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3,000 Meters Middle School4:30 PM

Catlin Gabel HS

5,000 Meters High School5:00 PM
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3,000 Meters Middle School4:30 PM

Catlin Gabel HS

5,000 Meters High School5:00 PM

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Last Updated 5:18 PM, Wed, Sep 16


Coaches, welcome to the Catlin Gabel Handicapper!  

Is a 3.1 mile course over a hilly terrain on our campus.  We start and end on the track.  Runners are sent out based on the time they will finish.  So each athlete has a chance to win the race regardless of how fast they are.   To this end, we have the bulk of runners coming in at once, it’s a very exciting finish.

Please come with your athletes handicap to the :30s.   We will be going off a 30 min clock, so if you think your runner can finish the course in 30 min, their handicap is 0:00 and they start with the gun, if you think your athlete can finish the course in 21:00, their handicap is 9:00 and they leave nine minutes after the gun is shot, if you think your runner can finish in 18:30, their handicap is 11:30 and they leave 11:30 after the gun is shot.  We will call out the groups of handicaps every thirty seconds until all the runners are on the course.


This year we will have Dan Bowdoin from Athletic Timing Services time the race with chips.  This means, no end of the race calculations and the results will be posted on…..  The cost of this awesome service is $40 per high school team and $30 per middle school team.  Checks can be brought to the race or sent directly to the school: Catlin Gabel School, attn: Sandy Luu Athletic Director, 8825 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225.


Please have your entries into by Saturday 9/19 evening 8pm.


Please be aware of uneven terrain.

High school athletes walking the course should be aware of the middle school meet that is in progress.

Have a great race!

Middle School

The course is a hilly 3k course run co-ed. It is a straight-forward race, no handicap.


Last Updated 5:19 PM, Wed, Sep 16

Course Map  (coaches)

Last Updated 11:02 AM, Wed, Sep 16

Attaching Your IPICO Timing Tag (Timing Chip)  (coaches)

Attaching Your IPICO Timing Tag (Timing Chip)

Your athletes must wear the timing chip in order to get an official time and place.  NO TAG, NO TIME.

Your timing tag is not disposable…we will collect all timing tags after each race.  Coaches, please be aware that there will be a $10.00 charge per chip not returned to the race official.

Attach one chip to a shoe.  Make sure the number on the chip matches your bib number.  We prefer that you attach the chip with the provided Orange Twist Ties.  At the conclusion of the race the chip will be cut off the shoe.

Directions for attaching the chip to the shoe:
1.    With shoe laced slide each TIE under two rows of the shoe lace.
2.    Attach the chip to the TIE by inserting each end through the chip in a horizontal (straight across) direction.
3.    Snug up the TIE into place.  TWIST the tie to secure the chip to your shoe. Follow the same procedure for the second TIE. 
4.    Chips MUST be attached to the shoe.  DO NOT run with the chips in your hand, pocket or pinned to your running top.  


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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Gilkey International81
3.Southwest Christian88
5.Oregon Episcopal110
6.Horizon Christian120
7.Catlin Gabel140

