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Mens Races
1.6 Mile Middle School
3 Mile SILVER RACE - over 20 minutes12:30 AM
3 Mile RED RACE - under 20 minutes1:30 AM
Womens Races
1.6 Mile Middle School
3 Mile High School1:00 AM

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2015 Schedule

12:00 - Junior High Race (depending on entries this could be co-ed or two separate races.

12:20 - Junior High Awards

12:30 - Boys Silver Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of 20 minutes or slower)

1:00 - Girls Race (depending on entries this could break into two races)

1:30 - Boys Red Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of less than 20 minutes)

2:00 - Awards - Traveling Trophy to winning teams, Medals and T shirts to individual podium placers.

I'll be watching entries leading up to the race and if we need to change the schedule, number of races or the suggested times of the Silver and Red races then I'll send out messages to all.

Any questions - Rod Wilcox - 

Course - 3 hilly miles of trails and some track (no concrete).  

Course Map -!i=2665749771&k=F9Frdqj

Junior High course = 1 loop, High school course = 2 loops

Cost - please bring or send $50 per School or $35 for Junior High only  to cover awards. 

King’s High School Cross Country

Attn. Rod Wilcox

19303 Fremont Ave. No.

Shoreline, WA  98133

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Mens Results

1.6 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.8Noah Phillips
9:28.00 PREvergreen Christian
2.8Garrett McSheffrey
9:36.00 PRCommunity Christian ...
3.8Kevin Chappelle
9:41.00 PRBear Creek
4.8Daniel Hull
10:25.00 PRRiverside Christian
5.8Blake Shambaugh
10:38.00 SRNorthshore Christian...
6.8Cody Chew
10:44.00 PRKing's
7.8Nathan Molvik
10:45.00 PRKing's
8.8Titus Shorack
11:19.00 SRKing's
9.8Bruce Ai
11:27.00 PRCrosspoint
10.8Josh Whitmire-Skeith
11:35.00 PRSultan
11.7Dane Jefferson
11:58.00 SRSultan
12.7Nathan Smith
12:14.00 PRKing's
13.7Dalton Schwab
12:18.00 SRNorthshore Christian...
14.8Bryan McCoy
12:18.00 PRKing's
15.7Duncan Angiuli
12:24.00 PRKing's
16.6Jude Phillips
12:26.00 PREvergreen Christian
17.7Oliver Martinez
12:51.00 SRSultan
18.7Alexander Fontilla
13:11.00 PRBear Creek
19.8Brady Robinson
13:12.00 PRCrosspoint
20.7AJ Clark
13:33.00 SRRiverside Christian
21.8Brandon Krabach
13:41.00 PRBear Creek
22.7Keaton Chaplick
13:50.00 PRSultan
23.8Jeffery Davis
13:59.00 PRNorthshore Christian...
24.7Bjorn Olsen
14:20.00 PRNorthshore Christian...
25.6Parker St. Pierre
15:27.00 PRBear Creek
26.8Bobby Clark
18:07.00 PRRiverside Christian
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3 Mile SILVER RACE - over 20 minutes

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.NW Christian (Lacey)47
3.Riverside Christian120
6.Mountlake Terrace140
7.Lynden Christian154
8.Bellevue Christian160

