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Mens Races

Grace Will Country Club - Kenowa Hills

5,000 Meters Black Race5:15 PM
5,000 Meters Gold Race7:45 PM
Womens Races

Grace Will Country Club - Kenowa Hills

5,000 Meters Black Race4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Gold Race7:00 PM

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Gracewil Golf Course


            Gracewil Golf Course
            Off 4 Mile Road between Walker Ave. and Fruitridge.


Black Race

East Grand Rapids                Box 1
Grand Haven                         Box 2
Grandville                              Box 3
Jenison                                  Box 4
Kenowa Hills                         Box 5
Mona Shores                         Box 6
Northview                              Box 7
Wyoming                               Box 8


Gold Race

              Catholic Central                   Box 1
              Cedar Springs                      Box 2 
Grand Rapids Track             Box 3
Lakewood                            Box 4
Sparta                                  Box 5
Spring Lake                         Box 6
Thornapple Kellogg             Box 7
Zeeland West                      Box 8


            Black Races

                        4:30 Girls Race

                        5:15 Boys Race

            Gold Race

                        7:00 Girls Race

                        7:45 Boys Racw


All entries will be done on  Entries will be due on at 11:59 a.m. on Thursday the 20th.  If you have additions to your line-up they need to be added before the girl’s race.


Spectators will be able to park at the Gracewil Golf Course, but there will be a $10 charge per car as parking is limited.  Free parking will be available at the High school with shuttle service to and from the race location.  Please make sure you tell people to arrive early so they have time to get to the race. Parking will not be available on 4 mile road. The golf course parking will fill up fast.


The buses will be dropping students off in the church on 4-mile, 300 feet west of the Gracewill entrance, and then parking at the high school. The drivers will be able to ride the shuttle bus over. Once the meet is finished the busses will be able to pick runners up at the drop off location.


Tents may be set up in the designated area only.  Please make sure that the tent does not obstruct the line of sight between the starter and the head timer.


            Shirts will be for sale for $15 near the team camps.


            Trophies:       First and second place boys and girls varsity teams.

            Medals:         Top 20 in both the boys and girls race                           

            Medals will be presented in the race chute as the runners finish.

            Trophies will be presented immediately following the final race


The Kenowa Hills invitational will be conducted using championship meet format. We will have one race for girls and boys.  We will take the top seven runners for each school to score the meet. The top five runners will be used for the teams score, and the 6th and 7th runners will be used as pushers.


            $110 for both boys and girls teams

            Make checks payable to: Kenowa Hills Athletic Department


We are guests of GraceWil Golf Course and would like to continue using these facilities in the future. Your cooperation in discouraging littering and damage to the buildings and grounds will be greatly appreciated.  NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED AT THE FACILITY.


Lance Jones

Phone 616-560-8918

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Black Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.East Grand Rapids42
3.Grand Haven56
4.Muskegon Mona Shores108
5.GR Northview123
6.GR_Kenowa Hills157

