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Mens Races
3.1 Mile Varsity3:00 PM
3.1 Mile Junior Varsity4:00 PM
Womens Races
2.5 Mile Varsity3:30 PM

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Mens Results

3.1 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

12Carlos Aviles-Sull...
12Eduardo Flores
17:43 PRSweetwater
12Johan Rodriguez
18:17 PRMontgomery
12Victor Romero
18:20 PRSweetwater
12Baruch Gallegos
18:48 PRSweetwater
11Jonathan Galvan
18:51 PRSweetwater
12Javier Medina
10Hector Navarro
19:10 PRMontgomery
12Eugenio Ulloa
11Guincarlo Cornejo
19:50 PRMontgomery
11Brian Rodriguez
20:05 PRMontgomery
10Cesar Villa
20:12 SRMontgomery
11Rodrigo Mendoza
20:23 PRSweetwater
11Jorge Arellano
11Leonardo Cervantes
22:12 PRMontgomery
11Adrian Carrisoza
26:24 PRMontgomery
10.12Julio Martinez
18.30San Ysidro
11.11Joshua Lares
18.41San Ysidro
13.12Hector Cruz
18.46San Ysidro
16.11Oswaldo Felix
19.00San Ysidro
19.12Miguel ` Ojeda
19.12San Ysidro
20.12Gonzalo Chavez
19.15San Ysidro
23.11Carlos Lozoya
19.35San Ysidro
27.12Robert Dominguez
19.52San Ysidro
34.11Kevin Cuentas
20.58San Ysidro
39.10David Cortes
23.03San Ysidro
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3.1 Mile Junior Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Ivan Sanchez
19:59 PRSweetwater
10Jorge Villareal
20:11 PRSweetwater
11Christian Loera
20:19 PRSweetwater
11Matthew Vollmer
20:39 PRSweetwater
12Julius Ojajuni
20:54 PRSweetwater
12Ramiro Espinoza
21:06 PRSweetwater
11Nathan Nunez
21:12 PRSweetwater
11Alex Gutierrez
22:23 PRSweetwater
9Lorenzo Martinez
22:24 SRSweetwater
12Bogart Hernandez
22:38 PRSweetwater
10Janeek Gleyen
23:51 PRSweetwater
12Eric Izaguirre
24:30 PRSweetwater
12Ian Alvarado
26:48 PRMontgomery
9Jorge Delgado
10Franco Gomez
12.11Andres Zamudio
21.58San Ysidro
17.10Julio Peinado
23.04San Ysidro
18.10Anthony Guevara
23.32San Ysidro
20.9Armando Lemus
23.51San Ysidro
21.10Rey Mendoza
23.59San Ysidro
23.10Nicholas Gorham
24.04San Ysidro
24.11Wilfredo Perez
24.20San Ysidro
25.11Marc Galindo
24.28San Ysidro
28.10Dred Bombase
24.48San Ysidro
31.12Juan Astorga
25.00San Ysidro
34.10Steven Felix
26.13San Ysidro
36.12Esteban Castro
27.24San Ysidro
37.12Abraham Guerrero
27.42San Ysidro
38.12Jose Mendez
28.09San Ysidro
39.10Ivan Caracoza
30.24San Ysidro
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Womens Results

2.5 Mile Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Ashley Barajas
17:44 SRSweetwater
12Karen Murillo
10Jazmine Hernandez
12Cristinn London
19:19 PRSweetwater
12Diana Perea
9Irma Victoria
20:29 SRSweetwater
11Faith Foote
20:40 PRSweetwater
11Hope Foote
20:55 PRSweetwater
10Krystal Sandoval
11Elizabeth Gonzalez
21:34 SRSweetwater
11Jacqueline Alvarez
21:34 PRSweetwater
12Dalia Alvarez
22:22 SRSweetwater
11Guadalupe Merlin
22:24 PRSweetwater
11Khalila Johnson
23:00 PRSweetwater
11Janelly Ruiz
23:03 PRSweetwater
10Susan Chavez
23:03 PRSweetwater
10Jasmine Regalado
23:51 PRSweetwater
10Mariana Machaen
23:53San Ysidro
12Nataly Calderon
12Alexandra Preciado
23:56 PRMontgomery
11Beatriz Aguayo
24:03 PRSan Ysidro
9Kathleen Blankenship
24:18 PRSan Ysidro
12Veronica Luquin
25:00 SRMontgomery
9Ashley Gorham
25:16 PRSan Ysidro
10Princess Cortez
25:32San Ysidro
11Elizabeth Lopez
25:34 PRSan Ysidro
11Salma Mendez
25:37 PRSweetwater
10Getsemani Zapien
25:38 PRSan Ysidro
12Ivanna Macias
26:16 PRSan Ysidro
11Yarell Gonzalez
27:22 PRSan Ysidro
9Jainellie Lorenzana
27:33 PRSan Ysidro
12Melanie Rodriguez
10Zulena Preciado
32:29 PRSweetwater
11Jennifer Casillas
San Ysidro
11Melanie Olivarria
San Ysidro
10Karla Rojas
San Ysidro
10Danielle Contreras
12Angelica Diaz
12Alexxis Espinoza
10Argelic Marie Rodr...
10Ashley Sanchez
11Arlyne Torres
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