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Mens Races
4,891 Meters Varsity
4,891 Meters Junior Varsity
3,000 Meters Freshman
Womens Races
4,891 Meters Varsity
4,891 Meters Junior Varsity
3,000 Meters Freshman

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Mens Results

4,891 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Shenendehowa Central31
3.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake98
4.Saratoga Springs98
7.Colonie Central177
8.Bethlehem Central199
9.Ballston Spa251
10.Averill Park Central313
1.11Aidan Tooker
15:15.15 PRSaratoga Springs
2.10Noah Carey
15:30.56 PRGuilderland
3.12Nicholas Matson
15:38.64 PRShenendehowa Central
4.12Matthew McDermott
15:39.18 PRNiskayuna
5.11Mitchell Halpern
15:49.12 PRShenendehowa Central
6.12Collin Rowe
15:49.37 PRShenendehowa Central
7.12Jared Short
15:59.50 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
8.11Tyler Schmidt
16:03.74 PRShenendehowa Central
9.10Alex Matson
16:05.96 PRShenendehowa Central
10.11Paul Nichols
16:12.40 PRShaker
11.12Jack Vite
16:15.06 PRShenendehowa Central
12.12Thomas Hale
16:18.68 PRShaker
13.11Jared Capuano
16:19.50 PRGuilderland
14.12Jon Feil
16:20.75 PRGuilderland
15.11Dawson Homer
16:21.52 PRBethlehem Central
16.11Ethan North
16:21.78 PRSaratoga Springs
17.12Josh Moeckel
16:22.52 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
18.11Henry Christopher
16:24.96 PRShenendehowa Central
19.12Chris Bouchard
16:28.56 PRShaker
20.11Kevin Gideon
16:30.28 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
21.12Simon Powhida
16:32.68 PRBethlehem Central
22.11Eli Bashant
16:45.65 PRBallston Spa
23.10Will Navin
16:53.96 PRSaratoga Springs
24.10Will Messier
16:54.41 PRSaratoga Springs
25.10Tyler Lipina
16:54.90 PRColonie Central
26.10Michael Bashant
16:57.93 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
27.12Andrew Canavan
16:58.31 PRNiskayuna
28.12Jack Marchetti
16:58.90 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
29.11Ethan McDonald
17:02.18 PRGuilderland
30.11Victor Warner
17:03.71 PRGuilderland
31.11Ben Matz
17:06.14 PRShaker
32.12Erick Bower
17:06.93 PRColonie Central
33.10Andrew Horan
17:08.24 PRGuilderland
34.10Scott Dailey
17:21.00 PRSaratoga Springs
35.12Jon Coogan
17:22.68 PRColonie Central
36.11Charles Ragone
17:25.52 PRNiskayuna
37.12Metin Ozisik
17:26.06 PRNiskayuna
38.11Nicholas Raghubar
17:27.62 PRShaker
39.12Ryan Assini
17:31.02 PRShaker
40.12Malcolm Grandon
17:34.40 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
41.10Bryce Barber
17:34.72 PRColonie Central
42.11Shawn Rousseau
17:35.59 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
43.12Josh Foust
17:37.74 PRAverill Park Central
44.10Ryan Moon
17:39.84 PRColonie Central
45.12Adnan Ahmad
17:40.18 PRBethlehem Central
46.12Christian Canham
17:40.43 PRBallston Spa
47.12Daniel Medici
17:41.10 PRShaker
48.11Cedric Brownewell
17:44.21 PRNiskayuna
49.11Jamison Wells
17:58.18 PRNiskayuna
50.10Branden McAuley
17:59.37 SRColonie Central
51.11Darius Irani
18:00.59 PRNiskayuna
52.11John Cogan
18:06.65 PRColonie Central
53.10Nick Mauro
18:18.62 PRGuilderland
54.11Trevor Peck
18:21.87 PRSaratoga Springs
55.10Jack Patwell
18:22.72 SRColumbia
56.8Peter Hansen
18:23.68 PRBallston Spa
57.11Benji Quinones
18:23.96 PRAverill Park Central
58.10Derek Baranski
