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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity3:15 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
Womens Races
2.4 Mile Varsity3:45 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Nicholas Albro
2.12Gabriel Gutierrez
17:08 PREastlake
3.10Jeffrey Page
17:12 SREastlake
4.11Marlon Cortez
17:15 PROlympian
5.12Andres T Correa
6.11Jorge Tejeda
7.12Isaiah Duenas
17:20 PROlympian
8.11Sergio Renteria
17:23 SROlympian
9.10Yutah Shiba-Joyce
10.12Josiah Tamayo
17:39 SROlympian
11.9Christian Baroya
17:43 PREastlake
12.12Oscar Montero-Vega
17:43 SROlympian
13.11Joshua Mayo
14.10Tyler Ramirez
15.12Alan Gonzalez-Rami...
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Tanner Claudio
17:48 PROlympian
2.10Julio Navarro
17:50 SROlympian
3.12Nathan Sanchez
17:51 SROlympian
4.11Agustin Richardson
5.10Seri Oswald
18:05 SROlympian
6.9Edgar Ramos
18:06 SREastlake
7.9Eric Simmons
18:08 SROlympian
8.11Justin Carman
18:16 SREastlake
9.9Cisco Gonzalez
18:17 SROlympian
10.10Leonardo Felix
11.10Cade Erickson
12.10Eybar Ayala
18:28 SROlympian
13.9Marko Alvarez
18:42 SROlympian
14.10Ryan Kelley
18:46 PROlympian
15.11Hiram Zarate
18:48 PREastlake
16.11Roberto Sevilla
19:02 PROlympian
17.9Emilio Montero-Vega
19:04 PROlympian
18.10Tristan Villanueva
19:09 SROlympian
19.10Allayne Lobato
20.12Felix Soto
21.10Leopoldo Marquez
19:17 SROlympian
22.10John Fox
19:21 PROlympian
23.11Raul Mercado
19:24 SROlympian
24.12James Owens
19:27 PREastlake
25.11Jaden Padua
26.9Kerris Stambaugh
27.12Joseph Curry
19:41 PROlympian
28.9Nathan Kipp
19:42 SREastlake
29.9Adrian Hernandez
19:44 SREastlake
30.12Andrew Chavira
31.9Emmanuel Zarate
20:04 SROlympian
32.10Ryo Okubo
20:06 PREastlake
33.9Antonio Santos
20:13 SREastlake
34.11Kyle Maravillas
35.11Brandon Benson
20:16 PREastlake
36.9Keiki Phillips
20:16 PROlympian
37.10Andres Boquiren
20:17 PROlympian
38.9Alexander Shockney
39.12Ramon Villa
20:26 PREastlake
40.9Jaydon Caoile
20:30 SROlympian
41.10Davyn Willis
42.9Gabriel Noda
20:31 SROlympian
43.10Aristeo Armenta
20:32 PROlympian
44.10John Rodriguez
45.9Leo Capuno
20:39 SREastlake
46.10AJ Corpuz
20:44 PROlympian
47.11Marcelino Carrillo
20:52 PROlympian
48.10Marco Saldana
20:53 PROlympian
49.10Angelo Ocana
50.10Danyael Yamamoto
20:58 SROlympian
51.10Emilio Estrada
20:58 PREastlake
52.9Jaden Arce
21:00 SREastlake
53.11Kristian Perez Tej...
21:03 SROlympian
54.10Alexander Sandejas
21:12 PROlympian
55.9Joseph Ames
21:14 SROlympian
56.10Nicolas Vera
21:18 SREastlake
57.12Juan Pablo Lopez
21:30 PROlympian
58.9Dominick Gilpin
21:40 SROlympian
59.9Mitchell Sterlitz
21:50 PREastlake
60.9Isaiah Gentry
61.9Jorge Balvaneda
62.11Aaron Medina
63.9Christopher Antoon
64.9Zachary Ertzner
22:24 PREastlake
65.10Jerome Fernandez
66.12James Mangles
22:27 PREastlake
67.9Sergio Sapien
68.10Nicholas Kim
22:55 PREastlake
69.9Lance Pescoso
22:55 PROlympian
70.9Jhon Manabat
23:05 PREastlake
71.9Parker Claudio
23:06 SROlympian
72.9Eli Smith
23:12 PREastlake
73.12Angel Garcia
74.9Jonathan Nagal
23:22 SREastlake
75.11Ricardo Gibert
76.12Priam Chaganlal
77.9Alex Leyva
78.10Nick Bucio
79.9Ian Heimark
25:27 SREastlake
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Womens Results

2.4 Mile Varsity

1.10Leyla McFarland
14:35 PREastlake
2.11Emily Bonilla
14:42 PREastlake
3.12Mia Costello
14:43 PREastlake
4.10Alexandra Martinez
14:43 SROlympian
5.9Mariana Beltran-Pi...
