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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.St Xavier (KY)22
2.Meade County56
3.DuPont Manual67
5.Louisville Male142
6.Bullitt East154
7.Bullitt Central182
8.North Bullitt251

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Darius Payne
16:17.39DuPont Manual
2.12Henry Geisler
16:23.45 PRSt Xavier (KY)
3.11Matthew Thomas
16:24.68St Xavier (KY)
4.10Ryan Guenthner
16:25.12St Xavier (KY)
5.12Ben Kleine-Kracht
16:27.37St Xavier (KY)
6.10Yared Nuguse
16:29.40DuPont Manual
7.11Jacob Robertson
16:29.86 SRMeade County
8.12Tyler Just
16:31.63St Xavier (KY)
9.12Andrew Garvey
16:37.16 PRSt Xavier (KY)
10.10Logan Greco
16:42.21 SRMeade County
11.11Joe Morales
16:43.40 SRMeade County
12.11Chris Adams
16:46.63 SRDuPont Manual
13.12Jonathan Howard
17:03.48 SRMeade County
14.12Austin Moran
17:04.93 SRButler
15.9Noah Schwartz
17:06.44 SRMeade County
16.12Nick Kapalungan
17:10.00 PRMeade County
17.12Brennan Wheatley
17:12.63St Xavier (KY)
18.12Bradley Mahaffey
17:15.78 PRBullitt Central
19.12Dylan West
17:19.04 PRLouisville Male
20.11Isaac Shelton
17:19.23Bullitt East
21.12Joseph Ray
17:22.77 PRButler
22.9Gavin Grossman
17:28.44DuPont Manual
23.12Tyler Klain
17:28.44 PRLouisville Male
24.12Cole Green
17:33.76 SRBullitt East
25.10Levi Hall
17:35.03 SRMeade County
26.10Josh Dye
17:52.75 SRDuPont Manual
27.10Dylan Mitchell
17:53.24 PRButler
28.11Isaac Mitchell
17:56.94Bullitt Central
29.12Michael Montgomery
17:57.30 SRBullitt East
30.12Adam Hack
18:05.02 PRButler
31.9Cade Final
18:06.37 PRLouisville Male
32.12Kenneth Ott
18:09.71Louisville Male
33.10Connor Gerhardt
18:13.13DuPont Manual
34.9Cody Horn
35.12Timothy Clemons
18:24.10 PRDuPont Manual
36.10Alex Sheek
18:25.34 SRButler
37.9Jordan Curby
18:28.63 SRLouisville Male
38.11Daniel Cooper
18:29.38 SRButler
39.12Keegan Rodriguez
18:36.50 SRLouisville Male
40.10Kaleb Perdew
18:44.52 SRBullitt East
41.9Sean Woods
18:59.37Bullitt East
42.10Nick Glasford
19:08.23Louisville Male
43.9Daneil Fakunle
19:37.57 SRCentral
44.12Adrian Shifflett
19:40.86 PRBullitt Central
45.12Tate Hatfield
20:05.29 SRBullitt East
46.12Brandon Brown
20:10.65 SRBullitt East
47.9Logan Reidley
20:10.66 SRPleasure Ridge Park
48.12Kasey Cottier
20:13.71Bullitt Central
49.11Alex Neumann
21:06.30 SRPleasure Ridge Park
50.11Kyle McIlwee
21:42.75 PRBullitt Central
51.10Jacob Johnson
22:09.81 PRNorth Bullitt
52.11Tristan Ellis
22:47.75 SRCentral
53.10Jarred James
22:57.99 SRNorth Bullitt
54.10Hunter Ashmore
23:03.36 PRNorth Bullitt
55.9Fuad Mohamed
23:38.58 SRCentral
56.10Alex Sebastian
23:44.68 PRPleasure Ridge Park
57.10Travis Mills
25:40.29 SRNorth Bullitt
58.9Tia Fox
25:47.54 PRCentral
59.12Tanner Manning
25:49.47 SRBullitt Central
60.11Jayce Johnson
26:43.96 PRNorth Bullitt
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.DuPont Manual33
2.Louisville Male47
3.Meade County70
4.Bullitt East85
6.Bullitt Central163

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Kaitlyn Lacy
18:37.93Louisville Male
2.9Alena Sapienza-Wri...
18:38.09DuPont Manual
3.11Sierra Poppell
19:09.62Bullitt East
4.10Emma Kuntz
19:50.99 SRDuPont Manual
5.12Hannah King
19:58.58 PRMeade County
6.9Jordan Grantz
20:06.11DuPont Manual
7.11Madison Messina
20:23.98 SRLouisville Male
8.10Maggie Kiper
20:33.12 SRLouisville Male
9.12Olivia Napier
20:38.44 PRBullitt East
10.9Maeve Watts-Roy
20:41.78 SRDuPont Manual
11.11Emma Dryden
20:47.78 SRDuPont Manual
12.9Grace Tatro
20:49.93 PRDuPont Manual
13.9Halle Mullenix
20:53.02 SRMeade County
14.11Olivia Honaker
20:57.02 SRMeade County
15.9Mikayla Morton
20:57.44Louisville Male
16.11Savannah Heckman
20:57.99Louisville Male
17.11Kelsey Phillips
21:01.59 SRBullitt Central
18.11Danielle Fabel
21:12.70 PRMeade County
19.9Julia Poole
21:17.01Bullitt East
20.12Mary Kate Powers
21:17.52 PRMeade County
21.9Alyssa Neal
21:19.17 SRMeade County
22.11Riley Head
21:25.23 SRDuPont Manual
23.9Miranda Morton
21:29.27Louisville Male
24.12Ashlee Davis
21:29.48Meade County
25.10Molly Fallon
21:56.09Louisville Male
26.10Brianna Poole
22:05.01Bullitt East
27.12Autumn Mattingly
22:11.60 PRButler
28.12Elisabeth Hellersl...
22:38.10Bullitt East
29.8Makenzie Barnes
22:40.52 SRButler
30.9Leighanne Higdon
31.9Lasharia Young
23:25.15 SRPleasure Ridge Park
32.12Brittany Carter
23:37.81 PRButler
33.10Hannah Fallon
23:56.26 SRButler
34.12Alison Turner
25:06.45 PRButler
35.11Kelly Warren
25:34.34 SRButler
36.12Hannah Wells
25:51.65 PRBullitt Central
37.12Shelby Brookshire
25:51.76Bullitt Central
38.10Kierra Brown
26:10.62 SRPleasure Ridge Park
39.10Lauren Welch
26:22.02 PRBullitt Central
40.11Sarah Villa
28:12.66 PRBullitt Central
41.11Leanna Dennison
28:29.43 PRBullitt Central
42.12Morgan Utterback
29:03.36 PRBullitt East
43.10Karie Skelton
29:28.79 SRBullitt Central
44.9Jordyn Grant
33:15.34 SRNorth Bullitt
45.9Meredith Thornsberry
34:54.94 SRNorth Bullitt
46.9Marissa Raymer
38:01.34 SRNorth Bullitt
47.9Auburn Colvin
38:08.22 PRNorth Bullitt
10Channing Taylor
9Bryanna Lucas
9Haley Payton
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