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4,000 Meters Varsity
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4,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Varsity

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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Gig Harbor30
2.South Kitsap52
4.Central Kitsap100

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Paxton DePoe
18:31.94 SRSouth Kitsap
2.9Kristina Ihlen
18:44.37 SRSouth Kitsap
3.10Naomi Reyes
18:47.24 PRCapital
4.12Miranda Nelson
19:25.72 SRGig Harbor
5.12Riley Paul
19:25.92 PRGig Harbor
6.9Julia Vandette
19:28.81 PRGig Harbor
7.11Hailey Hodgson
19:29.20 SRGig Harbor
8.12McKenzie Meyer
19:29.45 PRGig Harbor
9.10Taryn Donahue
19:30.10 PRGig Harbor
10.10Ashley Haywood
19:37.33 PRGig Harbor
11.12Tess Parker
20:04.50 SRGig Harbor
12.9Brielle Smith
20:06.97 SRSouth Kitsap
13.9Emily Nass
20:07.20 PRSouth Kitsap
14.10Aven Hart
20:07.50 PRCapital
15.11Marin Farrell
20:10.12 PRCapital
16.12Lauren Vandette
20:28.05 SRGig Harbor
17.11Inanna McCarty
20:29.84 PRCapital
18.9Kallie Kidder
20:30.11 PRCapital
19.9Jessica Figgat
20:33.13 PRGig Harbor
20.10Maria Smoot
20:39.88 PRCapital
21.11Julia Claeys
20:48.17 SRCentral Kitsap
22.12Mackenzie Claeys
20:48.35 SRCentral Kitsap
23.10McKenzie Perkes
20:48.53 PRCentral Kitsap
24.11Mya King
20:48.72 SRCentral Kitsap
25.10Molly Fischer
20:48.89 SRCentral Kitsap
26.9Sophia Kohler
20:49.09 SRCentral Kitsap
27.10Mariah McDonough
21:11.85 SRCentral Kitsap
28.9Lexi Solis
21:27.00 PRCapital
29.12Erika Bunge
21:33.04 PRCapital
30.12Jamie Schueler
21:42.75 PRCapital
31.9Lauren Ayers
22:01.04 PRCentral Kitsap
32.11Morgan Wheeler
22:09.75 PRCapital
33.9Maddie Jansen
22:16.42 PRCapital
34.11Emily Shields
22:18.89 SRGig Harbor
35.9Lucinda King
22:28.61 PRCentral Kitsap
36.10Grace Chun
22:33.88 PRCentral Kitsap
37.10Skylar Stewart
22:36.47 PRCapital
38.9Rachel Seick
22:58.74 SRSouth Kitsap
39.9Abby Hebesien
23:06.80 SRSouth Kitsap
40.12Ariana Bertolini
23:09.22 SRCentral Kitsap
41.10Molly Giesbrecht
23:09.43 SRCentral Kitsap
42.10Kierra Eder
23:10.58 PRCentral Kitsap
43.9Sarah Gorrell
23:11.80 PRCapital
44.10Sarah Sisney
23:22.40 PRGig Harbor
45.12Whitney Bolar
23:24.00 SRSouth Kitsap
46.9Hailey Ashton
23:49.67 SRCentral Kitsap
47.12Audrey Kirby
23:58.40 PRCapital
48.9BrittaLena Davis
24:05.08 PRGig Harbor
49.11Lauren Frasier
24:28.12 PRCapital
50.9Hallie Jones
24:32.09 PRGig Harbor
51.12Anya Wallace
24:32.30 PRCapital
52.9Alina Chandra
25:13.80 PRCapital
53.10Hannah Chamberlin
25:14.57 PRCapital
54.12Bizzie Horton
25:30.09 PRCentral Kitsap
55.9Katie Hickle
25:49.88 SRSouth Kitsap
56.9Maggie Degarimore
25:52.47 PRSouth Kitsap
57.10Madeline Gordon
25:57.65 SRCentral Kitsap
58.10Amanda Callery
26:08.70 PRCapital
59.10Sofia Hanssen-Keller
26:10.03 SRCentral Kitsap
60.10Denali Sanders
26:10.33 PRCentral Kitsap
61.12Robyn Hill
26:21.73 PRCapital
62.12Amy Stock
26:50.60 PRCapital
63.9Sophia Kuchinsky
26:56.38 PRCapital
64.10Alexis Smith
26:57.19 PRCentral Kitsap
65.10Brittani Smith
28:37.55 PRCentral Kitsap
66.10Juanita Walker
28:53.04 SRCentral Kitsap
67.10Megan Reninger
29:08.79 PRCapital
68.9Aubrie Thompson
29:09.05 PRCentral Kitsap
69.10Rhiannon Henry
29:12.41 PRCentral Kitsap
70.11Izzy Wheeler
30:08.79 PRCentral Kitsap
71.10Lindsay Hill
30:22.72 PRCapital
72.11Sophia Klockow
35:14.31 PRCapital
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