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Mens Races
3,000 Meters 8th Grade and Under6:30 PM
4,000 Meters JV7:15 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity Small School8:05 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity Large School8:50 PM
6,000 Meters College/Open Men9:10 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters 8th Grade and Under6:30 PM
4,000 Meters JV6:50 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity Small School7:40 PM
4,000 Meters College/Open Women8:30 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity Large School9:38 PM

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9th Annual Nature's Bakery Nevada Twilight
Cross Country Classic
In memory of Jim Vanden Heuvel

"Cross Country Under Lights"

Escape the late summer heat and run cross country season in the cool evening air at Sparks Shadow Mountain Park. Race a loop course that will allow for coaches and spectators to watch and cheer numerous times. The later races will be run under lights.

Contact Kirk Elias at to reserve a spot for your team.

When: Friday, September 4, 2015
Where: Shadow Mountain Park, 3300 Sparks Blvd, Sparks, NV 89431
6:30 pm
6:50 pm
7:15 pm
7:40 pm
8:05 pm
8:30 pm
8:50 pm
9:10 pm
9:38 pm

Eight Grade and Under Boys and Girls
Junior Varsity Girls
Junior Varsity Boys
Small School Varsity Girls (All)
Small School Varsity Boys (All)
College/Open Women
Large School Varsity Boys (Top 10 only)
College/Open Men
Large School Varsity Girls (Top 10 only)

3000 meters
4000 meters
4000 meters
4000 meters
4000 meters
4000 meters
4000 meters
6000 meters
4000 meters

Course: The course will consist of a short loop course of approx. 1000 meters and a longer loop of approx. 1350 meters. The course is a mainly dirt trails, with grass at the start and finish. Flats are highly recommended, but spikes may be used.

  • 4,000 Meter Course
  • 3,000 Meter Course

TEAM CAMP/WARM UP AREA: Will take place on the softball fields.

Course Preview: The course will be first available for preview starting at 4 p.m. on Friday, September 4. There will be soccer games playing on the field where the start/finish occurs until 4 p.m. Please do not  enter the main field until the soccer games have concluded!!!

Packet Pick Up: At meet headquarters near finish line.

Medical: Trainers will be available at the course starting 30 minutes before the first race.

Entries/Deadline: Contact Kirk Elias at to reserve a spot for your team. Entries are unlimited/team. Please register your entries at starting August 17. Entry deadline is Tuesday, September 1 at 7:00 PM PDT.

Entry Fee: Entry fees due at check in. They may be mailed in advance to Kirk Elias, 111 Legacy Hall/MS 264, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557. Please make checks to "Board of Regents". Entry fees are non-refundable!!!

  • High School
    • $20/Individual if not a complete team
    • $75 for each gender team from a school. If only Boys or only girls are attending the total is $75. If there are Boys and Girls squads competing then the total is $150.
  • College
    • $25/Individual up to four individuals/college
    • $150/team, $250 for combined program
  • Open athletes: $25
  • 8th Grade and under: $5/Individual, $25 for each gender team

Registration for High School and College: Register through Registration deadline is 7:00PM PDT on Tuesday, September 1.

Registration for 8th grade and younger: Email Name, Gender, and Grade to LYNN MENTZER by 7:00PM PDT on Tuesday, September 1.

Registration for Open Athletes: Register through Registration deadline is 7:00PM PDT on Tuesday, September 1. You will be required to pay when registering online.

Collegiate Scoring: One overall score if 2/3 of teams are Division I. If Division I teams comprise less than 2/3 then the meet will be scored in two divisions; Division I, and a Collegiate Division


  • High School: To the top 20 individuals in each varsity race. To the top 10 in the JV races.
  • College/Open: To the top 20 individuals.

Concessions: T-Shirts and refreshments will be available for purchase.


  • From I-80 east bound take Exit 20 (Sparks Blvd). Turn left (north) onto Sparks Blvd. The park will be on your right in 2.3 miles
  • From I-80 west bound take Exit 20 (Sparks Blvd). Turn right (north) onto Sparks Blvd. The park will be on your right in 2.3 miles

Showers: There are no showers available at the park.

Questions: Call Kirk Elias at 775-682-6912 or

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters 8th Grade and Under

Official Team Scores

1.Mustang Running Club25
2.Silver State Striders34
3.Fernley Middle School66
1.Duncan Alton Monroe
11:40Shaw MS
2.Justin Neubeck
12:20Mustang Running Club
3.7Garrett MacLeod
12:29 PRSilver State Striders
4.11-12Sean Andrews
12:34 SRSilver State Striders
5.Cade Beadell
13:01Shaw Middle School
6.Robert Northrup
13:03Mustang Running Club
7.Riley Auth
13:24Mustang Running Club
8.Diego Rodriquez
13:35Alder Creek Middle S...
9.11-12Kyle Ortega-Gammill
13:42 SRSilver State Striders
10.Zachery Jackson
13:42Mustang Running Club
11.Adein Auth
13:48Mustang Running Club
12.Colden Ridge
13:52Fernley Middle School
13.Jonah Turner
13:57Fernley Middle School
14.4Eric Ortega-Gammill
14:12 SRSilver State Striders
15.9-10Ryan Andrews
14:27 SRSilver State Striders
16.Waylen Abbot
15:40Mustang Running Club
17.Connor Long
15:48Fernley Middle School
18.4Ian Brockelsby
15:53 PRSilver State Striders
19.Liam Maldonado
16:07Fernley Middle School
20.John Barona
16:10Fernley Middle School
21.Riley Cropper
16:16Mustang Running Club
22.Tyler Logan
16:16Unattached Middle Sc...
23.Robert Alacron
16:49Mustang Running Club
24.Ryan Neubeck
17:02Mustang Running Club
25.5Jackson Fleischer
17:47 PRSilver State Striders
26.9-10Christopher Forres...
20:48 PRSilver State Striders
27.4Keeler Schriber
22:42 PRSilver State Striders
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4,000 Meters JV

