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Mens Races

Ft. Steilacoom Park

5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
Womens Races

Ft. Steilacoom Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity3:40 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Shane Moskowitz
15:58.98Central Kitsap
2.10Nate Brennand
3.10Robby Ubben
16:44.78Gig Harbor
4.11Spencer Payne
16:49.31Gig Harbor
5.9Joe Gagliano
16:51.23 SRGig Harbor
6.10Casey Kalbrener
16:52.08Gig Harbor
7.10Zackery Weber
16:56.23Central Kitsap
8.12Chris Adgar-Beal
16:58.97Gig Harbor
9.12Nathan Page
16:59.52Gig Harbor
10.12Alex Sundell
17:01.20Gig Harbor
11.10Matt Baer
17:05.28Bellarmine Prep
12.12Nate Funkhouser
17:11.48Gig Harbor
13.11Ted Knudsen
14.11John Mackovjak
17:15.28Central Kitsap
15.11Elliott Johnson
17:21.42Bellarmine Prep
16.11Mark Zylstra
17:22.26Central Kitsap
17.9Sam Hales
18.12Andrew Vargas
17:23.07South Kitsap
19.9Michael Thorsen
17:23.41Central Kitsap
20.11Samuel Fleckenstei...
21.11Scott Hanson
17:28.14Bellarmine Prep
22.9Will Drinkwater
17:28.63 SRGig Harbor
23.11Seth Johnson
17:29.79Gig Harbor
24.11Brent Felnagle
17:35.28Bellarmine Prep
25.12Ryan Lawrence
26.9Luke Hoffman
17:41.46Gig Harbor
27.10Colin Lang
17:46.31 SROlympia
28.11Luke Vannice
17:46.74 SROlympia
29.11Andrew Haas
17:48.52Bellarmine Prep
31.12Caleb Howard
32.10Cody Pace
17:51.94South Kitsap
33.11Mason Hill
17:54.30 SRBellarmine Prep
34.12Donny Boe
17:55.88 PRSouth Kitsap
35.11Dusty Miller
36.10Brendan Franz
18:00.45Bellarmine Prep
37.12Andrew Brown
18:00.80Gig Harbor
38.9Chas Sperry
18:01.13Central Kitsap
39.12Garrett McKinney
18:01.58 PRGig Harbor
40.9Wyatt George
18:03.72Gig Harbor
42.10Kyle Steen
18:04.00 PROlympia
41.10Derek Titus
18:04.24 PRBellarmine Prep
42.9Brandon Carlson
18:04.83Central Kitsap
43.11Eric Schacht
18:05.15Bellarmine Prep
44.10Jake Allen
18:05.49South Kitsap
45.11James Mackovjak
18:06.42 PRCentral Kitsap
46.11Andrew Thorsen
18:10.79Central Kitsap
47.11Matt Vernie
48.10Dustin Polley
18:13.82Gig Harbor
49.9TJ Grant
18:15.82Bellarmine Prep
50.10Julian Lugo
18:22.65Bellarmine Prep
51.9Ian Staeheli
18:27.70 SRBellarmine Prep
52.9Zach Parker
18:32.53Gig Harbor
53.9Richard Jensen
18:32.98 SROlympia
54.12Brandon Leslie
18:46.22Gig Harbor
55.12Pudge Smyth
18:48.04Gig Harbor
56.12Matt Powell
18:51.65Gig Harbor
57.11Noah McKenzie
18:52.26Bellarmine Prep
58.10Jonathan Wu
18:53.61Bellarmine Prep
59.10Ian Robinson
19:00.04 PROlympia
60.12Brennan Taylor
61.9Max Robinson
62.10Connor Jones
19:09.43Gig Harbor
63.9Ryan Page
19:13.79Gig Harbor
64.11Raleigh Davis
19:15.54South Kitsap
65.9Nathan Jones
19:18.56Gig Harbor
66.9Mike Bowman
67.9Michael Dick
19:27.65 SRBellarmine Prep
68.12Kyle Cloyd
69.11Gabe Fisher
19:29.35Gig Harbor
70.11Nick Rothwall
19:31.52Central Kitsap
71.11Trent Kurek
19:35.95Bellarmine Prep
72.11Jonathan Andrus
73.10Robert Larribas
74.9Nathan Morgan
75.9Harry Johnson
19:50.84 SROlympia
76.10Terrill Wilson
19:57.17South Kitsap