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Brayden Rutledge
11:34.7Southwest Christian
2.6John Schuler
11:47.0St. Stephen's Academy
3.8Christian Purdy
4.8Cam McChesney
5.8Jonathan Moravec
6.6Tucker Bowerfind
12:45.2Oregon Episcopal
7.6Joshua Hamlett
13:03.9Catlin Gabel
8.8Aidan Lowery
9.7Jaden Rotter
13:23.6Gilkey International
10.7Giuliano Scasso
13:29.1Gilkey International
11.8Isaiah Bamford
12.7Cavan Chupp
13:37.4Southwest Christian
13.7Brennan Tompkins
14.8Zakary Clairmont
15.6Colin Friend
13:47.6St. Stephen's Academy
16.8Zachary Rector
13:55.5Portland Jewish Acad...
17.8Ashok Khare
13:57.0Oregon Episcopal
18.8Joseph Suh
14:00.8Faith Bible Christian
19.6Spencer Rutledge
14:02.3Southwest Christian
20.8Gabe Goldsmith
14:19.6Horizon Christian
21.6Nathan Friesen
14:20.1St. Stephen's Academy
22.8TJ Hagen
14:20.3Horizon Christian
23.6Calvin Driesner
14:21.3Southwest Christian
24.7Mick Leungpathomaram
14:27.8Catlin Gabel
25.7Alex Patton
26.8Seth Cain
14:39.8Horizon Christian
27.7Theo Nims
14:40.2Gilkey International
28.7Evan Wehbe
14:40.9Gilkey International
29.7Cooper Kingsbury
14:41.2Gilkey International
30.8Alexander Hamstreet
14:52.2 PRRiverdale
31.6Eli Fitch
32.7Sam Lamb
15:04.8Oregon Episcopal
33.7Slavik Kulchitsky
34.6Alexander Aguilar
35.7Jayden McKenney
15:09.7 PRCorbett
36.8Jack Wentzein
15:16.5Gilkey International
37.6Tyler Edwards
15:40.5Oregon Episcopal
38.5Isaiah Hanna
39.8James Lane
16:01.5Catlin Gabel
40.6Jack Fraley
16:04.9Horizon Christian
41.7Nicholas Williams
16:08.0Horizon Christian
42.6Miles Ward
16:08.0Portland Jewish Acad...
43.6Daniel Kornblit
16:10.0Portland Jewish Acad...
44.7Jameson DeNyse
16:10.8Oregon Episcopal
45.6Kai Demorest
16:11.6Oregon Episcopal
46.8Grant Eastham
47.8Luke Eyerly
16:20.4Horizon Christian
48.6Andrea Grasso
16:25.1Catlin Gabel
49.4Ari Waite
16:26.6Oregon Episcopal
50.7Grady Spencer
16:37.9Horizon Christian
51.6Shail Weesner
17:34.0Gilkey International
52.6Patrick Barnette
17:52.4Oregon Episcopal
53.7Max Doulis
17:58.8Gilkey International
54.6Kamran Ahmed
18:02.8Catlin Gabel
55.7Luke Stanley
18:09.6Oregon Episcopal
56.8Jack Bride
57.7Benjamin Christian...
18:17.7Southwest Christian
58.8Michael Price
59.6Quaid Baldes
18:28.9Horizon Christian
60.8Robert duPlessis
61.8Hudson Andrews
62.7Kennin Martin
18:33.2Oregon Episcopal
63.6Otto Wang
18:36.8 PRRiverdale
64.7Carter Dyck
18:43.4Southwest Christian
65.6Lawrence Yauney
19:04.5Faith Bible Christian
66.6Adam Rapp
67.8Cole Crystal
68.6Carson Bride
69.6Tristan Gallardo
70.8Jaeden Abel
71.6Baden Van Huis
72.7Diego Lovato
73.8Xavier Clark
74.6Max Hickman
75.6Jamison Nemecek
22:48.5Faith Bible Christian
76.7Hayden Leinonen
77.7Elijah Mullins
78.6Logan Gillespie
23:58.4Gilkey International
79.8Ben Delzer
28:14.3Faith Bible Christian
