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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

12Nathan Beamer
16:02 PRArlington
11Matthew Park
16:09 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Sam McCloughan
16:12 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Chris Bianchini
16:15 SRGlacier Peak
12Garren Arnold
16:21 SRGlacier Peak
10Tim Mandzyuk
16:31 SRGlacier Peak
9Tyler Tanta
16:34 SRGlacier Peak
9Riley McDowell
16:35 SRGlacier Peak
10Nicholas Mullineux...
16:35.6 SRGlacier Peak
12Grady Okeson
16:44 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Nick Stringer
16:46 SRGlacier Peak
12Biniam Tesfaghaber
16:55 PREdmonds-Woodway
12Pieter Andrews
16:58 PRArlington
10Jake Hucko
17:04 PROak Harbor
12Anindo Khan
17:27 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Michael Lym
17:29 PROak Harbor
10Austin Robinson
17:29.4 SRGlacier Peak
12Michael Barene
17:29.7 PRArlington
11Cameron Aitken
17:30 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Eric Acero-Rosas
17:31 PRArlington
12Zachary Cushman
17:31.4 PRArlington
9John Christian
17:32 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Lucas Lacambra
17:32.5 PREdmonds-Woodway
12Matthew Taylor
17:33 PRArlington
12Nathan Richardson
17:34 PROak Harbor
10Armon Tenaw
17:37 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Tyler Grehan
17:49 SROak Harbor
11J.J. Childers
18:09 PRArlington
11Kevin Mullin
18:11 PRArlington
12Ivan Baez
18:16 PRArlington
12Jacob Fankhauser
18:16.6 PRArlington
12Tylor Sullivan
18:25 PRArlington
12Bailey Larsen-Gray
18:35 PRArlington
12Caleb Peek
19:04 PROak Harbor
11Wyatt Pauley
19:21 PROak Harbor
12Garrett Stahl
19:22 PROak Harbor
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

12Jacob Henrichsen
18:02 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Ryan Meyer
18:07 SRGlacier Peak
9Kalevi Paavola
18:08 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Trey Little
18:09 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Nathan Caldwell
18:09 PRGlacier Peak
10Dawson Andrews
18:12 SRArlington
9John Christian
11Parker Rounds
18:20 SRGlacier Peak
11Johnson Chau
18:22 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Benjamin Gasper
18:28 SROak Harbor
10Lucas Doney
18:35 SRGlacier Peak
9Blake Landry
18:40 SRArlington
9Noah Loftis
18:40 SRArlington
11Derek Albrecht
18:40 SRGlacier Peak
9Favian Villanueva
18:41 SRArlington
10Jackson Darling
18:43 PRArlington
10Johnson Dylan
18:43 PRGlacier Peak
9Connor Jaynes
18:47 PRArlington
9Joseph Ralston
18:53 SROak Harbor
11Scot Erickson
18:57 PROak Harbor
12Joe Gorman
19:07 PROak Harbor
9Isiaiah Colobong
19:14 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Jared Yu
19:20 PREdmonds-Woodway
12Matt Hsieh
19:26 PRGlacier Peak
12Zane Blanken
19:28 PRArlington
12Nathan Larson
19:29 PROak Harbor
10Alec Leonetti
19:31 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Seth-Patric Quimzon
19:31 PRArlington
11Zach Aktech
19:32 PROak Harbor
10Noal Leonetti
19:37 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Colin Watts
19:37 PRArlington
10Noah Childers
19:38 PRArlington
11Casey Sharpe
19:55 PRArlington
12Daniel Guerrero
20:13 PROak Harbor
10Jun Masunaga
20:16 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Adam Knight
20:21 PRArlington
11Austin Hauter
20:23 PROak Harbor
9Logan Fay
20:25 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Josh Stone
20:25 SROak Harbor
10Chris Brooks
20:28 PROak Harbor
10Greg Gill
20:31 PRGlacier Peak
9Nicholas Hollingsw...
20:33 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Nathaniel Alexander
20:33 SRArlington
10Graeme Hafford
20:36 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Levi Scandrett
20:38 PRGlacier Peak
10Cooper Treadwell
20:50 PROak Harbor
10Heinz Ledecky
20:51 PRArlington
9Andrew Walde
20:52 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Isaac Davis
20:52 PRArlington
9Lewis Gardner
20:58 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Jacob Payne
21:02 PRArlington
9Ezra Nicol
21:21 SRArlington
11Andrew Roundy
22:02 PRArlington
11Dawson Cox
22:03 PRArlington
10Zachary Hartman
22:08 PRArlington
10Pierson Tre Smith
22:08 PRGlacier Peak
9Trent Henry
22:20 SRArlington
9Josh Cook
22:29 SRArlington
10Tyler Ivester
22:34 PRArlington
10Kurt Huscer
22:46 PROak Harbor
11Chad Hansen
22:51 PRArlington
10Travis Wagner
22:51.5 PROak Harbor
10Daniel Gibson
22:56 PROak Harbor
9Michael Gross
23:03 PRArlington
9Micah Anderson
23:09 PRArlington
11Adam Lefebvre
23:55 PRArlington
9Bryce Coulter
24:00 PRArlington
11Lucas Nicholson
24:42 PROak Harbor
11Casey Towsley
24:54 PROak Harbor
12Mark Mason
24:55 PRArlington
11William Nicholson
25:38 PROak Harbor
9Jacob Sullivan
26:54 PRArlington
10Corwin Rutan
27:36 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Tanner Emery
28:32 PRArlington
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity

