51.-Zachary Monroe
23:32.0Oliver Ames
52.10P.J. Keefe
23:37.0Oliver Ames
53.11Jacob Fies
23:54.0Oliver Ames
54.10Alden Newman
24:08.0Oliver Ames
55.9Matthew Larsen
24:12.0 SRCanton
56.-Kyle Foxx
24:20.0 PROliver Ames
57.10Peter Bartlett
24:21.0 SRCanton
58.9Jack Dore
24:27.0 PROliver Ames
59.9Theo Bollenbach
24:29.0 SRCanton
60.-Cameron O'Neill
24:51.0 PROliver Ames
61.12Kyle Wanless
62.-Sebastien Melendez
24:58.0 PRCanton
63.9John MacAdam
24:59.0Oliver Ames
64.9Austin Maffie
25:26.0 PRCanton
65.9Geoffrey Bonnanzio
25:27.0 SRCanton
66.-Timothy Grong
25:38.0 PRCanton
67.10Matthew Petrillo
25:50.0Oliver Ames
68.11Tanner Marsh
25:54.0Oliver Ames
69.9Anthony Ducasse
26:08.0 PRCanton
70.10Brandon Lentol
71.10Cole O'Brien
26:54.0Oliver Ames
72.-Matt Gleason
27:24.0 SRCanton
73.10Finn Groebe
27:33.0Oliver Ames
74.10Adam Feeney
75.9Luke Wilson
28:09.0 SROliver Ames
76.9Tyler Czyras
28:30.0 PRCanton
77.10Danny Hanley
29:24.0Oliver Ames
78.10Ben Mendillo
79.9Kyle Morrison
29:56.0 SRCanton
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Oliver Ames20
1.11Catherine Song
2.12Kate Holmberg
21:00.0Oliver Ames
3.10Anna Loewald
21:49.0Oliver Ames
4.12Katie Reardon
21:58.0Oliver Ames
5.10Kale Rockey
21:59.0Oliver Ames
6.9Olivia Timbone
22:03.0Oliver Ames
7.11Erin Sferrazza
22:13.0Oliver Ames
8.12Julia Guerini
9.11Kristin Connelly
23:06.0Oliver Ames
10.11Ella Clifford
23:07.0Oliver Ames
11.10Abigail Weintrob
23:17.0Oliver Ames
12.10Caroline McCarthy
23:24.0Oliver Ames
13.12Elisabeth O'Donnell
23:28.0Oliver Ames
14.12Kerin Sennett
23:32.0 SRCanton
15.10Olivia Stevens
16.10Brittney Clapp
23:58.0Oliver Ames
17.10Akhila Penumarthy
24:04.0Oliver Ames
18.10Grace O'Donnell
24:09.0Oliver Ames
19.11Madeline Patrick
24:11.0Oliver Ames
20.11Siobhan Finnerty
25:09.0Oliver Ames
21.11Devin Gardner
25:10.0Oliver Ames
22.12Kristen Alexander
25:16.0Oliver Ames
23.12Nicole Strong
25:27.0Oliver Ames
24.9Kate Duffy
25:28.0Oliver Ames
25.10Andrea Kline
25:31.0Oliver Ames
26.9Chloe Kikelly
25:32.0Oliver Ames
27.12Sarah Leppo
25:42.0 SROliver Ames
28.9Caroline Curran
25:43.0 SROliver Ames
29.11Samantha Koplik
25:53.0 SRCanton
30.9Jacqueline Benson
25:54.0 SRCanton
31.10Taylor Wooster
25:57.0Oliver Ames
32.11Erin Martin
33.9Maggie Dunn
26:39.0 SRCanton
34.10Abigail Duvall
26:45.0Oliver Ames
35.12Jill Freedman
27:08.0 PRCanton
36.11Danielle Blelloch
27:25.0Oliver Ames
37.9Emalyn Duvall
27:35.0 SROliver Ames
37.10Ji-Won Ham
27:52.0Oliver Ames
38.9Eileen Saganey
27:56.0Oliver Ames
40.10Taryn Reardon
28:23.0Oliver Ames
41.10Elinor Ault
28:30.0Oliver Ames
42.10Tobiah Agurkis
28:33.0 SROliver Ames
43.9Isabelly Pimenta
28:40.0 PROliver Ames
44.10Lilly Cushman
45.10Sophie Argus
46.9James Polsgrove
47.10Jessica Zolotarevsky
29:42.0Oliver Ames
48.9Emily Pham
29:42.0 SRCanton
49.12Angelina Brandolini
29:48.0Oliver Ames
50.11Hannah Tetrault
29:52.0Oliver Ames
51.9Hannah Gillis
29:54.0 SROliver Ames
52.10Allison Haidul
30:21.0 SRCanton
53.9Kelly Klimas
54.-Molly Krofssik
30:30.0Oliver Ames
55.11Gianna Ferrini
30:30.0Oliver Ames
56.9Haley Gilson
30:50.0Oliver Ames
57.9Jenna Paynter
58.9Jamie Blacker
34:11.0 SROliver Ames
59.9Nicole Breen
34:26.0Oliver Ames
60.10Rachel Vitelia
37:20.0 PRCanton
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