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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Schuylkill Valley81
3.Bethlehem Catholic120
4.Pottsville Area124
5.Northampton Area150
6.Holy Cross156
7.Fleetwood Area180
9.Palmerton Area226
10.Northern Lehigh234
12.Pocono Mountain West259
13.William Allen271
14.Shenandoah Valley Sr378
1.12Clay Stabolepszy
16:39.27 PRSchuylkill Valley
2.11Gavin Kemery
16:59.83 PRNorthern Lehigh
3.9Ben Reisenweaver
17:10.55 SRSchuylkill Valley
4.11Zach Svetik
17:46.78Palmerton Area
5.11Noah Rindock
17:50.02 PRNorthampton Area
6.12Andrew Shaffer
17:50.79Bethlehem Catholic
7.11Sean O'Connor
17:59.55East Stroudsburg South
8.11Adam Bahrey
18:00.53 SRMahanoy Area
9.12Justin Welkie
18:06.49Pottsville Area
10.9Willie Striesel
18:11.47 SRMahanoy Area
11.11Justas Gricius
18:12.44 SREast Stroudsburg South
12.11Nate Skrutski
18:18.09 SRHoly Cross
13.11Shawn Delay
18:25.20 SRFleetwood Area
14.12Justin Nikles
18:25.54Northampton Area
15.11Bryce Orloski
18:27.18 SRBethlehem Catholic
16.12Jack Shean
18:27.43 PRHoly Cross
17.10Ivan Korpics
18:27.89 SRBethlehem Catholic
18.11Christian Geer
19.11Carter Waibel
18:29.45 SRPalmerton Area
20.12Ryan Spack
18:34.16 SRWilliam Allen
21.11Chad Delay
18:40.43 SRFleetwood Area
22.12Billy Turner
18:42.09 PRPocono Mountain West
23.12Chris Yeshulas
18:42.79Schuylkill Valley
24.9Delanie Heck-Hoppes
18:43.73 SRSchuylkill Valley
25.11Josh Howell
18:44.63Pottsville Area
26.9Joshua Jackson
27.12Bill Tsala Nkolo
18:47.14 PRWilliam Allen
28.12Edward Hossler
18:52.32Pottsville Area
29.10Von Glover
18:54.18East Stroudsburg South
30.11Logan Early
18:54.65East Stroudsburg South
31.11Billy Legg
19:07.30Holy Cross
32.11Pierre Liciaga
19:10.94East Stroudsburg South
33.9Dylan McNichol
19:13.19 SRPalisades
34.11Ryan Scanlan
19:16.99 SRPottsville Area
35.12Andrew Martuscelli
19:17.56Northampton Area
36.9Lucas Horrell
19:20.43Schuylkill Valley
37.12Corey Schuster
19:23.34Pottsville Area
38.12Joe Farese
19:28.66 SRPalisades
39.10Sean Hillman
19:29.00 SRFleetwood Area
40.10Ethan Walters
19:30.05 SRJenkintown
41.11Andrew Haldaman
19:34.49Bethlehem Catholic
42.12Jacob Waltz
19:35.00Schuylkill Valley
43.11Matt Delozier
19:37.59 SRFleetwood Area
44.12Matthew Pender
19:38.97Northern Lehigh
45.12Andrew Brown
19:39.07 PRSchuylkill Valley
46.12Aiden Lorenz
47.10Dimarcus Vilcheck
19:54.80Pottsville Area
48.11Lucas Yost
20:04.44Northampton Area
49.12Ronan Fitzgerald
20:04.50Bethlehem Catholic
50.10Kevin Constantine
20:11.43East Stroudsburg South
51.11Ben Mustonen
20:14.99 PRPocono Mountain West
52.10Kevin Bailey
20:21.69Holy Cross
53.11Gage Christ
20:22.50Northern Lehigh
54.11Brenton Sautter
20:25.25 SRPocono Mountain West
55.12Adam Walsh
20:26.27Holy Cross
56.12Noah Durnin
20:27.30Northampton Area
57.9Kyle Smith
20:29.93East Stroudsburg South
