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Meet Info

Mens Races
1.7 Mile Middle School10:00 AM

Silver Lake State Park

2.97 Mile Junior Varsity11:30 AM
2.97 Mile Varsity1:00 PM
2.97 Meters Open1:45 PM
Womens Races
1.7 Mile Middle School9:30 AM

Silver Lake State Park

2.97 Mile Junior Varsity10:45 AM
2.97 Mile Varsity12:15 PM
2.97 Mile Open1:45 PM

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Last Updated 7:31 AM, Wed, Sep 23

Accurate Start Times  (coaches)

Last Updated 9:38 PM, Tue, Sep 22

41st Annual Mt. Baker Invite at Silver Lake  (coaches)

Coaches and Athletes,

This year's 41st Annual Silver Lake Invite will be an extremely quality event that ensures great competition.  This year's entry fee is $125 for a combined boys/girls high school team, $100 for either a boys or girls high school team, $50 for each junior high team, $20 for an individual to compete in the race.  Please feel free to contact Rob Gray at with any additional questions!


Coach Gray


Course Video Links!


* $125 per team (men & women)             Make checks out to: Mount Baker High School Cross Country

* $100.00 per team men or women           Mail to: P.O. Box 95, Deming, WA 98244   Please mail before meet or bring check with you.

* $50.00 per MS/JH Team (men & women)     IF YOU NEED AN INVOICE, please email me at

Coaches, please have entries completed before Thursday, 9/24 at 8am. NO ADDS WILL BE ALLOWED after 8am. If you're not sure, enter the athlete as they can always scratch from their race. (but not do another race)



* Check-in @ finish area begins at 8:00 AM. 

* JH awards will follow the completion of the JH races

* All other awards will follow the completion of the varsity boys race

* Top 3 teams and top 10 finishers from each division will receive plaques and medals/ribbons. 

* Top 3 men and women in the open race will receive medals


Last Updated 6:50 PM, Wed, Sep 17

Timing Information 

Coaches, we'll have GC Racing taking care of our timing! ( This is the same group that provides timing and results for the Fort Steilacoom Invite, Curtis Invite, Narrows League Championships, SPSL League Championships, Meto League Championships, SeaKing District Championships, and the Westside Classic.  AUTO TIMING!!!



Silver Lake Park is a great place to camp and spend the weekend after the races! Sites start at $25 per night. 