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5,000 Meters High School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tyler Riddle
19:52.2Catlin Gabel
2.12Bryan Falls
20:22.6Rainier (OR)
3.11Johnathan Guisinger
20:22.8Rainier (OR)
4.12Nic Bergen
20:30.4Catlin Gabel
5.11John Graff
20:36.7Rainier (OR)
6.12Lucas White Moon
20:42.7Catlin Gabel
7.10Kyle Greenspan
20:59.4Catlin Gabel
8.11Gunnar Fairbairn
21:05.9Catlin Gabel
9.10Jacob Moore
10.11Charan Naidoo
21:29.2Catlin Gabel
11.12Jack Malsin
21:50.1Catlin Gabel
12.12Douglas Graham
22:21.1Portland Adventist
13.10Beau Griffith
22:21.1Portland Christian
14.9Nate McFaul
22:28.2 PRCatlin Gabel
15.11David Richtenburg
22:30.6Faith Bible Christian
16.11Will Conyers
22:38.7Catlin Gabel
17.10Marcell Simon
22:42.3Catlin Gabel
18.11Peter Krull
22:45.5Portland Adventist
19.11Andrew Eoff
22:46.9Portland Adventist
20.11Liam Wynne
23:00.0Catlin Gabel
21.9Chase Kellar
23:00.9Rainier (OR)
22.10Jac Coe
23.10Graeson Roll
23:07.6Faith Bible Christian
24.9Zach Nakamura
23:27.5Portland Adventist
25.10Aaron Leek
23:37.0 SRPortland Adventist
26.9Finn Knauss
23:37.3Portland Adventist
27.10Logan Harrison
23:37.4 SRPortland Adventist
28.10Wils Haffner
23:45.7Portland Adventist
29.11Noah Paez
23:46.6 PRPortland Adventist
30.11Patrick Knapp
23:50.0Portland Adventist
31.10Will Harmon
23:53.8Catlin Gabel
32.11Jonathan Adkinson
33.11Logan Davidson
24:09.7Rainier (OR)
34.12Corbin Helms
24:12.7Faith Bible Christian
35.10Jaden Corley
36.9Jared Goodwin
24:58.4Rainier (OR)
37.10Andrew Look
25:00.7Catlin Gabel
38.10Connor Hood
25:02.3Faith Bible Christian
39.11Chris Cote
25:31.1Rainier (OR)
40.9Jack Richardson
25:37.6Rainier (OR)
41.11Alex Hendricks
42.12Adam Nakamura
25:47.5Portland Adventist
43.11Nolan Abell
25:53.9Rainier (OR)
44.9Mathus Leungpathom...
26:00.4Catlin Gabel
45.9Kenneth Guerr
26:12.1Rainier (OR)
46.10William Seekamp
26:25.0Catlin Gabel
47.10Aaron Wong
26:25.6Portland Adventist
48.11David Placido
26:59.6Rainier (OR)
49.11Hunter Fillis
27:21.8Portland Christian
50.11Max Ilie
28:14.4Portland Christian
51.11Hunter Pierce
28:14.7Rainier (OR)
52.10Adoniah Simon
28:36.0Portland Adventist
53.11Reece Lowry
28:38.7Rainier (OR)
54.9Ethan Buss
28:53.5Rainier (OR)
55.9Bryan Points
56.9Gavin Thorud
57.10Nate Strong
58.11Jacob Daskalakis
31:19.9Faith Bible Christian
59.10Justin Gwinner
60.12Logan Crawford
32:49.7Rainier (OR)
61.12Jimyoung Kim
33:03.9Rainier (OR)
62.9Zach Yontz
33:42.1Faith Bible Christian
63.11Shane Bergeron
33:44.9Rainier (OR)
64.9Jaeden Robb
33:48.0Rainier (OR)
65.9David Liu
33:49.7Catlin Gabel
66.11Elijah Ford
35:03.6Rainier (OR)
67.9Quintin Jurgensen
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Catlin Gabel23
2.Gilkey International57
3.Oregon Episcopal72
4.Horizon Christian90

