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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:40 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Twin Falls42
3.Wood River104
4.Canyon Ridge106
1.12Zak Montoya
2.10Cannon Leavitt
17:13.92Twin Falls
3.12Ryan Anderson
17:25.92Wood River
4.9Cooper Traveller
17:30.53Twin Falls
5.11Nathan Nordquist
6.9Trajan Holtzen
17:40.03Canyon Ridge
7.12Dallon Suitter
8.12Elliot Heiner
17:50.86 PRBurley
9.12Parker Carlquist
17:52.41Twin Falls
10.9Koby Driscoll
17:54.04 SRJerome
11.10Cache Traveller
17:57.23Twin Falls
12.11Brandon Bingham
18:02.95 SRMinico
13.11Tyler Churchman
14.10Justin Brown
15.11Alex Clegg
16.11Josh Warth
18:07.44Twin Falls
17.12Joseph DeTemple
18:13.66 PRBurley
18.11Tyler Cook
19.11Irvin Gonzalez
18:19.45Wood River
20.12Tim Sanchez
18:20.02 PRBurley
21.11Landon Biedenbach
18:22.13 SRTwin Falls
22.10Michael Cabello
18:24.21Canyon Ridge
23.12Nelson Cantrell
18:25.82Wood River
24.11Kimball Lloyd
25.10Logan Ahlquist
18:27.53 PRCanyon Ridge
26.11Dylan Wilkinson
18:28.96Twin Falls
27.12Elijah Nicholson
18:33.68 PRCanyon Ridge
28.12Wyatt Smith
18:36.59 SRWood River
29.11Zach Linton
18:40.72 SRCanyon Ridge
30.10Scott Perry
31.12Tanner Seely
18:45.13 PRBurley
32.12Ethan Alexander
18:46.27Twin Falls
33.10Andrew Dixon
18:47.11Canyon Ridge
34.10Landon Nurge
18:48.80Wood River
35.11Nathan Stouffer
18:51.69Wood River
36.11Seth Vaughn
18:54.90 SRJerome
37.12Thomas Malone
19:00.49Twin Falls
38.12Dexter Greener
39.9Nathan Baecht
19:11.12Canyon Ridge
40.11Teegan Jacobson
19:24.39Twin Falls
41.12Collin Greeneley
19:26.21Canyon Ridge
42.11Kyle McClure
19:30.79 PRCanyon Ridge
43.9Will McGonigal
19:33.60Wood River
44.9Christian Bothwell
19:35.07Wood River
45.12Colby Castle
19:39.51 PRWood River
46.10Tyler Gerratt
47.12Matt Petruska
48.10Jarrett Grace
19:52.25 SRBurley
49.10Trey Willes
19:56.52Twin Falls
50.12Danny Mena
51.12Hunter Douglas
20:02.38 PRTwin Falls
52.12Garrett Morgan
53.9Cody Bingham
20:06.28 SRMinico
54.9Brandon Mix
20:12.98Twin Falls
55.10Quinton Morgan
56.10Levi Welch
20:17.27 PRBurley
57.10Jacob Crofts
58.10Dane Thompson
20:28.93Wood River
59.9Devin Burk
20:31.61Canyon Ridge
60.11Grant Bjornn
20:32.50Twin Falls
61.12Landen Gunnell
62.12Connor Hansen
20:36.85 SRBurley
63.10Benjamin Carberry
20:39.90Canyon Ridge
64.9Jarom Rojas
20:41.44Canyon Ridge
65.9Isaac Rasmussen
20:46.86 SRTwin Falls
66.9Isaac Brannon
20:48.93Wood River
67.11Tyson Mecham
20:50.00Wood River
68.10Gunnar Lusk
20:52.04Twin Falls
69.11Kenny Pratt
20:57.31 SRWood River
70.10Bailey Standley
21:00.95Canyon Ridge
71.10John Hurless
21:05.31 PRBurley
72.9Michael Warth
21:07.77 SRTwin Falls
73.10Jorgen Lawrence
21:08.33 SRWood River
74.10Robert Swaboda
21:10.53Canyon Ridge
75.10Carter Gerringa
21:11.77 SRWood River
76.9Colby Nance
21:12.62 PRWood River
77.9Eric Holt
21:16.90Canyon Ridge
78.10Easton Beck
21:19.33 SRWood River
79.9Silas Vaughn
21:23.39 PRJerome
80.10Huistean Kay
21:24.38 PRBurley
81.12Andrew Baker
21:25.85Twin Falls
82.12Espen Mayes
21:26.75Twin Falls
83.9Andrew Wilson
21:27.52 SRMinico
84.12Dallin Peters
21:28.91 PRJerome
85.12Omar Laris
21:29.57Twin Falls
86.10Micael Bailey
21:44.16 SRMinico
87.11Kegan Lupton
21:46.40Wood River
88.11Beckett Nasvik-Dyk...