Hypothetical Scores

12Boony Merryweather
1.10Jack Nicholson
16:36.4Grand Haven
2.12Matthew Levitt
16:56.9East Grand Rapids
3.11Cade Vruggink
17:00.8East Grand Rapids
4.11Tyler Menhart
17:11.2GR Northview
5.12Kellen Rau
6.12Nick MacGeorge
17:13.8East Grand Rapids
7.11Quentin Couvelaire
17:14.5Grand Haven
8.11Jacob Kenny
9.11Shawn Roncka
10.9Caleb Hodgkinson
17:28.0GR_Kenowa Hills
11.10Cade Poland
17:30.3Muskegon Mona Shores
12.11Eric Johnson
17:30.6Grand Haven
13.12Jake Randall
14.11Stephen McGraw
15.10Joe Meston
17:53.0East Grand Rapids
16.9Andrew Periard
17:55.6East Grand Rapids
17.12Jordan Diephouse
18:00.4Grand Haven
18.12Zeke Clark
18:08.0Muskegon Mona Shores
19.11Dominic Hentemann
18:09.3Grand Haven
20.12Tyler Gagnon
18:10.5Muskegon Mona Shores
21.12Joe Kapustka
18:14.2GR Northview
22.9Kyle Eveland
18:18.9Grand Haven
23.9Aidan Martin
18:19.4Grand Haven
24.11Luke Larson
18:19.6 PRGR Northview
25.10Seth Strout
26.11Tom Stock
18:22.6Grand Haven
27.11Michael Uglietta
18:25.8East Grand Rapids
28.11Tristan Milarch
29.11Tyler Postema
18:33.6GR_Kenowa Hills
30.9Nick Dennison
18:34.6Muskegon Mona Shores
31.12Sean Halverson
18:43.2Muskegon Mona Shores
32.12Shayden Fisher
33.12Gabe Quinn
18:44.4GR_Kenowa Hills
34.11Ben Oostendorp
18:45.3 PREast Grand Rapids
35.9Brayden Reid
18:47.4 PRGrandvilledid not run
36.12Mitchell Hiller
37.11Davion Pearson
19:01.1East Grand Rapids
38.9Seth Damstra
19:01.7East Grand Rapids
39.9Sam Missel
19:04.6Grand Haven
40.10Emory Etienne
19:09.9East Grand Rapids
41.9Nathan Wolffis
19:11.8Grand Haven
42.11Allen Rademaker
19:13.5Grand Haven
43.9Xavier Harrell
19:14.5East Grand Rapids
44.10Judson Walsh
19:17.3GR Northview
45.11Harry Hevelhurst
46.12Xavier Manning
19:21.8GR Northview
47.11Jake Phillips
19:22.6Grand Haven
48.10Eli Fournier
19:23.7GR Northview
49.12Colin Raab
50.12Connor Weber
19:28.1Grand Haven
51.9Caleb Borns
19:29.8Grand Haven
52.11Josh Greiffendorf
19:30.1 SRGR Northview
53.10Jonathan Yepez
19:31.3East Grand Rapids
54.11Jack Theut
19:32.9 SREast Grand Rapids
55.11Sam Powell
19:33.9Muskegon Mona Shores
56.11Ian Jenkins
19:35.5East Grand Rapids
57.10Jeremy Yow
19:36.1GR_Kenowa Hills
58.11Alec Greenway
19:36.4GR_Kenowa Hills
59.10Jack Guimieny
60.11Hayden Johnson
61.9Ethan Klaiss
19:38.3GR Northview
62.9Chris Bruinsma
19:38.7East Grand Rapids
63.10Gavin Tucker
64.12Aaron DenBesten
65.9Devin Scott
19:40.1GR Northview
66.9Alec Kowalski
67.10Keegan Sullivan
19:44.1 SREast Grand Rapids
68.9Ian Irish
19:47.1 PRGR_Kenowa Hills
69.10Sam Hoffman
19:51.8East Grand Rapids
70.11Nathaniel Walsh
19:53.9GR Northview
71.11Conner Kellogg
72.9Owen deJong
19:57.2 PREast Grand Rapids
73.9Chris Salgado
74.11Cameron Snoap
20:03.8 PRGrandville
75.9Dominic Weatherwax
20:05.0Grand Haven
76.9Frank Frisinger
20:10.3Grand Haven
77.10Brady Olson
78.10Carter Chylek
79.9Trevor Molina
20:15.5GR_Kenowa Hills
80.9Haram Gil
20:17.7GR Northview
81.12Noah Mazure
82.12Jon Krebs
20:25.5GR Northview
83.12Zach DeFouw
20:27.5GR_Kenowa Hills
84.11Andrew Christian
20:27.8GR Northview
85.10Brendan Kelly
20:30.1Grand Haven
86.9Quinn Allchin
20:31.6East Grand Rapids
87.12Robby McKay
20:35.5East Grand Rapids
88.9Carter Zolman
89.11Jared Haney
90.12Jacob Walters
91.12Lloyd Cisneros
20:37.9Muskegon Mona Shores
92.10Seth Smith
20:39.4Muskegon Mona Shores
93.10Casey Wilfong
