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City Conference CC Course

3.08 Mile Varsity
3.08 Mile Junior Varsity
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City Conference CC Course

3.08 Mile Varsity
3.08 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3.08 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mira Mesa22
2.Patrick Henry34
1.12Phillip Dorado
16:25.34Mira Mesa
2.10Stefen Rasmuson
16:33.24Mira Mesa
3.12Thomas Rintoul
16:56.58 SRPatrick Henry
4.12Brandon Maldonado
17:08.46Mira Mesa
5.10Eric Rintoul
17:40.34Patrick Henry
6.12Ivann Agapito
17:56.43Mira Mesa
7.11Corbin Frohreich
18:41.55Mira Mesa
8.11Abraham Cruz
18:44.87Patrick Henry
9.10Benjamin Johnston
18:52.65Mira Mesa
10.10Christopher Demas
19:18.49Patrick Henry
11.12Nico Armenta
19:19.21Patrick Henry
12.11Brian Shafter
19:27.74Patrick Henry
13.11Dominic Huerta
20:46.40Mira Mesa
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3.08 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mira Mesa15
2.Patrick Henry50
1.11Sean Cahill
18:36.65Mira Mesa
2.10Daniel Ponce
18:40.05Mira Mesa
3.11Elijah Leeper
18:45.58Mira Mesa
4.10Cesar De Santiago
18:54.58Mira Mesa
5.11Khang Tong
19:02.55Mira Mesa
6.12Eric Chan
19:10.74Mira Mesa
7.10Noah Jones
19:16.21Mira Mesa
8.12Vincent Wu
19:38.30Mira Mesa
9.11Richard Nguyen
19:56.27Mira Mesa
10.9Tristan Rayandayan
20:00.11Mira Mesa
11.10Ricky Trader
20:04.68Mira Mesa
12.10Sean Romero
20:13.93Patrick Henry
13.12Thomas Tran
20:14.62Mira Mesa
14.9Matt Russell
20:14.78Patrick Henry
15.9Sean Helms
20:16.27Mira Mesa
16.11Aivan Nicolus Cald...
20:20.87Mira Mesa
17.10Nicholas Bodenstadt
20:24.78Patrick Henry
18.12Justin Magno
20:27.58Mira Mesa
19.11Anthony Sarabia
20:29.74Mira Mesa
20.12Justin Romero
20:35.02Patrick Henry
21.11Antonio D'Acquisto
20:37.99Mira Mesa
22.11Vincent Tran
20:41.46Mira Mesa
23.12Aaran Salinas
20:41.74Mira Mesa
24.11Andrew La
20:43.11Mira Mesa
25.10Beau Murray
20:43.78Patrick Henry
26.11Joseph Ngo
20:51.11Mira Mesa
27.10Andrew Bodenstadt
20:57.40Patrick Henry
28.11Brandon Thoi
20:57.96Mira Mesa
29.10Noah Gaitan
20:58.62Mira Mesa
30.10Kaden Scroggins
21:15.99 SRPatrick Henry
31.11Brian Tran
21:19.96Mira Mesa
32.11Kain Shepard
21:26.62Mira Mesa
33.11Griffin May
21:35.37Patrick Henry
34.11Edwin Escoto
21:45.43Mira Mesa
35.11Jeric Tiu
21:45.58Mira Mesa
36.9Ryan Jackson
21:48.40Mira Mesa
37.11Jerod McFarlane
21:49.40Patrick Henry
38.9Andrew Shafter
21:53.30Patrick Henry
39.10Michael Gomez
22:02.05Mira Mesa
40.10Chris Meehan
22:14.02Mira Mesa
41.9Nick Swink
22:30.30Mira Mesa
42.11Ronnel Posadas
22:30.49Mira Mesa
43.12Sam Porter
22:38.93Mira Mesa
44.9Nicholas Correa
22:50.37Mira Mesa
45.12Onassis Guzman
22:50.99Mira Mesa
46.9Noah Soriano
22:53.27Mira Mesa
47.10Joseph Basil
23:09.08Mira Mesa
48.9Ryan Meehan
23:09.78Mira Mesa
49.9Darren Redic
23:12.81Mira Mesa
50.11Nicholson Reyes
23:16.93 PRMira Mesa
51.9Hanson Truong
23:19.24Mira Mesa
52.11Tommy Cao
23:22.62Mira Mesa
53.11Mark-Rey Ordonez
23:26.27Mira Mesa
54.9Alan Ta
23:26.71Mira Mesa
55.10Nathaniel Williams
23:26.99Mira Mesa
56.11Russell Agabao
23:33.43Mira Mesa
57.9Eian-Darrel Tria
23:44.65Mira Mesa
58.10Sebastian De La Cruz
24:25.84Mira Mesa
59.9Micah Barreyro
24:26.81Mira Mesa
60.9Griffin Behm
24:53.81Mira Mesa
61.9Arden Quy
28:56.18Mira Mesa
62.12Arzoo Patel
29:38.18Mira Mesa
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Womens Results

3.08 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mira Mesa17
2.Patrick Henry39
1.11Alexandra Respes
19:18.62Mira Mesa
2.11Sofia Castillo
20:52.14Mira Mesa
3.9Kaelani Diaz
21:50.27Mira Mesa
4.12Alexia Thiros
21:57.68Patrick Henry
5.10Sierra Norris
22:11.21Mira Mesa
6.9Vivian Wu
22:18.37Mira Mesa
7.10Samantha Manis
22:23.37Patrick Henry
8.10Caitlin Quirk
22:38.71Patrick Henry
9.9Tiffany Pham
22:59.18Patrick Henry
10.12Hannah Johnston
23:16.34Mira Mesa
11.12Serena Vesprini-He...
23:21.14Patrick Henry
12.9Adriana Leal
23:23.05Mira Mesa
13.11Maiya Cinco
23:34.55Patrick Henry
14.10Christine Chau
23:59.93Mira Mesa
15.9Zoe Sanchez
24:04.05Mira Mesa
16.11Donavie Ordonez
24:08.02Patrick Henry
17.12Carly DaCosta
24:18.37Mira Mesa
18.10Lisbeth Arroyo
24:19.40Mira Mesa
19.9Madonna Linares
24:29.93 PRPatrick Henry
20.11Jacqueline Tran
24:44.74Mira Mesa
21.12Theresa Nguyen
24:46.14Mira Mesa
22.12Lisa Ngo
25:03.87Mira Mesa
23.10Olivia Mcdonald
25:10.27Patrick Henry
24.12Jocelyn Dao
25:18.37Mira Mesa
25.11Cindy Duong
25:31.05Mira Mesa
26.9Audrey Pamaran
26:32.84Mira Mesa
27.10Maria Rios
26:39.14Mira Mesa
28.10Trish Lai
26:40.90Mira Mesa
29.11Atanaya Davis
26:47.21Patrick Henry
30.12Hannah Running
27:51.18Patrick Henry
31.10Athena Kim
28:35.08Mira Mesa
32.12Julliene Tibayan
29:13.74Mira Mesa
33.9Tiana Stewart
29:29.90Patrick Henry
34.9Joana Yabes
29:53.43Mira Mesa
35.9Mikaila Trinidad
30:06.30Mira Mesa
36.9Thania Ruiz Michel
30:06.65Mira Mesa
37.9Amberlyn Rhoades
30:09.62Mira Mesa
38.10Jenny Chiem
32:33.74Mira Mesa
39.12Clarissa Punzal
43:12.21Mira Mesa
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