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Stephen Hohman Jr
18:35.70 PROrcas Island
2.9Hamilton Summers
18:46.70 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
3.11Sam Haven
18:52.30 PRShorecrest
4.9Jack Elson
19:04.15 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
5.11Anders Wennstig
19:05.21 SRShorecrest
6.11Haruon Salah
19:17.47 PRChief Sealth
7.11Evan Deiparine
19:25.91 PRShorecrest
8.11Connor Block
19:37.44 PRShorecrest
9.12Tyler Hoffman
19:37.75Riverside Christian
10.9Jason Zevenbergen
19:48.37 PRShorecrest
11.11Cole Hofstrand
19:49.56 PRShorecrest
12.11Zachary Adams
19:52.11 PRShorecrest
13.10Peder Jacobson
19:53.50 PRSeattle Waldorf
14.9Gabe Petrick
19:59.84 PRPort Townsend
15.11Cyrus Amor
20:01.68 SROrcas Island
16.9Roman Shadduck
20:02.15 SRShorecrest
17.12Grant Keller
18.12Kendru Dimalanta
20:03.79 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
19.10Ryan Derry
20:04.25NW Christian (Lacey)
20.10Walker Swainson
20:06.31 SRSeattle Waldorf
21.11Evan Murphy
20:10.94 PROrcas Island
22.12Alex Hall
20:25.54Riverside Christian
23.9Brian Spear
24.9Lane Larson
20:28.82 PRMountlake Terrace
25.10Noah McCarty
20:29.63 PRMountlake Terrace
26.11Juan Amezquita
20:31.03 PRSeattle Waldorf
27.11Caleb Wilson
20:35.56 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
28.10Riley Fagerland
29.9Victor Waller
20:44.70 SRBellevue Christian
30.12Jackson Schott
20:54.97 PRPort Townsend
31.9Alex Grimm
32.11Coby Boyd
21:00.59Riverside Christian
33.9Joseph Tsou
21:02.69 PRBear Creek
34.10Lukeas Qualtier
35.9Jorren Bishop
21:05.69 SRLynden Christian
36.10Parker Burbridge
21:07.45 PRBellevue Christian
37.12Cameron Eckardt
21:09.44 PRShorecrest
38.12Lee Thibodeau
21:13.48 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
39.10Dalton Droog
21:17.12 SRMt Vernon Christian
40.10Leif Gustafson
21:19.88 PROrcas Island
41.10Tommy Luce
21:21.96 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
42.9Gerry VanIngen
21:23.00 PRLynden Christian
43.12Mason Root
21:24.56 PRKing's
44.9Jake Fell
45.10Levi Postma
21:28.84 SRLynden Christian
46.11Eric Hetzel
21:32.29 SRSeattle Waldorf
47.11Andrew Fitch
21:37.59 PRMountlake Terrace
48.11Kaleb Bradford
21:39.58Riverside Christian
49.10Chastin Barnes
21:44.76 PRShorecrest
50.10Tetsuo Park
21:49.19 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
51.9Isaiah deRegt
21:49.85 SRLynden Christian
52.11Michael McLoughlin
21:50.31Bellevue Christian
53.11Nicholas Halvorson
21:50.94 PRShorecrest
54.12Tim Tang
21:54.47 SRBellevue Christian
55.9Solomon Moore
21:56.56 SRCrosspoint
56.9Tyson Schmitten
57.9Aidan Falge
21:57.18 PRPort Townsend
58.10Noah Nichols
22:02.34 PRChief Sealth
59.9Ivan Moulton
22:10.04 PRMountlake Terrace
60.10Jason Kenoyer
61.11Chris VanYe
22:12.68 PRCrosspoint
62.11Sammy Abebe
22:13.78 PRMountlake Terrace
63.10Aaron Doucet
22:21.97 SRLynden Christian
64.10Alex Sanchez
65.11Sydney Ness
22:28.47 PRMt Vernon Christian
66.10Daniel Wright
67.10Chase Simerk
22:36.84 PRMountlake Terrace
68.9Jack Barrie
22:46.63 SRShorecrest
69.9Eric Jean
22:55.18 PRShorecrest
70.10Brad Peer
23:01.50 PRChief Sealth
71.11Nathan Perrine
23:07.94 PRChief Sealth
72.9Blake Brown
73.12Zephyr Petrick
23:16.65 PRPort Townsend
74.9Hendrik Timmermans
23:24.08 SRMt Vernon Christian
75.10Matt Powell
76.9Andrew Thompson
23:25.65 SRShorecrest
77.9Jason Labusky
78.9Richard Schindler
23:39.28 PRShorecrest
79.9Joseph Allen
23:39.63Riverside Christian
80.9Elliot Liu
23:44.44 SRShorecrest
81.12Ryan Burnett
23:57.34Bellevue Christian
82.9Cooper Downey
24:12.56 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
83.9Peter Li
24:13.26Bear Creek
84.9Tyson Seidensticker
85.9Se Yun Han
25:00.59Bellevue Christian
86.11John Vogel
25:17.34 SRShorecrest
87.12Jed Flippin
26:28.04Riverside Christian
88.12Adam Pinkerton
26:52.56 SRBellevue Christian
89.11Jordan Moser
90.9Kaleb Miller
27:15.68 PRBellevue Christian
91.11Spencer Brown
92.9Quinn Henderson
27:43.65 SRMountlake Terrace
93.9Taylor Li
27:53.84 SRCrosspoint
94.9Micah Hays
28:15.84 PRMt Vernon Christian
95.9Jerry Sun
28:21.39 PRCrosspoint
96.9Torrey Casper
29:50.81NW Christian (Colbert)
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3 Mile RED RACE - under 20 minutes