Silver Lake Camp Ground

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Mens Results

1.7 Mile Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Horizon (Ferndale)33
2.St Paul's Academy53
1.8Masahide Shibuya
09:30.40 PRBlaine
2.8David Wallace
10:10.50 PRMeridian
3.8Carson Van Cleve
10:13.00 PRLynden
4.8Myles Sperandeo
10:16.80 PRSt Paul's Academy
5.7Malachi Amador
10:17.40 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
6.7Eli Freeman
10:22.30 PRMount Baker (Deming)
7.7Rex Vandenhaak
10:37.80 PRMount Baker (Deming)
8.8Brayden York
10:39.50 PRVista
9.8Reese Gillespie
10:39.60 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
10.8Jacob Broselle
10:47.60 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
11.8Ben Rorvig
10:49.60 PRLynden Christian
12.8Eddie Cornelius
10:52.50 SRMeridian
13.8Grayson Atwell
10:58.70 PRAssumption Catholic
14.7Justin Malone-Miller
11:17.70 PRVista
15.8Elijah Diacogiannis
11:22.20 PRLynden
16.7Thomas Synnott
11:23.00 PRBlaine
17.8Zachary Doll
11:25.70 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
18.7Andrew Stalnaker
11:26.60 PRMount Baker (Deming)
19.8Malakai Shannon
11:30.40 PRMount Baker (Deming)
20.7Fischer Drury
11:31.00 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
21.6Alex Czerwinski
11:31.50 PRSt Paul's Academy
22.6Noah Hunt
11:34.10 PRSt Paul's Academy
23.7Tommy Forest
11:40.10 PRSt Paul's Academy
24.7Isaac Mitchel
11:40.60 PRLynden
25.8Eli Yost
11:40.60 PRBlaine
26.8Remy Talbot
11:43.30 PRSt Paul's Academy
27.8Max Suwarno
11:44.40 PRSt Paul's Academy
28.7Cameron Chase
11:47.00 PRSt Paul's Academy
29.8James Harris
11:47.90 PRLynden
30.8Colton DeBeeld
11:49.60 PRNooksack Valley
31.7Emmanuel DePalma
11:51.60 PRAssumption Catholic
32.8Colm Schaefer
12:01.90 SRAssumption Catholic
33.7Micah Jakobitz
12:03.90 PRLynden
34.7Josiah Rinehart
12:06.50 PRLynden
35.7Beau Felix
12:15.60 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
36.7Dustin Dykstra
12:28.80 PRMeridian
37.7Logan Lunde
12:31.20 PRVista
38.7Troy Riley
12:45.00 PRNooksack Valley
39.8Jack Burns
12:46.40 PRVista
40.7Erik List
12:48.00 PRVista
41.7Eric Riley
12:54.80 PRNooksack Valley
42.7Hayden Guerra
13:15.30 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
43.8Taylor Fassett
13:16.00 PRVista
44.7Luke Kramer
13:17.80 PRLynden Christian
45.7Cody Hallberg
13:39.30 PRBlaine
46.7Isiah Welch
14:13.60 PRLynden
47.7Zane Jones
14:29.60 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
48.7Mike Goy
14:56.60 PRMeridian
49.7Michael Daley
15:10.90 PRAssumption Catholic
50.7Benjamin Rankin
16:13.00 PRVista
51.7Charlie Kennedy
16:38.00 PRVista
52.7Kevin Shouse
16:40.20 PRVista
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2.97 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Meridian (WA)50
6.Mount Baker170
8.Granite Falls215
1.11Chandler Heintz
18:53.30 PRSehome
2.11Randy Stevenson
18:54.10 PRBellingham
3.12Preston Sandland
19:14.30 PRMeridian (WA)
4.12Brenden Pelkie
19:14.70 PRSqualicum
5.9Rorey Stevenson
19:16.80 PRBellingham
6.9Titus Bowler
19:19.20 PRMeridian (WA)
7.10Dylan Kitterman
19:21.40 PRBellingham
8.9Finnigan Johnson
19:22.40 PRSqualicum
9.12Lyman Dudley
19:23.60 PRBellingham
10.10Henry Skaggs
19:37.00 PRMeridian (WA)
11.10Scott Leischner
19:40.70 PRBellingham
12.11Eli Hinkle