Official Team Scores

2.Spring Creek83
7.North Valleys221
10.Spanish Springs305
11.South Tahoe319
12.Bear Creek324
13.Damonte Ranch347
15.Rite of Passage367
16.Churchill County379
1.10Justin Alexander
14:45 PRBear Creek
2.12Devin Hager
14:51 SRSpring Creek
3.10Shane Helton
14:59 SRMcQueen
4.10Justus Fast
15:04 SRGalena
5.9Kobe Lynch
15:04 SRGalena
6.10Adam Grange
15:07 PRMcQueen
7.9Noah Mahlke
15:08 SRSpring Creek
8.10Taven Thomas
9.11Maverick Marsala
15:18 SRMcQueen
10.10Josh Kirk
15:27 SRFernley
11.10Tyler Ferrera
15:36 PRTahoe-Truckee
12.12Simon Hu
15:37 PRMcQueen
13.9Mason Keach
15:38 SRMcQueen
14.11Jeremy Benik
15:39 SRGalena
15.10Sean Dunkelman
15:42 SRDouglas
16.12Connor Billman
15:46 PRDouglas
17.9Michael Bonnell
15:47 SRReed
18.12Tristan Jacobo
15:49 PRSpring Creek
19.9Adam White
15:51North Valleys
20.11Wes Alexander
15:51 PRDouglas
21.10Christopher Bartle...
15:51 PRDamonte Ranch
22.10Christian Culver
15:53 PRHug
23.9Brandon Koyama
15:54 SRDouglas
24.10Ryan Clawson
15:56 SRReno
25.12Bryan Winkleman
15:57 PRGalena
26.10Jake Houghton
15:59 SRDouglas
27.10Alex Gousev
16:00 PRMcQueen
28.9George Skivington
16:00Spring Creek
29.10Josh Herron
16:02 PRNorth Valleys
30.11Samuel Bischopink
16:03 SRMcQueen
31.12Jacob Griener
16:04 SRReno
32.11Cooper Cavaness
16:04 PRSpring Creek
33.10Cameron Northcutt
34.11Carson Osborn
35.10Mike Higgins
16:10 PRDamonte Ranch
36.9Calvin Holmes
16:13 PRSouth Tahoe
37.10Reece Canfield
16:15 SRCarson
38.9Jordan Guldman
16:16 SRTahoe-Truckee
39.9Calin Laine
16:18 SRTahoe-Truckee
40.9Luke Gansberg
41.9Seth Barker
16:20 SRSpanish Springs
42.11Brandon Theilman
16:20 PRDouglas
43.10Isaiah Williams
16:21 PRChurchill County
44.10Andres Ayon
16:23 PRRite of Passage
45.10Kaehler Angelo
16:24 PRDouglas
46.9Christopher Hoefer
16:25 SRSouth Tahoe
47.11Austin Nicholson
48.11Anthony Florez
49.9John Carry
16:32 PRReno
50.10Lewis Catapang
16:34 PRBear Creek
51.9Clay Campbell
16:35 PRSpring Creek
52.11Levi Costa
16:35 PRDouglas
53.9Ethan Daniels
54.9Matthew Rice
55.11Issac Echegoyen
16:38 PRReed
56.12William Crampton
16:38North Valleys
57.10Nich Cashin
16:39 PRElko
58.12Aidan Bankert
16:40 PRReed
59.11Adam Maw
16:44 PRCarson
60.11Andreas Anasttassa...
16:48 SRReno
61.12Dylan Michel
16:48 PRElko
62.10Ethan Rogers
16:48 PRMcQueen
63.9Cole Hendriks
16:51 SRSpanish Springs
64.10Benjamin Meadors
65.9KC Larkins
16:52 SRTahoe-Truckee
66.10Trevor Bruch
16:53 SRElko
67.12Chris Berggren
16:53 SRCarson
68.9Mark Huttman
16:57 PRFernley
69.12Deven Cain
16:57 PRDouglas
70.10Jared Rutherford
16:57 SRGalena
71.12Dalton Miller
16:58 PRDouglas
72.9Ryan Newberger
16:58 SRSouth Tahoe
73.11Jeremy Gouff
16:59 SRNorth Valleys
74.12Marcus Amann
17:00 PRRite of Passage
75.9Anthony, DeCarli
17:01 SRSpanish Springs
76.9Garrett Kohlman
17:02 SRSpring Creek
77.10Adam Greiner
17:02 SRReno
78.11Andrew Trejo
79.9Ids Propstra
17:04 SRTahoe-Truckee
80.10Jeremy Uithoven
17:06 PRGalena
81.11Brandon Basa
17:07 PRCarson
82.9Chris DeAngelo
17:07 PRSpring Creek
83.11Cameron Ware
84.10Seth Earnhardt
17:08 PRSpring Creek
85.10Samuel Ellison
17:08 SRNorth Valleys
86.11Champ Quinata
17:11 SRGalena
87.10Henry Old
17:13 SRReno
88.10Matthew Henning
17:14 SRSpring Creek
89.12Andrew Fontanilla
17:14 PRNorth Valleys
90.10Miguel Tejada
17:15 PRRite of Passage
91.10Phillip Sevcsik
17:16 SRWooster
92.9Joshua Buchan
17:16 PRCarson
93.9Colton Massic
17:16 SRSpanish Springs
94.9Trevor Foote
95.10Henry Leonardi
17:22 SRGalena
96.9Trae Thomson
17:23 PRChurchill County
97.10Jared Cartier
17:24 PRCarson
98.9Isaac Williams
99.9Ethan Lee
17:26 SRDouglas
100.10Devin Downs
17:28 SRSpanish Springs
101.9Adam Johnson
17:29 PRSouth Tahoe
102.10Robert Bush
103.10Kevin Ramirez
17:34 PRHug
104.10Cody Davis
17:35 PRMcQueen
105.10JR Demillo
17:38 PRChurchill County
106.11Matt Parker
17:39 SRDamonte Ranch
107.12Jacob Smith
17:41 PRMcQueen
108.11Adam Flaten
17:42 SRCarson
109.9Charles Hertz
110.10Conner Doyle
17:43 SRReno
111.12Diarus Fiore