18:29.87 PRBethlehem Central
59.11Joey Somerville
18:35.40 PRColumbia
60.-Steven WaIker
18:45.65 PRBethlehem Central
61.11Liam Madigan
18:45.96 PRSaratoga Springs
62.11Erik Bidstrup
19:03.68 PRBethlehem Central
63.11Dalton Towers
19:11.40 PRBallston Spa
64.12Nico Harvey
19:13.81 PRBallston Spa
65.10John Cheu
19:15.53 SRBethlehem Central
66.11Zach Pinto
19:36.24 PRBallston Spa
67.11Noah Cowit
19:45.44 PRBallston Spa
68.10Joshua Paultre
20:23.34 SRColumbia
69.10Collin Greenway
20:37.15 PRColumbia
70.12Matt Lanoue
20:38.09 PRAverill Park Central
71.11Sean Robert
20:45.59 PRAverill Park Central
72.11Brian Giddings
20:48.97 PRAverill Park Central
73.11John Van Vlack
20:52.93 PRAverill Park Central
74.11Andrew Wimmer
23:24.18 PRColumbia
75.10Matthew Morris
25:07.96 PRColumbia
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4,891 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Shenendehowa Central15
4.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake110
5.Colonie Central115
6.Saratoga Springs151
7.Bethlehem Central182
9.Ballston Spa281
1.12Connor Buhrmeister
16:43.11 PRShenendehowa Central
2.11Nick Roig
16:45.96 PRShenendehowa Central
3.10Josh Lacey
16:47.84 PRShenendehowa Central
4.12Ritesh Lahiri
16:50.37 PRShenendehowa Central
5.12Kyle McCart
17:01.21 PRShenendehowa Central
6.11Michael Collins
17:24.00 PRShenendehowa Central
7.12Derek Schuster
17:27.65 PRShenendehowa Central
8.11Brian Halliday
17:28.21 PRShenendehowa Central
9.11Matt Jacques
17:30.02 PRShenendehowa Central
10.12Connor Terrell
17:39.52 PRShenendehowa Central
11.11Mark Hough
17:40.34 PRShaker
12.10Will Howe
17:42.40 PRSaratoga Springs
13.10Chris Donnelly
17:45.37 PRShenendehowa Central
14.11George Bushey
17:47.34 PRColonie Central
15.10Luke Gobel
17:47.81 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
16.12Ryan Brennan
17:49.90 PRGuilderland
17.9Matthew Simkulet
17:50.12 SRShaker
18.12York Bush
17:51.21 PRShaker
19.11Will Lineback
17:52.12 PRShenendehowa Central
20.11Paul Trichilo
17:56.84 PRGuilderland
21.11Jacob Swartzendruber
17:58.12 PRGuilderland
22.10Bobby Killeen
18:02.31 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
23.12Alex Shaw
18:04.71 PRSaratoga Springs
24.11Hani Ahmed
18:06.75 PRBethlehem Central
25.11Jeremy Marcy
18:07.46 PRShaker
26.12Adam Frewin
18:07.72 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
27.10Jeff Alvarez
18:09.50 PRShenendehowa Central
28.10Ryan Ericson
18:10.02 PRGuilderland
29.11Nate Koniszewski
18:10.56 PRColonie Central
30.11Seth Prevratil
18:11.00 PRColonie Central
31.10Justin Caron
18:16.28 PRShenendehowa Central
32.12Jordan Braiman
18:19.52 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
33.12Stephen Wood
18:20.55 PRShaker
34.12Patrick Hilt
18:20.87 PRColonie Central
35.10Christian Tolfa
18:23.78 PRGuilderland
36.12Scott Martin
18:25.15 PRGuilderland
37.12Jeremeeh Dimailig
18:28.34 PRShaker
38.10Nick Andrade
18:31.40 PRColonie Central
39.12Noah Smith
18:32.12 PRShaker
40.12Cory Marriott
18:32.99 PRColonie Central
41.11Paul Lineback
18:35.37 PRShenendehowa Central
42.10Brian Maney
18:40.42 PRBethlehem Central
43.12Sam Shulman
18:41.52 PRSaratoga Springs
44.10Jack Test
18:44.43 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
45.11Gavin Vlainich
18:46.34 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
