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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Owensboro Catholic34
2.Hancock County50
3.Clinton County94
4.Cumberland County109
5.Metcalfe County126
6.Butler County126

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Levi Owens
17:24.99Cumberland County
2.10George Marsch
18:08.07Hancock County
3.9Carter Chavira
18:11.43 PRGlasgow
4.11Michael Scott
18:19.13 PRHancock County
5.12Jose Solorza
18:22.60 PROwensboro Catholic
6.11Nolan Johnson
18:54.34 SRButler County
7.11Brandon Lynn
18:57.17 SROwensboro Catholic
8.12Adam Hayden
19:03.77 PROwensboro Catholic
9.11Michael Clore
19:05.18 SROwensboro Catholic
10.10Charlie Hall
19:06.49 PROwensboro Catholic
11.12Jacob Cross
19:09.32Clinton County
12.9Tyler Hays
19:11.33 SRHancock County
13.9Micah Coverstone
19:19.37 PRCumberland County
14.11Charlie Boswell
19:20.94 SROwensboro Catholic
15.12Jackson Bell
19:25.68Metcalfe County
16.12Issac Knott
19:28.04 SROwensboro Catholic
17.12Devin Gearlds
19:28.53 PRMonroe County
18.12Cody Schroader
19:29.37Hancock County
19.10Kyle Choate
19:35.62 PRClinton County
20.10Austin Collins
19:40.07 PRMonroe County
21.10Tyler Martin
19:42.07 SRFrederick Fraize
22.11Wesley Nevitt
19:44.01Hancock County
23.11Will Flowers
19:48.54 PRCumberland County
24.12Andrew Thomerson
20:14.63 SRGlasgow
25.12Glen England
20:45.02 PRClinton County
26.8Jackson Harlan
21:00.66Clinton County
27.8Garrison Odle
21:02.92 SRButler County
28.11Justin Rogers
21:09.53Hancock County
29.7Taylor Curry
21:10.86Hancock County
30.10Chase Ellis
21:11.74 SRGlasgow
31.12Nathaniel Reed
21:29.26 SRMetcalfe County
32.12Jadeon Page
21:36.72 SRClinton County
33.12Matthew Embry
21:41.19 SRButler County
34.9Damon Mcclellan
21:44.74 PRFrederick Fraize
35.12Dylan Gardner
21:55.91 SRMetcalfe County
36.8Thomas Cliburn
21:58.17 SRFrederick Fraize
37.11Logan Shaw
22:17.86 SRMetcalfe County
38.11Spencer Noe
22:20.42 SRMetcalfe County
39.10Eric Howard
22:23.05 SRTrinity
40.7Conner Glass
22:27.32 SRButler County
41.9Zach Roberts
22:33.10 PRTrinity
42.11Andrew Roach
22:48.46 SRMetcalfe County
43.12Jonah Roberts
22:51.55 PRTrinity
44.12Noah Cox
22:55.62 PRTrinity
45.12Chase Anderson
22:55.94 PRClinton County
46.9Christian Hughes
22:56.53Cumberland County
47.9Billy Messenger
23:02.42Cumberland County
48.12Barry Washer
23:03.39 PRButler County
49.9Harrison Froedge
23:12.98 SRMonroe County
50.11Daniel Hardesty
23:23.18 SRTrinity
51.10Baley Smith
23:36.32Cumberland County
52.12Korey Johnson
23:40.67 SRTrinity
53.12Haley Matthews
24:13.04Clinton County
54.7Trenton Stovall
24:30.31 SRButler County
55.12James M Miller
24:38.32 PRMetcalfe County
56.8Kain Neighbors
25:48.96 PRButler County
57.10Zach Boarman
25:57.20 PRTrinity
58.10Austin Fuqua
25:57.20 PRFrederick Fraize
59.9Seth Flowers
25:57.20Cumberland County
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