17:44 PRReno
112.9Maxwell Bowman
17:44 PRGalena
113.9Aidan Crowley
17:44 PRDouglas
114.10Spencer Lee
17:45 SRMcQueen
115.10Brady Tynan
116.11Thomas Ford
17:47 SRMcQueen
117.9Jacob Gilbert
118.11Thomas Wiley
17:50 PRSpanish Springs
119.10Ethan Paulson
17:55 PRSpanish Springs
120.9Harry Rodriguez
17:57 SRTahoe-Truckee
121.10Braden Keife
17:59 SRGalena
122.9Taja June
18:00 PRElko
123.9Jairo Ochoa
18:01 PRHug
124.10Dawson Frost
18:01 PRChurchill County
125.10Adrian Garcia
18:02 PRBear Creek
126.9Ashton Newman
18:04 SRGalena
127.11Nathaniel Jenne
128.11Parker Nelson
18:06 SRMcQueen
129.10Everett Bertolone-...
18:07 PRDouglas
130.9Paul Wolz
18:08 SRReed
131.12Thomas Horner
18:12 PRSpanish Springs
132.10Bill Apel
133.11Wesley Anderson
18:13 SRSpring Creek
134.9Damajeah Fields
18:19 PRBear Creek
135.9Logan Allen
18:19 SRSpring Creek
136.9William Chism
137.9Jess Gantt
18:24 PRChurchill County
138.11Alexander Cartlidge
139.10Lisandro Perez
18:25 PRRite of Passage
140.12Antwan Bradford
18:25 PRBear Creek
141.11Daniel Cardoza
18:25 SRMcQueen
142.10Spencer Wines
18:25 SRSpring Creek
143.12Nathan Barnes
18:25 PRReno
144.12Beckett Sweeney
18:26 PRSpring Creek
145.12Anthony Bonilla
18:26 PRWooster
146.11James Waldron
18:27Spring Creek
147.10Scott Hertzler
18:28Damonte Ranch
148.10Khenny Chorn
18:31 PRBear Creek
149.9Ethan Champagne
150.10Hunter Powell
18:39 SRMcQueen
151.12Valentin Michel
18:39 PRRite of Passage
152.11Jonathan DeLeon
18:40 SRReed
153.9Jackson Miers
18:42 PRGalena
154.11Nick Smith
18:44 PRChurchill County
155.9Jacob Smith
18:45 PRHug
156.9Zachary Mckay
18:47 PRReno
157.12Brandon Ramirez
18:48 PRHug
158.10Richard Gunkel
159.9Christopher Living...
18:50 SRGalena
160.10Leonardo Thai
18:52 SRWooster
161.9Lucien Nguyen
162.9Ryley Donato
18:56 SRBear Creek
163.11Kyle Ferguson
18:56 SRSouth Tahoe
164.10Brennan Peterman
165.10Devine Lopes
18:58 SRMcQueen
166.9Aaron Ramirez
19:01 PRBear Creek
167.11Alex Chapton
19:03 SRDouglas
168.10Daniel Sedano
19:06 PRMcQueen
169.9Myles Chrisholm
19:07 PRTahoe-Truckee
170.9Alejandro Zaragoza
19:09 PRCarson
171.10Kaen Mowrey
19:19 SRElko
172.9Ryen Loy
19:20 SRBear Creek
173.11Samuel Eardley
19:22 PRReno
174.11Max Morgan
19:23 SRSouth Tahoe
175.11Jon Paul Embry
19:24 SRSouth Tahoe
176.11Charlie Filce
19:25 SRSouth Tahoe
177.11Jaustin Yadeskie
19:26 PRSpring Creek
178.9Pedro Carmona Guer...
179.10Terrence Simpson
19:29 SRSpring Creek
180.9Perry Humes
19:33 SRMcQueen
181.11Hector Lopez
19:35 PRBear Creek
182.10Liam O'Brien
183.11Patrick Law
19:38 SRWooster
184.11Joe Maldonado
19:39 SRWooster
185.11Noah Doddridge
186.9Jayden Papaleo
187.10Elias Brezine
188.10Kenneth Stark
19:52 PRDamonte Ranch
189.12Daniel Gonzalez
19:53 PRReed
190.10Brent Menninger
19:56 SRMcQueen
191.9Nicholas Miramontes
20:06 PRBear Creek
192.10Tyler Johnson
20:06 PRNorth Valleys
193.9Brian Wolfe
20:08 PRTahoe-Truckee
194.12Daniel Fuchs
20:16 PRReno
195.11Ben Sherwin
20:51 SRSouth Tahoe
196.11Ethan Pettipiece
20:57 SRDamonte Ranch
197.10Nestor Hernandez-A...
20:57 SRGalena
198.11Andrew Crespo
21:01 SRReed
199.9Kehlen Knight
21:09 SRSpanish Springs
200.10Richard Jones-Putt
21:16 SRCarson
201.9Benjamin Turner
202.9Travis Moore
21:28 SRSonora
203.9Jaycob Sparks
21:29 SRSpanish Springs
204.9Gabe Covington
21:34 PRCarson
205.10David Yang
21:57 PRBear Creek
206.10Jordan Ota
22:00 SRBear Creek
207.10Mario Pedro
22:00 SRBear Creek
208.9Nathan Kongkriangkai
22:02 PRBear Creek
209.9Tanner Miller
22:02 PRSpring Creek
210.10David Morris
22:07 PRBear Creek
211.12Nathan Nabong
22:30 PRWooster
212.12Nic Banis
22:30 SRBear Creek
213.9Robert Robinson
23:15 PRBear Creek
214.9Ryan Duff
23:43 PRBear Creek
215.9Kaleb Taylor
23:46 PRBear Creek
216.9Michael Smolyansky
24:35 SRSierra Lutheran
217.11Gian Baldonado
25:30 PRBear Creek
218.10Alberto Perez
31:14 SRBear Creek
219.9Nicolas Guerzon
38:02 PRBear Creek
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4,000 Meters Varsity Small School