19:43.90 PRMeridian (WA)
13.10Mark Behee
19:50.20 PRSqualicum
14.10Jacob Gervais
19:52.40 SRSqualicum
15.10Simeon Murphy
19:58.60 PRBellingham
16.10Killian Wright
20:00.70 PRBlaine
17.12Alliver Buchholz
20:01.80 SRGranite Falls
18.10Tyler Warren
20:04.40 SRSqualicum
19.9Hank Burke-Manwaring
20:06.20 PRBellingham
20.11Joe Wilson
20:07.20 PRMeridian (WA)
21.10Aidan Rowland
20:08.10 PRSqualicum
22.10Nathan Pringle
20:10.80 PRFerndale
23.9Ian Laughlin
20:21.50 PRSehome
24.9Brecken Stockmar
20:21.90 PRSqualicum
25.9Payton Kline
20:25.00 PRMeridian (WA)
26.12Addi Wolfson
20:35.60 SRBellingham
27.12John Dye
20:45.30 PRSqualicum
28.11Dalton Christelli
20:46.70 PRFerndale
29.9Chason Critchley
20:48.10 SRMount Baker
30.11Logan Cucksey
20:51.60 PRSqualicum
31.9McClain Lindsay
20:54.40 PRFerndale
32.9Jay Lease
20:58.70 SRSqualicum
33.10Kyle V'Dovec
21:02.30 PRBlaine
34.11Spencer Willard
21:08.60 PRLynnwood
35.9Brayden Walker
21:09.70 PRFerndale
36.10Avery Heuser
21:12.80 PRBellingham
37.9Henry Ruiz
21:19.90 SRNooksack Valley
38.10Noah Gillespie
21:31.10 SRFerndale
39.9Tucker Fellows
21:35.60 PRBellingham
40.10Noah Halton
21:41.90 PRFerndale
41.9James Vorenkamp
21:43.00 PRSqualicum
42.12Jacob Kunz
21:48.70 PRLynnwood
43.12Andrew Bullock
21:49.40 PRBlaine
44.9Rylan Nauta
21:49.40 PRBellingham
45.9Noah Donner
21:55.70 PRBellingham
46.9Dylan Flack
22:01.90 PRMount Baker
47.9Jorge Campos
22:03.60 PRSqualicum
48.9Donovyn Peter
22:08.60 PRMount Baker
49.9Owen Richey
22:09.00 SRSehome
50.10Arlin Holder
22:13.70 SRNooksack Valley
51.9Andrew McCuistion
22:17.70 PRSqualicum
52.12Kyler Cantrell
22:22.00 PRSqualicum
53.11Jarrin Olenslager
22:23.50 PRNooksack Valley
54.9Andy Chandler
22:31.10 PRMeridian (WA)
55.11Jeremy Boyd
22:35.90 PRFerndale
56.9John Schwandt
23:00.30 PRSqualicum
57.9Isaac Remy
23:03.30 SRMount Baker
58.9Dimitri Wank
23:04.60 SRMount Baker
59.9Davis Castle
23:12.70 PRMount Baker
60.10Michael Kilgore
23:16.90 PRLynnwood
61.10Tyler Weed
23:19.80 SRNooksack Valley
62.9Mason Medcalf
23:20.30 PRSehome
63.9Noah Lovell
23:20.90 SRSqualicum
64.10Quinn Jansma
23:23.40 SRSqualicum
65.10Jack Ostrovsky
23:27.20 PRSehome
66.9Brandon Mattaini
23:31.80 PRFerndale
67.9William LaGrandeur
23:41.70 PRSehome
68.9River Cuperus
23:45.70 SRSehome
69.9Ericson Storey
23:46.50 SRSehome
70.10Oliver Bernate
23:52.90 SRGranite Falls
71.10Sam Ostrovsky
23:54.80 PRSehome
72.9Anthony Deraimo
24:15.90 PRMount Baker
73.9Eric Bensen
24:16.10 SRFerndale
74.9Colton Petit
24:18.40 PRGranite Falls
75.10Deshawn Lawrence
24:34.50 PRLummi
76.11Spencer Yaude
24:34.80 SRSehome
77.12Liam Mortell
24:39.20 PRLynnwood
78.9Nate Southcott
24:44.30 PRSehome
79.10Blake Cerenzia
24:45.80 PRSehome
80.12Lorenz Barias
24:50.60 PRLynnwood
81.11Eric Strong
24:54.90 PRLynnwood
82.9Richy Kaech
25:13.00 PRFerndale
83.10Josh Adams
25:19.30 SRGranite Falls
84.9Dylan Meyer
25:27.20 SRGranite Falls
85.9Derek Johnson
26:13.10 PRBellingham
86.10Jason Mutuc
26:33.80 PRLynnwood
87.10Kiet Ngo
27:11.10 PRSqualicum
88.10Landon North
27:25.20 PRSehome
89.9Blake VanDenTop
28:00.60 PRMeridian (WA)
90.8Caleb Revey
28:42.20 PRLummi
91.9Quincy Lane
28:43.20 PRLummi
92.11Ricky Cornelius
32:17.40 SRMeridian (WA)
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2.97 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

