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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
1.5 Mile Middle School
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
1.5 Mile Middle School

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Last Updated 10:31 AM, Tue, Oct 6

Additional information  (coaches)

Just a couple of notes to please pass to participants and spectators.

The golf course has allowed us to host this event for a number of years now, so we want to do our best to respect their property.  Please do not bring pets to the event.  Be mindful of the greens stay off of them as much as possible.  We also ask that coaches walk through their staging areas after they leave and ensure all trash is picked up.  In the past everyone has done an awesome job in being respectful and we know you will again.  I just wanted to send out a quick reminder of a few things to keep in mind.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week and good luck.


Last Updated 7:46 AM, Tue, Sep 29

Course Information  (coaches)

Address of Pinehurst Golf Course is 11 Country Club Lane, Pinehurst, ID 83850.

Registration will begin at 1:00.  Coaches will receive race packets with tags, safety pins, course map and race information. 

Please fasten tags to front of singlet.  Tags should include runner's name, gender (B or G), and school. 

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place boys and girls Varsity teams and top ten individual girls and boys Varsity. Ribbons will also be awarded to the top 10 girls and boys middle school runners.

Cost is $25 per girls and boys high school team.  Make Checks payable to Kellogg High School.  If you do not have a full team of five runners, entry is $5 per runner. 

The meet will consist of four races this year at the following start times:

Middle School boys and girls at 3:00 PM

Girls Varsity at 3:45 PM

Boys Varsity at 4:30 PM

Awards ceremony will take place directly after.

Course is 5k verified by GPS.  It is a fast and flat double loop with approximately 70 percent on grass and the rest on dirt/small gravel golf cart paths.  There are also three small wooden bridges to cross.  Course maps will be provided at registration and teams are welcome to walk the course prior to the race.

Please instruct your runners to stay off the greens, to include the practice green near the clubhouse.  Port-a-johns will be available, so instruct runners to stay out of the clubhouse.

Contact Coach Jeff Smith with any questions (951-581-2152 or and we look forward to seeing you all there.




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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Cooper Haney
12Jesse Whipple
17:16 PRKootenai
10Christian Kuplack
17:28 SRIC Academy
9Caleb Gleason
17:33 SRPriest River Lamanna
11Devin Richards
9Cameron Parkes
18:01 SRPriest River Lamanna
12Jack Wade
18:04 PRBonners Ferry
12Nolan Stidham
18:05Bonners Ferry
10Konner Durham
18:16 SRPriest River Lamanna
10Dawson Thomas
18:20 PRBonners Ferry
10Kyle Hollis
18:23 PRLakeland
11Zak Bishop
11Mackenzie Judson
18:25 PRPotlatch
9Jamin Bontrager
18:31 PRBonners Ferry
11Eric Ellis
18:36 PRBonners Ferry
12Kenny Chesnut
18:43 PRPriest River Lamanna
12Alva Swanson
18:49 PRBonners Ferry
9Jordan Phillips
18:57 SRPriest River Lamanna
11Toby Colburn
18:58 PRKellogg
9Slava Negrieiev
18:59 SRPriest River Lamanna
12Lucas Langenderfer
12Naphtali David
19:05 PRKootenai
10Jake Whitehead
19:06 SRLakeland
12James Huggins
11Matthew Johnson
11Tony Lund
19:24 PRIC Academy
11Dominic Crownhart
19:25 PRIC Academy
9Jared White
19:26 SRKellogg
10Logan Moore
19:27 PRLakeland
10Justin Keogh
19:28 PRKootenai
10Zach Bergem
19:32 SRKellogg
10Andrew Betzold
19:34 PRLakeland
11Max Icardo
19:36 SRClark Fork
10Aidan Latham
19:37 SRIC Academy
11Joseph Brueher
10Esteban de Artola
19:52 SRIC Academy
10Nick Magdaleno
19:58 SRBonners Ferry
11Morgan Earp
20:04 PRIC Academy
12Louis Balcaen
20:08 SRBonners Ferry
11Cole Tingey
20:09 PRLakeland
11Kyle Shuman
20:11 SRLakeland
12Lonnie Brower
20:14 PRKootenai
9Joe Darakjy
20:15 SRIC Academy
9CJ Estrada
20:16 SRIC Academy
11Allen Bassemeir
20:18 PRKellogg
11Ted Reed
20:22 PRKellogg
11TJ Smith
20:31 PRBonners Ferry
9Chad Goodall
20:32 SRLakeland
11Sam Smith
20:32.1 PRBonners Ferry
10Dylan Knight
12Will Riley
20:45 PRPotlatch
10Brad Corson
20:48 PRBonners Ferry
10Skyler White
11Hunter Boudousquie
20:58 PRClark Fork
9Sam Gorton
21:01Bonners Ferry
10Cody Grant
11Hunter Whipple
10Matthew Kovacs
21:41 PRIC Academy
11Nick Latham
21:47 PRIC Academy
10Logan Langenderfer
11Cody Brewster
10Sunny Doherty
22:04 PRKootenai
9Sam Edelblute
10Spencer Sedgwick
22:14Priest River Lamanna
11Bryce Bartlett
22:16 PRPotlatch
9Michael Myers
22:25 PRClark Fork
9Gabe de Artola
22:36 PRIC Academy
9Nathan Marks
22:39 PRPriest River Lamanna
10Drayven Ayers
22:40Priest River Lamanna
11Cole Turner
10Killian Peterdy
23:13IC Academy
10Joseph Gibbs
23:20 SRKellogg
9Blaise Eloe
24:09IC Academy
9Warren Earp
24:28 PRIC Academy
10Dan David
24:36 PRKootenai
9Hunter Shuman
9Brandon Strietzel
10Steve Darakjy
26:26IC Academy
9Gabe Mahaffey
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1.5 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

