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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Research Triangle20
2.Voyager Academy43
3.Uwharrie Charter Academy83
4.East Wake Academy102
5.Kestrel Heights152
6.Roxboro Community161
1.11Madison Daniel
17:07.30Research Triangle
2.11Michal Swepson
17:40.40Research Triangle
3.10Luke Bennett
17:52.50Voyager Academy
4.11Jack Puryear
18:07.30Research Triangle
5.11Alfredo Ellzey
18:45.60Voyager Academy
6.11Eric Young
18:56.30Research Triangle
7.11Andy Klappenbach
19:06.70Research Triangle
8.R.J. McKoy
19:12.70Chatam Charter Schoo
9.10Mathew Soderberg
19:13.10Voyager Academy
10.12Josh Glazer
19:17.10Voyager Academy
11.10Brian Reeves
19:35.80Uwharrie Charter Aca...
12.10Ben Ingle
19:37.60Uwharrie Charter Aca...
13.10Diwani Robinson
20:39.80Research Triangle
14.10Jake Fesmire
20:48.50Uwharrie Charter Aca...
15.10Brendan Kane
20:51.60Research Triangle
16.12Isaiah Rowley
20:54.80East Wake Academy
17.12Colby Weatherspoon
20:55.30East Wake Academy
18.10Evan Mills
21:00.00 SRKestrel Heights
19.11Bryan Waddle
21:03.30Voyager Academy
20.11Brian Davis
21:13.40 PRVoyager Academy
21.11Del Kimrey
21:14.80 SRRoxboro Community
22.10Grayson Hassell
21:15.00 SRResearch Triangle
23.12Cody Hunt
21:20.30East Wake Academy
24.10James Christensen
21:21.10Voyager Academy
25.11Josh Bynum
22:07.10 SRResearch Triangle
26.12Jake Hoffman
22:14.80Voyager Academy
27.12Jacob Watson
22:15.20East Wake Academy
28.9Horatio Poteat
22:38.70Uwharrie Charter Aca...
29.10Colin Soja
22:41.30Uwharrie Charter Aca...
30.Tyler Haiges
22:41.80Chatam Charter Schoo
31.9Aidan Colvin
22:52.60Research Triangle
32.11Jake Young
22:57.70Uwharrie Charter Aca...
33.Aaron Butler
23:05.50Chatam Charter Schoo
34.11Matthew Keys
23:48.60 PREast Wake Academy
35.10Jude Arsenault
23:55.00Uwharrie Charter Aca...
36.10Andrew Bryant
24:00.20East Wake Academy
37.9Nate Casper
24:05.00East Wake Academy
38.9Caleb Hudson
24:12.60East Wake Academy
39.11Alex Sminkey
24:22.00 SRResearch Triangle
40.9Timothy Price
24:22.20East Wake Academy
41.9Grayson Browder
24:33.00Uwharrie Charter Aca...
42.10Jerry Thornton
24:35.70 PRKestrel Heights
43.11Carson Brooks
24:42.20East Wake Academy
44.10Charlie Fried
24:43.10 PRVoyager Academy
45.9Jimmy Chafin
25:01.20Uwharrie Charter Aca...
46.9Justin Kirk
25:05.10Research Triangle
47.10Alex Muckenfuss
25:09.50Voyager Academy
48.10James DePolo
25:17.00Research Triangle
49.9Isaiah McCrae
25:17.70 PRResearch Triangle
50.11Brent Riley
25:22.30 SRVoyager Academy
51.11Aaron Adams
25:56.50 SRRoxboro Community
52.9Ryan Cherry
26:23.00 SRResearch Triangle
53.12Shane Knight
26:34.00East Wake Academy
54.9Alex Saltzman
26:35.10 SRResearch Triangle
55.11Huy Nguyen
26:47.20 SRResearch Triangle
56.9Noah Lewis
26:51.80 PRKestrel Heights
57.12Jacob Bouren
27:00.00East Wake Academy
58.10Parker Housand
27:08.90 PRUwharrie Charter Aca...
59.Joshua Smith
27:11.20Chatam Charter Schoo
60.9Drake Mann
27:16.00 PRVoyager Academy
61.12Zach Sanders
27:38.70 PRKestrel Heights
62.9Ean Elmore
27:41.30Uwharrie Charter Aca...
