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Mens Races
2.88 Mile Junior Varsity3:15 PM
2.88 Mile Varsity4:20 PM
Womens Races
2.88 Mile Varsity3:50 PM

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Mens Results

2.88 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Mountlake Terrace49
1.10Armon Tenaw
16:52.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
2.9Isiaiah Colobong
17:16.1 SREdmonds-Woodway
3.11Trey Little
17:22.7 PREdmonds-Woodway
4.9John Christian
17:23.2 SREdmonds-Woodway
5.9Kalevi Paavola
17:29.9 SREdmonds-Woodway
6.11Johnson Chau
17:35.4 PREdmonds-Woodway
7.9Lane Larson
17:49.8 PRMountlake Terrace
8.11Jared Yu
9.10Jun Masunaga
18:23.3 SREdmonds-Woodway
10.10Noah McCarty
18:50.9 PRMountlake Terrace
11.9Ivan Moulton
18:55.3 PRMountlake Terrace
12.10Noal Leonetti
18:58.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
13.10Alec Leonetti
19:00.7 PREdmonds-Woodway
14.11Jake Broulette
19:20.0 PRMountlake Terrace
15.9Trevor Leen
19:21.2 PRMountlake Terrace
16.9Jackson Marrott
19:22.9 PRMountlake Terrace
17.9Logan Fay
19:25.3 SREdmonds-Woodway
18.11Spencer Willard
19:27.5 PRLynnwood
19.11Sammy Abebe
19:36.4 PRMountlake Terrace
20.11Julio Maldonado
19:37.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
21.11Beck Fosberg
19:42.7 PREdmonds-Woodway
22.12Sterling Mahan
19:45.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
23.10Stuart Harrison
19:45.4 PREdmonds-Woodway
24.11Andrew Fitch
19:50.0 PRMountlake Terrace
25.9Cameron Ferguson
19:51.0 PRMountlake Terrace
26.10Gabriel Summers
19:53.3 PRLynnwood
27.11Kyle Hastler
19:56.9 PRMeadowdale
28.9Charles Fritz
19:59.2 PRMountlake Terrace
29.9Jackson Moody
19:59.8 PRMountlake Terrace
30.9Nicholas Hollingsw...
31.9Themba Kimani
20:29.6 PREdmonds-Woodway
32.9Andrew Walde
20:31.7 SREdmonds-Woodway
33.10Chase Simerk
20:39.0 PRMountlake Terrace
34.10Ethan Sargent
20:41.7 SRMeadowdale
35.10Alex Joo
20:49.5 PREdmonds-Woodway
36.10Michael Kilgore
21:01.8 PRLynnwood
37.12Jacob Kunz
21:12.2 PRLynnwood
38.10Graeme Hafford
21:19.6 PREdmonds-Woodway
39.9Lewis Gardner
21:20.2 PREdmonds-Woodway
40.9Alec Matulka
21:32.5 PREdmonds-Woodway
41.9Griffin Golias
21:55.4 PREdmonds-Woodway
42.9Ryan Nguyen
21:59.8 PRLynnwood
43.11Eric Strong
22:36.2 PRLynnwood
44.11Fadel Shtivi
22:52.1 PREdmonds-Woodway
45.12Collin Decker
22:53.8 PRLynnwood
46.12Liam Mortell
22:56.8 PRLynnwood
47.12Lorenz Barias
22:58.0 PRLynnwood
48.10Creigh St. Clair
23:05.3 PREdmonds-Woodway
49.10Temesgen Asfaw
23:14.2 PRMeadowdale
50.10Jason Mutuc
23:14.8 PRLynnwood
51.9Kai Decker
23:24.0 PRLynnwood
52.9Quinn Henderson
23:30.3 PRMountlake Terrace
53.10David Rowlett
24:21.6 PREdmonds-Woodway
54.9Max Rimando
24:51.4 PRLynnwood
55.9Jordan Wang
25:48.4 PREdmonds-Woodway
56.10Corwin Rutan
27:42.2 SREdmonds-Woodway
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2.88 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Mountlake Terrace55
1.11Sam McCloughan
15:16.8 PREdmonds-Woodway
2.11Cameron Sanders
15:17.9 PRMeadowdale
3.12Benjamin Yang
15:38.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
4.11Braeden Sims
15:39.6 PRMountlake Terrace
5.10Colin Knechtel
15:42.7 SRMeadowdale
6.12Grady Okeson
16:02.3 PREdmonds-Woodway
7.11Nick Leidig
16:14.6 PRMountlake Terrace
8.12Biniam Tesfaghaber
16:16.7 PREdmonds-Woodway
9.11Leul Wolde
16:21.1 PRLynnwood
10.12Anindo Khan
16:24.1 PREdmonds-Woodway
11.9Grant Christian
16:24.7 PREdmonds-Woodway
12.12Noah Johann
16:28.1 PRLynnwood
13.9Jaden Lofrese
16:30.1 PRMountlake Terrace
14.11Cameron Aitken
16:42.6 PREdmonds-Woodway
15.9Lucas Lacambra
16:46.7 SREdmonds-Woodway
16.12Jacob Henrichsen
16:58.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
17.12MacKenzie Siemens
17:02.8 PRMountlake Terrace
18.12Jason Ernst
17:05.0 PRMountlake Terrace
19.10Josh Ernst
17:24.1 PRMountlake Terrace
20.9Andy Burk
17:27.1 SRMeadowdale
21.9Cole Jackson
17:29.5 PRMeadowdale
22.10Cameron Hawk
17:39.8 PRLynnwood
23.10Kendall Yackley
17:43.2 PRMountlake Terrace
24.11Colin Cockbain
17:54.5 PRMountlake Terrace
25.12Kevin Mendez
17:59.9 PRMeadowdale
26.11Drew Thomas
18:04.7 PRLynnwood
27.12Nathaniel Paulson
18:19.1 PRLynnwood
28.11Ian McGaughey
18:33.6 PRMeadowdale
29.11Henry Shaw
18:42.1 PRLynnwood
30.10Aldiat Burch
19:04.5 PRLynnwood
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Womens Results