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.NW Christian (Lacey)36
3.Crescent Valley116
5.NW Christian (Colbert)123
7.Lynden Christian177
8.Bellevue Christian199
10.Port Townsend225
11.Mountlake Terrace252

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Luke Schilter
15:42.70 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
2.11Jack Ammon
16:13.77 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
3.11Micah Henry
16:17.81 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
4.12Colton Buster
16:24.20 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
5.12Luke Bredeson
16:28.86 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
6.12Jonathan Mangas
7.10Eric Steiger
16:38.20 SRLynden Christian
8.11Corban Phillips
16:42.80 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
9.10Evan Gambill
10.12Eli Phillips
11.11Nicholas Turkisher
17:00.06 PRCrescent Valley
12.10Jared Donnel
17:05.55Bellevue Christian
13.11Matt Jackson
14.11Macauley Franks
17:23.68 SRShorecrest
15.10Tyler Shea
17:24.74NW Christian (Colbert)
16.12Anton Bingham
17:25.15 PRShorecrest
17.12Seth Huschka
17:36.01 SRCrosspoint
18.12Ryan Widhalm
17:41.47Riverside Christian
19.11Elijah Taylor
17:43.49NW Christian (Lacey)
20.10Cameron Chew
21.12Joe Kim
17:47.40 PRCrescent Valley
22.11Stephen Epp
17:48.67NW Christian (Lacey)
23.12Josh Lingbloom
17:48.88 SRLynden Christian
24.11Brawley Lamer
17:50.14 PRCrescent Valley
25.9Alex Finan
17:51.11Bear Creek
26.11Tyler Hoyle
17:51.39 SRCrosspoint
27.12Matt Creagan
17:52.53 PRShorecrest
28.11Seth Walton
17:52.88 PRShorecrest
29.10AJ Sandvig
17:56.64 PRCrescent Valley
30.10Brooks DeWaard
17:56.83 SRLynden Christian
31.11Jonathan Billing
32.11River Yearian
18:01.36 SRPort Townsend
33.11Craig Lambert
18:01.65 SRBellevue Christian
34.11Ezekiel Taylor
18:04.14 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
35.9Spencer Thurman
18:07.22 SRShorecrest
36.12Ryan Davis
18:07.77 PRChief Sealth
37.9Erik Luu
18:10.06 SRShorecrest
38.12David Abell
18:14.47NW Christian (Lacey)
39.10Sam Elliott
18:15.12 PRCrescent Valley
40.12Alex Pohjanpelto
18:16.02 PRCrescent Valley
41.12MacKenzie Siemens
18:25.47 PRMountlake Terrace
42.11Warren Elwood
18:26.49 PRCrescent Valley
43.10JJ Finan
18:27.49Bear Creek
44.9Lewi Hagos
45.10Kent Scollard
18:30.34 SRShorecrest
46.10Connor McElmurry
47.11Henry Veitenhans
18:41.99 PRPort Townsend
48.9Jaden Lofrese
18:46.72 SRMountlake Terrace
49.9Anthony Hart
50.11Michael Roberts
18:54.75 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
51.11AJ Ross
52.11Patrick Joyce
18:59.64 PRShorecrest
53.12Scott Graves
19:00.29Bellevue Christian
54.11Tate Christensen
55.10Kendall VanZanten
19:01.86 SRMt Vernon Christian
56.12Austin Teigan
19:03.55 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
57.10Jesus Duran
19:04.31 PRPort Townsend
58.10Matthew Walton
19:06.27 SRShorecrest
59.11Alaiyi Lawson
19:08.36 SRShorecrest
60.11Kevin Smith
19:08.55Bellevue Christian
61.12Koby Weidner
19:15.14 PRPort Townsend
62.10Kendall Yackley
19:16.66 PRMountlake Terrace
63.11Alejandro Montanez
19:18.86 SRPort Townsend
64.11Colin Cockbain
19:24.02 PRMountlake Terrace
65.11Joshua Lee
19:25.01 SRCrosspoint
66.10Andrew Ward
19:26.78 SRLynden Christian
67.12Jake Vande Griend
19:27.34 PRPort Townsend
68.10Kevin Beck
19:38.86 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
69.9Carson Buster
19:39.96 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
70.11Luke Miller
19:47.86Bellevue Christian
71.9Levi Buchanan
72.11Henry Moore
19:56.55 PRCrosspoint
73.9Adam Graves
20:05.46Bellevue Christian
74.11Jonas Berney
20:14.90 PRCrosspoint
75.10Ryan Vandenberg
20:32.31 SRLynden Christian
76.11Ian Lindell
77.9Isaiah Hall
78.9Trevor Leen
20:50.00 SRMountlake Terrace
79.12Unk Unk
21:07.56 PRMount Rainier Lutheran
80.10Ian Wisbey
22:01.58 SRCrosspoint
81.9Dukar Doyle
23:18.81 PRMount Rainier Lutheran
82.12Zenith Ortiz
28:13.30 SRMount Rainier Lutheran
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Womens Results