21:51.73Wood River
89.9David Lloyd
90.11Asher Loomis
22:02.56 SRWood River
91.11Robert Flora lua
22:02.78 SRCanyon Ridge
92.12Joel Christensen
22:02.98 SRTwin Falls
93.11Joseph Anderson
22:09.24Wood River
94.10Kevin Harter
22:09.51Wood River
95.11Jaden Pratt
22:15.19 SRMinico
96.12Wyle Tibbets
97.10Michael Collier
22:19.32 SRMinico
98.10Mike Carberry
22:22.73Canyon Ridge
99.9William Harrison
22:49.99 SRMinico
100.10Liam Jones
22:55.06 SRWood River
101.11Wyatt Owen
102.11Cooper Dean
23:00.03Wood River
103.11Justin Beazer
104.10Junior Rosales
105.12Zane Stirling
23:44.54Canyon Ridge
106.11Jacob Turner
23:48.94 SRJerome
107.11Manuel Garcia
23:52.71Canyon Ridge
108.11Stephen Roth
23:55.01Wood River
109.12Dallon Robbins
24:10.51 PRMinico
110.9Xaq Bowman
24:16.53 PRJerome
111.10Angel MontesDeOca
24:21.33Canyon Ridge
112.10Alex Mittelsteadt
24:22.95 SRMinico
113.10Joshua Burgett
24:27.93Twin Falls
114.10Harrison Woodland
24:53.02 PRBurley
115.9Mathew Woodman
25:25.07 PRTwin Falls
116.9Joel Pryde
25:32.31Canyon Ridge
117.10Zack Olenick
25:36.44Wood River
118.10Connor Dahlquist
25:43.52Canyon Ridge
119.9Sam Bingham
26:02.85 PRWood River
120.11Todd Wilson
121.9Christian Farfan
27:23.58 SRBurley
122.10Sebastion Irigoyen
28:25.08Canyon Ridge
123.11Ryan Halopoff
30:18.86Wood River
124.9Rayne Reynolds
125.9Connor Schneider
30:55.67 PRMinico
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Twin Falls25
3.Canyon Ridge86
4.Wood River92
1.10Kami Withers
20:22.52Twin Falls
2.12Kathryn Craig
3.10Jenny Schenk
20:57.99Twin Falls
4.12Abigail Craig
5.9Kallee Ellsworth
21:35.37 SRJerome
6.10Ashley Hutchinson
21:38.18Twin Falls
7.10Alyse Douglas
21:44.29Twin Falls
8.11Kaitlin Malone
22:01.52Twin Falls
9.10Alicia Lopes
22:02.82Canyon Ridge
10.11Nicole Shardlow
22:04.29Wood River
11.12Emily Palmer
12.12Sara Lichtenberg
22:06.98Wood River
13.11Amy Cantrell
22:07.42Wood River
14.12Colombia Carvajal
22:07.83 PRCanyon Ridge
15.10Sydney Cooper
22:13.85Twin Falls
16.11Cynthia Ortega
22:15.23Twin Falls
17.12Jessica Brown
18.9Madison Evans
22:29.44 PRTwin Falls
19.10Hollie Maccabee
22:47.00Twin Falls
20.11Sadie Stevens
22:47.32Twin Falls
21.11Kaylee Walton
22:48.01 PRMinico
22.10Rebekah Kezele
23:05.77 SRTwin Falls
23.12Ellen Birch
23:05.92Canyon Ridge
24.10Mckenzie Mcbride
23:06.54 PRCanyon Ridge
25.10McKenna Yeck
23:27.74 SRBurley
26.10Nicole Cook
27.11Karin Johnson
28.9Rachel Fields
23:37.70Canyon Ridge
29.10Kylie Benoit
23:39.14Canyon Ridge