94.12Colin Freeman
95.10Preston Fawcett
96.11Ben Ingall
20:42.4Grand Haven
97.12Buster Bedrosian
20:42.7Grand Haven
98.9Jack Reus
20:43.1Grand Haven
99.11Austin Slachter
100.11Ben Collins
20:43.6East Grand Rapids
101.11Ben Loos
20:43.9East Grand Rapids
102.9Bryce Wright
103.9Nicholas Arnold
20:44.9GR Northview
104.11Connor Piotrzkowski
20:46.1Grand Haven
105.12Adam Leale
106.10Nick Douglas
20:48.8East Grand Rapids
107.12Calvin Zabrocki
20:50.1Muskegon Mona Shores
108.10Max Julien
20:52.3GR Northview
109.10David Tay
20:55.8GR Northview
110.11Devin Baab
20:58.5GR Northview
111.10Joseph Hartwell
21:00.4GR Northview
112.10Caleb Eastman
21:07.8GR Northview
113.12Connor Edlund
21:08.6Muskegon Mona Shores
114.9Patrick Smith
21:12.2East Grand Rapids
115.11Drew Henman
21:12.4Grand Haven
116.10Raul Valdez
117.12Zach McKinnon
21:17.1Grand Haven
118.12Greg Beaudoin
21:18.9Muskegon Mona Shores
119.10Nate Oostendorp
21:19.4East Grand Rapids
120.11Matthew George
21:21.6Grand Haven
121.9Keegan Langeler
21:23.9Grand Haven
122.9Kurt Lablanc
21:26.5Grand Haven
123.11David Dankowski
124.10Bryce Kent
21:28.6GR Northview
125.10Jack Mazurek
21:36.2GR Northview
126.9Daaron Fleeger
127.10Tyler Reno
128.10Alex Robinson
129.9Carlos Rappleye
21:55.6Grand Haven
130.9Jake Oosterink
131.9Max Sepeshy
22:03.6Grand Haven
132.9Isaac Steers
22:04.7GR_Kenowa Hills
133.9Kyle Cochran
22:08.7GR_Kenowa Hills
134.12Justin McPherson
22:09.8Muskegon Mona Shores
135.11Sam Britten
136.12Antonio Musa
22:15.8Muskegon Mona Shores
137.9Chap Morris
138.11Geo Hernandez
139.12Nick Szymanski
140.10Hamin Gil
22:25.2GR Northview
141.12McCain Schwaiger
22:27.4 SRGrandville
142.9Caden Hembrough
143.9Dylan Bergman
144.9Josh Menhart
22:34.8GR Northview
145.11Hunter Noorman
146.9Mason Priest
147.10Jayson Klein
148.10Dylan Topliff
22:48.3Grand Haven
149.9Victor Chemjor
150.12Weston Early
22:56.4East Grand Rapids
151.10Austin Sova
23:02.4GR Northview
152.12Ben Jee
23:02.9Muskegon Mona Shores
153.10Shawn Smith
23:11.6GR_Kenowa Hills
155.11Danny Childs
23:13.9GR_Kenowa Hills
156.11Tyler Clifford
23:17.6GR Northview
157.10Alex Christian
23:28.3GR Northview
158.11Jeremiah Cerriteno
23:33.6GR Northview
159.11Steven Rankin
160.11Ben Hackett
23:51.4GR Northview
161.12Alina Molette
24:08.8 SRWyoming
162.11Stephen Webster
24:09.6Grand Haven
163.10Devon Fitzgerald
164.11Jacob Kooyer
24:15.4GR Northview
165.12Justin Tokarczyk
24:36.1Muskegon Mona Shores
166.9Logan Smith
166.9Caleb Jelsma-Cale
166.10Alexis Jimenez
166.11Dallas Wier
166.9Caleb Kehl
25:04.0Grand Haven
166.12Thomas Kromminga
25:04.0Muskegon Mona Shores
166.11Chris Leale
166.9Alex Light
166.9Jaden Gorsh
166.11Kyle Rohen
25:07.0GR Northview
166.9Lee Sailors
25:08.0Muskegon Mona Shores
166.9Brayden Haisma
166.10Paul Gross
25:10.0East Grand Rapids
166.9Ethan Grabill
166.10Gabe Bennett
25:12.0GR_Kenowa Hills
166.9Sebastian Reynolds
25:13.0GR Northview
166.12Emillio Tobar
25:14.0GR Northview
166.9Aiden Popour
166.12Isaac Knol
166.12Joel Friday
25:17.0Muskegon Mona Shores
166.11Pit Vollmers
25:18.0GR Northview
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5,000 Meters Gold Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Spring Lake47
2.Zeeland West77
4.GR_Catholic Central94
5.Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg94
6.Cedar Springs139
7.GR_Track Club/GR FIRE157