1.6 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Bear Creek15

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Lenora Brekke
10:47.00 PRBear Creek
2.8Megan Cooper
12:19.00 PRKing's
3.7SuLe Beard
12:32.00 PRNorthshore Christian...
4.8Aliya Busby
12:37.00 PRKing's
5.8Grace Hutcheson
13:02.00 SRKing's
6.8Zenna Atieth
13:06.00 PRKellogg
7.8Grace Jackson
13:28.00 SRNorthshore Christian...
8.6Carly Preston
14:04.00 SRBear Creek
8.6Rachel Cook
14:04.00 SRBear Creek
10.8Anna Wyley
14:23.00 PRNorthshore Christian...
11.7Elise Hedlund
14:38.00 PRBear Creek
12.7Samira Evans
15:54.00 PRKellogg
13.7Pamela Rodriquez
16:30.00 SRKing's
14.6Sarah McArthur
17:07.00 SRBear Creek
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3 Mile High School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Crescent Valley58
2.Lynden Christian75
3.NW Christian (Lacey)77
5.NW Christian (Colbert)135
8.Port Townsend196
9.Mountlake Terrace238
10.Bellevue Christian245
11.Chief Sealth262

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Megan McSheffrey
19:46.15 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
2.10Ellie Summers
19:47.76 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
3.9Lillian Visser
20:06.99 SRShorecrest
4.9Olivia Markezich
20:29.36 SRBear Creek
5.12Sarah Ball
20:32.25 SRLynden Christian
6.12Vanessa Hufnagel
20:34.47 PRCrescent Valley
7.10Madison Janke
20:51.72 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
8.12Gillian Edgar
9.11Christina Hollon
21:03.60 PRCrescent Valley
10.12Rebekah Henry
21:04.05 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
11.9Lauren Block
21:22.53 SRShorecrest
12.11Nessa Meade
21:26.84 PRCrescent Valley
13.9Naomi Davis
14.12Peyton Fagerland
15.12Lina Hoffman
21:39.44 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
16.12Joelle Engen
21:46.99 PRCrescent Valley
17.12Brianna Bruneau
21:53.05 SRLynden Christian
18.12Brandy Bruneau
22:00.60 SRLynden Christian
19.9Caitlynn Bell
22:03.40Riverside Christian
20.11Mary Sheline
22:04.54 PRCrosspoint
21.9Amelia Kau
22:08.99 PROrcas Island
22.10Victoria Cole
22:14.25Riverside Christian
23.11Brooke Berendsen
22:17.01 SRLynden Christian
24.10Kela Leamy
22:22.00 PRCrescent Valley
25.11Taylor Ten Pas
22:29.25 SRLynden Christian
26.12Allison Hadaway
23:01.59 PRChief Sealth
27.11Ari Winter
23:06.86 PRPort Townsend
28.9Peyton Terpstra
23:09.06 SRLynden Christian
29.11Katy Treinen
23:16.75 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
30.11Lily Torres-Norton
23:21.28 PRShorecrest
31.12Rachel Mills
32.11Abigail Knowles
23:45.05 PRShorecrest
33.11Marin Plemmons
23:49.28 PRCrescent Valley
34.9Maddie Lindholm
35.11Amelia Grant
23:51.68 SRPort Townsend
36.12Lauren Taylor
23:54.51 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
37.11Kari Tran
23:54.77 PRMountlake Terrace
38.10Zhen Williams
