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HTHNC Discovery Lake 5k

5,000 Meters Varsity
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HTHNC Discovery Lake 5k

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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HTHNC Small school invite info!  (coaches)

go to web site:

First race ( JV boys) will be at 4:15 sharp. BGirls race at 4:50 and Boys Varsity at 5:30pm.  Medals for top 10 finishers.  Park along FOX HALL road and walk up to the park entry.  The START and FINISH is " on the BRIDGE"  and there will be a check in table under the covered tables at the entry.  All athletes will get a number to be pinned on their front jersey.  Coach may pick up packet at entry.  Map of course, mile markers, and cup water at end of race.  Small snack bar, and event tee's available!  ( $12 event tee's!) We are so happy to have an invite of public schools- and  to run this beautiful course in the west hills of Lake San Marcos Park.  Joinus!



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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

2.High Tech High NC37
4.Army-Navy Academy80

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Alex Saldana
18:05.17 SRHamilton
2.11Tristan Hayden
18:11.53High Tech High NC
3.11Luis Delgadillo
18:19.06 SRHamilton
4.10Lawrence Starks
5.11Justin Lopez
19:24.67 SRHamilton
6.11Frank Boensch
19:26.25 SRHigh Tech High NC
7.11Harrison Zhang
19:33.40Army-Navy Academy
8.11Khailil Stiemke
19:37.46High Tech High NC
9.11Ben Charley
19:42.76 PRHamilton
10.11Matthew Reichel
19:46.09High Tech High NC
11.11Liam Chambers
19:56.24High Tech High NC
12.12Seankwan Yoo
19:56.72 PRHamilton
13.10Robby Ackles
20:08.06High Tech High NC
14.9Alec McKay
15.10AJ Greene
16.12Arthur Chang
21:54.14Army-Navy Academy
17.11Jimmy Gillam
22:08.01 SRHamilton
18.12Jia Hao Qu
22:10.65 SRArmy-Navy Academy
19.11Eric Moraly
22:28.59Army-Navy Academy
20.12Gianromano Piconi
22:40.64Army-Navy Academy
21.9Gunnar Streich
22.10William Wallace
23:19.05 SRBonsall
23.9Fulton Elkins
24.12Michael Matticola
24:02.02High Tech High NC
25.9Chris Gagnon
26.12Yucheng Wang
27:04.02 SRArmy-Navy Academy
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Army-Navy Academy38
3.High Tech High NC44

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Wyatt Duggan
20:26.11 SRArmy-Navy Academy
2.9Andrew Barajas
3.10Ryan Ackles
20:41.93High Tech High NC
4.12Duran Heath
20:59.01 PRArmy-Navy Academy
5.11Russell Collins
6.11Daniel Hotchkiss
21:10.85 PRHamilton
7.12Kevin Stiemke
21:11.37High Tech High NC
8.12McCall Christiansen
21:40.20 PRHigh Tech High NC
9.12JingTian He
21:47.02 PRArmy-Navy Academy
10.11Christian Lanik
11.9Jeffrey Zhang
22:33.87Army-Navy Academy
12.10Spencer Kricfalusi
22:41.26High Tech High NC
13.12Cameron Nero
22:51.20 PRArmy-Navy Academy
14.10Cassidy Rudko
23:09.01High Tech High NC
15.10Zachary Matticola
23:11.65High Tech High NC
16.11Licheng Zhou
23:19.63Army-Navy Academy
17.10Nathan Pina
18.12Clint Packard
19.12Chris Mogul
23:29.52Army-Navy Academy
20.10Abraham Reiter
23:43.45High Tech High NC
21.9Jackson Welsh
23:44.45High Tech High NC
22.9Mason Laurin
23.12Bryler Barnhill
23:50.11High Tech High NC
24.9Dominick Flores
23:59.38High Tech High NC
25.12Michael Saunders
24:00.45High Tech High NC
26.10Christopher Tavares
24:01.07High Tech High NC
27.11Matthieu Rada
24:06.40High Tech High NC
28.12Matt Rose
24:09.83High Tech High NC
29.10Rohith Elgonda
24:10.46High Tech High NC
30.11Cristian Lopez
31.10Matthew Gervais
24:18.20 PRHamilton
32.10Nathan Parr
24:51.15High Tech High NC
33.12Ian Courtney
24:59.66High Tech High NC
34.10Shaun Alba
26:13.52High Tech High NC
35.11Ryan Wang
27:04.02 PRArmy-Navy Academy
36.9Jake Matula
37.9Isaac Lanik
38.9Juan Charley
39.12Chase Thompson
31:18.98 PRHamilton
40.10Mattias Roachell
34:17.50High Tech High NC
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