46.10Brian Wissing
18:51.68 PRBethlehem Central
47.11Caleb Tollisen
18:55.28 PRColonie Central
48.12Jaxon Smith
18:55.72 PRSaratoga Springs
49.10Shaun Buerker
18:56.56 PRGuilderland
50.10Brett Miller
18:57.24 PRShenendehowa Central
51.11Michael Reyes
19:00.14 PRNiskayuna
52.10James Mundinger
19:01.40 PRShenendehowa Central
53.10David Gray
19:02.18 PRColonie Central
54.10Adam Tenney
19:04.34 PRColonie Central
55.12Dan Bolognino
19:04.62 PRShaker
56.11Nathaniel Kinkaid
19:04.93 PRShenendehowa Central
57.12Robert Bashant
19:09.03 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
58.12Mark Lipina
19:12.43 PRColonie Central
59.12Ryan Azer
19:12.84 PRNiskayuna
60.10CoIin Baranski
19:20.00 PRBethlehem Central
61.11Adam Chrzan
19:22.34 PRShenendehowa Central
62.10Sal Santaniello
19:24.37 PRShaker
63.11Brandon Taylor
19:24.72 PRColonie Central
64.-NicoIas Castro
19:25.02 PRBethlehem Central
65.-CarI Burkhard
19:25.24 PRBethlehem Central
66.12Evan Goodspeed
19:28.21 PRNiskayuna
67.10Izaias Smith
19:29.81 PRSaratoga Springs
68.10Michael Gise
19:31.81 PRBallston Spa
69.10Matt Harris
19:33.28 PRShenendehowa Central
70.9Sam Getz
19:44.12 PRSaratoga Springs
71.12Andrew Yu
19:47.65 PRShaker
72.10Zaeem Rana
19:53.90 SRBethlehem Central
73.12Stephen Buttner
19:54.81 PRColonie Central
74.11Connor Price
19:55.75 PRShaker
75.10William Grandy
19:59.50 PRSaratoga Springs
76.10Ben Balet
19:59.74 PRBallston Spa
77.11Nicholas Chakmakas
20:00.09 PRShaker
78.10Alex Rollo
20:04.21 PRColonie Central
79.10Matt Tran
20:04.90 PRColonie Central
80.10MichaeI BartIett
20:05.52 PRBethlehem Central
81.11Avery Ellis
20:06.34 PRNiskayuna
82.10Adam Gentile
20:07.78 PRBallston Spa
83.10Aidan Canavan
20:11.00 SRNiskayuna
84.10Jeremiah House
20:14.65 PRColonie Central
85.10Wenyuan Hou
20:15.31 PRBethlehem Central
86.10Giovanni Rosetti
20:19.11 PRBethlehem Central
87.10John Crowther
20:21.40 PRMohonasen
88.10Kevin Hazelton
20:25.50 PRShaker
89.12Christopher Sullivan
20:29.24 PRNiskayuna
90.12Ryan Andi
20:29.83 PRColonie Central
91.11Matt Kusche
20:34.81 PRShaker
92.10Ryan Hale
20:35.06 PRShaker
93.12Joseph Gunderson
20:36.18 PRNiskayuna
94.12Alex Delvecchio
20:39.81 PRNiskayuna
95.10Joseph Reluzco
20:40.34 PRGuilderland
96.-NichoIas ScheII
20:41.93 PRBethlehem Central
97.10Hasnain Kousar
20:45.00 PRBethlehem Central
98.11Dillon Glasbrener
20:48.21 PRColonie Central
99.12Connor Cragon
20:50.94 PRColonie Central
100.10Joshua Karg
20:51.18 PRMohonasen
101.11Matthew Charette
21:01.96 PRBallston Spa
102.12Ben Koszelak
21:04.65 PRBallston Spa
103.11Zachary Libby
21:04.90 PRBethlehem Central
104.11Mike Hackenberg
21:05.30 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
105.11Sebastiano Brion
21:05.56 PRNiskayuna
106.-MichaeI Iee
21:06.28 PRBethlehem Central
107.10Anton Conto
21:07.37 SRNiskayuna
108.11Ayoub Nasraddine
21:17.00 PRNiskayuna
109.11Miles Keefe
21:21.84 PRBethlehem Central
110.11Matthew Cortelyou
21:27.59 PRGuilderland
111.11James Humphrey
21:29.15 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
112.10Nick Koszelak
21:38.99 PRBallston Spa
113.10Eric Motler
21:43.37 PRGuilderland
114.10Kevin Wehner
21:45.65 PRGuilderland
115.10Rahul Akkem
21:54.08 PRShaker
116.10Brad Akin
22:06.72 PRSaratoga Springs
117.10Damian Randall
22:09.34 PRBallston Spa
118.10Bowen Chen
22:11.43 PRBethlehem Central