77.10David Ladenburg
20:05.43Bellarmine Prep
78.9Austin Fritz
20:13.73South Kitsap
79.12Nate Karle
20:14.05Gig Harbor
80.10Samuel Ryan
20:14.31 PRBellarmine Prep
81.11Andrew Geisler
20:19.95 SROlympia
82.12Jonathan Wakefield
83.11Alex Mackenzie
20:23.74Central Kitsap
84.12Kevin Bess
20:25.18 PRBellarmine Prep
85.11Josh Siva
20:26.76Gig Harbor
86.9Javier Secaira
20:34.96Bellarmine Prep
87.10Matthew Doremus
20:37.03Gig Harbor
88.10Conor Flannigan
20:40.08 SRBellarmine Prep
89.9Kevin Highfield
20:40.39 SRCentral Kitsap
90.10Troy Thayer
20:40.67Bellarmine Prep
91.9Sam Williams
20:41.18Central Kitsap
92.11Andy Scott
20:41.55 SRBellarmine Prep
93.10Colby Schimelfenig
20:48.17 SROlympia
94.9Iain Maryanow
20:50.30 SROlympia
95.12Spencer Tollefson
20:55.67Bellarmine Prep
96.11Nicholas Mead
21:01.73 SRBellarmine Prep
97.10Matt Hankins
98.9Nick Joyce
21:17.13Bellarmine Prep
99.9Eliot Orando
21:21.46Central Kitsap
100.10Matt Gomez
101.11Loren Madsen
21:33.66Gig Harbor
102.9Sam Sundell
21:37.22Gig Harbor
103.9Nick Surrett
104.10Aleyn Murray
21:49.70 SRBellarmine Prep
105.11Ryan Kennedy
21:51.66South Kitsap
106.9Scott Odell
21:52.39Gig Harbor
107.9Ethan Tilly
21:55.06Central Kitsap
108.10David Kirchmeier
109.10Ian Stehr
110.11Lars Walen
21:58.01Bellarmine Prep
111.9Bryan Butler
22:01.13Gig Harbor
112.9Justin O'Leary
22:01.83Bellarmine Prep
113.9Kyle Iverson
22:04.65Gig Harbor
114.9Max Desimone
22:04.93Bellarmine Prep
115.9Alex Bauer
22:05.11Gig Harbor
116.9Timmy Stoddard
22:05.92 PRBellarmine Prep
117.10Dominic Desimone
22:11.29 SRBellarmine Prep
118.11Andrew Palmer
22:18.70Gig Harbor
119.11Nathan Sinsheimer
22:21.27Bellarmine Prep
120.9Riley Crawford
22:22.86 SRGig Harbor
121.9Alex Jeffers
22:27.96 PRBellarmine Prep
122.9Phillip Olson
22:29.02Gig Harbor
123.12Cody VanSickle
124.9Kolton Russ
22:45.66Bellarmine Prep
125.9Tyler Ambrose
22:59.98Gig Harbor
126.12Devon Hulteen
127.9Tim Manza
23:35.10Bellarmine Prep
128.9Josiah Keeffe
129.9Cam Winger
23:46.72Central Kitsap
130.11Drake Harrison
23:54.42Gig Harbor
131.9Jeffrey Hale
23:59.79Gig Harbor
132.12Matt Bernard
24:50.81 SRSouth Kitsap
133.12Curtis McCoy
134.11Hartej Rai
25:27.39Bellarmine Prep
135.9Sean Davis
136.12Mortiz Walter
137.10Isaac Wilson
27:39.93 SRShelton
138.12Kenneth O'Kelley
27:46.80Central Kitsap
139.10Andrew Mullinax
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alyssa Andrews
18:01.40Gig Harbor
2.11Shannon Moskowitz
18:41.24Central Kitsap
3.11Clare Kane
4.11Cara Saxon
19:28.40Gig Harbor
5.12Julia Freeburg
19:45.53Bellarmine Prep
6.12Claire Betterbed
19:51.69Gig Harbor
7.10Kelly Williams
19:52.34Gig Harbor
8.12Tori Johansen
19:54.69Central Kitsap
9.11Erika Copeland
20:01.74South Kitsap
10.11Erin Hull
20:03.24Gig Harbor
11.10Danie Moon
20:12.28Gig Harbor
12.11Christy Sipes
20:18.46Gig Harbor
13.9Amanda Wilson
20:20.06South Kitsap
14.11Sarah Johnson
15.10Brittany Kealy
20:24.31Gig Harbor
16.11Kathleen Hoza
20:25.62 SROlympia
17.10Maureen Tremblay
20:42.82Gig Harbor