3.Granite Falls82
4.Meridian (WA)92
6.Nooksack Valley149
9.Mount Baker164
1.12Roberto Aguilera
15:49.00 PRFerndale
2.12Parker Morris
16:24.00 PRBlaine
3.12Conner Jones
16:41.90 PRNooksack Valley
4.9Israel Escamilla
16:45.30 PROmak
5.11Leul Wolde
16:53.60 PRLynnwood
6.11Derek Holz
16:59.60 PRMeridian (WA)
7.11Ian Tomberlin
17:02.90 PRSqualicum
8.12Ricky Mueller
17:11.90 PRGranite Falls
9.9Dylan Grimme
17:17.00 PRBlaine
10.9Zak Kelly
17:20.40 PRMount Baker
11.11Jacob Ramirez
17:23.40 PRFerndale
12.12Dante Gadbois
17:28.00 PRGranite Falls
13.12Jack Allnutt
17:31.20 PRSeattle Academy
14.10James Klinman
17:35.80 PRGranite Falls
15.11McKay Ross
17:36.30 PRMeridian (WA)
16.12Noah Johann
17:36.40 PRLynnwood
17.12Matthew Steiber
17:38.20 PRFerndale
18.10Cole Bergquist
18:00.20 PRFerndale
19.12Zack Oakley
18:05.50 PRBlaine
20.12Jon Smith
18:07.60 PRGranite Falls
21.9Leo Faury
18:10.20 PRSeattle Academy
22.12Tristan Soto
18:11.80 PRBlaine
23.9Nathan Schneider
18:12.60 PRMeridian (WA)
24.10Bailey Hodge
18:16.60 PRMeridian (WA)
25.12Greg Arps
18:16.80 PRBlaine
26.11Keenan Gray
18:17.30 SRMount Baker
27.12Zach Harvey
18:21.70 SRNooksack Valley
28.12Ben Kraske
18:26.90 PROmak
29.11Curt Peila
18:27.60 SRSqualicum
30.10Arthur "AJ" Rankin
18:28.10 SRFerndale
31.12Kent Zander
18:29.30 PRMeridian (WA)
32.10Aiden Holm
18:32.30 SRGranite Falls
33.11Zach Sulak
18:34.20 SRFerndale
34.9Finnigan Banks
18:35.00 PRSqualicum
35.10Kyle Holborn
18:35.80 SROmak
36.10Zac Kinney
18:36.60 PRMeridian (WA)
37.10Brayam Juarez-Rami...
18:36.90 PRLynnwood
38.10Cruz Meza
18:37.30 PRSqualicum
39.11Alfonso Medina
18:37.80 SROmak
40.12Joshua DeWeber
18:39.10 PRNooksack Valley
41.10Caleb Karber
18:39.20 SRNooksack Valley
42.9Brenden Bingham
18:40.40 PRFerndale
43.10Caleb Forbes
18:50.50 PRMount Baker
44.10Finnegan Boyd
18:56.60 PRFerndale
45.10Liam Lyons
18:57.40 SRBlaine
46.9Kameron Kelley
18:58.60 SRMount Baker
47.11Valentin Villalobos
19:01.40 PRNooksack Valley
48.10Brandon Wilhoite
19:06.30 PRFerndale
49.11Joseph Jefferson
19:06.40 PRNooksack Valley
50.12Jagjit Kahlon
19:10.40 PRFerndale
51.11Mitchell Pelzer
19:11.30 SRMount Baker
52.10Sam Clark
19:11.80 SRSqualicum
53.10Dawson Click
19:15.50 PROmak
54.12Noah Swanson
19:15.80 PRMeridian (WA)
55.11Drew Thomas
19:16.60 PRLynnwood
56.9Dawson Kuntz
19:17.90 SRGranite Falls
57.10Aldiat Burch
19:23.80 PRLynnwood
58.10Cameron Hawk
19:34.50 PRLynnwood
59.11Henry Shaw
19:34.50 PRLynnwood
60.9Carl Critchley
19:37.20 PRMount Baker
61.10Rowan McConnell
19:42.20 SRMount Baker
62.9Kevin Young
19:48.50 PRSqualicum
63.9Griffin Rinauro
19:50.20 SRSqualicum
64.10Slater Jacobsen
19:55.70 PRSeattle Academy
65.9Andrick Carroll
20:16.30 SROmak
66.12Spenser Dodge
20:28.00 PRBlaine
67.10Cameron Hirschi
22:03.10 SRGranite Falls
68.10Sanjay Levinson
22:19.00 PRSeattle Academy
69.9Alexander Johns
25:59.80 SROmak
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Womens Results