30.12Hadley Kimball
31.11Brenna Miller
23:48.30Canyon Ridge
32.9Maggie Malone
23:51.24Twin Falls
33.9Christina Fierros
23:57.01Canyon Ridge
34.9Malaunie Gerard
24:01.75 SRWood River
35.12Ashley Blackburn
36.11Madie Christensen
24:21.41Canyon Ridge
37.11Peyton Lewis
24:23.41 SRTwin Falls
38.12Hallie MacPherson
24:28.75 SRWood River
39.11Tayla Sayer
24:48.58 SRMinico
40.10Samantha Montoya
24:49.01 PRMinico
41.10Ellie Gorham
24:55.39 SRWood River
42.12Brooke Sundholm
24:57.35 SRWood River
43.9Elizabeth Rush
25:03.75Canyon Ridge
44.9Quenia Gonzalez
25:18.54 SRWood River
45.11Kaylee Radford
46.10Anna Birch
25:22.22Canyon Ridge
47.11Clara Reed
25:25.82 SRTwin Falls
48.9Aubrey Stansberry
25:26.73 PRTwin Falls
49.12Mia Scholes
25:27.08 PRTwin Falls
50.10Cheyon Sheen
25:27.28Twin Falls
51.9Jasmine Warner
25:40.79 PRCanyon Ridge
52.10Karsyn Gerringa
25:49.97Wood River
53.11Natalie Stocking
25:51.07 SRMinico
54.11Emily Pilling
26:02.25Twin Falls
55.12Emily Hillman
26:04.81Twin Falls
56.10Alex Rogers
26:06.64Wood River
57.11Anika Wallace
26:24.78Canyon Ridge
58.12Sarah Millar
59.12Brittany Jennings
26:32.25 SRCanyon Ridge
60.10Hallie Atkin
61.12KayLee Day
26:59.43 SRJerome
62.11McKayla Bulkley
27:00.90 SRCanyon Ridge
63.10Annabelle Day
27:11.88 SRJerome
64.10Hallie Thompson
27:15.44 SRTwin Falls
65.9Hannah Schuler
27:18.85 SRTwin Falls
66.12Kaitlyn Patterson
27:19.04 PRBurley
67.11Taylor Davis
27:23.60 PRBurley
68.12Margaret Tuifua
27:30.18 SRJerome
69.10Kendra Ellsworth
70.12Steph Kinsey
71.10Alise Barney
28:02.43 SRWood River
72.11Jenna Gray
28:09.70Canyon Ridge
73.12Liz Hansen
74.12Tanner Thompson
28:17.92Twin Falls
75.12Lindsey Williams
28:27.11Twin Falls
76.11Morgan Brackett
28:27.33Canyon Ridge
77.11Kaitlyn Jacobson
28:35.36 SRTwin Falls
78.10Lindsey Jacobson
28:37.77 SRTwin Falls
79.12Allison Ramirez
28:46.68Canyon Ridge
80.9Matison Brittain
28:52.11Canyon Ridge
81.9Ashley Crofts
82.10Meredith Crawford
29:00.57Twin Falls
83.12Gentry Plew
29:07.50Twin Falls
84.11Jessica Garcia
29:25.18Wood River
85.11Shelby Sidwell
29:31.31 SRTwin Falls
86.10Brekyn Bartlett
29:42.88Twin Falls
87.9Ariel Lemoine
88.10Pamela Juarez
89.10Emma Flolo
29:50.13 SRWood River
90.11Lexie Greener
30:09.11 PRBurley
91.12Kori Rex
30:12.36Twin Falls
92.10Brooke Pierce
31:47.53 PRTwin Falls
93.11Patti Ortiz
32:39.36 PRMinico
94.9Rebekah Spoerer
34:05.77Canyon Ridge
95.11Yayee Tongsiri
36:21.81 PRWood River
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