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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cary Academy19
3.North Raleigh Christian Acad...79
4.Durham Academy85
5.Wake Christian Academy144
1.12Josh Mitchell
16:00.4 SRCary Academy
2.9Coleman Mitchell
16:11.2Cary Academy
3.11Miller Meares
16:34.2North Raleigh Christ...
4.9Chase Coley
16:58.5 SRCary Academy
5.11Shreyas Ashok
16:59.0 PRCary Academy
6.10Brett Haensel
7.10Tommy Bright
17:07.2 SRCary Academy
8.11Nate Jones
17:08.4 PRCary Academy
9.12Davy Babson
17:13.7 PRRavenscroft
10.11Jack Pullen
17:18.2 SRCary Academy
11.9Dylan Lamphier
17:19.1 SRCary Academy
12.8Neil Mosca
17:20.0 SRDurham Academy
13.11Miles Lambert
17:47.2 PRCary Academy
14.10Jonathan Kacvinsky
17:48.0 SRCary Academy
15.10Justin Schmitt
17:58.7North Raleigh Christ...
16.10Ben Kasierski
18:13.2 SRRavenscroft
17.10Ben Fischer
18:13.2North Raleigh Christ...
18.10Justin Chen
18:22.0Cary Academy
19.9Will Hopkins
18:30.2Durham Academy
20.10Davis Braswell
18:37.9 SRCary Academy
21.9Will Taber
18:41.5 SRCary Academy
22.9Evan House
23.12Andrew VandeBerg
18:47.8 PRRavenscroft
24.11Daniel Schulz
18:54.1Cary Academy
25.9Eamon McKeever
18:57.4 SRDurham Academy
26.12Austin Morin
18:59.0 PRRavenscroft
27.9Ethan Goldman
18:59.7 SRDurham Academy
28.12Ethan Kerns
19:02.8 PRCary Academy
29.9Dylan Peter
19:06.5 PRDurham Academy
30.12Charles Maxfield
19:13.2 SRDurham Academy
31.12Dylan DeSpain
19:13.8 PRWake Christian Academy
32.12Nick Trombetta
19:17.9Cary Academy
33.12Ryan Speer
19:19.2North Raleigh Christ...
34.10Nijel Hunt
19:19.3 SRDurham Academy
35.10Anton Baeza
19:20.5North Raleigh Christ...
36.9Ted Middleton
19:36.6 SRDurham Academy
37.9Jordan Norona
19:44.7 SRRavenscroft
38.12Keeton Glenn
39.12Alex Payne
19:51.9 PRRavenscroft
40.12Will Beischer
19:53.0 PRDurham Academy
41.9Hutch Whitman
19:53.6 PRCary Academy
42.9Scotty Stanovich
19:59.0 PRWake Christian Academy
43.9Evan Sherman
20:00.8 PRRavenscroft
44.8John Bailey
20:02.2 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
45.12John Frechette
20:12.8 PRWake Christian Academy
46.11Davis Morgan
20:16.6 SRDurham Academy
47.9Josh Klein
20:20.0 SRDurham Academy
48.10Jack Maxfield
20:21.5 SRCary Academy
49.10Victor Harpe
20:29.0 SRDurham Academy
50.10Andrew Thrash
20:29.7 PRRavenscroft
51.12Eric Schwartz
20:32.2 SRCary Academy
52.10Kiran Winemiller
20:33.7 SRCary Academy
53.9Alex Tsuetaki
20:42.0 SRDurham Academy
54.11AJ Frank
20:45.2 PRCary Academy
55.12Charlie Moore
20:47.5 PRCary Academy
56.11Hayden Reynolds
20:51.3 SRDurham Academy
57.10Trey Barnes
21:04.9 SRDurham Academy
58.10Griffin Rubin
21:05.7 SRDurham Academy
59.9Garrett May
21:08.9 SRDurham Academy
60.11Rob Sar
21:20.4 SRRavenscroft
61.-Hank Tucker
21:23.9 PRDurham Academy
62.9Josh Thompson
21:27.3 SRRavenscroft
63.12Andres Rosa
21:27.8 PRDurham Academy
64.10James Hilliard
21:28.8 PRRavenscroft
65.11Justin Barber
21:32.1 SRRavenscroft
66.9Mitchell Moody
21:33.4 SRWake Christian Academy
67.11Brad Conley
21:50.7 SRRavenscroft
68.11Andrew Pruden
21:54.3 SRRavenscroft
69.9Shane Hoffman
21:54.4 SRCary Academy
70.10Tom Baker
22:01.7 PRCary Academy
71.9Brent Shelton
22:06.7 PRCary Academy
72.11Ryan Samet
22:35.2 SRDurham Academy
73.9Cameron Parks
22:50.5Wake Christian Academy
74.10Charlie Johnston
23:02.8 SRDurham Academy
75.9Ian Wilson
23:31.1 SRDurham Academy