119.-Ciyde Sisson
22:21.40 PRBethlehem Central
120.10Jake Stote
22:26.36 PRBallston Spa
121.10Dan Golden
22:31.46 PRNiskayuna
122.11Andrew Voerg
22:37.43 PRColonie Central
123.-DanieI ConnoIIy
22:37.81 PRBethlehem Central
124.-Aiec Ridgway
22:41.72 PRBethlehem Central
125.12Connor McDermott
22:51.78 PRMohonasen
126.12Timothy Touhy
22:55.40 PRBallston Spa
127.11Jack Widrig
23:04.87 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
128.11Osama Minhas
23:08.24 PRNiskayuna
129.12Billy Kress
23:16.52 PRColonie Central
130.12Cooper Osberg
23:21.36 PRBallston Spa
131.10Noah Pallack
23:36.52 SRColonie Central
132.11Johnny Hoang
23:43.84 PRNiskayuna
133.10Andrew Crouth
24:26.31 PRBallston Spa
134.11Scott Terwilliger
24:33.50 PRNiskayuna
135.12Antonio Bianchi
24:57.37 PRBallston Spa
136.10Jon Rossetti
25:38.77 PRBallston Spa
137.12Jeffrey Russell
26:31.87 PRBallston Spa
138.10Christian Roy
31:10.00 PRMohonasen
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3,000 Meters Freshman

Official Team Scores

2.Shenendehowa Central77
4.Saratoga Springs92
5.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake124
6.Colonie Central124
7.Bethlehem Central163
9.Ballston Spa282
1.8Noah Tindale
9:55.40 PRGuilderland
2.9Gavin Burns
10:24.27 PRSaratoga Springs
3.9Joseph Quinn
4.9Donovan Tucker
5.9Michael Messere
10:53.06Burnt Hills-Ballston...
6.9Alex Bianconi
10:55.18 PRShenendehowa Central
7.9Luke Tanner
10:56.02 PRGuilderland
8.9Jacob Oertel
10:58.72 PRColonie Central
9.9Keegan Cochran
11:00.18 PRGuilderland
10.7Geoff Howles
11:00.62Saratoga Springs
11.9Cameron Davis
11:08.15Bethlehem Central
12.9Matt Vigilante
11:09.74Shenendehowa Central
13.8Evan LaFleche
11:10.78 PRShenendehowa Central
14.8Anthony Verro
11:11.40Saratoga Springs
15.8Tyler Berg
11:11.68Burnt Hills-Ballston...
16.9Noah Cohen-Greenberg
11:12.06 PRGuilderland
17.9Liam Hickey
11:12.34Shenendehowa Central
18.9Destin Yee
11:12.52 PRColonie Central
19.-RiIey Grossman
11:13.09Bethlehem Central
20.9Angus Cropley
11:15.43 PRGuilderland
21.9Anthony Cusato
11:16.08 PRGuilderland
22.7Spencer Amorosi
23.9Jared Craw
11:24.50 PRColonie Central
24.10Evan Brennan
11:26.15Burnt Hills-Ballston...
25.9Nick Sutton
11:26.52Colonie Central
26.9Jared McCullen
11:26.87 PRGuilderland
27.9Jonah Goldstein
11:27.12 PRGuilderland
28.9Northern McCullough
11:27.39 PRNiskayuna
29.7Christopher Garret...
30.9TJ Michalek
11:31.92Shenendehowa Central
31.8Ezra Ruggles
11:37.21Saratoga Springs
32.7Jake Ryan
11:37.50 SRShenendehowa Central
33.7Kyle Groneau
11:37.84Shenendehowa Central
34.9Owen LaFlamme
35.9Patrick Healy
36.7T.J. Randall
37.8Bryce North
11:42.06Saratoga Springs
38.8Marty Dolan
39.9Joe Hale
40.8Dustin Chambers
11:43.50 PRColumbia
41.9Thomas Constantine
42.8Nicholas Soldevere
43.8Nick Hunziker
11:53.68Burnt Hills-Ballston...
44.9Dominick Favata
45.7Ryan Shanahan
11:57.18Shenendehowa Central
46.9John Bold
11:57.98Shenendehowa Central
47.8Andrew Seeman
11:58.84Saratoga Springs
48.7Kevin Board
12:00.20Burnt Hills-Ballston...
49.9Benjamin Shah
12:02.24 PRGuilderland
50.8Ryan Sheppard
12:03.08Burnt Hills-Ballston...
51.9Jacob Brass
12:06.06Bethlehem Central
52.9Colin Ross
12:06.78 SRNiskayuna
53.9Micha Cronic
54.8Nicholas Reyes
55.-Ieo RosenbIum
12:08.31Bethlehem Central
56.10Max Hussey
12:10.12Burnt Hills-Ballston...