2.88 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Mountlake Terrace33
1.12Mikayla Pivec
17:21.1 PRLynnwood
2.10Yukino Parle
17:35.9 PREdmonds-Woodway
3.9Olivia Meader-Yetter
17:57.2 SREdmonds-Woodway
4.11Katherine Gustafson
17:59.4 PRMountlake Terrace
5.12Katherine Walter
18:02.7 PRMountlake Terrace
6.11Jessica Ong
18:11.6 PRMountlake Terrace
7.11Sydney Boland
18:14.3 PREdmonds-Woodway
8.12Ella Schroth
18:15.5 PRMountlake Terrace
9.9Stephanie Wroblewski
18:42.5 SREdmonds-Woodway
10.11Sophia Nelson
18:54.0 PRMountlake Terrace
11.10Brooke Schroeder
19:15.9 PRLynnwood
12.12Megan Kelly
19:20.6 PREdmonds-Woodway
13.12Susan Kim
19:33.5 PREdmonds-Woodway
14.12Alexandria Chang
19:38.9 PRMeadowdale
15.12Alexa Schroeder
19:44.4 PRLynnwood
16.9Kaitlynn Rust
19:51.6 PREdmonds-Woodway
17.10Marika Jamtaas
19:55.0 PRMountlake Terrace
18.10Joan Park
20:05.0 PRMountlake Terrace
19.12Jessica Mitchell
20:17.6 PRLynnwood
20.11Brooke Hoppe
20:53.9 PRMeadowdale
21.9Edlawte Sentayehu
20:58.1 PREdmonds-Woodway
22.11Isabel Callen
21:01.6 PREdmonds-Woodway
23.10Meagan Williams
21:33.2 PRMountlake Terrace
24.10Thea McAfee
21:46.0 SREdmonds-Woodway
25.11Moriah (Bear) Lund
21:48.4 PRMeadowdale
26.10Kiara Dailer
21:53.0 SRMeadowdale
27.9Pressley Denkinger
28.11Emilie Mathiason
22:06.2 PRMeadowdale
29.9Samaria Sillito
22:22.1 PRLynnwood
30.12Shelby Greif
22:27.0 PRMountlake Terrace
31.11Isabelle Munro
22:37.2 PRMountlake Terrace
32.9Jadin Chance
23:28.4 PREdmonds-Woodway
33.10Liv Rae Olson
23:58.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
34.11Vesta Baumgartner
24:07.1 PRMountlake Terrace
35.-Noelani Cruz
24:15.8 PRLynnwood
36.12KJ Collins
24:54.4 PRMountlake Terrace
37.12Jeanne Schroeder
24:59.0 PREdmonds-Woodway
38.11Brynne L' Hirondelle
25:04.8 PRMeadowdale
39.12Lacy Nguyen
26:22.0 PRLynnwood
40.10Anna Kleven
27:41.5 PREdmonds-Woodway
41.11Holly Davis
27:53.5 PRLynnwood
42.11Jorie Lambert
28:41.7 PRMountlake Terrace
43.11Emily Bang
30:14.2 PRLynnwood
44.9Melissa Avila
32:37.6 PRMeadowdale
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