Official Team Scores

1.South Tahoe36
5.Sierra Lutheran90
1.11Jackson McIlroy
13:39 SRSonora
2.12Trevor Martin
13:59Silver Stage
3.12Dillon Lemons
14:13 PRSouth Tahoe
4.11Ricky McNeely
14:19 PRSierra Lutheran
5.10Nestor Vasquez
14:22 PRSelma
6.9Jared Marchegger
14:26Sierra Lutheran
7.12Orion Maxwell
14:27 PRSouth Tahoe
8.12Paul Mutz
14:27 PRSouth Tahoe
9.12Patrick McConnell
14:31 PRSonora
10.12Brady Heusser
14:32 PRDayton
11.11David Rhodes
14:55 PRSilver Stage
12.12Mario Mangiaracina
15:08South Tahoe
13.11Jonathan Roach
14.10David Holmes
15:18 SRSouth Tahoe
15.12Hunter Hatch
15:22 PRDayton
16.9Kobey Workman
17.10Ian Smith
15:41 PRSonora
18.12Adam Anthony
15:41 PRExcel Christian
19.11Jonathan Abundis
15:45 PRSelma
20.11Jeremy Goldberg
21.12Paul Hoefer
15:51 PRSouth Tahoe
22.10Austin Duarte
15:55 SRDayton
23.10Kapili Gleason
15:58 PRChurchill County
24.12Griffin Hobson
16:00 PRSouth Tahoe
25.11Tyler Waite
16:01Sierra Lutheran
26.12Spencer Polson
16:05 PRSilver Stage
27.11Devyn Frederick
16:06 PRChurchill County
28.10Shadrack Rodriguez
16:17 PRExcel Christian
29.12Rodrigo Martinez
16:18 PRSelma
30.11Freeman George
16:25South Tahoe
31.11Eric Cervantes
16:25 PRSelma
32.12Ethan Olesinski
16:26 PRSage Ridge
33.10Cole Powell
16:34 PRIncline
34.9Madsen Evans
35.11Cole Iverson
16:39 SRSage Ridge
36.10Juan Rodriguez
16:40 PRSelma
37.12Bryce Archer
16:41 PRFernley
38.12Michael Anderson
16:46Churchill County
39.12Takoda Stewart
16:50 PRSilver Stage
40.9Jason Logan
41.9Kiernan Kostlivy
16:53 SRSonora
42.12Zachary Guevin
16:53Excel Christian
43.12Daniel Barulich
16:53 PRSierra Lutheran
44.11Jared Logan
45.12Tony Kling
17:03 PRFernley
46.12Mitchel Cornell
17:06 SRIncline
47.10Matt Fowler
17:06 PRDayton
48.11Terry White
17:10Churchill County
49.11John Banda
17:14 PRSelma
50.9Dillon Jenkins
51.12Chase Stalter
17:25 SRSouth Tahoe
52.12Nelson Bedient
53.10Ross MacNeil
17:37 PRSage Ridge
54.10Brandon Hall
18:03 SRSierra Lutheran
55.11Brandon Swick
18:10 PRIncline
56.12Levi Crook
18:13 PRExcel Christian
57.12Alejandro Parra
18:15 PRSelma
58.9Brent Wolf
18:16 PRIncline
59.9Andrew Matthews
18:17 SRDayton
60.12Scott Jones
18:40 PRIncline
61.11Andrico Mourelatos
18:41 SRIncline
62.12Gonzalo Pazos
18:44 PRSonora
63.12Darnel George
24:11 PRPyramid Lake
64.11Ben Newberg
24:21 SRSage Ridge
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4,000 Meters Varsity Large School