57.9Patrick Smith
12:12.14Bethlehem Central
58.9Logan Short
12:13.72Burnt Hills-Ballston...
59.7Tyler Stanton
12:15.65 SRShaker
60.8Brian Chew
61.7Ian Avery
62.9Dennalli Reues
12:20.65Bethlehem Central
63.8Jason Foust
12:21.31 PRAverill Park Central
64.9Nagy Pat
12:21.59 PRShenendehowa Central
65.7Patrick Walters
66.9Justin Camelo
12:25.71 PRNiskayuna
67.7Steven Stoddard
12:27.28Shenendehowa Central
68.9Josh Jones
12:28.30Burnt Hills-Ballston...
69.10Matthew Sinnenberg
12:29.00Burnt Hills-Ballston...
70.9Dylan Taylor
12:29.31Colonie Central
71.7Christian Mercado
12:31.18Saratoga Springs
72.7Joe Jackowski
12:31.74Shenendehowa Central
73.8Alex Hislop
12:33.06Shenendehowa Central
74.7Sean O'Brien
75.9Allen Zhou
12:38.93Bethlehem Central
76.8Justin Hay
77.7Ian Vernooy
12:41.84 PRNiskayuna
78.9Ryan Clare
12:42.37 PRShenendehowa Central
79.7Jack Buff
12:44.21Shenendehowa Central
80.9Joe Vesic
12:45.40 PRBallston Spa
81.9Vincent Marinelli
12:46.12Shenendehowa Central
82.8Evan Carey
83.7Griffin Cooke
12:50.37Shenendehowa Central
84.7Steve Martino
85.9Alex Yerou
12:53.28 PRBallston Spa
86.9Sean Connolly
87.7Brandon Liu
88.9Adithya Pai
13:05.74Shenendehowa Central
89.7Daniel Standage
90.9Joseph O'Brien
13:08.81 PRGuilderland
91.9Gianni Nicholas
13:25.02 PRNiskayuna
92.7Nolan Galica
93.9Ben Goodrich
13:28.66Bethlehem Central
94.7Ethan Rohde
13:31.92 PRNiskayuna
95.7Noah Johnson
96.9John Hawkins
13:38.62 PRColumbia
97.8Adam Webber
98.7Joseph Kenney
99.9Ian Freightenburgh
13:48.65Ballston Spa
100.9Shane Billings
13:51.59 PRBallston Spa
101.9Anthony Parillo
13:53.68Ballston Spa
102.9Mark Smith
13:55.31 PRShenendehowa Central
103.9Jacob Denofio-Davey
13:56.52 PRNiskayuna
104.9Jamie Masse
14:04.72Colonie Central
105.9Paul Pacheco
106.9Jeremy Denton
14:12.74 PRShenendehowa Central
107.9Julius Breindl
14:20.84Ballston Spa
108.9Christian Schmidt
14:22.65Bethlehem Central
109.9Haydn Elmore
14:23.17 PRGuilderland
110.9Alec Levesque
111.9Christian Gunderson
14:27.75 PRNiskayuna
112.9Jason Dringus
14:34.18 PRColumbia
113.8Collin Brady
14:37.18Burnt Hills-Ballston...