58.11Kaleb Lansberry
59.11Nate O'Brien
20:34.68 PRPalisades
60.9Randy Hoats
20:38.48 SRShenandoah Valley Sr
61.12Aaron Hofmann
20:44.88Northern Lehigh
62.10Matt Derr
20:49.44Mahanoy Area
63.12Brian Sokol
20:49.45Holy Cross
64.11Tyler King
20:54.53Palmerton Area
65.12Hui Wei Liu
20:54.74 SRShenandoah Valley Sr
66.9Evan Yost
21:00.19Northampton Area
67.12Patrick Langen
21:01.27Bethlehem Catholic
68.12Hector Hernandez
21:06.77 SRWilliam Allen
69.11Seth Demkovitz
21:09.73Palmerton Area
70.11Kaleb Hawkes
21:09.78Pocono Mountain West
71.10Zachary Boyd
21:10.32 SRPalisades
72.10David Webb
73.11Miguel Mendoza
21:13.28Bethlehem Catholic
74.11Bryan Birthwright
21:13.86 SRPocono Mountain West
75.10Adrian Alicea
21:14.85 PRFleetwood Area
76.11Jj Montefour
21:16.56 SRHoly Cross
77.11Keith Brohkof
21:21.22 PRFleetwood Area
78.10Jackson Cummings
79.11Aiden Liptock
21:37.10Pottsville Area
80.12Elsayed Abbass
21:37.23William Allen
81.10Kody Kolnik
21:40.44Palmerton Area
82.12Tristan Koch
21:41.01 PRPalisades
83.12Justin Obenski
21:43.99 PRNorthern Lehigh
84.10Austin Uholik
21:58.60Shenandoah Valley Sr
85.11Jayshawn Lee
22:03.34Pocono Mountain West
86.9Zach Uholik
22:08.89 SRShenandoah Valley Sr
87.10Sean Davis
22:09.05 SRJenkintown
88.12Brett Novitsky
22:19.90Northern Lehigh
89.12Michael Buss
22:33.42William Allen
90.11Jagr Andress
22:38.12Palmerton Area
91.11Gabe Reichenbach
23:04.44Northampton Area
92.10Aristides Sepulveda
23:36.25East Stroudsburg North
93.11Isaed Popa
23:36.44 PRWilliam Allen
94.12Aarronn Quinones
23:54.47 PRPocono Mountain West
95.12Gaby Kaufman
96.10Drew Mead
24:31.64East Stroudsburg North
97.11Kyle Guers
24:59.98Shenandoah Valley Sr
98.9Robert Costello
25:01.21 SRFleetwood Area
99.9Tyler McCole
25:41.77Shenandoah Valley Sr
100.10William Brandes
26:52.58East Stroudsburg North
101.12Jordan Merritt
26:56.18East Stroudsburg North
102.11Ashe Libis
26:58.14 SREast Stroudsburg North
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Northampton Area15
2.Schuylkill Valley52
4.Pocono Mountain West82
1.10Morgan Morrison
19:26.54West Shore Christian...
2.12Jamie Griffin
3.11Jacob Molinaro
19:48.55East Stroudsburg South
4.11Kevin Cook
19:53.37Schuylkill Valley
5.10Colin Teprovich
20:25.62 PRSchuylkill Valley
6.11Samiullah Mirza
21:02.33 PREast Stroudsburg South
7.11Daniel Hyun
8.9Caleb Limmer
21:08.37 SRJenkintown
9.9Roman Searle
21:23.19Schuylkill Valley
10.10Michael Kuczma
21:37.95 SREast Stroudsburg South
11.9Jacob Dill
21:38.05 PRPalisades
12.11Michael Dudash
21:40.47 SRPottsville Area
13.10Josh Lehigh
21:49.61 SRWest Shore Christian...
14.10Keanu Kasaba
21:58.65Pocono Mountain West
15.9Kyle Krempasky
22:10.91Northern Lehigh
16.10Alejandro Serrano
22:24.80 SRWilliam Allen
17.10Carl DeMarco
22:42.95 PRNorthampton Area
18.11Daniel Hinssen
22:46.93West Shore Christian...