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Dylan Sykes
16:27.1GR_Catholic Central
2.11Luke Noah
16:43.7 SRMiddleville Thornapp...
3.10Cameron Thalhammer
16:45.9Spring Lake
4.12Lucas Piekarski
17:00.0Spring Lake
5.12Jarek Brower
17:18.9Zeeland West
6.12Michael Klein
17:21.7GR_Catholic Central
7.15-16Nathan Stout
17:24.7GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
8.10Dallas Mora
17:26.4Cedar Springs
9.9Andrew Hylen
17:28.1Spring Lake
10.11Matt Schmidt
17:30.3Spring Lake
11.12Andrew Thome
12.12Joe Gaikema
17:58.8Middleville Thornapp...
13.10Bryce Arredondo
17:59.3Zeeland West
14.11Trent Smith
15.9Matthew Converse
18:16.2Zeeland West
16.12Chris Thome
17.11Eric TerHaar
18:24.6Zeeland West
18.11Liam Perdue
18:25.9GR_Catholic Central
19.9Tommee Smith
20.11Erik Walter
18:29.5Middleville Thornapp...
21.12Will Warmoth
18:31.2Spring Lake
22.12Cameron Kyser
18:34.1Spring Lake
23.12Drayson Beyer
18:38.5Middleville Thornapp...
24.10Isaiah Johnson
25.11Tyler Lovell
18:44.2Cedar Springs
26.9Ben Hylen
18:44.7Spring Lake
27.11Ethan Schreur
18:54.8Zeeland West
28.12Grant Nelson
19:03.0Zeeland West
29.11Braden Kilpatrick
30.11John Galbraith
31.9Brayden Marvel
19:08.7Cedar Springs
32.17-18Caleb Eckl
19:12.8GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
33.10James Klein
19:13.6GR_Catholic Central
34.15-16Micah McFarlane
19:14.8GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
35.9Justin Postal
36.10Chase Whitlow
19:15.1Cedar Springs
37.12Josh Sullivan
19:18.2 PRGR_Catholic Central
38.10Will Brown
19:18.4Spring Lake
39.12Kyle Makarewicz
19:20.1Middleville Thornapp...
40.11John Sergeant
19:29.3GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
41.12Alex Ruter
19:39.4Spring Lake
42.11Joe Negen
19:43.8Spring Lake
43.10Andrew Sellon
19:45.2Spring Lake
44.10Ethan Wolters
19:46.4Zeeland West
45.10Evan Ream
19:47.1Cedar Springs
46.9Ethan Oudbier
47.12Remington Sawade
19:53.0Cedar Springs
48.11Aidan VanderTuin
19:53.5GR_Catholic Central
49.11Matthew Vannette
19:54.4Middleville Thornapp...
50.11Drew Vanderwall
51.12Reece DiGiovanna
20:07.9GR_Catholic Central
52.12Austin Veele
20:08.1Zeeland West
53.12Kevin Brown
20:08.3GR_Catholic Central
54.10Isaak Krantz
20:11.5GR_Catholic Central
55.10Nick Lauinger
20:14.9Spring Lake
56.12Connor Denning
20:18.0Spring Lake
57.11Spencer Irvine
20:20.3Middleville Thornapp...
58.9Matthew Vanderwall
20:21.2Spring Lake
59.10Jared Coad
20:22.2 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
60.12Charlie Crampton
20:22.7GR_Catholic Central
61.9Nathan Kinne
20:31.8Middleville Thornapp...
62.10Caleb Swenor
20:46.0Spring Lake
63.12Connor MacLachlan
20:48.8GR_Catholic Central
64.9Nick Stapleton
20:53.1GR_Catholic Central
65.12Matt Cassar
20:59.6Spring Lake
66.9Chase Devries
21:04.3 PRSpring Lake
67.9Dylan Muntter
21:12.3Zeeland West
68.11Sam VerHey
21:15.5Middleville Thornapp...
69.11Ayden Bolthouse
21:18.0Spring Lake
70.10Logan Jaglowski
21:18.8GR_Catholic Central
71.11Nick Hanson
72.12Jerry Scott
73.10Chris Joachin
21:27.3Zeeland West
74.11Kyle Finn
21:34.7GR_Catholic Central
75.12Thomas Pavey
21:39.3GR_Catholic Central
76.9Noah Krantz
21:39.9GR_Catholic Central
77.9Ethan Pennington
21:41.1 PRSpring Lake
78.10River Foco
21:50.1Zeeland West
79.11Evan Lounsbury
21:57.2Spring Lake
80.9Kyle Sokolowski
81.13-14Josiah Stiffler
21:59.2 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
82.9Josiah Eckl
22:03.1GR_Track Club/GR FIRE
83.10Nathan James
22:23.8 PRSpring Lake
84.10Eric Lastfogel
22:37.3GR_Catholic Central
85.12Jonathan Wolfarth
22:37.6Cedar Springs
86.9Austin Novakowski
22:44.9Zeeland West
87.9Louis Ortiz
88.9Ben Walters
23:10.6Spring Lake
89.9Jacob Tillmann
23:42.7Zeeland West
90.9Cameron Hall
23:56.1Spring Lake
91.9Devin Swatzell
24:18.4Cedar Springs
92.9Will Reinink
24:27.3Spring Lake
93.10Alex Phillips
24:37.3Middleville Thornapp...
94.9Evan Schock
24:45.7Spring Lake
94.11Ryan Wooten
96.9Ryan Richmond
24:46.5GR_Catholic Central
97.9Remington Ludtke
24:59.8Middleville Thornapp...
98.10Nate Barndt
25:01.2Zeeland West
99.12Marshal Gabala
25:02.4Spring Lake
100.10Zach VanAssen
25:35.6Cedar Springs
101.9Clark Vreeman
25:35.8Zeeland West
102.9Clayton Galy
26:10.8Spring Lake
103.10Ashton Maurer-Wagner
27:01.4Spring Lake
104.10Andrew Zonca
27:47.1Spring Lake
105.9Jack Leech
28:35.1Spring Lake
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Black Race

