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Wayne Memorial HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Wayne Memorial HS

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.South Lyon27
2.South Lyon East31
3.Wayne Memorial82
4.Garden City110

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jerod Allen
17:39.9South Lyon
2.12Adam Caruso
17:42.1South Lyon East
3.11Josh Chezick
18:28.2South Lyon
4.12Brent Peruski
18:48.2South Lyon
5.10Xander Cronin
18:50.3South Lyon East
6.12Matt Meyerink
18:51.2South Lyon East
7.12Charles Marchand
19:06.5South Lyon East
8.11Jamie Carranza Jr
19:19.5Wayne Memorial
9.12Marshall Thelen
19:21.8South Lyon
10.10Joey Younkin
19:30.5South Lyon
11.11Carter Reeds
19:34.1South Lyon East
12.11Josh Clark
19:34.6South Lyon East
13.9Jack Marchand
19:48.1South Lyon East
14.11Max Hoorn
19:50.7South Lyon East
15.12Brian Harmon
19:55.8South Lyon
16.12Tim Slavik
20:04.0South Lyon
17.11Gus Aburto
20:20.2South Lyon East
18.12Adam Lyons
20:21.1South Lyon
19.9Connor Hudgens
20:26.6South Lyon
20.12Kaleb Allen
20:38.2Wayne Memorial
21.10Jonathan Allen
20:41.9South Lyoncorrects name duplicat
21.10Jon Allen
20:41.9South Lyon
23.12Justin Outlaw
21:25.3Garden City
24.11Sagib Garcia
21:26.8Wayne Memorial
25.11Tyler Westfall
22:00.0Wayne Memorial
26.10David Gausden
22:04.1Garden City
27.12Joe-Ryan Curtis
22:07.9South LyonCorrects the spelling
27.-Joe Curtis
22:07.9 PRSouth Lyon
28.10Andrew Winters
22:19.1Wayne Memorial
29.12Justin Carbary
22:33.9South Lyon Corrects the spelling
29.-J Cartary
22:33.9 PRSouth Lyon
30.12Bryan Cooney
23:06.5South Lyon
31.12Zachary Nurnberger
23:47.5South Lyon
32.10Jordan Schema
24:37.8Garden City
33.12Trever Lloyd
26:15.3Wayne Memorial
34.11Dennis Williams
27:08.3Wayne Memorial
35.10Justin Noble-Shankin
30:10.8Garden City
36.9Lucas Geimer
30:22.7Garden City
37.9Andrew Hynek
32:00.4Garden City
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.South Lyon23
2.South Lyon East35

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Evan Leslie
20:19.03South Lyon
2.10Zach Wiseman
21:06.41South Lyon East
3.10Roy Swartzinski
21:19.88South Lyon East
4.10Valentin Schnitzel
21:33.31South Lyon
5.9Greg Jowett
21:52.18South Lyon
5.-G Jomelt
21:52.18 PRSouth Lyon
6.12Aidan Fallon
21:59.15South Lyon
7.11Ty Morgan
22:08.44South Lyon
8.12Ethan Novilla
22:12.00South Lyon East
9.10Chris Sadler
22:12.81South Lyon
10.10Kyle Haling
22:13.52South Lyon East
11.10Brett Wilson
22:30.03South Lyon
12.10Andrew Williams
22:55.15South Lyon
13.10Nik Bauer
23:03.91South Lyon
14.9Andrew Liskey
23:15.15South Lyon East
15.9Kevin Liddell
23:18.84South Lyon
16.10David Daliege
23:24.22South Lyon East
17.9Jacob Tabatowski-B...
23:32.00South Lyon
18.9Gavin Hovey
23:39.84South Lyon East
19.10Griffin Klevering
23:40.59South Lyon
20.10Braden Heiler
23:41.82South Lyon
21.9Ian Gesler
23:48.89South Lyon
22.9Jacob London
23:56.09South Lyon
23.9Josh Meyerink
24:05.72South Lyon East
24.11Michael Brown
24:17.44South Lyon East
25.10Ryan DeBruyne
24:28.59South Lyon
26.11Adam Leshok
24:33.00South Lyon
27.9Haden Gallentine
25:38.50South Lyon
28.9Joshua Harper
26:46.28Wayne Memorial
29.11Louis Barati
26:53.38South Lyon East
30.9Kolby Hood
27:05.69Wayne Memorial
31.10Stirling Boothe
27:10.81South Lyon East
32.9Ethan Poet
27:11.98 SRSouth Lyon
33.9Joe-David Curtis
27:47.08South LyonFixes a name duplicate
33.-Joe Curtis
27:47.08South Lyon
34.9Alex Nelson
28:51.34South Lyon
35.11Spencer Hoffman
29:53.00South Lyon
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