18.12Mackenzie Vaughn
20:50.64Bellarmine Prep
19.11Sarah Karlinsey
21:00.82Gig Harbor
20.10Gee Mi Jorde
21:08.58Central Kitsap
21.11Emily McHugh
22.12Jenny Collen
21:21.81Gig Harbor
23.9Lauren Hilger
21:25.81Bellarmine Prep
24.12Marissa Ang
25.12Maggie Ward
21:31.87Bellarmine Prep
26.11Lauren Farwell
21:37.53Bellarmine Prep
27.10Alyssa Zuehlsdorff
21:40.58Bellarmine Prep
28.10Alana Langdon
29.12Sarah Brownstein
30.9Liana Merrill
21:46.57Central Kitsap
31.10Ashli Tagoai
21:48.51Bellarmine Prep
32.11Gianna Philichi
21:51.17Bellarmine Prep
33.11Alex Pollastro
21:51.45Bellarmine Prep
34.11Becca Lunde
21:51.73Gig Harbor
35.9Kelsey Rico
21:55.18Central Kitsap
36.11Annie Tollefson
21:58.85Bellarmine Prep
37.9Ally Bujacich
21:59.27Gig Harbor
38.12Maggie Crow
22:02.34Central Kitsap
39.10Sarah Draughon
22:05.25Bellarmine Prep
40.11Gwen Milroy
41.9Izze Arens
22:12.83Bellarmine Prep
42.9Caroline Yearian
22:14.84Bellarmine Prep
43.12Brittany Siegrist
22:15.41Central Kitsap
44.12Claire Fleckenstein
45.12Sarah Kohlbry-Chee...
46.10Kayleen McMonigal
22:30.30Bellarmine Prep
47.10Sarah Hulteen
22:34.03 SROlympia
48.12Sienna Kuykendall
22:48.66 SROlympia
49.10Ashley Field
22:53.26Central Kitsap
50.11Claire Kunkle
22:56.94 SROlympia
51.10Jennifer Hickey
22:57.91Bellarmine Prep
52.12Kylee Smith
23:02.13 SROlympia
53.11Ashley Novak
23:03.58South Kitsap
54.10Chelsea Brown
23:04.35South Kitsap
55.12Crystal Garcia
23:05.43 SROlympia
56.11Meghan Blanchet
23:12.27Bellarmine Prep
57.9Eloise Ryser
23:17.99 SROlympia
58.10Kathryn Hartwig
23:20.13 PRSouth Kitsap
59.9Jessica Navlet
23:20.79Bellarmine Prep
60.9Meghan Hilger
23:26.94Bellarmine Prep
61.10Cayla Vichot
23:37.35 PRGig Harbor
62.12Laura Flynn
63.12Jordan Widler
64.11Amanda Spadoni
23:49.98Gig Harbor
65.12Leah Langdon
66.10Ariel Brownstein
24:01.03 PRShelton
67.12Abby Mountjoy-Venn...
24:01.30 PROlympia
68.9Nikki Carter
24:04.72Gig Harbor
69.12Kate Marra
70.11Emma Fritz
24:17.26South Kitsap
11Margaret Wyckoff
24:22.7 SROlympia
72.10Charity Molesh
24:25.99South Kitsap
73.10Lauren McCune
24:35.03Bellarmine Prep
74.9Tara Harte
75.10Carolynn Hammen
24:50.44Bellarmine Prep
76.10Kirstin Wagner
77.9Sarah Anderson
24:59.32Gig Harbor
78.10Natalie Montgomery
25:07.00Central Kitsap
79.11Jessica Duckworth
25:09.47South Kitsap
80.10Michelle Ta
25:11.10South Kitsap
81.9Amy Boyle
25:49.61Bellarmine Prep
82.9Ha-Eun Lee
27:00.80 PROlympia
83.11Taryn Donovan
27:01.41South Kitsap
84.11Nicole Lee
27:02.56South Kitsap
85.11Shayna Pepin
27:08.03Bellarmine Prep
11Alex Monthie
87.10Francis Chang
88.10Rachel Dashiell
28:06.51Bellarmine Prep
89.10Kathleen Brown
28:10.77Bellarmine Prep
90.9Libby Williams
91.11Sarah Buskirk
28:26.28Central Kitsap
92.11Julia Hyry
28:43.24Gig Harbor
93.11Katie Tedesco
29:33.36 SRBellarmine Prep
94.10Sarah Wynder
29:33.68 PROlympia
95.9Erica Seibert
31:37.11Gig Harbor
96.10Kimberly Peterson
32:59.46 SRShelton
97.11Emily Stewart
34:33.03Gig Harbor
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