14:54 SROlympian
6.12Harper Moulton
15:29 PREastlake
7.11Zuri Smith
15:42 PROlympian
8.12Vania Pena
15:44 PREastlake
9.12Amairani Cardenas
15:53 PREastlake
10.9Emily Shepard
15:56 PROlympian
11.12Celiese Zasueta
16:03 SREastlake
12.9Tianna Knox
16:03 PREastlake
13.10Andrea Marta
16:03 PROlympian
14.9Mikaela Salamat
16:09 PROlympian
15.9Carelly Jaramillo
16:10 PROlympian
16.9Karina Juarez
16:10 PROlympian
17.11Cassandra Luna
16:26 PREastlake
18.12Brittany Amador
16:28 PROlympian
19.12Djoana Nicolo
16:30 SROlympian
20.9Vanessa Guthrie
16:35 PROlympian
21.10Jasmine McKenzie
16:40 PROlympian
22.12Sarah Gray
16:43 PREastlake
23.10Johnelle Daluz
16:43 PROlympian
24.9Isa Ayala Quintero
16:56 PREastlake
25.11Anna Leon
16:58 PROlympian
26.10Alyssah Tapia
17:01 SROlympian
27.10Jenna Angeles
17:05 PROlympian
28.9Ashley Gomez
17:07 PROlympian
29.9Ana Manriquez Graf
17:11 PREastlake
30.9Audrey Albis
17:14 PROlympian
31.10Sofia Lopez
17:18 PREastlake
32.9Jillian Walsh
17:23 PREastlake
33.10Melanie Aquino
17:25 PREastlake
34.10Frida Gonzalez
17:30 PREastlake
35.9Hannah Cromer
17:30 PROlympian
36.10Fiona Nielsen
17:38 PREastlake
37.10Natalie Bautista
17:41 PREastlake
38.12Kassandra Ibarra
39.9Lizel Naranjo
17:53 PREastlake
40.9Roxanne Jaramillo
18:02 PREastlake
41.12Mykela Agojo
18:13 PROlympian
42.12Dianna Garcia-Ocana
18:24 SROlympian
43.12Desiree Martin
18:28 PROlympian
44.10Karen Nieto
18:30 PREastlake
45.11Michelle Ward
18:31 PREastlake
46.10Sydney Goold
18:38 PREastlake
47.12Isabella Molina
18:41 PREastlake
48.11Anne Escano
18:47 PROlympian
49.10Leilani Magno
18:51 PREastlake
50.9Jaylen Jones
18:58 PROlympian
51.11Melanie Garcia
19:12 PROlympian
52.11Karen Paniagua
19:32 PROlympian
53.11Daniela Huerta
19:37 PREastlake
54.10Karina Uybungco
19:40 PROlympian
55.11Ana Valdes
56.9Alexandra Heming
20:12 PREastlake
57.10Marley Ong
20:17 SROlympian
58.9Kathia De Alba
20:35 PROlympian
59.9Sophia Alonso
20:47 PREastlake
60.10Megan Gonzalez
20:48 PREastlake
61.10Sophia Razi
21:11 SROlympian
62.11Sofia De Alba
21:18 SROlympian
63.10Autumn Bagaporo
21:24 PREastlake
64.10Rachel Magsino
21:33 PROlympian
65.9Adamari Cardenas
21:45 PREastlake
66.9Emily Harlow
21:54 PREastlake
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