Official Team Scores

3.Spring Creek108
5.Spanish Springs123
10.Damonte Ranch257
14.Bear Creek360
1.11Anthony Ocegueda
2.11Henry Weisberg
3.12Luis Torres
13:31 PRAloha
4.12Gregory Gephart
5.11John Munyan
13:36 SRDouglas
6.12Brady DuPea
13:45 PRSpring Creek
7.11Cole Campbell
13:45 PRSpring Creek
8.10McKennion Melton
13:49 SRGalena
9.10Aric Turner
13:50 SRDamonte Ranch
10.11Zachary Stallings
13:52 SRMcQueen
11.11Cole Snyder
13:53 PRWhittell
12.12Timothy Rose
13:57 SRElko
13.12Kaleb Morris
14:03 PRDouglas
14.12Tony Watts
14:07 PRAloha
15.11Luke Rodriguez
16.12Ian Van Rensselaer
17.12Michael Gallagher
18.12Andrew Dobrowski
19.12Tristen Thomson
14:13 PRChurchill County
20.10Andrew Ribeiro
14:15 SRSpanish Springs
21.9Daniel Horner
14:16Spanish Springs
22.10Matthew Hakin
14:17 SRSpanish Springs
23.10Nicholas McMillen
14:20 SRReno
24.12Logan Patton
14:21Spring Creek
25.11Lars Ponsness
14:21 PRDouglas
26.12Davis Florence
14:22 PRSpring Creek
27.11Joshua Rodriguez
14:26 SRSpanish Springs
28.9Alex Klekas
14:27 SRElko
29.11Danner Hillman
30.12Jakeb Rehmann
14:31North Valleys
31.11Eder Lujan
14:31 PRElko
32.12Max Boyden
33.10Ian Bake
14:31 PRAloha
34.11Hudson Verbeck
14:32 PRTahoe-Truckee
35.11Ian Smith
14:33 SRTahoe-Truckee
36.11Adam Walmsley
37.12Nolan Greth
14:35 SRDouglas
38.12Adam Brooks
14:35 PRBear Creek
39.11Alexander Riggsby
14:36Damonte Ranch
40.12Nikolas Aguilar
41.10Carson Leavitt
42.10Aleksei Simone
14:37 PRGalena
43.12Ed Stoddard
44.10Hunter Beadell
14:39Spanish Springs
45.12Benjamin Torvinen
46.11Jason Dorn
14:44 SRGalena
47.11Bryan Harris
14:45 SRDouglas
48.11Nick Tower
14:46 PRDamonte Ranch
49.12Ameer Hamza
50.12Eric Jacobs
51.12Jaime Perez-Martinez
14:50 PRWooster
52.12Trevor Livingston
53.12Steven Evers
14:52 SRSpring Creek
54.12Spencer Carlile
14:54 PRMcQueen
55.11Sam Andrus
14:57 PRAloha
56.12Karl Hall
14:58 SRGalena
57.12Griffin Shaulis
14:58 PRAloha
58.11Jeremy Shahan
15:01 PRAloha
59.12Hector Gomez-Barios
15:01 PRCarson
60.10Curtis Prescott
15:01 SRElko
61.12Brent Barzler
15:02 PRAloha
62.10Andrew Voss
15:03 SRDouglas
63.11Quinn Traficanti
15:03 PRReno
64.12Ryan Murphy
15:04 PRTahoe-Truckee
65.12Craig Postlethwaite
15:05Spanish Springs
66.11Brayden Piercy
15:07 SRSpring Creek
67.10Ethan Bluhm
68.11John Alber
69.9Patrick Voss
15:17 PRDouglas
70.11Miles Bean
15:20 PRCarson
71.11Thomas Anderson
15:22Spring Creek
72.12Cesar Aguilera
73.11Jesse George
15:23 PRDouglas
74.12Jacob Hoberg
15:23 PRReno
75.11Geavon Taylor
15:28 PRHug
76.9Brandon Copeland
15:28 PRCarson
77.12Sam Brandow
15:30 SRElko
78.11Connor Pearson
79.11Kiefer Catron
80.12Ethan Lopes
81.11Logan Mead
15:36 SRCarson
82.10Spencer Garate
83.12Rudy Bambico
15:38 PRBear Creek
84.12Carlos DeLeon
15:47 PRWooster
85.10Richard Hubert
86.11Andrew Brooksbank
87.12Issac Oren
15:59 PRGalena
88.11Stephan Nguyen
15:59 SRGalena
89.10Joshua Uithoven
90.12Cameron Spencer
91.12Cale Medeiros
92.9Hunter Rauh
16:02 SRCarson
93.11Genesis Campos
16:03 PRBear Creek
94.12Terrence Johnson
16:07 PRWooster
95.10Nathan Heitzenrader
16:08 SRSpanish Springs
96.12Ryan Gotaas
16:09 SRReed
97.11Jacob Iveson
16:09Damonte Ranch
98.9Travis Brownlee
16:11Damonte Ranch
99.12Rydell Donato
16:12 SRBear Creek
100.11Jon Aguayo
16:15 PRBear Creek
101.12David Sanders
16:17 SRReed
102.11Brett Hertzler
16:21Damonte Ranch
103.11Ryan Regier
16:24Damonte Ranch
104.12Aidan Backus
16:26 PRBear Creek
105.12Jenner Tresan
16:29 SRTahoe-Truckee
106.12Carson Wagner
107.10Brock Roelofs
16:39 SRReed
108.12Johnny Johnson
16:43 PRElko
109.12Fernando Martinez
16:51 SRBear Creek
110.11Austin Miller
111.11David Dalicandro
17:06 SRTahoe-Truckee
112.12Jackson Paris
113.12Keanu Gaite
114.11Justin Ho
17:45 PRBear Creek
115.11Landon McBroom
17:45Spanish Springs
116.9Cesar Mena-Ortiz
117.11Jason Jimenez
18:55 PRBear Creek
118.12Dylinn Villatoro
19:38 PRWooster
119.10Alex Bynoe
20:29 PRBear Creek
120.11Jerice Banola
20:41 PRBear Creek
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6,000 Meters College/Open Men

Official Team Scores

2.UC Riverside29
3.Sierra Nevada85
1.SrCody Jordan
16:21 PRUC Riverside
2.FrSolomon Demeku-Ous...
16:21 PRUC Riverside
3.SoSahm Bazargan
16:28 PRUCLA
4.FrCole Smith
16:29 PRUCLA
5.SoMax Davis
16:31 PRUCLA
6.SoJackson Marshall
16:32 PRUCLA
7.FrRyan Klachko
16:36 PRUC Riverside
8.Lupe Cabada
9.JrNolan Dickson
16:43 PRUCLA
10.JrAaron Nguyen
16:46 PRUC Riverside
11.SoGarrett Hernandez
16:55 PRUC Riverside
12.SrJon Bazinet
17:11 PRUCLA
13.FrScott Edwards
17:32 PRUCLA
14.JrCarlos Lopez
17:55 PRUC Riverside
15.Dustin Deitch
16.Luis Barraza
18:06Magnum Project
17.SoDouglas Castro
18:20 PRUC Riverside
18.FrConner Lyman
18:48 PRSierra Nevada
19.Jaime Cabada
20.JrAndy Vega
19:35 PRSierra Nevada
21.JrJuan Iuque
19:42 PRSierra Nevada
22.Brondon Bush
23.FrMark Aquiniga
21:09 PRSierra Nevada
24.FrMarvin Castrejon
21:13 PRSierra Nevada
25.Jerry Qualls
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters 8th Grade and Under