19.10Matt Maldonaldo
23:07.90 PRPocono Mountain West
20.10Gavin Camlin
23:10.59 SRSchuylkill Valley
21.10Sam Wollman
23:23.51 SRJenkintown
22.12Ibrahim Abbakar
23:30.37 PRWilliam Allen
23.9Jeremy Lopez
23:44.34 PRPocono Mountain West
24.11Kevin Orvis
23:53.06East Stroudsburg South
25.11Adries Nabbie
23:54.62East Stroudsburg South
26.12David Dorris
23:59.20 PRWilliam Allen
27.9Tim Maradeo
24:00.94Palmerton Area
28.9Matthew Gulla
24:03.11Northampton Area
29.9Owen Mendes
24:04.68Palmerton Area
30.11Zach Wetherhold
24:10.12 PRFleetwood Area
31.9Adam Poper
24:10.77 SRFleetwood Area
32.9Jacob Schwartz
24:19.87 SRJenkintown
33.10Eli Kravinsky
24:23.01 SRJenkintown
34.9Sam Vandergast
24:51.42 PRPalisades
35.10Luke Cabasal
25:00.98 PRPocono Mountain West
36.9Nathaniel Jones
26:09.29Northampton Area
37.12Josh Hamm
26:13.76Northern Lehigh
38.10Andy Farese
26:20.60 PRPalisades
39.10David McPherson
26:27.91 PRMahanoy Area
40.9Zakarias Topito
26:44.40 PRPocono Mountain West
41.11Matt Romig
26:52.10Northern Lehigh
42.10Dan Behler
27:21.21Schuylkill Valley
43.12Dylan Murphy
27:48.07East Stroudsburg North
44.11Zach Ohmacht
27:56.82Northampton Area
45.10Michael Derr-Haver...
28:44.58 SRPalisades
46.11Isiah Pellecchia
30:32.25East Stroudsburg North
47.12Yussef Aisset
31:37.46 PRWilliam Allen
48.11Daniel Tetreault
31:47.27Schuylkill Valley
49.10Raul Rivera
32:15.16 SREast Stroudsburg North
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Holy Cross25
2.Northampton Area55
3.Bethlehem Catholic57
4.Schuylkill Valley134
5.Shenandoah Valley Sr141
6.Fleetwood Area160
7.Northern Lehigh178
8.Mahanoy Area181
1.11Mackenzie Greenfield
18:51.23 PRHoly Cross
2.9Lexi Walsh
18:54.94 SRHoly Cross
3.10Lyndsey Gallagher
19:18.22 SRNorthampton Area
4.11Kassi Yocco
19:32.74 PRBethlehem Catholic
5.11Joelle Perelli
19:33.84 PRNorthampton Area
6.12Tess Kearns
19:51.02 SRHoly Cross
7.11Zoe Haggerty
20:22.15 SRHoly Cross
8.10Rowan Pepe
20:37.91Bethlehem Catholic
9.10Abby Guziewicz
21:02.63 SRHoly Cross
10.10Abby Corrigan
21:23.03Holy Cross
11.10Jessica Hendricks
21:45.98Northampton Area
12.12Rachael Borden
21:47.88 PRSchuylkill Valley
13.12Alyx Santone
22:03.87 SRWilliam Allen
14.12Samantha Kaeser
22:06.56 PRBethlehem Catholic
15.9Lauren Bunke
22:14.99Bethlehem Catholic
16.9Olivia Cappolella
22:32.11 PRNorthampton Area
17.9Megan Babinsky
22:53.62Mahanoy Area
18.12isabella Tokash
22:57.60 PRHoly Cross
19.10Alyssa Regan
22:58.58Bethlehem Catholic
20.10Cassandra Harwood
23:03.07Fleetwood Area
21.10Natalie Montanez
23:15.63East Stroudsburg North
22.10Carly Teaschenko
23:21.03Shenandoah Valley Sr
23.11Charlie Amore
23:25.83Northampton Area
24.12Nina Schnyder
23:32.63Northern Lehigh
25.11Alexis Luna
23:32.81Shenandoah Valley Sr
26.11Sophie Goad
23:35.88 SRSchuylkill Valley
27.10Carissa Root
23:45.80East Stroudsburg South
28.10Brooke Ingram
23:46.38Northampton Area
29.12O'donahue Amanda
23:48.86 PRFleetwood Area
30.9Megan Bisco
23:55.54Mahanoy Area
31.11Madison Horan
23:58.52 PRPocono Mountain West
32.12Liz Cole
24:04.32 PRShenandoah Valley Sr
33.9Robyn Franke
24:09.58Northampton Area
34.10Sara Hunsicker
24:20.36Northern Lehigh
35.9Hanna Nesfeder
24:29.46Palmerton Area
36.11Isabella Ciervo
24:40.25Schuylkill Valley
37.12Brittany Joseph
24:40.88Shenandoah Valley Sr
38.11Angelica Tota
24:45.19Schuylkill Valley
39.10Jacqueline Marusiak
24:46.41 PRSchuylkill Valley
40.10Maddie Ligenza
24:52.18Northern Lehigh
41.9Sarah Dolbier
42.11Casey Hooper
43.12Charlotte Jones
25:21.15 SRFleetwood Area
44.12Nina Linderbaum Gr...
