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Mens Results

4,500 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Dylan Holland
15:33.18 PRAnacortes
2.11James Parker
15:42.31 PRAnacortes
3.11Derek Holz
16:19.86 PRMeridian (WA)
4.10Kenny Barnes
16:39.46 PRMeridian (WA)
5.11Ian Tomberlin
16:48.24 PRSqualicum
6.11Jeff Vazquez
16:57.30 PRAnacortes
7.11Andrew Rose
16:57.81 PRAnacortes
8.11Malachi Arnold
17:04.36 PRSqualicum
9.11McKay Ross
17:10.98 PRMeridian (WA)
10.12Austin Hughes
17:16.11 PRAnacortes
11.12Cesar Daou
17:30.79 PRAnacortes
12.12Kai Perschbacher
17:31.57 PRAnacortes
13.10Chuck Dvorachek
17:46.02 PRSqualicum
14.10Zac Kinney
17:46.77 PRMeridian (WA)
15.10Bailey Hodge
17:49.84 PRMeridian (WA)
16.12Ryan Foggin
17:51.34 PRAnacortes
17.10Jase Cooper
17:51.57 PRSqualicum
18.9Nathan Schneider
17:52.29 PRMeridian (WA)
19.9Patrick Wildman
17:55.02 PRAnacortes
20.9Finnigan Banks
18:11.23 PRSqualicum
21.12Kent Zander
18:18.31 PRMeridian (WA)
22.11Eli Hinkle
18:25.38 PRMeridian (WA)
23.12Brady Moore
18:26.59 PRMeridian (WA)
24.11Curt Peila
18:27.03 PRSqualicum
25.12Sam Riccardi
18:29.67 PRAnacortes
27.10Sam Clark
18:33.98 PRSqualicum
28.9Abbas Theophilus
18:39.38 PRMeridian (WA)
29.10Thomas Dylan
18:41.28 PRAnacortes
30.10Dakota Edmonds
18:42.73 PRMeridian (WA)
31.10Cruz Meza
18:42.89 PRSqualicum
32.11Eliot Briefer
18:46.84 PRAnacortes
33.11Andrew Hayes
18:47.45 PRAnacortes
34.12Preston Sandland
18:55.71 PRMeridian (WA)
35.9Titus Bowler
18:56.28 PRMeridian (WA)
36.10Henry Skaggs
18:59.73 PRMeridian (WA)
37.9Logan Scamfer
19:08.88 PRAnacortes
38.12John Dye
19:14.71 PRSqualicum
39.11Nate Weeks
19:16.38 PRAnacortes
40.10Aidan Rowland
19:18.77 PRSqualicum
41.10Jacob Gervais
19:20.18 PRSqualicum
42.10Tyler Warren
19:24.67 PRSqualicum
43.10Mark Behee
19:28.15 PRSqualicum
44.12Noah Swanson
19:31.11 PRMeridian (WA)
45.9Griffin Rinauro
20:00.49 PRSqualicum
46.9Jacob Stacy
20:10.19 PRMeridian (WA)
47.9Jay Lease
20:26.00 PRSqualicum
48.9Kevin Young
20:29.14 PRSqualicum
50.9Jaskaran Dhatt
20:45.21 PRMeridian (WA)
51.10Christopher Warmuth
21:35.64 PRAnacortes
52.12Kyler Cantrell
21:43.43 PRSqualicum
53.9Jorge Campos
21:45.04 PRSqualicum
54.9Brecken Stockmar
21:45.68 PRSqualicum
55.9Andrew McCuistion
21:59.36 PRSqualicum
56.9Noah Lovell
22:02.44 PRSqualicum
57.9Chris Dankocsik
22:06.36 PRSqualicum
58.9Ben Weaver
23:01.06 PRAnacortes
59.10Quinn Jansma
23:22.10 PRSqualicum
60.9Leo Mullen
24:49.22 PRMeridian (WA)
61.10Kiet Ngo
26:46.10 PRSqualicum
62.9Blake VanDenTop
27:07.73 PRMeridian (WA)
63.11Gavin Derting
27:59.78 PRAnacortes
64.12Leshon Lucas
31:22.85 PRAnacortes
10Eamon Carmichael
Squalicum26-18.33.74 Reginbal
9James Vorenkamp
Squalicum49-20.35.05 Cucksey
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