8Austin Donn
9:34 PRBoundary County
8Thomas Mooney-Rivkin
9:34.1 PRBoundary County
8Micheal Senteney
9:47 PRKellogg
7Tyler Lucas
10:14Boundary County
8Jacob Brewster
6Brady Hinthorn
11:10Boundary County
6Ethan Hubbard
11:47Boundary County
6Levi Bonnell
11:55Boundary County
8Brint Corson
12:10Boundary County
7Ryan Peterson
12:33Boundary County
6Jacob Hollingsworth
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

9Isabelle Kirk
12Lauren Grove
21:19 PRLakeland
11Delaney Gorton
12Hannah Lysne
22:20 PRBonners Ferry
9Taylor Elpers
10Candice Ford
22:37 SRLakeland
9Madelyn Kime
22:45 PRLakeland
11Nicole Donn
23:00 SRBonners Ferry
10Jillian Mael
10Sarah Williams
10Reegan Myser
10Ada Bonnell
23:28 SRBonners Ferry
10Taylor Sowers
9Lauren Stidham
24:59Bonners Ferry
9Emily Grove
9Isabel Huggins
11Avery Mace
11Marissa Rec
11Kylien Jansen
9Taten Gorton
12Amanda Bauer
27:36 SRBonners Ferry
11Megan Ferguson
27:45 PRLakeland
9Clare Keogh
12Chloe Cleveland
28:15 SRKellogg
9Billie Anderson
9Megan Castle
12Hope Turner
29:20 PRKellogg
9Shayla Black
12Hope Grasham
31:39 SRKootenai
9Braylinn Hudson
32:28 PRKellogg
9Emma Miller
35:25 PRKellogg
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1.5 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

8Abigail Gorton
10:41Boundary County
6Emily McLeod
11:10 PRBoundary County
7Holly Ansley
11:11Boundary County
7Ainslee Nordby
11:12Priest River
6Rose Owens
11:19 SRBoundary County
6Lexie Maas
12:02 PRBoundary County
6Brooklyn Henslee
12:06 PRBoundary County
7Kira Carla-Hull
12:08Boundary County
6Shaye Sullivan
7Ally Martin
12:26Boundary County
7Julia Palmer
12:31 SRKellogg
8Serenity Fahey
12:33Boundary County
6Sierra Petesch
12:35 PRBoundary County
7Lauren Onstott
12:36 SRBoundary County
6Isabella Bennett
12:45Boundary County
8Izzie Schmidt
12:50Priest River
8Karliegh Durham
13:04 SRPriest River
7Mercedes Taylor
13:05 PRBoundary County
6Liliana Brinkman
13:10 SRBoundary County
6April Paul
6Elizabeth Bourassa
14:40Boundary County
8Joslyn McGregor
8Adrianna Jordan
16:16 PRBoundary County
8Corrina Hill
8Adrie Minish
18:30Priest River
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