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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Troy Kent
17:40.4Oliver Ames
2.12Nick Barber
17:48.4Oliver Ames
3.12James Kerester
17:51.2Oliver Ames
4.11Cameron Bean
5.11Colin Cochran
6.11Colin Herschlag
18:44.4Oliver Ames
7.10Zachary Bellido
18:45.2Oliver Ames
8.11Zach Ferreira
9.12Jack Long
18:56.1 PROliver Ames
10.11Jake Romaine
19:03.6Oliver Ames
11.11Jack Barrett
19:15.7Oliver Ames
12.11Dylan DeCosta
19:40.9Oliver Ames
13.12Nick Quattrucci
14.11Chris Meissner
19:53.5Oliver Ames
15.11Jared Harney
19:57.3Oliver Ames
16.11Jonathon Lessa
17.11Jacob Lane
20:20.7Oliver Ames
18.11Daniel Fiedorczyk
20:25.5Oliver Ames
19.11Alex McAuliffe
20:30.6Oliver Ames
20.10Mike Lite
20:37.9Oliver Ames
21.12Raj Patel
22.11Stevens Bontemps
23.12Ben Hollis
20:58.4 PROliver Ames
24.11Andrew Morgan
21:12.8Oliver Ames
25.-Will Kerester
21:15.9Oliver Ames
26.10Evan DiMartinis
21:37.1 PROliver Ames
27.11Samuel Barrett
21:38.3Oliver Ames
28.11Liam Brown
21:42.1Oliver Ames
29.10Robert MacInnis
21:44.5Oliver Ames
30.11Mark Cummings
21:46.0Oliver Ames
31.12Aidan Curran
22:17.7Oliver Ames
32.11P.J. Keefe
22:27.3Oliver Ames
33.10Julian Fernandez
22:29.5Oliver Ames
34.10Luke Wilson
22:39.7Oliver Ames
35.12Tanner Marsh
22:46.0Oliver Ames
36.9Jackson Stanley
22:48.8 SROliver Ames
37.11Brian Tucker
38.10Mike Tracey
39.10Kevin Osowski
23:06.7Oliver Ames
40.11Alden Newman
23:08.8Oliver Ames
41.9Quinn Proudler
23:54.0Oliver Ames
42.-Matt Petrillo
24:05.1Oliver Ames
43.9Justin Sarnecki
24:20.6 SROliver Ames
44.9Evan Hamlin
24:27.9 SROliver Ames
45.10Sam Gilson
24:53.7Oliver Ames
46.11David Twerago
47.-William Rice
26:48.3Oliver Ames
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Elizabeth Peckham
21:27.5Oliver Ames
2.10Olivia Timbone
21:35.9Oliver Ames
3.11Jordan Rainville
21:41.1Oliver Ames
4.12Erin Sferrazza
21:51.3Oliver Ames
5.9Kaleigh Walsh
22:38.0Oliver Ames
6.10Chloe Kilkelly
22:57.6Oliver Ames
7.10Caroline Curran
22:59.1Oliver Ames
8.12Kristen Connelly
23:01.8Oliver Ames
9.11Kale Rockey
23:02.6Oliver Ames
10.12Ella Clifford
23:07.1Oliver Ames
11.10Kate Duffy
23:13.7Oliver Ames
12.10Jenna Roy
23:21.9Oliver Ames
13.12Sara Vera Cruz
14.12Jennifer Billo
15.11Brittney Clapp
23:34.9Oliver Ames
16.11Abby Weintrob
23:48.0Oliver Ames
17.11Akhila Penumarthy
24:21.9Oliver Ames
18.11Taylor Wooster
24:24.1Oliver Ames
19.12Danielle Blelloch
24:44.4Oliver Ames
20.11Caroline McCarthy
24:47.3Oliver Ames
21.11Grace O'Donnell
24:58.3Oliver Ames
22.12Julia Bobeck
23.10Rianna Rodrigues
24.12Lara Deb
25.12Siobhan Finnerty
26:06.0Oliver Ames
26.11Andrea Kline
26:14.9 SROliver Ames
27.10Emalyn Duvall
26:18.5Oliver Ames
28.9Morgan Kelly
26:42.5 PROliver Ames
29.12Madeline Patrick
27:09.3Oliver Ames
30.10Sage Ganshirt
27:22.7Oliver Ames
31.11Julia Holmes
27:29.1Oliver Ames
32.11lauren Leger
27:36.7Oliver Ames
33.11Jessica Zolotarevsky
27:59.1Oliver Ames
34.9Janet Choi
28:00.4 PROliver Ames
35.11Ji-Won Ham
28:12.9Oliver Ames
36.10Hannah Gillis
28:24.7Oliver Ames
37.10Ashley Walters
28:33.1Oliver Ames
38.9Anna Vidoni
28:39.5Oliver Ames
39.10Nicole Breen
28:45.0Oliver Ames
40.10Taylor Perez
28:57.3Oliver Ames
41.12Hannah Tetrault
29:01.5Oliver Ames
42.10Hailey Gilson
29:02.1Oliver Ames
43.10Mikaela Murphy
29:19.1Oliver Ames
44.11Taryn Reardon
29:39.2Oliver Ames
45.9Francesca Berksza
33:03.0 PROliver Ames
46.12Gianna Ferrini
33:44.3 SROliver Ames
47.10Ngozi Okeke
48.9Georgia Hardie
34:01.9 SROliver Ames
49.10Heather Cardella
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