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.East Grand Rapids35
2.Grand Haven53
3.Muskegon Mona Shores84
4.GR_Kenowa Hills95
5.GR Northview127

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Madison Goen
18:31.6GR_Kenowa Hills
2.12Jackie Seward
19:49.5Muskegon Mona Shores
3.12Hannah Kenny
19:54.4Grand Haven
4.12Dylann Hodgkinson
19:55.4GR_Kenowa Hills
5.12Anna Laffrey
20:27.6East Grand Rapids
6.11Maddie McCahill
20:27.8East Grand Rapids
7.12Charlotte Etienne
20:29.1East Grand Rapids
8.10Sarah Cannon
20:31.8East Grand Rapids
9.10Kate O'Connell
20:36.8East Grand Rapids
10.9Audrey Whiteside
20:55.0East Grand Rapids
11.9Kelsie Bovee
20:56.3Grand Haven
12.9Abby Buitenhuis
21:01.1Grand Haven
13.11Eliza Lowe
21:02.1Grand Haven
14.11Andrea Strainer
21:11.7Grand Haven
15.11Rosemary Harms
21:12.6GR Northview
16.12Audrey Boersen
21:25.8Grand Haven
17.10Emily Mattson
21:26.3Grand Haven
18.9Abby Theodorsdottir
21:28.8East Grand Rapids
19.9Brianna Jhamb
21:30.8Grand Haven
20.10Peyton Erndteman
21:33.9Muskegon Mona Shores
21.11Annika Cotner
21:34.1Muskegon Mona Shores
22.10Adele Cory
21:34.7Muskegon Mona Shores
23.9Anna VanderLaan
21:35.1East Grand Rapids
24.9Emma Battle
21:35.8East Grand Rapids
25.11Auden Elliott
21:40.1East Grand Rapids
26.10Katherine Donnelly
21:41.1 SREast Grand Rapids
27.12Abby Keessen
21:42.5Muskegon Mona Shores
28.11Kirsten Prelesnik
21:46.2Grand Haven
29.10Katie Westfall
21:55.1GR_Kenowa Hills
30.11Rylee Rutherford
21:55.8Grand Haven
31.9Raegan Cox
22:04.7Muskegon Mona Shores
32.9Lauren Vanden Bosch
22:05.5East Grand Rapids
33.11Ellie Drake
22:05.6East Grand Rapids
34.9Julia Robinson
22:07.0Grand Haven
35.12Kelley Malewitz
22:09.2East Grand Rapids
36.11Olivia Buitenhuis
22:10.5Grand Haven
37.11Rachel Elder
22:11.1East Grand Rapids
38.10Renee Borchers
22:11.6Grand Haven
39.11Emily Roth
22:14.5East Grand Rapids
40.9Theadora Drake
22:15.7East Grand Rapids
41.11Emma Koski
22:23.8East Grand Rapids
42.10Julia Drabczyk
22:27.0Grand Haven
43.11Haylee Ray
22:27.3Grand Haven
44.9Brenna Musser
22:29.1GR Northview
45.11Zoe McGregor
22:30.3Grand Haven
46.10Makayla Underwood
22:32.3GR Northview
47.9Lina Theodorsdottir
22:38.4East Grand Rapids
48.12Morgan Dennison
22:44.5Muskegon Mona Shores
49.9Mieke Hart
22:47.0Muskegon Mona Shores
50.10Noelle Seward
22:48.1Muskegon Mona Shores
51.11Kara Green
22:48.9Muskegon Mona Shores
52.12Courtney Hylock
22:49.5Grand Haven
53.10Molly Manguse
22:53.8East Grand Rapids
54.12Jennifer Nguyen
22:59.0 PRWyoming
55.9Ashley Bonk
56.12Jordan Buckingham
23:03.2Grand Haven
57.9Haley Denton
23:03.8GR Northview
58.9Eliza Loeks
23:04.3East Grand Rapids
59.9Emily Bennor
23:07.5GR Northview
60.10Ella Gourley
23:08.0East Grand Rapids
61.9Emily Bajema
23:09.0GR_Kenowa Hills
62.9Emma Taylor
23:09.5Muskegon Mona Shores
63.10Sophie Ackermann
23:14.3East Grand Rapids
64.9Ellen Stolarski
23:14.8Grand Haven
65.10Jenny Ryan
23:18.0Grand Haven
66.10Emma Bowman
23:19.1East Grand Rapids
67.11Lauren Johnson
23:19.5Grand Haven
68.11Madison Ray
23:20.2Grand Haven
69.9Marlie Fraser
23:28.9Grand Haven
70.10Katie Webster
23:29.5Grand Haven
71.12Haley Kalis
23:32.5Grand Haven
72.12Anna Dexter
23:39.9Grand Haven
73.9Elena Salik
23:40.3Grand Haven
74.11Ashley Helmer
23:47.5GR Northview