45.12Alyssa Engle-Swift
25:45.80Schuylkill Valley
46.12Kelsey Uholik
25:51.57Shenandoah Valley Sr
47.10Rebecca Fritz
25:52.93 SRFleetwood Area
48.12Brianna Fitzpatrick
25:53.77Palmerton Area
49.10Rachel Fritz
25:57.58Fleetwood Area
50.11Laura Bisco
26:31.57Mahanoy Area
51.11Jennifer Donnelly
27:01.17Pocono Mountain West
52.10Li Ling Goldston
27:07.16 SREast Stroudsburg South
53.10Kylie Brown
27:36.88 SRSchuylkill Valley
54.9Rebecca Gottfried
27:38.66Palmerton Area
55.11Annette Schroter
28:06.74Pocono Mountain West
56.10Hanna Schoener
28:15.89 SRFleetwood Area
57.9Tori Csanadi
28:18.67Northern Lehigh
58.9Claire Collins
28:22.86 PREast Stroudsburg South
59.10Courtney Gomber
28:28.11Bethlehem Catholic
60.10Christina Micel
61.9Emily Delozier
29:34.72 PRFleetwood Area
62.11Kira Butz
29:42.18 PRWilliam Allen
63.9Alexis Becker
64.9Hannah Langhame-Sm...
30:06.85 PRWilliam Allen
65.9Tiffani Traugher
30:37.50Northern Lehigh
66.9Peyton Bernardyn
30:57.67Mahanoy Area
67.12Gia Hannon
31:10.41 PRMahanoy Area
68.10Isabella Morrin
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Northampton Area15
1.10Megan Healy
23:00.21 PRHoly Cross
2.11Carly Hein
23:08.94 SRNorthampton Area
3.9Beth Albright
23:15.53Northampton Area
4.10Tyleen Lopez
24:24.70 SRNorthampton Area
5.9Aubrey Bealer
24:47.80Northampton Area
6.11Jasmine Kraftician
25:21.48Northampton Area
7.11Margaret Lagrand
25:39.06West Shore Christian...
8.9Hannah Flaven
26:01.49Northampton Area
9.10Alexus Morra
26:52.69East Stroudsburg South
10.10Tatiana Lopez
27:08.67 SRNorthampton Area
11.9Jenele Vadelund
27:10.94Northampton Area
12.9Gabrielle Spracklin
28:52.21Schuylkill Valley
13.10Megan Lynam
28:57.41Schuylkill Valley
14.11Briana Aquiles
28:57.58 PREast Stroudsburg North
15.12Nikki Smith
29:17.34East Stroudsburg South
16.10Juleanne Hunt
29:43.88 SRHoly Cross
17.9Hannah Miller
29:53.08Northampton Area
18.9Kelsey Stevens
30:12.23Northampton Area
19.10Carly Masonheimer
30:30.94 PRNorthampton Area
20.9Sarah Maciejewski
32:34.80Schuylkill Valley
21.10Brielle Rigo
32:57.39Northampton Area
22.11Emily Brocht
33:32.66West Shore Christian...
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