76.9Sam Duty
25:10.8 PRDurham Academy
77.9Sam Miller
25:18.9 PRRavenscroft
78.10Daniel Hong
25:44.8 SRCary Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Cary Academy48
3.Durham Academy76
4.Wake Christian Academy106
5.North Raleigh Christian Acad...107
6.Saint Mary's142
1.12Eliza Dekker
18:29.1Durham Academy
2.11Maddy Ringenbach
19:01.7 SRRavenscroft
3.10Sarah Bodmer
19:02.6Cary Academy
4.12Olivia Aschman
5.10Emily Lane
19:57.4Cary Academy
6.7Brooke Robinson
20:05.2 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
7.8Grace Goetz
20:16.1Cary Academy
8.12Sally Hart
20:23.8 PRWake Christian Academy
9.10Katie Concannon
20:43.3 SRDurham Academy
10.9Kate Park
20:43.6 SRCary Academy
11.9Bella Church
12.12Lizzy Micyus
13.11Caroline Diorio
21:06.5 PRWake Christian Academy
14.9Mary Pruden
21:11.1 PRRavenscroft
15.9Maggie Hart
21:28.4 PRWake Christian Academy
16.9Ella Bristow
21:28.9Saint Mary's
17.9Mary Hunter Russell
21:31.4 SRSaint Mary's
18.10Madeline Musaus
19.10Sidney Vinson
20.9Anneke Dekker
22:07.0 SRDurham Academy
21.10Anna Crowley
22:07.6North Raleigh Christ...
22.9Cami Simpson
22:11.6 SRDurham Academy
23.9Maggie Deleonardis
22:13.2 SRRavenscroft
24.11Emma Ehrhardt
22:13.3Cary Academy
25.11Mary Gates Pierce
22:26.4 SRDurham Academy
26.10Julianna Fischer
22:39.1North Raleigh Christ...
27.11Brittany Hayward
22:39.4North Raleigh Christ...
28.11Clare Zaytoun
22:42.7 PRRavenscroft
29.12Alice Ward
22:47.2 SRDurham Academy
30.12Anna Jenkins
23:03.4 PRCary Academy
31.10Lynn Johnson
23:07.3 PRRavenscroft
32.-Julia de Roza
23:10.5 PRRavenscroft
33.8Leigh Bazemore
23:14.6North Raleigh Christ...
34.12Allison Puryear
23:17.3 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
35.9Carson Carnahan
23:27.3 SRRavenscroft
36.10Olivia Sherman
23:30.4Cary Academy
37.9Lillia Larson
23:50.1 SRDurham Academy
38.9Storm Davis
23:54.7Wake Christian Academy
39.11Abby Breitfeld
24:03.4Durham Academy
40.10Meredith Cox
24:14.0 SRDurham Academy
41.12Ashley Hatton
24:24.9North Raleigh Christ...
42.11Veronica Kim
24:29.1 SRDurham Academy
43.9Maddy Buell
24:33.5 PRDurham Academy
44.11Ellie Breitfeld
24:45.6 SRDurham Academy
45.12Lily Anderson
24:50.6 SRDurham Academy
46.10Bailey Griffin
24:52.9 PRSaint Mary's
47.12Molly Cruse
24:53.3 SRSaint Mary's
48.11Mikala Verderosa
24:55.6 SRWake Christian Academy
49.12Shiva Boroojerdi
24:56.5 PRRavenscroft
50.9Olivia Ng
25:27.9 SRSaint Mary's
51.10Esra Balkas
25:35.1 PRCary Academy
52.12Maaya Dev
25:39.2 PRCary Academy
53.11Thea Lance
26:00.1 SRDurham Academy
54.11Julianna Turner
26:11.2 PRDurham Academy
55.9Caroline VandeBerg
26:12.6 PRRavenscroft
56.12Evie Fordham
26:24.3Wake Christian Academy
57.12Moira Barrett
26:26.5 PRSaint Mary's
58.12Sarah Rollins
26:26.8 SRDurham Academy
59.11Andy Smithey
26:26.9 SRSaint Mary's
60.12Amanda Lee
26:35.9 PRCary Academy
61.10Samantha Baker
26:40.2 SRDurham Academy
62.11Maddy Samet
26:57.6 PRDurham Academy
63.9Margaret Fountain
27:02.5 SRSaint Mary's
64.-Hannah Moore
27:15.5 PRSaint Mary's
65.12Anderson Ivey
66.9Martha Zaytoun
27:37.8 SRRavenscroft
67.-Leigh Hobart
27:48.1 PRSaint Mary's
68.11Mary Alex Edmiston
27:56.8 PRSaint Mary's
69.11Allie Swanson
28:57.1 PRSaint Mary's
70.-Anna Low
29:30.6 PRSaint Mary's
71.11Zoe Sheitman
30:02.7 SRCary Academy
72.-Jane Dodge
31:12.6 PRSaint Mary's
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