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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2.95 Mile Junior Varsity3:50 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2.95 Mile Junior Varsity2:30 PM

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Mens Results

2.95 Mile Junior Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Valley Center30
3.Mission Vista81

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Jose Saldana
17:29Valley Center
2.10Andrew Tuttle
18:11Valley Center
3.9Colin Duffy
18:33 PRRamona
4.9Billy Miller
5.11Colton Meskell
6.9Pancho Samano
18:42 PRValley Center
7.10Brian Ramirez
18:55 PROceanside
8.11Eddy Saucedo
19:02 PRRamona
9.11Ben Cranney
19:04 PRMission Vista
10.11Joseph Nunez
19:20 PRValley Center
11.10Kevin Jones
19:21 PRValley Center
12.9Jorge Montiel
19:24 PRValley Center
13.9Carlos Mejia
19:28 PRFallbrook
14.11Axel Velazquez
19:30 PRMission Vista
15.11Sava Kramer
19:32 PRMission Vista
16.11Stephen McFarlin
19:39 PRFallbrook
17.9Joseph DiPietro
19:45 SROceanside
18.11Sean Duffy
19:48 PRRamona
19.9Emiliano Ramos
19:49 PRRamona
20.12Brock Mickley
19:57 PRMission Vista
21.10Aiden Pastor
22.9Omar Diaz
20:08 PRFallbrook
23.11Malik Padilla
20:13 PRMission Vista
24.12Jacob Corona
20:20 PRFallbrook
25.12Jimmy Steinhoff
20:21 PRFallbrook
26.9Emilio Cortazzo
20:21 SROceanside
27.11Jorge Salazar
20:21 PRValley Center
28.12Tyler Mansell
20:24 PRMission Vista
29.12Nick Houck
20:29 PRFallbrook
30.12Christian Contreras
20:30 PRFallbrook
31.9Jeremiah Askew
20:32 PRMission Vista
32.10Agustin Cruz
20:33 PROceanside
33.11Max Ferrer
20:34 PRMission Vista
34.12Trevor Francis
20:36 PRFallbrook
35.12Bryon Stanley
20:41 PRMission Vista
36.9Gavin Tarzian
20:42 SRMission Vista
37.11Evan O'leary
20:43 PRMission Vista
38.-Christopher Stankey
20:44 PRMission Vista
39.12Andrew Kidwell
20:49 PRMission Vista
40.11Ryan Murphy
21:06 PRMission Vista
41.12Michael Rosales
21:07 PRMission Vista
42.9Charles Ford
21:08 SRValley Center
43.9Victor Montiel
21:17 PRValley Center
44.10Luke Anderson
21:40 PRMission Vista
45.9Christian Macedo
21:48 PRFallbrook
46.10Jason Weidman
23:06 PROceanside
47.10Kazuki Nakashima
23:30 PRMission Vista
48.11Mark Villalobos
23:39 PRValley Center
49.10Jacob Boudreau
23:46 PRMission Vista
50.9Joshua Jorgensen
23:52 PRFallbrook
51.11Josh Oco
24:49 PRMission Vista
52.11Chris Conaway
25:37 PRValley Center
53.11Daniel Alvarez
25:40 SRMission Vista
54.-Will Clark
26:03 PRMission Vista
55.9James Ledesma
27:01 PROceanside
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Womens Results

2.95 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mission Vista37
2.Valley Center41

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alexa Waples
2.11Sierra Crenshaw
3.10Guadalupe Madera
22:42 PRValley Center
4.10Myca Ingram
22:48 PRMission Vista
5.9Carmen Ocampo
6.10Angelica Uresti
23:28 PROceanside
7.11Tuesday Christopher
23:55 PRRamona
8.11Hadley Shearer
24:27 PRMission Vista
9.9Claudia Torres
24:33 PRValley Center
10.9Karina Sevilla
24:38 PRValley Center
11.11Stephanie Moreno
24:44 PRFallbrook
12.10Ana Lezama
13.10Megan Klentschy
25:06 PRMission Vista
14.10Casey Reiser
25:07 PRMission Vista
15.11Emily Larson
25:26 PRFallbrook
16.10Rachael Camargo-Sa...
25:34 PRMission Vista
17.10Giselle Molinero
25:46 PRValley Center
18.9Katie Hutzler
25:58 PRFallbrook
19.10Alejandra Sanchez
25:58 PRMission Vista
20.10Emely Ortega
26:07 PRValley Center
21.11Nicole Jones
26:11 PRFallbrook
22.11Rachel Schroeder
26:13 PRMission Vista
23.11Deanna Moore
26:13 PROceanside
24.11Jackie Martinez
26:36 PROceanside
25.11Hanna Gertner
26:39 PRMission Vista
26.11Kayla Meehan
26:40 PRFallbrook
27.10Abby Douglas
26:54 PROceanside
28.12Cherokee Roth
27:11 PRMission Vista
29.11Natalie Brown
27:17 PRMission Vista
30.11Anelly Ramirez
27:47 PROceanside
31.10Shyloh Roque
28:07 PRFallbrook
32.10Rylee Foynes
28:29 PRValley Center
33.11Iyleen Mendez
28:32 PRFallbrook
34.10Amy Sanchez
28:48 PRMission Vista
35.9Morgan Bittner
29:15 PRFallbrook
36.9Karina Fonseca
29:24 PRFallbrook
37.11Aleisha Wright
29:38 PRMission Vista
38.9Harlie Bucio
31:12 PRValley Center
39.11Amber Owler
31:14 PRValley Center
40.9Lylia Harris
31:35 PROceanside
41.11Stephanie Alvarez
33:40 PROceanside
42.11Karina Cerda
35:02 PROceanside
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