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Alexandria Nagy
13:11.5Catlin Gabel
2.5Sadie Drucker
13:24.0Portland Jewish Acad...
3.8Kiran Weasel
13:29.9Catlin Gabel
4.7Ellie Arzie
13:32.2Southwest Christian
5.6Anna Semler
13:35.3Catlin Gabel
6.6Megan Cover
13:38.4Catlin Gabel
7.8Ava Casalino
14:04.6Oregon Episcopal
8.8Allie Thigpen
14:11.9Gilkey International
9.8Isabella Oliver-St...
14:14.0Portland Jewish Acad...
10.6Olyvia Oeverman
14:32.1St. Stephen's Academy
11.7Hannah Sutherland
14:44.5Horizon Christian
12.7Isabel Koerner
14:45.8 PRGilkey International
13.8Abbi Zuber
14.7Genevieve Bailly
15:38.3Oregon Episcopal
15.8Carly O'Donnell
15:52.6Gilkey International
16.7Annala Swafford
15:58.3Gilkey International
17.6Zara Rancourt
16:11.0Portland Christian
18.6Kira Wang
16:11.1Catlin Gabel
19.8Sydney Crawford
20.7Grace Armstrong
16:26.1Oregon Episcopal
21.6Julia Ratten
16:26.6St. Stephen's Academy
22.7Kinsey Davis
16:27.9Horizon Christian
23.6Sophia Fields
16:32.7Catlin Gabel
24.7Mara Alfrey
16:40.4Catlin Gabel
25.6Isabella Phillips
16:42.4Portland Jewish Acad...
26.7Isabella Ponce
16:48.1Oregon Episcopal
27.8Ailey Johnson
16:49.1Gilkey International
28.8Annabelle Martin
29.6Bailee Olson
16:57.0Horizon Christian
30.7Rilla Stubblefield
17:15.0Southwest Christian
31.6Karlyn Six
17:23.6St. Stephen's Academy
32.7Lilly Stephenson
17:31.0Horizon Christian
33.6Zia Ma
17:31.2Catlin Gabel
34.7Madison Bradley
17:37.1Oregon Episcopal
35.8Ashley Campbell
17:37.2Faith Bible Christian
36.6Sophia Mauro
17:44.2Catlin Gabel
37.7Regan Szambelan
17:49.6Horizon Christian
38.7Claire Koerner
18:02.7Gilkey International
39.6Ellie Aho
40.6Eva Bergeron
18:03.9St. Stephen's Academy
41.5Meg Huwe
42.7Emma Cordova
18:12.7Gilkey International
43.7Sierra Sierra
18:18.2Southwest Christian
44.8Regan Zielinski
45.7Kristin Cohrs
18:33.4Catlin Gabel
46.7Shanaya Nelson
18:59.0 PRCorbett
47.7Lilly Boothe
48.6Annabel Flannagan
49.6Maddie Ragalie
50.7Adie Adams
51.6Audrey Nguyen
52.8Claire Hamilton
53.7Gaby Abac
54.6Peyton Crape
55.6Grace Simonson
23:58.2Horizon Christian
56.8Laura Chupp
24:19.2Southwest Christian
57.6Jessa Leontiev
58.8Taylor Logan
59.7Caelyn Marshall
60.7Luci Ontiverous
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5,000 Meters High School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Maya Rayle
21:13.7Catlin Gabel
2.11Samantha Slusher
22:56.0Catlin Gabel
3.12Clareesa Kuebler
23:40.9 PRPortland Adventist
4.12Christine Sveistru...
5.11Aliya Mahmoud
24:32.7Catlin Gabel
6.9Haley Bernard
25:10.1Catlin Gabel
7.11Riley Richardson
26:56.2Rainier (OR)
8.11Amanda Jurgensen
9.11Bethany Shefstad
10.10Lauren Solari
28:28.2Portland Adventist
11.10Anita Sperl
28:37.1Portland Adventist
12.10Megan Clark
30:16.9Rainier (OR)
13.11Jaymie Holland
30:37.1Rainier (OR)
14.12Michelle Allan
30:49.6Faith Bible Christian
15.12Hannah Clark
30:59.0 SRRainier (OR)
16.10Claire Dugger
31:15.4Portland Christian
17.10Emily Livingstone
31:31.1Catlin Gabel
18.10Sandra Sy
31:56.4Portland Christian
19.10Lydia Mumford
32:00.5Portland Christian
20.11Jaedyn Crape
32:05.3Rainier (OR)
21.10Ameya Okamoto
32:19.9Catlin Gabel
22.10Autumn Rankin
33:31.2Rainier (OR)
23.11Megan Dutro
34:06.6Faith Bible Christian
24.12Sarah Probasco
35:14.8Rainier (OR)
25.11Kira La Sage
35:29.7Portland Adventist
26.11Bella Mal
35:57.0Portland Adventist
27.10Skyla Ade
40:31.3Rainier (OR)
28.10Tashina Morton
40:49.2Rainier (OR)
29.10Kasidy Engen
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