23:56.11 PRChief Sealth
39.10Aliyah Parson
23:58.35 PRPort Townsend
40.11Gillian Stephenson
24:05.49 PRCrescent Valley
41.11Lauren Dominguez
24:09.89 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
42.10Katie Dougan
24:10.92 SRLynden Christian
43.9Cindy German
24:17.57 SRLynden Christian
44.9Gracie Hinz
24:23.39 SRBellevue Christian
45.10Emma Hutcheson
46.10Kayli Nienaber
24:26.77 PRBellevue Christian
47.9Shannon Rhodes
24:30.34 PRShorecrest
48.12Cathy Kan
24:30.62 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
49.10Meagan Williams
24:32.66 SRMountlake Terrace
50.9Abby Mikiska
24:41.29 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
51.11Quinn Dhaenens
24:47.86 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
52.10Meigan Kunz
24:50.03 SRPort Townsend
53.10Hunter Duke
54.11Vesta Baumgartner
24:52.09 PRMountlake Terrace
55.10Ashley Lingbloom
24:53.71 SRLynden Christian
56.12Katie McCaffrey
25:01.48 PRShorecrest
57.12Sophie Ziliak
25:02.24 PRShorecrest
58.10Mia Cowsert
59.9Lexi Bold
25:10.71Bellevue Christian
60.12Shelby Greif
25:13.91 PRMountlake Terrace
61.10Mackenzie Teigen
25:21.04 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
62.12Carmen Stewart
25:32.12 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
63.9Lauren Hyde
25:36.92 PRShorecrest
64.11Emma Gambill
65.12Leila Praino
25:44.35Bellevue Christian
66.11Chloe Colello
25:48.88NW Christian (Lacey)
67.9Katie Huizenga
25:51.52 PRLynden Christian
68.10Alyssa Moore
25:51.98 SRShorecrest
69.12Rebecca Dideriksen
25:58.20Bellevue Christian
70.10Liah Tian
26:03.26Bellevue Christian
71.11Emily Northey
72.10Hannah Limb
73.12KJ Collins
27:09.93 PRMountlake Terrace
74.11Carolina Gomez
75.11Shauna Lynch
27:35.76 PRPort Townsend
76.10Hannah Praino
27:38.24Bellevue Christian
77.9Oluyemisi Bolonduro
27:46.35 PRShorecrest
78.12Rachel Acton
27:47.05 PRCashmere
79.10Paige Holman
27:52.49 PRShorecrest
80.9Hannah Gardner
27:59.77 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
81.10Myah Lowe
82.12Samantha Bushman
28:12.96 PRChief Sealth
83.10Delaney Browne
28:16.83 PRShorecrest
84.11Cadence Hayes
28:18.27 PRMt Vernon Christian
85.12Olivia Dillon
86.10Allison Perrow
87.10Madeline Renfrow
30:23.35 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
88.9Lucya Rasmussen
30:31.19 SRLynden Christian
89.9Emma Englund
30:43.59 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
90.11Karen Cheng
31:00.39NW Christian (Lacey)
91.9Paige Meyer
31:23.36 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
92.10Kimseam Chou
31:31.29 PRChief Sealth
93.11Jorie Lambert
31:41.93 PRMountlake Terrace
94.10Rumi Conley
31:57.70 PRChief Sealth
95.10Bethany Ball
32:17.29 SRLynden Christian
96.9Amairany Arroyo
97.9Claire Rees
34:14.57 PRCrosspoint
98.10Cedar Jarvis
34:37.01 SRShorecrest
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