Official Team Scores

1.Alder Creek Middle School15
2.Mustang Running Club45
1.11-12Penelope Smerdon
11:27 PRSilver State Striders
2.Carly Davis
12:13Alder Creek Middle S...
3.8Marena Middleton
12:41 SRSilver State Striders
4.Alia Sinoff
12:44Alder Creek Middle S...
5.Amelia Swanson
12:44Alder Creek Middle S...
6.Hana Mazur
13:02Alder Creek Middle S...
7.Kaelin Woodruff
13:24Alder Creek Middle S...
8.Caitlin Smith
13:45Alder Creek Middle S...
9.Brianna Hernandez
10.Samatha Manning
14:25Fernley Middle School
11.Megan Schulz
14:47Mustang Running Club
12.Erica Schulz
14:50Mustang Running Club
13.Jessica Eligio
14:53Fernley Middle School
14.Megan Waitman
15:51Unattached Middle Sc...
15.Joan June
16:03Unattached Middle Sc...
16.Sophie Richards
16:16Mustang Running Club
17.Katrina Williams
16:16Mustang Running Club
18.Megan June
17:24Unattached Middle Sc...
19.8Torre Thomson
17:57 PRChurchill County
20.3Emily Markesen
21:26 PRSilver State Striders
21.Brianna Krumme
29:08Mustang Running Club
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4,000 Meters JV

Official Team Scores

2.Damonte Ranch81
5.Spring Creek111
9.Bear Creek220
12.North Valleys286
13.Spanish Springs360
1.10Jamie Garzon
18:06 PRDamonte Ranch
2.9Cameron Lewis
18:06 PRDamonte Ranch
3.10Madison Hutchinson
18:14 SRMcQueen
4.10Adara Gonzalez
18:18 PRElko
5.10Aubrey Milner
18:23 PRMcQueen
6.12Addison Watson
18:31 PRElko
7.9Imogen Olvera
8.11Jamie Whimple
18:35 SRSpring Creek
9.12Bailey Gansberg
18:42 PRDouglas
10.9Samantha Iacoboni
18:42 SRDamonte Ranch
11.10Elizabeth Morgan
18:49 PRTahoe-Truckee
12.10Ashlyn Hedrick
13.11Desiree Lehrke
19:02 PRDouglas
14.9Emily McNeely
19:02 SRSierra Lutheran
15.10Mallori Campbell
19:03 SRFernley
16.9Amanda Ross
19:11 SRMcQueen
17.10Taylor DuPea
19:14 PRSpring Creek
18.9Allyson Burns
19:16 PRSpring Creek
19.10Lisa Akai
19:16 PRBear Creek
20.10Madison Moore
19:17 SRReno
21.10Shyla Pisciotti
19:20 PRDouglas
22.9Claire Tillett
23.9Emily Wright
19:29 PRFernley
24.9Taylor Davison
19:29 SRSierra Lutheran
25.11Taylor Bauer
19:32Damonte Ranch
26.11Emilie Prudhomme
19:35 PRDouglas
27.11Vanessa Felix
19:40 SRElko
28.11Bailee Guenin
19:40 PRElko
29.10Carlie Keever
19:41 PRFernley
30.9Brittany Wilkie
19:48 PRSpring Creek
31.9Tayler Zolyniak
19:56 SRFernley
32.10Jillian Misa
20:06 PRBear Creek
33.10Libby Elliott
20:09 SRWooster
34.12Allison Meyer
20:10 PRDouglas
35.11Scarlett Baeza
20:11 SRCarson
36.12Sabrina Lehrke
37.10Emma Smith
20:14 PRDouglas
38.12Tatum Higginbotham
20:15 PRReno
39.11Amber Hetland
20:16 PRElko
40.10Ann Snelgrove
20:18 SRWooster
41.9Lolita DeAlba
20:26 PRSelma
42.11Emily Stein
20:30 PRBear Creek
43.11Jasmine Castillo
20:31 PRNorth Valleys
44.11Yohana Valdes
20:33 PRReno
45.10Jeanne Anderson
20:33 PRChurchill County
46.9Grace Lehman
20:34 PRNorth Valleys
47.9Kevyn Reid
48.11Jessica Guzman
49.9Savannah Chapton
20:43 SRDouglas
50.11Diana Enriquez
20:45 PRChurchill County
51.11Maeve Hoerth
20:49 PRCarson
52.11Keely Grow
20:49 PRReed
53.9Katelyn Anderson
20:51 SRSpring Creek
54.11Sidney Miller
20:52 PRDouglas
55.9Kayla Burnham
20:53 PRDamonte Ranch
56.12Emma Gray
20:54 PRDouglas
57.12Molly McDonald
20:54 PRWooster
58.11Anna Zoeters
59.11Oliva Luchetti
20:56 PRReno
60.12Mackenzie Denning
20:58Spanish Springs
61.11Amanda Pursley
21:01 PRChurchill County
62.9Kayla Provost
21:01 SRDouglas
63.11Kathryn Liemandt
21:02 SRCarson
64.10Isabela Reyes-Klein
21:03 PRGalena
65.11Heather Foster
21:04 SRReno
66.12Julianna Brown
21:05 PRReed
67.10Abby Dreiling
21:06 PRReno
68.11Anya Bensing
21:08 PRReno
69.11Haylee Lovell
21:13 SRWooster
70.12Lexi Reel
21:15 PRReed
71.10Faith McCuskey
21:17 SRNorth Valleys
72.9Maya Reyes-Klein
21:18 PRDamonte Ranch
73.11Cheyenne Zivkovic
74.9Drucilla Westman
21:21 SRDouglas
75.9Perla Molina
21:24 PRDouglas
76.11Alexzandria Balme
21:24 PRSouth Tahoe
77.12Adrienne Brizuela
21:25 PRReed
78.12Caroline Perrino
21:28 SRMcQueen
79.9Madeline Thornton
21:29 SRSpanish Springs
80.9Sarah Carlson
21:31 PRSouth Tahoe
81.9Tori Kumagai
21:37 PRDouglas
82.12Tiffany Laguna
21:38 PRReed
83.10Lauren Hutchings
21:39 PRReno
84.11Carly Peckham
21:40 PRCarson
85.12Natalia Gevara
21:43 PRBear Creek
86.11Acacia Dillon
21:45 PRDouglas
87.12Allison Daly
21:47Damonte Ranch
88.10Madison White
89.10Dakota Tracy
21:52Damonte Ranch
90.11Perla Salas
91.10Stephanie Haddad
21:54 SRWooster
92.11Grace Yancey
93.12Maggie Thompson
21:59 PRSpring Creek
94.10Desiree Rodriguez
22:04 PRSelma
95.10Cat Anaya
22:04 PRBear Creek
96.11Daisy Uribe
22:06 PRElko
97.9Julia Spencer
22:09 SRDamonte Ranch
98.9Kaylie Smith
22:10 PRDamonte Ranch
99.10Madison Beck
22:13North Valleys
100.9Taylor Ford
22:14 SRMcQueen
101.11Daisy Martinez
22:17 SRNorth Valleys
102.9Hannah Dowler-Black
22:18 PRSonora
103.9Olivia Rice
22:21 SRElko
104.12Margarita Vargas
22:28 PRSpanish Springs
105.9Alanna Decker
22:29 PRFernley
106.9Samantha Cornutt
22:33 SRFernley
107.10Lauren Harvey
22:35North Valleys
108.10Maya Price
22:37 PRBear Creek
109.9Amy Waitman
22:38 PRDamonte Ranch
110.11Cheyenne Thomas
22:41 PRNorth Valleys
111.9Jordyn Hall
22:42 PRMcQueen
112.10Gwyneth Terry
22:43 PRGalena
113.10Madison Casey-Marks
22:51 PRGalena
114.10Jessica Wirfs
22:52 PRSpring Creek
115.11Madison Vialpando
22:58 PRSpanish Springs
116.9Jessica Schneider
23:02 PRGalena
117.10Natalie Allen
23:05Spanish Springs
118.11Melina Castaneda
119.10Kayla Hale
23:54 PRBear Creek
120.12Madison Harvey
23:55 PRDouglas
121.10Kaylanie Saldua
24:02 SRBear Creek
122.9Megan Lindsey
24:13 PRReed
123.10Marie Greiner
24:42 PRElko
124.11Kimberly Weber
24:46 SRReed
125.9Andrea Walters
25:01 SRGalena
126.9Allison Connors
25:09 SRReno
127.10Alyssa Oxley
25:37 PRDouglas
128.11Caitlyn Lee
25:54 PRCarson
129.11Aubreanna Ruiz
25:55 PRCarson
130.9Lydia Kamara
26:01 PRBear Creek
131.12Paige Morris
26:30 PRBear Creek
132.10Jordan Hernandez
28:10 PRBear Creek
133.11Linh Phan
28:16 SRBear Creek
134.11Josephine Barlay
28:24 PRBear Creek
135.12Ashlyn Rochester
28:45 PRWooster
136.9Kylie Johnson
28:46 SRSpanish Springs
137.9Grace Bowman
29:33 PRSonora
138.9Nyna Jordan
29:36 PRBear Creek
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4,000 Meters Varsity Small School