75.9Nicole Beckmann
23:47.9GR Northview
76.10Aubrey Doucette
23:48.9GR_Kenowa Hills
77.10Brianne Elliott
23:49.6GR_Kenowa Hills
78.11Lauren VanderZyden
23:51.4East Grand Rapids
79.12Yaylin Lopez
23:53.7GR_Kenowa Hills
80.11Skyler Boterenbrood
23:54.5Grand Haven
81.9Madison Holub
23:55.1Grand Haven
82.9Giovana Marecek
23:56.1Grand Haven
83.11Isabelle Luke
23:57.2GR Northview
84.12Karen Rosales-Rami
23:57.5Grand Haven
85.12Mary Jane Risch
24:00.7East Grand Rapids
86.11Emily Johnson
24:08.6 SRGR Northview
87.9Alyssa Spencer
24:10.3Grand Haven
88.9Morgan Dreese
24:10.9Grand Haven
89.10Isadora Mitchell
24:12.5Grand Haven
90.11Jill Woodhouse
24:16.6East Grand Rapids
91.9Paige Bodine
24:17.5East Grand Rapids
92.9Veronica Lacy
24:21.2GR Northview
93.11Emma Keane
24:23.9East Grand Rapids
94.12Katia Wiles
24:25.4GR Northview
95.11Levi Gill
24:26.4Muskegon Mona Shores
96.11Chloe Reeves
24:27.5 SRGR Northview
97.11Sylvia Jones
24:28.5Grand Haven
98.12Nicole Gagnon
24:33.7Muskegon Mona Shores
99.9Maria Donihue
24:49.3GR_Kenowa Hills
100.10Natasha Robertson
24:50.0Grand Haven
101.10McKenna Coyne
24:52.2Grand Haven
102.12Megan Jones
25:06.5GR_Kenowa Hills
104.12Megan Lowell
25:11.0GR Northview
105.11Emily Ford
25:11.9East Grand Rapids
106.9Kelsie McManus
25:13.9Grand Haven
107.9Maddy Mayer
25:15.9 SREast Grand Rapids
108.9Marisa VanderMolen
25:16.6Muskegon Mona Shores
109.9Nora Verdier
25:32.6East Grand Rapids
110.11Makenzie Strazanac
25:32.9 SRGrand Haven
111.12Izzy Saylor
25:36.3East Grand Rapids
112.11Brooke Lonergan
25:39.4Grand Haven
113.12Anna Wilgenburg
25:53.3Grand Haven
114.9Sophie Cluff
26:15.3East Grand Rapids
115.11Anna Radowski
26:16.6Grand Haven
116.12Emily VanderMoere
26:19.4Grand Haven
117.12Mary Fleming
26:21.4GR_Kenowa Hills
118.9Natalie Cochrill
26:22.3GR Northview
119.9Emily VanDyke
26:28.5Grand Haven
120.12Shannon McKay
26:31.9GR Northview
121.9Lily Mears
26:33.7Grand Haven
122.10Rachel Ferguson
26:41.6GR_Kenowa Hills
123.9Alexis Hook
26:46.2Grand Haven
124.11Olivia Salik
26:47.9Grand Haven
126.9Anna Olsen
26:54.5East Grand Rapids
127.11Laney Decker
27:09.6Grand Haven
128.12Samantha Striegle
27:14.5Grand Haven
131.9Sydney Morrow
27:29.9GR_Kenowa Hills
132.12Sabrina Sanchez
133.10Rebecca Tainter
28:07.1GR_Kenowa Hills
134.11Carly Romanowski
28:16.0East Grand Rapids
135.12Baleigh French
28:23.2GR_Kenowa Hills
136.12Cindy Ochoa
137.9Elie VanDyke
28:29.9Grand Haven
138.9Isabel Staskiewicz
28:31.7Grand Haven
139.10Shelby Clingan
28:33.8GR_Kenowa Hills
140.11Sarah Thong
28:40.9East Grand Rapids
141.12Shelby Pitchure
28:42.6GR Northview
142.12Sophia Cook
28:50.2GR Northview
143.11Zoe Schultz
28:50.5Muskegon Mona Shores
144.9Kaitlyn Batchelor
28:51.6GR Northview
145.9Chloe Steffes
28:52.6GR Northview
146.12Christina Frey
29:14.3GR Northview
147.10Clair Reeves
29:22.7 PRGR Northview
148.9Laura Frey
29:55.5GR Northview
149.9Collen O'Connor
30:04.2GR Northview
150.11Jenna Beemer
30:08.0Muskegon Mona Shores
151.11Mary O'Connor
30:23.0GR Northview
152.12Annalise Murphy
30:23.9GR Northview
153.10Danielle Page
30:54.9Grand Haven
154.10Maribel Duran
155.11Jordyn Spruit
31:34.8Grand Haven
156.9Ashley Robinette
33:07.5GR Northview
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5,000 Meters Gold Race