1.7 Mile Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Mount Baker (Deming)49
3.Nooksack Valley98
7.Horizon (Ferndale)172
8.Lynden Christian176
9.Assumption Catholic230
1.8Aine Dillon
10:16.10 PRSt Paul's Academy
2.8Emily Schneider
10:28.80 PRMeridian
3.8Katelyn Barnes
10:43.80 PRMeridian
4.8Alexis Holman
10:50.80 PRLynden
5.8Kali Cook
10:56.90 PRMount Baker (Deming)
6.8Emma Mulryan
10:59.80 PRBlaine
7.8Elizabeth Olson
11:01.30 PRBlaine
8.7Teigen Detta
11:16.10 PRMount Baker (Deming)
9.7Leah Rossell
11:16.90 PRLynden
10.7Grace Holzer
11:24.60 PRLynden
11.8Darleen Zarate
11:26.20 PRNooksack Valley
12.8Taylee McCormick
11:37.30 PRMount Baker (Deming)
13.6Kamden Ignac
11:38.00 PRSt Paul's Academy
14.7Eden Benner
11:38.70 PRNooksack Valley
15.8Ruby Powers
11:47.20 PRMount Baker (Deming)
16.8Juliette Haggith
12:01.90 SRMount Baker (Deming)
17.7Amsalech Burke
12:06.60 PRLynden
18.8Laine DeJong
12:06.70 PRLynden Christian
19.7Raeann Spencer
12:08.70 PRBlaine
20.7Elisa Herter
12:08.80 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
21.8Jasmine Shouse
12:09.40 PRVista
22.7Samantha Perera
12:11.20 PRLynden
23.8Isabella Almlie
12:15.30 PRLynden Christian
24.7Aspen Lindsay
12:23.00 PRVista
25.6Grace Doud
12:24.20 SRSt Paul's Academy
26.8Hannah Pelzer
12:25.30 PRMount Baker (Deming)
27.7Constance Hulford
12:29.00 PRNooksack Valley
28.7Emily Hulford
12:30.40 PRNooksack Valley
29.8Maggie Walker
12:30.90 PRVista
30.7Ally Gebhardt
12:31.70 PRNooksack Valley
31.7Andrea Hulford
12:43.00 PRNooksack Valley
32.7Annie Hopkins
12:46.50 PRNooksack Valley
33.7Madison Roegele
12:48.90 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
34.7McKenna McLaurin
12:50.80 PRNooksack Valley
35.7Sara Jones
12:52.60 PRLynden
36.8Muriel TerBeek
12:52.90 SRLynden Christian
37.7Nikki Apeles
13:01.80 PRBlaine
38.7Sophia Lyons
13:06.80 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
39.8Clea Sena
13:10.10 PRLynden
40.8Allyssa Brooks
13:12.30 SRMeridian
41.8Piper Grahame
13:13.60 PRVista
42.7Makena Miller
13:14.00 PRAssumption Catholic
43.7Viviana Gill
13:32.70 PRLynden
44.8Lexie Dixon
13:34.60 SRBlaine
45.7Trina Rainey
13:36.70 PRMount Baker (Deming)
46.8Ivie Martinez
13:42.80 PRLynden
47.8Mackenzie Monogue
13:43.20 PRBlaine
48.6Maddy Reyes
13:49.00 SRAssumption Catholic
49.7Kylee Kelley
13:51.40 PRMount Baker (Deming)
50.8Josy Delgadillo
13:59.80 PRBlaine
51.7Brielle Johnston
14:05.80 PRLynden
52.7Kaidence Turberville
14:09.90 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
53.6Shannon Daley