114.9Sean Amberger
14:37.46 PRNiskayuna
115.8Sawyer Pezzolesi
116.9Brett LaBier
14:41.02Colonie Central
117.9Eliot Shekhtman
14:41.56Bethlehem Central
118.9Pauly Howard
14:42.68Shenendehowa Central
119.9William Quackenbush
14:47.59Bethlehem Central
120.9Aidan Ryan
14:51.91Bethlehem Central
121.-WinerviI James
14:53.37 PRBethlehem Central
122.9MichaeI Kiisiwecz
15:06.72 PRBethlehem Central
123.7Jamison Burke
124.7Jeremy Ruby
16:06.40 PRNiskayuna
125.9Greg Jusino
18:34.15Bethlehem Central
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Womens Results

4,891 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Saratoga Springs33
2.Shenendehowa Central60
4.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake117
5.Colonie Central162
7.Bethlehem Central180
9.Ballston Spa282
12.Averill Park Central333
1.11Danielle Jordan
17:52.02 PRShenendehowa Central
2.12Emily Burns
17:55.00 PRGuilderland
3.9Peyton Engborg
17:55.22 PRSaratoga Springs
4.12Estela Smith
17:57.89 PRSaratoga Springs
5.11MaryAnna Lansing
18:03.85 PRShaker
6.8Emily Digman
18:05.43 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
7.8Paris Fenoff
18:11.14 PRSaratoga Springs
8.10Julia Zachgo
18:21.18 PRShenendehowa Central
9.9Caroline Starace
18:26.38 PRSaratoga Springs
10.9Samantha Vetter
18:26.60 PRSaratoga Springs
11.10Amelia Mahoney
18:30.56 PRSaratoga Springs
12.11Emily Crounse
18:32.85 PRShenendehowa Central
13.7Emily Bini
18:37.13 PRGuilderland
14.12Sarah Forman
18:38.08 PRGuilderland
15.12Janelle Rothacker
18:38.97 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
16.9Carley Vetter
18:40.01 PRSaratoga Springs
17.9Hannah Reale
18:47.38 PRShenendehowa Central
18.12Cara Sherman
18:49.62 PRMohonasen
19.10Payton Czupil
18:52.64 PRShaker
20.11Holly Machabee
18:57.38 PRBethlehem Central
21.11Alyssa Jourdin
18:59.92 PRGuilderland
22.12Caroline Rusch
19:02.45 PRShenendehowa Central
23.9Abigail Spiers
19:04.25 SRNiskayuna
24.12Keeley Hogan
19:04.64 PRBethlehem Central
25.8Kathryn Tenney
19:05.38 PRColonie Central
26.9Christine Fish
19:14.95 PRGuilderland
27.11Bellame Bower
19:20.12 PRColonie Central
28.12Sarah Duclos
19:23.91 PRShenendehowa Central
29.12Jennifer Hoffmann
19:27.00 PRGuilderland
30.12Alexis Scott
19:30.19 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
31.12Allison Fernandez
19:32.83 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
32.11Carolyn Pellegrini
19:34.65 PRColonie Central
33.12Rebecca Miceli
19:38.33 PRGuilderland
34.11Caroline Hartman
19:41.82 PRShenendehowa Central
35.12Jordan Casey
19:46.49 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
36.10Lexi Sciortino
19:46.73 PRNiskayuna
37.11Shannen Kerin
19:48.00 PRColonie Central
38.11Shannon Fitzpatrick
19:54.09 PRShaker
39.11Marina Jerry
19:57.77 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
40.11Ruby Pan
20:07.47 PRBethlehem Central
41.12Meaghan Podlaski
20:08.73 PRColonie Central
42.9Whitney Wright
20:12.67 PRBallston Spa
43.9Katie Showers
20:20.98 PRNiskayuna
44.10Sarah O'Leary
20:25.42 PRColonie Central
45.9Amelia Kokernak
20:28.47 SRNiskayuna
46.12Abbi Wright
20:31.79 PRBethlehem Central
47.12Brittney Mack
20:42.66 PRAverill Park Central
48.12Amie Burnell
20:51.01 PRBallston Spa
49.12Schillaci Kaitie
20:53.61 PRColonie Central
50.8Reghan Meek
20:55.33 PRBethlehem Central
51.12Katherine Guilbo
20:56.30 PRColumbia
52.12Jessica Hernandez
21:02.54 PRColumbia
53.8Anna Asch
21:05.40 PRShaker
54.12Sara Killeen
21:09.39 PRBurnt Hills-Ballston...
55.10Kelly Artini
21:16.18 PRShaker
56.8Elli Sol Stritch
21:17.57 PRAverill Park Central
57.10Alana Ferson
21:26.30 PRColumbia
58.12Francesca Parillo
21:28.45 PRBallston Spa
59.9Gabriella Broga
21:30.21 SRColumbia
60.12Abby MacKenzie
21:47.23 PRBethlehem Central
61.10Irene Thomas
21:53.82 PRNiskayuna
62.11Marisa DiVietro
21:57.69 PRNiskayuna
63.9Jourdyn Nicholson
22:05.43 PRMohonasen
64.10Mercedes Planavsky
22:05.68 PRBallston Spa
65.12Abby O'grady
22:11.82 PRBethlehem Central
66.9Angela Artini
22:34.67 SRShaker
67.11Natalia Romanzo
22:42.73 PRNiskayuna
68.10Chloe Fahey
22:53.45 PRShaker
69.11Rachel Tegiacchi
23:00.20 PRMohonasen
70.10Alexa Deyo
23:01.19 PRBallston Spa
71.11Jesica Stagnitta
23:01.81 PRColumbia
72.11Abigail Frederick
23:05.85 PRBallston Spa
73.8Anna Sherman
23:06.81 PRMohonasen
74.12Amanda Lane
23:12.72 PRBallston Spa
75.11Sydney Julien
23:13.62 PRAverill Park Central
76.12Lauren Wood
23:14.04 PRAverill Park Central
77.11Nicole Dollar
24:42.00 PRMohonasen
78.10Faith-Olivia Brown
24:47.64 PRMohonasen
79.12Elizabeth Howard
25:03.58 PRAverill Park Central
80.12Katherine Baird
25:40.32 PRColumbia
81.10Ashley Meyer
26:08.51 PRColumbia
82.12Katherine Kowalczyk
27:07.86 PRAverill Park Central
83.12Harley Crowther
27:16.05 PRMohonasen
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3,000 Meters Freshman

Official Team Scores

1.Saratoga Springs22
2.Shenendehowa Central51
3.Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake57
7.Colonie Central213
8.Bethlehem Central233
1.9Keellyn Cummings
11:43.49Saratoga Springs
2.8Megan Morin
11:48.89 PRSaratoga Springs
3.10Madison McGill
11:51.25 PRShenendehowa Central
4.10Lily Digman
11:52.60Burnt Hills-Ballston...