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg40
2.Spring Lake72
3.Zeeland West73
4.GR_Catholic Central87
6.Cedar Springs119

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Haley Hoogenraad
19:15.1 SRZeeland West
2.15-16Ashleigh Blom
20:25.7 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
3.12Tannah Adgate
20:35.2Middleville Thornapp...
4.12Brooke Carrier
20:38.2Spring Lake
5.12Olivia Lamberg
20:45.2Middleville Thornapp...
6.11Julia Adams
20:50.1GR_Catholic Central
7.11Morgan Overweg
20:51.6Zeeland West
8.12Lexi Heimbaugh
9.12Ellie Ovokaitys
20:57.0Cedar Springs
10.10Lauren Lutz
20:58.4Middleville Thornapp...
11.12Kelsie Plugge-Webber
21:04.6 PRCedar Springs
12.9Sarah Possett
21:10.9Middleville Thornapp...
13.10Elise Marshall
21:11.0GR_Catholic Central
14.10Olivia Weenum
21:13.6Zeeland West
15.11Rachael Gorton
21:15.1Middleville Thornapp...
16.9Annie Cooper
21:19.9Spring Lake
17.11Amber Evink
18.11Skyler Gilchrist
21:33.0Spring Lake
19.10Jenna Hoffius
21:36.7Spring Lake
20.9Kate Gilchrist
21:38.0Spring Lake
21.12Shaun Marie Banaszak
21:39.3GR_Catholic Central
22.10Sydney Maddox
21:50.6GR_Catholic Central
23.10Alli Joy Matison
21:56.6Middleville Thornapp...
24.9Shylin Robirds
21:57.8 SRMiddleville Thornapp...
25.11Vanessa Hubert
26.12Carley Andrews
27.11Diana Sias
22:06.7Zeeland West
28.10Paige Heckel
22:08.7Zeeland West
29.12Lydia Bekius
22:10.1Zeeland West
30.11Sarah MacLachlan
22:11.4GR_Catholic Central
31.9Avery Gill
22:13.3GR_Catholic Central
32.9Baylie Vandyke
22:13.3 PRCedar Springs
33.11Hannah Heintzelman
22:16.2Cedar Springs
34.12Darby Sepulveda
22:18.3 PRSpring Lake
35.11Madison Hannipel
22:21.0Middleville Thornapp...
36.10Ava Sousa
22:24.9 SRSparta
37.10Brinley Schenk
22:50.0Zeeland West
38.10Maddy Windberg
22:50.7Spring Lake
39.11Caroline Lake
22:50.9GR_Catholic Central
40.9Bree Bonnema
22:55.6Middleville Thornapp...
41.11Kourteney Clark
23:03.7Spring Lake
42.11Kiley Hilton
23:05.6Middleville Thornapp...
43.11Karmyn VonEhr
23:06.8GR_Catholic Central
44.11Jillian Huizenga
23:07.6Spring Lake
45.11Brittany Blair
23:09.2Middleville Thornapp...
46.9Carolanne Merlington
23:11.7Cedar Springs
47.12Allyson Marvel
23:12.9Cedar Springs
48.11Joslyn Fox
23:16.8GR_Catholic Central
49.9Jenna Murdock
50.12Emma Leech
23:39.9 SRSpring Lake
51.12Rachel Truszkowski
23:47.6GR_Catholic Central
52.12Molly Harvey
23:58.6Spring Lake
53.10Sara Vruggink
24:00.0GR_Catholic Central
54.9Ana Dekruyter
24:01.1Zeeland West
55.10Mary Claire Mikolay
24:06.0GR_Catholic Central
56.11Clair Bolthouse
24:10.9Spring Lake
57.11Gen Cossey
24:11.0Spring Lake
58.11Abbi Tolan
24:11.3Middleville Thornapp...
59.10Alex Blair
24:11.8 PRMiddleville Thornapp...
60.11Courtney Perez
61.12Alysha Melkonian