14:10.80 PRAssumption Catholic
54.7Isabella Martinez
14:13.70 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
55.7Petra Allred
14:20.00 PRMount Baker (Deming)
56.8Payton Elenbaas
14:20.70 PRMeridian
57.7Shay Knutson
14:21.40 PRMount Baker (Deming)
58.7Abby Nason
14:22.20 PRMount Baker (Deming)
59.7Alexandria Strandb...
14:25.20 PRMount Baker (Deming)
60.8Katie Williams
14:29.30 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
61.6Lauren Ariz
14:31.90 SRAssumption Catholic
62.7Claire Skaggs
14:35.10 PRMeridian
63.7Cora Huskey
14:50.60 PRLynden
64.7Breanna Clausen
14:51.00 PRLynden
65.7Emma Lunde
14:59.30 PRBlaine
66.7Anna Jensen
14:59.50 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
67.8Brianna Veenstra
15:06.70 PRLynden Christian
68.8Madeline Merryweat...
15:09.00 PRBlaine
69.7Eli Meyer
15:15.40 PRLynden
70.8Ariyana Ward
15:34.90 PRBlaine
71.8Rachael Sitterding
15:58.20 PRVista
72.7Juliana Chandler
16:00.60 PRMeridian
73.7Abigayle Harlan
16:05.70 PRNooksack Valley
74.8Hannah Clark
16:15.50 PRLynden Christian
75.8Alyssa Boersma
16:48.10 PRLynden
76.6Jenna Lewis
17:04.60 PRAssumption Catholic
77.7Leseah Kennedy
17:30.30 PRMount Baker (Deming)
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2.97 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Nooksack Valley62
4.Granite Falls99
5.Mount Baker119
1.9Jada French
21:56.70 PRBellingham
2.10Sophia Dwyer
22:38.70 PRBlaine
3.9Samaria Sillito
23:29.30 PRLynnwood
4.10Elizabeth Mellor
23:33.80 PRBellingham
5.12Sarah DeRoy
23:38.20 PRSehome
6.12Rachel Anderson
23:38.50 PRBellingham
7.10Emma Burgess
23:53.70 SRBellingham
8.12Emma Much
24:04.50 PRBellingham
9.10Brooke DeBeeld
24:15.00 SRNooksack Valley
10.11Jennifer Hanks
24:15.00 PRBellingham
11.10Carrie Latimer
24:47.90 PRBellingham
12.11Cody Gilder
24:48.70 PRBellingham
13.11Anika Olson
24:57.60 PRBellingham
14.9Mary Clement
25:01.30 PRBellingham
15.9Elsa Mastrude
25:06.60 PRGranite Falls
16.9Olivia Pears
25:26.50 PRNooksack Valley
17.9Maggie Personius
25:28.90 PRBellingham
18.9Ivy Burt
25:46.20 PRSehome
19.11Trinity Nelson
25:47.50 PRFerndale
20.10Hannah DeWeber
25:51.50 PRNooksack Valley
21.9Mickayla Lindquist
26:06.90 PRGranite Falls
22.11Tanya Ruiz
26:15.50 PRNooksack Valley
23.9Audrey Mark
26:16.10 PRNooksack Valley
24.12Hannah Kean
26:32.60 SRBlaine
25.12Lauren Meucci
26:54.10 SRSehome
26.9Autumn Udesen
27:40.00 PRMount Baker
27.9Izzy Cybula
27:50.40 PRSehome
28.10Bridgid Cronk
28:01.20 SRMount Baker
29.12Lacy Nguyen
28:03.90 PRLynnwood
30.11Kathryn Gerner
28:16.60 SRSehome