63.11Teshon Clayton
29:01.10 PRRoxboro Community
64.-Christian Ingram
29:02.40 PRRoxboro Community
65.10Ryan Vann
30:12.20 SRResearch Triangle
66.10Wesley Collier
30:50.70 PRResearch Triangle
67.9Collin Perry
30:58.70 PREast Wake Academy
68.9Phillip Lewis
31:05.50 PRKestrel Heights
69.9Thoma Bayol-Wyatt
31:51.10 PRResearch Triangle
70.-Anthony Carr
32:06.50 PRRoxboro Community
71.10Evan Ogburn
32:13.10Research Triangle
72.-Collin Mooney
32:34.60 PRRoxboro Community
73.12Michael Day
35:53.00 PRRoxboro Community
74.9Rigo Faz
43:48.00Uwharrie Charter Aca...
75.10Austin Garner
50:45.00Uwharrie Charter Aca...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Roxboro Community38
2.Voyager Academy41
3.Research Triangle65
4.East Wake Academy79
5.Uwharrie Charter Academy121
6.Chatam Charter Schoo158
1.10Lani Foglesong
23:26.46Voyager Academy
2.11Brittany Smith
23:35.83Roxboro Community
3.12Olivia Brueckner
23:46.16Voyager Academy
4.11Carlio Reo
24:36.77Voyager Academy
5.9Natalie Bowers
24:49.45Research Triangle
6.11Ashley Johnson
24:57.92East Wake Academy
7.11Elann Ingram
26:24.86 PRRoxboro Community
8.10Katie Pleasant
26:26.36Roxboro Community
9.11Sarah Powell
27:10.11 SRRoxboro Community
10.10Elizabeth Scott
27:39.41Research Triangle
11.10Esmeralda Faz
28:03.10 PRUwharrie Charter Aca...
12.11Taylor Davis
28:06.71 PRRoxboro Community
13.10Monique Anthony
28:33.74 PRKestrel Heights
14.10Anna Muckenfuss
28:42.08Voyager Academy
15.9Iliana Hertzig
29:17.01East Wake Academy
16.11Kenzie Brenner
29:17.28 PRResearch Triangle
17.10Sarah Brown
29:19.60East Wake Academy
18.10Nicole Fried
29:25.82Research Triangle
19.9Kira Hollingurst
29:38.09 SRKestrel Heights
20.10Hannah Klemmer
29:40.01Research Triangle
21.12Emily Stacy
30:23.72East Wake Academy
22.11Kelsey Spruill
30:24.43 SRKestrel Heights
23.11Marjorie White
30:30.48 SRVoyager Academy
24.10Bryn Merritt
30:41.93Voyager Academy
25.10Hollie Del Grande
30:47.56Uwharrie Charter Aca...
26.Alexander Hussey
30:48.72Chatam Charter Schoo
27.12Allison Powell
30:57.34East Wake Academy
28.11Hope Turner
30:58.75East Wake Academy
29.10Adele Brumley
31:14.48Uwharrie Charter Aca...
30.10Gracie Baxter
31:22.90Uwharrie Charter Aca...
31.10Hayley Hillison
31:30.23Research Triangle
32.10Megan Byrne
31:55.15 SREast Wake Academy
33.9Alyssa Donaldson
32:04.48Research Triangle
34.9Beth Donaldson
32:04.64Research Triangle
35.11Alexis Sturuaggi
32:04.76 PRRoxboro Community
36.Sarah Mason
32:59.45Chatam Charter Schoo
37.9Maria Hernandez
33:07.61Research Triangle
38.10Olivia Zebley
33:16.59 SRKestrel Heights
39.10Catherine Hernandez
33:43.76Research Triangle
40.Samantha McCrary
34:26.14Chatam Charter Schoo
41.Jennifer Work
34:51.34Chatam Charter Schoo
42.10Sarah Hunsucker
34:52.29Uwharrie Charter Aca...
43.9Candace Swepson
35:25.67Research Triangle
44.9Jordyn Brown
35:26.06Research Triangle
45.Hayley Hardison
35:27.81Chatam Charter Schoo
46.Emma Schultze
35:42.18Chatam Charter Schoo
47.10Delaney Steelman
36:31.14Uwharrie Charter Aca...
48.9Ana Dricoll
37:37.35 PREast Wake Academy
49.10Taylor Sabia
44:45.95East Wake Academy
50.11Skylar Kittrell
44:46.16East Wake Academy
51.12Sierra Matias
46:51.68East Wake Academy
52.12Jessica Parrot
46:51.81East Wake Academy
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