5.9Lena Ruggles
12:06.25Saratoga Springs
6.8Hunter vonAhn
12:06.59 SRSaratoga Springs
7.10Hillary Halpern
12:08.01Shenendehowa Central
8.9Hannah Hertik
12:11.81Saratoga Springs
9.9Kaila DiCaprio
12:19.62Burnt Hills-Ballston...
10.9Kristin McAlonen
12:25.63Burnt Hills-Ballston...
11.9Olivia Lomoscolo
12:28.25 PRShenendehowa Central
12.9Casey Reeder
12:36.41 PRSaratoga Springs
13.9Elise Maddalone
12:38.01Shenendehowa Central
14.9Monica Jerry
12:41.54Burnt Hills-Ballston...
15.8Ciara Knott
12:47.11Saratoga Springs
16.8Alexandra Delnicki
12:50.42 PRSaratoga Springs
17.9Nathalie Prenevost
12:59.01 PRSaratoga Springs
18.8Rachel Brown
13:00.32 PRShaker
19.8Thiziri Bouzidi
13:02.16Shenendehowa Central
20.9Taylor Leggett
13:05.98 SRShenendehowa Central
21.8Alana Zebrowski
13:12.53Saratoga Springs
22.9Victoria Padula
13:15.20 PRNiskayuna
23.10Madeline Fox
13:17.78Burnt Hills-Ballston...
24.8Katie Chang
13:18.01Saratoga Springs
25.10Marielle Scott
13:19.32Burnt Hills-Ballston...
26.8Alexis Anagnostopu...
13:21.20 PRGuilderland
27.9Julianne Burns
13:24.96Shenendehowa Central
28.7Grace Papa
29.7Margot Tanner
30.9Daria Veselov
13:30.71 PRGuilderland
31.8Kristina Koes
32.9Alexa Thompson
13:34.28 PRGuilderland
33.8Ally Jurczynski
13:34.65 PRGuilderland
34.7Katharine Hesler
35.8Emma Kowalczyk
36.9Maeve Kelly
13:37.85Bethlehem Central
37.8Ainsley Filkins
13:38.80 PRNiskayuna
38.8Lindsay McGrath
13:41.42Saratoga Springs
39.9Alicia Golden
13:42.03 PRShenendehowa Central
40.10Macaila D'Pasquale
13:42.49Burnt Hills-Ballston...
41.8Emily Callender
42.9Anna Wiedmann
13:45.25Shenendehowa Central
43.7Olivia Miles
13:46.26 PRShaker
44.9Hannah Gallagher
13:47.68 PRGuilderland
45.9Amanda Gordon
46.9Allyn Madden
13:49.84Burnt Hills-Ballston...
47.9Katie West
13:51.31Shenendehowa Central
48.9Allyson Arserio
13:56.11Shenendehowa Central
49.7Josey Kralik
50.7Mikellyn Smith
13:59.92Saratoga Springs
51.8Alexis DiBernardo
14:00.17 PRColonie Central
52.7Jenna McCutchen
53.9Elizabeth Kabalian
54.8Brianna Fields
14:02.32Colonie Central
55.9Jenny Street
14:02.53 PRShenendehowa Central
56.7Julia Cogan
14:03.42 PRColonie Central
57.10Zoe Hackenburg
14:03.89Burnt Hills-Ballston...
