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2.7 Mile Varsity
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Mens Results

2.7 Mile Varsity

1.12Nathan Beamer
15:24 PRArlington
2.12Pieter Andrews
15:25 PRArlington
3.11Alan Perez
15:42 SRMonroe
4.12Michael Barene
15:52 PRArlington
5.11Eric Acero-Rosas
15:52 SRArlington
6.12Zachary Cushman
15:52 PRArlington
7.11J.J. Childers
16:05 PRArlington
8.12Matthew Taylor
16:11 PRArlington
9.11Kevin Mullin
16:23 SRArlington
10.12Josh Blevins
16:25 SRMonroe
11.10Brayam Juarez-Rami...
16:28 PRLynnwood
12.10Isaiah Funston
16:29 SRMonroe
13.12Noah Johann
16:30 SRLynnwood
14.11Leul Wolde
16:31 SRLynnwood
15.12Jacob Fankhauser
16:32 PRArlington
16.10Jonathan Robinson
16:42 SRMonroe
17.12Peter Miyoshi
16:43 PRMonroe
18.10Gannon Goering
16:53 SRMonroe
19.12Bailey Larsen-Gray
16:57 PRArlington
20.12Tylor Sullivan
17:01 PRArlington
21.10Logan Ross
17:02 PRMonroe
22.10Josh Gendron
17:08 PRMonroe
23.9Benson Gonzales
17:20 SRMonroe
24.12Nathaniel Paulson
17:46 PRLynnwood
25.12Dallin James
17:46 PRMonroe
26.11Drew Thomas
17:56 PRLynnwood
27.11Henry Shaw
17:58 PRLynnwood
28.10Payton Borland
18:08 PRMonroe
29.10Aubie Pouncey
18:16 SRMonroe
30.10Cameron Hawk
18:44 SRLynnwood
31.10Ozcar Mills
19:01 SRMonroe
32.9Jacob Lewis
19:28 SRMonroe
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2.7 Mile Junior Varsity

1.10Dawson Andrews
16:46 SRArlington
2.10Cole Nelson
17:28 SRArlington
3.10Jackson Darling
17:29 SRArlington
4.9Connor Jaynes
17:37 PRArlington
5.9Blake Landry
17:37 SRArlington
6.9Noah Loftis
17:37 SRArlington
7.9Favian Villanueva
17:37 SRArlington
8.12Zane Blanken
18:26 PRArlington
9.11Colin Watts
18:31 SRArlington
10Aldiat Burch
18:38 PRLynnwood
11.11Casey Sharpe
18:54 PRArlington
12.9Isaac Davis
19:25 SRArlington
13.10Adam Knight
19:42 PRArlington
14.11Jacob Payne
19:45 PRArlington
15.9Nathaniel Alexander
19:46 SRArlington
13.10Brian Germeaux
19:49 SRMonroe
11Spencer Willard
19:51 SRLynnwood
15.10Jacob Gepner
19:52 SRMonroe
19.9Michael Gross
20:06 PRArlington
17.9Connor Slobojan
20:10 PRMonroe
10Michael Kilgore
20:28 PRLynnwood
19.12Chris Concha
20:32 SRMonroe
23.9Josh Cook
20:33 SRArlington
24.10Tyler Ivester
20:36 SRArlington
25.11Adam Lefebvre
20:38 SRArlington
26.10Zachary Hartman
21:26 SRArlington
27.9Trent Henry
21:27 SRArlington
28.9Micah Anderson
21:28 PRArlington
29.10Nicolas Millerup
21:45 PRArlington
27.10Isaac Mudge-Nagel
21:58 SRMonroe
11Eric Strong
22:02 SRLynnwood
12Collin Decker
22:10 SRLynnwood
12Liam Mortell
22:22 PRLynnwood
31.10Zack Miller
22:24 SRMonroe
12Lorenz Barias
23:00 SRLynnwood
9Kai Decker
23:02 SRLynnwood
37.9Jacob Sullivan
23:22 PRArlington
38.9Jake Knight
23:29 PRArlington
39.12Mark Mason
24:10 PRArlington
10Jason Mutuc
24:34 PRLynnwood
38.10Bryant Donner
24:39 PRMonroe
39.9Kyle Nordby
24:55 SRMonroe
43.9Tanner Emery
25:02 PRArlington
41.10Scott Jensen
25:10 SRMonroe
9Max Rimando
26:04 SRLynnwood
43.10Alex Reyes
27:33 PRMonroe
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Womens Results


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