31.9Shannara Brown
28:18.60 PRGranite Falls
32.9Karol Mukhamediyeva
28:19.40 PRBellingham
33.10Sage Kaiser
28:21.80 PRMount Baker
34.12Camren Salmonson
28:36.60 PRNooksack Valley
35.10Kennedy Garrison
28:38.10 PRSehome
36.11Holly Davis
28:49.60 PRLynnwood
37.12Federica Libonati
28:52.90 PRFerndale
38.10Claudia Cordero
29:43.50 PRFerndale
39.12Allison Fonda
29:44.60 SRFerndale
40.11Thu Ton
30:33.10 PRSqualicum
41.9Megan Woldstad
30:35.90 SRGranite Falls
42.12Kenna Todd
30:36.20 PRGranite Falls
43.11Emily Bang
30:44.40 PRLynnwood
44.9Desiree Keeney
31:21.40 PRMount Baker
45.11Pabla Ventura
31:27.60 PRGranite Falls
46.10Lily Wang
32:18.40 SRSqualicum
47.10Raeschelle Washing...
33:21.70 SRLummi
48.9Janyha Ell
33:24.40 PRLummi
49.9Athena Shepardson
36:04.40 PRMount Baker
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2.97 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Meridian (WA)57
3.Nooksack Valley59
4.Mount Baker88
1.11Malia Pivec
17:32.10 PRLynnwood
2.12Mikayla Pivec
18:06.70 PRLynnwood
3.12Amy Jo Murphy
18:22.70 PRNooksack Valley
4.12Natalie Smith
19:21.20 PRMount Baker
5.10Ashlee VanDenTop
19:38.60 PRMeridian (WA)
6.11Dena Andrushenko
20:11.80 PRMeridian (WA)
7.12Alexa Schroeder
20:16.20 PRLynnwood
8.10Brooke Schroeder
20:26.70 PRLynnwood
9.10Grace Oswin
21:19.10 SRSqualicum
10.10Alyce Harlan
21:20.00 SRNooksack Valley
11.9Kendyl Otter
21:21.30 PRMeridian (WA)
12.12Pearl Morris
21:25.50 PRNooksack Valley
13.10Aliya Schenck
21:30.50 PRSeattle Academy
14.12Jessica Mitchell
21:40.90 PRLynnwood
15.9Makenna Holz
21:44.40 PRMeridian (WA)
16.11Jazmine Gutierrez
21:50.30 PRNooksack Valley
17.11Kaitlyn Stapp
21:57.50 SRMount Baker
18.12Jillian Anderson
22:03.90 SRFerndale
19.12Katherine Dunford
22:11.70 SRMount Baker
20.10Abby Koenig
22:15.00 SRSqualicum
21.12Jessica Jose
22:32.10 SRNooksack Valley
22.12Jana Peterson
22:32.10 SRFerndale
23.11Alex O'Dell
22:43.10 SROmak
24.11Michaela Yonkman
22:45.90 SRNooksack Valley
25.9Rubi Stuit
22:59.70 PRMeridian (WA)
26.12Hailey Linville
23:04.60 PRSqualicum
27.9Alexcina Coleman
23:06.90 PRNooksack Valley
28.11Katherine Chamblin
23:20.50 SRFerndale
29.9Andrea Hansen
23:22.50 PRFerndale
30.11Katie Ford
23:58.20 PRSqualicum
31.12Kylee Engholm
23:58.40 PRMount Baker
32.9Haylee Malone
24:10.70 PRMount Baker
33.9Kady Aamot
24:12.80 PRMeridian (WA)
34.11Joelle Brown
26:12.00 SRMount Baker
35.11Jordan Sims
26:40.40 SRSqualicum
36.10Di Pham
27:14.30 SRMeridian (WA)
37.11Aniessa Torres
28:36.00 SROmak
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