58.9Emma Rowe
14:04.33 PRShenendehowa Central
59.8Lydia Frick
14:04.86 PRColonie Central
60.7Sophia Bisognano
14:05.07 PRColonie Central
61.8Sophie Gerchikov
62.8Isabella Nezaj
14:15.39 PRGuilderland
63.8Madeline Malicki
64.8Nicole Petersen
65.9Emma Limoges
14:20.16 PRAverill Park Central
66.7Janna Hackenberg
14:22.75Burnt Hills-Ballston...
67.8Caitlin Carr
14:24.78Burnt Hills-Ballston...
68.8Catherine Wang
14:25.86Colonie Central
69.9Molly McCarthy
14:27.52 PRShenendehowa Central
70.8Sierra Liotta
14:28.39 PRGuilderland
71.8Matlyn Gross
14:30.26 PRGuilderland
72.9Leah Yanni
14:30.49 PRShaker
73.9Anna Hazelton
74.8Donika Ejlli
75.8Brianna Morris
76.9Molly Bogardus
14:46.58Bethlehem Central
77.7Julia Wang
14:47.33Colonie Central
78.7Madison Stealey
14:47.72 PRColonie Central
79.9Anna Clarke
14:48.43 PRBethlehem Central
80.9Paroma Lahiri
14:50.21Shenendehowa Central
81.7Allyson Williams
82.8Isabelle Mabeus
14:57.21 SRShaker
83.9Monica Zielinski
15:00.75 PRShaker
84.9Fiona Hance
15:06.01Shenendehowa Central
85.9Julianna Cooper
15:07.22Bethlehem Central
86.9Isabella Tinsman
15:09.07 SRBethlehem Central
87.9Elise Coton
15:09.94Bethlehem Central
88.8Aubree Jordan
15:14.89Saratoga Springs
89.7Sadie Valente
90.7Olivia Moran
15:17.94Burnt Hills-Ballston...
91.7Jillian McMartin
15:20.57 PRColonie Central
92.9Jamilla Beesley
15:20.79 PRBethlehem Central
93.9Emily Albanese
15:24.10 PRShenendehowa Central
94.9Emily Grant
15:24.76Bethlehem Central
95.9Jillian Casey
15:29.58Burnt Hills-Ballston...
96.8Meredith Miner
15:30.66 PRColonie Central
97.9Riley Allen
98.8Julia Daniels
15:45.38 PRShaker
99.8Alexis Quivey
100.8Cecilia Paul
101.9Ella Sabatino
15:52.84 PRGuilderland
102.8Mallory Longi
15:55.01Burnt Hills-Ballston...
103.8Madeleine Festin
15:55.33Shenendehowa Central
104.7Cathleen Mahoney
105.9Therese Biazon
106.8Korrynne Whittle
16:00.06Colonie Central
107.9Julia Sexton
108.8Alexandra McGrath
16:04.74Saratoga Springs
109.8Joy Woodard
16:05.86Colonie Central
110.9Brianna Kennedy
111.9Ani Freedman
16:21.29Bethlehem Central
112.8Lily Neugebauer
16:21.51Colonie Central
113.7Eliza Fitzgibbon
114.9Danielle Nimako
16:30.47Colonie Central
115.9Olivia Sanger
16:31.29Colonie Central
116.7Madelyn Barzee
16:32.65Saratoga Springs
117.10Maria Fernandez
16:35.55Burnt Hills-Ballston...
118.8Paula Murillo-Nunez
16:36.38Colonie Central
119.9Sohyun Park
16:37.03 PRShenendehowa Central
120.8Melissa Canastra
16:38.00Colonie Central
121.9Natalie Grober
16:40.58Shenendehowa Central
122.7Katelyn Prestipino
123.9Anna Craig
124.7Jessica Zhang
125.7Joi Anderson
17:00.98 PRColonie Central
126.9Emily Pingelski
17:10.51 PRShenendehowa Central
127.9Amarani Gomez-Veliz
17:16.71Bethlehem Central
128.9Briana Blesser
17:31.93 SRMohonasen
129.9Sarah Fairfax
18:14.81Bethlehem Central
130.9Asma Bawla
131.9Caroline Berg-Love
18:24.64 PRShaker
132.9Katie Worden
18:55.43Shenendehowa Central
133.9Megan Marriott
19:00.25 PRColonie Central
134.9Hamia Mahmood
19:13.29Colonie Central
135.8Emily Tran
19:25.78 PRColonie Central
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