Official Team Scores

1.10Cassi Land
15:18 SRSonora
2.11Ursula Volz
3.10Victoria French
16:47 PRSonora
4.10Ally Sullivan
16:57 SRSouth Tahoe
5.11Elaina Marchegger
17:28Sierra Lutheran
6.10Ilona Coote
17:49 SRSage Ridge
7.11Clare Davison
17:51 SRSierra Lutheran
8.11Grace De Leon
9.12Chanlee Harvey
18:10 SRFernley
10.9Matteson Burgess
18:13 PRSonora
11.10Brynlee Shults
18:24 PRChurchill County
12.12Riley Rettig
18:30 PRSouth Tahoe
13.12Kristian Isaac
14.12Emma Herron
18:51Sierra Lutheran
15.10Kaarina Thompson
19:03 SRSonora
16.11Natalie Hawks
19:04 PRSonora
17.12Jordyn Rogers
19:10Churchill County
18.12Kennedy Bruce
19:21 PRSonora
19.12Diana Martinez
19:24Churchill County
20.9Kaeli Barwig
19:24 PRDayton
21.12Beatriz Duenas
19:56 PRSelma
22.12Elyse Olesinski
21:58 PRSage Ridge
23.11Zahira Navarro
22:20 PRSelma
24.12Alondra Ruiz
22:36 PRSelma
25.11Drew Bassett
26.12Laura Cordero
23:12 PRSelma
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4,000 Meters College/Open Women

Official Team Scores

2.Nevada-Las Vegas61
3.UC Riverside67
5.Sierra Nevada137
1.SrEmily Myers
14:35 PRNevada-Reno
2.SrCaitlin Devitt-Payne
14:49 PRNevada-Reno
3.SoFaith Makau
14:50 PRUC Riverside
4.SoWeslie Totten
15:02 PRUC Riverside
5.SoMarissa Suan
15:14 PRNevada-Reno
6.SrErika Root
15:15 PRNevada-Reno
7.SrAnna Preciado
15:15 PRNevada-Reno
8.SoMeagan Wood
15:22 PRNevada-Reno
9.SrNikki Regalado
15:28 PRNevada-Las Vegas
10.SrRebecca Hobby
15:29 PRNevada-Las Vegas
11.SoSpencer Moore
15:29 PRNevada-Las Vegas
12.JrSidney Root
15:29 PRNevada-Reno
13.FrMcKenna Evans
15:31 PRNevada-Reno
14.Shannon Palladino
15.SrBrianna Simmons
15:41 PRUC Riverside
16.SoVeronica Yamane
15:42 PRUCLA
17.SoAngela Ziff
16:02 PRNevada-Las Vegas
18.SrSara Williams
16:08 PRNevada-Las Vegas
19.SoJessica Cushing-Mu...
16:10 PRUCLA
20.SrAnne Underwood
16:12 PRNevada-Reno
21.SrKelly Brooks
16:16 PRUCLA
22.SoEmily Fieberling
16:21 PRUCLA
23.SoReighan Fisher
16:28 PRNevada-Reno
24.SrAuzsane Crowe-Carter
16:35 SRNevada-Las Vegas
25.FrKathryn Sered
16:38 PRUCLA
26.SoHelen Mino-Faukner
16:40 PRNevada-Reno
27.FrEmily Sanchez
16:44 PRUC Riverside
28.FrJerriAnn Wells
16:44 PRNevada-Reno
29.SoLindy Eskin
16:44 PRNevada-Las Vegas
30.SoBrooke Cassar
16:45 PRNevada-Las Vegas
31.Bailey Goose
32.FrSamantha Conaway
17:32 PRSierra Nevada
33.JrChristina Shamirian
17:44 PRUC Riverside
34.SoRachael Ashley
17:46 PRSierra Nevada
35.FrGabrielle Sered
18:14 PRUCLA
36.FrSierra Jovanovic
18:31 PRSierra Nevada
37.FrDajanae William
20:08 PRSierra Nevada
38.SoGiulianna Crivello
27:35 PRSierra Nevada
39.SoRachael Whelan
27:36 PRSierra Nevada
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4,000 Meters Varsity Large School