24:12.9Middleville Thornapp...
62.10Katie Miller
24:14.0Middleville Thornapp...
63.11Janae Sneller
24:17.5Spring Lake
64.10Sophie Fischer
24:20.0GR_Catholic Central
65.10Nicole LaBine
24:21.6GR_Catholic Central
66.10Hannah Gibbs
24:23.6Cedar Springs
67.11Julia Walsh
24:28.8GR_Catholic Central
68.11Peyton Howe
24:31.4Spring Lake
69.11Alex Perkins Craven
24:33.7 PRMiddleville Thornapp...
70.10Miranda Piekarski
24:41.1Spring Lake
71.11Clarissa Hubert
71.9Katie Perry
73.9Jenna Hoover
74.11Tara Tepin
24:45.8Cedar Springs
75.12Brielle Jaglowski
24:51.8GR_Catholic Central
76.10Eden Beyer
24:53.9Middleville Thornapp...
77.10Gwen Kelley
78.11Isabela Hoban
25:01.1GR_Catholic Central
79.12Allison Hall
25:03.8Cedar Springs
80.12Michaela Cosgrove
25:06.7GR_Catholic Central
81.11Stephanie Stenger
25:09.2GR_Catholic Central
82.10Racheal Bolton
83.12Sarah Monterusso
84.10Madison Palethorpe
85.11Jillian Schnurstein
25:41.1 SRSpring Lake
86.9Elizabeth Penrice
25:45.8Spring Lake
87.12Megan Kraus
25:56.0Middleville Thornapp...
88.11Grace Buchanan
89.15-16Mary Clare Liedel
26:00.5 SRGR_Track Club/GR FIRE
90.12Kathryn Lignell
26:06.8GR_Catholic Central
91.9Sydney Coffman
26:07.9Middleville Thornapp...
92.11Samantha Preist
93.9Anna Smith
26:54.3Zeeland West
94.10Rylee Anderson
26:57.1 SRSpring Lake
95.9Nicole Drummond
26:57.9GR_Catholic Central
96.10Emma Rotman
27:04.3Zeeland West
97.11Emily Adams
27:06.5GR_Catholic Central
98.12Haley Lyons
27:08.3GR_Catholic Central
99.12Stephanie Kaminski
27:10.8GR_Catholic Central
100.10Sidney Czinder
27:22.4Spring Lake
101.9Jada VandenBosch
27:22.8Zeeland West
102.11Madisen Mora
27:29.7Cedar Springs
103.12Brittany Buehler
27:33.9Middleville Thornapp...
104.11Kelly McHugh
105.11Elisabeth Beck
27:42.1Spring Lake
106.11Christine Rogers
28:30.8GR_Catholic Central
107.10Kristen Lounsbury
28:37.0Spring Lake
108.11Jessica Thornsbury
109.9Natalie Thorne
28:49.4 PRSparta
110.10Regina Faber
28:52.3GR_Catholic Central
111.9Abigail Scott
28:55.7 PRCedar Springs
112.12April Lucas
29:02.3Spring Lake
113.10Brianne Robach
29:34.2GR_Catholic Central
114.10Grace Pinter
29:36.4GR_Catholic Central
115.11Shayla Bajric
30:05.0GR_Catholic Central
116.10Elena Gallaway
117.9Courtney Jack
30:17.5Spring Lake
118.12Macayala Carrns
30:32.3Spring Lake
119.11Kayla VanAssen
31:44.7Cedar Springs
120.12Shannon Campeau
31:48.1GR_Catholic Central
121.12Shannon Ogrodzinski
31:59.9GR_Catholic Central
122.9Rachel Oostindie
32:24.9Spring Lake
123.12Elise McGannon
33:07.5Spring Lake
124.9Arianna Kraljic
33:36.1Spring Lake
125.11Sarahi Hernandez
34:45.2GR_Catholic Central
126.12Maya McAdory
34:47.5GR_Catholic Central
127.11Sarah Kornoelje
40:39.6Spring Lake
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