11Heidi Smith
18:52 SRGlacier Peak
9Brooke Wallace
18:55 SRGlacier Peak
11Natalie Church
18:59 SRGlacier Peak
9Hannah Clymer
19:07 PRGlacier Peak
10Yukino Parle
19:44 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Sydney Boland
19:44.7 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Olivia Meader-Yetter
19:44.9 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Stephanie Wroblewski
19:48 PREdmonds-Woodway
12Susan Kim
19:57 PREdmonds-Woodway
12Hannah Graves
20:01 SRGlacier Peak
10Elena Willems
20:01 SRGlacier Peak
12Megan Kelly
20:29 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Samantha Boyle
20:34 SRGlacier Peak
9Anna Marie Mahler
20:39 SRGlacier Peak
9Kaitlynn Rust
20:50 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Edlawte Sentayehu
20:50.3 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Alexis Smith
20:58 SROak Harbor
11Sidney Trinidad
20:59 PRArlington
12Emma Janousek
21:00 PRArlington
12Marie Gaudin
21:01 PRArlington
11Emily Townsend
21:13 SRGlacier Peak
12Maiti Hunter
21:19 SRGlacier Peak
11Carolynn Wicker
21:35 PROak Harbor
11Laura Rodeheffer
21:36 PROak Harbor
11Emma Lerch
21:36.8 PROak Harbor
9Kelsey Mutton
21:49 PRArlington
11Isabel Callen
21:49.8 PREdmonds-Woodway
11Tamia Rios
21:50 PROak Harbor
10Olivia Flack
21:54 PROak Harbor
10Mary Andrews
21:57 PRArlington
9Camellia Hanna
22:29 PRArlington
10Thea McAfee
22:38 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Kathleen Baer
22:40 SRGlacier Peak
11Nadine Christensen
22:40.8 PRArlington
10Katherine Taylor
22:43 PRArlington
10Anna Kleven
22:47 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Pressley Denkinger
23:08 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Charlize Beamer
23:09 PRArlington
10Victoria Rodriguez
23:10 PRArlington
12Kaytie DeMaio
23:17 PROak Harbor
9Emily Fischer
23:32 PRGlacier Peak
10Megan Keating
23:36 PROak Harbor
11Elyssa Nortier
23:45 PROak Harbor
9Rylie Darlington
24:06Glacier Peak
11Amy Butok
24:11 PRArlington
11Natalie Merrill
24:24 PROak Harbor
12Miranda Carr
24:38 PRArlington
9Alexis Morrison
24:47 SRGlacier Peak
12Angela Gorolyuk
24:48Glacier Peak
10Alana Austin
24:48.6 PROak Harbor
11Emma Wezeman
24:52 PROak Harbor
10Liv Rae Olson
24:56 PREdmonds-Woodway
12Jeanne Schroeder
24:59 PREdmonds-Woodway
9Breanna Greham
25:06 PROak Harbor
12Abigail Doney
25:53 SRGlacier Peak
12Jinai Guzman
27:06 PROak Harbor
9Stephany Flores
27:09 SROak Harbor
11Makayla Knight
27:25 PRArlington
9AJ Diamond
27:52 PROak Harbor
10Joanna Schroeder
28:11 PREdmonds-Woodway
10Alison Canlas
28:14 SRArlington
11Kara Kamppi
28:20 PRArlington
10Katie Phillips
31:35 SRArlington
10Julie Wignall
31:35.8 PRArlington
12Raven Swanson
31:36 PRArlington
10Renne Richards
36:11 PROak Harbor
9Chloe Foster-Blythe
36:33 PROak Harbor
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