Official Team Scores

2.Spring Creek85
3.Damonte Ranch88
12.Spanish Springs248
1.11Kyra Hunsberger
2.12Caitlin Amburgey
15:46 PRDamonte Ranch
3.12Julia Mahlke
15:57Spring Creek
4.11Samantha King-Shaw
15:59 SRReed
5.12Alyssa Foote
16:03 PRAloha
6.11Kacie Bell
16:03 PRElko
7.10Mikayla Shults
8.10Sina Arnold
9.12Lauryn Massic
16:33Spanish Springs
10.11Carrie Bradley
16:34 PRTahoe-Truckee
11.11Helena Middleton
16:37 PRDamonte Ranch
12.11Lauryn Walz
16:39 PRSpring Creek
13.11Erin Moyer
16:40Damonte Ranch
14.12Eveline Delgado
16:42 SRCarson
15.12Lizzy Byrne
16:42 PRDouglas
16.10Makenna Bernard
16:45 SRReno
17.12Cassandra Jones
18.12Alex Monroe
16:47 PRSpring Creek
19.12Madison Cote
20.12Sage Czelder
16:55 PRAloha
21.11Anna Martinez
16:59 PRAloha
22.10Alexis Melendrez
17:03Spanish Springs
23.11Heather Kristoff
17:09 PRAloha
24.11Mia Casazza
25.11Aimee Doren
17:14Spring Creek
26.11Sofia Young
27.9Rylie Lusk
17:20 SRSpring Creek
28.11Eva Hanneman
17:21 PRGalena
29.9Mikkala Perchetti
17:21 PRSpring Creek
30.12Ariel Evans
17:21Damonte Ranch
31.11Julia Veliquette
17:22 PRTahoe-Truckee
32.10Malia Pfeffer
17:25 SRDamonte Ranch
33.10Kalia Pfeffer
17:26 SRDamonte Ranch
34.9Sydney Layfield
35.10Lauryn Shipp
17:32 PRReed
36.11Sarah Ebling
17:32 PRReed
37.10Grace Kenny
38.10Valerie Lopez
17:41Damonte Ranch
39.9Maya Smith
40.10Kyla Hinnant
17:45 PRDouglas
41.12Taylor Nickel
17:47 PRAloha
42.10Blanca Sosa
17:47 SRCarson
43.9Laura Pine
17:48 SRReed
44.10Josefina Ortiz-Osty
45.10Raini Jonson
17:49 SRElko
46.11Lindsay Zieschang
17:50 PRReed
47.12Bobbie Ellison
17:50 PRNorth Valleys
48.10Leslee Alaniz
17:52 SRDouglas
49.9Maegan Collins
17:54 SRDouglas
50.12Olivia Yale
17:54 PRTahoe-Truckee
51.11Amanda Rae
17:56 PRTahoe-Truckee
52.10Genevieve Peterson
17:56 PRElko
53.11Taylor Avery
54.12Athena Favero
55.12Rachel Rezaei
56.10Kelly Nickel
18:13 PRAloha
57.9Nyah Songster
18:13 PRAloha
58.10Chloe Overlie
18:14Churchill County
59.11Lily Robertson
18:20 SRTahoe-Truckee
60.12Julia Fralick
61.12Jordan Oliphant
18:23 SRSpring Creek
62.11Cassidy Jones
63.9Leah Ramsey-Kruse
18:26 SRDouglas
64.12Jessica Rosser
65.11Paige Land
18:32 SRGalena
66.10Rheanna Fallini-Ja...
18:35 SRCarson
67.11Cristina Munoz
18:36 SRDouglas
68.11Jiavanna Wong-Fort...
18:38 PRCarson
69.11Nia Black
18:41 SRMcQueen
70.11Rylee Castro
71.11Sierra Larason
18:46Spanish Springs
72.11Celia Arnold
18:47 SRMcQueen
73.11Claire Lang-Ree
18:55 SRTahoe-Truckee
74.11Melissa Nickerson
75.11Gaby Gonzalez
76.12Haley Woods
77.9Kylie Patterson
19:03 PRSpanish Springs
78.9Makayla Chacon
19:11 SRElko
79.11Carsyn Hendriks
19:16 SRSpanish Springs
80.10Hannah Corgan
19:16 SRDouglas
81.11Hayley Collins
19:21 SRNorth Valleys
82.11Bella Bono
19:23 PRTahoe-Truckee
83.12Alison Greene
84.12Sara Bowers
85.12Justice Best
19:36 SRSpanish Springs
86.12Camille Carter
19:41 SRMcQueen
87.10Baylee Wood
88.12Mariah Nickerson
89.11Rylee Jackson
90.11Paige Hourigan
19:52 PRTahoe-Truckee
91.11Kara Berggren
20:11 PRCarson
92.12Abi Ankomah
20:17 SRElko
93.12Sophia Roth-Chandler
94.11Alexia Ball
95.12Rachel Barker
21:50Spanish Springs
96.12Nicole Rathbun
22:59 SRTahoe-Truckee
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