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5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM
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5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Charles Wright Academy33
2.Bellevue Christian36
3.Vashon Island79
4.Seattle Christian81

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Craig Lambert
16:32 PRBellevue Christian
2.10Adam Berg
17:06Charles Wright Academy
3.10Jared Donnel
17:14Bellevue Christian
4.9Eric Jones
17:43Charles Wright Academy
5.10Gianno Waller
17:53 PRVashon Island
6.9AJ Taghavi
18:16Charles Wright Academy
7.12Scott Graves
18:23Bellevue Christian
8.11Kevin Smith
18:41Bellevue Christian
9.9Mitchell Henry
18:51 SRSeattle Christian
10.9Carson Schauer
18:59 SRCharles Wright Academy
11.10Jonathan Zacarias
19:02Charles Wright Academy
12.10Hunter Justis
19:03 SRVashon Island
13.10Michael Saffari
19:05 SRCharles Wright Academy
14.11Andrew Neumann
19:09 SRSeattle Christian
15.11Isaac Hughes
19:16Vashon Island
16.9Cole Diffner
19:18 SRSeattle Christian
17.10Parker Burbridge
19:34 SRBellevue Christian
18.11Luke Miller
19:39 SRBellevue Christian
19.11Daniel Burnett
19:45 SRBellevue Christian
20.11Connor Ridings
19:49 PRSeattle Christian
21.10Conrad Johnson
19:58 SRCharles Wright Academy
22.10Rohan Sandoval
20:13Charles Wright Academy
23.9Duncan Saggau
20:20 PRSeattle Christian
24.12Tim Tang
20:24 PRBellevue Christian
25.12Gabriele Oliera
20:39Vashon Island
26.10Jason Li
20:49 SRCharles Wright Academy
27.10Bennett Latendresse
20:54 PRCharles Wright Academy
28.9Victor Waller
20:55 SRBellevue Christian
29.10Theo Hu
20:59 SRVashon Island
30.10Collin Protzeller
21:06Vashon Island
31.10Jared Khanna
21:09 PRCharles Wright Academy
32.9Garrett Mueller
21:10Vashon Island
33.11Dalton Saggau
21:13Seattle Christian
34.11Michael McLoughlin
21:30 SRBellevue Christian
35.11John Kehl
21:37Vashon Island
36.11Ryan Minami
21:54 SRSeattle Christian
37.12Yuzhi Shao
22:07 PRCharles Wright Academy
38.11Joseph Peder
22:15 SRBellevue Christian
39.12Ryan Burnett
22:24 SRBellevue Christian
40.9Se Yun Han
22:27 SRBellevue Christian
41.12Owen Fitz
22:40 PRCharles Wright Academy
42.12Brennen Kendall
22:47Charles Wright Academy
43.9Dylan Wile
22:52 SRSeattle Christian
44.9Chase Tucker
23:03 PRVashon Island
45.10Sam Plauche
23:07Vashon Island
46.10Roger Jacobsen
23:18 PRVashon Island
47.11Jeffrey Ye
23:28Charles Wright Academy
48.12Adam Pinkerton
23:45 SRBellevue Christian
49.11Mikhail Hemmerling
23:47Seattle Christian
50.11Adam Kraabel
23:54Vashon Island
51.9Dylan Snodgrass
24:15 SRVashon Island
52.10Elvis Qiao
24:39 SRBellevue Christian
53.10Louis Chai
25:06 SRCharles Wright Academy
54.9Henry Comfort
25:14 PRCharles Wright Academy
55.10Leon Lu
25:29 PRBellevue Christian
56.12David Walker
25:38Charles Wright Academy
57.9Kaleb Miller
26:55Bellevue Christian
9Galway Gao
DQCharles Wright Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Vashon Island33
2.Seattle Christian43
3.Charles Wright Academy73
4.Bellevue Christian79

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Sage Gibson
20:08.14Seattle Christian
2.11Rachelle Mayes
20:47.27 SRSeattle Christian
3.9Lucy Boyle
21:34.26Vashon Island
4.11Selena Mildon
21:43.31 SRVashon Island
5.10Jennifer Hoag
21:53.23Seattle Christian
6.10Ann Thompson
22:20.19 SRCharles Wright Academy
7.11Jessica Merritt
22:35.65Vashon Island
8.11Annie Muller
22:47.94 SRVashon Island
9.11Gabby Watson
22:56.38Seattle Christian
10.11Kassie Mastras
23:03.84 SRCharles Wright Academy
11.11Eva Anderson
23:07.72Vashon Island
12.9Gracie Hinz
23:15.17 PRBellevue Christian
13.10Kayli Nienaber
23:16.43 PRBellevue Christian
14.12Natalie VanDevanter
23:16.89 SRVashon Island
15.9Lexi Bold
23:17.36 PRBellevue Christian
16.11Jane Oswald
23:26.86Vashon Island
17.12Leila Praino
23:30 PRBellevue Christian
18.9Maddie Albers
23:50.84Charles Wright Academy
19.9Madison Allen
23:59.38Charles Wright Academy
20.12Taryn Mulvihill
24:08.81 PRVashon Island
21.9Eunah Choi
24:10.47Charles Wright Academy
22.9Clara Atwell
24:18.73Vashon Island
23.11Aria Mildon
24:32.24Vashon Island
24.11Savannah Sclair
24:44.41 PRCharles Wright Academy
25.9Simone Newcomb
24:51.20 SRVashon Island
26.10Liah Tian
24:59.26 SRBellevue Christian
27.12Rebecca Dideriksen
25:09.13 PRBellevue Christian
28.10Hannah Praino
25:22.93 PRBellevue Christian
29.12Sarah Pemberton
25:53.70 SRCascade Christian
30.9Charen Cruz
25:59.92Charles Wright Academy
31.11Ena Shepard
26:36.96Charles Wright Academy
32.9Hannah Scharrer
27:02.11Charles Wright Academy
33.10Naomi Klimek
27:40.64Seattle Christian
34.9Kira Boyce
28:06.79Charles Wright Academy
35.12Aubrey Kraabel
28:16.28Vashon Island
36.9Paisley Lieske
28:32.52 SRVashon Island
37.11Ellie Hughes
28:37.28Vashon Island
38.9Annabelle Allen
29:45.65Vashon Island
39.12Audrey Benner
30:26.69Vashon Island
40.11Marie Kiev
31:11.64Vashon Island
41.10Maria Klimek
31:29.31 PRSeattle Christian
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